I've had a minor issue where sometimes when I exit the Mako my spacebar stops working, so I can't interact with anything. It also fixes itself if I return to the Normandy, so not a huge deal, but it's frustrating having to drive to something again.


Yeah, I usually save and load on the spot when this happens after exiting the Mako. It will be faster than returning to the Normandy and redeploying, and I've never seen the bug continue when I loaded the save.


I’ve had this issue on Xbox as well. Now I always save prior to exiting the Mako lol


You can actually just save and load when it happens to fix it, at least in my experience. No need to preemptively save every time.


>It seems like a good deal of the current Bioware team is made up of former fans, from the cast and crew interview on Saturday. So at the very least they're hopefully dedicated to deliving on the game they love. If you save and reload on the spot it will fix itself, save you some of that time driving back to that location.


As someone who only played the original Mass Effect back when it released, I am absolutely having a blast. Feels like a brand new game since I can't remember anything lol.


Mass Effect 1 especially.




Aiming with a sniper and not having your scope act like you're on a boat is huge.


Can I still load my sniper rifle with like 3 of those explosive round upgrades and use it as a wildly inaccurate rocket launcher?


Yep, Spectre X with HE X and *2 Rail Upgrade X is a one shot kill on everything that isn't a boss, geth armature/Colossus or those kroggan immunized bastards


I finished ME1 on insanity yesterday and Krogans really live up to the hype. They're so insanely dangerous lol. When they start charging you're pretty much dead.


I'm only playing on Hardcore and I disarmed a Krogan, who then proceeded to bull rush me and one shot me in melee while I tried to panic roll away (where's my dodge roll!). Some nice improvements from the last time I played.


Is that Krogan at the end of the Liara rescue still ridiculously OP?




I play engineer, just finished Ferros and have been using pistol the whole time. I don't remember doing it with pistol before, it just feels so good I haven't had a reason to change to something else.


Oh my god I had no idea there was sprint. It's my first time playing ME, and running around the Citadel doing side quests etc felt sooo slow. Now I know to hold the spacebar on PC to run lol, thanks.


Don't get too excited though. Shepard seems to have the lung capacity of a 50 year chain smoker


Yep. Sprint for like 3 secs then fuck off.


The screen shake is also nauseating when you sprint.


It blew my mind that the non-combat sprinting was a new feature, I didn’t expect devs to add insane screen shake like that nowadays. Felt like it must have been in the original, it’s legitimately painful


Lol yes, this bothers me. One of the best human soldiers, chosen to be a Spectre by a galactic council as a representative for the human race, who couldn’t sprint for more than 15 seconds before getting fatigued? Come on.


Your Shepard can go for 15 seconds? I'm pretty sure mine runs for less than 5


I forgot that was a thing in the original, god that was awful.


Oh man as a dedicated ME sniper the sniper rifle mechanics are SO much better.


It looks and plays how I *remember* it looking and playing originally when it released ... which is vastly different from how it actually looked and played after my memory of it had been tinted by ME2 and 3 in the following years.


Did different weapon manufacturers have different firing modes in the original too? I dont remember burst firing or slug firing shotguns being a thing in original, but its been years.




Since they used the combat system of ME2 they basically copied the weapon mechanics and applied it to the older weapon models and it made it 1000% better to be honest.


Absolutely. The slug-firing shotgun is my favourite now.I get a sniper rifle without having to scope in!


Ok I keep hearing a lot about ME1.. But what about 2 and 3? Did they change anything else with those?


ME2 and 3 looked somewhat decent already but the improved textures are extremely noticeable. There are some lighting and GFX changes but they're not as noticeable as they are in ME1. Textures are on a whole different level though.


The other two have a full textures, models, shadows, and lighting upgrade, just like ME1.Doesn't *look* as drastic as ME1, due to the fact ME2 already looked pretty good and didn't require as much "attention" in form of adding extra detail and lights to environments, but the upgrades do still look a lot better. ME3 is the least noticeable because it already looked pretty good, but they mentioned it got the full treatment too. Gameplay-wise, I think they're about the same. Some fixes in ME2 to the morality system, as it was apparently really unfair in the og?


>Some fixes in ME2 to the morality system, as it was apparently really unfair in the og? I can't recall any issues in it besides the infamous >!Jack & Miranda!< crew conflict. You have to have an INSANE karma meter check to resolve it peacefully. Like I want to say the meter has to be full in either direction. And potentially you can trigger the conflict being nowhere near that requirement. That would be aces if its eased up on in LE.


