That's a huge delay damn


It is but atleast it is actually time to get some stuff done if they actually utilize it


Yeah like NFTs


And locking quests/weapons behind seasons passes and pre orders.


Excuse me?




Cyberpunk had an extra year of development time and look at what those clowns did


Not every game is cyberpunk


Yeah but cyberpunk was especially shitty so I tried to make a comparison to that.


Imagine if they didn’t delay it and released whatever form of hell CP2077 was in at that point…


Ikr star field will be out before then


I'm equally concerned with Starfield, we don't know anything about it yet. ​ Hopefully it will be good.


We actually know more about Starfield than we do any other BGS games 10 months from release. It will probably be just fine.


Hopefully we'll get something on Fallout 3 / Skyrim level, they need it after the F76 bullshit.


This is the main team, so it’s more likely to be a big one. Their last new game was Fallout 4.


Fallout 76 (the original game from 2018) was also theirs in large part, and the first year updates to a smaller extent. But Starfield should be an all around bigger project in any case.


I think Microsoft will make sure Starfield releases this year, hell or high water. Even if it means pulling support from 2023 and beyond projects to help Bethesda Game Studios until launch.


How are you concerned about starfield? Do you know nothing about bethesda


That I am totally okay with. Halo Infinite was delayed from the Series S release and the full game is only just recently available and it is fantastic (I'm referring mainly to the campaign here. The MP has a lot of issues). Hopefully it'll be one of those games worth paying full price for. Also hopefully this is the last of the delays.


I tried to get into Metro Exodus to wait out Stalker but it’s just… not good. This is sad news.


Really?? Never played Stalker, but I thought Metro Exodus was a phenomenal game... A must play for anyone.


Idk, I tried 2 or 3 times to play it, but after like 4 hours each time it just didn’t click with me. I hated the voice acting, the writing wasn’t that great, and I didn’t like the combat. I felt like Fallout 3 and New Vegas did everything better besides graphics. But that’s just my opinion.


>I felt like Fallout 3 and New Vegas did everything better besides graphics. Different genre. Fallout 3 and New Vegas are RPGs, Metro Exodus is a shooter. Metro Exodus most definitely has better gunplay than any Fallout though.


It also has better survival elements, at least in terms of immersion and atmosphere.


they need more time to delete the NFT implementation


You sure this isn't to double down on NFTs?


Just rebranding. They are UTs now! Unreplaceable Tokens for all!






They were never going to have them in the game to begin with. What they proposed was just a stupid overly complicated version of an auction for someone to go to their office to be made into an NPC.


Hey, it’s the other person who actually read that article. Can’t believe there are two of us.


Just because the NPC itself was not an NFT doesn't mean NFT'd content would not be in the game. Also, slippery slope and such. We gotta fight this with everything we have.


I think people don’t understand what NFT’s are and instantly think about Twitter pfp’s and that somehow they’re inherently there to scam people


Kinda feels like it imo, they felt the outrage and now they have to do damage control on their end


> Kinda feels like it imo It's not going to take 11 months to remove a feature, why would you think this?


Nah if anything they're adding more "fEAtUrES" to it lmao.


December? Definitely going to be a 2023 release lol


Let’s be happy it ain’t a 2042 release


More like 2025.


That’s what he said, a 2030 release.


2040? I don’t think it’s 2055


Agreed, if they just need to polish, they'd delay it 3 to 4 months




Same, I don’t think they have much of anything to show for it other than pre-scripted slices and CGI. Well, back to Anomaly.


Why? There's absolutely nothing going on that would suggest that




>"we should have seen more gameplay by now" which obviously isn't a good reason at all. lol To me this sounds like a good reason. If the developers had more confidence in their product they would just show it. Showing more of the game would only benefit them by generating more hype. Besides people unfortunatly have to be suspicious of this sort of stuff after everything that happened in recent years. I am not into Stalker, literally didn't even know that Stalker 2 exists until recently, which is why I don't expect much. Still hope the game will be great for those who care.


That's basically how I guessed BF 2042 was going to turn out the way it was. DICE was barely showing off the game at all since its announcement, with the things they did show being drip fed over months of waiting. Not to mention zero communication with consumers about the state of the game. I made a similar guess with Godfall, as well. Basically, if you know you have a hit game, you will show it off since you are confident that the gameplay alone will impress. It's already a red flag if a game is close to release yet the playerbase hasn't seen anything noteworthy.


