Amber: “first time?”


Xhongli: "first time"?












Too soon


Childe: never


Never? He was bullied when he first came out because people at the time didn’t know how to build him. Now he’s god


not only that hes getting his own personal hydro set too to top it off lol


can you elaborate?


1.2 new artifact set includes 15% hydro 2 piece and 4 piece 25% normal/charged attack


I wish Zhongli was going through the same thing but I highly doubt it and Mihoyo pretty much gave us the finger about buffing him which only saddens me further.


After 2 years, he will master all 7 elements, Soon................................................


He will become the Avatar and master all 7 elements


Even better he might be able to combine all 7 elements to become a new element!! As powerful as a 5* character + with heals and shielding! OP AF!


The ultimate elemental reaction


Then hes gonna get the Master sword and defeat Gannon!


Then he's gonna defeat the Elite four with one pokemon!


*one paimon


The return of Buntd, Or Motherfuck/Pikachu the Mudkip.


Or he will be mediocre in all elements as it seems to be the case for now


Ah yes, the Physicaleo Element.


Yea but his true potential gonna locked behind C7 support chars. I win you lose, bye bye -dunkey


I feel like that quote was a bit longer than that


Nope, you are nitpicking and biased, I win, bye bye!


Heyyy fellow dunkey fan~


See you in among us Thursdays


So sad since Amoung Us Tuesday has been canceled!




Ah, you're right! I got confused with Drama Monday




Or have him/her use other weapons. I'd love to use Catalyst/Book as main weapon.


I need a bow user and I wish that my only one wasn't Amber.


Didn't get your Fischl at the stars event?


For some like me the quest was bugged and couldnt attempt the final challenges


Rip dude. I hope you get lucky on your next rolls


Amber is a beast. F2P players that have mained Amber can do between 16-20k per charged shot. If you invest the mats she can carry in floor 12 abyss. However you have to enjoy charged shot mains if you want to invest in her.


If you invest like the guys on youtube, any char can become a beast. There are some F2P players videos doing incredible damage with Kaeya and using him as main carry.


Kaeya is actually pretty decent as a superconduct physical dps. Plus he doesn't insta-shatter enemies out of frozen state like Razor does. Pity that he's not quite at the damage that Razor can output.


Ahh, I see you are a man of culture as well.


This would actually encourage spending on more gacha weapons. Instead of being able to hold one... the Traveler can hold five!


I don’t see that happening unfortunately. Many talents and constellations for the Traveler buff E or Q in particular, so it would be hard to implement. Different weapons would be easier but there is also that one talent that makes the last hit of a combo trigger an extra elemental attack, so the devs would have to create a new animation for each weapon, and why would they do extra work on a free hero?


Everything changed when the Pyro nation invaded


Though probably more like the Cryo nation in this case


He shall become greater than even the Avatar


And he will become a 6 star character


But only after we will start getting 7\* chars in gacha.


All 7 cities will be released in 2 years? That seems optimistic.


How about 3 or 3.5


It kinda depends. Based on how much content there is right now on Liyue, the gap between the Close Beta Test launch a and the introduction of Liyue and the Inazuma and the amount of content that Inazuma will have (which include the story quests, over world puzzles and dungeons and domains). If they are able to finish the Teyvat storyline in 2 years, that would mean the remaining 6 cities may have less amount of content than Liyue. Or there would be less QoL updates and most dev time are used on new content like characters and the story. I would still need to see how much content there will be in Inazuma since I only started playing on day 1, not in CBT. But them releasing the 7 cities in 2 years seems like it is not a lot of time to make at least as much content as there is in Liyue 6 times over. I don't mind them taking 5 years if it means that each city has more content than the last. Having all the 7 cities released in 3-3.5 years would be great but I prefer more content per release than a faster storyline progression.


yeah, i believe traveller will be too much OP after master all 7 elements, usually in anime, main character will get stronger day by day and will become the strongest than others


I spent one minute trying to remember what this was from and then BAKA BAKAAAAA AND NOW I'M CRYING I MISS MY BOY😭


same lol!! thats when it hit me 😂


>! Is this Alibaba's VA from Magi? !< Edit: >! As correctly pointed out below, it's Hakuryuu's VA !<


