I unironically want either the gears 2 or gears 1 lancers back Matter fact, make the lancer mag size 50 rounds and give me the Hammerburst Mk2 back as a loadout weapon


Nah, give me back the Gears 3 Hammerburst. Why did they take away iron sights?


Loved to spawn as a locust and be able to start with hammer burst too.


Completely agree - the general balancing of weapons and flow of the game was so much better pre GoW3 in my opinion.


Bums complained early on that they they couldn't run full map through Lancer fire and gib people so they nerfed it.


Yup, they hated that they had to use cover to get close with a shotgun


Yeah, I guess people didn't like getting shot with a gun, so they had to nerf it. Now it has a 14/16 shot down and virtually no stopping power


Gears 5 lancer is the worst lancer there is


When the game was released it was good.


Agreed, release Lancer fuckin slaps


I think my second biggest problem with Gears 5's Lancer other than the damage is the sound. When you fire it, it just doesn't have the same punchy sound that it used to have, you know? It's weird, but the gun even sounds weaker than it did in previous games.


Game is dead homie they ain't making no adjustments to anything.


We're a community. Aren't we supposed to be able to change things lol?


If this was the Gears forums and Gears 2 or 3 was still out, sure, we used to do this all the time. On reddit with Gears 5? Probably won't happen.


Versus sucked ever since they started catering too all those e-sports fans in Gears 4. Might as well get rid of all guns except the shotgun because nothing else is worth using anymore. Best versus mode was in Gears 3, even if it meant dealing with double barrel noobs


I'll have to wildly disagree about the eSports stuff, because if you've ever seen a pro match in like literally any gears game, the crossing is oppressive. Gears 3 arguably had the most op shotgun in the entire series lol. It has so much range, it was crazy. The problem is them thinking the game is ”competitively viable” in the first place rather than making a fun game. Having entirely different weapon tuning and game modes segregates the community and leaves everyone with longer queue times anda shit show experience. I hate gears 5, but I appreciate them trying new things, like bloom. Unfortunately, they introduced this with the biggest emphasis on crossplay the game has seen (launching with pc game pass). They saw in the first few months that shotguns were used heavily (duh, new game, returning players, etc) and nerfed the bloom to make the lancer more viable on its own. This MASSIVELY buffed it for PC players and again made crossing wildly oppressive. In turn, they buffed the gnasher again (increased poke range). For a period, they tried short gnasher range, like gears 1, but it made it even more underpowered compared to the lancer.


That's what I meant - because of esports they seem to be focusing too hard on balance rather than making multiplayer simply fun (the same happened to some other games I used to play, mainly on PC though). Sure, we got the arcade mode and I like it but it's not the same as picking load outs etc


Meh, every single release has been an absolute battle between the devs and the community/forums lol. MFers still swear 2 was never playable and dropped the game until 3. I still think judgment was better balanced than 3-5. Same shit, different buttholes.


In fairness, 2 was unplayable in the beginning, between matchmaking and people glitching out of maps. The latter in particular was around seemingly forever. It's a shame these happened and people dropped it, because gears 2 was the best game by far in my book


Yeah the wall clips were a shame that they couldn't be patched. My biggest issue was the gnasher shooting straight into the ground after running. I agree with 2 being my fondest memories. Truly hated how powerful melee lock was, though. Gears 3 had to outright remove maps from rotations due to game breaking issues as well.


Accuracy bloom as a mechanic is awful, because even if a player is doing everything correctly they can still miss just because RNG said so. Two players shooting at each other can have different results even if both were playing perfectly. With how it has been it makes the Lancer feel completely useless at any sort of range. The intention is to 'not make it feel like a laser', but when TC themselves said that the game would feature per-gun recoil to replace accuracy bloom and then accuracy bloom was still there it's pretty obvious they just don't know how to balance it. Instead they should've just reduced the damage per bullet accordingly to how many bullets they intend you to miss on average. If it takes 14 bullets to down and they want you to miss 30% of those bullets, just change it to 20 bullets to down. Still takes the same amount of time on average to down someone, along with the same number of bullets, and it feels like the weapon actually works. If people for whatever reason feel like they're being shot at by a laser, it'd just mean that player can actually aim (like how in PUBG you can easily tell who's a better player by just seeing who can land their shots). Not saying the shooting needs to be anywhere near as stupidly difficult as it is in PUBG, but just like with most everything else in the game it feels like multiple people without a clear idea all tried various ideas and nothing gelled perfectly together.


Agree completely. I should've mentioned that bloom is ass compared to recoil patterns, especially at the level they launched it with. ​ Also, even with the bloom, the ability to backpedal and spray at almost normal walking speed also meant that the bloom had almost not effect on making you use the weapons at their "appropriate" range, whatever that may be.


>I appreciate them trying new things, like bloom I think this line gave me the impression you liked the inclusion of it. All's good, but yeah it's just clearly another undercooked mechanic that no one really seemed to be able to polish as well as it needs to have been. I'd really hate to see them do that 'first shot 100% accuracy' thing that Fortnite does in order to make up for bloom in the future, because all that's going to do is make people want to feather the trigger much more. At this point it's the first thing I could see them trying in order to 'improve' the feel of the weapons when it's already pretty clear what they should be doing instead.