I think he might just be pulling things out of his arse tbh It's probably a side-effect of the openness of the modern world regarding development, people forget that there are other reasons to hide things besides being scammed, one of the bigger benefits is you can change things and people won't compare it to gameplay reveals




Anomaly is ridiculously fun, I wish there was a way to run it on my series x with a mouse and keyboard but my buddy has a nice gaming pc he and I built that I get to play it on so oh well Edit: just because its ridiculous to me imagine dropping like 3 grand on pc parts to build a league of legends machine lol thats all my boy plays on it and I have the mediocre steam library that atleast has the stalker trilogy


Rip OG stalker fans who've been waiting 10 years for this game lmao...like me...


What’s another 7 months after 10 years lol


Isn't that what we said for Cyberpunk too?


This one hurts different x_x


Last minute delays like this usually aren’t a very good sign of a games development state


I was expecting like a 3 to 6 months delay. Almost 8 months it's a lot.


6 months - you sleep 8 months - REAL SHIT


Understandable have a nice year


I mean the rumor was delayed into the fall. No one was ready for practically Winter


Theres been no gameplay shown, 3-6 months would be too little if i were to guess, even 8 with the ambition of the game...


I remember waiting nearly six years for the first game, so I can deal with a few more months.


We waited 10+ years, we can wait one more year if it mean the game is going to be better


Just play Anomaly. Problem solved.


Well at least we have atomic heart to look forward too. *gets delayed*


If the game is good, I won't be mad. If it still sucks, then I won't buy it lol. How many of the original devs are even there? I guess either way it'll be fine :P


Good question about the devs


It's on game pass day one so no one should be buying it


I believe in owning my games. That being said, I will be trying it on game pass first then if it is actually good I will buy it on sale.


I totally understand wanting to own your games, but game pass has allowed me to a) try games I wouldn't otherwise have tried, or b) play games as soon as they come out without having to wait for a sale. You could always think of it as a way to try out a game before buying it, and if that's the case, you get a nice little discount on buying any games or DLC that are on Gamepass. A good example would be Desperados 3. I played it on gamepass, found out i loved it, and now I just bought it to add to my collection.


Oh I completely agree that's exactly what I was saying just worded better. Someone gave it to me as a gift and to me it's a subscription to try games. And then I can always buy once the game is on sale to offset the cost.


Oh, gotcha. :P


Well I got news for you. Steam, and pretty much every other service, operate as a subscription service and have the right to revoke your access to any content you have in your library. Really the only way to “own” your games is A) piracy or B) play on console and never hook that thing up to the internet. Kinda sucks.




That's not what a subscription service is. And none of this is news to me. I have never had a single product removed from my account, including those that have been taken off of digital stores after I purchased them. I also own physical games when possible. And here's the thing, if I buy a game and then it is removed from my account then I don't consider downloading it from non official sources piracy. And I have yet to find a single case where it was treated as such. If it's abandonware then what does it matter? This is what is great about PC and emulation.


I guess what I meant is you don’t own the game but a license to it, per the steam user agreement. But yeah I agree, morally that’s not stealing since at one point you did own it, however I think you could still be charged with a crime. Although HIGHLY unlikely haha > According to the agreement that you agree to every single time you buy a game on Steam, "the Content and Services are licensed, not sold. Your license confers no title or ownership in the Content and Services." You're not buying the games, you're buying the license to use them. https://www.techradar.com/news/pc-game-ownership-in-the-digital-age-what-do-you-do-in-a-post-ownership-age


Extremely unlikely given that for copyright infringement the claim must be made by the copyright holder. I garentee you that if a game is completely ripped off market, to the point you can't access it if you bought it, the company wouldn't even exist anymore. Given that a lawsuit could still be made to the individual company if the game is revoked even if third party sellers like steam are allowed to revoke licenses. Also just an FYI the actual reason Steam, Microsoft, Sony etc. Hold that right is so they can delete completely in active accounts or those who blatantly violate policy to the point that you are banned. Not so they can remove games from active accounts.


how? xbox games can't be installed offline. ps4 has/had that cmos drm. day one updates are a thing and according to the steam subscriber agreement any games can be taken away from you at any time so there's no ownership there


Cmos has been patched. And playstation games historically come with all the data on disc. Except for exceptions like online only games or games with a big online component


Many games have day 1 updates tho so that's a big issue


Very true. Like cyberpunk could be played completely offline on playstation with never having been connected online. But without patches. Yikes. Even with patches... But for the games that do work. It's good to know. As a collector, it's nice to know I own the game


Either way cool to have boxes I wish PC kept doing it (even if it was just codes in a box)


Good Old Games


Fair enough, forgot about that. Yeah I got game pass ultimate


I'm in Spain but without the s


That’s a huge delay


I imagine that time of the year is suicide for certain game dev's games, in a year as stacked as this. Just saying, I wouldn't want to release with-in 30 days of Starfield.


