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Yemen is a roguelike


I mean, everybody's life is a roguelike


We don’t know for sure, it could be a roguelite and this is just the first run through. Maybe we’ll be able to use coins we save up to purchase bonuses like “not having crippling anxiety despite ostensibly nothing going wrong” or “being able to function in polite society without shaking uncontrollably due to aforementioned anxiety” Anyways this is why I always save arcade tokens


Hell maybe next time I can get a bonus like "not being a freak to most of the planet" I need to start saving coins.


Not if I'm a graverobber in the next life


What’s going on in Arizona and New Mexico, lol.


Caesar's Legion


Based comment




Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter


breaking bad


yeah im in arizona and to be honest i dont feel like im in dark souls, bitch i'm guessing its a "omg arizona is so hot!" joke


Probably something about immigrants




Went there for a family vacation one year, was a great time, wouldn’t mind living there myself And don’t worry, I’m from the Midwest


NM is a somewhat poor state but it is getting a bit better. Arizona is a decent enough place to live though. Idk what the politics are like there though.




Dark Souls Girlbosses Ranked!




They are the Dark Souls of life.


As someone in Arizona, all I can think is how the drivers here are fucking horrible. There's soooo many wrong-way driver accidents here


whoever made this clearly has never visited our planet.


Who tf thinks Alberta is Canadian hard mode lol, Manitoba might blow but it's far from Dark Souls level of suck. Plus anybody that has lived on the East Coast knows that Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are anything but easy to get ahead in, at least economically


Alberta, home of the oil sands? People flock there after highschool for the easy money. I mean, yeah the work sucks but you can return with enough money to buy a house so I would hardly call it hard mode. And it definitely isn't on par with the horn of Africa.


Used too. Alberta got hit hard by the crash in oil prices... and failure of the provincial government to plan for the obvious future


Who tf thinks that Russia and Australia is on the same difficulty level


who tf thinks it's easier in Yemen than australia lmfao


Maybe if you choose white conservative as your race/spec but if you roll aboriginal or anti oil, you're automatically flagged for PvP against anyone that chose the LEO class, which can make levelling up next to impossible


it was clearly done by an American so, yes


Americans are illegal aliens confirmed


they aren't sending their best people!


Or left their Mom's basement. Edit: I have so many questions: why is New Mexico as hard as Canada, Russia, Australia, Africa? But harder than Saudi Arabia & China?


Whoever made the map also seems to hate Michigan.


Seriously lol, look at Canada, it should be easier than easy


Not above the line 95% of us live in, that line has entire towns where hundreds of polar bear roll through in the spring.


My Igloo leaks in the summer !


Yeah. Like Sweden and hard mode? Only if you believe in Fox News.


I laughed at Alaska


You can tell an American made this because they took the time to fill in individual American states and didn't do that for anywhere else in the world.


For sure they're American, but they seem to have colored the US like a [zone hardiness map](https://www.signalsaz.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/USDA-Map-2.png)?


The more fit the land is for agriculture the more prime it is for colonial exploit. Plantations did better there, allowing the economy to revolve around agriculture for a greater period of time from the early modern period to the present. When agriculture plays a central role in the economy for an extended period of time it typically came at the cost of underdevelopment. Policies during the reconstruction era didn’t wean the South off agriculture as much as it should’ve. Brain drain that occurs during urbanization exacerbated the inequalities between urban areas and rural areas. The absence of a consumer class with a higher disposable income, lack of skilled workers, and lack of infrastructure investment (outside of what infrastructure investments that have been made for oil, gas, coal, and agriculture) depressed local markets and de-incentivized the development of local industry. One can say that because of these factors the more arable the land is in lands colonized during the colonial era the less likely that those lands’ economies would’ve flourished. This is true for the American South, South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceana. Edit: Lmao he put Michigan, Florida, New Mexico and Arizona in red


> Lmao he put Michigan, Florida, New Mexico and Arizona in red He's definitely got some opinions on minorities


Exactly what I thought when I looked and saw Sweden being "hard" while Finland and Norway are "easy". There just isn't such a massive difference in quality of life between the countrries, I can't say about regions but that definitely was a red flag for me


Whatever difficulty you ascribe to one Scandi country, you ascribe them all, if you know what you’re doing. Largely similar economic systems, largely similar social climate, largely similar pretty much everything (except for Denmark by itself and without Greenland/Faeröya). The cultural differences between the countries wouldn't factor into a map like this. I can at this point imagine it as nothing other than the 100 000 000th reference to the Swedistan meme.


