Everything Fallout is on sale for 60-70% off. I just got Fallout 3 GOTY for $6


I received Fallout 4 as a gift.. never played it, but I was wondering, if I do want to play it, does the season pass make a difference, or I should ignore that?


The Season Pass has some good and some bad stuff. If in sale I would say go for it. Full price, better not. The basegame itself would also offer you already a ton of stuff to do. Its not a bad game after all, could have just some improvements here and there. The game has a new "ingame microtransaction shop" [[Creation Club](https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Creation_Club)] for those "Credit club" coins you migth see on the Steam page. Basically stuff that is free available on Moddb is sold there for their Bethesda Coins. You can majorly ignore that shop and miss nothing, but in the past they changed the featured stuff there every two weeks (this year feels more like once a month) and then always some cheap cosmetic stuff is available for free. So worth to grab. Next week 4th of July probably should bring back the Minuteman stuff, which looks actually pretty good and definitly should be grabbed for free ;)


About Season Pass: 1. **Far Harbor DLC** is great and is what FO4 base-gamer should've been - i.e. lots of shades of gray and worth-while decision-making that matters; and this area based off & inspired by Bar Harbor is way more interesting & has personality than the FO4 base-game. 2. **Nuka World DLC** is pretty good for high-level characters & is tough, but is basically more of FO4 base-game. Though, Nuka World as a game-world is just pretty cool IMHO. Also, this DLC is built for basically evil characters...or character to go Evil and then turn on all of the Raiders after doing their main story. Anything else is in the Season Pass is basically gravy on top of Far Harbor DLC and Nuka World DLC - so yeah, get the Season Pass. Of course, w/ anything using Bethesda's own engine since ES3: Morrowind (and also including Obsidian FO: New Vegas) - always best and safest to go Complete Editions w/ all DLC's/expansions, in case there's a mod you want that basically requires that you own everything officially from Bethesda for that particular game.


I'd recommend the Season Pass. Automata is alright. Adds a fun new mechanic for building robot companions but the main quest is over way too soon. Still a great experience, though. Far Harbor could have been its own game. Location, characters, quests are all amazing and the story branches in so many ways. Nuka World is a fun idea but it's not for every play style. Unless you opt for killing all the lead raiders, the main questline is mostly about being evil. Choices are something to the effect of "trick a child to steal their candy" or "punch the child in the face and steal their candy"- That choice is purely hyperbolic, btw. There is also an additional Vault themed story DLC but I kinda ran out of steam after Nuka World so I didn't play much of it.


The season pass is worthwhile - basically the 2 big DLC - far harbor and nuka world are fun. But the real reason to get all the DLC/season pass is some mods are dependent on having all the DLC. Now there is also creation club stuff thats essentially microtransactions; occassionally the give away CC stuff. I usually grab it when free but have never been tempted to buy it and I generally ignore it. [edit: you have time - you might want to play FO4 and then decide if you like the base game first.]


Season pass is pretty necessary for many mods that use different dlc as dependencies


Far Harbor DLC is my top 2 favourite area in the game. Didn't feel inclined to get any of the others.


As a reminder - for FO3, and New Vegas ts recommended you get the package with all the DLC (GOTY and Ultimate) because some of the mods require them - and if you pick it up afterwards it they ding you.


What do you mean "ding" you?


They charge you more for the DLC separately than the difference between the regular and gotly edition of the game.


Recently got a g29 wheel. Any good racing sim singleplayer games? already have assetto corso and dirt rally 2 both are great. Looking for more singleplayer focus though maybe with a proper career mode assetto and dirt rally 2 career are kinda shit. Also how is beamng with wheel and does it have good solo content? worth getting?


If you're in to serious simulation, take a look at Project Cars 2. The bundle is a lot of content at a great price. It's fine if you just want to go for a casual drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, but it also has an elaborate hierarchy of racing leagues where you'll need to optimize your ride *and* drive skillfully to be competitive. If you want a step or two more in the arcade direction, check out Forza 4 or 5. 4's base game is reasonably priced, and for a bigger spend you can get the whole bundle which I'm considering since that Hot Wheels stuff looks really fun. 5 is a relatively new game, so if you want the latest and greatest software that's probably a good pick.


i tried forza horizon 4 it actually really bad on wheel and no matter how much i messed with the force feedback it just doesn't feel good. Felt easier and better on keyboard. Project cars 2 does look good though, does it have a proper career mode though or is it more like assetto corsa?


Horizon 5 is much better with a wheel than 5. But yeah, check PCars 2 if you want a career mode. Automovilista 2 doesn't have one but is much better and it also has decent AI.


Forza. You should also try out American Truck Sim, didnt understand the appeal of it like many people until I played it.


Or Euro Truck Sim 2. Depends entirely which backdrop you prefer. Both still get updates, so it's entirely preference as they're mostly similar.


BeamNG has quite a few challenges, but it's more of a soft body simulator than a driving or racing simulator. The driving accuracy is somewhat lacking, though it has improved over the years. Project Cars is okay, go for 1 or 2 - 3 was very disappointing. I'd also recommend one of the F1 games. There's a new one out by EA, but the old ones by Codemasters are still fun for their single player career mode. 21 if you can get it cheap, 20 if you can get it cheaper. And I second the Truck Simulator suggestions, American or Euro Truck Simulator are great games if you like relaxing driving and gentle progression at your own pace.


It could be I'm literally the only one who's a fan of Dirt 4 but...Dirt 4. It has great wheel support (also support for VR and well just about anything you can name it supports). If DR2 is like Dark Souls while Dirt 4 is more like...easy mode sort of dark souls...since I can't finish finish the allegory...in other words what sim-mode it has can be turned off entirely or ratcheted up to 11. But Dirt 4's 11 is DR2's simulation set to 2. Some people call Dirt 4 an "arcade racer" but really it's more of a hybrid that can be set to as much as little of a sim or arcade as you want. Anyway, I have 200+ hours in it and can't get enough. It doesn't start from a great place (the first track isn't a great intro) but it is focused entirely on single player career mode. And mid-game/end game is much better. I just bought WRC 5 on PS4 - which is even cheaper on steam than ps4 - which came out roughly the same time as Dirt 4 (\~2015). I'm leaning towards WRC 5 isn't as good as Dirt 4 but it similarly seems to have a focus on career mode. Although I have no idea what the wheel support is in WRC 5. I just mention 5 in particular because it's the one I've played (and really cheap). The later versions of WRC are also well regarded by a large community. Probably more so now that Dirt Rally is an EA thing. The latest is WRC 9.


Does anyone have any suggestions for high-fantasy RPGs with dark stories? Like, full-on magic, elves, dragons, all that good stuff, but with less LotR-style good against evil, and more Witcher-esque shades of grey, people struggling in an unjust world, but hopefully in a turn-based format? I'm kinda looking to scratch that itch, and most normal fantasy stuff just isn't doing it for me at the moment.


