Awesome... They had to make it POLITICAL, smh

Awesome... They had to make it POLITICAL, smh


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"ThEY dIdNt BrInG aTtEnTiOn To HiS sKiN cOlOr".


/uj wait aren't the complaints usually about the exact opposite?


/uj No, Gamers™ are most at ease when you don't address someone's ethnicity. If the Black person is basically a dark skinned White person. Non threatening, and definitely not allowed to acknowledge the fact that they're Black.


And the funny thing is that when you don't adress their ethnicity they will go on a rant about how "them being black is useless and doesn't bring anything to their story". So you can never win that argument, they always have a brain dead retort.


Yes, both are bad to the G*mer, but which one's worse? We need more data. Clearly we must flood our games with non-White characters (with varying degrees of plot-relevance to their ethnicities) until the G*mers can give us a consistent answer.


RJ/ I just like it when they are happen to be black and it's not just their only personality. But I do wish they don't make black characters just cause, same with gay people. I hate when they make minorities just because almost as if real life minorities exist just because.


But "just because" is why you have white characters. Why are they white? Cause. Why can't you give other groups the same reason lol


/uj He re-jerked and is not being serious. /rj Real life minorities only exist because of political correctness


Omg I didn't see the /RJ I'm sorry


Funny story, I am finally playing Dragon Age Origins for the first time. The amount of parallels it has to human rights issues is incredible, I'm playing as a city elf and it's so on the nose that you're basically black right after slavery was abolished. The game deals with representation issues, it deals with racism, deals with sexism, deals with government being in complete control of people's bodies and lives, and I'm sure several more topics (I'm not that far in the game yet). And this is the game I've heard "Gamers" heap praise upon while bashing modern games for "having an agenda". Like seriously?! What game did they play, this game is one of the most "woke" I've played! All that to say, I'm loving Dragon Age Origins, and games have ALWAYS had a message to share, people just didn't see it or ignored it.


/uj Because when it's a fantasy race like an Elf, it's easy to ignore the real world allegory. You see it a lot with the Witcher and its community too.


They generally hold both contradictory views which is a way of saying they actually don't want any black or minority characters at all. E.g. "They can't be obviously gay, that's forced. But also if it's not obvious they might as well be straight". or "You can't make it about racism because that's forced. But if there isn't any difference they didn't come about the decision for creative purposes so they should be white"


The modern gamer has ruined videogames far more than any developer or company ever could


gamergate and the anti woke frenzy it started was actualy so loud it genuinly affected the industry for the worse, and i really fucking hate them for that. fuck em rightwing nutcases


I mean the FBI was being warned about this up to a decade beforehand about Stormfront turning to online gaming to radicalize new generations.


Anyone using this site regularly could see it coming a mile away. They got a bad reputation because they often over reacted but Shit Reddit Says was calling them out and warning people like ten years ago. Fast forward to 2020 and we know for a fact that people like Steve Bannon were purposely recruiting young white males that were in to gamergate. What a huge fucking surprise.


I miss srs. What happened to it?


The FBI doesn’t treat white supremacists as a threat because they’re on the same team


ooh, nice.


And when they do, it's a cover for tightening up surveillance on EVERYONE


Some of those that work forces


Ah, the good ol "Don't shoot your comrades!"


There’s no defense for the FBI ignoring then downplaying the threat of white supremacy for so long, especially when the similar in nature threat of Islamic terrorism was clearly being treated infinitely more seriously despite lower overall risk. However, it’s important not to go overboard and spread misinformation about the FBI. They have explicitly called white supremacy the biggest domestic threat currently facing the United States several times over recently and have been making active efforts to combat it. It’s important that people report problematic behaviours to the FBI and collaborate rather than avoid them because they’re “on the same team”. This could save lives.