I remember >!Tali's loyalty mission!< having a pretty complex morality check as well, such that you had to time it just right to be able to succeed.


One minor gameplay change that I noticed in ME2 is that looting ammo works like in ME3, so you get more than what your clip can hold to compensate for reloading. Other than that, I saw a few legacy bug fixes in ME2, a slight reduction in hacking minigames, and some of those fancy new reflections (though much less than ME1). Also some bad stuff, like how the prologue scene assumes you didn't import and is now really generic. They also changed some characters to their ME3 models, which is subtle for e.g. Miranda (her hair changes slightly), but a downgrade for Kelly, who now looks like a different person. ME2 now also put DLC weapons and armor in stores or locked behind research, so you're not bombarded with stuff when you launch the game. I haven't gotten to ME3 yet.


I don't think it looks like a totally different game, but the LE does look really good in some spots and generally looks the way you think the original looked - until you actually go back to it and realize.




I notice even with the random barren planets, they look so much better. They actually look like the surface of mars or the moon. Rather than some weird digital 3D landscape.


I thought Feros' ugliness was just the brutalist aesthetic rather than the graphics


I've got like 15-20 hours in so far, and I *still* can't believe how good it looks. There are some issues with lighting, and I don't like the new color grading as much as the OG, but, goddamn, it is such a step up over the original.


Related, I watched this video on YouTube recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BouSJJJb3uo A couple of the devs commentating also worked on LE and they make comments about it occasionally about improvements they made etc. Was interesting all on its own even without the speedrun.


I like how the shooting model isn't like dice rolling like it was in original ME1... the guns feel more accurate, cover is way better.. I usually try to do something unusual like a biotic or engineer but went with a soldier just to be the gun guy this time and it's paid off immensely. Most of the uncharted worlds look kinda the same, with better textures of course and atmospherics when they had an atmosphere but i was blown away by Therum, where it was like "holy shit this looks great". I might actually collect all those matriarch writings and turian insignias this game to keep Conrad Verner from dying lol


I replayed ME1 about 3 months before the announcement and ho fucking boy the game played like hot trash tbh. so much about how it plays was just broken beyond being fun. the game looked preety meh (the lighting in the game was atrocious on a modern screen). The story and VA still held up. LE makes it feel like mass effect did in 2007 one of the best games ever made.


Yeah ME1 was the one I've never replayed in the trilogy. It feels soooo much better in the LE version. It has an atmosphere and vibe unlike anything in the sequels, and really, any sci-fi game that's come out since.


5+ hours in and for every subquest I've done, I've said to myself, "Was this in the original game?" It just feels so good to play as Sheperd again.


It's crazy how good it holds up in some aspects, especially the writing, dialogue, voice acting, and overall cinematic feeling are top-notch. Goes to show how big of a deal it was back in 2007.


The worldbuilding in the game is second to none. The lore in the codex is on par with a really well-written sci fi novel. I spent most of my time when I first played it back then just collecting codex entries and reading them...and I'm doing the same again now.


Drew Karpyshyn was lead writer on ME1 and ME2. He also wrote a few ME novels and some Star Wars novels. He's a top notch writer


Codex was written by Chris L'Etoile.


Except for the Liara romance, oh my god it’s so cringey. Can’t believe I didn’t notice when I was a kid


Not like Kaiden is much better. Unless you slap him down hard, he immediately thinks you’re totally into him just by saying “Hello Lieutenant.”


"Beautiful, but not stuck up about it. Like you, I guess." Wow, Kaidan, fuck right off. Literally, get off the ship.


More like "Get off *my* ship."


I mean... that does reflect how shallow a lot of guys can be.


To be fair, I think this is a reflection of how they viewed gender roles in relationships. Carth was really aggressive too if you played a female character.


Oh my god the Carth flirting. It was so bad. I still remember that one conversation where he starts calling you "gorgeous" (as a nickname, not a descriptor) out of nowhere and you have to tell him to keep it in his pants like 3 or 4 times in a row to get him to shut up. And all the while he keeps trying to flip your refusals around into even more puke-worthy attempts at flirting until he finally gets the message.


