Fares and his team at Hazelight are all very good at making games. EA also did a really good job with this game, and with their entire Originals label tbh. Really hope to see them doing more and more coop games.


I agree, the newer title “lost in random” is incredible too.


I'd love for it to get a sequel.


I was interested when I saw it during e3 Is it story driven?


Absolutely, and the combat is like nothing we have experienced before. Very Tim Burton esque graphics too, which appeals to many


I'll give it a try then, thanks


"Sir, take 2 made as much profit as FIFA made in one week in microtransactions " Joking aside I do hope for more Originals business model type games and hope those companies are given the leeway and time needed to finish products.


Many people talk about the gameplay being great but one thing I enjoyed in this game that no one talks about is the level design. The details, interactions and how interconnected the levels are all on another level and look and play so well. Spent a whole hour at the snowy town simply enjoying the town itself for example, we would hurry to do mechs just to uncover more and relax and chill in it. A great game.


Yeah! And the mini games were genuinely so fun you could spend an hour playing them. I remember my brother and I spent a long time on the shuffleboard mini game.


Ah those mini games are controller destroyers tho lol almost mario party like


> Yeah! And the mini games were genuinely so fun you could spend an hour playing them. Wow I had a totally different experience. We tried each minigame once and barely any of them were interesting enough to try again.


The level design is unmatched imo. I've never played a game where each level is so vastly different and yet it doesn't lose the overall feel of the game. I walked into this game expecting a simple gimmicky coop but was completely blown away.


It not just about being different, it jus the detail and interaction. The towns in this game have more detail and interactions than most rpgs out there


Sorry, I do completely agree with you, maybe I just worded it poorly. I just meant to point out that even with other games that have good level design, most levels will feel like iterations or slight variation of the same levels. However in It Takes Two each level stands completely on its own as being a well thought out and amazingly designed level.


Do people really not talk about it? That was by far the best part of the game to me


On this level now with my kid. This game is so amazingly beautiful. The whole thing makes me smile at every playable moment.


I don’t play games at all. I was one of those girlfriends that was like “ugh, games”. My bf suggested we play this together, I grudgingly obliged. Now I beg him to play it when we both have time. I really enjoy playing the game and spending time with him and love seeing his gears turn. I thought he was smart before but he’s actually really good at problem solving. We started Detroit Become Human too. So this game gets an A in my book.


Love reading stuff like this. Games are such a great medium for socializing with friends and loved ones, and they shouldn't be gated by such a small community. Enjoy it!


This is similar to me and my gf, we really enjoyed Detroit and have played Beyond: Two Souls and are now on Heavy rain, both by the same dev as Detroit with similar mechanics. Detroit is the more easily playable of the 3, heavy rain has aged a lot but the story is good enough to keep us playing. Might I suggest life is strange (the first game, there’s a remaster out) if you enjoy Detroit? Might be right up your street, it’s one of our all time favourites now.


I think he's probably just played more games and so he's had experience with game puzzles before. They often tread similar ground with a different facade.


It’s ok that she finds her boyfriend to be intelligent. I promise it’s not a slight to you.


Idk bro seemed like an underhanded diss at /u/tuisan to me


Love how he just has to get that out though


My girlfriend is the same and she's not just saying "oh you're so intelligent", she's saying "oh I'm so dumb for not figuring this out so quickly as well" and that's where the argument of just having more experience with games comes in. She's a very smart woman. I guess the previous commenter also had similar experiences


I was trying to say in the nicest way I could that this just isn't a good metric. It just came across weird to me judging his intelligence based on some game puzzles, my bad if I was insulting in some way.


“Judging someone’s intelligence” and admiring a skill I wouldn’t otherwise get to see are a bit different (especially since we don’t have that much time together). Game experience, though it may only be specific to you, lends itself to a variety of applications in the outside world. He is really good at thinking quick on his feet,and ,no doubt, years of sharpening his wit and solution-finding skills has helped him (as evidenced by studies that say the same). It was nice to see that in action. I’m sorry that offended you, mate…


You’re still doing it. Jesus.


Good, this game deserves so much praise. My wife, who is not terribly good at games, LOVED it, and I appreciate this new resurgence of co-op focused games. It was also ridiculously creative, serving as a taster for a multitude of genres that couples could explore together down the road. Many coop games feel like they are testing a relationship to the point that you're ready to kill each other. This was the dead opposite.


>Many coop games feel like they are testing a relationship to the point that you're ready to kill each other. We don't talk about Overcooked in this household.


> serving as a taster for a multitude of genres that couples could explore together down the road. My seven year old daughter loved it so much she wanted to play more co-op games, including Fares' A Way Out. "Okay daddy, now you watch for the guards while I chisel out the toilet in my cell!"


