If you spent any money in the game, a proof of purchase is unfortunately required or else they won’t even help you


Characters and items are good to mentions. especially if you had any 5 stars, also about the character like lvls and Talent lvls.


It's really just common sense stuff. What can you have access to that your hacker can't? Honestly a large part of the template of info they use is pretty irrelevant? Why even ask for 5\* characters and weapons? Your hacker can get the exact same info. In place of proof of purchase there is really not much that can be proven that's uniquely ours unfortunately. Next best thing is maybe login times, devices and locations, initial account creation dates. Anything else I doubt Mihoyo tracks and even those I am very doubtful how much Mihoyo can cross reference. At the end of the day, what really needs to go is this account linking business. They do not trust email security to do the job and decided to do their own. This in my opinion places the burden of security on Mihoyo and not gmail/yahoo/microsoft/etc where most companies just rely on emails for recovery, 2fa, otp, etc.


If you have paid money for this game they will refuse to help you unless you provide details for all of the transactions.