If that's true then the one which leaked yesterday is not Bloober's


Why is that, just out of curiosity?


Becouse what we seen is not SH2


Unless it's going for a spiritual remake, like Shattered Memories


Oh ok i see, sorry theres alot of edits so was thinking he was just referring to their being a silent hill game in the works in general


Because that ain’t silent hill 2.


SH2 remake would align with the rumors of a MGS3 remake. Konami would take the most successful games and milk them. I would be fine if Bloober would make a 1:1 remake of SH2. Even though SH1 would rather need a remake. SH2 & 3 still look amazing.


Bloober Team = 1:1 Remake? Hahahahahahahahaha


They'd still fuck it up, I'm sure of it.


Better have the dog ending if true


My heart goes out to the Silent Hill fanbase.


Remake silent hill 1 you goofs


Agreed. A SH2 remake makes less sense than a proper SH1 remake IMO.


Silent Hill 2 needs a good fucking port, one that properly ports over the game from PS2.


I'd love a proper fucking HD remaster for once. First 4 games.


Just gonna leave this here: http://enhanced.townofsilenthill.com/SH2/


Impossible and if they truly attempted it then it would be a ground up remake since they don’t have the source code for the PS2 port which is why the HD collection’s port sucked ass


It honestly feels like they went, well re2make revitalized the series let's revitalize our series with OUR number 2, without understanding why the re2make worked so well. very konami thing to do lol. I can only hope the game is, at absolute worst just okay and at best brings the series back to "mainstream",


Because they already remake RE1 and you can still buy it on PS4 and Xbox one (PS5/Series) which is not the case with silent hill 1


Man, that’d be awful I can totally see them trying to turning it into another SH2 clone like all the other western made SH’s instead of focusing primarily on the cult stuff


Silent Hill fans on suicide watch rn


No we aren't. Real SH fans are just happy that this series might not be dead and buried permanently


Consider me a fake Silent Hill fan then cuz I want the series to rest rather than being dug up by more shitty developers to be milked by Konami, which is exactly what killed it back in 2012.


But why wont we let them try. If it's good then we win, if it's going to be shit then oh well, we have nothing to lose.


Well as a fan myself, I'd rather this series was about games again and not pachislot machines and skateboards. No game could be worse than that fate


same, id rather a series die and something completely new and different be made. clutching old ip when the story has been told to death just because the name is recognizable seems very bleh to me. theres no point in it jmo, just make a new ip and tell your own story, i appreciate that as a general horror game fan in a sea of nostalgia bait (in the AAA horror space there are hardly any new horror ips, its all commercialized nostalgia or adapted properties). tho i did love the medium, so conflicted feelings all around. i like what bloober did with that game so while i still hate the idea of dead ip’s being used on whatever, pls just new ips in AAA horror gaming pls, im more “whatever” at this point. also no such thing as “true” and “fake” fans, if you like something youre a fan, and each individual fan will feel differently


I actually fully agree. My comment about was less about Bloober and more regarding projects like Homecoming and Downpour, which had absolutely no soul or purpose. I loved The Medium as well however I thought it set a foundation for Bloober to continue doing creative new ideas that carry the torch Silent Hill lit. Going straight to the actual Silent Hill franchise is just underwhelming since there are a set list of expectations, especially following Silent Hills' cancellation. It's just a huge step backwards.


the expectations of the series alone make it to where it will most likely be a derivative story rather than an innovative one, which is the big ball and chain that nostalgia driven IP levies on creativity. silent hill should have died after 4, not because of a game quality dip but from sh4 and origins showing the clear path forward was not innovation anymore but derivation. theres only so much you can "flesh out" in a IP before it just gets boring as a IP. now we are headed straight for silent hill 9 and a remake of 2. woulda rather had something as fresh and exciting as sh1 and you cant do that being locked into IP like this. it also doesnt help that the kojima shadow lingers over the series now, levying another set of expectations, and the cesspit of an inane fandom that brings with it.


Bloober is not a shitty developer. Their games have problems, some of them can be resolved with more funding, others not but the criticism about them is blown of proportion


Bloober team make generic dime a dozen psychological horror games where you walk through very detailed environments paced with jumpscares and chase sequences as you piece together the story bit by bit until you find out you were the bad guy all along.


