All you need to know about Friendship/Companionship XP

All you need to know about Friendship/Companionship XP


...This wouldn’t happen to work on real people too would it..?


Doing activities with your friends does, in fact, raise your friendship level with them.


Depends upon the activity.


You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose. But you should avoid picking your friends nose


Sounds weirdly specific


Its a well known phrase/idiom


Oh sorry, i didn't know. Where is it from?


Somebody said this to me and my bestie at a party, years ago. When he got to, "But you can't..." our fingers slowly went up each other's noses, and we stared at him. He replied, "Nevermind."


Ok, but how do I get the friends to do the activities with? Do I need some sort of real life primos?


I would like to Wish for friends now please


I learned that from Persona!


Idk if you're asking about co op but this made me sad


Kinda wish Traveler had a passive talent where all members all get more Companionship EXP while he/she's in the party. I mean, the Friendship level relates to trust /friendship they have with the Traveler, so Traveler being in the party and making progress faster would make sense to me. It's a real shame I stopped using Traveler in Domains for sole reason that he doesn't bring anything extra for Companionship EXP.


I did suggest that in the feedback. I encourage you to do it as well.


Indeed the forgoten protag kun need to be deserve on the team.


FGO did this by having the equivalent unit grant a bonus to bond gain in main story quests as well as *most* events.


The real end game is collecting name cards


The completionist's endgame.


Diluc smiles? Wtf? Would like to see that screenshot!


Any rough idea how many days it will take me to get to 10 from 9 if I do dailies and spend daily resin only?




Neat that's not bad at all


> At friendship level 2,3,4,5,6,10, you unlock character story and voice-over lines based on the character upgraded. At level 10, you also unlock a namecard specific to the character. The extra expressions in the Take Photo mode are also unlocked via friendship. First one is at friendship 2 and the second one is at friendship 4.


I really hope they keep adding more stuff to the friendship levels. When we start getting skins/outfits I'm hoping we get a free skin/outfit at lvl 10 (even if it's just a basic recolor), since nobody cares about a namecard.


You forgot a couple: -Solo your resin domains so 4 chars receive the xp. Try to squeeze one char slot or 2 for companionship if you can easily clean the domains. -Change to 4 characters you don't play with before claiming the daily commission reward. I use Ningguang + 3 non used chars to do dailies that end with killing of monsters, then I do the dailies that do not require killing at the end with 4 chars I do not use, then I claim the daily rewards (85 friendship xp) with these 4 as well.


Sorry, could you clarify why to use characters you dont main? Imo you would use the characters tou like to get their name cards and stuff but I'm probably missing your point


Cause you will get companionship xp in main characters just using your resin. Maxxing your main chars companionship is easy if you do everything with them, xp after getting level 10 is wasted.


If my character died, will he still get Companionship XP?




Do you happen to know if they'll also still get regular exp if they're dead?


I feel bad having the mindset of getting companionship points up, though it is forcing me to try to new teams. My main team is not used now except in the abyss as they're maxed, Traveler will probably never see the light of day because of it, and when one character is done, have to start building another character or reorganize the team (especially if it's the DPS)


Traveler carried me through floor 9-2 first half. Blocking the hilichurl's arrows with her boulder feels like a pro-gamer move


Thank you for the info! I was wondering about that. :]


I have maxed friendship with Barbara, Fischl and Venti. I'm not trying to max out any specific character right now, but I'm not using those 3 because of that


~~Also I'm quite sure dead characters do not receive frienship exp, so be sure to res everyone before collecting prizes.~~ And I know friendship is just a minor mechanic, but it's weird that the game punishes the player for using the MC and playing Co-Op. I abandoned Aether exactly because I wanted friendship with all my favorites, and I rarely play co-op (even through I enjoy it) for the same reason.




Thanks, that's nice to know! It will save me some eggs from now on lol I think the MC problem is just an oversight, MHY didn't think we would care about friendship so much. I hope they do something about it, It would be a huge waste to give new elemental kits to a character no one wants to use.