Turn based Fantay RPG is a bit rare. So this will probably help not that specific, but maybe you find still something useful * [Divinity: Original Sin](https://store.steampowered.com/app/373420/Divinity_Original_Sin__Enhanced_Edition/) also part 2 around. * [Baldurs Gate 3](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1086940/Baldurs_Gate_3/) * [Blackguards](https://store.steampowered.com/app/249650/Blackguards/) * [Banner Saga 1-3](https://store.steampowered.com/app/237990/The_Banner_Saga/) * [Dragon Age: Origins](https://store.steampowered.com/app/47810/Dragon_Age_Origins__Ultimate_Edition/) * [Kingdoms of Amalur](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1041720/Kingdoms_of_Amalur_ReReckoning/) * [Of Orcs and Men](https://store.steampowered.com/app/216910/Of_Orcs_And_Men/) * [The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim](https://store.steampowered.com/app/489830/The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_Special_Edition/) If you are willing to step into the future however, maybe * [Fallout 2](https://store.steampowered.com/app/38410/Fallout_2_A_Post_Nuclear_Role_Playing_Game/) * [Wasteland 3](https://store.steampowered.com/app/719040/Wasteland_3/) * [Shadowrun: Dragonfall](https://store.steampowered.com/app/300550/Shadowrun_Dragonfall__Directors_Cut/)


Okay, gonna apologize in advance for the text dump that is this response haha >Divinity: Original Sin also part 2 around I have the first, and from what people responded with about the second, I'll be grabbing the sequel, too. >Baldurs Gate 3 It's still in EA, right? I'm kinda hesitant to touch EA RPGs, even if the studio behind it is good. I've been burned before :/ >Blackguards Eh, for $1 I might as well. >Banner Saga 1-3 I've actually been eyeing this trilogy for years! I'm gonna hold off on the hope that I manage to catch all three for under $20, I missed it last time it went that low. >Dragon Age: Origins I have it and keep meaning to start a new playthrough. I've never finished it, yay for ADHD :D >Kingdoms of Amalur I have the original on Steam and the remaster on PS4. Not gonna lie, this one just bores me. The combat and crafting system is fun, and the world and lore sound fun on paper, but most of the quests failed to grab my attention, and I started just listening to podcasts over the dialogue entirely. I keep meaning to come back and make busted gear, but eh, maybe someday. >Of Orcs and Men Looks interesting. Any comments about it? I might have to look at reviews for this one, since the Steam page wasn't super helpful. >The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim I'm actually working on installing Living Skyrim. Hopefully that'll make Skyrim a little more fun than it was the last time I played through it. > Fallout 2 I actually have every Fallout from 1-4 and New Vegas, but I haven't touched the original Obsidian entries yet. Is FO2 that much better than FO1? >Wasteland 3 I actually have this, but it got lost in the backlog. Is the DLC worth playing through? I heard a lot of mixed things about it. >Shadowrun: Dragonfall Kind of the same question as FO, should I start with Returns, or just go straight to Dragonfall? I have all 3, but again, lost in the backlog. I'd also love to know if the setting and worldbuilding is up to snuff; I love cyberpunk (Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies), but I need that feeling of immersion to keep engaged.


From your response and sounding similar to myself, just get divinity original sin 2 mate. It's incredible, and will give you at least 100 hours of gameplay depending on how you play, custom stories, companion choice etc. I can't wait for the full release of Baldurs Gate 3, but I'm confident DOS2 is one of the best RPGs of the latest generation.


Regarding Orcs and Men, it has a neat story, but the controls might threw you off. Still, it does not cost much so even if you toss it in the bin later might not be that much of a loss. The two [Styx](https://store.steampowered.com/app/242640/Styx_Master_of_Shadows/) games who came later play in the same world, but they are probably not what you primarily seek. Fallout 1 and 2 are both pretty good games. I linked the 2nd since it is imo the better one, but nothing wrong with going for game#1 first and learn the origin of the Super Mutants. Both also can be get quite difficult/funny depending on how you design your character. I remember that having a Int 1 character really made some speech options...challenging. Wasteland 3 also still piles up in my baclog. So can't judge the DLC. Shadowruns three games are all standalones, who are not connected besides being the same world. I linked the 2nd since it is regarded the best from the story narrative. Hong Kong as the 3rd is imo close behind. Returns as the first one is still good, but obviously the later titles did push the gameplay and story borders a bit further, so in hindsight Returns might look a bit bland. You could start with Returns, but would be a shame to then maybe not get that caught up and ignore the other two. Hence Dragonfall as start to get sucked in, might be better.


> Is FO2 that much better than FO1? Significantly better. FO2 improves on the first game in pretty much every way. Companions have a lot more depth, side quests are more interesting and can span multiple locations and the gameplay adds in a lot of what we know and love about Fallout, like the perk system.


Fallout 1 and 2 are both masterpieces, IMHO. Both are worth owning and playing. There's also a mod to stick Fallout 1 into Fallout 2's Engine - i.e. Fallout Et Tu. EDIT - Of course, you'd need to own both FO1 and FO2 games to run Fallout Et Tu - and you should own both anyways, since they both are great.


Oh, absolutely. They're both amazing games. I just meant that FO2 improves on the original.


I enjoyed SR Returns a lot. Though, mind you - Dragonfall is quite a bit better than SR Returns. SR: Hong Kong feels somewhere smack-dab right in the middle of SR Returns and Dragonfall. All three are great, IMHO. SR: Dragonfall > SR: Hong Kong > SR Returns. Also, if you do any of the Epic Store giveaways - and it's understandable for many reason if you don't, BTW - the entire SR Trilogy has been given away there, so....check over there to see if you grabbed it before when it was free, if you tolerate Epic Store. EDIT - Oh, the story-telling, writing, and world-building's all really good in the SR Trilogy. The writing and prose really sticks out. So, if you like book-like descriptive type of games and lots of walls of good text here, you'll really dig this - as it's probably right around, but still behind games like Planescape Torment and Disco Elysium in that category.


Nah, I avoid Epic in general. Long story short, I dislike their recent business moves, I don't want to use their platform and I'm less inclined to touch anything they're personally involved with. I appreciate you mentioning it, though! :) I already have all three games on Steam, so getting copies isn't really an issue. Is Returns still fun playing through if I play the others first? For example, I played the first Witcher game first, and if I'd played the sequels before the original, there would have been no way I could have made it through that game lol


> should I start with Returns, or just go straight to Dragonfall? You're fine skipping Returns. It was basically a "proof of concept" for the engine. The story is okay, and actually I think it had some good atmosphere, coming from someone who was largely unfamiliar with SR other than the basic concept (D&D races, cyberpunk world). But do absolutely take points in Ranged Combat or you're gonna hate the ending. If you do skip Returns, don't ever feel obligated to go back and play it. The later two games improve on it in every way, and there is no narrative continuity between them. Dragonfall is just worlds better than SRR's base campaign in pretty much every facet.


Have you seen King Arthur: Knight's Tale? It seems to be getting some recent buzz.


This seems like exactly what you're looking for. Dark medieval lore, turn based combat, good RPG mechanics.


