If there's no sword fighting or shooting while boarding ships then no thanks, weakening a ship just to board it and see a little mini cutscene every time will get very old, very fast.


Absolutely agree. How can you have a Pirate game and you don’t have epic sword fights on other ships during a boarding? Baffling considering this game only “exist” because of AC blackflag. Yet they strip out some of the best parts.


I was kinda impressed that enemies could board you in rogue. A nice addition after black flag


I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, Rogue was a good game for what was supposed to just be a send off for the 360/PS3. It’s just a shame it was so short


and all they had to do is remove asscreed name and make the same game without all the templar bullshit, and you have a good pirate game. how the hell this game been in dev hell when they had everything to make it right


There was a report a while back exposing it, basically it came down to, shifting management, lack of direction leading to wasted time, and conflated egos from leaders constantly shifting the games focus.


You just described every game that has stucked in development hell.


AC Blackflag only “exists” because of Sid Meier’s Pirates.


Pirates was amazing, would love to see a sequel expanding on the concepts and systems (then gain, Pirates was SO good that I don't even know HOW they can improve it). I wish they would at least release it for Switch


Should just release a remake that's updated UI and graphics and call it a day


Even Kingdom Hearts 3 let's you sword fighting or shooting while boarding ships, that says a lot...


They’ve rebooted this game’s development 49 times and they’ve literally had the blueprint for what people would want right in front of them for 9 years. When they’ve seemingly decided to make their Assassin’s Creed games feel less like Assassin’s Creed as they go along, it’s shocking how much they’ve overcomplicated “just make the Assassin’s Creed game but without the Assassin’s Creed”.


They had a guaranteed success in a single player pirate RPG and the stupid fucks really decided an MMO boat game was the best use of Black Flag's foundations. Incompetence at its finest.


not just that, greed too, they saw how much people liked black flag and tried making a live service with that as the foundation, i just wanted black flag 2 but without the ass creed.


This is really the closest thing to the truth with this game. Ubisoft had just gotten into an always connected game setup, plus the app tying into the game. They really thought they were going to make an always online Black Flag based money cow.


Getting very old, very fast is just how Ubisoft approaches game design


I was hoping for AC : black flag style of being able to leave the ship,pick who I want exactly on my ship and combat this looks Okay-ish


Right. Imagine spending this much time on the game and it lacks all that... sheessh


I mean they apparently spent years on Valhalla, the assassin’s creed game where you cannot fight with your hood up.


No on-foot exploration is such a turn-off.


How stupid are they to make the only on foot exploration a hub city like far cry 6 or the devision. Absolutely baffling game design.


I don't get why the on-foot stuff is even necessary in the first place if you're not going to let players explore or fight. It's just a waste of time when you could just put stuff in menus. Worst of both worlds. Guess it's necessary so they can sell the microtransactions lol


i mean it's ubisoft Dissapointment is already to be expected.


I mean, we knew for years that this game wouldn't offer that and heavily focuses on naval combat, so that wasn't to be expected, but I feel you. Exploration feels infinitely less enticing knowing that. All this game does to me is rekindling my everlasting phantasy for a "Rockstar level" produced Pirates game. Especially on the exploration side : setting foot on huge islands, not feeling limited by anything as you go deep into the jungle, top notch atmosphere and attention to details... Just imagine, the 'Red Dead Redemption' of the Golden Age of Piracy! Man.


Stop making us dream hard like this ! Maybe one day R\* creates what you just described in an exquisite way. Im so baffled that Ubisoft didnt capitalize on land exploration. Also no sword fighting and swimming ? i dont know.


