Tom Henderson - big news from Xbox this week, possibly Halo Infinite campaign gameplay soon.

Tom Henderson - big news from Xbox this week, possibly Halo Infinite campaign gameplay soon.


I dare them to do the same demo from last year, beat for beat.


Lol. Even if they don't, I am sure when the game releases we will have someone do an exact recreation of that demo and uploaded to youtube on day one haha


> we will have someone do an exact recreation of that demo and uploaded to youtube someone did that with halo 5 forge it is on youtube.


Best way to do it. No spoilers, but it shows the improvement in the game.


That's honestly exactly what I want to see. It will be easier to see what's changed and what hasn't. But for the love of god, they need to change the brute warrior monologue at the end lol


That brute monologue is different according to the datamined campaign leaks also in the campaign gameplay trailer it says different stuff


Wouldn't be shocked if the monologue was made just for the demo. The entire thing had the vibe of the character talking directly to the audience/player.


lol i liked that dialogue. Had that come at me bro vibes from yakuza games.


Brute shows up and immediately tears his armour off to reveal his chiseled abs.


Don't forget the sick back tattoo


can it be back hair shaved in a design instead? sounds like a brute thing


I'd kill for Infinite to end with the Brute and Chief shirtless (Chief still has the helmet on, obviously) and beating the shit out of each other with bikes and park benches.


*Rise and shine, Chief.* *Look.* *The war is over.*


He seems like a really fun villain lol. Honestly, Halo 4 and 5 were missing that tongue-in-cheek 80s action movie vibes that so much of the best parts of the Bungie games had. The villains had big convoluted schemes to enslave the galaxy due to their philosophical views on the universe, and while I can appreciate a more serious Halo story to an extent, it can often get exhausting in it's grimness. This guy's whole motivation (beyond whatever the Banished are up to on the ring) is "I want to beat the shit out of Master Chief because I want to prove myself the biggest badass in the galaxy". Having a villain that pumps you up is refreshing, and I think indicative of the lighter tone 343 is going for this time around.


I think having a villain that is opposing the master Chief because he’s too cool is a too cool idea


The extended lore for him is pretty great. He’s an old brute, was around before the brutes joined the covenant and has pretty much done everything a brute can. His obsession with Chief is deciding he’s either gonna die in the greatest fight of his life or die a total legend.


Same, I actually really liked his speech and was surprised to hear some people hated it. Sure it's a little cheesy, but I like a little cheese in halo games. Also the brute's main motivation being just to fight Chief one on one to see who's the biggest badass is awesome to me, it's always cool to see how the Halo world itself views Chief's legendary status and seeing one of the former Covenant species directly acknowledge to his face how much of a legend he is is cool


Not a chance, all it would do is create petty pixel comparisons instead of enjoying what’s shown


They needed to update the model and the lighting from that scene. Escharum looked like a mega construct figure.


Oh god I fucking hated the monologue. Every other sentence he was breathing all hard and went "ahhhrrgh". It was so bad


The bad monologue mixed with the awful textures made me cringe.


Playing heroic sounding music meant to hype up this super awesome and deep antagonist who I totally won't shoot in the face in a cutscene toward the end.


Oh god, it was a poor man’s WWE promo.


Its ultimate cringe with the music.... I hope they keep it.


Lol that was so bad. You have your first gameplay trailer in 5 years and 3 out of the 8 minutes is taken up by some ugly Brute giving a cheesy monologue. What were they thinking?


Seeing people get so excited over that realized the tone of modern Halo may just not be fore me lol


Its pretty consistent with Jiralhanae culture, especially when it comes to the Banished. Spartan's aren't demons to the Banished like they were the Covenant, but they're still prized kills. Escharum is pissing himself with excitement at the chance to be the one who kills THE Master Chief, and that shows. Is it kinda cheesy? Maybe, but Tartarus was only one degree of separation away from a Saturday morning cartoon villain, so its not all that inconsistent.


Definitely. Show us what’s improved.


or let the player play the demo on their own


Yeah, people already datamined campaign spoilers and tons of other things from a multiplayer tech test, no way in hell they give us a section of the campaign. Its not worth the risk or their time.