I have this game and I believe that it aligns with what OP is looking for. The game is a lot of fun.


Would you mind telling me what you like the most about it? I loved Arthurian legends as a kid, so it might even be more up my alley than you guys thought lol


Several things. The graphics are great and look as good as POE and Diablo 3. The colors are darker. The turn based combat has two formats: rogue lite and normal. Normal allows you to save and reload if you make a mistake. Rogue lite auto saves and you can’t reload if you make a mistake or someone dies. The combat is awesome and has a lot strategy. It’s based on Arthurian legend and the voice acting is well done. You take control of Sir Mordred and reform the round table, but with a dark theme. There is minor base building with building up Camelot. And the loot allows for builds for each character in your party and in the round table. Oh, and your decisions unlock addition content: laws, title, and characters like Lancelot, the White Knight, and many others. I hope that helps. Sorry this is all over the place but I’m on my phone and at lunch.


Maybe the Last Remnant ?


Unfortunately, Last Remnant was removed from Steam a couple of years ago, though some people have been able to buy Steam keys from Square Enix's website (but only in certain countries). The remastered version is available on PS4, Switch, and Apple's App Store, but not Steam.


Oh, had no idea, thanks for the heads up.


Divinity Original Sin 2 is like that but there is a fair bit of humor to keep things breezy


Is playing the original required, or should I just go straight to the second? I have the first, but haven't touched it yet.


Like in every game it helps - but there is hige time difference between 2 parts so you would not be missing anything integral if skipping part 1. Only reason I would advise to play part one first is that if you play 2, due to improved mechanics in 2 part 1 would feel like a bad game when it isnt.


Any recommendations for relatively simple and efficient but still fun builds for the first? I kinda dislike skipping to sequels without playing the original, so I might just try and quickly beat the original before starting on the sequel. All good if not, I'm sure I can find build suggestions online, too :)


Game is relatively easy, as long as you follow the kinda predetermined path you won have problem even without min maxing. You have 2 inquistitors you create - I played with one being ground/fire mage and other being lighting/water, as those tend to synergize. But as I said game is not that hard so you don't have to min max, if something seems whacky go for it.


As a piggyback off my last comment - i saw you're the same person - I gave myself an "unlimited space" mod so I didn't have to worry about loot restrictions. Then I just played normally. I have done two full playthroughs with different companions and me and one other mate will be doing a duo playthrough shortly. Go for it!


If remember right, you don't need to play the first one to enjoy the 2nd, there are some references but there are set hundreds of years apart. First game is still really good though, 2nd game takes it further.


It didn't seem to matter to me that I didn't play the first one. It's the only turn-based game I've liked outside XCOM and it's really well polished.


2nd is straight out better on every aspect, 1st one is not even necessary to understand the story of the 2nd


Check out [Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen](https://store.steampowered.com/app/367500/Dragons_Dogma_Dark_Arisen/)


I'll second Divinity: Original Sin 2. It is fully turn-based in combat, and the world is quite dark with slavery, sacrifice, genocide, questionable gods, etc (though without taking itself *too* seriously). Also, it has by far the coolest blood magic in any RPG I've played.


Have you played Tyranny? It's not turn-based and it has its shortcomings, but in terms of "people struggling in an unjust world", it's right there, and you're the one making most of the calls. For all its flaws, it's refreshingly unique in its premise. If you decide to go for it, in terms of DLC, Tales from the Tiers is cool, it adds plenty of little things enhancing the game. Bastard's Wound is an extra area on the map but imho a pretty poor one, so unless you're a completionist or really love the game and desperately want more, I'd skip that one.


Oh, man; Tyranny's awesome. Really enjoyed that. Wish there would be a sequel to that one.


Dragon Age Origins


Any advice for having a fun playthrough? Every time I start one, I get past the early sections of the game and start getting kind of bored. Admittedly, I keep trying tanky melee warden builds with the human noble background, so that's part of the problem, most likely. For context, I'm fine with info-dumps. I read every codex entry in all 3 Mass Effect games, and I'm one of the suckers that bought the spinoff Game of Thrones books solely for the lore expansions. I like feeling immersed in sci-fi and fantasy worlds. It's just something I'm doing in DA:O isn't clicking.


DA:O warrior builds are by far the least fun IMO. They're all slow as hell and the abilities aren't as interesting as the other classes, especially if you play sword and shield. Mage is the most fun for me, but the origin story is pretty lame compared to some of the other options. Dual-wield rogue is also a lot of fun and great DPS, plus it dovetails nicely with some of the background stories and "evil" choices the game offers. If you want to remain a warrior, dual wield is also an option. At least Bioware fixed the lethargic pace of warriors for 2 and Inquisition.


Game outside of main story is pretty meh but main story os huge and great (imo). I would advise progressing the story quite a bit relatively quickly and then maybe to some misc quests when you are already suckered in. I never found big difference what my build is as warden is just one out of 4 people in the squad and you generally need a tank. That said Alistair is pretty important character and he is a tank - so you may be losing some lore not having him around. Similarly Morrigan is lore rich companion and then other companions tend to be flex position.


I think I got to the equivalent of the Mages Guild section of the story when I kinda dropped it for no real reason. I was admittedly doing every side quest in every area before moving on, so, yeah, that added to slowly losing interest. I actually kept them both around because they were fun, even though I knew Alistair was redundant with my MC in the party lol




Having played vanilla Skyrim, it's way too shallow and simplified for what I'm looking for. I'm in the middle of installing Living Skyrim through Wabbajack, though, so hopefully that makes things better. Vanilla Skyrim is miles wide but only a few inches deep, and it bothers me. I want more out of my fantasy games than what vanilla Skyrim has to offer. I've heard great things about Morrowind, but the jank kinda pushed me away. I either need to wait for Skywind or get into modding it pretty heavily.


>Vanilla Skyrim is miles wide but only a few inches deep, and it bothers me. Well then you should really give *Morrowind* a second chance because it is the solution to your problem. It can also be modded to shit to be brought up to (more) modern standards.


I'm super open to modding. When I first tried modding, I grabbed individual mods from Nexus, but more recently I've gotten lazy and have started trying out modpacks. Are there any good packs that you'd recommend, or should I just bite the bullet and grab individual mods? I have experience with installing mods both manually and through mod managers, again, I'm just lazy lol


Oh *definitely* use a mod manager, at the very least. It'll handle the load order, otherwise, things get fucked real quick. Optionally I would also recommend following a community-compiled mod list, at least when you're first starting. Here, watch [this video](https://youtu.be/cJvzXVi3lAg), it will get you set up with stuff you need and walk you through the process.


Blackguards. Excellent darker fantasy, combat can be tough though


Pillars of Eternity?


Enderal - forgotten stories - Free game standalone mod from skyrim Scarlet nexus Gujian 3 Omensight: Definitive Edition Stories - path of destinies


Pathfinder Kingmaker


Not a huge gamer but I was blown away by Hellblade recently. I love the real dark stuff with a lot of action. Not really into slow RPG type stuff. Any recs?