This feels like the first part of a delay to mid 2023


Cyberpunk flashbacks


A delay is good though. More time to polish


Yeah, even in the trailers the game didn't looked polished and given that I played the first one and how much they delayed this one, boyy its gonna be buggy.


I feel like this game is just going to become a 2023 game lol. It’s a bummer for sure, but I’d rather get a finished product. Especially after all of these half baked releases we’ve had lately


Just slap my dick why don’t they.


Cyberpunk 2077 vibes all over again


Not really compared to cyberpunk imo.. the marketing for both games are the complete opposite. One hyped us and lied to our faces, while stalker has barely shown gameplay.


I just found it funny that it delayed to an exact year after Halo released. They also probably want to cut out all that NFT stuff to put something else in there. You'll probably see more it at some Xbox event. Whether that be E3 or something else.


And so the game delays begin, I saw a post last week talking about all the great releases in 2022 and my first thought was “how many get delayed”


Shit i was like "Finally a year where they release some game/s on my birth month(April)"then boom,Stalker 2 gets delayed lol


Dang. There’s like nothing major to play on Xbox until September - October. Big Yikes.


Sounds like 2021 all over again.


Sounds like every Xbox year. E3, look at all this good shit coming out early next year or late this year!! ***Either all delayed or disappointing/meh releases***


>***Either all delayed or disappointing/meh releases*** Straight up bullshit, most Microsoft exclusives over the past year have been very very good


Microsoft barely has any good exclusives since 2013. How's that bullshit ? The only good ones I remember were all forza games, flight sim, maybe Ryse and sunset overdrive. Other than that, they have nothing since xbox one launch


So what you're saying, is that apart from the good exclusives games Microsoft has released, they haven't released any good exclusive games?


Lmao, we've just had Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, each game is fantastic and will have plenty of content, also Redfall is slated for summer 2022


Honestly it’s wild. I can’t really remember a console launch where the first two years have had next to nothing for exclusives.


PS4 Launch was pretty bad, between late 2013 and late 2015 Bloodborne was really the only thing worth playing (Though that's one of the best games of all time)


Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall - Yea, those games arent that good in hindsight, but at the time, brand new editions in storied franchises was a big deal


What? There's other games other than first party lmao Elden Ring and Dying Light 2 are just 2 out of many. This whole narrative around only first party games counting makes absolutely no sense at all.


Yeah man, I don't get it. 90% of the games I play are multiplat - and I believe the same applies to most gamers. I really don't understand the big fuss about it


If there isn't such a big fuss about it, then then why does microsoft continually feel the need to market these studios under the game pass umbrella? they are not releasing games. Kind of pointless to hype us up about these studios given we will now be at over two years without many of them releasing anything on next gen.


I'm sorry man, I'm not following. Can you elaborate? I don't see the correlation between marketing a game that's still "far from release", like any entretainment company does (hype = money), and the ruckus I've seen because there's no big Xbox 1st party games (or any kind of exclusives) for the first half of 2022. And hey, don't take this the wrong way. I'm honestly confused


I'm trying to say I am going to regret my xbox game pass subscription if all these AAA first party titles keep getting delayed. The third party ones are not included in game pass - They need to do better for it to be worth it for me.


I see what you mean, and I sort of agree. I mean, I want to play these true next gen games as soon as possible as well, especially Starfield (hopefully doesn't get delayed). But regardless, we still have a strong gamepass line-up for 2022, difference is this line-up is scheduled for late 2022. Heck, I'm not trying to "defend" MS, I'm not their lawyer (I wish). Indeed, the ideal scenario would be if these games were kinda diluted along the year. But delays happen, unfortunately. Hopefully we'll get a more "consistent" release schedule in the coming years, so gamepass stays valuable for us subscribers all year long, at least regarding new games


I just feel like in 2020/2021 i was told about all these games coming to gamepass. So I subscribed. Now they are saying we might not even get them in 2022? Maybe not even till 2023+? It just is starting to really seem like a shit subscription service unless you like replaying old games/multiplayer games. I understand some people enjoy those things, but def not me.