I just want my brute to look like an og Xbox level graphics . Upgrade everything else lol


a trailer alongside the updated playable demo would be nice


Soon could just mean November 15th since it’s less than one month away. Wow I just realized as I’m typing this that the anniversary is super close.


What the fuck has happened to October? ive blinked and its gone


Holy shit


If you're a Halo fan, this is a blessing versus a curse.


Lol we’ll see


And Halo Trailers usually come out at Xbox related events


I wonder if we'll see the campaign on the 20th anniversary?


This is my bet. Maybe an announcement this week for an event next month.


Xbox website already 360 themed stuff definitely happening this week.


Back compat, then?


Really dislike the word “soon” It can mean anything between a few minutes from now to a few months.


Sometimes it can even mean years 😅


Battlefront II fam has 'nam flashbacks...




yeah, it has become a common phrase for nearly everything lately, I get they don't want to overcommit incase of delays, but it just being up in the air is mildly annoying


Betelgeuse will blow up up soon.


Dont worry we will soon remove the word soon.


When will then be now?


Same i hate dat word for this reason it’s so vague


Another day, another "Big Xbox news coming soon!" tweet




Pretty sure that's just multiplayer


No. Halo infinites campaign and multiplayer is releasing together. The co op campaign feature and forge is delayed


Interesting how you are "pretty sure" when you are actually fully wrong.


I would hope there's more but the website 360 skin lends credence that more bc games are coming


This is practically guaranteed. People like Ryan McCaffrey are not doing their regularly scheduled podcast, because they are "on assignment"


Oh really I didn’t notice this but if true it would make sense.


I’m pretty sure XGS publishing fable tweets are one of these announcements


You mean the tweets that got pulled?


Yeah. That couldn’t have been for nothing considering Xbox themselves replied to the tweet. Plus XGS publishing are the ones who collab with other studios that aren’t first party. They also said “kicking off something special” so it’s an announcement of something. They are probably doing it sometime this week but not today since it backfired


As someone who desperately wants a touched up Fable 2 for PC, id do anything. But this sounds like some serious coping. I'd be very surprised if they end up announcing anything related especially after the correction tweet.


How is it coping? They obviously have something to announce. XGS publishing partner with other studios. It’s makes sense it’s not coping. I really want a fable 2 remaster. But it could be anything to do with fable. I never said it’s a fable remaster


It’s coping because they literally clarified they have nothing to announce game wise. Why would they say that publicly to stop all the speculation if they actually had something after all?


> they literally clarified they have nothing to announce game wise. Why would they say that publicly to stop all the speculation if they actually had something after all? No they said they have no big game announcements and specifically no info about Playgroungs Fable reboot. Using the specific wording makes it seem like it’s very much older fable related


When did I say it’s about a game? I said it’s fable related obviously. You don’t need a brain to figure that out. It’s not speculation when they literally said “kick off something special tomorrow”. They have something to announce and now they’re waiting to announce it. You’re calling what I say speculation when XGS publishing themselves said they’re doing something special 😂whose really coping here? It’s on you if you thought it was a game


Honestly, I'd love to see more 360 games get ported over to PC. I hope after yesterday, they see that there's a demand for these older games on PC.


Absolutely not


Yup! I’d love to see fable 2 on pc! I’d kill for banjo nuts and blots or viva piñata


but why the chicken reference if it was related to halo?


New chicken physics for Halo Infinite confirmed!


Tom Henderson never said they are just showing halo. He said other people have said they will announce other stuff.


Still don't understand what happened yesterday. - they teased some special news for today. - they hinted it's related to fable and they can't call it "fable anniversary" because it's taken. - Xbox replied with eyes emoji. - hours later they deleted the tweet and saying they don't have anything to announce. This looks like a change in plans.


Considering how close all this is to a 20th Anniversary event it might be consolidation. Want to save the news for then. Or it could have just been a big miscommunication. Who knows.


Hilarious how some people in the tweet thread's automatic go-to is acquisitions.