It's such a shame because if they had iterated no Black Flag a bit more they absolutely could have made that. Hell, they could still make that, who knows if the game might get rebooted in development a few more times (or straight up cancelled (I doubt that as they need to release a product to fulfil the obligations of some of the tax incentives the studio has been using in the 8 years or whatever of development))


Have you played AC: Odyssey, I tried it because I heard it had ships, but it isn’t the same if it isn’t pirate themed, the Greek theme kept me interested for longer than I expected though. Anyway, in Odyssey, you can go ANYWHERE, like you don’t have to load into ANY cities, and you know how the island of Cuba is just a massive jungle with 2 cities on it in Black Flag? You can’t actually travel into that jungle or walk outside Havana? Well in the Odyssey engine, you can go anywhere lol, including the forests or plains between cities. There’s also tiny canoes you can use along shores, that I WISH were in Black Flag. I was even more pissed to find out they were in AC games before Black Flag, so like wtf. I’d really just love it if Black Flag were in THAT engine, with all it’s piratey stuff and extra mechanics. Plus, it has factions that fight over land that you can do large land battles to switch the allegiance of that region. Like come on! This is Sid Meier’s Pirates shit! It’d be so amazing if each port could be raided like that, and then given a new governor of a nation you choose. I do NOT want the combat system from that game, it is way too tryhard and engaged, it is not the reason I play pirate or stealth games lol. However, something more involved than Black Flag’s would be fine, they’re kinda on opposite ends of the spectrum lol. Less Arkham-counter-based fighting and more “high/low guard” type thing like older 2D boxing games. The parkour in that game is completely different. It’s actually less parkour like AC and more like free climbing in games like BotW. I think I’d be fine with that, but they’d have to leave in a lot of the animation based climbing, at least on the ship, and maybe in cities for interactive things. I want the parkour to be smooth, not like original AC games. Add in the fact that NPC ships can still move while you’re on them in Odyssey, and you have a dope ass bird that can fly around and give you an overhead sight, I’d LOVE the odyssey engine (or an improved version since the land battles were kinda cringe and you can’t use bird and boat at the same time, but like fix those and we’re good) set in the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy. Make the world a bit more lively and consequential, like if I sit outside a port and kill everything coming in or going out, that port should eventually starve. You can do this in game like Sid Meier’s Pirates and Port Royale. Basically, take the Odyssey engine, use the Black Flag map, plus filling in the wilder areas (they could add in pirate camps or native villages like Sid Meier’s Pirates so it isn’t just miles of jungle lol) and then make the actual overarching world and gameplay have the Sid Meier’s Pirate gameplay loop, instead of the Black Flag linear story. Sorry for typing so much, I just got kinda carried away


>Sorry for typing so much, I just got kinda carried away Don't apologise at all, I haven't played Odyssey but I definitely plan to now!


Give it a shot! It was one of the only games on the Xbox One generation that made me go “Whoa…this feels *next gen* lol” My gf loves it, we both love Greek history and she actually started playing it herself after watching me play.


This has been the dream for a while now, and Rockstar even taunted us with pirate Easter eggs sprinkled throughout RDR2 lol. I know this is a HIGHLY controversial opinion, but tbh I’d love to see R* try out more historical/exotic settings instead of sticking purely to GTA. We have dozens of modern-day urban sandboxes (granted, GTA is responsible for spawning them) but we’ve gotten like… one whole pirate game in the last fifteen years? C’mon.


lol yeah but those pirate secrets were content that was meant for Guarma before they cut it down to a few linear levels.


> ...we knew for years that this game wouldn't offer that... We knew, but it sounds like Ubisoft didn't. The reporting on this game's development has largely made it sound like it was just getting constantly rebooted while Ubisoft struggled to figure out how hard they should commit to the naval combat stuff versus just making it a de-branded Black Flag.


Everybody saying “we already knew this” seems to have forgotten the last four years happened. Like yes, this is what we heard four years ago, if this is still the game now, what changed? The game was literally supposed to release later in 2018 after they revealed hours of gameplay, then they delayed it to “rework it”. Well. What got reworked? It looks the exact same except now there’s a bunch of colorful cosmetics on the screen, which are probably microtransactions. Yay? Like did everybody just forget that this game was nearly ready for release until they got negative feedback? Tons of people played the game back then too.