What makes blopper shitty? I must be the one keeping them in business I own everything they've made since layers of fear and think it's all been great I can't think of a better team to make a silent hill honestly who else would ?


They made the Medium, which, seriously, is a really phenomenally mediocre horror game that borders on offensive representations of trauma victims, with horrible stealth sequences, comically bad puzzles including multiple where you are blocked from progressing by literally nothing as the game just doesn’t let you walk around an object. Also the writing, oh my god, no one in games they’ve made can speak with any brevity. One of the final narrative moments of the Medium goes “oh my god I’m here, the place in my dream, but it’s real and not a dream, and it’s just like I have imagined since I was a little girl, the place in my dream, somehow I’ve been here but it’s real and not a dream, and I’m really here” Every game they write is like this.


>Bloober Team Silent Hill 2 Remake? bad idea


Real SH Fans would prefer to see the series end gracefully rather that have its name dragged through the mud, if you ask me. It's what I would have wanted for Assassin's Creed. Sadly it's too late for that. Not so for SH.


SH is already in the mud. The most recent entries are Book of Memories and the HD Collection. Quite honestly there is nothing Bloober could do that would be worse than where the series already is


Neither have really affected the perception of Silent Hill as a series. Positively or negatively.


And how would a hypothetical Bloober game that you've all somehow already decided will be bad affect the perception of the series, while the actual existing bad games have not?


Because an portable spin-off and a (admitedly poor) remastered collection it's obviously not the same thing as a new, high-profile game which will be the introduction of Silent Hill to a lot of gamers of this generation. Obviously.


Then why make a new title that isn't really a Silent Hill. I don't need to have a random game that just contains bloody walls and pyramid head. It's not the point imo.


Nothing in this leak has shown either bloody walls or Pyramid Head. What are you talking about


It's just a reference to the post-team silent games.


The pyramid head literally only came out at homecoming. Origins had a different monster and so does downpour.


That went out the window after SH4. Book of Memories was the last straw. I just want a new entry I can be completely happy with.


Forreal, fuck all the people saying let the series end, i rather put my hopes on a fifty fifty chance that the game becomes successful than not. If it becomes successful then perfect, thats how resident evil got rejuvenated , if not then too bad. But its pretty sad seeing fans say that they rather let a series die than pray for the best


Is a new entry actually worth it, especially by these guys?


I'd rather wait to hold judgment. If nothing else it could be average like Origins or good like Shattered Memories but not quite the SH experience. Anything post-Team Silent won't come close so expectations have to be tempered.


I would love to see Climax Action do another Silent Hill game and have proper support from them by Konami. I've been watching my brother play through the Silent Hill games and he just recently finished Shattered Memeories. I see why people weren't too fond of Origins and some loved Shattered Memories. But out of all the non Team Silent developers. At least to me it seems that they've been the closest to Team Silent in terms of getting the atmosphere pretty well.


I wouldn't call Shattered Memories good. Horror went out the window the moment they saw the need to telegraph when "scary shit" is going to happen and when you're perfectly safe i.e the new, frosty Otherworld.


A Silent Hill that needs motion controls to get rid of enemies is not a silent hill I want.


That's just sad.


What's sad is one of gaming's most important and influential IPs being used to sell skateboards and pachislot machines. I would rather it be a gaming IP again than forever have that legacy


Lol don’t you put your own words in all of us. I have been playing silent hill since the first one came out (still play it at least once per year) and even though I really want a new silent hill, blobber team making it would right away disappoint me beyond measure. One thing is getting a new entry on the serie, another is the developer making it. If you like blobber team games fine by you, I just hate them all.


Silent Hill fans actually relieved cause Bloober sucks.


I was literally about to post this but had to stop myself.


If I hear a rumor it will be posted. But I added as much context from Jeff as physically possible.


So he says about a rumour of Silent Hill after a BIG rumour of Silent Hill explode in Internet ? Not before, but after ? Interesting...


Amazing how it seems to work like this every time with all these 'leakers'.


I’d rather have a direct port of SH2 (like a ps2 classic) than a SH2 remake by bloober.


Sounds like Jeff just HAD to add something to the rumor mill about this one. Can't be a big leak without him involving himself lol


so we’re gonna question jeff grubb’s credibility, of all people?


