Experience of CONSOOMING?

Experience of CONSOOMING?


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/uj I mean, going into a game store during the 00s was basically the same, just different games. As Gen Z, I remember always peeking into GameStop whenever my family would go to the mall as a kid because I wanted to see the wall of games. Going to GameStop in 2021 doesn't feel nearly the same, but today's kids might like it. I just don't get physical media as much as I used to unless it's music. One thing I genuinely do miss about that era was picking a game and I'd have no idea what that game was because I had somewhat rare access to internet in the 00s. This means no spoilers and no expectations. Finding out that COD World at War had zombies when you finish the campaign was awesome, but a game that has a secret bonus mode today would get spoiled pretty fast.


Yeah I’d get hyped everytime we’d go to Best Buy or close to a GameStop cause I could use the display consoles


i used to love mediamarkt for this reason. then one day they decided to remove all the display consoles. i was quite sad that day


I still get hyped to use the display consoles at Best Buy


The display switch at my best by has broken joycons with (hopefully not literally) chewed up sticks. It’s terrible.


And you would scope it out to see if the big kids were using it first


A few years ago they had Knack on a display PS4 and Forza Horizon 4 on a display Xbox One near me


I guess the reason why this post even exists is simply just nostalgia. The anticipation of picking out a game and seeing if it's good was... palpable to me as a kid. Even if it was shit, i'd still play it AND have fun with it because, I was a fucking dumbass kid. I didn't even know refunds were a thing and I had like 0 quality standard. Now, you can actually check the quality of games. And now I have something called... taste. It's convenient and great. But a small part of me still misses that slight anticipation and even wonder. Also I replayed some of them. Yeah... I don't know why I even liked some of these games. Half of them are shovelware lmao.


There are so many games I played to death with my brother growing up that I’m just now realizing were considered bad. I played sonic 07 so much because I didn’t have a hard drive on my Xbox. I used to race and try and finish a game before my parents made me get off for diner.


You mean Sonic 2006?


Yeah my bad. I always forget the year because I used to just call it sonic


My entire ps2 collection up until a couple years ago is rife with shitty movie licensed games I remember when I replayed Ultimate Alliance 2 as an adult and being so disillusioned with how it looked and played


> Even if it was shit, i'd still play it AND have fun with it because, I was a fucking dumbass kid. Rise of the Robots is the best game ever because I payed multiple months of pocket money for it and pestered my parents to take me to the electronics store to buy it. /rj I should force my kids to play RotR so they can expierence what true gaming feels like.


Man, I remember getting excited over anything that looked vaguely RPG like. Discovered Dragon Warrior Monsters that way on GB, had an amazing time. Tried to replicate that in 2011 and ended up with some godawful PS3 stuff. Last Rebellion was just a load of eh. Things are a bit better now, but the PS3 era did have a few rough spots




Betamax Gang rise up.




Thanks, big guy.


/uj It’s still possible to be surprised with no knowledge at all. I picked up Yakuza 0 when it came out because I remember hearing as a kid it was Japanese GTA nothing else and I was incredibly pleasantly surprised as to what I got. Similar thing with Nier Automata a few months later, my horny 18 year old brain said “anime booba, sold”. Instead I got a deeply philosophical and depressing game with the best video game soundtrack I’d ever heard.


> “anime booba, sold”. But nier automata is pretty obviously an ass game.


you ever hear the story of the six blind men and an elephant? Yeah, this is that


Uh... *I* haven't...


Well basically six blind men touch different parts of an elephant and assume what the animal is based on what they feel. The one who touches the tail thinks its a snake, the one who touched the tusks, thinks its a bull. Basically; if you're looking at a part of a whole, you're gonna think different things from someone else The guy I was responding to thought nier automata was an ass game and the guy they were responding to thought it was an "anime booba" game.


This story can also be used as a good critic of religion and representation of God. But don't tell them.


Yeah... I just like elephants


WandaVision Ep 9 (2021)


The booba of the butt.