It's Ubisoft, lads. Not too sure what y'all expected, they're allergic to anything that makes a game even a little bit immersive.


Ubisoft are so dumb. Everyone just wanted a new next gen Black Flag game without the AC parts and instead we got a fucking boat game. It’s such an easy slam dunk for a company that are known for making open world games. They make so many of them and yet the one pirate themed game that people really want ends up being a stupid boat game. But we get a thousand generic open world 3rd person shooters that no one cares about…


Disappointing. Everyone wanted Black Flag and Sea of Thieves's love child but this seems like it focus more on the naval combat than anything which is a shame. Oh well, the wait for a proper pirate RPG continues.


the wait is eternal


Its Fant4stic


I want the Black Flag and Sid Meier’s Pirates love child. Like I just want the Sid Meier’s Pirates gameplay loop in the 3d world of Black Flag, including all the non-ship stuff like hunting, sword fighting (obviously), diving, and TREASURE HUNTING, like ack how did they just forget that’s like the pinnacle pirate-fiction thing. Well that and swinging from ropes to board enemy ships, which I assume we’re also missing out on. But I want the Sid Meier’s pirates aspects of a living dynamic world that you can effect by your piracy such as taking over ports for a new nation, or just blockading a port until it starves. All the ship stuff looks great, but man, it could’ve been so much more. Or we could’ve just gotten the exact same game in 2018 ffs what did they do these last four years, it looks the same.


I want Sea of Thieves and Red Dead Redemption 2's love child. That's my dream pirate game.


Mirror: https://streamable.com/5xh1hc




Lol took all those years to make a shitter black flag clone.


So no sword combat or parkour stuff like black flag? In that case I might have to pass.


no boarding enemy ships like in black flag either from the looks of it. what a shame


You can board ships but it’s just a cutscene sadly


I imagine they wanna get the core basics down but I would NOT be surprised if that came as a huge update later because of community request. Pretty much everyone wants this from what I can tell. I hope they will add it when they have time.


Micro transaction game.


That was my impression. The gameplay loop looks really small and basic. Seems like a phone game with not-phone-game graphics.


Yep as soon as they showed ship repair kits that you need to stay alive I knew they'd be selling those.


Only naval combat? this game gonna flop calling it now. Black Flag had more going on in 2013. Hell, even Sea of Thieves has more technically.


Yeah it's a shame.


Black Flag also had some gnarly seas and fighting in the middle of a nasty storm with rogue waves was something else. What they showed here is a pretty tame sea by comparison.


The fact that its online based greatly limits what they can do with the water/waves. It’s sad really


Sea of thieves has water and waves that are the same for everyone in an online world


I just started replaying it on a whim and it still holds up today. Black flag was a slam dunk, all they had to do was expand, maybe create another map, reuse the old map, and boom, you have a giant open world pirate game in the carribean and india.


Literally what everyone asked for and Ubisoft gave us this instead.


Same, picked it up on the switch a couple of weeks ago. Its still a great game, almost completed BF and ready to give Rogue a go for the 1st time.


Idk why you are saying that even Sea of Thieves has more. Sea of thieves I think at the moment has got to be the best pirate game that I have ever seen


"So it would seem."


Doesn't say much when the game has almost zero competition.


Which is hilarious because people have been desiring a great pirate game for decades and really only Black Flag and SoT standout


Hey now! I'm still loving Sid Meyer Pirates to this day.


I enjoy Sea of Theives because it doesn't ask you to complete it. It is just a fun sandbox to hang out with friends or randoms and do challenges.


This. I get if people want a more hardcore pirate experience with a bit more realism, but Sea Of Thieves did a lot of things correctly. The only complaint i have with sea of thieves is that you can’t play it non-stop. You’re better off adding it to your rotation of games and playing it maybe once or twice a week. And you have to play it with a good group of friends. If you don’t gel well with the repetitive gameplay loop it’s not going to be the best experience for you. But Sea Of Thieves gives you the tools to make your own fun.


