Is there a good tower defense + base building game that is not just towers, but units and other stuff?


Something like They Are Billions?


How is They Are Billions? It's been on my wishlist for like three years, and I always think about pulling the trigger but some of the reviews throw me off, but I personally enjoy hard/permadeath games, so


Well it's a really fun game for the first two or three hours as you fend off the zombies. But then it turns out you didn't build a very specific section correctly. So. They get through. You get wiped. It's over. It's a fun game. But those scenarios drive me nuts! Again, great game though


Haha "Great game. Makes me soooo angry sometimes. Great game." It's not contradictory or anything, it just made me laugh because it's relatable.


I want to echo what sejintsume said. I'm really, really bad at They Are Billions, but I've put a decent amount of time into it. I ALWAYS find I didn't plan correctly in one small regard and there is little wiggle room to come back from a mistake. I still enjoy the game a bit and know somebody will tell me to get good, but alas I've not been able to survive terribly well in the game.


I think it's probably the best of the tower-defence/rts games, and it sounds like you'd enjoy it :) You can always refund it if you don't like it; you can get a good feel for it in under two hours. Conan Unconquered is worth checking out if you can get it on the cheap and have someone to play with in co-op, but it's not as polished as TAB. Age of Darkness is the only other game like this that I know of, but reviews are up and down a bit, so I've been waiting for it to come out of EA before I take the plunge. If you're ok with turn-based instead of real-time, also check out The Last Spell. It's more like an SRPG, but its wave survival / tower defence theme reminds me a lot of TAB. Its development is moving along at a regular pace and the game keeps getting better.


Creeper World 4


Seconding this, along with the rest of the Creeper World series. Fantastic stuff.


Maybe Riftbreaker? No units other than your playable character but lots of base building and td gameplay with some very light "factorio" type mechanics.


Riftbreaker is definitely something that fits the ask.


Might still be too towery defensey but try Taur


Age of darkness: final stand


* [They are Billions](https://store.steampowered.com/app/644930/They_Are_Billions/) * [Age of Darkness:Final Stand](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1426450/Age_of_Darkness_Final_Stand/) * [Alien Marauder](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1516750/Alien_Marauder/) * [Riftbreaker](https://store.steampowered.com/app/780310/The_Riftbreaker/) * [Mushroom Wars 2](https://store.steampowered.com/app/457730/Mushroom_Wars_2/) but not really sure if this is what you might seek. The base building is just to upgrade a bit on the buildings, and its more the "swarm attack" gamestyle then tower defending. Even if holding and waiting for the right moment to attack certainly is a tactic depending on map/circumstances. In case of regular Tower Defense stuff without "base+unit building" maybe rather * [Defense Grid](https://store.steampowered.com/app/18500/Defense_Grid_The_Awakening/) * [Rogue Tower](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1843760/Rogue_Tower/) * [Sanctum 2](https://store.steampowered.com/app/210770/Sanctum_2/) * [Orcs must die 2](https://store.steampowered.com/app/201790/Orcs_Must_Die_2/)




Tower defense + base building + resource gathering + units that you can control if you want but don't have to + heroes and "God" powers + missions (defense and attack) = Dungeons 3 (https://store.steampowered.com/app/493900/Dungeons_3/)


Maybe, Kingdom two crowns or the Orcs must die games? Also Yorg.io is a good one.


Can someone give me recs for good mystery/detective games? I already have Ace Attorney, Disco Elysium, and AI Somnium Files. LA Noire is on my switch, and Danganronpa is in my cart.


[Return of the Obra Dinn](https://store.steampowered.com/app/653530/Return_of_the_Obra_Dinn)


This game blew my mind. Great recommendation!


* The [Zero Escape](https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/2638/Zero_Escape_Trilogy/) games, if you haven't already played them (same devs as AI) * If you're interested in more classic mysteries, there's adaptations of some of Agatha Christie's works, like [The ABC Murders](https://store.steampowered.com/app/374900/Agatha_Christie__The_ABC_Murders/), or some [Sherlock Holmes](https://store.steampowered.com/app/241260/Sherlock_Holmes_Crimes_and_Punishments/) * [Blacksad](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1003890/Blacksad_Under_the_Skin/), if you don't mind all the animals * [Contradiction](https://store.steampowered.com/app/373390/Contradiction__Spot_The_Liar/) if you want a little FMV in your life


Paradise Killer!!!! 1000x Also Painscreek Killings is good


Return of the Obra Dinn is the best mystery game I've ever played! Don't let the artstyle make you shy away like I did, that game is incredible.