> though there is a 5 minutes delay after you completed the last world quest Source? Because that has never been my experience. I've been XP farming for months now and quests respawn in seconds, not mins. I literally just tested it again. I got quests back-to-back as fast as I could reset my world (~30s). So there's clearly not a hard respawn timer. EDIT: I even tested the exact location OP says to use. Got back-to-back quests 4x in a row, with in less than a min between each one.


How exactly are you resetting your world? I would love not to wait, but right now it doesn't spawn right away for me even when I log out and back in.


> How exactly are you resetting your world? Co-op. Pick any domain which won't spawn a random event right on top of it (e.g. forsaken rift, *not* Ceclia) and match make into *another players world*. After entering their world, just leave. > I log out and back in. That won't immediately reset your world.


Ah, I see. Thank you!!




> Source : my observations. Will retest it. Ok, Its not correct. I even explicitly tested the waypoint you are using to see if it was something to do with that. Its not. I completed 4 quests in less than 5 mins at that location.


:0 i've always done my daily randoms east of wangshu inn, and it *always* gave 10. Based on the discussion here, it seems the complexity of the quest affects the companionship exp. Very simple, kill a bunch of mob quests give 10 and the one east of wangshu inn are exactly those. Looks like I'll be changing my spot thanks to you, OP! I'm really grateful for the simple guide. Edit: trying out the new spot now. You can actually log out on the cliff, in front of the rock near the two seelie torches. This allows you to see the monsters spawn and doesn't require any climbing. Doesn't seem to have any 5 minute delay either, I'm getting the encounters immediately~


My one and only character with maxed friendship is my beloved tiny pyromaniac Klee!! But I’m working hard to get Benny’s friendship maxed too (currently lvl 9) because he’s been with me since day one and the character got the most duplicate pulls. Seriously I pulled his C2 on the first day and free Noelle, but I love him so much!! Also trying to get Ningguang’s friendship (currently lvl 8) up because she’s my second DPS and a Queen. I loved her story and personality. If I ever pull Mona (my favorite) I’ll try to get her friendship up too


Klee was my first 5\* so I maxed her not too long ago. I immediately put her on the team just to watch once I realized background chars don't get friendship XP. Fischl maxed first, followed by Klee and then Qiqi. Sucrose is 9.55/10. Ningguang is at 4.7 being one of my more recent chars and able to hold her own in domains.


Ohh that’s an AWESOME TEAM!! I love Klee and Sucrose plus someone else’s auto attacks! I like changing my namecard and avatar when I get new ones. Right after getting Klee’s I got the Hypostasis namecard and I decided to ignore it and use Klee’s a little longer. Until I get Benny’s namecard that is. That goofy thumbs up is my favorite thing


Is there any other spot for random events that always gives 15 xp? I've used that spot and it works but I'm sick of the slimes.


Very helpful, thanks!


Thanks for all the useful info!


Thank you for this, it answers many of my questions.


Nice info thx


Scratch that. It was on the bottom lol


I would really be happy if there was other place for 15xp world quest. I will burn that package to dr Edith next time.


I have maxed Diluc, Fischl, Venti (in that order), Diona and XQ will reach max next, actively working on Jean because I love her name card... Ganyu's and Kaeya's namecard will be next (i like their design)... Noelle, Xiangling and Barbara are at lv 6 or 7, but I stopped using them, so it'll be some time until I will Max their frindship...


I have another question. Do characters gain companionship exp when theyre dead?




thx man


Can you tell me what he said. He deleted the comment so I dont konw ;-;


yes they do


I wish we could get something for the max friendship level, not talking about gameplay stuff just very cute little things like the name cards, for example a sweet funny emoji for the chat. I really like that we already get more emotions for the photo mode :) MAybe more will come with housing


Good info. hope we get more mechanic info of GI.


Yo imagen they add the free wishes you get from ascention to friendship levels. Like a wish at levels 6, 8 and 10 for example. Its alot harder to level friendship so it wont be broken.


Man I love the namecards at level 10 but it is a strugle to get there lmao. Rn I only have razor and barb level 10 and they where pretty much in my party for the entirity of the first 2 and a half months of the game. I really want dilucs and zhongli's namecard they are so awesome


What's the resin ore? I mean what activity js that?