It's not really the same thing as browsing physically. Like especially renting games you just used to pick up some really unusual stuff and the only thing you'll know about it is the cover art. If I'm spending money nowadays it's usually worth a quick Google to know what I'm buying


We should normalize not looking up games, not keeping up with gaming news and going in blind, tbh Not everybody would like It, ofc, but some would, but they don't do It because following trailers, reddits and news sites is so "default" They don't even consider there is an alternative


I assume your flair means the Russian writer Gogol, so...can you say more?


I’ve been preaching this to my friends about movies for years. The crew who makes the trailer is not the same crew who edited the movie. The trailer crew thinks “duh, put the most exciting/shocking/scary parts in the trailer, that will draw people in.” Obviously this is stupid because it essentially just spoils the movie, completely ignores the context of what makes those scenes good, negates any sort of established buildup or tension, etc. I know this isn’t r/moviescirclejerk, but I literally only watch movies based on their posters and their preceding reputation, that’s it.


That's wild. What's your success rate?


Honestly it’s still a gamble. But if I happen to find a good-ass movie that I knew nothing about, the experience is noticeably better.


Same, I recently just watched Short Term 12 knowing nothing except the title, the cast that would go on to huge successes, and the reception and it was excellent. I plan to do the same with Disco Elysium at some point.


I did that for DE and that was the right call.


What's another $20 for another trash game. This is the way


That and couch co-op


I was the kid that would constantly get scolded by family members in department stores/malls for abandoning them for the movie and video game sections, *especially* if they had demos. I still do this now, despite most of my movie and game collection being digital.


Even in the 80s you could get news and reviews about games, you just looked in one of dozens of gaming and computer magazines. You didn't even have to buy them, just flip through in the store.


Also not having to deal with everyone on the internet shit talking a game you like. When I was a kid I was a huge fan of fable 3 but apparently its considered bad by fans


I remember having a fued with my best friend as a child about "who is gonna buy the Pokémon Yellow in the shop bro??" because we were idiot broke children who loved going to game shop as if it were a candy store, waiting for the day to finally get that sweet game. Nostalgia.


PEOPLE born after 2019 absolutely CANNOT understand the feeling of finishing DARK SOLES because they are still toddlers.


This is bullshit! How can I buy shoes at Payless when I’m paying more for shoes than I did from there 10 years ago? Dark soles really is a society...


Payless closed down so 2021 babies will NEVER know what it's like to buy cheap shoes.


If your child hasn't beaten dark souls before they have spoken their first words you have failed as a parent.


Dark Souls is honestly too easy tbh, people born in 2019 could totally beat it


Are you implying 3-4 years olds can beat it? And 5-17? Minors are minorities and minorities cant be gamers


But gamers are the most oppressed minority


Yes but the other minorities are political duh....




Oh jeez here it goes. I'm now old enough to where my peers are gatekeeping the shit they grew up with and telling the younger generation they will never get it. Don't be boomers guys. Don't "back in my day" these poor kids.


Back in my day I was the one being gatekept.


I was born earlier than you, something that I nor you have any control over whatsoever, and that makes me better than you.


This means our single-celled forefathers are truly superior to all of us.


It’s so fucking stupid. It’s a different generation, not a different species. They’ll understand fine. People that rag on other generations always think they’re so fucking unique.


Can’t wait for gen z to reach their mid 30s and start making fun of all the new stuff and reminiscing about phineas and ferb and OG YouTube


kinda already started


And the cycle continues


I mean people have been bitching about the younger generation since Roman days, so I doubt it's going to change anytime soon.


Honestly it's fine to reminisce about old shit you miss, it only becomes a problem when you start doing the whole "you kids wouldn't understand" and complaining about how everything nowadays is just a shittier version and how your childhood was automatically better than everyone else's


Its fucking stupid, because OF COURSE kid stuff looks better to a kid than a 30-year-old. How are people so unaware of their own perceptual bias, especially after watching the previous gen do the same cringey shit?


You're right. We need to focus on oppressing Gamer™s, not the young'uns!