You might want to try some horror games. I'd suggest the recent Resident Evil games- 2 & 3 are remakes, and 7 & 8 are brand new. I played 2, 3 & 7 having never played any other resident evil games, and was blown away. I think all 4 I mentioned use the same engine and look amazing.


Hey everyone, thanks for the recommendations in the previous thread for city games. This time, I'm looking for co-op games you could play with an SO. Something that's got decent challenge to it but also isn't incredibly difficult to get into. For reference, we've done It Takes Two and loved it, as well as the Battleblock Theater. Any recommendations would be super appreciated!


I've been playing a lot of co-op with a 9yo recently, so not really the same situation haha, but some of the games we've found that are fun are: * Terraria is where we started * Starbound was the follow-up * Stardew Valley was a big hit with him * Human Fall Flat was another * Unrailed! is a newer one in the mix but we're having a lot of fun with it * we've done a lot of lighter couch co-op (mostly) roguelite-ish games, including Wizard of Legend, Spacelines from the Far Out, Mage Quit, Paw Paw Paw, Ultra Foodmess, Blazing Beaks, and a few more I can't remember, and they've all been hits to varying degrees. I also tried Death Road to Canada and Nuclear Throne with him, as I like both a lot, but he didn't take to them. * special mention for the co-op campaign of Portal 2, which we played several sessions, basically until it got too tricky for him to feel like he could contribute to solving the puzzles. Death Squared was another one in this vein. * he liked the Guacamelee games, but they were too button-mashy for him to really get into using Remote Play Together, they would have worked a lot better local * I haven't tried For the King yet, as I think it'll be too slow for him, but if you're into playing board games together it could work for you. There are also a lot of other digital versions of board games (and digital-only board games) on Steam you could also try, many have co-op modes


That's perfect, I appreciate you taking the time to list them out and let us know your thoughts!


Check out Thrine series.


I think you mean the Trine series. Great games!


Yes, that's the one. Sorry for the confusion.


Thank you, we'll look into it!


Magicka Castlecrashers We were here (free)


Coop games I've really enjoyed (I played with 2+ copies of the game and talking through Discord, as a frame of reference) : - Divinity : Original Sin 2. It's a turn-based CRPG, and one of the best. Lone Wolf mode lets you run a party of 2 which cuts down on what I hate about CRPGs : waiting. - Satisfactory : The best factory automation coop imo. I prefer it over stuff like Factorio because of its more laid back/casual approach, but that one is amother good pick. - Terraria : A minecraft-like, but in 2d, and with more/better combat. Mods can keep this game alive through multiple runs. - Monster Hunter World : It's often compared to souls games, but with more bossing, I guess. Coop is a bit finnicky since you have to drop out of various quests to rejoin your partner whenever there's a cutscene (about 20-30 quests through a run, and only the first time). - Trailmakers : You play legos to retrieve blocks of metal. Not the longest of playthroughs, but you end op with terrible cars/boats/planes-like vehicules, and they still work-ish which leads to a lot of hilarity. Expansion is a bit weirder, and I wouldn't recommend buying before clearing the base gamr. - Raft : Super fun sirvival game thay doesn't really become much easier or harder with more people, and (invited) players can trivially join your play session midway. - Heroes of Hammerwatch : top down twin-stick shooter ish? Can we call it a twin-stick RPG? This one is the roguelite version, which means you're constantly starting new runs, and usually failing. I'm probably forgetting a few, and I skipped some like Stardew Valley which you most likely already know.


Children of Morta is pretty good with two people. Has some easy and hard characters and the story is nice. Dying isn't too punishing and it feels like you're moving forward even on failed runs.


Have you played Spiritfarer?


Not sure if it’s on sale but I really enjoyed playing Heavenly Bodies. Great goofy puzzle game. You’ll need a controller for this one fyi. Edit: Just checked, it is on sale. Highly recommend it at the current price.


unravel risk of rain 2 deep rock galactic


Darksiders Genesis


Thinking of grabbing the Fallout Complete+Skyrim Anniversary bundle. I’ve heard good things about fallout dlc but is the Skyrim anniversary worth it? Keep in mind I’ve done the whole “6,000 nexus mod Skyrim run” and had fun but would like a vanilla play through this time


i would say its worth it, the mods don't dramatically change anything. it just adds stuff to use and play.


Was your original playthrough on OG Skyrim (now called the legacy edition?) If so, I would recommend the Anniversary edition and a new playthrough to experience the game with much better graphics and overall stability. You can throw a few mods in it, and the Anniversary edition includes a lot of basic popular mods. If you already played through on Skyrim Special Edition, I wouldn't suggest it, as the Anniversary Edition just includes many of the mods you already probably played through and the engine is the same.


Is Rust worth it for a solo player with limited time? I'm mainly interested in PVP.


I don't think so. It's hard to keep your progress if you're playing with limited time and alone. It takes a lot to get really good pvp weapons from my experience. I could be wrong tho since I only had around 80 hrs of play time and I mostly played with friends.


Only 80 hours...


Not unless you want to join an active servers group. Doing your own thing with limited time means when you do log in, you'll be missing walls, your good shit will be gone, and you'll usually have a sign in your base that has some profanity on it.


Absolutely no. I tried it, and did not enjoy it even a bit. You will just be killed again and again and whatever you build will be destroyed by other groups. This game can't be enjoyed solo. Since you mention that you'll only play it for a limited time, you can bet all your buildings will be destroyed and all your stuff will be looted when you boot up again. This game has to be played like it's your job.


God this is so unbelievably inaccurate. So disappointing seeing people spread misinformation about one of the best games out.


Most people are saying no but I would offer a counterpoint in that you can play on modded servers that greatly increase the resource gather rate, item spawns etc. You can quickly get a decent base up and get kitted out with weapons all in a single session. Getting raided isn't as big a deal if that doesn't represent 10+ hours of work gone.


Thank you all for the responses!




I've been wondering if there are any other games similar to The Flame in the Flood


Hmm, do you mean survival+adventure+roguelike mashup? that's what I felt when playing Flame in the Flood several years ago. These kinda gave me similar vibes (not roguelike though): **Home Behind, DYSMANTLE, Windbound,** and **Wytchwood** (this one is a long shot, I don't know why but it reminds me a lot of The Flame in the Flood, depsite not a survival game itself). And of course, **Don't Starve Together** is a popular roguelike survival game.


Any two-player coop recommendations? Looking to play something with my SO. I'm thinking of getting It Takes Two.


It Takes Two is very very good! A few other shorter games I enjoyed with BF are: **Biped, Cat Quest 2, Tick Tok, Keep talking and nobody explodes, Escape Simulator,** and **We were here** series. :D


Please send me your suggestions for good Rogue-lites, Co-op, and most importantly JRPG or 'under the radar' compelling single player games!