So it would seem.


Best pirate game because it's literally the only AAA pirate game besides Black Flag. And the game itself isn't THAT great, the gameplay mechanics are way over simplified and repetitive IMO. Hopefully this year's updates finally address that.


Looks trash and kinda interesting at the same time .


I was expecting something different, this looks like the initial vision I wonder why it took so long..


It had like 3 reboots during development


Exactly hence I was expecting something completely different


That is part of his point.


Pretty much everything from that Tom Henderson info dump was correct.


Any place I can find that info dump?


I think this is what they're referring to: https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/poqga3/skull_and_bones_info_dump_by_tom_henderson/hcydh8w/


It looks like he deleted his tweet. Here is what it said: https://pastebin.com/hG13jdaS


I’ll be honest I was expecting more given the amount of time it’s been delayed, assuming this was due to Sea of Thieves, I would have expected to see the ability to walk around the ship freely and sword fight. Having your friends online be part of your ships crew is the way to go and what I would have liked to have seen here


Wasn't this game was announced in 2016?


Wish the exploration stuff was the core focus of the game. Building up a cove of pirates could’ve been really cool but I couldn’t care less about all the PVP stuff.


All the tools and experience to generate massive open worlds and this is the one game they skimp out on. I'd love to explore vast sections of that world in real time and make it feel like you're actually going to distant lands where you'll never know what you'll find.


Yeah, that's why I was looking forward to Beyond good and evil 2. I think it's supposed to be an adventure of you and your crew. But who knows whether BGE2 will even come out:(


Pretty much my feeling. If I'm unable to somehow opt-out of the PvP aspect, then this game won't be for me. I've experienced PvPvE in the Division's Dark Zone and I'd rather not go through that experience again.


I haven't played yet but this was in my confirmation email. Skull and Bones is best experienced in PvPvE mode, but if you are not ready for PvP yet, you can turn on PvE Only in the Options > Settings > General menu.


Hmm.... I don't know. I watched the whole thing and I've got a few ideas and issues. 1) Why didn't they showcase any gun duels, sword fights, or ship boarding in this? Half the fun of being a pirate is the freedom. This feels rather restrictive in how you can take on enemy ships. 2) It would have been really cool to have a choice between hiring just a normal crew or actually finding crew members (npcs through quests). Like think about it like this, what if through growing your infamy you unlocked really dope quests which then in turn allowed the opportunity to take on specialists. (Best sword fighters, and etc) and it would be super dope if the more you pillaged and plundered that would grow too. A system where you could bond with your crew and they not just be stale NPCs would be sick! 3) The world looks rather stale. It looks like if you took the most basic epic shots from POTC and then meshed them. As well the color grading is kinda meh. As someone who grew up loving and studying pirates I get the reason they did this but it just doesn't look fun. I want to be a pirate for the swash buckling adventure, the thrill of the crew, and the adventure of plundering and such. 4) It would be cool if they had an actual story or if you could choose a story direction you'd like to go in. Utilizing non-linear quest design would be sick here. These are my thoughts. For being a pirate, I want an actual adventure, this looks like a half baked ubisoft product as per usual sadly. For a studio I used to love, it's sad to see their passion fade and innovation waign.


For your number 2 bullet point they have already laid the groundwork with watch dogs legion.


Looks ok? Kind of what I expected sea of thieves to be at first tbh


You expected sot to be a ship combat game?


Yeah no this is definitely not my thing. Lookin at the beautiful vistas it's just sad to me this isn't Black Flag 2 (without the assassin stuff). Multiplayer only and ship gameplay only. And when you do get out, all you do is walk around a little bit. The whole gameplay goal seems to be to just upgrade your ship, fight, upgrade your ship, fight... I don't see the appeal honestly. And the "boarding" seems to be just a cutscene exactly because of that, unlike actually taking part in one like in Black Flag.


This literally looks like a shitter, less features, multiplayer only version of Black Flag. What the actual fuck are they thinking.