I can already see the teacher being highly confused when she tells them she broke out of jail with her dad over the weekend.


I loved the game and was so excited to have something to play with my wife. She meanwhile dragged her feet through the first two levels saying she was bored then left me to fight the hornet in the tree level by myself. Managed to pull it off somehow switching between two controlers and the airplane fight with the squirrel. Gave up after that though


Sorry to hear that, this one really clicked for my SO. Hope you find something that lets you experience the same!


Probably the best game I've played so far this year. It's a great game for couples with varying levels of video game experience. It's simple enough for less experienced gamers yet has a strong enough presentation for experienced gamers. It's overflowing with creativity and has a surprisingly great score. It really exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways. A lot of people complain about the story and the characters but the fact that there was a story to begin with was more than I was expecting.


What blew my mind about this game was how *every single level* had a totally different landscape, and entirely different mechanics. Basically no re-use across levels, which is almost the anti-thesis of modern game design - and I don't blame anyone for not partaking in that. It's just incredible how they would introduce stuff for 10-30 minutes, and you'd never see it again.


Yes. I definitely felt this for the top-down ARPG/diablo-esque section. It was probably my favorite part of the game, required coding entirely different mechanics, and yet it only lasted for 30 minutes. That's not a criticism (though I would have loved to see it last longer), it's just impressive that they went through all that work for such a short section, and it demonstrates their dedication.


Similarly the one-time fighting game which lasted for 5 minutes!


That's the bit that totally got me. Holy shit. I don't think the sheer variety in this game hit me until that point. I'd kill for that sort of experience again from any game.


When it turned into a dungeon crawler I started laughing out loud with my roommate. And I mean in the most positive way possible. Amazing game.


Anyone know a couch coop game like it? I played this with my cousin and we had a ton of fun with that part


Gauntlet (the modernized one) plays really similarly and is an all-around great couch co-op experience.


Gauntlet is an underappreciated title imho, I love how they made the wizard into a pseudo Magicka type caster.


minecraft dungeons might be close? the magic stuff reminded me of the magicka games but those are magic only


If you're cool with emulation, try X-Men Legends 1 or 2


Degrees of separation is nice, a bit older and puzzle oriented


Diablo 3 on console has local co-op. Not sure if the Diablo 2 remaster does or not.


> Yes. I definitely felt this for the top-down ARPG/diablo-esque section. It was probably my favorite part of the game, required coding entirely different mechanics, and yet it only lasted for 30 minutes. > > I legit got addicted to that part and wished to play more, I was sad when it ended lmao


Stories like that are brought up for Dead Space 1. How they spent months on like a 30 second interaction and had to make entire new systems


There's an interview with Mark Brown from game makers toolkit. They basically said, yea we prototyped a bunch of ideas for each mechanic, and then kept them in just as long as they were still fun


> What blew my mind about this game was how every single level had a totally different landscape, and entirely different mechanics. Yes! Companies spend crazy amounts of time developing and polishing the kinds of mechanics seen in just a single level in this game. The fact they nailed dozens of creative mechanics across so many levels blew my mind.


That's what modern Mario games have been doing for years. Just a constant onslaught of new mechanics that are fun then onto the next. It Takes Two is the only non-Nintendo game that comes to mind that really nailed it.


I'll be honest, I've played a lot of mario games in recent years and can't think of a single one that remotely changes things up. Mario Rabbids is the first time we've seen them change the formula a bit and was a huge success, but that was an entirely different game. I'm not sure what you mean in your comment?


Mario games are all about introducing new mechanics constantly. That's basically their whole mantra and why they're fun. Super Mario Odyssey did it with Cappy letting you possess most enemies and other creatures you encounter and each has their own unique mechanic. Literally dozens of new game mechanics being introduced throughout the game. This was also just a big new gameplay change for the series as a whole. Super Mario 3D World brought the cat suit which they went wild with and again changed up how all the platforming and level design worked. Then there's so many other items and each one gives you a new game mechanic or ability. Sometimes you're switching between 4 or 5 new mechanics in one stage to solve puzzles and best bosses via Double Cherries, Cat Suits, Mega Mushrooms, Tanooki Super Leaf, etc. It Takes Two from a design perspective is a very similar to 3D Mario games. It's a platformer where you're constantly being introduced to new game mechanics for a stage or two, then onto the next repeatedly until the end of the game.


NieR:Automata does something similar as you have bullet hell sections, side scrolling sections, astroid game sections, and third person action sections.


Idk if you’ve played It Takes Two but it’s on a completely different level of changing mechanics than Nier


I agree for the most part, but the game never strayed from its roots as a puzzle-platformer.