Outer Wilds. For the love of god please, Outer Wilds


Outer wilds is probably one of the best exploration/mystery games around. Personally thought the ending was insanely tedious but everything before that was refreshing and exciting.


This is one you're going to see crop up in recommendations a lot. Most people who played it (including myself) will say it's among the most gripping and immersible media experiences they've had. And everyone will say don't look into it, just play it as blind as possible. Seriously, play Outer Wilds


Her Story


It's not discounted, but Aviary Attorney was a pleasant surprise when I got it in some Humble Bundle years ago. https://store.steampowered.com/app/384630/Aviary_Attorney/


Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments - detective mystery where you can get the deduction wrong. Was pretty great imho.


Gamedec. It's in the current Humble Choice.


If you are fine with VNs, Higurashi and Umineko might be of your interest. Don't let the graphics dissuade you, there's fan patches that make them look much better, and they add voice acting.


What are these patches you're recommending and is there a way to preview them, like a video somewhere? I'm very skeptical that such things would be an improvement. The original art grows on you and is much more expressive compared to the alternatives I've seen. Voice acting sounds like it'd be a pace-killing distraction. These games already take long enough at reading speed.


[You can find both patches here.](https://07th-mod.com/wiki/) There's some comparisons, not sure if there's videos, but you can probably find them on Youtube. These patches are based on alternative versions of the VNs made for PS2/3. Basically every modern release of the games in Japan uses these assets. Sadly, Mangagamer doesn't have the rights, so they are stuck with the old ones. And since those are clearly unpopular, they added the new ones (not sure where the Higurashi ones come from, but I know the Umineko ones come from Pachinko), which I personaly hate. Hard disagree on the original being more expressive, [especially for Umineko](https://d2qdztz5tk5zxi.cloudfront.net/original/2X/0/08d17cabd0cd109b63ec9dee63fea058c6e8c0b7.jpg). But this is also a matter of preference, and I'm just presenting a choice, since I know a lot of people dismiss these VNs because of the art. Voice acting is a matter of taste. I read Higurashi with no voices (the patch for voices didn't exist back then) and Umineko with voices, and I think voices added to the experience. It's not like you have to listen to every single line to completion, but I think they add to the atmosphere and personality of characters. Ryukishi describes these as sound novels, so sound is big part of the experience.




Is there a list of games that are all time lows?


[https://steamdb.info/sales/](https://steamdb.info/sales/) ​ check both "historic lows" and "matching lows" boxes




The Clorthax event is bugged for me. Anyone else?


I don’t know about bugged, but this has to be the most tedious thing I’ve ever done. I looked at the rewards I’ve received so far and wondering why I’m wasting my time. Pages upon pages of scrolling for ugly profile junk. They can keep the badge.


Just a gentle reminder that if your looking for a game with *literally* infinite content, Tabletop Simulator is on sale and has well over 6,000+ mods, most of which are *actual board games*. It's honestly getting to the point where if it existed in the real world for even a second, it's on Tabletop. Usually for free. I cannot recommend the simulator more.


Some friends and I would get together online for Tabletop Simulator games every Friday at the beginning of the year, but it dropped off sadly. Everyone has their own agendas and things to do that coordinating is difficult :(


Suggestion that proved very effective with my D&D group - meet up on Wednesday instead of Friday! People usually don't have much planned because they go to work the next day:)


That's when my group meets up and for exactly the same reason! Very little planned in the middle of the week and we usually have other things going on the weekends. We've been meeting up on Wed. for virtual tabletop gaming the last six years almost consistently (with the exception of illness and other things popping up).


You have my sympathy my friend, truely. But busy isn't always bad! When you manage to get back together it's that much more special.


Is it fun to play even as a single player? And does it have local multi-player options?


Yes there is local multiplayer (and hot seat!) Plus there's hundreds of solo board games. Some amazing souls have even made ai for some of the games that are scripted, so you literally play regular board games against ai.


Nice! Guess I'll have to get it now, haha. This is going to be an expensive few days


AI: The Somnium files is on sale for about $9 CAD. It's a pretty good game with a riveting plot (though very...anime in it's presentation) from the creator of the Zero Escape games. The sequel just came out so now might be a good time to play the original? (The game is on Gamepass as well if you have that)




There are sequences where you move in a 3d environment and have to find clues, every action consumes time and you find some kind of bonuses you have to use tactically in order to maximize the effect. I don't usually play vn but really enjoyed AI somnium, the story blown me away and it was never boring imho.