Time is a flat circle


I miss my local game store that shut down 8 years ago, GameStop didn't stock older console games so it wasn't as good. And over the years less and less of gamestop shelf space was physical games. Game stores like my closed local one still exist but none are near me. I miss being able to buy N64 (or older) games at the same place you could order a new PS3 release.


Agreed. Do I miss being a kid and having my dad take my brother and I to the Blockbuster or Hollywood Video to rent a movie, video games and a snack? Absolutely. But I’m not gonna go try to shit on whatever experience kids have now. In 20-some years I hope they get to look back with the same warm nostalgia I do.


It's time for the truth to be revealed. The "boomers", "millenials", "zoomers" are fake labels trying to pin this shit on generational differences. When it's all actually just... old assholes.


the first mistake was being on 4chan


/uj Back In My Day games had to convince me to buy them. Nowadays with subscription service and free games handed out like candy, a game has to convince me to play it.


Is that better or worse?


A bit of both. I've played awesome games that I never would have heard of because of subscriptions. On the other hand, it'd be easy for a trillion dollar company to not publish a certain genre of game because they don't like the message. People who only subscribe might miss out on those games. Could you imagine Tonight We Riot being added to Game Pass?


I'm going to lose my fucking shit if Space Cadet 3D Pinball 2 isn't announced as a live service mmorpg this year


with a battle pass


A normal battle pass at 20 level max and the premium battle pass that unlocks the rest of the 80 levels.


with the level 100 reward being a disco ball that can't fall in holes


The sequel was released in 1996.


Honestly I get so overwhelmed with subscriptions. Like I tried the free trial of PSNow and going from having my handful of games to having hundreds of games to try at my fingertips it's like where do I start? I'll load into one and after a few minutes my brain is like "this is cool, but what if that other game is more fun than this?" and then I game hop like this for like 2 hours until it's time for bed and I haven't played more than 20 minutes of any one game. I think I'm okay just buying individual games one at a time.


That’s also because you value your time more as an adult


Yeah, NGL if I was a kid again I'd be bingeing through a lot more JRPG stuff than I do now


Weird how I value my time but not myself


Also, didn't have to make sure you had the memory for a game. Just pop the disc/cart in and off you go.


Unless you wanted to save and had limited memory card space.


Nah, go back even farther before memory cards. N64 saved games directly to the cartridge. IIRC it had a memory card that would plug into the controller, but that was optional for particular games.


That was only some games though and primarily only games which were native to the console meaning ports and 3rd party games for the console had a 90% chance of not including these. For games like Doom 64 you literally needed a memory card to save and as a result if you turned off the game and on again it will always start you from the beginning. I mean ofcourse there were other ways around this like games which had cheat codes for every single level, but you're bullshitting me if some janky ass system like that is an acceptable alternative to just saving.


Third party games were more likely to use a memory card, because it was cheaper. But the majority of games did not need it. Mostly it was used for bringing your saves to a friend's house, as otherwise you'd have to bring all your game cartridges.


lol okay grandpa, rental games always existed. i have plenty of peers that rented games. its the same shit there is just more to filter through now, like any other kind of media


Think I played more games when it was rentals. If I had to drag my arse down to Blockbuster I was definately leaving with SOMETHING. With subscriptions I browse for a while before deciding "Nah".


So, he was right? Games are way cheaper now overall. Probably half of my most played games of the last 5 years were free or I could’ve got for subscription if I wasn’t so stubborn. Being paralyzed by choice is also a pretty new thing. I don’t really feel it with games as I have pretty specific tastes, but streaming services will have me looking for something to watch for 30 minutes straight just to be unable to choose and go back to YouTube. Never had that issue before my family got off cable in favor of streaming.


The difference is that renting games is still an investment. Imagine you rent a game and it's horrible.


Eh, my local Blockbuster had a subscription service that was monthly fee for unlimited rentals. If a game sucked you just returned it and got a different one. Not nearly as convenient as gamepass, but it was something you could do back in the day.


When you're a kid, Blockbuster would need to be in walking distance. Or your parents would have to drive you. Definitely some parents who wouldn't want to drive a kid after 5 minutes of them playing a new game.