Mhm this looks really similar to the build I played three years ago at Gamescom. Don't really get what took them so long.


What a weird grab bag of gameplay. Just a random assortment of activities thrown at like a half multiplayer service game. What happened to "Black Flag but focus on the pirates parts" that seemed such an obvious follow-up almost a decade ago?


Unfortunately Ubisoft made a very hard turn towards service games around the time Black Flag released so now everything has to be an online service game of some sort from them. It wouldn't surprise me if S&B started as just Black Flag without the AC bits but got contorted into a service game because of Ubisoft execs.


I don't even mind the service game nature of it so much tbh, I think the main thing is how reduced the seems compared to Black Flag


Even if they wanted a service game, they could've still given people what they asked for. Everyone wanted offline Sea of Thieves/Black Flag without the Assassins but instead they just gave us a naval combat game with no foot exploration or combat...it's a baffling decision. Really makes no sense.


I actually like it but the lack of freeroam on foot isn't good. I don't want to be stuck on my ship 24/7


The thin that pisses me off is that they had a winning formula. Just make a offline single player version of black flag, but expand on it


Offline single player version of Black Flag? Isn't that already Black Flag?


yeah, what? Black Flag was a single player experience. There *was* a multiplayer versus mode of like 6 player assassin's but that was all on foot in small maps. I'm not sure what this guy means lmao


You mean an opt-in online black flag with expanded naval and sword combat but none of that AC shit.


Pretty sure what you meant was a Assassin-less version of Black Flag. The game was already offline and single-player.


Some things I noticed: * All exploration done by sea, no island wandering * Heavy focus on multiplayer, so expect a million microtransactions to make your ship and pirate captain look cool * Fighting is just firing cannonballs at other ships or playing a cutscene for boarding, no dueling or melee fun * Big focus on damage numbers and levels, so you will get murdered in level gated areas


This feels like a Gamepass game you play for a few hours


Xbox shouldn't put this on Game Pass, it's inferior to SoT in every way and will just be competition for it. Let it flop.


Hm. More or less what I expected from the original announcement. Aesthetically I love it, the realistic style mixed with the more outlandish elements works out surprisingly well...except for that armor plating, that looks really strange. It overall gives me a feel similar to those Korean pirate movies from a few years back. Wish they would've stuck with the original logo though, the new one feels painfully generic. Gameplay is just Black Flag again, which is fine, though the gathering and crafting elements seem a bit janky. Would've preferred to at least go ashore to collect resources instead of just awkwardly doing it from the ship. Land based gameplay looks alright, though again more for aesthetics than for interactivity. Really, at this point my only interest in this game is the art and the single player. I get my fill of PvPvE with Sea of Thieves, and this looks to be much the same but less. Whereas I would very much like greater elaboration on the storyline...For Honor proved to have surprisingly decent writing, so hopefully they can do that again here.


Ah I see. So pirate self customization is where there heavy MTX, Season pass, pre-order bonus and 5 different launch versions is going to come in.


So.. they spent years rebooting this thing and they ended up with a reskin of black flag, minus most of the pirate stuff out of black flag... All most people wanted was to ditch the AC name and make black flag 2: more pirate stuff So disappointing 😞


Ffs can someone please make a fun pirate game? This looks good visually but if it’s just pirate ship combat with no on foot exploration, no sword fighting no puzzle solving looking for treasure, then I’ll pass.


have you tried SoT, its not for everyone but I find that it meets my pirate needs.


Collecting resources seemed interesting till they showed how you collected it. Having your ship fire on a resource to gather... dumb. Also no swimming, or Sword fighting.


Doesn't look like you can explore islands. Doesn't look like you can have friends on board your ship. Also doesn't look like you can board other ships. Hell, doesn't even look like you can go below deck of your own ship. Literally looks like JUST the sailing and fighting part of Black Flag but with PvP....


look like Black Flag but less good and same graphics. where is my next gen pirate sim ?