Lmao, the FBI was a part of cointelpro and helped in the murder of fred hampton, whatever they call themselves or others, they are, as a part of US law enforcement, an integral part of America's history and ongoing status quo as a white supremacists nation.


unfortunately they’re also the only ones who take hate crimes seriously, at least more seriously than cops and they’re much more likely to report it and record it as a hate crime, which improves stats. since cops are more likely to lie about hate crimes to lower the stats. (for anyone wondering you have to call your local FBI office or look up the hate crime telephone number for your local FBI office if you need to report it, it’s more likely you’ll receive any justice if at all.)


Yes, but at the same time that was happening the FBI was the only agency going after the KKK in the south. They were so persistent that at one point the head of the KKK declared they were at war with FBI.


Let's tell them the white supremacists are actually socialist, they'll hunt them down within a week


Sucks to think that in general the reactionary nature of gamers has probably caused developers to take less risks and push the envelope less. The people at the top see how upset gamers get when anything different is implemented, so you can bet it extends past story and characters to gameplay and features


>Sucks to think that in general the reactionary nature of gamers has probably caused developers to take less risks and push the envelope less. Like how so many high profile games need to immediately come out and say 'We promise this game is not PoLiTiCaL' out of fear of being lambasted and boycotted by the right even in cases of a game having obvious political implications (*ehem Modern Warfare*). It's seriously becoming so tiresome now that devs feel like they're walking on eggshells and sacrificing creative freedom to appease a bunch of internet edge lords who have become such a large part of the gamer zeitgeist. Meanwhile Disco Elysium is over here questioning your moral and political ideology in the backdrop of a communist uprising and it's one of the best games I've played in years.


TBF with these people you could claim bioshock isn't political and they would believe you.


Hell we've seen with battlefield 2042 developers dodge the too political crowd by just saying they're not despite a ridiculous political setting, just don't show women and minorities for too many seconds in a trailer and you can dodge the gamers™ and have what content you want


Anarcho-capitalism is such a dumb idea it can’t be political. It’s just fantasy.


Rapture wasn'tancap, it was objectivist, slight difference. For starters actual politicians, with real power, follow it.


So what’s the difference? If I recall my playthrough last year it was basically totally unchecked and unregulated markets with owners basically behaving like mafias running different parts of Rapture, and Andrew Ryan was basically a massive landlord?


AnCaps have ideals, and think that the free market will more-or-less safely regulate itself somehow. Objectivism believes that ideals are a weakness you should shed for the sake of an idealized version of strength, and doesn't care about the collateral of an unregulated free market; the people killed by it didn't deserve to live because they weren't strong or smart enough. Yes, its nonsense. No, that doesn't matter, and has never mattered, because its not an ideology people subscribe to for logical reasons.


Ahhh that reminds me of prosperity gospel. Thanks


Objectivism thinks that a goverment is required to stop people murdering each other. Apart from that not much.


I thought that was minarchism. They believe in an absolute minimum government that basically just enforces contract law and the NAP


TBF, one could distinguish between having political themes versus emphasizing contemporary political values. For instance, you can have a game with religious themes and imagery, that ultimately is not proselytizing the audience towards real-world religion, and wouldn't be a "religious game".


> even in cases of a game having obvious political implications (ehem Modern Warfare) To make it even dumber, the dev’s “this game isn’t political” statement was one of the dumbest fucking things I’ve ever heard. They said that the game wasn’t political because they weren’t making any specific comments about a current administration. It was the most half-assed “this isn’t political” statement either, and they clearly didn’t mean it. It was all just marketing BS.


Yeah I'm sure things like this have nothing to do with that either [https://kotaku.com/activision-blizzard-hires-former-trump-administration-m-1846579115](https://kotaku.com/activision-blizzard-hires-former-trump-administration-m-1846579115) >Today, Activision Blizzard announced the promotion of Blizzard chief commercial officer and the chief operating officer Armin Zerza to CFO of the whole company. What it did not announce to the public is that it has also hired a new chief administrative officer: former Donald Trump administration member Brian Bulatao. > >Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick informed employees of the hiring in an email, which Kotaku has viewed. In it, Kotick emphasized Bulatao’s past as a military veteran and also referenced his most recent job, Under Secretary of State for Management at the U.S. Department of State, where he worked directly under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, his longtime friend, business partner, and former West Point classmate and one of Trump’s most ardent allies. Prior to being nominated by Trump in 2018 and confirmed by the Senate in 2019, Bulatao was chief operating officer of the CIA.