I am surprised some Xbox fans are still clamoring for new acquisitions. Microsoft bought Bethesda that’s as good as it gets. (Edit) Going from 7 upvotes to -1 downvotes, must have hit a nerve.


I like to think most of them are satire at this point, but some people do truly believe Xbox is boutta buy out the entire gaming industry lol man so many Xbox and Playstation warriors make the regular fanbases look terrible


>man so many Xbox and Playstation warriors make the regular fanbases look terrible It’s truly sad to see but another good reminder to never make a Twitter account or to engage debating anyone on Twitter.


Gotta say, once you get real liberal with the block button and don't have to see those fools, it's so much better. You start to realize how weird it is that they prefer bitching on Twitter to playing games


I find the wildest thing is bragging about missing out on great games. If you love games you should want to experience as many great games as possible and each platform has some truly outstanding ones. It took me time but I eventually got a representative for each console over like 6 years. Recently upgraded my Xbox and will upgrade my PS5 hopefully next year or early 2023. I want to be able to experience all of these great games regardless of console.


It's reddit too


I wouldnt be surprised if MS straight up buys Ubisoft for e.g., but there is no need to. I think theyre trying to go for a more "pro consumer" PR this time around. 9Game pass, back compat, cross plat between Xbox / PC etc). So simply buying everyone will hurt their image.


Microsoft really doesn't need more studios. As much as I like seeing studios get bigger budgets to create better games, I also like to see less consolidation across the industry. Bethesda was fine, much better Microsoft get it than Amazon or Google (and as a PC player, better than Sony who apparently was looking for timed exclusivity for Starfield, god I hate that shit), but like damn that's plenty, launch new studios instead or increase your third-party publishing instead.


>Sony who apparently was looking for timed exclusivity for Starfield, Wouldn’t that still have meant that the game would have released day one on PC because Playstation often focusses on timed **console** exclusive deals?


They've done a few that won't be/didn't coming to PC at launch, both FF7R and FFXVI. Who knows if Starfield would have been big enough to warrant a full exclusivity contract.


no company is dumb enough to make a game permanently exclusive to one platform. too much money to ignore.


I'm specifically talking launch. I'm sure FF will make its way over, but after a period of exclusivity


Because they said that they werent finished yet so they think acquisition.


Despite that it’s still somewhat surprising to me that acquisition is still the go to idea some Xbox fans have when upcoming new is discussed. You’d think that they be more interested in new Game-Pass addition or FPS boosts for older games or i don’t know news about the 20 ish games we still no little to nothing about. Microsoft buying Bethesda is the gaming acquisition of the decade in my opinion and to expect more like them to me is just silly, despite Microsoft claims of aggressive expansion. Atleast i can somewhat understand the reasoning when PlayStation fans say “acquisition” because some want to see Sony’s response to losing out to a lot of games now that Bethesda is part of Xbox. Again it’s still silly to yell acquisition every time someone says “incoming news” but in some instances it’s more understandable then others.


>Atleast i can somewhat understand the reasoning when PlayStation fans say “acquisition” because some want to see Sony’s response to losing out to a lot of games now that Bethesda is part of Xbox. it's not just about playstation in these days people look at exclusive as something that should be taken away from other platforms not something developed by these companies first party studios.


I don't *want* games taken away from other platforms, I just want games to be guaranteed to come to my preferred platform (Xbox). I'm tired of games skipping Xbox entirely or not coming to Xbox until years later, and I've been tired of Sony's 3rd party exclusivity deals for a while now. So if MS aqcuiring studios is what it takes for games to not skip my preferred platform, then I'm fine with it. I don't like the fact that games are being taken away from other platforms, I agree it sucks, but I'm just tired of games and even content in games being taken away from the one I prefer. Case in point, Sony had already made timed deals for Ghostwire and Deathloop, and were also trying to do the same with Starfield. I'm *not* glad that PS players will miss out on future Bethesda games, but as an Xbox player I'm glad I don't have to worry about it.


even playstation owners dislike timed exclusivity because it doesn't have any benefit for them. but 1- timed exclusivity has been a habit for market leaders because it comes cheap for them. don't believe me? just go and see how many timed exclusives 360 had! 2- a game become exclusive to ps for 6-12 months it's more tolerable than a whole publisher being bought. ms buying a publisher means their games will be taken away from ps forever. but hey good news ! those games will come to xbox. just wait few more months and you'll be able to play them. but guess what? i will never get the chance to play starfield unless I buy an xbox.