Estonia being "hard" is also quite a take. Not saying the Baltics are without fault, but I have a feeling the meme creator sees everything west of Germany as "basically Russia" and "Maybe Ukraine? Poland? What the hell is a Belarus?"


why michigan though!? it's the fucking midwest it's white as fuck outside of like 3 cities this makes no sense even knowing it's a racist fuck making it


Literally just Detroit I'm guessing (big brain racism, maybe cause deerborn?) I'm honestly surprised Chicago isn't red


and the balkans arent full red either


Sweden and Germany are some of the best places to be born and live but have lost ranks, presumably because the creator is American and believes the far right memes about immigrant rape gangs conquering the country. Also China is all a single colour when the built-up coastal areas are totally easy mode and the rural and mountainous bits should be dark souls.


The person who made this has probably never been outside the US


Outside his own house


I'll just take this opportunity to quickly explain Sweden's rape stats. We higher rates because we have the world's strictest legal definitions of rape. Things that would not qualify as rape in other countries, do in Sweden. We're also heavily left-leaning and feminist, meaning victims are more likely to feel safe and encouraged to press charges without the fear of social stigma. Comparing crime stats between countries with different laws will always risk being misleading.


Yeah, whenever I hear that bullshit in the fika room, I just point out that some of the most backward places to live as a woman likely has the lowest amount of reported rapes. There are still countries in the world where it’s legal to rape your wife. There are countries in the world with “traditions” like [bride kidnapping](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ala_kachuu?wprov=sfti1) exist, and there are places where women will literally get killed for bringing shame on the family for being raped. Statistics are easy to misread and abuse.


also as i understand it in sweden each instance of assault is counted as a separate rape charge, so if for example someone forced themselves on you every day for a week that would be seven counts of rape in the books, not just one


Yes. Or if a woman claims her husband has raped her once a week for five years, that's over 250 separate cases.


rapes stats so OP, hitbox is broken, i cant believe i paid for this beta shit


I guess, but they say that stuff about the UK too and they're green, but I guess racists aren't consistent.


And all of Russia is red because OOOOO RUSSIA SCARY even though it's basically just Slavic homophobic America at this point.


Well, i'd say that chinese coastal area are still at least medium


Poland is at least orange, and if you need explanation for that - just forget it. You wouldn't get it anyway.


Unironicaly why isn't Japan dark red? What the fuck?


MUH TRAINS! also what are specific reasons for it being dark souls asides from work culture?


Ironically, [the US works far more on average](https://data.oecd.org/emp/hours-worked.htm)


[This article](https://www.tofugu.com/japan/japanese-work-ethic/) goes into that with some sources, but I would caution against just looking at those numbers, because of part time work depressing the average when full time is what people tend to think of as the Japanese salaryman's suffering, plus Japan's large amount of unreported hours. Admittedly it's from 2015 at this point, but there are definitely newer reports of overtime violations and the like. Not to mention the "not technically work" things you are forced to do. A lot of company cultures make, say, going out for drinks together for hours implicitly basically mandatory... that might not be work, but it sure isn't your free time. While none of this is unique to Japan, I think happens there even more commonly than the US. I don't mean to say US work hours aren't terrible! It's just a complicated issue.


Thanks for the info. So not only are they working more but they don’t even get paid and the government doesn’t even know about it. Gotta love private ownership of companies.