I assume writing about modern warfare in this comment you have played the campaign? Well I’m sure you remember the mission “The Highway of Death” >!In this mission you are trying to take out The Wolf with a sniper rifle Hadir gave you.!< In the intro cutscene they state that the Russians bombed people trying to escape Urzikstan (aka Syria) fleeing down this long stretch of road, when in fact it was the Americans who did this. I also love how all of these games have the screen that says “this game was made by people of all backgrounds, religious beliefs, blah blah blah”


This is why I will forever hold Disco Elysium as the greatest game ever made. Do I always agree with its politics, no, but what’s the problem with that? At least they had the balls to actually make a story and world so deeply politically woven that it actually can lead to conversations about what the right courses of action are. It’s unapologetically brimming with a ton of political views and opinions and I can’t respect it enough.


Is it on ps4?


Yes, it came to PS4 recently when they added voice acting and some other stuff.


Gamergate was a symptom and not a cause. Gaming communities were already insanely toxic misogynist hellholes for years beforehand.


Gamer gate affected wayyyyyyy more than just the games industry. It’s the largest thing that happened that made space for the rise of the internet Alt-Right and very possibly the Trump presidency


Yeah its insane but all of the early alt-right celebrities cut their teeth on gamergate, and then pushed it into anti-sjw culture and finally electing Trump. Pretty fucking crazy really.


*am developer, can confirm* \- Unity Dev


Yeah I don't think that Half-Life 3 game that lord Gayben promised us 15 years ago is coming out anytime soon.


throw a bunch of nerds in a basement and let them communicate through wires what did you expect


Yes… I was an og gamer on Xbox connect and stopped after Xbox 360/ps2. Things got too toxic. I see all this twitch drama stuff and looks like it’s gotten so much worse


Gamergate ruined game culture for at least a generation.


If bloody gamergate brings about the fall of democracy and western civilization I'll fucking choke a bitch.


Mfw video game journalists get too woke so I elect a fascist to run my country into the ground


Here we elected a fascist to run the country into the ground because there were too many gay people kissing on TV.


I hate that I knew immediately it was Brazil. It's astounding to me that Bolsonaro went from being featured in a British program years ago about the world's most homophobic politicians to now being in charge, and now it seems like the world is content to act like the whole homophobia thing isn't important or something.


Ah yes, hating women like a true Gamer.


Why yes, I hate politics in my cold war sim, how could you tell.


"Choke me harder daddy!"




I feel like that would be pretty on-brand for humanity though.


If gamer hate brings the fall of democracy and western civilization I will fucking celebrate


Lol this guy thinks we live in a democracy


We live in a society.




Just wait until it’s actually revealed that she’s Johnson’s daughter or something. Smooth brain gamers will suddenly love her.


I fear the opposite is going to happen and they'll find reasons to hate her for replacing him. I hope I'm wrong but I've seen Gamers find worse things to complain about.


It's confirmed that he has sec in the books so it's not far off


Of course he does, he knows what the ladies like




Uj doesn't Johnson have partial spartan training and doesn't that shit make them sterile or am I projecting space marines again?


Its not really established. As a SPARTAN-1, he isn't as augmented to hell as 2s and 3s, which is where a lot of the 'we replaced your reproductive organs with tech!' stuff started happening, as working with kids somehow made implantation rejection less common. He's got some tech, but he doesn't weight a ton even out of armor. Side note, 'easier to aug kids' is still my least favorite sci-fi trope; doing medical science to kids is actually way harder because, it turns out, the little fuckers actually just die a lot easier than their adult counterparts. Puberty and the rapid onset of unpredictable changes should make it harder than working with a more complete frame.


