ABC After School Specials

ABC After School Specials


These things always made me curious to try drugs.


I learned it from watching you, dad!


My brother once repeated the line to my dad after my dad told him he was an asshole. By butt checks never clenched so hard so fast. My brother lived to tell the tale.


A friend of mine repeated this line to his dad when we got caught with  cigarettes. His dad said, “that’s bullshit up to your earlobes!”


Who was the actress in that PSA who had cigarettes coming out of her ears (and maybe nose) back in the day? I can remember staring at that poster in the doctors office. I will using 'bullshit up to your earlobes' at every opportunity


I learned if from watching you, ABC Afterschool Specials!




I remember our yearly visit from Constable Dionne. He would bring actual samples and actual paraphernalia and it was just cool as fuck to preteen me.


We had a teacher bring in a used pot pipe, and everyone was sniffing it lol.


Where’d they claim to have gotten it from?


Probably their glove compartment.


you misspelled teachers lounge.


I used that one already. I didn't want to repeat it.


I have no idea! It's such a long time ago to remember that detail. These teachers all seemed like total prudes, but they probably had a shared kink dungeon they also got high in lol. The mean teacher, Mrs Gilpatrick, was probably the dominatrix.


Our middle school did the same but somehow some of those samples came up missing.


It probably ended up I'm the teacher lounge


Omg, I have stories about that too but I’ll be here for a minute. I don’t doubt it, especially back then.


4realdoe. And based on what we were taught in school, I thought there were gonna be waaay more people offering me free drugs. LIES!!!!


Right ? and what ultimately happens, they claim smoking weed will make you psychotic and lose a grip on life then you try a little and just giggle and watch cartoons. So then you figure well I guess all these warning and admonishments are bullshit.


> will make you psychotic and lose a grip on life Many of the people who told us this are today screeching about the global pandemic being fake and about how wearing a simple mask amounts to oppression.


When I was five an episode of Adam-12 convinced me that I needed to try drugs when I got older. So I did.


I remember when D.A.R.E. was a thing and a speaker came in and told us how he took acid one time and all his favorite cartoon characters showed up to play with him. Now how the fuck is that supposed to make me NOT WANNA TRY ACID!!!


You mean I could have met Captain Caveman???


I’m still waiting for all the “flashbacks” I was promised 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️😂


Lol - no doubt re: flashbacks!!🤷‍♂️ Now there were a couple guys in my dorm, Jeff and Rob who may indeed have never come down. But those cats used to eat 10-15 tabs at once! Last time I saw rob he was sitting on the dorm floor stacking up Ben & Jerry cartons and knocking them down…


I was the most naive, innocent, nerdy straight A student. Didn't know a thing about drugs until the sheriff came to class with a bunch of samples. I'm on the front row taking notes like I was about to be tested and trying to remember that quaaludes has two A's when he hands me the pot and encourages me to smell it and pass it back. Not sure his sample made it back to him fully intact. 🤣


I'll never forget [Helen Hunt on PCP jumping off the roof in Desperate Lives,](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeAe6uUqlDw) which wasn't an After School Special but a full TV movie in 1982 that they made us watch in high school health class. It made some of the ABC stuff seem tame. But they did also make us watch *The Late Great Me! Story of a Teenage Alcoholic* junior high. The other one that sticks with me still I can't track down...what I recall is Maureen McCormick (Marsha from the Brady Bunch) getting raped in the back of a van by a football player. That one we *also* watched in health class. Notice a theme?


That they were doing everything they could to avoid talking about health?


It was mostly the PE teacher/coach, so I suspect they didn't *know* a lot about health so it was easier to show a lot of movies. All of which were intended to scare us away from sex, drugs, drinking, fast food, and other vices.


I don’t remember anything about fast food in our health class, but otherwise we got a lot of the same.




>https://youtu.be/sDgFygSVC0Y Yep! That's it. Thanks!


These after schools specials are very dear to us. After all, they were substitutes for our never-at-home parents (singlular "parent" if divorced) when we'd come home from school.


Anyone remember the one about the kid who tries positive thinking? “You can do it, Duffy Moon!”


That's how Trump became president https://youtu.be/3gz9E15o6Ug


Oh my gosh it’s James at 16! ❤️


Scott Baio probably would be less of a dick if he was a stoner.


Scott Baio can go fuck himself.


I was just about the post the same thing.


Ditto ...Baio is a serious POS


I troll him on twitter by tweeting the movie poster for Zapped! and ask when the sequel is coming out.


Lol 🤣 He's easily bothered so I'll bet that's hilarious


I'm trying to get him to block me.


Wish ya luck 😅 Here's to that 🍻


Scott Baio gave me pink eye


😂😂 He's looking a bit rough in this picture.


I didn't know Scott b/Baio was in two afterschool specials! My friends and I always joked about him in the special "The Boy who drank too much"


Followed next week by “The Girl Who Had Too Much Fun”


Don’t forget “The Truth About Alex”, about the gay kid. We’d take turns calling each other Alex. That was a major league burn back then.


I don’t know of anyone that the anti-drug/anti-alcohol films or presentations actually convinced to not try them. It was almost like they inspired rebellion rather than reflection. Now the drunk driving and std films at school worked! I think we watched a projected film called “Blood on the Highway”, and it was pretty brutal. What eventually led me away from drugs was watching the effects they had on some of my friends and acquaintances. Buried a couple way too soon, but they progressed very quickly into doing crazy stuff.


They did a very good job of scaring the shit out of me. Never made me afraid of smoking pot though. But i’m sure it’s one reason i never tried PCP or Crack.