/uj I'll bite. Japan has a very big issue with toxic masculinity. Trains in Japan have straight up got cars for women because of how endemic the issue with "Chikan" is. Women are groped and sexually assaulted on the subway shockingly frequently. This toxicity extends to the workplace as you noted and its difficult for women to be earners, particularly so until recently. Japan is also a bad place to live if you are differently abled due to prejudice. Wheelchair accesibility is minimal and most families keep them locked away in their homes. Japan also has a lot of lingering race issues. It's sometimes easy to forget racism is an issue beyond the USA due to media and the internet being so influenced by it, but there's a lot of animosity to Chinese and Korean born ethnicities, the Ainu, and Ryukyuan (sp?) as well. As in, the government offers fewer protections. Shit, there was a kerfuffle last year because some shops in Japan started excluding minorities due to fear of foreigners bringing in Covid. I say all this to say it's not necessarily better or worse than any other Western Nations but it's not some sort of utopia like weebs would make you believe. A lot of its issues - toxic masculinity, homophobia (same-sex couples won't even be able to marry in Japan until next year), wage slavery, and racism are issues plaguing society in general. This little map was clearly made by someone who buys weird white nationalist propaganda. And in white nationalist propaganda, Germany and Sweden are laiden with rapist immigrants while Japan is a utopia due to its strong ethnical homogenity (some 97-99% of the population is Japanese born) which is a white supremacist's wet dream.


This is a very good in-depth analysis


It's not a consistent map either or France wouldn't be green, it's supposedly full of "no go zones" because of immigrants.


No, I just fucking hate japan (I'm rascist)


And all of the continent of Africa is the same color


From the colorful markets of Marrakesh, to the streets of old Cairo and ancient Alexandria, on to the sand sea of the Sahara, through the depths of the Congo, and on down to the bustling urban core of cosmopolitan Johannesburg, everyone knows its really nothing but a bunch of lions and Unicef commercials, right? Nothing racist about it at all, right my fellow gamers?


And also made Canada red. We might be cold, but


Some of those US states that are green get pretty cold too right?


Yeah, New England gets cold from what I've heard. And lower Saskatchewan/Alberta isn't red. Might not be just temperatures.


MN gets a bit nippy. It's 20F right now though so it's actually pretty nice out


Yeah, like how the fuck are Montana and North Dakota easy mode but the Canadian Prairies are hard? Same weather, but having universal healthcare and actual workers' rights and stuff makes life harder?


Except the Atlantic proveniences aside from Labrador and southern Ottawa, Quebec and British Columbia. Makes sense I think.


Except for Newfoundland, which is also easy mode apparently?


Yeah Newfoundland ain't easy mode by any stretch of the imagination, islanders are one damn hardy bunch cuz they've learned to thrive despite living on an isolated, rugged, salt-blasted, cold, damp rock out in the Atlantic


Brazil has 2 colors, but they are not colored by state, it's hard near the coast, and dark souls on the rest.


As someone who lives in Rio I don’t feel like Sweden or better than Australia lmao


not to mention Australia being Red is a weird take. We get it there is a lot of dangerous wildlife in Australia but its not like its a war-torn wilderness


But they took your guns away so that means it's literally 1984 there


nah man we got it rough out here, every morning I need to duel a member of the Kangaroo Clan that stalks my house, every time I leave work I need to sneak out the backdoor to avoid the giant spider ambush, and every evening I hope and pray that I have some crocodile meat left from my last hunt. All this from someone who lives in the city.


>All this from someone who lives in the city. I have to say, that sounds like a pretty cushy lifestyle for an ozzy. City life has made you soft, mate


Why is New Mexico red? I lived there for a while and it's not that bad.


My guess is the person who made the map is a hardcore NM libertarian. They tend to have a massive boner for how hardcore they are, surviving in the most competitive possible capitalist free market, supporting their families entirely with the power of their rock hard throbbing cock of economic chaos. This fits with all the liberal states and nations being easy mode. And just like, the general ignorance and poor education.


the coast of brazil is orange


Well now I understand the map even less


Except Denmark where Denmark proper is green and Greenland is red. Though that's probably because they don't know that Greenland is part of Denmark and also a pretty decent place to live. Like it has a social safety net and welfare system so the living standards are not that different from Denmark itself. The major issue is the enormous cultural trauma of colonialism, but that would also apply to indigenous people in the rest of North America.