At least they got over it with Spartan-4s. (I think. I didn't know anything about Halo until a year ago, so I could be wrong.)


They did, SPARTAN-4s are all adults, many of them former service members pre-augmentation who were selected because of their service record, and all of them are volunteers. Fourth time's the charm I guess. Halsey regards them as less professional for this, as they have mature human emotions instead of being emotionally broken child soldiers unable to relate to humanity, because she's kinda a terrible person.


Halsey is low key a horrible and disgusting human being. She was the brains behind the Spartan program which was to literally abduct children, traumatize them until they forget about their original families, and then turn them into vicious killing machines. And this was all pre-Covenant- those kids had their lives fucked up because the UNSC wanted to create super-soldiers to crack down on insurrectionist movements; there are some overtly fascist elements within the origins of the Spartan program. I don’t think the writers intended this, but it makes sense she’d see the success of the Spartan IV program and try to dismiss it as being weaker. It’s her way of psychologically deflecting any guilt or shame she could develop over the many lives she destroyed to create a race of counter-terror super soldiers, most of whom ended up dying either from augmentations or combat. And not just the Spartans too, but their original families who had their children flash cloned only to be engineered to die at early age to cover any tracks that showed the original children had been abducted. tl;dr Halsey is a piece of shit


Personally I really dislike the 4s for that reason, like Spartans were always good shorthand for the awful shit the UNSC does but with the 4s they can just slap augments onto an existing soldier.


It is lazier writing for the most part, but it’s still arguably a more ethical program capable of producing the same results as the Spartan II’s and III’s.


I think turning kids into super soldiers can make sense because they are easier to indoctrinate and I will accept that stopping them from going through regular puberty might help but doing the actual science on them is just dumb. Like in warhammer they turn children into space marines but the technology for that has also been used for thousands of years and is pretty proven to work.


Johnson is a spartan 1, which was before all the kidnapping and shit. I only think 2s and 3s are sterile, could be wrong though.


He actually ejaculates prematurely in the book. So he's overcome his condition to learn what the ladies like, or lies because of his sexual insecurity.


They will just claim that she is a SJW Mary Sue.


Dude, are you really an Epic Gamer™?


Yeah. I hate women *and* minorities 😎.


MFW I hate politicals : 😎😎😎😎


Just like everyone suddenly loved Rey when she was revealed as Palpatine's granddaughter...


We all know women can’t be in the military (please do not google about this and prove me wrong by sending me pics of military women)


Broke: Hating powerful women Woke: saying women can't be in the military so people send pics of military women because you have a humiliation fetish and a powerful women fetish and this satisfies both


That would be so weird. Super weird. Haha it would be funny if you guys sent me these sexy military ladies as well. Just cuz it’s weird though.


I refuse to believe military ladies exist until I have AT LEAST a dozen pictures.


what if we made dismantling social hierarchies a kink?


Pweese can we hwire an awditory comwission to dismwantle systwemic wasiscm in the powice uwu


(and definitely don't put them here as well so more people can be proved wrong)


And we all know women can't be strong & muscular (please do not google about this and prove me wrong by sending pictures of muscular women that could break my spine like a twig)


(unless they're IDF members who make my pp hard)


Gamergate and it’s consequences have been a disaster for the human race


Gamergate moment


uj/ I am extremely shocked because I have yet to see anyone whining about the new commander. It’s kinda weird to see gamers just enjoying the new content and being excited, especially Halo fans lmao


I feel like Halo has always been more open than other game series like COD. I mean, they even had female Marines since Halo 2, and a important female character in HALO: ODST. Not to mention Johnson being a black character. Call of Duty has struggled to have ANY female characters, or even black characters. It's almost always been a "Men with dark and edgy thoughts doing the wrong things for the greater good" bullshit. Halo has always been more progressive than pretty much any other major FPS franchise, even if it appears to just be "HAHA MILITARY GOES BRRRR" shooter at first glance. They even had characters in the books and lore point out how the UNSC is actually a bad guy, but just happened to have the right forces to fight the Covenant.




