Any suggestions for RPGs where I can play a "classic" fantasy setting mage and hurl fireballs around and stuff like that?


Pathfinder Kingmaker, or Pathfinder Wrath of the Righeous, but it's not as heavily discounted.


Currently playing kingsmaker - i love the fireball as much as i loved it in baldur's gate bach in the early 2000s.


Just got to Act V I think, and man I just lost all interest in continuing. I rushed through Act I, not realizing that completing a specific quest would cut off the extra time I had, then didn't really push another milestone until I was warned that it was ending (30 days?), and went straight to making my capital a city, which set off the next act. So damn annoying, so I think I'm done with it. It's a shame, because the game's fun, but I just can't bring myself to going back and navigating a bunch of invisible gates in a way that doesn't fuck me down the line.


That's what's making me consider getting WotR, I loved the first game but it fell off as it went on and I've heard the new one doesn't have this problem


After the first act you can complete sidequests at your leisure after the main quest for each chapter


I completed the main quest not realizing the whole game was a series of timers and I hadn't developed my kingdom. Then in a later act I was running out of time to save Varnhold because I was leveling my advisors. Finally, I checked out a guide and I was supposed to level my advisors to like 5 and do another quest to drop the two week quests to one week before upgrading to a city. But why wouldn't I want a city? So I had already done that and started the next timer. It's just annoying that it's built to rush you to complete tasks then punishes you for rushing.


Yeah, you pretty much need to start the quests as soon as you get them and save before any personal project in case you waste 'questing' time stuck in a time skip. It isn't so bad once you figure it out unless you're going for a secret ending or something, but definitely kinda unintuitive. I think it would've been much better if the events were better sign posted so you'd know how much time you had, or they scrapped personal projects entirely and just let you queue them up while playing the cRPG parts like with the advisor projects. Some of the timed quests are also just very obtuse and can leave you wandering around the map for months before stumbling onto the answer because you failed a skill check and it wasn't clear how to proceed.


Dragon's Dogma. Mage classes are pretty epic.


I second this, it's almost 10 years old at this point but there are not many games like it around where you can feel like a proper mage. Spell effects are great and the game itself has lots of love put into it.


I'd love to play as a battle mage style. Like pyro stuff but wielding a shield. This it was a template class in Oblivion and the idea has stuck in my head




I’ve been meaning to play this for like 5 years. Maybe 2022 is the year I finally do.


I had it in my library for years, then decided to play it finally. 400+ hours later... Still one of the best RPGs I've ever played.


Dragon's Dogma is crazy good, definitely a hidden gem.


Playing it on switch & it goes hard!


If it goes hard for more then 4 hours I'd consult a doctor


I loved it so much for quite awhile but I got a bit tired of having to travel back and forth due to my weight.


Two Worlds 2 has a neat magic system where you can create your own spells. I won't claim that it's a great game though...


I will! I really enjoyed it. Played it in 360 originally and got it for PC. One of my favorite games!


Pathfinder wrath of the righteous Divinity original sin 2 Solaster crown of the magistar Just search for the tag "crpg"


Can I jump straight into the new Pathfinder? Or should I play the first one? First one had pretty mixed reviews, but everyone seems to love the new one.


You can jump right in. They have independent stories, though they share some recurring characters. Don't agonize over it, either. Jump right into Wrath without even worrying about it, and play Kingmaker afterwards if you liked Wrath.


Never played the first one and as far as I know you can't continue your characters or anything so jump straight in. Can't recommend it enough, really brilliant game.


[Fictorum](https://store.steampowered.com/app/503620/Fictorum/) might interest you


Honestly, that game is really awful. Its not even a real game its more of a cheap, powerful wizard sandbox simulator. This was also one of those developers that spammed reddit for months and years about this game before it came out.


I just picked it up because it was super cheap and I'm having fun with it so far. There's lots of interesting things you can do to change how your spells work. My only complaint is the limited inventory size.


I wouldn't say it's awful, it's okay.


Wyldermyth is dnd-y and you can play mages that control fire and get elemental staves? staffs?


Lichdom battlemage


> Lichdom my kink


I think no one has mentioned Skyrim just because they're assuming you've already played it


Kind of a niche suggestion here, but if you have a VR headset I've recently gotten into a simply modded Skyrim VR and am playing this exact class. Feels really good in VR and I keep finding myself losing hours and hours in the game. The VRIK mod is essential for a mage imo, as it lets you use hand gestures to equip different spells. Kinda makes you feel like a Witcher lol. It definitely needs some light modding though as the vanilla port isn't amazing. I just used the basic FUS mod pack to keep it simple for myself. Dont have to worry about conflicting mods or anything this way, and the pack is super customizable for how you want the game to be.


Any really good deals on older triple a games? Like MGS5 is $10, Mirrors Edge Catalyst is only $3 Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions picked up Mass Effect Andromeda, Yakuza Zero and Dead Space 2


[Sleeping Dogs](https://store.steampowered.com/app/307690/Sleeping_Dogs_Definitive_Edition/) is 3 bucks, [Yakuza 0](https://store.steampowered.com/app/638970/Yakuza_0/) is 5 bucks, and [Resident Evil 4](https://store.steampowered.com/app/254700/Resident_Evil_4/) is 5 bucks, to start you off.