Between my existing Steam/Epic backlog and now Gamepass, I don't know if I want to purchase anymore games. Maybe Yakuza 0? Or some smaller indie games? I also spent $77 CAD on the new AI: The Somnium Files game (from the creator of Zero Escape) so perhaps I shouldn't be spending more money lmao


Yakuza 0 is really good, definitely worth the purchase.


can confirm it runs really well on the Steam Deck also.


don't feel pressured into buying games you're not going to play. It's a bad cycle to get into.


This, by the time you get to it, it'll probably be on sale cheaper. Time is the most expensive currency we have


GamePass and Epic freebies broke it for me. I used to buy 5, play 2 every sale, and then 500 games later, I have literally hundreds unplayed that I purchased. But now after the GamePass slick deal for 3 years for $96 total and years of not missing an Epic giveaway, I’ve been cruising through some great games.


>I also spent $77 CAD on the new AI: The Somnium Files game I choked a bit when I saw the price on that, it's so much more expensive than the first game.


Yakuza 0 is a good game. Also I just recommend Monster Hunter: World and Rise because they're great action games and I'm a huge mon hun fan lol.


It's like the sale prices aren't made for us anymore. Who is excited by a 5 year old game going for 50% at $24.99? Give me skyrim complete for $4.99 like it used to be. Where every sale hit new all time lows.


I feel like bundles have mostly ruined these sort of sales. Planet Zoo was recently in Humble Choice, which included 7 other games (a few of them were actually pretty good) for less than what it's currently on sale for here. Same with Scarlet Nexus, which was part of the Humble Heroines bundle (along with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Severed Steel, Gears 5, Tacoma, Cloudpunk, and Celeste) for just $20. Browsing the sale, I frequently find myself thinking, "Hey, that's not a bad price...but it could show up in a bundle sometime in the next few months." Which is why I don't plan on buying *anything* until after July's Humble Choice bundle is revealed on the 5th. But even if the games I'm interested in *don't* get featured in a bundle, it's not like there won't be another sale just 4 months from now, where 99% of these same games will be on sale for the same prices. So, unless it's something I'm desperate to play right this moment, there's pretty much no reason not to keep on waiting, either for the game to be part of bundle (that will likely cost less than what the individual game is currently selling for) or for a potentially lower price in some random weekly sale.


Sales have always been cyclical for some time now but if you're basically making a game out of saving as much money as possible and disregarding things like opportunity cost like how long it will take for game x to show up in a bundle or on a better sale when you'd like it at its given price then I think you're basically done anyway. That basically means you're making more of a game of the 'saving money' than the games themselves. There's never a point to getting a game you won't play for the foreseeable future but there's also limits to reasonability as well...


Every time I decide to be more discerning with my game purchases, like two or three interesting looking games show up that I want to try out and I end up getting them and not playing them. Or starting one and never finishing it...


I think Yakuza 0 is on gamepass. Edit: I guess not, hard to keep track of all the games on gamepass


I have Gamepass and it sadly left some time ago before I could play it. Yakuza 3, 4, 5, 6, and Like a Dragon are still there though haha


You could go straight into Like a Dragon. It spoils parts of 6, and various plot points across the series, but requires no prior knowledge. The only difference between it and the rest of the series is the turn based content, instead of beat em up combat. If you're happy to spend the money, go for Yakuza 0. It's a phenomenal series, and you'll want to play it in order. But if you just play one game, both 0 and LaD work as complete, standalone games, that require no prior knowledge.


I’m one of the very few that really disliked Yakuza 0. I also lived in Japan for a few years so it should have held some extra relevance to me. I just couldn’t get into it as it was super repetitive in the battles. You could very well love it though like most people do.


Yakuza 0 is *excellent* and totally worth whatever price they're charging.


Yakuza 0 is great. That's a great pick.


Why am I even here? I don't understand myself.


I literally bought Sunset Overdrive, Shredders Revenge (on Switch), and Metroid Dread in the span of a week and I'm still HERE LOOKING FOR A DEAL. AND I'M PROBABLY BUYING DISCO ELYSIUM!!!! E: I BOUGHT IT!


Disco Elysium is worthwhile But the answer is you get a dopamine fix from buying games, it's your good old hunter/gatherer resource-allocating monkey brain reacting to the stimuli of the digital era Go play a game


It's not that I haven't been playing them it's just that these were all on my to-do list. I usually play through 2-3 games at a time but I've had some. . . *Things* happen lately which means I didn't have the time to finish anything.


I'm excited that you're excited for Disco Elysium!


Honestly, I don't understand what the point is of posting these daily threads. It's been a very long time since we had flash sales, so these deals don't change during the sale at all.


I always enjoy reading the discussions and recommendations. It's just a community event.


Any thoughts on Motorsports Manager? I've never played a sports management game before but I love racing games and management sims like Rollercoaster Tycoon and SimCity.


