I would have said true if ning wasn't there...but maybe she's not the carry because she's not build so maybe.


Ning can be built as burst support as well, since her burst deals so much damage with a screen up and is relatively easy to charge up. This is especially the case with C6.


Yeh I use her as burst myself too but I don't usually see her in other team other then double geo team.but that also mean that you have build her...which the op already said that no it's a friend ship gaining team.


Yea i only have klee built well since its a friendship team


She can be a great burst support with Nobellise + Prototype Malice, becoming a semi-battery for the team, especially since her burst gets \~40% charge from Prototype Malice alone. Also, Prototype Malice looks good with her.




Yeah, really useful imo, especially in Geo team comps. I usually use her with Zhongli and Noelle with a wildcard so that I have healer, permashields and a battery, with Zhongli firing meteors every few seconds. I still can't get into the habit of always running through the screen before bursting though.


yeah sometimes I see people shitting on putting a prototype malice on ning, but on burst support Ning? that shit slaps


Klee and Ningguang are actually very similar, so both can be the main DPS of the team.


Wot? I slam everyone with Ningguang's Jade Screen.


And I yeet with Jean


And Lisa... uh.... Lisaaaa........ Yeah I got nothing


lisa's good for setting up overload. lightning rose + anyone with quick pyro application = party time, and klee certainly qualifies also her e has a really quick cd, not counting the hold e, but that one takes way too long to use to be worth it anyway, doesn't even add to her ticker on enemies


Does Lisa's Q work with with Kazuhas E? I figured it would be pretty brutal to set up Lisa's Q and suck everyone in with a sonic kickflip and turn it into the centerpiece of a pretty lightning maple leaf dome.


I should think so. I mean hell, someone elsewhere did a layering of three different sort of burst fields, bennett's, ganyu's, somebody else's though might've just been albedo's flower, around kazuha's q mind you, the way her q works is just essentially like a rapid fire oz, it only targets the closest enemy at a time iirc, but it's not like it doesn't apply electro or anything, i can't think why it wouldn't work with kazuha's e or q any worse than anything else


It'd probably be pretty nice paired with Hydro. Kazuha Hydro Q and Lisa's Q, Kazuha E after.


Im gonna be downvoted, but lisas hold is nowhere as long as most exaggerate it to be. You can release it as soon as it charged to the outer circle, which is like a second, Theres quite a huge bit of time waste waiting for it to go off on its own. Its fine having the one-2 second charging time, zhonglis ult takes as much and both are very close in scaling at talent 10. Klee is really awesome with lisa, ur right about that. Shes one of the few who can keep up with klees huge pyro applications.


i'm fully aware you don't have to wait till it goes off on its own, and comparing an e and a q when one actually has an i frame seems likes its missing something, no? not to mention zhongli is a shielder so he can do basically whatever he damn well pleases, while lisa is instead very vulnerable. it just takes too much to both line things up that you're a: not gonna get smacked and b: actually gonna hit enough enemies for it to be worth it to actually use it. if it's really just a second to get that big glow that tells you you're ready to send lightning everywhere, that's the longest second in genshin when you can easily just spam m1 and e in taps


I climb with Lisa.


Lisa ara aras?


Good point!


The strongest fighter in all Mondstadt!


Is klee a good main dps?


My Main reason to use Klee: She makes Cute noises.


But she cries if she gets hit. And I play on my phone so she gets hit a lot :(


And also "Klee wants to go home..."


Worst death quote ever, I don't feel like continue playing after hearing that.


Omg so I'm not the only one who can't stand hearing that... It actually made me way better at dodging with her




She's good. Maybe not the most damage, but her charged attack can launch some strangely large enemies, like the geovishaps.


Yeah, hu tao outclasses her in pyro dps, and a few other characters do in other elements but she's stronger than most dps, including diluc. Notably she has a degree of clunk you'll love or hate in being essentially melee range for her charge attack (which has huge knockback) and shorter range than other catalysts for normal too.


She is comparable to eula and tartaglia in terms of raw damage output. Her caveats are a clunky and hard to master playstyle and a somewhat low synergy with xingqiu which makes teambuilding for her a bit tricky. She's like tartaglia in the sense that she has no "perfect support". Closest to that would be venti (for major grouping and VV), kazuha (for swirl dps, minor grouping/picking up mines, VV and pyro dmg bonus boost) and rosaria (for reverse melt).


She’s good. Not amazing or anything and easily outclassed. But I really like playing her since shes really fun


You're making her sound worse than she is. With Xingqiu she's one of the strongest DPSs in the game. She's only outclassed by like 2-3 characters.


Klee? More like blonde Megumin!


Build lisa you wont regret it.




From my point of view it is always the shielders and healers who are the MVP, they KEAL.