Safe stash

So, I played a while back. I met some high level players that gave me some free stuff. I want to have a fresh start at the game, but I've noticed that the stash is shared with my old account. How can I remove the items from the stash without just throwing it away?


Best practice, imo, for doing fresh slate new games is to designate 1 of the 4 character slots as the "mule". Have the mule stand next to a stash box that's within reach of the spawn point. The mule can take everything in the stash (likely becoming welded to the floor) leaving you free to experience a fresh slate on one of the other character slots. Doing this within a safe house where the spawn point is near enough the stash box will allow you to recover your things from the mule at a later time should you so desire.


Yeah, I was thinking about doing so. Thanks for responding!


i have this same issue too dude, very unsatisfying


Stash is linked to all characters and maps. Its supposed to be like a NG+. Just toss it or dont use anything high lv if you really want a new game without the plus.


I just don't get why they didn't put some kind of setting to enable/disable that.


It wasn't always possible to have a new map


As someone who’s has played the game for exactly a year, you’re out of luck. Everything is linked.


There is a way around it


The only way to get rid of things in your stash is to delete them and and deleting your characters will reset blueprints. There’s no way to save your old equipment and that’s the reason I haven’t done that because some of the weapons I have took me a year and I half to finally get a have never traded to get any of them. Only after 430 hours did I finally get a experimental m49.


Nah, there is another way


That’s twice you’ve mentioned “the way”. Why leave us hanging?


Others have mentioned it too just look and read the comments


Ok, thanks?


Well if you can't resist taking stuff from the stash then you probably didn't want that fresh of a character. In my opinion once you've done everything in the game(that you have the energy for not necessarily 100% it) but still want new things to do before an update then try making challenges just for you like killing something or everything with just grenades or perhaps trying to reach world height limit by ragdoll launching yourself, there's lots of challenges other than the ones in-game l, regardless I wish you luck and remember death to the machines


So not saying that this is a good solution but before creating fresh worlds was a thing you could (if I'm right you still can) mess with some of the save files in the game and essentially wipe your save by cutting out a specific file, and when you load the game up it will re create that save file and load it as if you completely restarted the game with nothing form the pervious worlds or characters, but you may be thinking I still want to keep my old save, you can do this all you have to do is keep that save file that you cut out and put it in a separate folder and you can switch between the different save files and it will load what ever save you put into the game files, but this is a risky thing to do, it could corrupt the files and loose all the progress although I've never had that happen it still could happen, and it would be best if you know that there are problems that could occur with doing this.


I was under the impression that if you delete every single one of your characters so you have none, then delete saved game data in the console settings, then create a new character again, it resets the entire map and deletes the stash contents so it's all fresh and new and ready to go again, could be wrong though but it worked for me on my old ps4