It’s literally from Magi


You know, I should go see what happened in Magi. They kinda lost me at the part when >!Sinbad turned out to be the reincarnation of David or whatever and brainwashed everyone into wanting to join the Rukh Hive Mind!< and I just never checked in on the manga after that because I was like "where did this all come from?" ~~I really like Adventures of Sinbad tbh, but when I stopped with the main series I kinda stopped AoS too ;-;~~


I wanted to read the manga for the longest time but never got to it, and that really makes me don't want to read it. Like, WTF IS THAT? Im gonna trust that you are saying the truth 'cuz you have no reason to lie, so i need someone to explain wtf is that. Honestly, its so sad that series that are so good at the start lose themself and the plot as the story goes on


I actually enjoyed >!the time skip, where Alibaba comes back and everything's modern/futuristic with the magic systems basically used to start a tech revolution, with Sinbad at the head. It's really neat, because Alibaba does some cool inventor + economist things and helps out his friends in catching up to defeat the CEO of Rukh, Sinbad.!< For the most part, this section was kind of strange because we went from Arabian Nights fantasy tales to Cyberpunk Deus Ex Aladdin, but I was able to follow along and the story was fresh and cool. Also, I'm a sucker for the kind of worldbuilding where people take the magic system of a world, analyze it to understand it's workings, and do science-y things with it. Where it really lost me was when >!Sinbad was revealed to be the reincarnation of David from Alma Toran and he wants to create some kind of Rukh hive mind and become god by basically squishing everyone's Rukh inside him and he brainwashes the whole world with his Rukh except Aladdin, Alibaba, Jafar, and that one other Magi whose name I can't ever remember.!< Beyond the general gist of the plot that I just gave you there, I honestly couldn't tell you what was going on or how we got to that point. Around when >!people started disintegrating into Rukh soup (or something like that, like I said, they really lost me)!< is when I gave up and said "you know what, I'll treat this like Bleach and just read the last chapter to see how it ended."


I-I thought sinbad was a good guy?


There were some indications that Sinbad had something bad in him in the anime but the anime never got a 3rd season :(, so you have to read the manga to find out the truth about him


Aaah thats so fricked. Thank u friend


You mean Yunan? For the magi


That's really close to EVA and people love that show lol.


As someone that forced themselves to trod through it because of sunken cost fallacy and wanting to see the happy ending for Alibaba and Morgiana, it is NOT worth. It got axed and the author got lost on what to do or got their writing dumpstered by the editorial dept. as is tradition in shounen jump.


They lost me when they stopped following Alibaba to follow Aladin instead. I like Aladin, but Alibaba is best boy


I honestly love Alibaba too. Aladdin is great, and I understand he's the titular Magi, but Alibaba always felt like the "primary deuteragonist." I know that's kind of oxymoronic, but I don't have a better way to describe it lol They *did* go back to Alibaba for quite a while during >!the time skip, where he helps the one Kou Dynasty princess (who, for a hot second, I thought he was going to end up with instead of Morgiana) get her country back in the economic game!< but right after that is where they *really* lost me so idk beyond that.


If you mean Aether, then no. In this scene Aether is Hakuryuu, Diluc is Alibaba, Jean is Morgiana, and Venti is Aladdin. It's kinda funny considering Hakuryuu's voice actor, Ono Kensho, actually voices Diluc in-game.


Gotchu. Got a link for the original clip: https://youtu.be/R9CP1cAs5P4


Oh I know I heard this somewhere


Also same, I *swore* I heard this before and then Hakuryuu's breakdown finally got me, haha


Magi is such an underrated anime :(


It is, I hope one day it will be continued!


It was so familiar lmao, then I heard the Hakuryuu part and the art style chance into the Magi chibi just 100% confirmed it


ahh my god I remember magi, aside from the name, the fact that most of the dialogue fit is so good


Nicely done, but for real, when are we going to get Magi Season 3?