The very generous deal of 2 being able to play on 1 copy is something i will always love. Imagine a world where all comparable multiplayer games does that


Fares seems to be super consumer friendly, based on his stance on mxt and NFTs… and them doing deals like that completely back that stance up. These aren’t really my type of games, but i’m happy to see good companies have success


It's a little too hard for inexperienced players though, my wife struggled like it was a Dark Souls game haha That being said, the game overall was so captivating, that she powered through anyways. Great game


My wife is quite the newbie and we managed to finish the game. Indeed it was hard for her but it was so good she also powered through and enjoyed it.


> A lot of people complain about the story and the characters but the fact that there was a story to begin with was more than I was expecting. I do think it's worth clarifying, to have the best experience with the story of the game, one should go in expecting to laugh at the parts that are poorly written, absurd and in one case frankly more than a little horrifying. It's a very weird narrative at times tonally, and if you take the story seriously then both the main characters come off as absolutely awful humans who are overtly cruel, selfish and oblivious and do not deserve a happy ending. If you laugh at it in the way you'd laugh at the writing and characters in a bad film, it's actually quite enjoyable. The game itself plays phenomenally and is arguably the best co-op game ever made in terms of design and mechanics, just go in knowing that you shouldn't ever take the plot seriously even if the game wants you to.


>frankly more than a little horrifying People who have played know exactly the part being referenced here. Caused my wife quit the game and actually get a little angry at me for asking her to play a game that included such a level. Pretty baffling that they included that part in what was otherwise a silly/charming story. I know one other couple that played the game up until that point and then put it down and never returned. Also relevant - there is some questionable morality behind portraying divorce as objectively bad. For many marriages, divorce is the happiest and healthiest outcome for everyone.


> Also relevant - there is some questionable morality behind portraying divorce as objectively bad. For many marriages, divorce is the happiest and healthiest outcome for everyone. Did it though? I thought it sort of ended on an open ended note and it was unclear whether they still got divorced or not in the end.


>I know one other couple that played the game up until that point and then put it down and never returned. That would be identical to me and my fiancèe. Neither of us are into dark comedy and the mood was so abruptly shattered - and really for no reason. The scene in question has no impact on the narrative and isn't particularly clever or funny, it's just awkward and a bit unpleasant. I figured it would be time for a "wait, what the fuck are we doing" moment where the characters might confront that they're behaving abhorrently and maybe this is why they're experiencing relationship difficulties, but no. It was just... there. I could almost feel the writers thinking of something shocking to slot in for its own sake. Never made a conscious decision to stop there but we put it down and in about 4 months have felt no inclination to pick it back up again. If anyone plays games for the gameplay and doesn't give a fuck about the narrative then go right ahead, but if you enjoy the narrative then I'd avoid.


It's a shame, because there's a level after that scene which is incredibly sweet, charming and romantic as well as a joy to play, and it shows what the game could have been if they'd focused in on developing likeable characters. Instead, lots of people like yourself are put off it and I don't blame you at all. The infamous scene does feel like it was put in there because they knew shock value would get people talking. That scene also makes it incredibly bizarre in the last third of the game when they actually try to do a "They're falling back in love" story for these two people you now actively think are incredibly awful, so even the wonderful charming level I was talking about is compromised because it feels like we're meant to pretend they're not both horrifically cruel people.


I have no idea what part people are talking about. What part made your wife that angry?


I believe that people were upset about the >!elephant torture scene!<. I personally thought it was hilarious because of the huge attitude shift in the moment, but I can see why people would be upset about it.


It was hilarious, very dark humour, but very funny. The fact that the couple felt they needed to torture and dismember their child’s favourite doll, and then it ended up not working, was a delicious twist. I can understand people being upset if they took it seriously, but it was the absurdity of it that was so funny, and that it was played completely straight.


That’s crazy people would be upset by that. It had such a silly tone. I can’t imagine being angry over that.


You can't imagine that some people are more sensitive than others and wouldn't enjoy >!mutilation and dismemberment of an innocent creature!


Yeah, like their child.


It was a stuffed elephant. It wasn’t real.


>!The game displays it as a sentient, innocent creature, capable of pain and begging for mercy!<. Obviously it's not real, it's a video game. But fictional narratives entail suspension of disbelief, whereby you allow yourself to become immersed as if it were real. If you are following the plot of this game earnestly, it stands to reason you are attempting suspension of disbelief. That's one of the reasons why I recommended that people not take the story seriously, because some people are really put off by the scene in question if they're attempting to earnestly engage with the story up to that point.


Almost certainly >!the elephant part where the parents try to make their daughter cry!<


It seemed pretty lighthearted and tongue in cheek to me.


They may have tried to go for tongue in cheek, but even with the cutesy aesthetics, >!a character being literally torn limb from limb by the players while begging for their life!< is way too dark for them to pull that off. Most reactions I've seen to that scene were incredulous if anything.