I recommend it. It has really good mod support, and with DLCs it's very good.


Can anyone advise on whether Fallout 76 is worth a purchase in its current state for a mostly solo gamer who enjoyed 3, New Vegas and 4?


I loved fallout 3 and 4, but fallout 76 even after a ton of updates is just a very lackluster experience. Specifically, the inventory limits, difficulty (tedium) of getting resources, and arbitrary cooldowns to do things like recycle legendary items. I don't think I'd even recommend it at a $5 price point.


People complain about the game's lack of content. I was busy wondering why the fuck there are game-breaking bugs in a game that's been out for 4 years. Wish I could have enjoyed it more :/


I stopped playing the minute the pockets bug stopped working (where you repeatedly and quickly equip and unequip an item that gave you extra carry capacity until it went negative and gave you infinite capacity). That one thing pretty much ruined the game for me.


Or you can always wait for a free weekend to try it out too (not sure how often those are though). It goes on sale every now and then for about that price either way


If you have Game Pass, Fallout 76 is on there.




Does he use MSI afterburner? That's what was causing my Fallout 76 from GamePass to crash right after loading, I had to exit the application and it started working fine after that.


Not really imo. The performance is awful, even by Bethesda standards. The gunplay feels incredibly laggy (due to the online nature of the game I'd imagine), which makes it unfun. Inventory management is a chore and can only be avoided by getting the €15/month (!) subscription. I love the Fallout series and tried three times to get into 76, but I just can't do it. Keep your money and go for a modded run of one of the previous Fallouts.


Its not worth it. Game feels 10 years old even though its not


I enjoyed 3, NV, and 4 but found 76 really overwhelming and tedious to get in to. Tried several times and it hasn't stuck at all.


If you want a very mediocre fallout experience even after updates then yes. Its more fallout but not the greatest.


I liked it but the inventory space always filling up was really annoying. I haven't played in a few years so they might have changed that.


Need a game I can sink my time and unwind myself into after a stressful day of work. Which one is good? Please feel free to recommend your favorites! -Monster Hunter World (No DLC) -House Flipper -Persona 4 Golden -Ni No Kuni Remastered -R6S -Dead by Daylight -Outer Wilds I have Stardew already but I stopped as I ended up minmaxing things. I also have terraria but unfortunately it is not my cup of tea


I'd personally advise not getting into R6 Siege, it's just not what it used to be. Not sure I'd recommend DBD to chill, either, but that's just me haha. On that list, I'd probably suggest Monster Hunter and Persona, and I've heard Outer Wilds is good, but I haven't played. Have you looked into Disco Elysium? It's kind of a point-and-click adventure game, fully voiced and with a ton of choices. Totally deserves the 97 Metacritic score, and it's only $14 right now.


Persona 4 would be one of the more relaxing titles on that list and it'll last you awhile.


I also recommend P4G! It was my first SMT game and it was great. Gripping story but still fun


If you're decent at gaming and if you like hack n slash or soulslike action games, then Monster Hunter World is a must. It has a large amount of content. If you like the game, you can buy the DLC at some later point to get around as much additional content added as included in the base game. The game is even more fun if you have friends to play with. Note though that most of the playerbase is in the DLC. They probably can still play with you though, although they might not actively seek to play the contents of the base game. Also, due to the newer MH game being released on PC, the playerbase is probably further split, making it more difficult for you to find other people to play with. The game is still a lot of fun solo though, multiplayer is not a must... at least until the very end of the game, where it's usually easier to find random people to play with anyways. MHWorld + Iceborne DLC is still the best MH game ever made. The new one is not as good imo.


Going to recommend The Outer Wilds if you want a chill game of exploration and discovery. Controls get a little getting used to, mainly the space ship but become second nature after a while. The expansion is just as good too.


> expansion Holy shit what Edit: ok I'm definitely pick it up


Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed Control


Personally, I thought it was the best game I've played in a very long time. I absolutely loved the story and atmosphere. Just a fun game all around.


So did I on my second attempt at playing it. The first time I got bored but it was before I got all the cool powers and such. Enjoyed the DLC as well and how Alan Wake was integrated.


If you skip all the extra nonsense like those timed generated missions. Its very good. There was one insanely difficult boss fight that i loved…. Which involved a mirror.