You're asking a lot of a gamer to make them relate to physical fitness


How dar- well yeah allright, allright. Geez.


Yeah, I've generally been a big fan of the 343 games but a small detail I've been sad to see missing in their games is how you could hear a lot of different accents amongst the Bungie-era marines. I hope we get something like that in Infinite and they don't all sound like *generic American soldier.*


Weren't they all Australian in the first game?


No there was def variety


They’ve actually had female marines (albeit rare) since halo 1, the pilot at the end of the first mission is female and so is foehammer


I don't think I cared about a single character from Halo besides foehammer - I genuinely felt sad when she died.


What about Dustin Echoes?


I really love Halsey's whole storyline, but also I definitely didn't realize how insanely twisted and dark the Spartan-II program was when I was an eight year old reading the books lmao


COD could've done a lot better. Literally the third game (Finest Hour) that came out a year after COD 1 had both a Black and a female playable character. Then they just didn't do that again.


I mean it's dumb to me that the discourse is still "I want halo 3 reskinned forever", but I guess that's not as shit as "I want to be violently racist"...


I want to try out Halo on Xbox after seeing the trailer for Infinite. But these damn shortages do not look like ending anytime soon.


The books also had pretty important female characters too. Especially The Flood (the book adaptation of the first game), one of the marine contingent's officer's is a pretty major character that goes out like a badass. I need to go find my old copies to read them again, now that I think about it.


Same. I've been on r/Halo a lot over these past couple days, and the response to the new game is mostly positive. I haven't heard a single complaint about the new character.


These comments are from YouTube, I made a [post](https://www.reddit.com/r/Gamingcirclejerk/comments/nzulpd/wow_a_strong_black_woman_they_had_to_make_it/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) with screenshots but it got removed




Wow, you’re right. Games are sexist. Now, allow me to get back to accusing gamers of playing games and sucking Anita Sarkeesian’s cock. Edit: Wow. I’ve truly been challenged. Enlightened, even. Who knew the political views of my fellow gamers could be so diverse? *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/Gamingcirclejerk) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Yeah, when I saw this post I was surprised, because I haven't seen anyone say anything about her. I could have just missed it, though.


If you go on Youtube the comments were filled with this stuff.


r/gamingcirclejerk manufacturing outrage to circlejerk over? I'm shocked.


honestly, most Gamers are more misogynistic than they are racist a lot of them are fine with Black characters as long as they're a lazy stereotype, or if they act white - but they won't accept any women except as sex objects also stuff like GTA having an almost all Black cast and protagonist one time helped a lot, many huge franchises have had playable Black men but no women at all Johnson isn't political to them because they can easily understand a Black man who is a 2D military personality because games have conditioned them to it


I’m assuming him only being a sergeant and working up the enlisted ranks wasn’t an issue either. But what if he had been an admiral? I think they would have accepted that too. It’s really a problem with strong women in positions of power. The racism just glides in on the coat tails of their misogyny.


Something I've noticed growing up is that there's a lot of men who I wouldn't guess are misogynistic at all, until they have a female boss. Something about a woman telling them what to do means they're an entitled, ruthless bitch who slept her way to the top despite acting exactly the same as a male boss.


yep, as long as a man is in the position of power it usually slides unless he starts being Too Black™ then it's a problem this seems to exclude **unique** positions of power though, for example making a Black man a King in a game or something would definitely ignite them


I can’t imagine what would happen if one became president…


You don't remember GTA San Andreas having mods that make CJ and his friends/family albinos?


reminds me of an old series on yt in gta:sa about the resident evil series? the main character was albert wesker and he was literally just whitened cj in cop clothing LMAO


the fuck




And GTA 5


The GTA Black cast were srereotypes. Not all Black men are "Gangsta" or "Ghetto".


yes, that's exactly why I mentioned lazy stereotypes in my comment they were still playable Black characters though and I do think Rockstar making that choice influenced other developers to do the same


I think they were trying to branch out from that stereotype with Franklin in GTA V but didn't really hit the mark.