There are way too many to recommend here so I will just list what is on top of my mind (they are all lesser-discussed ones). **Rougelite**: Luck be a landlord, Sythetik, Skul: The hero slayer **Coop**: Across the Oblisk, Biped, Cat Quest 2, We were here, Patch Quest **JRPG**: Epic Battle Fantasy 5 (this is hands-down my fav jrpg), TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children **Single-player**: Strange Horticulture, Unheard, Unavowed, Cyber Manhunt, TOEM, Ninja Village


Hey! What is the best Harvest Moon style game? I LOVED It's a Wonderful Life for Gamecube and have only played one Harvest Moon since then (it was a mobile game which I hated). I don't like Stardew valley because I don't like the graphic style. Not hate on 2D graphics, I just don't like the graphic style of that particular game. I am waiting for the full release of "Potion Permit", after trying the demo. But while similar, it doesn't exactly scratch that farming itch, ya know? Wondering what you might suggest!


maybe look in to https://store.steampowered.com/app/1816300/HARVESTELLA/ while I love Harvest Moon (now Story of Seasons because Natsume screwed up the Harvest Moon Franchise and the Original Developers changed to SoS) this one by Square Enix looks like a Rune Factory (same devs as Story of Seasons) but with a better budget :) recommendation of already released ones: [Story of Seasons - Friends of Mineral Town](https://store.steampowered.com/app/978780/STORY_OF_SEASONS_Friends_of_Mineral_Town/) Remaster of the GameBoy Advance Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town - With lots of QoL upgrades and [Story of Seasons - Pioneers of Olive Town](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1392960/STORY_OF_SEASONS_Pioneers_of_Olive_Town/) - this is the newest to the series, and has some nice features like skill levels to be able to unlock different buildings and seed levels etc [Rune Factory 4 Special Edition](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1580240/Rune_Factory_4_Special/) - Switch port to PC of the 3DS remake, it has everything a Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons game has, but also had combat, weapons, spells and dungeons. you can also take your monsters around with you to help fight. a lot of people prefer this over 5 (soon to release on PC) but I enjoyed 5 on Switch also, so preordered it on Steam


Hey! I liked **Rune Factory** series, it is basically harvest moon + combats. If you do not mind branching out a bit from AA titles (it is hard to find non-pixelated farming sims on PC), here are a few I had fun with. Just keep in mind they are all indie and not as polished as the HM series. **My Time at Portia:** farming+NPC social **Grow: Song of the Evertree**: grow stuff + adventure **Big Farm Story**: simple farming+animal keeping+stories. I really loved how casual it is.


I know I'm extremely late here, but just in case - Square Enix is releasing a game soon called Harvestella that looks to be similar to Rune Factory, in that it's slice-of-life + combat. If you're looking for something with more AAA polish or 3D graphics, it might be something to keep an eye on.


Is Stellaris worth getting? The game seems interesting, but that massive DLC list is quite daunting.


Depends how hard you go for SciFi 4X. Imo its the current best around and the most played. Game is over 6 years old [still gets frequent updates and reworks. hell they have now one team for DLC and one team just to make QoL patches and overhauls], so yes, 2-3 DLCs each year have accumulated and making newcomer look with a sceptical face. But, most of the DLCs are good and offer solid stuff. And 2-3 DLCs each year is for people not that much. Certainly better then buying a new CoD each year ;) My usual advice is: Get the base game, play that for 20 hours and then decide if want to add more DLCs. DLC is on sale a lot, so there is no reason to buy it full price (hell, even if a new one releases it usually has -20% day#1). Just wait some months and pick some DLCs up the next sale and so on, until at some point after X sales you might have everything. Here is a 2021 "Buyers guide" for DLC, if you would be bend to pick up some right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSYlOKLHs3g Personal opinion would be to take Utopia and Leviathans as the first two. The cosmetic DLCs you can skip completely if you are not hard turned on by a certain DLC. The free workshop can offer hundreds of free cosmetic additions anyway ;)


It's the game that broke other 4x space strategy games for me. Whenever I try a new game in the genre, I end up thinking "I could be playing Stellaris instead...". As for the DLC, I believe the consensus is Utopia is the one to get, and most of the other ones can be picked up only if you're interested in what they bring to the game. So you can try a few games, see what piques your interest, and then check out the matching DLC. And they go on sale fairly regularly, so you don't need to feel rushed in getting them during the Summer Sale or be missing out.


> Whenever I try a new game in the genre, I end up thinking "I could be playing Stellaris instead...". I feel exactly the same. Other games tend to have similarities and sometimes nail one or two specific things, but then severely lack in other areas. And there is also just not much else if you're specifically after real time with pause gameplay. I really wish another company would try to make something else like Stellaris. I really love Stellaris, but man would it be cool to see some more high quality games of the same type. The main reason I love Stellaris is the story elements and ability to roleplay so much different types of empires. It may not have the deep customization and economy system as something like Distant Worlds, but it's *just* deep enough and has a really clean looking UI for people who don't necessarily care about delving too much into the micromanagement aspects of developing an empire. I also understand people's hesitancy to get into it due to the DLC, but that's just how Paradox games are because they continuously support it for so long. But it's not even required to get them. Their vanilla games also get so, so much better because they end up including so much stuff into their free patches as well. I think almost all the DLC adds some nice stuff, but the priorities will greatly vary depending on what you like from the game. I find most people would recommend things like Utopia, Synthetic Dawn, and Federations since that stuff fleshes out the mid game, but for me since I love the story content most, I find Distant Stars and Ancient Relics to be my favorites. But overall, all the DLC adds a bit of something that you'd likely get some extra enjoyment out of. The main thing that sucks is seeing all the DLC and being intimidated by the price of all of it. I really wish Paradox would have some kind of 'complete edition' that is discounted for getting everything and have it be retroactively updated as more stuff gets released. Because I'm sure some people pass over the game seeing all that stuff and while I think it's ultimately worth it considering it's just due to great support from the developer, really I don't blame people for skipping it when they see it.


> Whenever I try a new game in the genre, I end up thinking "I could be playing Stellaris instead..." same here. stellaris set the bar sooo high. galactiv civilizations is an example for those games i just can't enjoy. it could be a great game, but it's not stellaris. it feels so empty when you compare them. i wonder how endless space 2 with a few DLCs plays though. it looked like it had the most potential of newer 4X games


I've played a bit of Stellaris over the years and keep coming back to it. The biggest issue I find is between sessions which could be months or a year apart the updates can radically change the game, so the game you're coming back to isn't quite the one you left.


It's not I actually recommend endless space 2 or other 4x games for better space 4x games.


Suggestions for a party based rpg or jrpg with a fun combat system and loot to grind? Would prefer it to be a not as often recommended title so maybe it's still a game in early access or an obscure jrpg.


Full Metal Furies is an awesome action rpg that doesn't get talked about enough. The combat is really solid and skill based. Each of the 4 characters play very differently and have a satisfying upgrade path. The puzzles were also something I didn't expect to enjoy because that's not typically something I look for in games. Especially if you play co-op, I'd highly recommend this game.


I recently was pleasantly surprised by an indie JRPG with some metroivania thrown in. It's called Crystal Project and came out in the past few months. Think FF job class system, combat and rpg elements meets metroivania exploration. There are tons of items and secrets to find and the hardest difficult can take a bit of grinding.