It was given out for free on the Epic Games Store, so anyone considering buying it on Steam might want to double check if they have it already.


and GOG if anyone picked up the Twitch Prime giveaway a while ago


Just to offer a counter perspective, I really did not like it at all. I thought the game tried too hard to be esoteric and it just came off as forced to me. Also the fact that the majority of world building and lore is found in pieces of text that you have to pick up just made exploration tedious to me. Some of the powers were neat but combat overall felt like a pretty standard third-person shooter so it didn't win me over in that aspect either. 🤷‍♂️


For the first time in my life I'm working at a job where I make good money and am able to save and I'm blowing way too much on this sale 😭😭😭 pls stop


Can’t believe battlefield 2042 still has the audacity to charge $30


Are there any cheap classics that might be easily missed? I am talking about games like KotOR, Deus Ex, Dragon Age: Origins, Oblivion, Crysis etc.


Black Mesa, the Half Life remake using the Half Life 2 engine is only $5 and amazing. Planet Xen is completely redone and a lot better but the first half of the game is a faithful remake.


Arx fatalis, dark messiah of might and magic, system shock


Try arx fatalis


Gothic 1 and 2 are couple of bucks right now, would highly recommend them if you like old-school RPGs that don't hold your hand. Just make sure to look up a tutorial for the controls, they take a while to get used to but you can play the games entirely with one hand on the keyboard once you got it down.


The gothic and risen series are really cheap now. They're janky, open world games which haven't aged well in certain areas like combat but the exploration and atmosphere hold up really well. Don't really think that this one's considered a classic since it came out in 2016, but grim dawn's also really good and its $4 now. Sacred 2 and 1 are also options, although they came out way before grim dawn and are considerably jankier to play.


Anachronox Thief series Prince of Persia series


Baldur’s Gate!!


Just a tip for anyone who plans to play any of the dragon ages. Download mods for it through either of the two mod clients for it. It's a bit of a hassle to set up, but the amount of qol changes such as even just an auto loot/delete loot animation alone will save you far far faaar more time then what it takes to set up.


Side note for at least Dragon Age Inquisition: The looting mod is practically a requirement. Made it a lot better to get through the game. HOWEVER, there will be a moment in the third DLC where your game will just crash when you load. No spoiler but I will say it's when you walk through a mirror. Turn off your mods for this part was the only way I could find solving the crashing and the only mod I was using was the inventory one.


If you want a very atmospheric space thriller/horror(to an extent) game, I highly recommend Observation. https://store.steampowered.com/app/906100/Observation/ If you want two good stealth games for 6 bucks total, I recommend the Styx games. https://store.steampowered.com/app/242640/Styx_Master_of_Shadows/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/355790/Styx_Shards_of_Darkness/ Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy Bundle is 20 bucks and has Ultimate Ninja Storm 1,2,3,4 + the Boruto Expansion. https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/4308/NARUTO_SHIPPUDEN_Ultimate_Ninja_STORM_Legacy/ Very fun single-player FPS https://store.steampowered.com/app/501590/Bulletstorm_Full_Clip_Edition/ Good platformer https://store.steampowered.com/app/449610/Monster_Boy_and_the_Cursed_Kingdom/ Great story-driven games https://store.steampowered.com/app/501300/What_Remains_of_Edith_Finch/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/282140/SOMA/ My guilty pleasure. It's an ex-Xbox exclusive and it's not the best, but I still like it. https://store.steampowered.com/app/537450/ReCore_Definitive_Edition/ Another ex-Xbox exclusive from the developers of Alan Wake/Control https://store.steampowered.com/app/474960/Quantum_Break/ The Darksiders games are fun hack & slash games https://store.steampowered.com/sale/darksiders/ Fun and very weird hack & slash game https://store.steampowered.com/app/1581040/El_Shaddai_ASCENSION_OF_THE_METATRON_HD_Remaster/ Telltale's best games https://store.steampowered.com/app/498240/Batman__The_Telltale_Series/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/250320/The_Wolf_Among_Us/


Thanks, added a few to my wishlist


I second bullet Storm it was super fun cheap and just the right length.


I'm thinking about picking up Farming Simulator 22. I haven't played any of the previous games but after some mild research, it looks like it would appeal to me. Could anyone share their opinion on the game/series?


I finally went into Farming Simulator 22 after years of only wondering why anybody should play such a game. But somebody introduced me to the world of job simulators and now Euro Truck Simulator 2/American Truck Simulator are the most played games in my Steam library. I also played Car Mechanic Simulator and other similar titles, so now I felt confident to tackle FS. What I like about Farming Sim 22: \- Detailed 3D models of modern farming equipment with various simulated functionality \- Production chains. Harvesting involves various steps until you can use the products for further production. F.e. grass and hay can be upcycled to biofuel or feeding livestock and makes mowing grass so much more engaging than "Lawn Mowing Simulator" \- AI helpers can be hired to do the work you rather want to delegate instead of doing it yourself \- Different career modes in endless campaign, either making it sandbox style with no money worries or with restricted starting income \- Playing style can be adapted with numerous options, f.e. realistic seasons, days in month, fertilizer effects, etc. \- Gives a good impression about modern farming techniques \- Huge modding scene \- Tending your own farm and doing contract work for other farmers What I struggled with in Farming Sim 22: \- Steep learning curve \- Huge time sink when trying to make some money in income restricted mode


It's hard to know what to get when EVERYTHING on my wishlist is on sale.


