almost the same as my case, my account was hacked


If you have a story, please start a new thread. I don't want anyone supressedlike we were on the official reddit.


My account was hacked as well.In Sat 21 of November, I went to dentist and played a bit when I got back home. After this, I went to my livestream Honkai Impact 3rd on my Twitch and everything went smoothly, justo to right after my livestream, see that my Genshin Impact account "was not registered yet".And then started my quest to recover my account from hackers. Fortunately, it seems they didn't move anything (just changed name, character in front and deleted my friendlist and signature), up to yesterday. My friends were watching if there was some changes and they saw they changed the name to "Venti" and put my Venti there. So... probably they're trying to sell the account. I'm gonna confess: I'm scared to death that I won't be able to recover my account. I'm scared to death that all my hard work is gonna become money for a damm hacker. And I'm pissed as hell since miHoYo does not haste in order to fix all this.


It's horrible.. Please start your own threat and we can collate this whole subreddit as an example of how bad the situation is.


Oh, ok. Sure I will start my own thread.


I am on day 9 waiting for support. Don't know if anything is destroyed yet but at this rate I am pretty sure I will lose out on my remaining blessing monthly in addition to all the in game dailies and events. I posted my feedback on their forums on [https://forums.mihoyo.com/genshin/article/93322](https://forums.mihoyo.com/genshin/article/93322)


If you could copy that feedback in a new thread and gather peoples stories, that'd be really helpful! The bigger this sub gets the bigger response we might be able to achieve.


This is really shitty. How on earth can a developer act/run a game like this? The market for games is so saturated that it does not take much for people to swear off buying any future games from a developer and its shit like this that causes that. It is purely in their own interest to sort this shit out.


Yeah I totally agree, if it's not completely restore what was lost, then partway is still certainly possible. Can't fathom why they haven't helped anyone get stuff back yet..


Right. Maybe directly restoring the items including levels is impossible (or more like they just don't want to), but there's absolutely no reason they can't look at wish history and go "well clearly this guy had 3 5-star weapons that are now missing".


My account was hacked too, not returned yet. I didn’t shine my personal data anywhere, didn’t buy currency on dubious resources. And this is the first game in which my account was hacked. I think the fault lies with Mihoyo.


Yeah, I didn't either. Please start a new thread with your story so we can use this reddit as a full example of how bad the situation really is.


It pains me to read this...


Pains me to exist in it too. T\_T


Same thing happened to me. Got my shit deleted as well. But hey, look on the bright side! At least you have some good decent 4* left (Compound, Prototype, Favonious). The hacker deleted all of my prototypes and the f2p favonious bow :/ i'm essentially left with a debate club and some trash weps Also I believe it's stated under their terms of service that they are not responsible for these actions, I quote, "Also, you acknowledge that you shall be responsible for any and all behaviors performed and identified on or through your Account, whether or not authorized by you." basically its implied that they will NOT refund any lost primos/weps that were deleted due to hacking cases (because you are responsible for them). You can try sending tickets/email to restore them, but I doubt it'll work because of this. Sucks, but there's really nothing we can do about it but to prevent it from happening again.


This absolutely sucks :( the devs need to do something about this or they'll start haemorrhaging players. Hope you manage to get your account reset back.


So do I, unfortunately we don't have any confirmation of any help at the moment, hence creating this.


I'd recommend just refunding your funds spent in the game and starting over completely F2p, since there were quite a few people getting their items destroyed who didnt get any help at all, Discord mods are muting people who are complaining about getting hacked and customer support takes at least 4 days to respond, in some cases weeks ( we have a person who has submitted info about his account and is still waiting on a response regarding his account 4 weeks later. ) Basically it seems as if they're making enough money to not be forced to deal with this issue right now if at all, fixing security risks as they pop-up and rather than explaining to the community what's going on and how to protect themselves they're fixing stuff rather slowly behind our backs.