Ubisoft made AC: black flag and rouge, 2 of the best pirate games EVER ........2 CONSOLE GENERATIONS AGO and no one hasn't even picked up the blue prints from them this is fuckin nuts -The should be Map 65% sea %45 land atleast all explorable (using diving bells to going underwater like AC black flag did ) Customizable ships and crew like yea I can understand that in this game you can by new crew members but they're should be a option to upgrade crew members stats if you don't want to leave them and you get perks for doing them like they're less likely to throw you overboard or betray you if your caught by rival pirates or marines - you should be able to board ships and enemies can do the same to when it comes to combat ( the same thing AC black flag and rouge established) -factions should honestly be a thing cause if you wanna play a pirate that parley with the Navy then you would help Navy during pirate invasions and rob pirate den for loot or even you really want to be a monstrous pirates you would destroy towns and make navel bases -shanty towns/sea ports/pirates den/Navy Forts should be a thing on top of neutral zones where you can determine who is going to win - bounty/hunting boards for hunting killing both pirates and navy alike - poaching - and take what sea of thieves did with undead pirates, davy Jones, the kraken, megalodon and have it be world events but the fact that I know for fact this game won't have this is going to be painful


I want to: * Become a legendary pirate * Loot and bury treasure * Build up my own epic pirate den * Explore rival pirate dens and sabotage their operations * Have the option to influence and/or join other pirate gangs * Explore cities and charm the locals * Find seedy taverns and camps to recruit shipmates * Plot to steal artifacts/rival pirate treasure * Explore exciting and dangerous points of interest * Feel like I'm experiencing The Curse of the Black Pearl This looks like a half-baked AC IV Black Flag with "ship only" mode turned on. Would prefer to see the strategic depth/economic model of M&B II Bannerlord mixed in with the immersive exploration of an AC game.


At first I thought this might be a SoT competitor. Then I realized it’s just the naval warfare from AC brought into a separate game. That’s not enough.


So it's 1/4 of sea of thieves mixed with 1/4 of black flag? Not sure I wanted this since both mentioned titles offer more already...


Actually looks okay. Not a day 1 purchase but imo one to pick up in the inevitable sale 3 months after release.


Damn, Sea of Thieves killed this game.


The ship sunk before it even sailed lol


3rd person for no other reason than to sell skins no doubt.


Looks interesting imo. Exactly what I expected it to be.


The question is. Why would I play this over black flag?


It will contain grinding elements big time I guess. Especially for better ship stuff.


This game was definitely made for the Black Flag ship people. I would like sword fighting but then again I’m not the target audience


I'll stick to Sea Of Thieves, thanks


Graphics look decent but with no island exploration I'm not gonna play it. Plus, you'll probably have to spend so much money on the game buying microtransactions.


Seems like you're stuck to the boat at all times, that is a really odd design choice. Sea of Thieves gives you that freedom to jump off at any time, seems ass backwards not to do the same.


If they can make a viking game without a hint of assassin's creed, why can't they make a pirate game in the same style? They have the exact blueprints to make it - but for whatever convoluted reason, they are mentally blocked at trying to make this game.


This looks pretty much like every other Ubisoft game, I don't understand why they had issues with developing this, nothing really looks that special, like it's just mostly driving ship mechanics from AC as it seems and that's it. ​ I hope there is a lot more to do in this game.


Always online forced PvP shitfest? Hard pass, if I wanted that I would just play Sea of Thieves. Actual PvE pirate game when? Probably never.


All this does is make me want a remaster of Black Flag for next gen.


So wait, this used to be based on Black Flag's systems........but the boarding seems to be a tiny cutscene?


Everyone wants an "adult" Sea of Thieves, or something more resembling Black Flag. This ain't it. Seems very half-baked.


So they decided to go the Sea of Thieves route instead of giving players what they want with a proper pirate single player game like Black Flag. Classic Ubisoft.


This is fucking garbage lmao


Which version is this? It's been rebooted like 10 times by this point.


the most recent version. they have an alpha test going on right now under NDA.