Start with whatever game you'd want to play right now. You have ~2 weeks.


Get your credit card hahaha.


Unless it's a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime sale (which I don't think really exists on Steam anymore), any game that you're not going to play in the immediate future is a waste of money since the same sales or better will pop up eventually on third party stores or Steam itself. Don't just take your money into account -- can you afford the time investment as well? So I'd recommend buying what you're in the mood for right now.


You obviously buy Everything, because it’s a beautiful game


I had a few drinks during my Friday night gaming session, so when the other guys logged off, I looked at my wishlist and dumped the top five or six items in my cart as they were each like $2 a pop. Did not pull the trigger, perhaps wisely. But like $14 for both Dragon Ages? Even though I already own them on disc? Why not. I'll never even play them. What am I doing. Splinter Cell for $2. Hidden And Dangerous 2 for the same. The Room 2. All in the cart.


I bought $60 worth of games this morning, and 30 minutes later my cards fraud detection department is calling me asking if I actually made the purchase, and I've bought plenty on Steam before. Meanwhile I spent $800 on a bicycle a month ago, literally the first time I've ever bought anything bicycle related myself, and never heard anything from them. Not really relevant to the thread just made me laugh Anyways I picked up the Bioshock collection, Star Wars Squadrons, Fallout 76, Transport Fever 2, and Railway Empire. Also Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga from GMG (it's cheaper there). Lego Star Wars is awesome so far, I'm excited to pull my VR gear back out for squadrons, and the Sweet Transit demo during nextfest made me realize I quite like the genre so I figured Transport Fever and Railway Empire would be fun. I've been very reluctant to try Fallout 76 but figured at worst I've wasted $10 on worse stuff before so it can't hurt to check out the 76 world.


Picked up Deep Rock Galactic. Thinking about Hunt: Showdown, Project Zomboid, Inscryption, and Deathloop. Anyone recommend?


Inscryption was really fresh, it got me excited about discovering new games. The game is linear and has a clear ending.


i finished the game. but it was very frustrating for me to play after arc 1 not because game was “hard”. i just found arc 2 and 3 annoying and i went from omg best rougelike game ever to uninstalling it the moment i finished arc 3


I love Project Zomboid, though I found vanilla too punishing. I like using a mod to let your character beat zombie infections, because otherwise it's guaranteed death and pretty easy to catch - in addition to 100% chance from bites, scratches and lacerations have a not insignificant chance of infecting you too.


Forget about the other games and just play DRG!




If you like Arkanes other games (Prey, Dishonored) then you'll probably like Deathloop. I don't think it was anywhere near as good as Prey, but I think it was comparable to Dishonored, if not just a little bit small map wise. Also I thought Inscryption was very, very fun. I think it weirdly sits somewhere in the middle of an Outer Wilds/Slay The Spire combo, which is just my niche lol. It doesn't do either of the things those two games do as well as them, but it does other things better, so.


Deep Rock, Hunt, and Zomboid are all amazing imo


Anyone know of a good list of games on sale that are similar to Mario and Spyro. I'm wanting to get some games for my girlfriend.


A Hat in Time. Check it out!


Does anybody have any good VR recommendations? Looking for lesser known titles, I'm mostly familiar with the popular VR games.


Outer Wilds with the Nomai VR mod! It's amazing. ​ https://outerwildsmods.com/mods/nomaivr/


I've never used vr but I want this so much. OW is one of my top 5 games of all time.


Jet Island is one I love, not too popular


2nd Jet Island. I dont really know what the point is, but the overall movement feels really good. I've almost fallen over a few times I get so carried away.


Jet Island is incredible once you get the hang of it. Anyone who liked Shadow of the Colossus will probably like Jet Island


Hey anyone. Can anyone recommend me a shooter game similar to Watch Dogs 2? Not as in "hacking and stuff" (which is cool and I love it) but the shooting part - open world, where you can encounter gangs and shoot them up, or something with more open world and shooter based? Ideally something from 2010-2017. ​ I think Metal Gear Solid V seems great, but it wasn't really on my mind. Or Deus Ex Mankind divided. I already played Human Revolution and I don't want to get Saints row as it's too much scifi for me? Thanks for advice :)


Have you tried Sleeping Dogs? I think the definitive edition is on sale


Oh, man. Sleeping Dogs is awesome.