I really want a sequellll


The manga is finished, they should just finish the anime be done with it, except this time >!Morgiana joins Aladdin, and Alibaba in the final battle against Sinbad, instead of having her Ruhk controlled by Sinbad into obeying him!<


Bleach is continued after 8 years So still a chance...Magi was so popular btw so i don't know what happens


It happens with a lot of anime. Most of the times is because a) it was popular over seas but not in japan so they don't care or b) the anime didn't boost the sales of manga + merch so it's not worth it. Most of the times you see a good anime suddenly ending its because one of these 2


Especially B. Anime series are generally seen as a way to sell manga/LNs. And sometimes even if a series does well, they don't bother with continuing the anime because hey mission complete (or not).


Isekai Cheat Magician feels like reason B sadly enough... I hope it gets a second season.


Eh Magi is popular but Bleach is on another level (Jump series in general are), also Kubo made a new manga recently and Jump seems to use this momentum to promote it, so I wouldn't get my hopes up at all.


The issue with anime adaptations after a manga is finished is that usually the anime itself is to promote the manga. So with a finished manga, there's less incentive to create an anime (or continue in this case) unless there's high demand.


I would like it if the mangaka could retold the story how she/he really wanted to end it.


>!morgiana (best girl) gets side lined even more and never becomes a major character, so no need for season 3!<


Alibaba best waifu/husbando. Love his character development.


There's no need S1 was far better than S2 and the story isn't great because the best girl is cheated by Sinbad.


Likely never, the folks over at the subreddit have already accepted that grief


Some of us are still going through the five steps. It's me. I'm some of us.


Please, I’d kill for it


[Source from Magi for anyone interested](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9CP1cAs5P4)


Thanks, knowing the original makes it even better


Ahh i miss these guys so much. He gets so much stronger after this too but we'll never see it animated ;_;


I made a meme parody of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic ep 21, hope you like it! :D Plugging my insta: https://www.instagram.com/sofiaria_/ Youtube link: https://youtu.be/xH6XauIvffU


I knew I heard this scene before, brilliant.


Ahhhh that’s where it’s from!! I knew it sound familiar! Also this was great poor Aether ;-;


Its funny how aether looks like he came from magi so its fitting


but the Traveller is a great unit though...


Most slept on character dude finna slap hard by the end of all this. Hell he might slap hard by February when inazuma and lightning mc come out




My MC is lvl 80 :P he's my most built unit so far


Same!! I'm glad I'm not the only one to do so


same thing for me, hes is my only lvl 80 character and i'm ar 46


I clear level 85+ domains (AR47), bosses, even the pre-debuff Childe fight, and the first 8 abyss flors using Aether as main dps, half of then with Geo, incluse, i'm stuck in lvl 9 in Abyss only because the fuck Fatui units, and the main of this team is Dilluc People only stucked in one play style and become oblivious to the others


>After I saw a video here how to properly use the traveler in its Geo form and after watching Enviosity on youtube, I might level my traveler up as well, once I get another 200-300 xp items(lol). However, I was stuck at Floor 9 too but a few days ago I got my boy Diluc and now I'm at floor 12. I strongly recommend watching Enviosity and his tipps on the Fatuis! And get your Diluc to 79/80 + max his skills as far as you can, I think mine were on 5 when I cleared the floors. Besides Diluc I have a lv80 Xianling(c1), lv70 jean,Fishl(c3), succrose & bennett and I used Barbara & Chongyun at 40 to clear it all. on some floors you cant really use barbara cause you will freeze all the time... thats where bennett is better if you have him. it's best that you have one healer on each team and I switched between bennett and barbara depending on wether you need water for certain shields.


*cries in no Diluc*


well no it's just hard to justify bringing mc when you have stuff like diluc, keqing, venti, sucrose that can fill any of his roles way better than him.


Same here. I've invested more on him than I do Keqing. He's now permanently anchored on slot 1 as my primary DPS.


Me too man


This is me with Xiao lol. I would get Xiao but I literally have both Venti and Jean at level 80 so I really don't need another 5\* anemo character.


I keep repeating this but all i want from Electro Traveller is for his skill to be Force Lightning




\>Electro slimes appear [https://i.redd.it/nbwoc0mecot11.jpg](https://i.redd.it/nbwoc0mecot11.jpg)


But, but I already have so many other electro... Razor, Fischl, Keqing, Lisa, Beidou what I really would like is Pyro Cryo or Hydro MC...