Problem was the story abandoned him to focus on Trevor and Michael, so he ended feeling like an after thought.


non-american here, what's gamergate?


I'm tempted not to tell you because I envy you, but on the other hand why shouldn't you suffer as we have. ​ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamergate\_controversy


Probably the biggest online dumpster fire with real-life consequences.


TLDR: A woman makes a game called Depression Quest, is treated favorably. 4Chan begins the rumor that she slept with a journalist to get good reviews and this sparks a fire that was full of rampant harassment, sexism, misogyny, doxing, and a bunch of other shitty things, all under the very thin guise of “restoring ethics in game journalism”. This basically translated to “if journalists enjoy anything we deem as bad (because of “woke culture”), we have the right to harass them as we wish.” The movement eventually gave way to 8chan, the even worse 4chan, and is likely one of the prevailing factors that eventually gives way to Qanon.


Wow you can probably draw a direct line from Depression Quest to the 1/6 insurrection. Isn't life interesting?


> slept with a journalist to get good reviews Funny thing is the guy she was accused of sleeping with didn't even review it


I believe he like included it in a list or something of recommended games and that's it. The whole thing was created by a bitter ex of hers.


When Epic Gamers epically trolled all politicals online by sending them death threats, and releasing all their personal info online. Yeah 😎


It was about ethics in game journalism and doxxing women in the gaming industry and threat to rape and / or kill them


I feel like Halo has always been more open than other game series like COD.I mean, they even had female Marines since Halo 2, and a important female character in HALO: ODST. Not to mention Johnson being a black character. Call of Duty has struggled to have ANY female characters, or even black characters. It's almost always been a "Men with dark and edgy thoughts doing the wrong things for the greater good" bullshit. Halo has always been more progressive than pretty much any other major FPS franchise, even if it appears to just be "HAHA MILITARY GOES BRRRR" shooter at first glance. They even had characters in the books and lore point out how the UNSC is actually a bad guy, but just happened to have the right forces to fight the Covenant.


Ehhh. ONI was more the bad guy, and the UNSC its weapons, but that's tomato/tomahto really. I agree that the Halo series has a surprisingly diverse cast. It makes the characters seem a lot more real within the setting.


Uj/ I haven’t seen anyone complain about her, are there actually people? Rj/ uh, woman bad


Yeah I haven't seen any either. Oddly enough, the majority of the Halo community seems to agree that Halo Infinite looks awesome. I'm extremely excited for this game.


Same, the multiplayer reveal had me fucking diamonds


For all the weird, military propaganda and fascist apologetics in Halo it has always been quite diverse from day one. Pretty much like Starship Troopers. Although I'm pretty sure the reason #GAMERZ love Johnson is because he's more of a one liner spouting cliche than a fully fleshed out character


"I know just what the Gamers like." \-Sgt. Johnson cocking a gun


They did Johnson dirty by killing him off in 3. I think there's an unnamed Aussie soldier who appears in Halo 1-4.


Unnamed? That's chips dubbo to you, you heathen


It was very much a, "Well, we're wrapping up the franchise, so everyone gets to die or get shoved into a box!" moment.


Yeah, Miranda Keyes death was even worse imo.


At least Johnson went out with a bang. Keyes just died being really stupid.


God. They also did her dirty.


If they only knew.


> Pretty much like Starship Troopers. Wake me up when the next Halo has a shower scene.


What do you mean by "all the weird, military propaganda and fascist apologetics"?