And that’s why Alenko always dies on Virmire in my games. Though if there were an option to lose both him AND Ashley… that’d be nice.


one thing that stands out in ME1, having grown up and been in and out of the military, is how openly insubordinate people can be on the normandy. thank you for voicing your discontent about aliens being on the ship ashley, now go find your military bearing and deal with it


Question from non-military person. Presley also voices his discomfort about the non-human presence, but he is also an officer. Would that be considered more acceptable or is it the same problem?


that's where things get a little more complicated. shepard still outranks pressley (the alliance's rank structure is kinda fuzzy, though, to be honest). however, at least in the US army, officers are much more informal with each other (calling each other by their first names versus rank & last names among other things), but I noticed that happened more when it was like two lieutenants talking to each other. but then you also have the rapport built up being officers in a small crew like that, so i can see pressley and shepard being lax on customs & courtesies. it definitely happens plenty in real life. ashley's a weird case because she's enlisted and not even from the original crew. it'd be like a sergeant transferring to a new unit at a new base and emptying their life story upon their new commanding officer.


They would need something other than “discomfort” to go on; i.e. what behavior, specifically, is bothering you AND why is said behavior bothering you?” Is it unsafe? Does it threaten mission success? Is it a security issue? Does it hurt morale or unit cohesion? Are you the only person who feels this way? If time-permits, it’s an opportunity to develop followership and explore diversity. If it’s time sensitive matter, shut the fuck up and do your job. We can discuss this when it’s safe to do so. The commanding officer accepts the risk in deferring that conversation. Assuming no major obstacles are in the way, most leaders (military) wouldn’t crush someone if that was brought to them in confidence. Of course, personalities and values sort of determine how things play out from there. --- As NLDW pointed out, things are somewhat different for equal-ranked folk. Something of a “boys club” if you’re on good terms.


ME1 doesn't bother me too much in this regard. The game walks a fine line of balancing immersiveness with letting the characters' personalities show. Andromeda, on the other hand, was something else. Liam makes Ashley look like robocop. Never mind just voicing opinions, he actively sabotages your orders on multiple occasions. Wanted to throw his ass out a goddamn airlock.


Based on the way other characters talk to him during the nomad rides the entire cast of andromeda agrees with you.


I like that you basically have the option to tell her to shut up and do her job if you want though. I never do, but I like that the option is there.


The highpoint of this is in the second game. Joker being welcomed back after his insubordination (in a combat situation, no less) literally kills his commanding officer has always been a huge "WTF?!" for me.


I always kill Kaiden because I already dealt with Carth's bullshit in KOTOR.


I think Carth ultimately justifies his bullshit. He spends the whole game complaining about how weird you are, how none of the circumstances you two are in make any sense, and how he feels that everyone is holding information back from him. And it turns out that, yes, he was one hundred percent correct, especially so if you go dark side.


He wasn't correct about Revan holding anything back from him, though. You might be able to explain him being put off by Bastila et al. by saying he could somehow sense they were lying about something, but Revan is totally honest with Carth from the jump. Also, his "I'm not comfortable, but I also really don't wanna talk about it" BS got old real quick. Nut up or shut up, Carth.




But Kaiden in the Citadel DLC has such great Bro moments.


Can you explain this? Kaiden is so much better than Ashley it hurts and I don't say this as some Kaiden fan. Ashley is, without question, one of the worst characters Bioware has ever written. She's all over the place, has nothing interesting to say, nothing interesting to do, she just says "I'm racist because grandpa" and you can go "No" to which she just...drops her racism. Kaiden at least sheds light into biotic lore, what they went through before more natural processes came about. He also reacts so much better to Shepard in 2 and then in 3 that it's hysterical how a single soul picks Ashley's variant of "I'm angy because angy" for the entirety of 2 & 3.


Ashley is there to show that humans are still newcomers to the galaxy and that things aren't all happy-go-lucky. The war instigated by the turians led to the disgrace and alienation (pun intended) of her once respected family name in the military due to her grandfather's failure in the war. She (somewhat legitimately) attributes the hard time she and her family has faced being shunned to the contact with turians and aliens as a whole which is why she distrusts them. Her whole arc is coming to terms with the insecurity she feels due to her lineage and the hatred that it caused, and rising above it to both be a better soldier and person. Her anger against Shepard in the sequels is also 100% legitimate when you consider she literally saw Shepard die and then magically reappear years later working with the shady human supremacist faction you fought against in the first game.


Oh I hate them both. But Kaiden’s voice annoys me more.


You know, that's a totally fair reason lmao


Alenko is Carth reincarnated.