Well that's unfortunate. I was hoping they'd have eventually settled on an AC4 style RPG. Like what literally everybody wanted.


I can accept the lack of boarding and sword combat. If they make an outstanding naval gameplay, then no fighting on foot is ok. Better not to have it rather than make it either bad or boring and unskippable. I'm treating it like Elite Dangerous: we begged on foot gameplay for years just to find out that we hate it by the time it got released


So sea of theives with an npc crew. Might be enjoyable to play solo. SoT i gave up on twice bc of non stop griefing any time i tried to sail alone and just chill.


Yeah the singleplayer campaign might be fun in S&B but i don't think people will stick around if its just ship combat.


The irony is that SoT would become the perfect Pirate game if you could just allow players to turn PvP off and not be a part of that portion of the game.


Pretty much nothing like Sea of Thieves outside of the pirate theme.


I always saw complaints about griefing in sea of thieves before I bought it, but I'm always wondering where those types of players are when I'm playing. Whenever I play, I pretty much see nobody on the seas at all. Even during peak times, the most I'll see is people running away at first sight. It makes me think that griefing is actually not as wide spread of a problem people are making it out to be.


It's pretty rare nowadays. Most people avoid each other to avoid getting their loot stolen.


Well don't expect to not deal with that in this game. There are people that speed run to get a large ship and sink people leaving for the first mission outside the hub. It's going to be worse in the live build. In Sea of Thieves you can scuttle and go somewhere else and can easily just keep an eye on the horizon to avoid camping. Not in this game. EDIT: There's a PvE Only mode but it's off by default so if you miss that part then expect what I mentioned above.


On foot gameplay looks ass


"A Ubisoft Original" that's all I need to know about this game


As soon as I saw that I said “yeah I can tell.” Lmao


Looks great


Damn, I definitely think this game is gonna be a critical failure due to the exclusion of character-combat. If they had actual combat and exploration with the characters on top of the ship combat it'd be infinitely better. I'm flabbergasted that all the extra time this game has had, hasn't been spent on including that. It practically looks like the same game we saw years ago, which doesn't bode well.


The most misguided game of our time


Today test starts. Should be fun.


Oh you lost resources that youve been collecting for last 4 hours to group of griefters or a cheater? Have no fear we offer those very same resources in our helix store. This sounds like a P2W / grifters dream.


Assassin's Creed: Black Flag without the assassin 🤣


Looks okay, nothing special. I dont think I would play this game. I will stick with SoT.


No way in hell does this game have staying power... It looks like it'd probably be fun for a few hours and then quickly start to feel repetitive as the only thing left to do is grind cosmetics and "upgrades" that don't change the gameplay loop in the slightest. Semi-related but I'm so excited for June!! Even tho this game is pretty meh it's still such a vibe having a narrator guide you through a game preview.


This was such an easy concept. Combine Black Flag ship combat with For Honor land combat and your set.


Sure looks like an Ubisoft game.


This is…. Very disappointing the fact they been working on this for years and not even swore fighting is very disappointing I probably will pass


Game looks like one of those ads for shitty mobile games and won't be surprised if it played like one. Giving me Infinty Blade vibes


I sleep


Why do I feel like this is going to die extremely fast if there is no sword fighting and exploring other than a hub?


Very disappointed to see such limited on-foot exploration or on-foot boarding combat.


Why does the water look worse than Black Flag lol


Sorry but this has to be said , AC Blackflag Ship Gameplay is better than this


So what we have here is a somewhat fun but stripped-down (no sword fighting) game mechanic buried deep below tedious resource management. Sounds terrible.


seems like the standard Ubisoft loot game formula, but at sea




Crew morale… idk. So many modern games introduce mechanics that seem like a chore. Game isn’t for me.


Literally just take Blag Flag and flesh it out. Absolute morons


This ain't it chief. Reboot it again. Come back in 2 years.


It's ubisoft made so it's going to be bad somehow.