I was thinking about it, as well as Saints Row 4 and Fallout, but I wanted some big open world action game just to have fun shooting / fighting. In the end I went for Metal Gear Solid V and Mad Max. But Sleeping dogs will stay on my mind in the future if I am bored. Tbh I still have Witcher 3 to play and other games as well, but none was the thing I wanted to play right now. The only thing I really look forward is Cyberpunk, but I will wait until next year maybe, as a student I don't have much cash right now. Anyways thanks to everyone for advice, will add some of these to my wishlist to remember them.


Sleeping dogs was amazing I can't recommend it enough


> I don't want to get Saints row as it's too much scifi for me? I think you can try the third. Only 1 DLC of it can be counted as sci-fi.


Far Cry and Ghost Recon sound like they're right up your alley!


The **Division 2** sounds like it would be perfect for you. Open world, semi-realistic (post apocalypse Washington/New York (but more Walking Dead than Mad max), different roving gangs of enemies looting the streets and creating their own 'zones', and pure shooting driven gameplay.


Mafia 3 is a good fit and I really liked it. Reviews talk about tedium, but that means you can easily pick it up when you have a bit of free time


a fun open world shooter is Red Faction Guerilla. Not gangs but it has different factions which you do missions for. And the destruction is unbeaten imo.


MGSV: TPP is pretty good, so far. Not done. Though, GZ was great. MD is good - but feels so unfinished, story-wise and arc-wise. Too much left hanging. We really need MD Part 2. HR and TML are great - OG versions and DC versions. And Deus Ex 1: GOTY is probably the best game ever made.


Mafia 2 Remastered and Mafia 3 jump out to my mind if you don't have them. I haven't played them, but they've gotten good reviews. Sleeping Dogs is also really good. There are guns, but the hand-to-hand martial arts is where it really stands out.


Mafia 2 (and I assume the remaster) just felt like they tacked an open world onto the game because that's what everybody was doing at the time. There really isn't much worth doing in the open world especially since at least twice they take away all your stuff for story reasons. It's a good game. It has a good story. It's just the open world is just a bit pointless.


Mafia 1 was basically the same way, I think the free roam between missions is nice to have even if there are no side quests. But losing most of your stuff multiple times is quite annoying, but for one of those times you were given all of it to start the chapter.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is 70% off I used to play Budokai back on PS2 and while I am not a huge DBZ fan or anything I was wondering if this game was a good DBZ game gameplaywise and a good game to get back into the DBZ universe ?


Its combat isnt anywhere near the Budokai games, its a RPG first and foremost combat is down to 1 button + super attacks with LR/RT. For a refresher on DBZ this does a fantastic job with retelling the story, the cutscenes look gorgeous and the boss battles are fun.


I think at this point I'm contractually obliged to buy Disco as a CRPG fan. I might throw in Hades too, just in case it is ever delisted from Game Pass.


You have too. Its the only game that I put above Planescape Torment writing wise. Its one of the best stories of all time. Hades is fantastic. I really don’t like roguelites but Hades is something else.






Anyone know of Sci-fi games on sale that have you dogfighting at super high speeds while possibly weaving through obstacles? Something like the old [Strike Vector](https://youtu.be/Bn2jydrxHTM).


I bought unepic, amazing Game at only 3 dollars i think, i want to Buy Sonic & all stars racing transformed collection which is also very cheap but i'm broke 😭


Get Bugsnax!


If you don't own Hades, that is a must grab


Any lesser-known RPGs I should be picking up? Or adventure games with heavy RPG elements?


Have you played Dragon's Dogma? It's currently like $4.75 or something, iirc


Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning and Outward maybe? They are sort of considered meh to decent games.


Any recommendations for Warriors-style games like Hyrule Warriors?


The audacity to sell BF2042 at a "discounted" $30


Hey now season 1 is finally out after nearly a whole year and that added one new map and a whole \*checks notes \* ONE new weapon!


Considering getting V-Rising. How is it?


I put about 4 hours into it solo so far. It feels like I'm playing some kind of hybrid of Grim Dawn and Terraria, and I'm really enjoying it. I picked it up on Humble w/a 20% discount from being a choice/monthly subscriber, and I just grabbed a 2nd copy for my gf so we can play it co-op. It looks like you can customize a ton of server settings for difficulty/grindiness, so I'm hoping that it'll work well 2 player. If I can, I'll set up a private server on an old laptop like I did for Conan Exiles / ARK, and we'll avoid whatever shenanigans there are on the official servers.