Doesn't matter. In the spirit of Shatner, if you present me with an oddly colored alien in a sci-fi setting I am going to try and fuck her.


tbf, there's a lot of cringe dialogue twists especially in some sidequests. I can't really say if the bad cases are mostly DLC stuff (I simply don't remember since I haven't replayed ME1 multiple times like the sequels...). But every time a sidequests culminates in a charm/intimidate option that, like, convinces whoever your talking to of the direct opposite of what they've said just a second before, I think to myself "yeah... very smooth dear writers, quite natural how that one turned out...".


It is, but I will always defend it because it's the only romance option that actually feels somewhat like a relationship over the course of the three games as opposed to 1-3 one night stands.


I feel the two best romances are the ones where you can't romance them in the first game. It means you actually get the time to know them before the romance stuff happens, *and* you get a romance story that doesn't just end in "and then they fucked".


I havent romanced Kaiden, but I recall Ashley being pretty cringy too. Maybe thats just the way romance is written in ME1.


Tali is the only romance option. Hold out.


Held out. Worth it.


That's what I thought at first, until I learned that Garrus romances Tali if you don't. Liara is the best girl, only because it means my homie gets his.


Romance him yourself you coward :)


Correct. Those hips don’t lie.


Tali never did much for me as a charger I honestly found her annoying fairly often. The way she defended genocide wasn't great either.


She belongs with my boy Garrus.


Definitely in the same boat as many are saying. I absolutely have not remembered a lot of the quest lines. I put in 16 hours since Friday, I haven't put that much time into a game in such a short time in a long time. Life is going to catch back up on me, so the next 80 hours of the trilogy will probably be in 2-4 hours a week chunks, but it has been so great to jump back into the ME universe.


Been having a blast with the game, just finished ME1. My biggest gripe is when you play with a controller, the button to skip dialogue (X/Square) also selects dialogue options. Sometimes if I wanna get moving I will read the lines but skip waiting for them to speak it. The problem is that if I try to skip a line, but it's too close to the end of the spoken dialogue to where the dialogue wheel is *just* about to pop up, it'll essentially just automatically select the rightmost option. Not sure if I'm explaining it properly but it is incredibly irritating. If they limited conversation selections to A/cross only, then it wouldn't be an issue. Edit: I found [this thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/masseffect/comments/ne4fbv/how_to_skip_dialogue_without_accidentally_picking) with a fix for mouse and keyboard users that adds a dedicated key for skipping dialogue. Someone in the comments said you can also point straight down on controller when skipping and no dialogue option will be highlighted. Haven't had a chance to try it myself but hopefully it helps some of you out.




My "workaround" is I hold left whenever I go to skip a line. Because it's the most likely slot to either be empty or just have the "investigate" option. Not sure how the m&k controls work but maybe you can do something similar? It's still very annoying but it has helped prevent some unintended dialogue selections.


Exactly what i do. Usually left and up or down for depending on the type of run because it’s either a follow up, nothing, or the demeanornchoice.


Don’t go straight down with the thumbstick, because sometimes you’ll be off a little bit and select the bottom right option that is renegade, which, a lot of the time, is rudely ending the conversation lmfao Try instead to hold the thumbstick left or bottom left when you hit the [skip dialogue] button. That, 9 times out of ten, is the “investigate” option, meaning that it’ll just open up a new dialogue tree that won’t be anything final, like a choice or farewell, and instead will be a few world-building questions.


"Hey, I found your little Scrappy-Doo! Here he is!" "Oh thank you Shepard, you've saved my puppy. I owe you so much. How can I repay you?" *misclicks conversation option* *Shepard snaps the dogs neck* "Next time get your dog out of my way."


But thank god it was only Scrappy-Doo and not a lovable dog.


in portuguese he is called scooby-loo and i also hate him


Yeah I've been going with left during my playthrough. But I wonder if you can use the dpad to always make sure you're pointing exactly down. I'll have to try it later.


Ooh. Five playthroughs, never thought of that. Lemme know!


Yep, they kept it faithful to the original! /s I remembered having that problem with the original games, too, and I've reloaded OLD saves to correct bad dialogue choices. It selects dialogue options based off what direction you're pointing the dialogue wheel when you press X - defaulting to the middle right option (I think). Point your wheel toward the bottom right/left and you'll avoid selecting the dialogue options unless there's a renegade/paragon option


yesss this annoys me too!