Also Sweden is orange and Germany yellow, because refugees raping all over the no go zones…


Also because "normal" is reserved for a few tiny areas rather than most of the world, because they probably can't fathom what it means to live in privilege.


Yeah whoever thought Sweden is ”hard mode” has no fucking clue what Sweden is like. Probably one of the top 5 countries for average quality of life.


Except for some reason it's NM and Arizona that are red rather than Louisiana and Mississippi (eastern KY and WV should also be).


africa is an entire continent and its all red here....... lol. also tf??? australia?????? ukraine??? fucking QUEBEC is RED????


What was the original map’s legend?


Not sure. I saw this on Twitter.


Yemen is NOT more safe that India, South Africa, Australia, or New Mexico


Whoever made this probably never heard about Yemen. Or like, the majority of the world since it was an american


Yemen: literally having a brutal civil war Canada: has some cold trees the map maker: Ah yes, i see which is more dangerous


sagely: living in new mexico is worse than living in an active genocide


How the fuck is Sweden as safe as Yemen


Why’s Germany normal, but some parts of the US, France or Britain easy?


Guy who made the map probably thinks immigrants are destroying Germany, hence why Sweden is ‘hard’


Yeah this is dumb. The fact America, with deep currency penalties for anyone with chronic physical debuffs, has half of the country on easy mode plus Japan and Korea just goes to show that the creator of this is a basement dwelling weeb who has never left his own country


I also love how he doesn’t even understand his own country. Michigan is red because… Flint and Detroit? Florida is red because… Florida man? New Mexico and Arizona are red because… “illegal” immigrants? Not to mention that being not white, not wealthy, not cis, etc. would make any of the “easy” places definitely not that.


Because Germany has to deal with the fact they are back to back world war losers 😎


We deal with it pretty good actually. But seriously what was on the map beforehand?


I honestly don’t know. I saw this on Twitter so for all I know this could be the original that someone made.


This feels like it can't decide if it's going based on climate or economic conditions.


Considering how Russia and Canada are going to get more mild climates perfect for crop growing and harvesting… And Canada is a wealthy country… I’d say neither.


The person who made this probably thinks taxes are bad


>Czech Republic ​ >normal mode ​ excuse mě what the fuck


Germany same lvl as eastern europe lol


What the fuck is going on in sweden?


Person who made this believes in the right wing braindead take that there are immigrant rape gangs and no go zones in Sweden, even though Sweden’s high rape rates are a lot complex than that as explained by others in this thread


Whenever people say shit like that to me I always use an example of gang violence i’ve seen myself in sweden; earlier this year there was a big street fight in Lund, and from what i heard it was a fued between different pizza mafias (it seems like a lot of gangs have pizza places as fronts). The part that struck me the most was that the ‘gang conflict’ in the area came down to a simple fistfight. Its nowhere near as bad as people like the claim.


That sounds a lot like what I’ve heard, there are gangs and crime but it’s nowhere near like what people make it out to be and nowhere near as bad as it is in other places. If something like that happened here in the states I guarantee you several people would’ve gotten stabbed, maybe even shot.


The thing is just that Sweden has a very low barrier for what constitutes a crime. Rape for example has a very different definition to the US. Sweden is overall and insanely safe country and this map makes zero sense.


Also the rape stats in Sweden are skewed a lot by like 2 cities




Unlike norway and finland? lol


So does Finland, what's the difference?


It’s cold.






Alright, thanks bro.


I didn’t make this so I honestly don’t know.


Yes the people of Kazakhstan have a much easier time than Canadians


Part of canadians. Almost all of canadians live in the green part of Canada and the red parts is frozen wastelands were no one lives


The entirety of Ontario and Quebec is frozen wasteland.