>Now the drunk driving and std films at school worked! I think we watched a projected film called “Blood on the Highway”, and it was pretty brutal. There was one called ["The Last Prom"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzA6dFant-A) they showed us in high school. Crazy shit.


The hard shit scared me and the fact that I had a cousin who was on drugs since she was 13. How she got started you ask? She was born with a bone missing in her nose which made it look flat. So over the years she had to have corrective surgery as she grew. While she would be recovering they were giving her pain killers and that was it. As she got older, started doing hard drugs. Coke, heroine, crack, water (pcp), shrooms, and other shit. Pot didn’t do anything for her, she needed something stronger because she started on harder stuff. It was sad to watch.




She did okay with the teasing because she was a scrapper, so no one dared do that but there were also other factors that played into it. She was not able to have children and that was a large percentage of the problem.


Scott Baio has been a piece of shit for a loooong time. When he was doing Charles in Charge, my friend worked on the show, and he told her not to let Asians be in the studio audience because “they wouldn’t get the jokes.” Plus he treated everyone like shit.


Scott Baio turned out to be such a tool.


Why Joanie Loves Chachi.




The last time Scott wasn’t a ranting raving lunatic


Yep…he shoulda kept burning trees. This Vic Berger cut up has some priceless more recent footage of Scott: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HFUr6Px99aQ About 20:27 in…although you may find the whole thing funny.


Holy fucking shit!!!! I mean I knew Trump had crazy supporters, but man that was crazy. They way they are all fed the same line of Bullshit. Say what you want about Libs being just as Crazy, but not like that. You couldn't fill a room of rabid dems to hear the most crazy pile of shit like the democrats traffic children. Just about every one of the 70 million people who voted for him truly believe this shit at some level. They really believe that the dems, Libs, and progressives are the ruin of the Nation. A good chunk of the 75 million just voted for anyone but Trump. For some reason the dems rigged the game for Biden in the primary. Anyone would have beaten Trump. Somewhere along the line a number crunching egg head figured Biden was they perfect mix of Reagan-esque grandpa to snap some of the boomers back over. The rest of the country was already voting no matter what.


I think he just wanted to be relevant again just like Stacy Dash.


I don't blame the D list celebrities for grabbing at fame again the rest of those vids were mind blowing. I've seen the crazies at the Ramada, but some of the stuff was insane.


You’re not lying.


Is this real life?


The whole video 🤯😳😂


[Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77K-rReGncM) it is folks!


I remember when Angel Dust was the obsession of the day. One of these tv movies was called Angel Dusted and of course involved a kid who thought he could fly and jumped off a roof.


I'm currently trying to remember which one featured young Helen Hunt jumping through a plate glass window after doing some kind of drug (acid or PCP I think). My brother recorded that clip on a VHS labeled "funny tape".


>I'm currently trying to remember which one featured young Helen Hunt jumping through a plate glass window after doing some kind of drug (acid or PCP I think). That's Desperate Lives, from 1982. TV movie.


I like your bro.


ONG i wonder if it’s the same one. The only thing i remember about it was that the young girl in the show was super cute Edit: here’s the clip. It’s from a different one , but equally nutty https://youtu.be/pl7-fxVnDZw


How many of us have heard the old urban legend about somebody who took some acid and got permanently stuck because they thought they were a glass of orange juice and didn't want to tip over?


I never heard that one. But it describes how i feel right now.


I specifically remember this. I, just now, have learned that the tale is an urban legend. Still didn’t stop me and my dumb ass friends from taking copious amounts of LSD.


Be forewarned, everybody, 60-year-old Scott Baio Googles himself, then claps back if he doesn’t like what’s being said: https://www.forbes.com/sites/petersuciu/2021/03/05/scott-baio-and-patton-oswalt-feuding-on-social-media-should-serve-as-warning-of-how-not-to-act/


How times have changed. I wonder how hilarious this shit would be now.


Very and extra funny stoned.


Only one way to find out. https://youtu.be/77K-rReGncM


Its a pity what a piece of shit Baio grew up to be.


He must have gotten a bad batch since he's still trippin'.


You come in time - you're late for 10 minutes


made my sister want to try to weed


One classmate got so intrigued by different drugs during DARE classes. Like just flat out, “Whoa, so it does WHAT?!” He died in a car accident in his twenties, high as a kite. And many people said he was lucky to have made it that long.


Mom: How do you know that pot isn't spiked with PCP? Me: One can only hope. Two for the price of one!


Cult classic


So inspirational - every time we saw this one all we wanted to do was Get Stoned! You just had to hope your dumbass brother didn't ruin your high by drowning!


I'm sure Kristy McNichols' in there somewhere


Yes, this is another one of those movies that made me think what the big deal about drugs were. Chachi seemed like he was having a good old time…why wouldn’t you want to have fun too!


Don't do drugs, kids.


My sister and I used to watch these shows while smoking our dad’s weed.😂


Wasn’t Tom hanks in one of these scare tactic films about d&d? I always wanted to play but the church ruled my hometown back then and everybody thought the game would conjure the devil or some bullshit 🙄


Yes I remember that stuff. So glad I live in a state with legal (such as it is) weed. The funny thing is I have to keep it in the freezer since I go through it so slowly. My boomer mom who lives in a different state just loves to come visit and buy weed at a store. I’m thinking this isn’t what those producers had in mind.


Oh the stories I could tell you about all the drugs that flowed in our household and little league football lol.


Why am I getting a serial killer vibe from this?


Was this a documentary?