Dude! You solved my biggest problem with the game so far. I have to talk to everybody and get all the dialogue but I hate waiting for them to say their lines. I’m playing on PS5 and mashing square has messed me up so many times. Thanks for the solution!


The collective Mass Effect trilogy is seriously in my top 5 gaming experiences of all time; I don’t usually buy games at launch and prefer to wait until a sale, but this was the exception. I have been having a blast re-experiencing the original with some modern sensibilities (especially the re-tuned Mako!). That said, I never did get any of the DLC back on the 360; I couldn’t justify the cost, which would have been well over $100 for everything. This will be my first time experiencing Lair of the Shadow Broker, Arrival, Leviathan, Citadel, and even just From Ashes (among the rest). To say I’m excited is beyond an understatement.


Shadow Broker is dope, enjoy!


Probably my most favorite gaming sequence of all time. Greatest DLC I ever played


What sequence?


The shadow broker DLC


Make sure to save Citadel until the absolute last point possible in ME3 (or after you finish the game) to get as much content as possible!


I lost some party members in ME3 before I played Citadel. So I never had the heart to play it without them.


If you don't have the heart to miss out on a couple of characters, there's a series on youtube called the Saddest Party on the citadel where two dudes try to murder as many squadmates as they can to create the saddest party during the citadel DLC. Can't recommend it enough.


That sounds amazing. I'll watch it after my playthrough so my first exposure to Citadel is my own. Thanks for the rec!


I can think of at least 1 character that can die in ME3 that still has some really poignant voice memos left for you to find in the Citadel DLC afterwards, and it's super heart-wrenching and wonderful. Give it a shot.


If it's the character I think, that character doesn't appear even if they are alive


I lost >!Tali and Legion,!< my two favorite characters. I cried my way through the rest of the campaign lol and didn't have the heart to celebrate without them. >!Mordin!< was already dead by that point too. I'll make sure to play it this time, no matter who we have to celebrate without. We'll be celebrating for those who couldn't.


Good to know - thank you!


Shadow Broker and Citadel are absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed Arrival and Leviathan as well. You are in for a treat.


The new squadmates dlc in ME2 is also great. Really a ton of the dlc is great. You are in for a real treat. I am so happy everyone that buys this will be able to experience all of the dlc essentially.


What class are you playing as? I beat the trilogy once as a soldier and I’m doing the same class again. I couldn’t help myself.


Vanguard! It’s easily my favorite. It’s not bad in ME1 though admittedly it’s ME2 and ME3 that makes it my favorite. The Charge ability completely changes how the games are played; honestly I never really understood the complaints about the cover system because I never *used* the cover system. Vanguard is so much fun!


I always considered Overlord, Shadow Broker, and Citadel to be the definite must plays of the DLC. Overlord for a fascinating and tragic standalone story, Shadow Broker for a great action-packed character-driven mission, and Citadel for just a lot of dumb fun.


I'd say leviathan and the javek companion dlc is pretty important too story wise.


I always forget that Javik was not part of the main game. A big part of ME3 intentionally left out to have day one DLC.


I like the mystery of the Leviathan DLC


I'm sort of in the same boat. ME3's ending pissed me off so much that I never went back for any of the DLCs. I did buy everything for ME2 though, and based on what I remember of it, Lair of the Shadow Broker is up there with the best ME2 had to offer and one of the best DLCs I've played.


Citadel is still my favorite. Just 'cause it felt like the true ending for the crew.


leviathan is my personal favorite, hope you enjoy it!


Lair of the Shadow Broker, Citadel, and Leviathan are all super dope.


I’m ~8 hours into ME1 and love it. I’m locked into the story and characters, and enjoy the combat when I remember to upgrade my skills and equipment


Same. I forgot how good the world is. The first time someone mentioned the Krogan genophage in ME1 I was like "oooooh right" and remembered this whole rich complicated backstory between these two races. There are games with better stories and characters, but I don't think there's a universe with a better structure and well rounded lore. So much of richness of Star Wars or Star Trek, for example, feels so back-engineered, and obviously it had to because of the way those movies and shows were written and released. Mass Effect starts with this world that is so fleshed out and it feels like so many details were thought about and poured over, even in places that barely affect the story. It's so engaging. I guess credit to Bioware, because the only game I think comes close is Dragon Age.