Halo loves portraying military figures as noble, mythic heroes and generally has a very positive view of military service (which is also why you'll find a lot of veterans and active soldiers identify so strongly with the iconography). Spartans in particular are depicted as the epitome of cool, stoic professionalism (at least in the earlier games and funnily enough some fans got mad when they introduced newer generations who have more open personalities) and venerated both in and out of the universe, which is weird once you start learning about the lore and how they were initially child slave soldiers who have been brainwashed into obedience and were explicitly created by a shadowy, dystopian, fascist intelligence agency to quell human insurrectionists rebelling against a hyper-capitalist, hyper militarised central government. Not to mention the whole weird eugenics "let's create the übermensch next step in human evolution" thing that the leading scientist behind the Spartan has going on


/uj It seems that 9/11 and the subsequent War on Terror defined Halo as a franchise, at least with it's tropes about "good empire vs bad empire".


You take that back about Johnson, he's a well fleshed out, complex hero!... If you read the books, that is.


We’re going backwards in time


I literally havent seen anyone complain about that woman


Bro you always knew it was gonna be hype when you had a black guy in command. Mans had a voice that'd make you say 'YES SIR" before he told you what you were supposed to


Where can I buy the left shirt?


[https://www.amazon.com/Gamer-Making-Extremely-Girls-Shirt/dp/B08CDH5V9N](https://www.amazon.com/Gamer-Making-Extremely-Girls-Shirt/dp/B08CDH5V9N) it's wh\*te but still


Oh my gosh. It can be customized. How precious.


"Commander Keyes? Yeah she's really cool I loved her role in the campaign."


Wait are people actually upset about this?


Not at all from what I’ve seen on r/halo


[Look at the post I made (removed) about these comments with screenshots](https://www.reddit.com/r/Gamingcirclejerk/comments/nzulpd/wow_a_strong_black_woman_they_had_to_make_it/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


uj/ If Samus was revealed as a girl today, imagine the outrage. rj/ I can't believe they made Metroid political.


Meh, r/halo is pretty chill with her. Everyone seems to be liking her.


I know ;). I found this type of comments on YouTube.


Gamers always been racists. They like a Black male character as long as he's a lazy ass stereotype.


Gamergate and it's consequences have been a disaster for the gaming community


well this is just false, women don't exist.


I moderate a discord that include my friends and a bunch of randoms we invite from games. Today i deleted a meme crying about wesker being black and i shit you not i got called a dictator, i'm waiting for the 1984 memes.


Uj/ I haven't seen anyone complain about this. I know its a circle jerk sub, but I think we are making this "proto-mysonist-racist-gamer" up in our heads. I'm all for a hearty laugh but let's make sure this person actually exists? Maybe a couple weirdos on the internet said something, but are we gonna paint all of r/halo and r/gaming like that? I wouldn't say that's fair to anybody. But then again its a circle jerk sub so idk.


Someone in this very thread has brought up a “political agenda shoved down their throat”


Maybe, but this 100% applies to r/battlefields reaction to the new BF2042 reveal finding out some specialist are women when all they want to do is play as a "normal medic".


Same, it mostly has been positive reviews even in places such as Twitter and YouTube, dont know what this subs problem is...


Where can i buy that shirt?


She looks like a young ikora from destiny


Please tell me that shirt on the left is real




Sergeant Johnson is the best character in all of halo


Wait until they hear about Bangalore and Lifeline from apex Edit: didn't even mention the lgbtqia+ legends so may as well add Gibraltar,Valkyrie,Bloodhound,Fuse,Loba (and maybe Mirage)


Is there a sub for people like this


yes r/gaming


No u don't see smh Black character: Fine Wahmen character: Ok Black Wahman character: Woke identity politique forced diversity, no such thing exists irl smh it's so unrealistic


but muh vidya games 🙄😐😠😠😡


Has anyone said this about infinite?


/uj is anyone actually upset about this?


No. This sub spends more time yelling at strawmen than any other subreddit I've seen.


You got any links to people complaining? I want to see their tears


In the future, someone will make a racist comment and someone else will say "Bro please, you're talking like you're from 2021" And I'm like I'm from then People are like that now That makes me sad