It is hard to tell, but they include most of the populated regions of Quebec and Ontario as green. That's the green parts right around Maine. [Check out this image](https://64.media.tumblr.com/85e257a8e13b90beb1983bcc5e673b64/tumblr_py65p1KDHZ1rasnq9o1_500.jpg), which I'm sure they used something like it as a source. Even though it's not exactly a frozen wasteland in those regions colored red, it definitely is much more sparsely populated.


Was gonna point out that all of Manitoba and parts of Saskatchewan/Alberta are labelled red there but tbh the whole prairie region turns into a red zone during winter.


I'm trying to understand the orange oasis in north-ish western Canada, is that Edmonton? Seems too high up. And the west coast of BC going into Alaska... what is that, and why is it easier than say, Whitehorse? This looks like a lot of random maps smashed together but I dearly want to know what the source is, lol


Prairie winters aren't that bad. It's a dry cold and the precipitation is low. Having done both (on a bicycle year round) I'll take Edmonton at -30* over fucking Halifax at 1* with windy, bone-chilling rain, slush, ice, and grey skies for half the year. Seriously, fuuuuuuck east coast winters. I'm dead serious, if you live in a Prairie city get yourself a mountain bike with studded tires and just wear ski gear. Warmest and comfiest way to get around, you'll thank me come deep January.


Maybe the map refers to natives.


Kazakhstan? I think I’ve heard of that before, was that a place in the new CoD or something? Are you telling me that’s a place in real life?? Awesome, life really does imitate art.


The quality of Tim Hortons has gone to shit in the last decade or so, that's probably why


Why are the US and Canada divided into multiple parts?


I’m guessing whoever made this is from North America and has enough knowledge about the US and Canadian to determine which states/providences are the welcome to Dark Souls, bitch.


Well what's weird is that the way Canada is cut up doesn't match the provinces.


Canada is hard mode/dark souls? Maybe in the 18th century.


Turkey is geometry dash


Tf makes Montana easy mode?


Isn't cost of living cheap there? Since it's empty?


Can't be cost of living since NZ is green.


No research, just painting Africa solid red. Uh, sure. "Here be black people." All of Africa is just those pictures of people in huts, trust me I took Geography in 2nd grade.


I think Yemen is a bit harder to spawn in than Arizona. Might be my personal experience with the game though




Man I've lived here my whole life and it's a damn easy place to live.


so white Mineiros are on "dark souls of life" while Saudi women and Yemeni children are just on "hard mode"?


/r/mapporncirclejerk and r/gamingcirclejerk crossover episode I never knew I needed


>USA >Easy mode what


Sweden is apparently Hard mode and I am just so confused.


Same, literally one of the easiest countries to grow up in 💀


Swede here. Can confirm. Recieved a free education that immediately landed me a decently well-paid job that I enjoy. Have had four surgeries that cost me a combined total of below $100 despite having no insurance. I think the person making this just thinks Sweden has been taken over by jihadists and we're now under sharia law.


And that whole "rape central of europe" misinterpretation far too many screech about.


Our statistics are inflated because we have such wide definitions on what is considered rape, and we’ve worked hard on trying to make it feel safe for women to report it. Statistics can be very misleading. There are places in the world where raping your wife is still legal, or wife kidnapping is part of their culture, or the social stigma of rape will bring shame on the family, etc. On paper these places should be the best places in the world for women to live, if you trust the statistics, because the amount of reported rapes are lower.


Exactly the same here, although I got a pretty cushy job despite dropping out of college. Never had surgeries thankfully, I hope yours weren't bad or anything!


Electric bill is crazy here I’d rather be in norway rn


It’s not any better here lol⚡️


Is it up to 5000 NOK yet?


Also apparently only Sweden but not Norway or Finland which are literally next to it lol


Don't forget that infamous inhospitable wasteland, Canada.


Also Germany is normal mode, even though Germany has one of the highest Human Development Indexes in the world


Although our internet infrastructure is behind. I do think that alone is reason enough to dock us.