Which is why I've always though the Mass Effect franchise is the most perfectly poised to have spin-offs within the Universe Imagine a fully blown Mass Effect shooter, or a Criminal game ala L.A. Noire based on C-Sec


I've always thought a no-foolin' heist game on the Citadel would be cool.


The Citadel has 5 wards, and we've barely seen the Presidum and a couple of corners of two wards. The Citadel DLC was the closest we got to seeing more of the Citadel, but I think there's room for a whole game in there.


And it's easily the best video game franchise I can think of regarding the jump to movies or television. You could take ANYTHING across this huge universe and all its lore and make a thousand compelling stories from it. It's a shame that EA seems to think every ME game needs to be about a galaxy threatening conflict. I'll take a smaller scale spy game on one planet or some shit in a heartbeat.


Wow I never even thought about that. Now I want those things more than anything.


Seriously the world is SOOOO big, they can quite literally go in any direction they wanted and be able to explore it at some point in the universe.


The upgrade and equipment system is probably my least favorite part of ME1. It’s not a big deal but I just find it so hard to keep track of which weapon upgrades I should be using or holding onto. And I especially can’t be bothered to deal with my squad’s weapons and upgrades. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be too difficult to just ignore a lot of that menu stuff.


It's definitely the most irritating part of ME1, even before Legendary. While 2 and 3 do streamline it a bit much for some people's tastes, I think after 5+ playthroughs of the whole series i came to appreciate the way 2 and 3 handles equipment far more.


I get the skill upgrades and I think 1 has way too much glut when it comes to the armor/weapons and their customization but 2 is so bare bones, there is no armor stuff and you have a handful of guns. I also remember the early Mass Effect 2 days before the weapon DLC came out and there used to be two choices for every weapon type which is awful. The DLC helped that. I’d say 1 has too much, it’s overwhelming, 2 is so measly that it borders on pathetic and 3 is a much healthier middle ground. I still don’t like the lack of armor/appearance customization that 2 and 3 have, particularly for your party.


2 and 3 keep things simple enough that I can swap both my squadmates between missions without feeling like they're under-equipped. I'm too lazy to update loadouts in ME1 so I haven't really swapped my squadmates out too much.


2 and 3 don't even have equipment


Shotgun with explosive 8 and dmg up. 1h almost everything


If you do bother with it, you'll find yourself cleaning through enemies. You can make a very very powerful 3 man squad in ME1. Makes Shepard and crew feel weak in the following games.


Hope they fix gunshots sounding defeaning in ME1 on PS4/PS5. I picked infiltrator and the first time I fired a sniper rifle in the game, I woke up my wife. Adjusting SFX volume doesn't seem to have an impact.


Relay jump on home theater setup with decent subwoofer wakes up entire block. #**WHZOOOOMBBBBB**


Not sure if it’s related, but surround sound in Mass Effect 1 seems completely broken. Almost everything comes out of the rear speakers, besides random noises that come out of the front. Had to switch to stereo output in the PlayStation settings, and still get the gun shots that are two times louder than everything else.


I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem


Gunshots are pretty loud on PC as well. Maybe check if your TV or receiver has something labeled dynamic range compression/night mode, that should equalize things a bit.


Tons of the audio mixing in ME1 is just broken. The music and voices are overly quiet, but random sound effects are extremely loud. Dialog frequently cuts out prematurely. Conrad Verner's audio was seemingly ignored entirely and sounds super compressed. I'm honestly shocked they released the game like this. I frequently replay the entire trilogy (every 2 years or so) and I know for a fact ME1 never had these problems. EDIT: Also on PS5, film grain doesn't work at all, even though its an option in the menu.


Oh yeah I knew something was off re Film Grain. I will wait for a few extra fixes to come out.


I bought the game on Steam and I'm having issues with the Origin implementation and my Steam Link for casting to my TV. I know I'm a pretty small subset of gamers where this bug applies to, but I hope that Bioware patch a fix. The splash screen and the title screen with the Select Game option works fine, but the second I try and launch my ME1 save, a Connection Icon appears on the bottom right of my screen and the rest is blank. I can hear the game, and if I look on my PC, everything is working fine, but for some reason the game can't display on my TV. I've checked other games, and they work perfect with Steam Link, so I'm assuming it has something to do with Origin launching ME1 or something in the background. **EDIT**: I got this fix from another user, thanks! For anyone else having the same problem, disable HDR in the Main Menu and it should work. For some reason, the Auto HDR on my monitor was freaking out my TV. I don't think HDR is supported via original Steam Link hardware.


