For those who want to know what Google Play Collab furniture looks like in-game

For those who want to know what Google Play Collab furniture looks like in-game

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When the traveler brings furniture from another world.


He didn't bring it from another world, that shit's from the McDonald's play place.


That's.. another world.


sounds like an anime title


Yeah, anime titles are getting weirder over time, like is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon lol i knew a lot more too but this is the only one that comes to my mind atm


That time I woke up as a broken air conditioner in another world


*futuristic furniture from another world


Genshin is future world, only the habitants don't know it yet


Sounds like a Konosuba reference


Traveler: Yes peeps in my world I live in a modern lifestyle


It’s so out of place xD


It looks like a cheap plastic furniture set stolen from some playground.


I agree lmao


Looks like one of those tables you see in a kids corners at hospitals


Even the chairs look the same


They clashes so hard with everything else in the game. It's like casually breaking the fourth wall in your teapot.


Crocs collab when


Gromit mug when


I want my Lightning Keqing crocs


It uggs.


Pretty sure thats the point


Yeah, that's a hard pass.


Is this real money? How do we get it but yeah that's ugly af.


Idk I got it for free, literally redeemed a $25 Google Play gift card, n google was like "hey, heard u liked Genshin" lul


Idk I got it for free, literally redeemed a $25 Google Play gift card, n google was like "hey, heard u liked Genshin" lul


Imagine walking through a T-pot that looks super cool and old-like then out of nowhere there’s a table that looks otherworldly


The main character is an otherworldly traveler to be fair, also who knows what might be added in the future


Next update: **Television**


A computer The waifus search for themselves Its all fucking lewd!


The question is which ones will be unable to look away.


Yanfei: "Just give me a week so I can figure out how much I have to sue you for." Mona: "You can get Mora by suing for damages? Why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner?"


Watch an ad to get a cabbage and two radishes


There are not even bathrooms in the villa yet.


Yeah mihoyo where are the characters suppose to their business. In a BUSH?!


You mean, ufotable


Also, there is a limited namecard packaged with Surprise Bundle 4, you can find a pic of it [here](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/460901222996770836/860045194099294248/unknown.png).


The namecard is cute tho


If we’re on PC is it possible to get it?


If you have an android phone it should be possible yes, I mainly play on PC, just downloaded mobile Genshin to redeem this offer.


*your device is not compatible*




Have you tried downloading an APK instead?


It doesn't install , says app not installed


Not enough space anymore.


Probably. If you use Bluestacks to buy a gift card on the play store and log into Genshin. I have not tested it myself though.


How do I get it or where do I find it?


https://www.hoyolab.com/genshin/article/505121 Basically, you need to redeem a google play gift card, and the value of the giftcard determines what reward you'll get. You don't need to actually spend the giftcard balance though, you can use it for something else.


Apparently, its not available in the Philippines.... Sadge


Oohh it's available in my country! Do we know what each surprise package contains?


[Here you go](https://upload-os-bbs.hoyolab.com/upload/2021/07/01/29051323/8c53fd6cafc18c1308d30df06aba37db_4836522300241554645.jpg?x-oss-process=image/resize,s_500/quality,q_80/auto-orient,0/interlace,1/format,jpg) The surprise pack 1 isn't even available in my country


do you have the price for usd or euro ? 50,000 RP is 3.5$ but i'm sure it's for more than 5$ with conversion


[Here are the prices in Finland where I live](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/636606017756725269/860120430899757066/unknown.png) Basically 15€-24,99€ for bundle 2 25€-49,99€ for bundle 3 50€+ for bundle 4


Bundle 4 looks to be minimum $25 CAD if that helps?


Bundle 4 was 50 CAD or more, bundle 3 is 25-49.99 CAD


Can you do this on an iPhone?


Honestly only place I could see them being used is in a kindergarten


Or the kid's table at Thanksgiving


It's ugly af but I like it


So ugly that makes them pieces of art


its like saying you're a gladiator but you're ducking fights


I cant believe they only give u the chair and table but not the actual blueprint. Like what a scam. Edit for people that dont understand. If you dont get the blueprint you cannot craft it. So this bundle only gives u 1 chair and 1 table that is it.


My wishes to fill my entire teapot with these atrocities have been dashed…


I see your comment and I am like: DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN


Maybe that's why lol


Where to farm plastics?


The ocean lol


Want to get them for the namecard and maybe fill my teapod with ugly stuff but wow, they seriously don't even let you do that wth


It looks like the Table that you would see in the Kid Zones at the Mall. The place where you left your kids to have fun with activities like painting, coloring books, and building legos.