I need a hydro mc. Xingqiu skills take to long to reset if I can get a water mc with a cooldown comparable to his geo form I'll be ok. If I would've known floor 10 was a bunch of fire monsters I would've gotten childe.


Kinda disappointed that we go Izuma first since we have Electro Characters the MOST


But visions get rewoked there, so i guess most of the vision users aren't electro.


He's great *value*, because you don't need the boss materials to ascend him, because you get his constellations for free and because his level carries over between the elements. But great *unit*? That's giving him too much credit. For every role MC can fill, there is a 4* that can do it better. - I do hope that MC gets an ability to switch elements on the go one day. That would make him the flexibility king, and a true 5*.


I hope they let you change the Traveller element in the party select screen, thats the most likely change But yeah, any unit that is even *slightly* more specialised will beat out Traveller Traveller trades power for flexibility


They could also do something cool with the game's finale where your party member selection gets replaced with the different elements so you can switch on the fly, but just in this one climactic boss fight where you only get to use the Traveler.


I feel this is the case. Don't forget traveler already used [Geo and Anemo same time when fighting Childe](https://youtu.be/KzCjnr52xkA?t=99), what was really good surprise. So we most cases see him use all the elements in the end.


I wonder if the traveler knew how to do this already (and we can't do it ingame due to story-gameplay segregation) or if that was a suprise for them as well. The scene doesn't change if you have anemo or geo equiped so I'm leaning towards the second one, although it might be a case of "the traveller knew how to do this beforehand from before their time in Teyvat, they just didn't realise they could still do it" And can I just say God damn I keep on forgetting how cool that scene is - Tartaglia's quest is nice in how it rounds out his character and all but *that scene* is what pushed me to pull for him. The rest of the Fatui better not be that damn awesome or I'm going to go *broke* (which judging by the four we already know about, is gonna end up happening)


Frankly this is a pet peeve of mine, when games show badass powers in cutscenes and don't let us actually use it. If we are just supposed to watch, make it an anime. I want to *play the game*.


I have a head canon that what Mihoyo really wants is to make an anime but those are both very expensive and not super profitable so they instead make games which effectively have a really cool show within them. See: HI3 cutscenes, and Genshin impacts story. I know it's a stupid theory but I still like it.


Considering their profits it would be within their budget I'd argue, probably something we'll see in the future like with certain other Gachas.


Now if only we could equip different weapons for the Traveler. Like through all of the Twin's travels they only picked up swordsmanship? But I guess that more work than necessary :/


I am so hoping for Avatar Mode Traveller to be unlocked once we get far enough in the main story. That will really make them worth the investment.


I'm thinking Travelers' "Avatar Mode" will be when we inevitably unlock whatever "Element/Power" they both had at the beginning. Seeing as how a Light element is bound to be better than all of the elements combined n' all. (lorewise)


Have you seen Enviosity cheese the hell out of things with Starfell Sword? I mean... sure it's situational, but that's pretty high utility that you can have at relatively low level. He's not going to win any DPS races, but sometimes you just need to keep yourself from getting hit. I might be forgetting how some character works, but I don't think any other character can control as wide an area as Geo Traveler. Even Venti and Sucrose have limited ability to deal with large enemies and shielded enemies, but basically nothing knows how to deal with a rock in its way... for some reason.


He is flexible though, I use him as a general purpose unit (Like he can heal himself with Palm vortex)


That heal is so tiny it barely makes a difference.


"For every role MC can fill, there is a 4* that can do it better." Yeah a 4* unit that you don't have. Not everyone has every 4* unit cause most are saving their primos for the upcoming banners.


His best use is Geo with Zhong Li and that already speaks volumes xD He can create the Most Geo Contructs over the Limit of 3 with his Burst, no other character atm can do that.


In a couple of years, Aether will collect all 7 Infinity Stones to snap all of those broken 5 stars away and become the ultimate broken 5 star....


Am I the only one who actually uses traveler as my DPS?