This happened to me as well; I fixed it by heading to my PC and alt-tabbing into the correct game window, for some reason it landed on this strange inbetween on launch. Once I was on the correct window everything worked out fine (only played ME1 thus far). Still, hopefully they'll fix that, it's annoying when I have to interact with the PC (which lives in another room) when setting up a Steam Link game.


Try tabbing to ME1 on your desktop. The way Legendary Edition works is weirdly layered. The ME:LE program doesn't actually contain the three games so much as just serves as a launcher for them. So hitting Start ME1 basically just tells LE to launch ME1 as a *separate* program and you have to get Steam Link to hook the new process.


I had two weird bugs so far, one is when. looking at the equipment in ME1, and going to the different weapons, the switching animation starts to stutter, until you close and open the panel again. And in some cases, Feros specifically, the companions will stop following you, but loading the save again will fix it. There's also some pop-in when you are in the skills screen and switch rapidly to different characters, but it is very fast compared to what it was originally in the game so it doesn't bother me that much.


> Feros specifically, the companions will stop following you, but loading the save again will fix it I can't speak to the other bugs, but this one specifically happened a lot to me in the original title. The combat AI in ME1 especially left something to be desired even when it was new. Feros seems to have a lot of things for them to get stuck on.


yeah I think it may be because of the layout of the level, you are going from room to room kinda like in a spiral way


That and tight spaces. They tend to get stuck in the 'sewer' area for me most times.


I think the companions not following you is an issue with them getting suck on parts of the terrain I noticed people would get caught on corners of the staircases in Feros and just be unable to move properly The only major issue I noticed was that in ME1 sometimes I would use a power and my characters would finish the animation and still just not be able to shoot for a good 2 seconds after. I could throw someone and be unable to shoot them before they stood back up cause the game just wouldn’t let me even when I clicked to fire




I’ve had a weird bug in ME1 where sometimes the first couple of words of dialogue are cut off from voice lines but the lip sync still plays for the whole line, resulting in a couple of seconds of silent lip movement at the end of a dialogue line. I wonder if that’s fixed.


Anyone who has the PC release: some of the steam reviews have mentioned mouse acceleration that can't be turned off, have you noticed this? I'm thinking of picking this up but that'd be a dealbreaker for me. But I also haven't heard widespread complaints about it outside of those reviews, so I'm wondering if they might be full of shit


yes the mouse is really strange. not unplayable, but it handles strangely. That and the lack of an FOV slider (and modern settings in general) are real annoyances. Not enough to ruin the experience but certainly noticeable


Lack of FOV slider is bonkers. Playing the OG on PC atm and setting up a keybind for 100 FOV was one of the first things I had to do.


An FOV mod exists already: https://www.nexusmods.com/masseffectlegendaryedition/mods/17


I'm waiting for that to be fixed (apparently you don't really notice it if you generally play with low sens, this is only a big issue for high sens players), as well as the locked FOV. No idea how those things made it past testing.


You can disable it with an ini tweak. Can also use a mod to increase fov too. Check out the PCGamingWiki entry: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Mass_Effect_Legendary_Edition


Can anyone confirm that this works? Everything I’ve seen says this doesn’t work in ME1


Pretty sure the mouse dampening ini tweaks for ME that people have been suggesting only work for the original. There’s still not much about a LE fix.


Someone please actually give an answer - was the mouse accel issue fixed or not? I don't really want to have to go scouring around ini files to have a game play comfortably for me.


to those reading this, what I did was setting my mouse DPI as low as it could go (400), then cranking ingame sensitivity all the way up. It seems the acceleration affects the pre-ingame sensitivity, so low raw inputs mitigates it a ton. I'd definitely recommend the game after picking it up. I was also concerned about it, but I'm not really noticing any issues like in the reviews.


Small QoL issue with the walk toggle ("T") is still present. Shepard does a brief running animation each time he starts moving.


