Mappa Mare or The Widsith on Ningguang?

Mappa Mare or The Widsith on Ningguang?


Widsith and Solar Pearl have great results. Use artifacts accordingly to balance either's crit substat. Do not bother with Mappa Mare if you own Widsith. Mappa Mare is fine if you have nothing else. This is just the result of having crit as a substat being much easier to itemize and balance. Their refinement effect is the icing on top.


I have gladiator and berserker on her rn. Would that work?


I dont know about the Widsith, but I dont think Mappa suits Ning. The substat is EM, which does not help Ning. So I suggest using something else for Ning.


Do you have any suggestions for what I should try to go for? Because isn't crystallize an EM reaction? Wouldn't that stack with the effect?


Use widsith. Mappa mare sub stat is elemental mastery (increases swirl, electro damage, overload etc). Ningguang can’t do any of those so it’s 100% useless for her. She is a crit focused catalyst user. Widsith sub stat is crit damage. She will become a monster with it.


EM increases the shield effectiveness. If you don't have anything better than Mappa Mare, I think it is ok, since it has a much better ATK progression than 3 stars, and the best of 4 stars. The extra 8/16% also is very nice. I wouldn't worry with Widsith unless you change characters often and have a good crit rate to make its crit damage bonus useful


Iirc, the EM only affect the shield strength and does not help with the damage. If you build her for support, the another craftable weapon is better. I don't remember the name. My friend builds his Ning using that weapon and it works pretty well. Decent damage, heals, increase energy for the team, and can break geo. If you dont have other weapons, the Widsith would be better for DPS build. Use Crit rate hat and she can probably annihilate stuff easily. Personally I dont have enough resource to build her as of now. So, my suggestion is based on my friend who builds her, and I co-op with him regularly. Maybe other people who actually build her can give better opinion.


Sounds good! Thank you guys so much!! :)


Currently using the widsith on her. She doesn't make the most out of the elemental mastery buff but she deals a lot of damage whenever she gets the attack or elemental dmg buff. Having crit dmg on the widsith is a plus for me. I'd recommend going for a crit rate headpiece and crit rate as a substat on the other pieces.


Blackcliff Amulet if you can.


Mappa mare is honestly one of the worst 4* catalysts. The passive really needs a buff. I regret crafting it. Should have just refined my prototype malice.


Another catalyst that could be good on her is the Blackcliff Amulet. It provides crit damage and heavily boosts your elemental burst damage, stacking up to three times. It'll require Starglitter though and doesn't do anything if you don't have enemies to build up your three stacks, you'll have to decide for yourself if that's worth.


I was actually looking at it for a bit, but atm I don't think it's worth going for. Most of the things I want to do is fight bosses and that passive really won't help with that unless it's an oceanid or something like that. Thanks though!


It'd be good in Spiral Abyss though which is probably the hardest content there is. Bosses while certainly harder than overworld mobs are still pretty tame, imo.


If it's just between these two, I'd go for the Widsith, I main Ning as dps for my team and as others have stated Elemental Mastery doesn't do much for Ning except make your shields stronger which isn't really a priority when building for a dps role as opposed to the Crit dmg substat for Widsith which can help greatly. Currently the best weapons available for Ning IMO is Solar Pearl (BP weapon) - just gives a nice indirect dmg boost no matter what attack you do or Prototype Malice (craftable) - makes your burst so much more spammable + extra heal.


Don't you have to pay money for solar pearl?


Unfortunately yes, Prototype Malice would be the F2p option since its craftable.


Was watching a vid on BP weapons, and Sekapoko called out the Solar Pearl flaw: it doesn’t affect charged attack damage, which is part of Ning’s dps rotation. Has anyone tried?


I saw that vid, and he doesn't quite explain why the Solar Pearl doesn't fit Ning so I'm going to disagree with it and assume that he is probably referring to the star jades as those we're buggy pre 1.1(no idea if fixed). On the other hand, if it doesn't affect her charged attack only, it would still buff her overall since you still have the skill and burst which have low CD ang energy meter.


Prototype malice. Substat is hp, but the energy recharge means spamming the q, and you can make her a hybrid healer.


They both give elemental mastery, which is useless for ningguang. The solar pearl or eye of perception are much better, or the other craft able book if ur ftp


The mappa mare is the other craftable book. The EM on the widsith is rng, but the primary stat is critical rate


Yeah the widsith is better because of the crit rate, but I just dislike it because 33% of the time you have basically no passive (although the other 66% the passive is insane) You can use it, but if you get the elemental mastery passive then I’d swap out as it’s a huge dps loss.


Here's a good tip! AS F2P ofcourse! ***Option 1: Prototype Amber*** If you wanna play Ning without always healing your team on worldly activities specially on solo, use Prototype Amber (HP stat though but heals entire team for % depending on refinement and still high even at R1). She's also good in coop specially on stubborn players that doesnt wanna heal and you're just trying to survive and deal damage at the same time while conserving your expendables like food, elixir, potions. ***Option 2: The Widsith*** This drops from wishes but it drops quiet often so you can have the chance to obtain it and even refine them to 2 or 3 depends or even 5 if you're destined for that weapon. It gives random buff of attack %, ALL elemental dmg %, or a fixed elemental mastery boost (mine was 300 EM on R2 not sure on R1) whenever you take on the field. Cons tho it only occurs once per 30 sec. Good thing about it is that it has Crit damage bonus on its stat. compared to option 1. If you get the EM buff, your shield will toughen due to crystallize so you can survive sudden accidents at least for some time. ***Option 3: Frostbearer*** A craftable weapon obtained when you do the tree Frostbearing tree in Dragonspine reputation. It requires certain rep though to be able to acquire the blueprint for it. Has attack stat instead. Good thing about this weapon is that it can an Icicle that deals AoE damage once every 10 secs! EVERY 10 seconds is a good option unlike most weapons that are usually 15 secs. Do a little math and add 10 sec interval for 30 sec and you do good overall damage compared to other proc weapons. Icicle damage doubles when affected by cryo so pair her with a cryo character. On coop she has a chance to shine specially when theres frost related coop players. ***Option 4: Twin Nephrite (3 star weapon***) Unlucky with crit rate artifacts but you still want to catch up? This thing will serve you for quiet some time! Crit rate stat. When it drops, refine it to 5 and level this thing till you get a decent amount of CR (21.4% on level 80, can be like 29% i think on 90). Quiet bad on the stat since it only gives movespeed & attack when you defeat an enemy so it wont work right away till an enemy dies. Has 15 sec duration. Replace the weapon when you get better weapon or just swap when you're just mobbing in your world. ***Option 5: Thrilling Tales of the Dragon (3 star weapon)*** Dont really feel like making her dps? its okay! Use this one. Whenever you switch a character, it gives HUGE damage boost % for 10 secs! (48% atk increase as R5 so save copies for refinements). Pros: Can buff your main dps for close to 50% of its total damage Cons: Once per 20 secs so theres a bit of risky or wasteful move if not used correctly. If you going to use option 5, level up "Refinement" to max your damage boost but DONT level up "Weapon level" as it only gives damage and you're not really wanting to level it up if you want Ning as Shielder/Dmg boost Lady. ​ These 5 options will optimise your team play and soloplay 100%.