>Sony had already made timed deals for Ghostwire and Deathloop, and were also trying to do the same with Starfield. I don’t get your issue why be afraid these games wouldn’t come to Xbox when they were merely timed exclusives? It sucks to wait but they would still show up on the Xbox store sooner or later.


It's not just the fear of games not coming at all, timed exclusivity deals for 3rd party games are also really annoying. Why should I have to wait an extra year or more for a game to come instead of it coming at launch? Just because I chose the "wrong" platform and Sony threw money at a publisher to keep a game off of it? It's one thing to financially help a game's development if it otherwise wouldn't have happened, like what they're doing with Lost Soul Aside, but just paying to keep 3rd party games off of other platforms is really shitty. And yes, it's shitty when MS does it too. At least with acquisitions, they're flatout buying the publisher/studio/IP, so they own it. If Sony were to have Insomniac make a Sunset Overdrive 2 as a PS5 exclusive I wouldn't be mad, because they own that studio and IP now so they can do what they want. Likewise, I'm not going to be mad when MS does what they want with what they own. I don't *want* them to make Bethesda games exclusive to Xbox, but it doesn't really matter what I want, it's not up to me. In the end, they're going to do what's best for *their* business with the property *they* now own. Likewise, Sony will continue to do what they feel is best for their business as well, but that doesn't mean I have to like or be ok with it when it impacts me as a consumer.


I find timed exclusives insulting, to the point that I do not bother playing anything that ends up timed. It makes me feel like the dev/publisher doesn't respect consumers. Timed exclusives that are timed for no other reason than because a platform holder paid for the privilege are the worst. For that reason, I'd much rather a game be fully exclusive rather than timed.


Wouldn't an acquisition basically be a Gamepass announcement for Xbox owners? Like if Microsoft bought Sega then Persona 5 would be on Xbox.


I mean new games can be added to Gamepass without having to buy set company. But i suppose you are technically right.


Yeah but it is the ultimate gamepass announcement since you know all future work is coming as well. I always cheer acquisitions from Xbox for that reason. Also Xbox and gamepass is so affordable these days no one is missing out except ppl that just refuse to have anything to do with Xbox.


Whilst yes, these acquisition fanatics clearly are insecure about their console choice if it’s only acquisition news they are interested in. Also Microsoft could literally pay for a game pass partnership without acquiring sega, so it’s honestly sad championing big established publishers who’ve been around for decades to be purchased just so it’s removed on other platforms. More acquisitions will come but I don’t support the hunger from it by these ‘fans’


Yeah I support the Xbox acquisitions that are more home grown studios with established relationships to Xbox and not the biggest budgets or the acquisitions of studios that are struggling. Seeing companies like Obsidian, and Double Fine, and InXile and Ninja Theory be able to spend time developing games exactly how they want with it at less concerns about money is great. Bethesda did say they were struggling so I can kind of see the acquisition but it’s a little less cool when it is such a big publisher. I can see why Microsoft might want to buy someone like Sega or Capcom or SEWest but I definitely prefer it when they buy smaller struggling developers and give them the opportunity they need to really showcase their talents. I’d say Double Fine and Obsidian are clearly already working out.


“Bethesda did say they were struggling” I am sorry but that’s just nonsense.


I mean making games is very expensive and they had their usual hits but had a couple big flops too. I don’t think they needed to be bought and I think it would’ve been better for gaming if they stayed independent. Just relaying what a lot of people said about why they sold.


You keep saying insecure about their console but some dont even have a console(sure that is a choice too). Something that people making this particular argument that "literally pay for a game pass partnership without acquiring sega, so it’s honestly sad championing big established publishers who’ve been around for decades to be purchased just so it’s removed on other platforms" might be forgetting is that there is a fundamental difference between making a deal and purchasing the publisher. Purchasing the publisher is a soft guarantee that all future games and likely most of the publisher's back catalog will become gamepass for the rest of its existence.