That's all right man. To each their own. I still believe that Gamepass is a great deal, I'm playing through ME Trilogy again for instance


And it's made out like it's that much different on other platforms, PlayStation has Horizon for the start of the year, beyond that it's 3rd party deals much like Xbox up until God of War (maybe) or GT7. Hell, there's probs games both platforms have held off showing that are releasing this year. Gonna be a great year for gaming in general, people need to chill out lmao


Yes! These kind of comments like "wow (insert platform) has no games for the first half of the year" only serve to flame some console wars, even if it isn't what the guy intended. 2022 is shaping up to be an excellent year to every platform - regarding both 1st and 3rd party games.


Yeh spot on dude, you'd think these people play like 1, 2 games a year tops if they think only first party count lool. Pretty much is just to fuel console war bs.


Keep making excuses for the weak first 9 months the platform has. Maybe this is why we’re having a repeat of 2021. If you’re a PS fan you have Horizon, GT7, Forspoken, and GhostWire to look forward before June to in addition to the multiplats What do Xbox fans have? It’s not even a console war thing, the year is objectively worse.


How is it excuses? Games are being delayed constantly due to covid, Xbox can't help the fact there's a fucking pandemic going on especially when it comes to their 3rd party partnerships. Personally I'm looking forward to trying Remedy's Crossfire campaign, aswell as trying Rainbow Six Extraction on Gamepass. I'm also loving Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 and look forward to seeing how they progress over the year with DLC and stuff. Aslong as they keep up with great gamepass gets like they have been, I have no issue holding off until the 1st party games are ready. Redfall, Forza Motorsport, Starfield and Stalker 2 already makes up a pretty nice lineup if all goes well. The big reason Sony has such a strong first half of this year is because Horizon was delayed out of last year. The backend of the year on PS was dry as hell. Unfortunately the same issue has arisen for stalker 2. Regardless, I'm lucky enough to own both and I'm looking forward to the PS games this year. Both platforms have some great titles coming.


Man what?! PS cooled off in the last three months of last year. It was non-stop from launch up until September 😂.


It was a great first year for sure, loved Demon's Souls and Returnal. Xbox Game Studios released Psychonauts 2, Flight Sim, Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite in the same year on Xbox. Age of Empires IV on PC aswell which is supposedly coming over to console next year. All very well received games. They also got that crazy MLB the show deal on gamepass that blew up, wouldnt be surprised to see that happen again. Hades, Outriders, Back For Blood all on gamepass too. They definitely didn't just sit there and do nothing last year and the same will happen going into 2022.


It's kind of sad that you are trying to justify the fact that you might only see a few AAA first party releases this entire xbox generation at the rate they are releasing games. But hey, dlc and third party games I pay full price for will make up for my monthly subscription? yikes.


They literally released multiple games last year and have games releasing again this year. I enjoyed the games that released and that's all that matters to me. As someone that plays alot of games that monthly subscription has saved me a fuck ton of money. They've had some great games releasing into it. The consoles released at the worse possible time with covid so delays are expected, its definitely going to be a long gen at this rate but I've still had fun with both consoles. Call me sad all you want


yeah Microsoft has been saying "a few more years" for games, since like 2018 lol


Most of their future AAA games started development around 2019, so it was always gonna be atleast a 4 year wait. Which puts us at 2023 for them to start dropping, and right when last gen support drops and we start to see UE5 games release. The wait is unfortunate but as long as you didn't take those hype statements too literally, it still checks out. Covid doesn't help things either.


Welp, Xbox isn’t going to have anything in the first half of the year again. Disappointing. Horizon and Elden Ring will keep me busy though. Maybe GT7.


GT7 for sure for me Elden rings might try it out.


There is CrossFireX and that’s it I think. Second half looks strong with Redfall and Starfield.


Redfall has no gameplay right?


No Gameplay, only Cinematic. Starfield has In-Game stuff.


starfield has "in engine" stuff, idk if weve seen full on gameplay just yet. both games major question marks


Thank God they bought bethesda cuz jesus…


Also Motor Sport I think is slated for this year.


No information on that yet some people are even saying 2023-2024


Idk if someone cares about that CSGO wannabe game, and for Redfall is supposed to release in the summer and we know just that it's a co-op looter shooter with Vampires instead of zombies, I had enough of those type of game's, maybe it will be something different, but I doubt it.


I just got into those again after deep rock galactic. But man back 4 blood, and Aliens fire team were just so mediocre. Hopefully Redfall will be great.