Sweden cold brrrrr


Ï can tell you right now, most of the green in the states are colder than most of sweden nowadays Gulf stream and water heat capacity go brrrrrr


I think it's because the maker of this map is really racist and believes in the bizarre claims the right wing makes about Sweden. Hence why Denmark is green.


An USA guy made the map. I don’t think he knows what Europe is or where in the map it is.


I'm saying this as someone who currently lives in a "hard mode country" and has also lived in the US for 15 years, Americans are, *for the most part,* incredibly pampered.


I mean frankly in comparison to the countries we exploit, yes, it is pretty easy.


Easy compared to third world countries.


You guys have no idea how privileged you are. Compared to the countries you invaded/couped at least


Part of it is but the midwest is easy wich is wrong


Anyone who thinks US isn’t easy mode has either not been to the US or hasn’t been to other countries outside of Europe.


Bro Australia is easier than America 😂😂😎




But dangerous animals and shit. I know Australia very well, I saw in the internet 😎


From when is this? 1977?


Relatable, every time I go to Barkat market in Lahore I have to fight a bunch of sad knights who are crippled because they did the self sacrificing thing.


What's so difficult about Michigan


Can’t have shit


Imagine putting anywhere in the US as easier than fucking Germany


So, sweden. The social demoracy and provider of public healthcare, maternal and paternal leave, is on the same level as fucking yemen?


Why would they make USA mostly green but Canada mostly red


Sweden is Hard Mode? What the heck?


Japan is easy? What?


Yes, Japan has big booba 2D females.


As someone from the third world and currently living in a developed nation, if this map is about relative easiness, all of the developed nations should be easy mode. Folks from developed nations don't know how much money and purchasing power they have even when they're poor. Yes some are easier than others, but compared to 90% of the planet, Japan is super easy to live in.


Besides soul crushing burden's of unrealistic expectations of perfection, it's pretty nice.


Being able to purchase used panties out of vending machines seems like a pretty easy life. You have to go through dealers here in the US so you never know if the stuff you buy is *laced* with something.


It is tho? The quality of life in Japan is fairly high and crime is low, it has many problems but if you had to pick a country to be born in, it surely would be in the top 10%


I would never call Japan’s insane work culture “easy mode”.


I guess there is the high suicide rate from work pressure


**/uj I'm gonna rant a bit about how shitty being born in the southern US is** * The worst public education in the country, with tons of burnt out teachers and administrators who gave up on you before you were even born. * You're likely to grow up in a poor family that doesn't value education anyway. * Said family also probably doesn't have the money or education to put any thought intophysical fitness, and give their kids generic soda like it's water. * You're very likely to grow up surrounded by hardcore conservatives. Better hope you're straight and cisgender, or destroy yourself by pretending you are, otherwise it's the street. * Mental healthcare barely exists, even by US standards. It's not like you or your family could afford it, anyway. * That also means there's a good chance at least one of the people raising you issuffering from undiagnosed life-long mental illness. Hope it's not too serious. * The people around you probably don't understand (or even believe) anything about mental disabilities, better hope your brain came out normal. * Related to most of the other points, substance abuse is rampant, and there's practically no chance you won't be **significantly** impacted by it. **All in all,** even if you're born 'normal' by local standards, you'll likely end up a poorly educated 20-something manual laborer if you're lucky. Addicted to one expensive thing or another, living paycheck to paycheck, probably raising a kid before your brain is fully developed. And the whole while, either in-person or through a screen, you'll get glimpses of who you could have been. Who your friends and siblings could have been. Glimpses of people who grew up at the same time you did, **less than a day's car ride away, in the same country,** who wouldn't even consider themselves lucky to have had parents and communities that supported their education, mental wellbeing, and personal identities. People your age, whose families and educators noticed they had a learning disability, and made sure they got help for it. People whose parents picked up phone calls from the school, and could go into debt to send their kids to college. **The best part is,** even if you realize how shitty your life is compared to the average person your age who grew up just a few states over, you've been groomed by family, peers, and politicians to blame it all on **anyone but** the people who actually make the decisions in the area you've lived in. /rj sur this is a windeez nutz