I've been going another step and only using Mondstat characters or Liyue characters separately unless they're seen in another region already (Mona). I had that iffy feeling with using a character when they're not shown in that region before so now I've also region-locked my own characters just for the heck of it. Does make Liyue-only mode troublesome because....none of them can fucking heal except Xingqui lol.


I've been farming friendship levels since day 1 rotating all characters, they're on 5-6 except Klee (main DPS), which is 8.


im Wl 8 already, and daily event quest only gives me 10 exp. are you sure it's 15?


I'm using the least optimal team for artifact domains because of friendship levels and it is absolute pain. Artifact domains require very specific setups to be cleared properly, so using whatever for the sake of friendship wastes a lot of time and food. It is also inevitable that I'll eventually run out of healers and main DPS units to use, making the grind even slower or much more difficult. My first friendship lvl 10 was Fischl, then Xiangling, Razor, Barbara and, finally, Venti. My Kaeya is close to getting 10 and Diluc is nearly there aswell. Without Diluc I'll really struggle to farm the cryo domain, I'm considering to stop using him on World bosses and dailies just so he can help me farm those artifacts longer.


Currently I have max friendship with Jean, Venti, Qiqi, Tartaglia, Beidou and Ningguang Working on Ganyu, Amber, Noelle and Barbara Will work on Xiangling, Razor, Xingqiu, Chongyun, Lisa, Kaeya Still missing Klee, Zhongli, Albedo, Sucrose, Bennet and Xinyan I try to have a non-maxed friendship team, but it turns quite hard because all of the characters left but Ganyu aren't built. Once I'm done rising her friendship I will have a bunch of lvl 20 with 5* gear lvl 0 on a WL7.... So probably I'll have to bring a carry EDIT: Shoot! I forgot to add that I'm missing Diluc, Mona and Keqing I have Fischl at max friendship And I will work on Diona


I got my Diluc namecard but doesn't seem his burst animation change. The possibilities are either (1) it doesn't actually change or (2) the change is so miniscule that I miss it even though I'm using him everyday.


I really like how it takes ages to farm Companion XP because it actually gives me enough time to actually know the character (gameplay-wise). Even if it's just for a quick switch in, I get to know how they work in a group.


Working on my 9,10,11,12th characters and they just got to fr. Level 6 😱 it's a grind but very nice to switch out team comps and learn how to use each character more efficiently.


Can fallen characters get friendship points? I always hesitate to collect rewards in a domain when one of my party members is fallen. I'm scared they might not receive the points


Yes, they receive companionship XP while dead.


Nice! Thanks so much :)


There's also a spot in Liyue where you can log off/on to grind world quests. The friendship xp is only 10per instead of 15, but it's ONLY ever fights so you can generally grind through 10x a fair bit faster. That said, if you're grinding this sort of thing, time probably isn't your main concern. To find it go to the teleporter on the coast west of Wangshu Inn. The one that's on top of the turtle-dragon statue. Head south a bit and just before the "farm" there's a collection of rocks that look kind of like a paw-print. Stand there, log out and log back in and you'll get a fight based event on the beach right nearby. You'll probably get an event as you approach for the first time in a day tbh.






There is no real cd on world event, although they are random, you can also "refresh" an attempt to spawn an event if you relogged and didnt spawn any by moving the time forward by at least 30 mins, instead of needing a full relog (it doesnt always spawn ofc, but its faster than relogging; if you already had an event spawn and done it this wont help though).


Events in Liyue give 10, events in Monst give 15.


I bet that the 10-15 thing depends on combat quest vs non combat, I do all combat ones for 10 each and extra artifacts from time to time. Probably the 15 ones are the ones about running errands here and there.


So I've just farmed 10 events in monst and ALL gave 15 companionship xp whether it was fetch 2 mushrooms, kills stuff, or blow away an anemo mark.


It's possible. TBH I've been more closely tracking the Mora/Ore than the friendship XP.


We woud'nt be able to get companionship exp just from killing mobs without questing right?


Do dead characters still get the companionship xp?




Ohh ok cool.Thanks !


Do dead party members still get the companionship exp?


for some reason my kaeya wont pick up the friendship XP and is stuck on a certain level.