Oh yeah, in my specific case the Blockbuster was in walking distance so I could actually take advantage of it. But it was still an inconvenience, so on at least some level it was more incentive to try harder to get something out of a bad game. Which meant I did play a lot of games I didn't like all the way through. And I still do that sometimes because I apparently hate myself.


There's still an investment there though in walking or driving to the shop and back.


When I was a kid I ended up renting Superman 64. That was a crummy weekend, let me tell you what.


Your username is PM_ME_YOUR__INIT__ but I have no clue what an “INIT” is


\_\_init\_\_ is a Python programming language thing


What?! A new 2D Metroid that looks like an Xbox 360 game?! I'll happily pay £50 for it


The hype is there for a reason. The main Metroid series has been pretty good, also the switch was never intended to have cutting edge graphics


The hype is there for a reason. The main Metroid series has been pretty good, also the switch was never intended to have cutting edge graphics


Bruh I mean to be fair the hype is lowkey there for a reason tbh smh ngl fr tho af rn lmao. Bruh I mean to be fair the main Metroid series has lowkey been pretty good tbh smh ngl fr tho af rn lmao. Bruh I mean to be fair also the switch was lowkey never intended to have cutting edge graphics tbh smh ngl fr tho af rn lmao.




#Bruh I mean to be fair the hype is lowkey there for a reason tbh smh ngl fr tho af rn lmao. Bruh I mean to be fair the main Metroid series has lowkey been pretty good tbh smh ngl fr tho af rn lmao. Bruh I mean to be fair also the switch was lowkey never intended to have cutting edge graphics tbh smh ngl fr tho af rn lmao.


I don't know what you just did to my original comment but I lowkey dig it lmao


2D Metroid is best Metroid


zoomers were never children like if youve had a childhood before


Zoomers all looked at I phone until they were 19 and didn’t notice priceless treasure like video game


Damn I wish I had a childhood 😞 just woke up the other day as an 18 year old


people don't understand that gen z was like 5 at the lowest before toys r us closed.


I'm gen z and turning 22. Didn't they JUST close like a few years ago?


they closed in 2018 yes.


Wait 2018! Jesus christ i need to get a diary or some shit before i think i have dementia


Quarantine annihilated everyone’s perception of time dw


i don't even think that's quarantine tbh. a year like 2013 feels like just a few years back, when its nearing a decade ago.


Yeah I’m 14 I think I was like 10 when they closed I might be wrong


Yeah I didn't do this mostly cuz my dad homebrewed our wii and pirated a shit ton of games


rad dad


Same! My Dad also downloaded emulators, and used an R4 flash card on the DS, and an NDS&GBA Movie Player for the GBA. And when he got a used PS3, he homebrewed it with multiman. And he also jailbroke the 3DS. And when he got a PS4 a few years ago... Guess what? He made sure to get a model that could could be homebrewed, so I could try doing it myself. Every console I've ever owned has been homebrewed. I grew up on pirated media.


Zoomers will never experience going to a Gamestop and a smelly unshowered man in a trenchcoat pulls spaghetti out of his pockets and drops it on the ground while screaming out a 4chan meme


/uj Uh did that happen?


Gamestop is shit anyways, they used to literally harrass the fuck out of you "back in the day".


They treat their employees like absolute shit as well. I had friends that worked there and they all hated it.


How does a shop harrass you? I don't know anything about it, we don't have it in our country.


They try to sell you warranties, preorders, and memberships. They set quotas on their cashiers to sell these, and they are required to ask about all of them each purchase.


I worked for a place like this once and the regional manager would come in and practice with me once every 2 weeks because I never sold shit to anyone lol


Man am I happy that my gamestop just seems to be staffed by lazy stoners then: "Need anything?" "Nah I'm just killing 10 minutes" "Cool just yell if you need anything I'll be in the back"


Then you just say no? Cashiers in Mcdonalds also ask me every single time if I want extra fries but I just always say no, I don't see it as a harrassment. They ask me on autopilot and I refuse on autopilot.