I hope SH fans get a good game after so long, as a Mass Effect fan myself I've been waiting for years for a new Mass Effect game after Bioware shelved it following Andromedas failure, I really hope its good for you


Mass Effect 4 has been announced for awhile.


God bless the Silent Hill fan base. They wait years for a new game then get Bloober team…


A perfect horror experience for sure but just not in the way they hoped


We never should have bought that monkey's paw


oh that would be bad. oh that would be very very bad.


That's one way to ruin a classic


I just want a silent hill 2 port for ps4. Not a shitty remake or “remaster”. Is that too much to ask for?


Too much for Konami lol (they lost the source code)


Ooooh, *shiiiiiiiiiiiiit*. :(


I'm confused here. So he doesn't know for certain but is saying it could be a SH2 remake? Where did rumors of a remake even come from? All that we've heard was that there may be 2 SH games out there. Possibly. Sounds like he's on the same boat as us. Knows nothing besides the existence of a SH game. Maybe we'll know more by the end of the summer.


So if what Jeff is saying were to be true then that Silent Hill leak is definitely not Silent Hill 2 Remake or by Bloober


Don’t get how Silent Hill 2 would get a remake before Silent Hill 1


At this point would rather have a real silent Hill 1 remake than sh2. The wii remake was neat but tension completely falls off after you realized that enemies would not attack outside very obvious zones.


Bloober fucking sucks why would anyone be excited for anything those guys make.


Out of every studio who they could have chosen bloober should have been one of the last


I wouldn't trust Bloober team remaking Tetris. I fully believe this is something Konami would authorise though. Let's just hope someone's having him on


My condolences to Silent Hill fans.




Oh jesus no no no no


Please no.


Well, duh, the screenshots have leaked, some game is in development.


I guess its real in his head then lol


If the leaked one is the one involved with Sony and not Blooper Team oh boy .... Now I had no idea what Japanese developer make this game \------- The only one that I can think of was there was a rumor about [new Japanese studio](https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/pg68yy/sony_apparently_building_brand_new_studio_in_japan/)


> He can confirm at least one Silent Hill Project is in development What is Jeff Grubb's history related to Bloober Team leaks and info (not just Silent Hill) in relation to his track record? How many of them have been verified or at least collaborated by other major news sites?


Based on the context of the stream he is not confirming Bloober has a Silent Hill game. Rather that there is at least one in development somewhere. Bloober is working with Konami. Thus is public info. 100% confirmed. What it is is unknown


Honestly I'd rather have that than them making a new SH game, BUT only if it's a 1 to 1 remake. If they're gonna change a bunch of stuff then yeah nah...


Thisen berry berry bad.


People in this thread clearly have no understanding of the situation and just want the upvotes for saying “Bloober bad”. If Bloober is remaking a game with pre-defined gameplay then it’s actually a good project for them. The Medium was really interesting in concept, but they couldn’t really make much of the two-worlds mechanic.


This is the ideal scenario: bloober team doesn’t have to write the story and can do what they are good at, pretty graphics. This is better than them making a new entry for sure. At least in my opinion


A Silent Hill 2 Remake made in the style of the Resident Evil Remakes would blow people's mindsn


I feel like the only person who like Bloober lol


Out of the loop here, but can someone explain to me why people hate Bloober Team? I'm a bit of a newbie Silent Hill fan.


Bloober make pretty mediocre horror games and they've been linked to Konami publicly, so there's ongoing speculation they're making a Silent Hill title




is Bloober team that bad? I really enjoyed observer


It's not that Bloober is bad production wise, for a double A studio their production values are through the roof. Many take offense with Bloobers writing team who are mediocre at best, horrendous at worst. I've only played Layers of Fear 1 (a bit of 2 not enough to comment) and Blair Witch. Their understanding of human psychology is troubling and they have a way of turning someone suffering into a villain. Silent Hill is about taking those mental issues and suffering and analyzing it, they would likely turn that deep character analysis into throwaway material.


At least Silent Hill ONE! dammit


Silent Hill 2 and Dead Space 1&2 are the scariest and best horror games


I hope Bloober come out and shock everyone, I tried playing Medium and it's the most "EH" horror game I've played in a very very long time. I find it more boring than their Blair Witch game.


yeah, I fucking doubt that


“he didn’t even want his name attached to this information” THEN DON’T SAY IT. Good lord.