For those considering the offer, a few comments from a filthy whale: * You have to purchase the correct tier of gift cards **4 times** (some countries have 4 surprise bundles but the U.S. apparently only has 3?) to get all the surprise packages offered by the promotion. Buying one large gift card does not unlock all the surprise package rewards. As stated in the notice, you can only get each surprise package tier once. * Account for taxes if you're planning on using the gift card to purchase crystal top ups through the Google Play store. I made the mistake of purchasing a $50 gift card to unlock surprise package tier 4 (i.e., the one that has the name card, a table, and two chairs) only to find out that I could not use it to buy the $50 Genesis Crystal top up pack because of taxes. When I play on PC and top up through the PC client, there are no taxes so this was somewhat of a surprise. * Do not be surprised that your card gets locked up due to suspected fraud when you make multiple purchases for gift cards. I got a call from my bank to check and make sure it was me making the purchases. This wouldn't really be a problem if the promotion didn't force you to buy multiple tiers of gift cards to get all rewards. Overall, not a well thought out collaboration.


Yea, because of gift card frauds. Can always just pace your purchases. We have like 2? months til it ends. :)


Looks cute to build a nursery or playground for Klee


Thanks OP for letting us know what it looks like. It's a no for me.


Do us ps4 players also get to experience this or do we miss out like we do on a lot of other cool things :( ?


Since PS4 players don't have access to cross-save for their Genshin accounts, I believe it is not possible to acquire.


Thanks, How sad ._.


So it’s a PS4 “exclusive”... but one that excludes the PS4.




It was never said it was PS4 exclusive, it is a Google themed reward as part of the Google "colab" It is also apparently not craft able so it is a one off set At least the PlayStation exclusive Glider can be used on as many characters as you want.


To be fair, ps4 got their exclusive wind glider and sword


The 4 star sword that had the stats of a 3 star...yes yes


We do have that glider though, and it does look great 9n the right characters.


Not that I want that ugly furniture, but its yet another thing that ps4/ps5 players get snubbed on, and that make me pissed more than anything else.


we have a wing set that nobody else has


And a sword too.


One wing set doesnt excuse PS4 users getting snubbed over and over and over again.


I don't exactly count not getting ugly real-world furniture that I'd never place in my world as "snubbed", but maybe that's just me lol


Snubbed how exactly? Aside from some mediocre furniture and a pretty basic name card?


I think some redemption codes didn't/don't work so they miss out on some freemogems.


We can’t play our accounts on mobile the way PC players can. I’d imagine that’s on Sony rather than Mihoyo though. No clue actually.


Luckily enough PS4 players has a cool looking Glider and an exclusive sword


Yea we got that once. Once. How many times have mobile/pc gotten events specially for them that ps4 players missed out on? I cant keep track anymore it has happened so many times. One set of wings doesnt excuse constant snubbing.


Yes, can you elaborate on how many times?


I am happy i dislike it too lmao, like, it's kinda out of set with both liyue and mondstadt style, but hey of course ps4 players have to be left behind. Imagine if instead of this ikea kid table it was some cool ass furniture.


And some country's too like Singapore.


Aside from this what are we not getting at this point? We get the Web events now as well as the redemption codes. I guess the harp is mildly useless on PS compared to on pc and mobile, yet to be fair that kind of has to do with the nature of console controls. So aside from this Furniture from the mobile focused colab, I can't think of anything PS users are left out of. As others have said, this is kind of Balanced by the unique sword and glider PS user have.


So would you be fine with getting a birthday present once and then your sibling get showered with gifts every months while you get nothing? Because that is pretty much the experience of ps4 players. Yes they fixed the webevents and primo codes for us, but we did miss out on quite a bit. And right now we are missing out on the daily log ins that mihoyo have on their web page. Sure the rewards may suck but we are missing out! There is no telling what else we will miss out on because they dont care to treat the players equally. One set of wings cannot excuse constant snubbing.


Playstation players are the most entitled people on the planet lmao


Entitled? Excuse me?! Which players are the ones actually getting events and stuff? We missed out on so much so far! Its not entitled to ask to be treated the same as others. Entitlement is when you ask to get more than anybody else, which we arent. Right now there is a log in event thing for pc/mobile, ps4 is missing that. Right now you have the special google furniture, ps4 is excluded. Early on there was a slime web event, ps4 was excluded from that. Early on there was codes for primos, ps4 missed those. And we are the entitled ones? Eff off!