I do think their intention was to go tongue in cheek, because it can't have been their intention to totally sabotage the story by making the characters come across as complete pieces of shit, but that's what they did. Part of me also thinks they probably did it knowing that it would be huge streamer and news bait, because it's the one scene everyone talks about specifically and that could well have been by design. It still ruins the story though by making the characters irredeemably unlikable.


I think the "redeemably unlikable" is consistent throughout the game — there's really no hope for them at any point. My biggest gripe with the game is how, as the other replier mentioned, the "reconciliation" bit was shoehorned in. I think it serves really well, though, to build on the relationship between the players behind the characters, even without displaying the same growth in the characters themselves.


I don't think it ruins the story, but only because the main couple is already bickering so much and exhibiting basically no growth (until they hit the designated reconciliation section of the plot) that I wasn't invested in their relationship even before their complete heel turn.


I think that's fair to say it's easy to find them unlikable even before that scene, I just think that scene is what really cements it that there's no way to redeem these characters beyond that point. Before that, *maybe* they could have turned it around, have them come to terms with their flaws. After that, they've acted so cartoonishly incompetent and cruel that there's nothing that could be done to turn it around, they're stained as fundamentally bad people.


My one kid ran out of the room crying during that part. My other kid and I (who were playing) both hated every minute of it.


i'm guessing the ending to the toy castle segment.


As someone who played the game I have no idea whats being referred too...


Elephant scene


> The game itself plays phenomenally and is arguably the best co-op game ever made in terms of design and mechanics if you're approaching it from an accessibility/casual appeal/pure quantity perspective, i can see how you could come to this conclusion. but imo the game is absolutely not anywhere close to the best if you care about actual depth of gameplay. the game felt like the equivalent of a co-op version of putting colorful shaped pegs into shaped holes where every puzzle was a different shaped peg and hole dressed up in a new fancy coat of paint. the environment and creativity behind the world and the mechanics was definitely out of this world, but if you are actually looking for any sort of challenge at all there is nothing to be found here. the teamwork aspect was always required in every puzzle but rarely ever required anything more from the players other than taking turns pressing the immediately obvious button or two they were given for that section its a fantastic game but i wouldnt recommend it to co-op game enthusiasts who are used to playing those types of games. it definitely feels like a game meant for people who don't really play other games.


I feel like it's a game designed for gamers to play with their non-gamer partners. It offers a great experience for someone who doesn't usually play, and is polished enough for an enthusiast to enjoy.


The graphics and environments were simply beautiful with a ton of variety. It also managed to keep the controls tight between a ton of different genres and play styles. Huge amount of variety. Wife and I completed the story (something we don't do often) and are considering replaying it (something we almost never do.) Hopefully this breathes new life into the couch co-op genre!


Also it is a group experience, if you are having a good time with your friend or so then it will be a fun gaming experience even if it isn't your usual thing.


The game plays like a dream, really fun mechanics and co-op puzzles throughout. Real fun experience if you mash through the story because god I hated every character except the kid and a few of the scenes in particular left me wondering if there hadn't been some stuff cut for time because jesus christ any consequences or acknowledgement for some of the inhumane shit the parents do would have been nice


"Let's make our daughter cry by brutally murdering one of her toys while it begs for mercy!" "Huh, it didnt work to break the spell. Now what do we do?" Like, I don't get how there wasn't even at least a quick acknowledgement by the characters that what they did was wrong. They were really unlikable shitheads and pretty bad parents IMO.


I was so upset that the parents didn't end up getting divorced in the end. Their relationship was so toxic and they actively resisted fixing it the entire game until they finally get back together at the end because of... Idk, magic? Great game other than that though!


Yeah, have been through a divorce myself and both me and my ex are doing amazingly. Absolutely the correct choice. We're good as friends but our marriage was not a good idea. I thought we'd kind of moved past this "divorce is horrible and you should stay together instead of making a healthy decision" nonsense.


If your both capable of making healthy decisions which it sounds like divorce is a fine option and can go well. If one of you or both of you are incapable of healthy decisions then divorce can be hell, also I assume the marriage is messed up too.


We've also moved past the point of "divorce is the solution to every troubled relationship".


Nobody ever said it was.


When you go through a story about a couple's trials and tribulations as they rediscover their relationship with the help of "the book of love" and are shouting at the screen "they should've got divorced! Divorce worked great for my relationship!" it kinda sounds like that's what you're saying.


Lmao idk what game you were playing but those two absolutely did not have a healthy relationship and them magically getting along after the halfway point was such an asspull very obviously written in for the disney magic experience of marriage being better than divorce. I don't even have *that* much of an issue with them staying together, but the mend in their relationship was not at all written well. Felt like the game had cut a chapter after the brutal dismemberment of the elephant and then dancing in their daughter's distraught tears because the next chapter just kind of ignores that any of that happened and suddenly they're getting along with each other better than before.


i agree that for like 80% of the game it felt like there was no way they should be together but by the end they sold me on it. they tried really hard to include a lot of scenes where they are finally 100% honest with each other about how they feel about each other's actions, why they've been acting the way they have, what they've wanted more of from each other. They journey through physical manifestations of each others passions and support one another in reigniting them and rediscovering who they are/wanted to be before life got in the way. they are brought through a literal winter wonderland where they basically fall in love all over again. it's not like everything is perfect and they live happily ever after but I do think they did a good job of showing a couple that decided you know what, there is something here worth fighting for. they each realized what they were doing wrong and still found they had a deep love for one another underneath it all and decided to give it a chance. was it told perfectly? no, there are definitely pacing flaws. but is it just a magical hand wave? also no, i think the pieces are there. and fwiw i have nothing against divorce, if anything I think more people ought to give it a shot lol.


Honestly that was my biggest problem with the game, yeah. It felt super heavily foreshadowed to me (even though I was wrong) that at the end of the game the final boss would be the Book of Love, and that them coming together (as allies, but not in love) to defeat it was going to be the conclusion. Them falling back in love at the end feels really abruptly shoehorned in, like, most of the game's narrative trajectory is about them coming to understand each other better, but not actually... love each other.


I wonder if the happy ending is just a result of it being easier for the public to digest vs. really coming to terms with a good outcome regarding a broken relationship. Hard to say, but I could see them facing a lot of flack for pushing a poorly executed pro-divorce narrative vs. a poorly executed happy ending. I Am Legend comes to mind, where the real ending was replaced with a "happy" one completely disconnected from the source material.


I was really hoping that the story was going to end with them still getting divorced, but building a strong co-parenting relationship despite that. That's a plotline I could have bought.


On the other hand, my wife and I played through the game and despite her sucking at games she really liked it and constantly kept saying this game is like an alternative to therapy lol.


To me the ending seemed to be quite open ended. They didn't say if they still end up getting divorced, and the only solid conclusion was that they salvaged their friendship, which is always a good thing. It seemed perfectly reasonable that they would still go through the divorce, but now on good terms and with a good mindset to handle care of their daughter.


Absolutely. We honestly thought the book was going to be the BBEG


>I hated every character Even the illustrious *strums banjo* Dr Hakim!?


Rivals portal 2 for best co-op gameplay ever made, but they exist in different universes for storytelling and dialog. By the end me and my wife were spending every cutscene talking about how stupid and bad it all was and how it easily could have been better if Josef had the humility to just let someone else help him write it. It is exactly on par with Ghostbusters 2016, and you know there's a problem with the writing when a key plot moment involves a big song and the big song just ends up as wordless singing. Then they reuse that wordless song for the credits. Josef, please, you're one of the best designers alive, just pay someone else to write.


I can't believe people aren't talking more about that elephant scene. How you're meant to play that with a young daughter I'm really not sure.


THANK YOU! There was absolutely zero point to it, you could tell it wasn't going to work, and you had no choice as the player. Painful.


I literally played this scene just an hour ago. Top 5 most traumatic things I've ever done in a video game.


I played the game but didn’t get to elephant scene. I just looked it up on YouTube. Everyone in this thread is being so dramatic about it. It’s a toy. They are toys. The writers are playing with the idea of toy sentience. It’s honestly hilarious.


I think you missed out by not doing it yourself, it is specifically because you are the one doing it that makes people think as they do, especially as you have to "struggle" with the button mashing. And it doesn't matter if it is real or not, I don't like being the cause for a childish voice to cry out for help or plead for their life, that is just uncomfortable.


My and my friend's reaction was "OMG this is brutal but awesome". We just laughed at how hilariously over the top the whole scene was. Reminded me of those deaths in final destination movies, as kids yeah they can be traumatic, but as adults they are just silly


My husband and I really enjoyed the game. The gameplay was great, the co-op was amazing. I loved the mini games as well. Though I do wish they had divorced. And dear God they are absolutely horrible parents. I swear the teddy bear part traumatized me.


7 million copies of It Takes Two have been sold. Roughly 14 million people are complicit >!in the dismemberment of a certain toy elephant.!<


I'm glad for them. A really solid and unique game. Kind of stalls a bit towards the end (and I suspect it was going to be a much smaller game, and then was expanded to a full length, full price release), but it's rare to find a pure co-op experience like this.


Oh man, I couldn't disagree more. The music stage was the absolute highlight of the game for me. That bit where you can fuck around with some Kaoss pads and then whatever music you made becomes the background music for the next section was so surprising and delightful we immediately replayed it.


Fun game, but the story and writing was such a turn off that my partner and I only played one session. Shame!


I felt the same way, which sucks because I felt like it had such an awesome premise. But it doesn't really live up to its potential. The story is just... not there. The ending is such a bummer too, it's so anticlimactic.


I have to agree too. I really tried to engage with the fun mechanics and fantastic level design but the dialogue and story was just too distracting and frustrating. Gave it up after 3 sessions


Gotta agree with this, sadly. Although in most cases this would detract from the quality, the game itself was still fantastic fun. Me and my wife basically ignored the story and enjoyed the levels.


Honestly, could probably get back into it if we were in the mood - we don’t play coop games all too often. The gameplay really is great!


The beginning is very cringey but there’s a lot more gameplay than there is cutscenes, and you can always skip the cutscenes and just play the game which is where it truly shines.


That's a shame really cuz it's a really great game otherwise. For us we found the story so bad that it was actually hilarious. We'd poke fun at the Dr. character and laugh at him whenever he came up.


Agreed. We ended up only being able to finish the game by skipping all the cutscenes.


I played this one with my partner (who has zero experience with gaming btw) and we loved it! Beautiful artwork and some very creative puzzles too. I hope to see more titles like this.


The level of detail was incredible in all the environments. In the attic, for example, I took a detour from the main path and climbed some books, found a marionette to swing from, and got up onto a high shelf. There was one of those mechanical mounted singing fish. I pushed the button and it moved and played “take me to the River.” That was it! That was the sole purpose of that whole area. No trophy or anything, just this random Easter egg for me to find (while my husband waited patiently at the actual door we were supposed to open). And every level had things like that!


This game was such a great experience for my wife and I. I love to play videogames and she likes them but struggles with the dual joysticks. She can’t sort out walking and looking. Playing this game together was hysterical and every time we argued as we played it was like the game was coming to life. And don’t forget Dr. Hakim, baby!!


Before I saw which subreddit this was, I initially thought someone was referencing the 1995 Mary Kate and Ashley movie that is currently sitting at 8% on rotten tomatoes and was very confused.


It's price point is perfect, the gameplay is simple yet fun, the diversity of the levels is great, and the fun little bits and stuff scattered around the levels makes each level feel unique and makes me wanna explore a bit to see what fun intractables there are


My partner isn’t interested because the characters are so toxic. I wish there was a not-crazy-people mod.


That's the point? They work through that and end up not toxic at the end


They really don’t though. They are just miserable people who then abruptly get along again. It just feels to unearned, especially with how just unlikable and just toxic they are.


Geez, the game is so good, you can just ignore the character traits.


The character traits are kinda front and center the whole time


They really aren't, u can just laugh at how silly the story is and enjoy it whole-heartedly.


I'm gonna be honest, I think this game is a little overrated. It is (or was?) on gamepass, so give it a go-- me and the wife played it and enjoyed it, don't get me wrong I just feel like people are making it out to be a lot better than it is. It's an enjoyable game with a lot of flaws. It was buggy, which caused a lot of frustration, it had lopsided/asymmetrical mechanics, which caused some frustration, and it had weird uneven difficulty spikes, which caused some frustration. And the writing was just terrible. But. It was a fun way to spend a few hours, those things aside.


Fair, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. I did not encounter bugs and we found the asymmetrical nature of the powers some of the most fun to be had in the game. The writing is the one thing that rubbed me the wrong way at points and I do agree that the game would have worked better if they had gone through with the divorce but stayed co-parents.


I played it with my SO for roughly about ~4 hours and we never picked it back up again. I really can't place why I didn't enjoy it, but... it was just very boring for whatever reason and we both weren't having a good time.


Buggy? I don't think I experienced a single programming flaw in the whole game. The asymmetrical mechanics are a highlight of the game.


Well, we'll have to agree to disagree. But please note that I didn't say my problem was that the mechanics were asymmetrical, but that they were at times *lopsided* and asymmetrical, which ended up with some frustration. At several points, one of us was bored with their mechanic while the other was having a lot of fun, or one of us was bad with their mechanic causing us to switch characters/controllers, or just have frustrating tries where one of us was doing fine but the other kept making mistakes because one was easier or less important than the other. But that's just my experience with it. There were a lot of times that the mechanics worked great and were fun. I just felt they were uneven.


I wanted to love this game so badly, and stuck it out because the gameplay with my friend was amazing, but the writing and story were so bad I had no desire to play through it again or recommend it to anyone. I'm a divorced parent who spent a long time coming to terms with the fact that separation was the healthy choice, so this game really hit wrong for me. Spoilers ahead. >!I kept waiting for the reveal that the book of love was evil. It seemed so obvious that these two were terrible for each other. Their relationship was so toxic that working together made them worse parents, evidenced by several scenes in the game which are never revisited with introspection. I can't imagine reaching the point of making your child cry so you can bathe in their tears and not concluding you're a terrible person. It seemed so obvious that the book was purposefully trying to make them hurt their child for whatever reason, but the writing just wasn't good enough to be that self aware.!< >!It really feels like it was written by a child of a messy divorce who wished their parents had stayed together. Some people aren't meant to work out, and it's better for everyone if they grow separately. The "divorce is bad" tone of this game left a bad taste in my mouth, and the ending was so poor that it ruined the rest of the experience for me.!< When I think back on playing this game, the bizarre plot and poor writing overshadow whatever fun I had playing it. If it had taken more of a back seat to the gameplay, that would be one thing, but decisions like >!forcing the players to actively dismember and murder someone as they beg for their life instead of just making a skippable cutscene, even if that person is a stuffed elephant,!< was so jarring that it soured the whole experience.


Dude, that scene was straight up traumatic, I'd never play this game with my child. I love this game, but I was shocked the characters never reflected on the fact that they did something absolutely evil there.


Also, >!because he isn’t played for a villain!<, the book just ends up being a kind of unfunny lazy stereotype, offensive at times. Somewhere in this game there’s a wonderful idea about how “love conquers all!” narratives end up hurting kids, and that a divorce doesn’t mean you hate your kids, but it just fumbles because Haha Funny Book.


Game should have ended with the couple having to do a 1v1 like in a way out. Winner gets full custody of the daughter


My one big issue is the MC'S FUCKING SUCK. They're the worst. They just assume some shit is the answer then proceed to abuse their daughter to pursue it based on no evidence. Absolutely maddening.


Playing this with a woman that has no video game experience. We are having a blast. The hardest parts for her is anything involving trampoline platforms. The game is pretty forgiving otherwise.


Wow 7 million copies sold and I'm assuming that doesn't include all the Game Pass/EA Play copies? Great achievement it was a fantastic game.


I bought this on sale and have only played for like 3 hours so far. Holy shit is this game fun as hell. The creativity in the puzzles and platforming is incredible. Looking forward to finishing it


My gf and I are on our 2nd play through now (switched characters this time) and loving it again. Such a well made and fun game.


Me and the missus really enjoyed it. Felt like playing a Pixar film, and the gameplay/difficulty was perfect for a casual 2 player co-op


Have started this game with three of my friends and I can't get any of them to actually finish it with me. Really annoying.


Game was pretty chill and easy going until you get to that tower In Halloween town. Holy cow that tower achievement was rough


Best Co Op game I've ever played, by some way. Playing it through with my 7 year old has been an absolute blast.


I love all the different genres they mixed in! Like an isomorphic dungeon crawler right in the middle, that was a blast!!


I think my current partner and I really solidified our relationship by playing this game. Not that the game content specifically helped our relationship, it was just such a fun time running through all of the worlds together that we just bonded in a very innocent or natural way through it. I REALLY hope we get to see more games made like this


Whew. I'm an avid gamer. My friend is an avid gamer. We loved portal 2, we loved "human: fall flat". We loved Trine 1, Trine 2 and Trine 4. We liked "A way out". First of all - this game must have something to be that successful so I can't generalize it as a "bad game". On the other hand, things like bubble witch saga and other mobile games are relatively crappy and still very popular. So please, if you enjoyed the game, good for you. My opinion: In the whole spectrum of coop games, "it takes two" was bad. First of all the writing and the story were dumb, like others said. "Our child is sad because it feels neglected. Let's make it more sad." goes against anything you normally "learn" in games, shows and movies. If a character does something because they're sad, the solution is to make them not sad. Things like love and compassion, friendship, understanding, communication, which are important in relationships, are the key. Disney knows that. The Pokémon company knows it. Hasbro made a whole TV show with several seasons out of it (my little pony). Aside from that, the riddles were extremely easy. This is one of those games where the time spent with a riddle is 5% thinking and 95% doing. Good riddles require more thinking and a third phase: trial and error, if you thought wrongly. I don't know a perfect ratio but if you look at a riddle and with one look you know what to do, then it's as easy as Stanley Parable's "go through the red door". And then going through it. If the only way to not being able to solve a riddle is being extremely inexperienced in gaming or betting bad at platforming, then for me, the riddle is just an annoying, time consuming obstacle. Also - someone here wrote, that they like no mechanic being used again. I hate it. The ability / requirement to *combine* mechanics is a key element of good coop games with riddles. Look at portal 2. The first few levels with a new mechanic are that mechanic only, to get used to it. Then more and more of the known mechanics add to it, until you have to understand every mechanic to complete a level. And then there were these endless rides on rails and water and in the air and all that for what, to show the game graphics and level design? Yes, it looked nice. It looked really, really nice. It would have been nice if story and gameplay would match the visuals. I don't play games for the visuals. Great games don't need good visuals. Period. Look at Terraria, Minecraft, Tetris, the various counter strikes (which got visual upgrades now and then but cs: source is still going strong). Look at World of Warcraft. It's wonderful when adequate or beautiful visuals add to nice gameplay to complete a great game like in Ori, Hollow Knight, that horizon: zero dawn sequel and others. But I don't play a game for visuals alone. Not Gris, not Dear Esther, not this game. I played it for free on gamepass and I'm very glad I didn't pay more than the gamepass for it. I get that there are different types of players. Some want to play walking simulators like dear Esther. Some like games with bad gameplay, that won some game art prizes, because it's about depression or something (Gris). Cool. I thought the game might be cool for children or people who enjoy very casual gaming. The elephant scene was fucked up though. My friend and I constantly asked ourselves what the target age group was. The story and writing were on a level of Bob the builder and dora the explorer, but some plot elements were a bit weird to show to kids. Anyway this game is not in the same league as the games I positively mentioned above and people should know that before they buy it.


I found it way too easy with no real stakes and the dialogue and general story was poor but I'm glad they made it and continue to push the envelope with co-op games.


What’s your favourite games?


Oh same as most folks, Elden Ring, Mario, Zelda, Cuphead, all the good stuff. Honestly I find it quite shocking that this game gets so much critical and public praise. It's the first game in my life that I dislike that everyone seems to love!


That was Breath of the Wild for me. Everyone raved about it but after 6 hours it had not clicked for me and I quit.


For a game like this I think it's much better to err on the side of too easy than too hard, lest it become a "frustration with your partner simulator" for most players.


Yeah for sure!


> the dialogue and general story was poor So how are games in your universe? Because here, if that’s poor, there is nothing that is good


you literally cant think of any better games than It Takes Two? jesus christ the discussion around this game is so absurdly hyperbolic


What? The game was great but saying the story and dialogue are poor is definitely correct.


Not OP and I don't think anything was horrendous but I'll say I found the interactions and story beats pretty uninteresting and that it slowed the pacing down too much and took away from what was the fun gameplay. It felt like trying to be Pixar without the charm and wit. The exception to me was the elephant torture scene that was such a humorous and dark wtf turn. I understand they need a story, but it was so boring to me it affected the flow and enjoyment of the gameplay to me.


Can we all agree that the elephant part was completely unnecessary?


We thought it was funny


This game is cute. It's good to play with a casual girlfriend. It has some creative choices. I do not think this game is worth the hype, if you are expecting a groundbreaking gaming experience you will not find it here.


One thing I really appreciated about this game is how Cody is often set up as a support character for May and given more of the unusual mechanics whereas May was often the more traditional platformer/fighter. Although you do see support roles balance out as you get further into the game, it seemed to introduce a little more responsibility as my wife became a more confident player and I really enjoyed experiencing her play the game. The initial levels with the flying nails for example require precise aim and reaction times to help May traverse the environment and smash things with the hammer - it didn't ask too much of her that wasn't already common knowledge about video games. It also gave me many opportunities to kill May in funny ways and my wife kept count of these grievances for later. If the ***average*** person buying this game this is a guy trying to play something with his S/O and ***typically*** said guys are the "gamer" in their relationship, the default boy-plays-boy and girl-plays-girl scenario really makes the game fun and accessible for a non-gamer S/O. *\*\*This is of course ignoring the fact that differing sexualities, skill levels and character preferences exist between people of all genders - I think we all understand that.* Not gonna lie though, I watched my wife playing May and was really jealous at times, her character got a lot of cool moments that make me wanna switch roles next time around.


Is that all?! I definitely thought it would be a way more popular game! My partner and I finished this not long ago, it’s just a great game and we’re yet to start trophy hunting just to clear it all up. Probably one of the best & most inclusive co-op games I’ve ever played


The best platformer ever made. I can't get enough. I'm on my 5th playthrough now, all with different people. It's great


So around 14 million people have played it? That’s amazing!


Sales does not mean playthroughs if the average Steam library is to be believed lol


But it was also on gamepass. How does that count sales?


My buddy comes over every few months and we always wind up playing It Takes Two. We keep playing, and playing, and playing for hours and hours and we STILL arent through the game but don't want it to end. It is a LOT of content. Tons of different biome areas of levels. Super creative and IDEAL for 2 people. Those with SOs, definitely get each other this game and play together. The story will draw you in.


Now if only I could get it without creating a damn EA account, that seems like it would be a game worth getting.


I'm playing it with my son and we are having fun. The gameplay is challenging enough to make us think. The couple is annoying, especially the wife. We are a bit advanced, i don't know how they could turn good. Still, it's good