It has a great gameplay loop but currently runs into the problem where there's a lack of servers. Developers are also iffy given their previous game(s), Battlerite and Battlerite Royale.


It’s really cool if you like isometric games and crafting and survival games. It also lit my laptop up. When I was done after 45 minutes, I tried to pickup my power brick and immediately dropped it. Temps in 80s with low 90s spikes. This was 1440p 60 low settings. I will try again at a lower rez.


The Forest page for isthereanydeal doesn't seem to work correctly, but I think this price ($5) is the cheapest it's been outside of bundles. I'm pretty sure it's usually $7.49. But someone can correct me if I'm wrong.


Just buy The Forrest. Its 5 bucks and worth every penny. Open world survival crafting.


How is it Solo? Was looking into the game, as I love The Long Dark, but I heard others say it isn't great solo. Also, how does it compare to a game like The Long Dark survival/crafting wise? Like is it a good game even if I wouldn't super enjoy the combat part? Like, is the scavenging resources/managing hunger and thirst/etc. parts good?


Well, it's less like The Long Dark and more like Valheim first, but then it becomes Alien: Isolation and you need fresh pants.


Anyone else having an issue adding games to cart? Want to buy the portal bundle but it keeps kicking me back to the store front page?


Any 4 packs?


Anyone have recommendations for CYOA type games (any type of game, even if it's text based or a VN are fine). I've enjoyed a lost of the Hosted Games ones, like Fallen Hero and Wayhaven. Choice of Magic was rather good, but I wasn't a huge fan of Choice of Robots (lol, I know that's an unpopular opinion).


Picked up: Mortal Kombat 11 and asseto corsa. Can't wait to play both once the humongous download finishes for MK 11.


can anyone suggest "theatre" themed games. Like games based on theatre plays or game setting is about theatre. For example games like Elsinore. No shakespeare hentai visual novel suggestions please.


I really like games like Fire Emblem, XCOM, and Civ V (and VI), is there anything like those games on sale I should check out?


[Football, Tactics & Glory](https://store.steampowered.com/app/375530/Football_Tactics__Glory/) combines XCOM with Football Manager


* [40k Mechanicus](https://store.steampowered.com/app/673880/Warhammer_40000_Mechanicus/) * [40k Daemonhunters](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1611910/Warhammer_40000_Chaos_Gate__Daemonhunters/) but since the game is fresh released the discount is low. * [Phoenix Point](https://store.steampowered.com/app/839770/Phoenix_Point_Year_One_Edition/) * [Gears Tactic](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1184050/Gears_Tactics/) * [Battletech](https://store.steampowered.com/app/637090/BATTLETECH/) I would recommend the DLC content, but that will of course increase the price a lot and if you are not sure it is meant for you, that might be to steep. * [Shadowrun:Dragonfall](https://store.steampowered.com/app/300550/Shadowrun_Dragonfall__Directors_Cut/). While all three Shadowrun games are good, Dragonfall is considered by most people the best. So you could test it, and if you like it still pick up the firstone (returns) or the third one (Hong Kong).


man the state of sports games right now is really sad. exclusive rights is terrible. back on older systems there would be any number of football and basketball games that all had appropriate licensing and brought somethign different. now it's just madden, fifa, and 2k.


Just putting it out there. But [Muse Dash](https://store.steampowered.com/app/774171/Muse_Dash/) is a awesome rhythm action game. And it's absolutely dirt cheap, at 50 cents. The base game has about 50 songs, and they add more songs for free every once in a while. Just the base game alone is a fun time for 50 cents. I highly recommend it. Every so often, they add new packs to the game (about 6 new songs). For mobile players, each new pack of songs costs them money to unlock (Microtransaction). For PC players, there is a DLC called "Just as Planned" it costs $27.99 ($19.49 on sale right now), which unlocks all previous and future new packs. The reason I'm highlighting this is, since the value of the "Just as Planned" DLC has increased massively since it first came out. Going from like 50 songs for $27.99 to 300 songs for $27.99. The publishers are going to raise the price to $33.99, to better account for the increased value, in July. It's only a $6 increase, but if you want to buy in now, it's also discounted 35%. $27.99 -> $19.49. IMO, if you're interested, buy the base game at 50 cents and try it out. If you like it, consider buying the DLC. Oh, I forgot to even mention. The music absolutely slaps. High energy, popular songs from both China and Japan.




Is Chivalry 2 worth picking up? It seems like a hoot but does it ever feel repetitive over time?


I find it still fun to play. Idk how fast it would get repetitive for you but for $20 something dollars I think it's worth it