Yeah, I used to shop at gamestop back in the day (like 2000 to 2013ish) when I was a kid through college and it really wasn't that bad. They'd definitely ask you about pre-orders, but you could say no and they'd lay off. The worse I ever got was maybe I'd have to say no again after they rattled off some upcoming games and asking me if I was sure, but I'd hardly consider that harassment. Then again, maybe my experience was the exception. I never got the complaints about them being harassing though


GameStop employees are a bit more like used car salesmen than McDonalds cashiers. The conversation is like “I’d like to buy this game” “Would you like to buy the one year warranty for $3 more?” “No.” “It protects against damage/scratches/etc., are you sure?” “I don’t want it.” “Would you like to preorder anything? I see you have a shooter here, the new Halo comes out six months from now. It comes with these super cool GameStop exclusive preorder bonuses.” “No.” “Is there anything else you’d like to preorder? The new Mortal Kombat comes out soon, or Kirby Super Kirby 3?” “No.” “Do you have a GameStop membership card to take 10% off used games with this order?” “I do not.” “Would you like a GameStop membership card? It comes with 10% off used games, a year’s subscription to our magazine, and lets you earn Premium GameStop rewards points, and it only costs $20.” “I do not.” “Okay, that order comes out to $22.57, how will you be paying?” And they do that with everyone in line, so it takes forever to actually get to the register before you hear this script. AND when this script doesn’t get great results the penalize the minimum wage cashier.


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mortal kombat?


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You summed it up pretty much perfectly. Especially the ArE yOu SuRe?


Sounds like a chain I don't want to purchase in. Fortunately we never had anything like this here, we just grabbed our game, paid then left.


People run the store. They do the harrassing.


They annoyingly bug you while you're just browsing around.


GameStop literally isn’t in this photo lmao but go off


B-b-but the diamond hands and totally believing in the company!!! Fuck Gamestop, Gamerz, EB and all that shit. Rather just go to Target anyway...


/implying they don’t harass you in 2021 about warranties, memberships, or preorders


And last year they got to harass you irresponsibly during a global pandemic!


Oh my god i literally had to tell a dude that i don't want to subscribe to game informer like 4 times


Toys R Us was great though. I met my best friend playing Sonic 2 at the Sega kiosk when we were in elementary school.


Are we just millennial millennials? Like we had game stores as kids.


i literally went to gamestop all the time wtf


“Nostalgia”, now give me recognition strangers on the internet


r/gaming in a nutshell.


When I was a kid all the consoles used to be stacked in pyramids in the front of the store. I got my N64 because my mom just grabbed one and put it at the bottom of the cart and walked out with it.


was mad expensive back then too




Once I came into a pirate game store and found a disk with DirectX SDK. That was a happy childhood memory.


I’m a gen z, I absolutely do not miss game stores, especially GameStop, I brought in like 30 games for trade in and got like $50, and these were pretty new games still at the time lol


Yeah I'm calling BS. They'd give you like $10-$15 MINIMUM on a newish game. Unless they were all copies of random wii games nobody has ever heard of.


Yeah I brought some games (about 5) into a game store (not a GameStop though) got £50 altogether and they weren’t all that new (2 of them were but the rest were all ps vita games)


Back in the early days of the Xbox one, even new 360 games would only bet you like $7 max, most of mine ended up being like $2 because they said they already had like 30 used copies of each of them (popular games like cod)


That's Reddit's favorite (shitty) estimate for Gamestop offers. Claim that they offered only a dollar for a game that just came out last week, rake in the karma. Bonus karma if the game in question was a first-party Nintendo game.


I never said they came out super recent, like within the last 2 years with half of them within the last 9 months, but I mean you can be bitter over a few words, that’s your problem not mine lol


I had a similar experience. Brought in a handful of new-ish popular games I didn't care to play but had received with my new used console. They gave me a completely laughable offer. Went online and made like 3x what they offered for the whole lot on the most popular game alone, and it was sold in minutes.


The feeling of.... going to gamestop? Am I missing something here, everyone I know has gone to a game store at some point


This is toys r us.