Sleeping Dogs & Yakuza 0 are some of the best games I've played


Yakuza 0 had one of my favourite stories in games ever, it's so over the top melodramatic that it starts becoming endearing.


Can't go wrong w/ any of those.


Sleeping Dogs was a great game. Like GTA, but you are a cop!


In Hong Kong. And you can beat people up. It's a blast.


I love the executions in Sleeping Dogs. You haven't lived until you've put a man into an air conditioning unit fan.


Yup. The Arkham style combat and the environmental executions ruled.


Nah bro, slamming a fuckin garage door of one of those shops on some poor bastards head is where it's at, brutally epic.


I think I'm just now learning that Sleeping Dogs and Watch Dogs are 2 different games lol


I wish GTA was as fun as Sleeping Dogs. There's no comparison.


Dead Space 2 is $2


Can't recommend this game enough.


Also a historical low, probably won't reach that price again


It would be ok to play Dead Space 2 without playing the first??? That's a crazy good price


Go for it. Both are fun, and there is a bit of continuation, but if you want to play an abomination killing space man, it's the way to go.


For sure. I played it for the first time after not playing the first, and I had no problem following the story.


[Wolfenstein double pack is only £6](https://store.steampowered.com/sub/62587/)


[Half-Life 2](https://store.steampowered.com/app/220/HalfLife_2/) is 1.99. [Black Mesa](https://store.steampowered.com/app/362890/Black_Mesa/) is a 2020 remake of Half-Life 1 with 95% user rating for 4.99.


Just pointing out... MGSV is almost constantly $5 or less on one site or another. It's $2.59 right now in IndieGala.


That is an insanely good deal for the game. Just a massive open-world Metal Gear with crazy good optimisation


It is. I don't really understand why they've sold it THAT cheap so often. It's been $5 or less regularly for years.


The witcher 3 goty


Mass Effect: Andromeda is under $5 and very good. I just finished it.


Tomb Raider games are free on Epic Games store till the 6th. Grab all 3


I know this is vague...but any must buys? I feel like I've been staring at the store more than playing this past break.


Somehow, I've managed to not buy a single game from this sale. Edit: now I'm a liar. mirror's edge catalyst is like $2. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1233570/Mirrors\_Edge\_Catalyst/


XCOM 2 at 90% off Grim Dawn at 80% off Divinity Original Sin 1+2 pack at 74% off Also check out this [steamdb](https://steamdb.info/sales/?min_reviews=500&min_rating=80&min_discount=70) link and sort by discount descending. This link will give you the best deals on games at least 70% off with at least 80% positive reviews with at least 500 reviews each.


> with at least 500 reviews each I know that's to filter out a lot of trash, but remember there are lots of genuinely great games that have a really hard time getting those 500 reviews. People should check out the underdogs a little too, especially if they want to see something different. Eg, Devader is a top-tier twin-stick shooter, under $5 on sale, and not even 30 reviews yet.


I fully agree! The steamdb default is 500 reviews though and I left it there as while there are lots of great indie games that deserve more attention, OP asked for the must buys/best deals, not hidden gems, and steamdb is all too happy to list trash games :p For anyone interested, some of the best deals that I've spotted on hidden gems this sale are: - Distant Worlds Universe at 90% off - Driftlands at 85% off - Down in Bermuda at 90% off - Heroes of a Broken Land at 75% off - Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure at 80% off - Dead Age 2 at 66% off - Reverse Crawl at 80% off - Monster Slayers at 85% off - Space Tyrant at 80% off - Oxenfree at 90% off (not really hidden, but damn that's a fine discount) Check out my brand new [steam curator page](https://store.steampowered.com/curator/41710015-Darkstar%2527s-Diversions/) and [my comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDealsMeta/comments/rmavsg/-/hpn9rdf) in the hidden gems thread for more :)


Seconding XCom 2 (And War of the Chosen which I think is a must have DLC). It's the gold standard of turn based games.


I agree. XCOM 2 was great. Then I played it again with the DLC and it was a much, much better experience.


Project Zomboid is having a moment now that the latest build version is out on multiplayer, and it's fantastic.


I was wondering why this game is popular now and it's 8 years old and apparently still in beta.


much like DF it's a very deep game that (somewhat) sacrifices visuals for an incredibly in depth experience


Yeah I should have phrased my comment differently. Why is this game popular *now*? And I didn't hear much anything of it for 8 years.


Multiplayer or also know as build 41 officially released


Awesome thanks


Give Portal 1 and 2 a look.


Red dead redemption 2 if you haven't played it. Horizon zero dawn is also incredible


Horizon seemed very generic to me, but man it does look pretty on pc…having last minute thought of picking it up


Took me 3 attempts to really get in to it. First try I didn't like the difficulty, knowledge and patience each machine requires to take down. Second time I had to go away for a few weeks and never went back to it. It really clicked the third time for me and I couldn't put it down. Gorgeous visuals, unique world and design plus a good enough story to keep me wanting more. Looking forward to the sequel!


As someone who adores that game, it's generic in the sense that is plays a lot like many other open world games you have possibly played in the past - particularly anything by Sony or Ubisoft in recent years. Very similar open world design and crafting mechanics, if not identical. But while it doesn't do anything new, what it does do it does very well and it doesn't outstay it's welcome like recent Ubi games in particular.


Ultimately the gameplay isn't super unique, that's okay it doesn't have to be. But the setting is neat. