Company of Heroes 3 - Announce Trailer

Company of Heroes 3 - Announce Trailer


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I love the series so Im looking forward to this. But man, the gameplay reveal was lookin rough. Graphics and especially the effects where sub par looking. Projectiles, shells and bombs were "traveling" too slowly, and it was lacking that fast paced "urgency" the gameplay usually has :/ In the interview they said that they want to focus on countering "turtling". In previous CoH games you could just rush the middle point, and setup defenses and you would win the game from there. And they plan to introduce ways to beat this, which is fantastic news! They mention its 1.5 years away, thats enough time to round out the rough edges, nice.


Yeah, this has to be alpha footage. There's no energy to the gameplay. Everyone is taking their sweet time jogging to their objectives and the slow projectiles is irritating. The original CoH felt far more kinetic.


Yeah they confirmed its pre alpha, the same build you can download and play today at their website


Yeah the graphic side of things scream very, very alpha. So i really hope this is all just placeholder. The focus on singleplayer mechanic look really good though. So for now i'm gonna assume they only want to talk and listening feedback about gameplay side of things. Seeing that it meant to be released late 2022. Love the whole tactical focused and the campaign map idea. So i will keep my eyes on it.


Turtling isnt a thing outside of 4v4 tho. And good players win with aggression not turtling.


I agree somewhat when it comes to serious/competitive players, but turtling is definitely a thing for the average casual player. Yes, the competitive players know how to work around/punish this, but the bulk of your players absolutely experiences the problem of "just turtle the frontline ASAP" tactic and doesnt quite know how to beat it without some additional research.


I'm not too worried about the graphics being rough since they mentioned it's pre-alpha. They probably just threw together a draft to showoff the new gameplay elements for COH3. Personally excited to see how storming buildings will work, and based on the Steam description how the new campaign mechanics are gonna look like. Also excited to see the new mountain maps and how they choose to give us options on traversing them. Shit I'm hyped as fuck and I hope Relic hit this out of the park


Gameplay trailer [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwBOk-2vWZs)!


Wow, that really looks rough here's hoping it's actually alpha footage and won't look like that at release.


That cinematic was worthy of old Relic, if they have been consistent in one thing, it's cool cinematics in their games. I have hopes for this, but I'd lying if I said I wasn't a little concerned. The Relic that made Homeworld, Dawn of War, and the original Company of Heroes hasn't been around for awhile. After Dawn of War 3, I think AoE4 and this will be make or break for them. I hope they can capture some of the magic of the original CoH, there still hasn't really been anything like it since then.


The CoH 2 single player expansion is extremely good. People sleeping on that should pick it up if they haven’t.


I have it, and it is good. I like CoH2 quite a bit. While it is a good game, there's something about it that isn't quite like the original. Might be that the doctrines aren't as memorable, but I've never really been able to put a finger on why I didn't like it as much.


Following this with DoW4 seems like an open goal for both Relic and GW.


BTW: You can play COH3s preview alpha TODAY! Go to their website , register and link your steam account. Its strange that almost no one noticed this. :D


Been long enough for another entry into the series, looking good! That Tobruk teaser is interesting. Looks like two campaigns at least - one in Italy in 43 and the other in North Africa in 42 it seems. I wonder if the campaign will take elements from the Wargame series based off a zoom-out to what looks like a campaign map near the end of the gameplayer trailer.


Hoping this is good. Been playing Company of Heroes 1 on and off for years alone and with friends and haven't been able to find something that everyone can get into easily with the WW2 setting that is an rts.


I’d welcome a Relic redemption story after DoW3. Between this and AoE4 they’re definitely getting a couple good shots at least! Cinematic trailer looks great. Gameplay is pretty rough but obviously quite early. Guess I’ll sign up for the pre-alpha and see what’s up.




Hmmm? I’m sure it’s a different team from CoH, but both have Relic Entertainment on the tin.


The developer on AoE is overseen by Worlds Edge although it looks like I was wrong, it is being co developed by Relic so my bad.


Yeah my understanding is World’s Edge is mostly a studio that oversees development of the entire AoE IP amongst the many studios currently working on it. I believe the day-to-day development is done elsewhere.


Between this and the gameplay trailer, there looks like a couple of takeaways. Setting is Italy and North Africa. Factions are US, UK, Germany (and probably Italy?) Gameplay looks mostly the same in terms of core aspects (which after DoW3 I'd say is a good thing). Big new mechanics look like door breaching and collapsing buildings being able to damage units outside. Given the Italian and the Canadian developer I expect to see Ortona, so urban combat will probably be a big focus. Looks like the Devil's Brigade will be a unit too, with a throwing knife attack, interestingly.


As long as this has the base and defensive building element then I will be happy. I am sick of modern RTS games get rid of base building to "streamline the player experience"


Yeah that's cancerous. Reminds me of when Battlefield got rid of physically taking off with planes and just spawned you in them already flying. It's like no EA, I want to take off, it's what makes it feel immersive.


Except in BF case, people would just camp the airfield and then grief if they don't get the planes. It was way worse.


I agree but I did still prefer it. Alternatively, pilots would camp the spawn screen waiting for planes which was basically the same thing minus griefing, but I'll take the griefing if it means immersion any day. I also used to love in the older BF games where you could get to the enemies air bases and cause chaos.


As much as I love CoH, I'm more interested in this being a blueprint and stepping stone for **Dawn of War 4**, like the first CoH was a blueprint for DoW2. The campaign elements look like Soulstorm's campaign and squad based combat works perfectly for the setting.


I am fucking hype for this!!! CoH2 wasn't as good as the original, I'm hoping that they go back more into CoH style UI and abilities instead of CoH2


What was different in CoH2? I never played it. Is it really not worth it? CoH1 is amazing.




More world war 2 content? In a world war 2 franchise? How dare they!