Dishonored 3 in Tyvia please, snowy nothern/Russian environment would look so cool


Next gen dishonored 3 would look badass.


Please be Dishonored 3


I hope its a sequel to Arx Fatalis. That game was way ahead of its time but the tech wasn't there. Hell I'd love to see that game The Crossing they put on hold come back. Again a concept ahead of its time


Yeah, I love both Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah.


![gif](giphy|10UeedrT5MIfPG) Arkane just not gonna stop either. They're gonna take that MS money and just go wild. Yes!!!


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My money is on dishonored 3.


Dishonored 3 is definitely something a lot of people would love to see, and is probably the safer route (as opposed to a new IP.) But I'd also love to see them expand on the Dishonored universe somehow (outside of Corvo & fam, etc.) Visually their games are looking better and better. Story wise I'm curious as to where they could go though 🤔


Well considering the events of the Death of the Outsider? I could see them make the next Dishonored game take place on Pandyssia. Playing as some sort of tribal shaman / new inheritor of the voids power after the death / abdication of the outsider could certainly work. Have it set a couple of decades after Emily dies, and her heir takes over and tries to expand the empire. Pretty good recipe for a third game in my mind.


If Emily was to die I feel like we would have to see it instead of hearing about it. Like maybe after corvo died because of old age or something she’s gone crazy and gets assassinated and u have to investigate who did it.


I personally think reading about her and Corvos death is the most likely scenario we are going to get for the next game in the series. I really fin it likely the next game is set WAY after the first two, like at least close to a hundred years later, with her descendant in power. They need to make a large enough gap between the games anyway at this point to allow for things like the Outsider no longer being in power to actively hit the world and influence it. Which is another reason why I think Pandyssia newly settled by whatever Kladwin is in power at the time is a good way forward for the setting. Pandyssia in the lore was always heavily hinted to be way more connected to the void and weird stuff in general than the Islands themselves. It allows for more sprawling levels more deeply connected with the Void and whatever replaces the Outsider and for that matter more wild powers if they like. I see Corvo and Emily being likely relegated to some statue in the Dunwall Tower during the next games into with some book telling us about their later life in short detail close by. That's it. Dunwall itself only being seen once before departing the Island for Pandyssia. Or maybe I am wrong, and they go a completely different direction. Quite possible too!


I remember having a probably incredibly stupid idea of following Sokolov on a solo adventure, playing as a decrepit old man for once. I dunno how it would work, but playing as an old man in the cold northern part of the world intrigued me.


There is a newspaper clipping in the last game that said he opened a academy I think. It’s definitely tricky with basically how the last game ended but not impossible.


Calling it now... Fallout: Lyon




developers developing


Why is everyone talking about Shadowrun + Arkane ?


Grubb said there might be rumblings for Shadowrun and https://twitter.com/DBakaba/status/1453027848625741835?s=20 We like speculations.


Grubb said earlier this week that Shadowrun may be coming back, and Arkane has a knack for world building and fantasy infused settings


its gotta be dishonored 3


Shadowrun, Dishonored 3, Arx Fatalis sequel or a new ip are the logical choices imo. Haven’t played Deathloop but that doesn’t seem like a game that can get a sequel.


Hope it’s shadow run. Think Arkane is capable of it


PREY 2???


I hope so, the Prey name needs to expand to the number two this time.


That question is what makes me wonder what is Roundhouse doing


Probably not, Prey was from Arkane Austin. I could see the Austin studio working on that after Redfall, though.


They're rumored to be working on Redfall and "Project Blacksky"


I have never heard of Project Blacksky, but it would make sense for them to be doing pre-production on their next game for after Redfall.


Was part of the Nvidia Leak.


add this to the list of upcoming Xbox exclusives. sheesh this generation is going to be stacked. I hope they break away from the Dishonored formula and do something completely new and different


Simply because I was watching Swords & Scorcery videos earlier I'm gonna say Dishonored VR bc it reminded me of it


Doubt theyll do anything VR now as an Xbox studio.


It's up to Bethesda I guess. They've got the data for Fallout and Skyrim VR to know if it would be worth their time to launch it on pc


I mean Its not really. its up to MS, since they own them. Dont think theyre going to put major resources towards something that cant run on their consoles. Same thing with any potential Starfield or TES6 VR.


There was a Borderlands type game in development at Arkane. That's my guess at least.


That's Redfall


and it's gonna be amazing


I think that as well. I can't wait!


There arte two Arkane teams, Arkane Austin (Redfall, Prey) and Arkane Lyon (Deathloop, Dishonored 2). Dishonored 1 was made by both teams in collaboration.


I would really love to see them go big on a new prey. Maybe have both studios work on it for a bit. I really love prey.