But actually tho. Traveller never leaves my party. It feels...wrong from a story perspective if that makes sense Idk. Plus, despite the hate zhongli gets, I really love pairing Geo MC with Zhongli because they generate a STUPID amount of energy together. Like, both of their ults can be back up before their cooldowns are down.


No but it seems some people think thats a stupid idea , like wuuuuuut


Even though I have diluc I prefer using aether


How the hell did this fit so well, omg.


those friggen boulder skills makes the domain a friggen parkour battle


I guess we finally know now what is wirting in the contract you made with Zhongli


people who think Aether sucks just suck at building characters


Most likely hardcore P2W players


Okay, I was starting to think I should replace Aether, but this convinced me otherwise.


Reminds me of my boy Zenitsu from Demon Slayer


Well, the least they could do is give the MC cinematic I-frames like the rest of the 5-stars.


Aether my man, you just one-shotted Diluc, Jean, AND Venti in this video. What else could you want?


Why does every one appreciate lumine but tolerate aether? My boi needs some luv


I regret picking lumine. Aether has a much better design. Lumine is just generic female magic girl.


Oh, I watched before reading you parodied Magi and was going to ask if someone could call Aether a shrimp and have him launch into an Edward Elric tirade about his height


see you at top


This is a pure gold


Idk about you guys but Aether id really good in my opinion


Dude Vortex Palm claps tho, especially if someone is on fire


Nooo, dude, you Are the only person that can use TWO powerful element powers at once. And I think you ARE powerful


Aladdin's voice is perfect fit for venti lmao


don't worry traveler mains, since zhongli arrived, he's not the worst 5\* anymore.


Not going to lie, I fully expected a Zhongli joke from the abyss mage's monologue


I really want to hug him and tell him everythings okay! He's my main and I'm never gonna change that


This is canon no one can convince me otherwise


Man I miss magi like hell, great video edit btw


Which anime (I’m assuming due to voice) is it? Now I wanna watch


Magi: the labyrinth of Magic. I recommend it!


I need this u/SaveVideo


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Im hoping that one of the future elements will make the Traveler 5 star worthy.


10/10 miss watching magi ....season 3 when


Why is it that the only time I ever see aether is when he's in situations like these. I always see lumine not that she's bad or anything but, aether really is a best boy!


Shimono Hiro?


Actually kensho ono :)


Dangit his crying voice sounded so much look shimono for a sec there. On a side note, I really wanna see if they can haul in some of the bigger seiyuus. I know Kaji Yuki's gonna be Albedo but damn imagine if Mamoru Miyano or Nana Mizuki was called in.


> I know Kaji Yuki's gonna be Albedo Woah woah where is this intel from bc suddenly my interest just spiked.


It's still a leak, so it might be wrong, but I'm inclined to believe it's true. Grain of salt and all that. [https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Em5wRyuXYAEwxeJ?format=jpg&name=900x900](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Em5wRyuXYAEwxeJ?format=jpg&name=900x900)


But traveler is a 5 star and actually really strong lol


Lol literally my team


yess I love magi


Just wait, there will be an archons power we get (most likely pyro) that makes the MC the most broken SOB in the game.


replace traveller with Zhongli for 640% extra salt


at least he is still better than zhongli. maybe that will help him feel better


OMG a Magi reference!


Magi reference was the last thing I expected from this sub honestly


I'm about sick of the traveler hate. I main aether and lumine and they're fycking ridiculous good. Yall are weird lol


Mihoyo did Aether and Amber dirty


Holy shit we don't deserve such high quality memes


I find it more funny that the voice actor is Ono Kensho who’s actually Diluc XD


Funny because with the right build you can use geo to body almost any boss and the geo burst does insane damage


Traveler main here. I'll fight all of you geo traveler op


Should be Diluc because both Hakuryu and Diluc are voiced by Kensho Ono


it's funny because it was actually Diluc's Japanese VA that said those lines


I want a skin for Aether where his hair is unbraided


Wait until you see his avatar state




I mean, the traveler is currently my main dps so...


Respect to those that use traveler main dps


everybody gangsta till he gets his "former power" back