I wouldn't call them obscure but now a days I rarely hear about these titles so it's worth mentioning them if you haven't played them yet: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1034860/GRANDIA_HD_Remaster/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/330390/GRANDIA_II_HD_Remaster/ Both Grandia games are really well made and their battle system was one of the best at the time. Really loved the banter between characters when you were camping or resting. https://store.steampowered.com/app/525480/hackGU_Last_Recode/ .Hack is another game that has a great battle system and storyline.


Any fun Mech games? Except not a cockpit sim like MechWarrior — more like a 3rd person action title. Could be side scrolling or 3D.


Brigador maybe? Top down shooter set in a cyberpunk-like environment.


I’ve played this one! Definitely fun. Lots of variety in the builds. Thanks for suggesting though!


While not an action game, Battletech is dope with some cool customization in it, its like Xcom with mechs.


Zone of Enders 2 is one of the best mech games I've played. The mech style is more anime than sim. Story moves at a great pace and you feel some great growth. Combat is focused mainly on melee. Daemon x Machina is very much like Armored Core with third person shooting.


Anyone looking forward to two point campus? I liked two point hospital so I wanted other opinions.


I am to some extent but will probably wait for reviews. I had issues with Two Point Hospital, mainly having to purge a bunch of patients every so often to keep larger hospitals working properly. I'm not sure how much the fast-track diagnosis feature fixed those issues but it was super annoying when I played.


Yes but I will probably wait for a decent sale on it because I'm assuming they're gonna go hard on the DLC again like Hospital. Most of it was good but after a while I kinda burned out on it...


Anyone got recommendations for roguelike deckbuilders that aren't slay the spire, monster train or enter the obelisk?


Griftlands is great


[Inscryption](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1092790/Inscryption/) Just an incredible game. Try the demo, and go into it fairly blind if you enjoy the demo. [Black Book](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1138660/Black_Book/) An amazing deck building, card battling RPG. It’s really text heavy, and playing in English the VO is hilarious (and not in a good way, I think it’s the Russian VO actors just reading the English lines as they see them!). But I don’t play text heavy RPGs and somehow I’ve ended up reading every piece of pre 1900 rural Russian superstition and lore. I’m just over 25 hours in, and I must be nearing the end, but I’m a slow reader, and I’m reading and enjoying everything.


I've played Inscryption and it was a good game albeit not a great deckbuilder imo. I'll check out Black Book- thanks!


There's a lot of farming/Animal Crossing like games now but which one is the MOST Animal Crossing like? I might also be into a semi idle farm like game.


[Hokko Life](https://store.steampowered.com/app/824000/Hokko_Life/) \- Is being hailed as the Animal Crossing Indie Game, a lot of the same features / gameplay loop, customizations, but early access. [My Time in Portia](https://store.steampowered.com/app/666140/My_Time_At_Portia/) \- More Harvest Moon / Stardew Valley then Animal Crossing, but has that slice of life chill to it, but features a whole lot more building aspects to it. [Story of Seasons](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1392960/STORY_OF_SEASONS_Pioneers_of_Olive_Town/) \- This is a lot newer, but more expensive. If you known of Harvest Moon from a while ago, they lost the name and branded up Story of Seasons now. It's a Farming Simulator, that has town improvement. There is decorations you can get for your farm down the road. [Mid - Late Game : Farm Tour](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WtZ5KuJo24) | The other Story of Season game offers a lot less customization on the farm layouts. [Rune Factory 4](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1580240/Rune_Factory_4_Special/) \- While graphics are little more dated (IMO), [Rune Factory 5](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1702330/Rune_Factory_5/) is coming out soon. It's more RPG with Farming Stuff added to it, but there's farming.


I often see [Cozy Grove](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1458100/Cozy_Grove/) compared to Animal Crossing, with daily favors you can do for different characters and things like that. I don't think there's a farming element in it though? I have it wishlisted but haven't checked it out yet personally (never actually played Animal Crossing so I'm not sure about it for my tastes.


Are the Frostpunk DLCs worth it?


Last Autumn is pretty good. Does not have heat as its primary focus, but focuses more on pollution and motivating your workers. On the Edge isn't very good imho. It focuses heavily on trading with other settlements and the story isn't very good. The other DLCs help out with the endless mode, which can be pretty fun.


I might get Last Autumn then, thanks!


The Last Autumn has you constructing a generator for future settlers as the weather deteriorates, with you having to balance workplace safety and worker morale against completing your task to a high standard within the time you have left and resources you can acquire, using a new set of laws. Order shipments of materials and personnel from the mainland, explore inland, deal with accidents and setbacks, and try to build the highest quality generator you can. Hand over a barely-working pile of junk or an upgraded device that will give the people of Liverpool the best chance of survival. On the Edge is a sequel of sorts, with you managing an outpost of New London after the events of the main game. You're there to extract steam cores stashed away in a military warehouse, with limited resources - you can't grow food because there's no soil, there's only a limited amount of trees, etc, so you're reliant on New London, and eventually other settlements for supplies. It was an interesting change from the main game that lent a new flavour and point to exploring Frostland. I'd say if you liked the base game it's worth picking up the Season Pass at this price.


Any roguelike that's not BoI, Dead Cells, Hades, Gungeon, Rain 2, Necrodancer? Already own these. Hate Noita


FTL, Loop Hero, Rogue Legacy 2, Wizard of Legend


Curse of dead gods


This one is like a target-store brand of hades. Not Walmart branded, but pretty good. Lots of good features that change up the formula system. Enemy variety is kinda ehhhh, but when you finish a run is it satisfying


Here’s one that’s a little bit different… [Gunfire Reborn](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1217060) It’s a roguelike FPS, which can be played in co-op (up to 4 player), it has great guns and powers. Feeling a bit like a roguelike Borderlands - largely because of the shooting and the cartoony art style.


It's always the same run tho. Totally offputting, at least for me


I can see that, but the changes in layouts, bosses and vaults (bonus rooms, for the uninitiated) kept it engaging for me and my friends. I also felt it had - just like Hades - that really perfectly tuned difficulty curve.


I'll definitely play it, when its on gamepass in october. But just thought it would be worth mentioning.


It really wasn't though since it's not even accurate.


No it's not


I've been absolutely in love with Warm Snow recently (20h in and counting). Fast, fluid combat, challenging boss with unique mechanics, and tons of builds to try, some absolutely OP and feel satisfying when you pull it off. Basically the Chinese themed Hades, if you dont care about story, only gameplay.


DEATHRUN TV, Cult of the Lamb, Aegis Descent, Grim Horde, Subterrain Mines of Titan, Fabular, REPLIKATOR, Ember Knights, Beneath Oresa, Astral Ascent... Zero Sievert and Cannibal Crossing kinda as well. Basically you gotta get up to date with roguelikes/roguelites. :D


Any games that you've bought this sale and played that have blown you away?