You’re definitely entitled lmao, getting whole triple A titles as exclusives and y’all still bitch and moan when you don’t get everything


Ah yes being entitled for not wanting to be left behind like they often do lol


They literally got 1-2 exclusive gilders and a special sword and there complaining about being left out. Other people are being left out much more


1 set of wings and a shitty sword doesnt excuse constant snubbing. How would you feel if you got a birthday present once, and then your sibling were showered with gifts every month and then everyone just say "oh but you got a birthday gift!"? It would feel shitty. Once is excused, but it dont excuse all of the other stuff.


We got 1 exclusive glider and a sword thats suited for the traveller and kinda sucks on everyone else, sometimes on the traveller theirselves too, honestly I'd trade them with closed eyes for the benefits from PC/mobile. I always meant that as a compensation for the fact that we, unlike mobile and PC players, can't cross play. That is, if something happened to the ps4 version were fucked. Still this doesnt mean we have to be excluded from the web events and the web codes where you can only log in and get one if you have a hoyolab (?) Account which we obviously are missing because we're bound to psn. I don't see why one has to be excluded from something according to where they're playing from in terms of device if the game is meant for that one device too.


If what mihoyo says is correct, ps players aren’t excluded from the events. I’ll take this line form the new event “ ★ Once you have accessed the event page, please log in using your miHoYo account and select the appropriate server and corresponding character in order to ensure that you will be able to receive and claim your event rewards. PS4/PS5: Access from the event mail in the Paimon Menu > Mail” ps players can go to the event through mail


Yep they fixed it just recently providing us a QR code, but there are still things we're cut off from, like that one codes page I told you about (idk the specific name, but again you need a hoyolab account to generate the code) and the login bonus (that monthly thingy that gives you like 60 primos). Now, I am honestly happy that rewards are on that level of shitty, like, 60+ more primos per month - alr you can keep that, who cares. But I thought we were going in the right direction with the codes and then poof, something else comes out and is once more not available for ps4, like this furniture (that once more, I'm very grateful I dislike it). I'm just glad till now the things they excluded us from kinda suck/I personally don't like them, but still, it's the "you ain't gotta get that exclusively based on a device matter" that pisses me off. After all it's not like we get some special privilege or boost for playing from ps4 (and again, the glider + sword are a clear compensation for the absence of crossplay), so I can't get where tf all this hostility comes from when we say the truth, that is, we get forgotten every now and then. But people gonna be people I guess. Edit: I'm not referring to you in the specific about the hostility matter, but still calling entitled someone because they want to keep it up with the other platforms sounds kinda incoherent if you ask me.


I personally play on iOS, and I can’t get the furniture too. I understand that your mad about being left out but you need to understand that you atleast get some compensation for your problems, I nowdon’t agree with the person saying that Ps players are entitled but I don’t think that your the only people being left out in the game state


Yes on that I can agree, I also read of people who are being left behind on this furniture thing because of where they live (I read about Singapore?) And I now don't know/care about what subtle motive there is for it, I just know that the players surely, fairly wouldn't care about it and all they would see is that they ain't getting one thing because of something they haven't chosen and can't change and calling them out because they don't understand whatever subtle motive there is for the company to act like that is just stupid imo. Like one is already pissed because for X reason they can't control they ain't getting something, you surely ain't welcomed with your "akshually" attitude, just let them rant. Again, it's just a furniture and I'm glad it is. I just hope that the "just a furniture" today won't become "just a few primos" tomorrow.


“ I just hope that the "just a furniture" today won't become "just a few primos" tomorrow.” hopefully not. Good discussion byeee!


“Like they often do” PS gets every exclusive under the sun tf you smoking?


They're a compensation because we cant crossplay. We're still missing out on more important things like the primo codes from the hoyolab website, where you have to log in with hoyolab to get a code that can only be used by one account. The rest of the argument, ive already had it so read down or whatever


To be fair, the inability to cross play is a Sony decision, not a Mihoyo one.


Regardless who took the decision, ps4 players are damaged by it.


Aye, fully agree that it's a stupid way to do things.


Wait is this free? Or nah?


you have to buy gift cards with either irl money or google play credit. Its PC/Mobile exclusive tho


I farm google play credits with Google Opinion Rewards! It's like a few cents per survey done and every few months I accumulate enough to buy a Welkin.


lmao imagine someone whaling for these things


These are actually pretty cute but, how in the fuck is the bundle valued at $40?? You get furniture, a few Heros Wits and...food.


TBH, I dont think it suits the environment of my serenitea pot.