If you have a quick look at these ‘fans’ wanting publishers snapped up, there seems to be a common theme of them just wanting that ‘gotcha moment’ again to PlayStation rather than gamepass day and date. There posts mainly derail into console war tribalism, most casual fans should only care about the immediate future and what’s infront of them rather than wishing for games to be taken away from other platforms. Acquisitions will come, but I think the scale these fans are expecting is way off.


Yeah the ones clamouring for acquisitions every time a vague ‘Xbox news soon tweet’ are clearly insecure about their console choice. I’m sure they will do more but if it’s all you care about than other gaming news it’s honestly quite sad


>Yeah the ones clamouring for acquisitions every time a vague ‘Xbox news soon tweet’ are clearly insecure about their console choice. Weird take. If anything, we want xbox to buy more studios because we like what they are doing with game pass so much.


no we need more multiplatform games to be exclusive because reasons and gamepass but fuck that sony 3-6 month timed exclusives


Why am I not surprised that you're shadow banned.


even an indie game exclusivity will be more than 3 months.


That would go with the "kick off" phrase in the original XGS Publishing tweet. Maybe several bits of news planned for this week.


Maybe they are kicking off small slices of news and updates every week leading up to the anniversary in November with finale on 15th November being Halo Infinite campaign reveal🤔


I can’t wait for the post tonight where we find out we’re not getting news this week


Sure, just like that xbox big news that was coming today.


The big Xbox news that was coming today, was officially teased unlike the majority of the other rumours about big news getting announced. They probably just decided to not make the announcement today seeing the reacrion and confusion the tweet from XGS Publishing caused.


Today isn't over yet!


Yeah, we have been hearing about “Big Xbox news this week!” almost every week since E3 and nothing came out of it.


There's been plenty of big Xbox news since E3


There has been plenty of rumors but not many official announcements. Pretty much the only major announcement since E3 were Xcloud’s launch and Minecraft’s event.


I'm starting to think it's marketing.


fuck sakes i hate this vague stuff from insiders or literally the social media teams. Always “soon”


Yep the trend of announcing announcements


I’m worried about the campaign. The only thing of that we’ve seen is the abomination of last year’s showing. Everything else has been pretty much multiplayer at this point. Cmon 343, 3rd times the charm.


I swear it feels like there's big news rumored for Xbox every week, and every week it ends up being nothing.


Tom Warren is legit but I do think folks may overhype the word “big”.


does tom really have inside informations like brad sam?


I’m actually more skeptical of Brad Sam than Tom Warren. Warren is usually pretty trustworthy, but like the others have said “big” to some might not mean big to others. For example, the rumored BC titles coming are a little meh to me.




Right you are! I guess it makes sense that there would be more than one Tom in the world.


Well when you are in a sub that discusses gaming rumours you’ll certainly see rumours often…


I don’t really keep up with Halo. Have they really not revealed any gameplay for the campaign yet? I thought they already did.


They did in 2020 but haven’t released updated campaign footage


I feel like this is just gonna be the official confirmation of all those backwards compatible titles that got leaked a few weeks ago. Also please god, the sooner we get campaign footage, the better.


Well the game comes out in a month so I would hope that at some point we'd see the campaign.


There has to be. It what, almost a month away now? We haven't even seen any marketing for the game yet.


My bet on the big news from Xbox this week aside from the possibilty of Halo Infinite campaign gameplay. Xbox will reveal the official 2021 release dates for both Crossfire X and Scorn. Since those two games are the only Xbox 2021 exclusives left with TBA release dates.


Just assume they announce a delay for the campaign. If it's not that and they show campaign footage, then it's hard to be disappointed :) .


oh tommy i really hope your right for your sake \- the entire halo fanbase


He is not sure about the information.


Congrats.. You now know what the "rumour" tag generally means. 😄


It's just that your post title makes seem that his information is certain. He isnt sure about this one.