I loved going to GameStop as a kid, when I had no adult responsibilities. These days I rarely buy something from GameStop, unless I absolutely need it that day. Whenever I look around GameStop, I always leave without buying because I just think “you could just buy all this online”.


I used to buy games based on their boxart. This led me to buying gems like need for speed underground 2, spiderman 2, and burnout 3. The first game I bought because I heard it from the internet was GTA San Andreas but that was around 2009 when it peaked popularity on YouTube.


Dude I’m a zoomer and GameStop still exists




People born in the 2,000’s will ever understand the feeling of lining up at breadlines


/uj I saw that the Toys R Us picture pop up in a different sub and looking at it made me irrationally angry. There was absolutely no discernible order for the games. /rj Hahahaha, those dumb zoomers have never seen a physical bideo game because they only know digital. They don't even really own their digital games either.


Heh, stoopid zoomers


/uj Damn, that's crazy bro \*launches game pass\*


Zoomers will never buy viderrr games


I'm confused at what I'm even looking at. It's just a generic video game store. Gamestop never stopped existing. I don't understand what they're missing out on that we didn't. At least not enough to feel generational superiority over lol


That's mah gurl Kaguya!


/uj I wouldn’t say this about gen z. However, with the rate that consoles are ditching disc drives, the next generation definitely won’t understand the excitement of walking into like a GameStop and getting a copy of their favorite game. Instead, they’ll be patiently watching countdowns on their consoles for the game to unlock. Even though I absolutely love physical copies, I fully understand the increase in demand for digital only.


Plus, way more of the money of digital goes to the developer/publisher rather than paying for discs and boxes and shipping and cover art.


Absolutely. As much as I love physical copies, devs/publishers really do lose out on tons of money that way vs digital.


Yeah I’m torn as wel. Definitely prefer physically owning my games but game development is not cheap especially since a lot of companies don’t have tons of cash flow


Yeah, I try my best to balance it out with my physical vs digital library just for the sake of the devs.


Yeah I know zoomers ever want to a GameStop and they were like four or five and remember it.


I still buy physical copies of music or games I really love.


What the hell is he talking about? At least in my country there are still many stores that sell video game discs


"Online subscription services and digital purchases exist, therefore browsing through physical media at a game store is no longer a thing."


I’m a zoomer and I was at gamestop all the time as a kid. I remember my friends and I going there as recently as like 2 years ago cuz there’s always weird ass people there that make it so entertaining.


N64 was like the perfect console though. Ya know, that whole extra arm everybody used.


Guys. This is Toys R Us......not a gamestop.


I miss when GameStop carries used games for nearly all of the old-gen systems. Then I discovered the Exchange, which still does this and is better than GameStop ever was. The dream isn’t dead lads


people born after the invention of paper never understand the fresh feeling of reed stylus against wet clay tablet


/uj how can someone refuse to accept that their experience isn't unique because of the media they have consumed? We get it, you played SM64, it's time to grow up.


The profile picture fits with the words being said lmao.


Bruh that’s not a profile picture


Everyone knows zoomers have never been to a store.


I’m sure they can go to target or bestbuy and find the same exact experience. Or GameStop? Or Walmart?


uj/ As a zoomer I can FEEL this photo. I loved going to gamestop as a kid when I visited the States.


Aw, dawg, consumerism is sooo awesome! Kids these days just wouldn't get it.


It's specifically Toys R Us


aren't some of them literally being kids right now


Anytime someone says something like this about their childhood just ask them why it's important that modern children understand it. Wait to see what ridiculous and ill-thought out explanation you get about how it was AWESOME and-and...kid stuff sucks now or whatever.


Aren't a lot of Zoomers adults now days meaning they probably went to Toys R Us before it closed....


Gamers today complaining about overpriced games for 70 dollars Gamers forgetting N64 was overpriced AF with their outdated cartridges that also need Ram packs, rumble packs or extra chips on the the cartridge, making many games cost 70 dollars back then, even more overpriced when adjusted for inflation