I usually play all new big games, I have the newest systems. But idk, I feel my ability to get sucked into a game anymore to be rare. But playing the Legendary edition, I’ve been sucked in like I was in 2007 on my 360 in middle school. This game was on a whole other level in story telling, and I’m back to gaming like I was 14 years ago. This game has such a rich story


I feel like EA and BioWare are all-in on making this a love letter to the community. It's hard to capture exactly what the community wants especially for a cherished and flawed trilogy, yet somehow they seem to be doing it. While you can't exactly be proud of needing a day 2 patch, it does show they are quick to polish the experience.


eh - everything gets patches very early on because of the dev cycle you have to have your console version finalised early on so it can get certified and go to the disc manufacturers then you start working on the day 0 patch and get that to certification then you start working on the next patch


The only thing I've seen so far that they definitively did not capture was the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, which is so good there's still a strong community on the original game.


I think literally any game of this size will need immediate patching. No matter how polished the game is, they could work on it for 10 years and *some* issue will still pop up when you open up your playtesting numbers from 300 to millions of people. Some things you just can't catch until it's in the hands of the public.


When I finally brought the band back together (Sheperd, Garrus, and Wrex), I panned the camera around and just stared at the 3 for a solid minute. Grunt was *fine* but he was no Wrex. If they don't bring back Garrus and Wrex for ME4, what are they even doing?


Liara is confirmed as of the trailer, so you can expect Wrex to be a possibility, but it's possible of a lot of the other cast and crew have died due to old age. But I'm really hoping it is a continuation of ME3, and not some kinda huge time-skip or a mesh sequal of ME3 and Andromeda.




900 years later might actually line up with the events in Andromeda. I don't remember the exact time difference, but the project director has definitely hinted at Andromeda plotlines/characters not having been completely abandoned.


Which I am happy to hear about. You can't just ignore Andromeda. They can fix the issues with it easily enough.


There’s no way to satisfyingly continue any of the endings in ME3. They’ll have to pick a canon ending, and if it’s not mine what’s the point?


Post destroy is a wild west situation. >!Relays are down and will only slowly be brought back online, asari are shamed for hiding prothean tech and likely lose a lot of political capital, salarians are basically the joke of the galaxy, krogans with the genophage cured are on the verge of becoming a serious galactic power (or threat) again, etc. Plus the central political body of the citadel council is gone, so it's every race for itself.!< There's a lot of interesting stuff you could do with the chaos of that setting.


To your krogan point, that's might not hold as they would be trapped in their own system with no way out (there's no krogan scientists capable of restoring a mass relay)


Mass Effect 1 spoilers: >!Considering how easy it is for Wrex to die on Virmire, it really comes down to what BioWare considers to be Wrex’s “canon” fate.!<


I personally would like to believe Wrex canonically becomes an even crankier old man surrounded by thousands of descendants. Anything is better than Wreav.


Given how ME4 seems to be set in the future, Garrus might be long dead at that point. Wrex might still be kicking, maybe if he's portrayed like Drack from Andromeda, so there's that.


Has anyone come across a bug on Virmire, where when you free the indoctrinated salarians and kill them, your frames drop to 5-7fps? You can reload the save to fix it but I was able to do it a couple times.


I had some frame stutters before, mostly on planets, apparently could be related to v-sync I was told disabling it and setting fps counter to 60 fixes it


If that's a fix then that works. I do have v sync turned on and it's at 144. But it's the only place that's happened in ME1. In ME2 I had my frames drop to 60 for like 10 seconds but it was fine. So far seems like it runs really smoothly.


It's common. Here's a bug thread. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Mass-Effect-Legendary-Edition/BUG-ME1-Framerate-drop-after-killing-docile-salarians-on-Virmire/td-p/10343594


So no word on the mouse acceleration for PC? Or lack of any meaningful graphics options? :(


The big fixes I want to see are mouse accel and FOV settings. I know these can probably be fixed with mods but I’ve heard they can lead to problems too


Does anyone have an issue with controller desync while in-game? Like randomly not getting any input until turning the controller off and on. It has happened twice to me.


If you're on Windows 10 this was a Windows issue that was resolved in a recent update. Try updating your system and the controller firmware. I had this problem with every game until recently. If you're on console, sorry I don't know.


I’m gonna pick this up, between this and ratchet and clank, I should be busy. Hopefully the Witcher 3 next gen update releases by the time I’m done with those.


Anyone have a list of improvements? Specially from ME1.


Anyone able to tell whether this has ultrawide support? I'm ready to double dip if so.


During gameplay yes, during cutscenes (including in-engine ones) no. However a mod has already been released that adds Ultrawide support to the cutscenes as well. Here's a link: https://www.reddit.com/r/ultrawidemasterrace/comments/ndpnvc/psa_mass_effect_legendary_edition_now_fixed_by/