Are there any other rewards besides furnitures and card?


10 hero's wit...


looks ugly and out of place


Looks like a furniture for kids, tsk tsk this is ugly... ...just kidding, I WANT IT!


Really ugly, google is so bad at designing logos


It looks so baaaad xdd


I honestly don't know what furnishing set can this complement with


What the fuck is that? Looks like something out of the kids area at McDonalds


Thank you for your sacrifice


It's ugly and I have no place for it at all in my teapot But the fact that I started on console and therefore can't get it makes me irrationally angry


Does each bundle give other items, or do they give the same stuff?


Each bundle has different items; 1st package: No furniture 2nd: 1 chair 3rd: 2 chairs + table 4th: 2 chairs + table + namecard, I've linked a pic to the namecard in one of my comments in this thread


You can only buy each bundle once right? So buying the 2nd set twice doesnt give you 2 chairs


“The day I got isekaid into Chrome’s dimension”


I appreciate what you did with the bursts


That wasn't even on purpose hahaha... I think you're the first person in this thread to mention that.


Ah yes, the table set where the lolis shall go and sit


Oh that's what this ugly ass furniture was for.....why couldn't they be bothered to design something aesthetic and fitting? lol


What do you get for buying those google play cards besides furniture? I saw there are 4 tiers of rewards.


The highest tier also has a namecard.




Expected ugly, got ugly


lol what did this get released already? I thought it was just a joke back then when I saw it a few weeks ago, it's so ridiculous and ugly oO Why even waste a second modelling this ... wtf mihoyo


I only received the Mobile Legends gift pack to redeem on my GP account. I believe the gift card was bought too early for NA at 2 am central even though it’s July 1st. RIP $10. Lol


wait is this only for android users?


If you play on PC, just access the game on the Android smartphone and buy the gift card, if it's on ios or PS4/5 sad but it doesn't work. But trust me, only the namecard is cool, it's not worth it as always I buy giftcard so it came to me anyway


It looks like it was taken from playground


Oh so now we can build a nursery for our little terrorist, zombie, and cat?


PepegaCredit it's time


It's so out of place I hate it 💀 could've gone with just one color instead


Is it free or paid?


It looks so out of place 😭


TBH while the furniture doesn't look great. I will probably just get it for the name card.


Yay, I can make my McDonald's play place now


hideous! how do i get it?


how do i get it? i sthere a way or will there be?


Who thought up this collab? What’s next, Apple Store collab?


Lmfao this comes in game and I literally can't use my google play money to buy shit in game because of some stupid error


Let Ningguang see this and she'll start to build "kid areas" on every establishment in Teyvat.


A Space is taken to store this... I Dunno... Kids Table, it would be a nice place for Loli character to Plan their next Invasion.




Well tbh it doesn't look that good..it doesn't fit the theme of genshin impact


Do you get a recipe or just the object?


You only get the furniture, there's no blueprints.


did traveller steal furniture from a resturant for kids which wasnt opened yet?


I suppose it'll look cute for a tea party with the lolis


Looks horrible


It burns my eyes


Is this available in EU? What are the exact details to get the furniture/namecard? Is there a link with conrete rewards?


How do you get this?


I don't know if I hate it or love it...


THis looks goofy as hell...not a fan at all...this is why these types of fantasy games should stick within their fantasy genre and not bring in weird ass outside cosmetics that clash this hard with the aesthetic of the game IMO.


Looks way out of place. Could have made it better...


Your team comp is the same as mine :)


Never been happier to be iOS


Imma be perfectly honest. That shit matches with nothing.


I'm sorry but that is ugly as sh*t


There’s something hilarious about contemporary furniture in a fantasy world. I kinda like it despite being super ugly.


Google has always had butt ugly design. Now with the new version of android they're really leaning into the weirdly childish aesthetic. Good for them for staying on brand.


This furniture feels like kindergarten again


They reminds me of the rainbow-colored, short and stubby looking tables and chairs i saw as a kid in kindergarten.


How to get this?


Looks like a kindergarten table.


Why...just.. Why?


Looking forward to the lore


Cries in ios Anyways!




No. Just no.


Klee’s toy table where she can play with new bombs


This is cursed furniture 😂


How did you even manage this?? :0


Oh Jelly beans... But I only see Kazuha


looks meh


Looks cute! Imagine seeing Klee, Qiqi and Diona sitting there :3


How do I obtain this?


It even looks like it’s made of that plastic… you know the Rubbermaid Little Tykes furniture…


This looks really out of place. Like something you would see in a McDonalds play area