This subreddit is named "Gaming leaks and RUMORS" why would you ever assume something posted in it is certain?


Well, it was certain I would have tagged it with leak or official.


Don’t be daft. If he said “Xbox 100% has big news on Tuesday” that would be a lot more confidence inspiring


Man... updated campaign gameplay this late... well hopefully it redeems last year's showcase


“Big news” is different from halo campaign imo.


Might not be big news for you but for halo fans like myself looking to see any new footage of the campaign then that's potentially big news for us.


They're just saying the 'Big News' and 'Halo Campaign' are two separate things in Tom's actual tweet


But be stated that he heard two different things from two different sources. The Halo one is not the big news


Doubt it


its really funny, i was being such a hater internally about HALO Infinite because of cost/solo campaign thing, but that grappling hook and all the grapple videos are slowly winning me over and i didn't even want to like it, but now i'm all for it.


How about some xbox series x


Xbox tweet about tempering expectations incoming




Finally, something interesting. It's just been all about the multiplayer beta for the past few months and i couldn't care less about it


How is gameplay of a game that everyone knows will soon be out big news?


The fact that we are two months till launch and zero campaign footage since e3 2020 is a huge red flag imo.


Xbox gonna collab with PlayStation?


OMG are you saying we’re getting the much anticipated X Station and/or Play Box 👍


WE HAVE TO😃 Probably made by Nintendo!


When they show this, it needs to land and hit hard.


i dont think a campaign demo would be good at this point. if anything it would just spoil things. movies do this shit too often.


they need to sell more merch before the game drops. probably something fans would buy up before they experience whatever the campaign is going to be. I want to believe it'll be a good campaign. I just have my doubts. Please prove me wrong 343i


Hopefully a new Aquisition and New EXCLUSIVE ❤️ games for xbox


Didn't we already know we'd get campaign gameplay in October? Soon being within 2 weeks is pretty damn safe




Was it? I thought there was something more concrete based on everyone saying October for more gameplay but I could be wrong.


I hope Halo Infinite campaign gameplay won't disappoint us again.


All these Xbox 'big news' predictions have turned out to be a big pile of nothing. I wish these content creators would stop this vapidity, and focus on substantive leaks and rumors instead.


lol where's the news?


Maybe they went back and found out a way to add coop to the campaign for launch because, ya know, that’s a pretty important feature to have day 1


That's not how anything works. If they were able to have coop at launch they wouldn't have announced the delay. They didn't just drop it for shits and giggles.


Downvote all you want, but 343 really fucked this up. This is a feistier that has been in EVERY SINGLE Halo game Bungie worked on. Really wish they took over the franchise again


Bungie is never coming back and coop won't be in at launch. Get over it. Your options are to play the campaign solo, wait until coop launches or skipping the game all together. Whining about it won't change anything.


No shit Bungie isn’t coming back, I’m just mentioning how the franchise was in much better hands before it went to 343. Imagine playing every campaign in coop with a family member or friend and having to wait for a triple AAA game to add a feature that’s been in just about all of the previous ones. You can’t defend that, and if you do, you’re part of the problem


Not defending anything. These are the facts. It's not going to be in at launch. You gonna cry about it every day?


Jesus, it sounds like you’re the one that’s bothered. Go outside and touch some grass and take a break from Reddit for a day. Might help!


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Tom seems more reliable than XGS’s twitter lol. In all seriousness I hope a new UI comes


Game studio publishing, totally different


Possible Halo Infinite campaign footage soon? Big if true... game comes out in 2 months, shit must be problematic if they weren't showing anything from the campaign soon.


the massive focus on Multiplayer and MP only is good reason to be concerned for the state of campaign. Even at E3 they showed less than 30 seconds of it. I don't think it's in a good shape and all the resources are going to MP


> the massive focus on Multiplayer and MP only is good reason to be concerned for the state of campaign. No it’s not, the multiplayer is what will bring players and subscriptions/profit, this is normal for Halo.


Overdue on the campaign to be fair. I expect news on GTA trilogy this Friday with the anniversary. November 15th I hope to see an xbox event to celebrate 20yr anniversary with a few surprises