Gunfire Reborn. The art style didn't really resonate with me and I actually picked it up last year but barely touched it. I got some friends to get it and totally hooked. The game is playable solo but you're the sole focus for enemies, while with other people you're not constantly hiding behind cover.


[Vampire Survivors](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1794680/Vampire_Survivors/). I was sceptical, but the price was low and most reviews good. And yes, the game actually functions with its collection unlock carrot and the simple gameplay.


I can second that vouch. It's quite addicting and a nice, relaxing game to play. Don't have to commit if you don't want to.


I bought Alchemist Simulator, which is really simple but complex. Easy to pick up and play a day or two.


It definitely hasn't blown me away, but Galactic Mining Corp has me spending time on it as a fairly chill mining game. On the other side, there's Crystal Project that I haven't bought on sale but has blown me away (and there's a 5-15 hours demo available). It's a JRPG, but open-world.


How easy is modding fallout 3? Really want to play it again and deck it out with cool mods. Anyone got any favorite mods to use as well?


I tried replaying the Steam version of Fallout 3 not too long ago, and couldn't get the game to even launch on Windows 10. Instead I just went and played New Vegas, even though that wasn't what I wanted. [So I Modded Fallout 3 In 2021... Is It Worth It?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKCGTdODIOc) My takeaways from the linked video: * Use the GOG-version, or manually patch the Steam version yourself. * Install the mods with Nexus Vortex mod manager. Seems to be easiest. * You're going to need some extra information to get the mod order right and limit conflicts. * There are plenty of mods for compatibility. There are plenty of quality of life mods. There are some mods that aren't lore friendly (like new mobs). * "It can be a huge fuc-ing headache. Okay? Modding your game can give you *so many* bloody issues." 8:35 The more you mod your game, the more issues you will run into, breaking saves, etc. * Once you start with certain mods, get them right at the start, and don't change them on that save file. * You might spend more time modding the game than actually playing it.


Any games like Disgaea but maybe a little bit more gritty or mature? Totally open to non-PC recommendations as well, but prefer the anime style vs something like Fell.


Tactics Ogre Let us cling together, Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, Gungnir, Jeanne D'Arc


Great suggestions. Tactics Ogre LUCT is pretty much the gold standard for these kinds of games. Highly recommend the PSP remaster with maybe the rebalance patch.


a remaster leaked on PS4, it might come to Switch too


And hopefully PC too!


Non-pc? There's always fire emblem on the consoles like 3 houses on switch. Also there's triangle strategy on PC. Also I just want to recommend the advance wars remake on PC even if it's not dark.


I played dragon age 2 a long time back and now I'm going to play the series again but I dont own da2 . I kind of remember the general plot but is the game and dlcs worth playing again ?


When you go DA2 - just make sure you get the DA2: Complete Edition. Legacy DLC is very important & ties directly into DA: Inquisition base-game, without giving too much here away already. Also, Mark of the Assassin DLC is really good too - even if it is its own story and whatnot. Also, Felicia Day as Tallis rules in this DLC. And trust me when I say this - as repetitive and recycled as DA2 can be in many dungeons and areas, you really do need as much unique content as you can get w/ this game. So yeah, go Complete on DA2. They really shouldn't sell DA2 without the DLC's anyways b/c of this all, IMHO...and b/c Legacy's so important to the Lore of the game and to DA: Inquisition. As usual per most BioWare games - i.e. ME2, ME3, DA2, DA:I, BG2, NWN1 - it's usually best to go Complete, as stuff often from them is left in the DLC's/expansions; or they incorporate choices that matter in the DLC's from one game and when you import to the next one. What I mean is this - you might get punished for missing/skipping/not playing/not owning a certain DLC from previous game to the next one. The above is Definitely true w/ DA2 to DAI as Legacy from DA2 has some important stuff in there for DAI base-game and some extra important info about Hawke, his Family, and the Wardens too. Also, the above is also definitely true w/ DAI on Trespasser as they have a lot of the specific character endings for this game left here and there's a lot more info & set-up for Dragon Age 4 (DA: Dreadwolf) in DAI Trespasser DLC. So yeah, go GOTY Edition on DA: Inquisition.


DA2 has reused assets and mediocre combat but some of my favorite party members and a good story. I had a great time with it but others didn’t.


Yeah, I loved the characters in DA2; one of the highlights of the game. Also loved the 2nd Chapter w/ the Qunari and both content DLC's in DA2.


alright gamers - hit me with those casual iso city/base builders with modern graphics. i’m talkin mellow time passing games where i don’t have to defend from hoards or waves of baddies or open a spreadsheet to streamline my resource management but also if you wanna link something a little less casual, you should. i don’t know what i don’t know, ya know?


Doesn't get more casual than [Dorfromantik](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1455840/Dorfromantik/), though it's more puzzle-y/strategy than it is city-builder. Of course, there's the genre-standard setting game [Cities: Skylines](https://store.steampowered.com/app/255710/Cities_Skylines/) which can be as casual or as involved as you want to make it with various mods and many, many DLCs. That's probably more in line with what you want.


Was gonna suggest Dorfromantik too. I've also enjoyed [Mini metro] (https://store.steampowered.com/app/287980/Mini_Metro/) It's 50% off and has different chill levels. Have fun!


Let's Build a Zoo is a great casual game. As the title implies, you build a zoo, I bought the game at full price stupidly not knowing the steam sale would come so soon, but thoroughly enjoy it and would recommend it even if it weren't on sale (but it is!). The game is a little wacky, which I love. There are some random events that are ridiculously silly and had me LOLing reading them. For example, someone lost their dog in the zoo, and you have the option to dress it up like a Lion and put it on display. And people occasionally make comments on it. It's ridiculous that option is even there. I love it. The graphics are charming and the game offers challenges whoever you want it. If you want to collect new kinds of animals, you can focus on breeding, or if you just want to run a beautiful zoo, you can focus on the management stuff only, or you can design your own little pens for the animals. Whatever you prefer to do. I really recommend it. I hadn't heard much at all about this game. It popped up on Steam and I knew I wanted it. And I was hooked. I have about 13 hours on record as of now, as I only have limited playtime, but I honestly keep thinking about the game. My first session extended into the night and I played for about 5 of those hours all at once.


You sold me on this lol. I have been wanting a zoo tycoon like game, but planet zoo seems far too in depth and intense for me haha.


You'll love it! I felt the same about Planet Coaster which I think is the same dev. Maybe great games, but just a bit too intense for me.


A very chill one is Islanders.


Can someone give me a link to a website where I can sort by highest reviewed games with thousands of reviews on steam?


https://steamdb.info/sales/ On the top left, you can input the minimum number of reviews required and change the threshold for rating. Then, reload the page and click on the rating column to sort by descending ratings.


Thank you!


Anyone know of any single player turn based crpgs with no-party management and somewhat modern UI? Similar to underrail where all the focus is on building a single character. Ive already played DOS2 and Wasteland 3. Id really rather not play something like fallout 1 or 2 since the UI looks super clunky and apparently the actual gameplay isnt actually very good. Only potential candidate ive seen is Age of Decadence but im personally not a fan given steam reviews ive looked over.