I really hope so, I realized how good was L4D2 after playing B4B. But this gerne seems really hard to get it right, the only decent looter-shooter right now is Destiny 2.


redfall and starfield are coming this year? i have my doubts


Starfield is almost set on stone, Redfall I’m not sure


Starfield will take a few patches before it works properly if history is a guide


I think they have a good chance of meeting their deadlines.


Dying light 2?


Hoping rumors are true of that coming to Gamepass day 1


Is Warhammer still coming?


yeah next month. PC only though.


Was to be expected with a game of such scope


Seems like it is going to be a really slow year for AAA first party games on xbox game pass, unless they start announcing 2022 dates for some of the games we haven't seen for a while like Avowed. Hopefully no Starfield delay, but thankfully we have many third party games and a few playstation exclusives hopefully releasing early enough to keep us busy till the big xbox studios are ready.


>Seems like it is going to be a really slow year for AAA first party games on xbox game pass Why does it matter, if its a first party of third party game releasing day 1 on GamePass? Also Stalker isn't first party anyway?


What AAA games are releasing on gamepass this year? i might be misunderstanding your question


The new sniper elite, Plague Tale and Warhammer games? Can't remember the official name for any of them, but they are coming day 1 on GamePass Plus you've got smaller games like Hello Neighbor 2, Slime Rancher 2, Atomic heart


no offense but i still stand by slow year even with those releases. not a ton of an audience for those games


Bruh, those count as tent pole AAA’s? Lol


I have a nagging feeling this game is gonna be shid.


u/Grandius Come get your crown.


If I learned anything about a year delay, is that nothing will change and we won't even get forge, coop, or the ability to customize our Spartans.


Gives me more time to pay off my collectors edition at least. Huge delay though.


Sweeet. Just enough time to nab ne a new xbox


happy 2022


To me personally it was pretty obvious they're gonna delay it. It's a significant game and their trailer looked absolutely astonishing. You don't release something you just announced out of the blue after a couple of months.


Just finished SOC for the first time. Hopefully COP and Cleary Sky+ mods like Anomaly can hold me over for this long


I can wait


People are going to be busy playing Starfield then. Unless that gets....


I see they’re taking a page out of the Shadow of Chernobyl book. Delay it like 20 times.


Welp, bummed. But, if (STALKER) does not get delayed again, 2022 is still a year packed with releases. Hope it's a treat for us, and not a series of letdowns ( looking at you BF 2042, Cyberbug 2077)


Delays and dismays. The usual “need more time for polishing and testing” excuse. Come release day, the complaints will be “why is this game not polished enough?”.


Damn that’s major.


To be honest knowing GSC I'd be more surprised by them finishing the game on time than delaying it. Wouldn't be shocking if we see another delay later this year.


Take em a while to removed the NFT oriented gameplay no doubt


Damn, that's some Halo Infinity kind of delay. Let's hope it turns out as good as halo.


Was that /s?


At this point, if Stalker 2 turns out as good as Halo Infinite I will consider it a large miracle.


Remember kids, December is the absolute deadline pubishers give when devs ask for another year in development!


What am I missing here? December ‘22 is approximately 11 months away, not seven. Edit: Duh. Thanks, guys.


7 from OG release date of April.


They're talking about an 7-8 month delay from April since that's when the game was supposed to launch.


seven months away from april


7 months from previous planned release date (April 28th)


Sweet so for PS5 it's delayed until June 2023




Good luck with Starfield releasing in November.


I wonder if this will push Microsoft to try and secure some big third-party games on Gamepass for the first half of the year.


Not surprising seeing as we haven't even seen any gameplay yet


We have got gameplay though? I mean we haven't seen a big 15 minute uncut gameplay section but we have a 8 minute long gameplay trailer. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfmhfDvOyP0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfmhfDvOyP0)


That very obviously looks pre-rendered. No way it's live gameplay


I remember when everyone thought the Battlefront 2015 trailers were prerendered and definitely not live gameplay.


Just because it looks good doesn't make it pre-rendered? I could see the camp fire scenes being pre rendered but there are many sections in that trailer that look like gameplay, like the animations are way to janky to be pre-rendered. I am not saying this won't be downgraded or this isn't running on a high-end PC on max settings. But there is no evidence to suggest the devs are lying here.


They probably need to find another way of ~~making~~ milking more money out of this game after removing the NFTs




All good. Lots of games to play now.


I have such a big backlog of games that I’m kinda okay when games get delayed nowadays, would rather they be the best they can be rather than released as a mess.


a delayed game is eventually good so personally i don’t mind


Dead on arrival launching weeks after Starfield


please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up, please don't fuck it up