I'm enjoying Anno right now ( Ubisoft game aswell ), the first thing that comes to my mind would be to claim an island or a location as a pirate and make it your base / bastion. Just like Anno in the end ( think about the Pirates bastions you can encounter in game ). The bastion will be your own village so to say, managing housing and resources for your crew, while defending it against other foes. That's a bummer so many interesting checkboxes are still not covered on this game, basing my impression from that video.


And this was supposed to come in 2018 like sea of thieves


Its a ubi game expect a shit ton of mtx's. MAybe will pick up this game when it's 5 bucks. I know it's crazy to compare to sea of thieves but at least we are not nickel and dimed.


does anyone have a mirror? the link is down :’)


Yep, any mirror would be much appreciated!


Man with the responses here and throughout the internet I hope Ubisoft has been listening… LOL


Imagine if they had just did what people wanted and made a new series of games expanding on the systems in Black Flag. We'd be several games into a franchise now instead of hearing about this unreleased disaster over and over.


They had such a fun basis for a pirate game with AC Black Flag. Why TF couldn't they just leave well enough mostly alone and build on that? The groundwork was laid, the audience was happy, and people have been saying that's what they want ever since Black Flag came out - a fully fleshed-out game of THAT. Hey game studios - Wondering what your next project should be? Try listening to your audience (and correcting for the obvious a-holes).


This is a disappointment. Looks like a game that will be played 1 week and then forgotten forever. Ubisoft, probably you read here. We've all seen the leak. Just release trailer officially.


It looks like we only leave the ship at the main hub port, we do not even leave the ship to gather resources.


Wait a second, did I just watch a ship chop wood and mine ore? Who in their right mind thought that would be fun and engaging?


Edit: [~~Mirror~~](https://streamable.com/5xh1hc) **_____________________** It doesn't seem to differ from SOT all that much. Which was a game that I personally just couldn't get into because of how it was designed to be played.


Thank you very much!


How much do you want to bet this game will be DOA when released? Game devs are notorious for making bad, bad pirate games.


I wish crafting would die.


Since when do pirates craft ships? You buy ships or you take ships. Sure, craft improvements for your ship, but craft a whole ship? That's so dumb. And collecting resources is just pulling alongside them and watching an animation? Boarding a ship is just watching an animation? A mutiny is just watching an animation? This looks like a dumpsterfire from start to finish.


Wasn't this game in development hell cause they couldn't find a single focus? At one point it was apparently a MMORPG. Seems like they just want ot get it out already. It's bleeding money and resources, that Ubisoft could have spent on more surefire profitable releases.


looks like it would be better as a single player game like farcry primal


The original reveal trailer looked so dramatic with its stark, ominous visual style. But this gameplay looks like a bunch of Ubisoft games we've seen before just put through a seafaring filter. Definitely looking like a "wait til it's on Game Pass" kinda game.


How did Ubisoft fuck this up this bad? All they had to do was make another epic Black Flag, instead they are 200M in the hole and are promising us a cash grab we don't want. The entire thing STINKS of inept corporate greed and decision makers who ARE NOT VIDOE GAME DEVELOPERS. Me and my brother were so looking forward to this game, and now it's completely ruined. What a bunch of BS. It takes special kind of skills to mess up something this simple and good. All they had to do was make Black Flag without the Assassin's Creed. I mean, how simple was that? Greed.


The narrator sounds like a steward on China Airlines or EVA Air reading the safety guidelines lmao. Overall the game doesn’t seem different enough from Sea of Thieves to warrant a purchase.


This looks, surprisingly fun?


This looks boring and with a really low player base. Pass.


not going to lie this looks pretty damn cool i really like the art style they went with


Wait so boarding is a cut scene? Wow what a disappointment. And it looks like the typical Ubisoft mmo-lite that all of their games become


At this point I feel like they are trying to tank their share price so they can bought out. It's effectively a family business I can fully see the last man standing wanting one last pay out before he gets booted


6 minutes\* I meant whatever