~~I havne't played much of it, so don't go exclusively off my recommendation without research or anyone else chiming in, but I think you would like Divinity Original Sin 2. It~~ Wow I;m an idiot, halfway through writing I realized what DOS2 was abbreviated for... I'm leaving this comment as proof of my stupidity for future generations to come.


I loved Wasteland 3, that’s party building though. Tried Wasteland 2 but found it a bit dated. Currently playing Phantom Doctrine which seems fun. Also downloaded one of the Shadowrun games which I haven’t tried yet.


i can think of one single character cRPG right now called Underrail. it's setting is similar to fallout 1+2, but the game is more modern and has more possibilities imo. the game is rather hard though and there are two possibilities of leveling. one is the classical "kill stuff, do quests" way or by collecting special items. some drop from enemies, some have to be looted elsewhere, but you can't get infinite amounts of experience from the same item. this system prevents you from overlevelling and makes the game even harder. so you have to plan a bit ahead how to build your character.


I appreciate the rec but as i said in the second sentence, im already looking for something similar to underrail. I currently have 600 hrs in it.


oh sry, i'm past my usual bedtime and way too tired. seems like i skipped that part. awkward. neverwinter nights 1 has pretty much no party management. you have a companion that acts on its own. technically it doesn't play out turn-based, but is pausable and follows DnD turn-system. sadly there aren't many modern turn based crpgs like underrail. there used to be way more. arcanum was a great one (that you can solo), but the UI and combat are kind of iffy. atom rpg exists. haven't played that one. it technically has followers that you can skill, but they act on their own and they don't seem to be mandatory. turn based single character combat became more of a roguelike thing, like ADOM, tangledeep, tales of maj'eyal etc. those games usually don't have much or any story though. maybe something like stoneshard then? it has some story/quests, but the games focus is a bit more on the survival side, game's not finished yet and people dislike that saving=resting in a bed. (you can close the game anytime though and it will create a temporary save)


Can anyone recommend greedfall or the outer worlds to me? I like doing achievement completions in games and was wondering which one out of those 2 are worth getting


Haven't finished Greedfall, but I do like it. Did try it out in Game Pass; and recently did buy it. Spiders seems to be improving w/ each game - from Mars War Logs...to Technomancer...to now Greedfall; they've come a long way. I really liked The Outer Worlds \[base-game\]; played that in PC Game Pass when it launched. Reminds me a lot of FO:NV type of gameplay mixed w/ Borderlands type of dystopia-setting where the corp's got too powerful - though, it feels more focused and smaller than FO:NV in size and length. Still, it's really good, IMHO. And I still need to get that game's Complete Long-Winded Name Edition b/c I really want to play the DLC's at some point.


American Truck Simulator for $5. This is the way. It's much more addictive than you think it'd be.


Any good casual settlement builders outside of the obvious ones?


going medieval new home : medieval village


Not sure what your obvious ones are but Foundation is pretty great


I'm hoping Elden Ring will go on sale some day


https://isthereanydeal.com/game/eldenring/info/ Decent deal depending on how much you're itching to play it. Great game.


You can pick it up (both standard and deluxe) for 13% off over at Fanatical. You should also be able to stack any of the 5% or 10% coupons from past purchases. https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/elden-ring


I'll give this a go! Thanks!






Given that Souls-likes got ultra-popular and people are buying Elden Ring in droves so much so that it surpassed COD: Vanguard's sales - unfortunately, I wouldn't expect much for discounted sales on Elden Ring and/or any From Software games...especially in a big and mainstream sale here on a Major Steam Sale that everybody and their cousin knows about. Plus, PC gaming's getting less niche w/ every year and I'm sure things like the Steam Deck can really dev's and pub's see that they've gotten people in...and likely will discount less, like they've been doing the last 5-10 years in Steam Sales.


Isn't souls 1 remaster like $40? lol wild...can't (I can) believe those games still command such a price.


Right now, yep. And yes, I can believe this - thanks to Elden Ring doing gang-busters, surpassing COD: Vanguard in sales. So, now the demand is there - and they will try to ask for those high prices. It's like how COD's command such high prices and people still buy them. As Business 101 says, "if it sells well at that price, why drop the price?" It's not like game development and game-marketing is cheap. Just checked - DS: Remastered was like $4.25 a while ago. I think this was a special discount, provided you owned Dark Souls: PTD already on PC on Steam. This was back on June 25, 2019.


Well its not happening untill atleast christmas, if you're lucky. I doubt that though, the game is pretty successfull.


I have 18 left to blow, opinions on what I should get anyone?


Hard to say without any genres specified, so I'll go with games of varied genres. I listed estimated prices, but I'm in CAD, so I could be off by a couple bucks. - Crystal Project, an open world JRPG. ~13 - Trailmakers, you play Lego to retrieve metal chunks. ~8 - Divinity Original Sin 2, imo the best CRPG to date. ~18 - Monster Hunter : World, a soulslike(?). ~18. - Terraria, a 2d minecraft with more/better combat. ~4. - Satisfactory, a factory automation game. ~18. - The Nonary Games, a visual novel that I've actually enjoyed. ~12 - Sunset Overdrive, Ratchet and Clank meets Tony Hawk. ~4 - Steamworld Heist, a tactical shooter in the Steamworld universe. ~4 with DLC. - Steamworld Dig 2 (+1), a mining RPG. ~6 - Ori and the Blind Forest + Ori and the Will of the wisp, gorgeous metroidvanias. ~18 -


Been trying to decide between getting **Old World** or **Crusader Kings 3**. I'm a big fan of Civ and was a big fan of playing the Game of Thrones CK2 mod but that game always was a bit dense for me to truly ever feel like I knew what I was doing. Old World kind of seems like a perfect blend of what I'm looking for but it also seems like a dead game with a low number of reviews and concurrent players. I don't really care if a game is popular but given the pedigree behind the game and how new the release is, it seems like that could be a sign that it's not a great game. A few questions, if you have answers: How long is a game of Old World? How much more accessible is CK3 than 2? Are there any good full conversion mods for it like the GOT one for 2?


I never played CK2 but I've been casually into Paradox titles, and Civ I guess, since about 2010. I've played Civ 4 & 5, EU 4, HOI 4, and Stellaris in the past. In the past month or so I feel like I've already put more quality time into CK3 than the rest of those combined. I think it's a fucking masterpiece. Not just of grand strategy, but of emergent RPG storytelling. It's a complicated game; if you're a CK2 vet you'll certainly have a leg up on me when I was starting out, though. The interface is very well designed to get you the info you need where and when you need it - infinite nested tooltips are a brilliant technique. So while I can't directly compare its accessibility to CK2, I do think it's more than accessible for a game with as much going on as it has. I never felt like I wanted to quit because the game was cockblocking me with some obscure mechanics. The *Royal Court* DLC is just disgustingly overpriced though. It's good content, but it should be a third of what it is, tops, and it's not even on sale right now. Skip it for now, or consider some other unsavory methods. I don't know what Paradox was thinking with that shit.