Again, I agree completely. I thought the insane recoil (which I can't remember if it was random or not) of the gears 2 HB worked perfectly for that gun, given the crazy damage it could put out, but they seem to have not known what to do with the lancer since. ​ I'm personally in the camp of lower damage, but higher fire rate and bullets, so you can pad multiple people and clean up downs easily (this has been a huge issue forever; nerf the god damn i-frames going down), not high damage, so you can just only use 1 gun the entire game. ​ I also get the whole "people only use shotguns" complaint, but I don't understand how people don't see that that's the actual fun part of the game. Aim assist bullet-hosing people is a snoozefest to me. I'd rather just play a real shooter at that point. Half the people that say that seem to want to play a tower defense game where they just rain death.


That's sad. I mean, this game is really good and could really be great with a few tweaks here and there. I replayed gears 4 and it was sick. 5 isn't far from that.


Gears 5 is still one of my favorite, especially horde and escape but I just don't enjoy versus anymore


I hope Gears 6 will be a return to form. They learned a lot from their mistakes this game, and will most likely not repeat them for the next/last Gears game.


Definitely, seeing how much better 5 is compared to 4 we should just hope that 6 is even better


In Gears 3 I could stop a 2-man push with active Lancer, 3 guys if they weren’t using cover at all. In Gears 5 I can barely slow one guy down, and need to empty almost a full mag to kill any downs. This leads to some quite strange scenarios where it’s almost not worth engaging more than one enemy from distance as they will just be able to revive each other faster than they are downed. Particularly in KOTH/Control where a Lancer used to send enemies scattering for cover, enemies can just mill around on the hill until two or three of my teammates arrive. Greater emphasis on teamwork is probably a good thing, but it means any solo play almost has to be shotgun-only if teammates aren’t that bothered about tactics.


They destroyed the Lancer from GOW4 to Gears 5


Lancer in 4 is a beast!


I want the enforcer as a loadout to come back, favorite part of that game because the brain dead gnash rushers didn't know how to deal with it


The lancer is 4 is unbearable if you’re playing a good team. That’s why it’s nerfed in 5. Even a good team in 5 is insufferable with the lancer


Yeah, games been dead for a while as far as updates


well, every gun is good with a good strategy and aim in my opinion with enough nicely timed headshots, you can easily down an enemy using a Lancer however, killing them during DBNO can be a huge pain in the ass, so i can still see where you're coming from


Agreed. some extra damages would do the trick though. And yes, even if you aim for the aim while downed it still takes a sheer amount of bullets to kill your target.


i definitely would agree with a small damage buff, as you said, since Lancers have gone way down in popularity due to their drop in legitimacy since gow2 i think Lancers are a nice defense weapon, since they have a lot of stopping power, and are just as good as a gnasher against an unsuspecting opponent, seeing as they have the chainsaw but nevertheless, once again, they're very poorly balanced in terms of damage the Lancer is a very, very high potential weapon... but it just seems like Epic dropped the ball on it




enforcer is just a generally mid weapon, and retro lancer can be used very fiercely if used wisely but its only redemption is the bayonet, everything else about it is garbage, so i respect where you're coming from


totally agree, you can unload a full clip on a downed enemy and at times , you cannot kill him from distance.. LOL.. switch to pistol thats what i do


Rn two dudes with lancers will slay you. It is strong enough as is


Gears 3 is still peak weapon balance, IMO. Man I miss the heyday.


Good Times. Mine was 1.


it's better like this ... if the lancer gets too powerfull people will use it a lot and what is more fun in Gears are the gnasher duels


100% agree. I thought this from the minute I played it. In my personal opinion Gears 3/4 offer far more compelling and balanced multiplayer.


I had a tour challenge that was to get 20 AR kills, it took me three games against bots. Yes I play against bots but only for tour challenges as it's easy lmao


Lancer has dual roles though… so it can’t be too OP. I can understand why it got nerfed… but it’s great for suppressing fire… especially when more than one teammate has someone pinned down.


It doesn't classify as a weapon to T.C. because it is a "support weapon." It's a main rifle, not a pea shooter.


It's still better than the shotgun if your team utilizes it correctly.


Yep. Thing is it always is about teams. You're usually alone in social matchmaking.


Well if you buff it to make it good alone then it is insanely overpowered in competitive settings. It's not mean to be used for 1v1s. It's just not. You gotta learn to get good with different guns.


The AR in Halo infinite is powerful but it doesn't make it OP. Clearly it shouldn't be too good, but not useless either. Cause that's how it feels. Why should Gears be focused on gnasher only?


The lancer is still better than the shotgun when used correctly by the team. It's only focused on gnasher meta in casual lobbies. Saying the lancer is useless just exposes you. You can't buff something just because people don't know how to use it correctly, because then it will he unstoppable for the people that do. Then it would be all lancer no shotgun. It's balanced how it is now. FYI the other gears games still exist and have players. You don't have to play 5. I certainly don't.


I play Horde and I play Brawler. Works great setting Grubs aflame.


But its not the gnasher so it can't be good, honestly they should just remove it from the game, all of multiplayer should be gashes only/s