A comprehensive look at the mechanics of Hakushin Ring

A comprehensive look at the mechanics of Hakushin Ring


So it doesn't proc with Lisa's ult off-field huh? Alright thanks, I've got no use for it.


Yeah, that's what I meant with her not being a good target user.


Another point specifically about Anemo and Geo wielders: because there is no Anemo aura or Geo aura (except in a few select enemies), the wielder will ALWAYS trigger the reaction, which means they can be used with very little setup.


Now I wonder if the reason my characters dont feel strong is because I cant use them properly in combat and dont know how to build optimal teams


Good write up, confirms what I was thinking. As a non-whale with no 5 star catalysts, been planning to use this when Baal comes out on main dps Mona with 4p HoD + Baal + Beidou + 1 healer, probably Bennet or Sucrose with Prototype Amber as my quasi healer + VV + CC + EM share if I can get away with minimal healing. Jean or Zhongli would also work but don't have either. Electrocharged comp with big off field deployable damage buffed by Hakushin and also Mona's Omen + Hakushin Ring buff procing right before you swap out lines up pretty nicely with Baal's burst for extra big Baal burst windows. Imo main dps electrocharge Mona is the best user by far. The 6 second duration + no off field activation is just too restrictive and clunky for anything but a main dps holding this to be worth it in my opinion. Best part about Mona is she does at least get an extra 6% hydro damage bonus due to her ER scaling, so 565 attack + 26% hydro damage is pretty dang good damage for a weapon that also supports your team (giving 20% electro damage bonus to both Baal and Beidou is pretty amazing) and gives ER. Could be good for Kokomi main dps in a similar electrocharged comp in the future though prototype amber/thrilling might be better and we'll have to wait to see what Yae kit is like as she's another potential future user.


nice thoughts!


Nice info, ty.


This seems like maybe a future triple electro comp with beidou, fischel, and baal since they all provide off field damage with either Barbara/kokomi with hakushin and thundering fury set :o idk maybe just seeing all that electro everywhere seems exciting


Or Sara, seeing how she is looking like an Electro Bennett minus the heals. I'm definitely going to try it with Kokomi too, though Thrilling Tales may be a better fit for her.


O neat havnt really seen much about her the buff be awesome heals wouldnt matter much since both barb and koko heal so sounds promising


It may be intended for Yae, she's a electro Catalyst currently. Might get her in 2.2




She has electro vision in cutscenes


Data has always pointed to her being Electro. The only reason people got confused is because of a scene in the 2.0 trailer which shows Thoma's vision and Yae's face.


Thanks for the info, I think I'll try it out on Sucrose for setting up big damage on Keqing's burst.


Have to tried this yet? Just finished the quest and have Keqing/Sucrose as my alt team.


I know I'm about 2 months late for this post, but this weapons ability screams for it to have em, not er, it just doesn't make much sense. Like I know the er, kind of synergizes with electro resonance, but I would so run this over my sac frag on my yanfei/baal build, if only it had em.


You still kinda require a lot of ER for Yanfei, don't you? Her E Skill has a long cooldown, doesn't generate many particles, and her burst costs 80.


Yeah i guess you do, usually offset this using my overload baalfei build with two electro characters, that way I'm getting plenty of particles, but outside if that it does make sense and might be something for me to consider in other builds in the future. Now all i need is more team slot. Edit: thx for replying to such a late post.


Good write up. Idk if OP will respond since its 2 months late, but how do you think this would do againts Prototype Amber for Kokomi? Im trying to run Kokomi | Beidou | Raiden | Venti/Sucrose/Kujou Sarah. Im just not too sure whether Kokomi's personal consistent DPS with Prototype is better than the Overall DPS output from the entire team with the Hakushin.


Kokomi best weapon is Dragons tale, second stat (HP) perfect to her, passive perfect to buff your main DPS. If you will use Kokomi as main DPS, maybe this weapon is better, but not sure about it.


What's the refine of your TTs and HR in your calculation?


R5 to both.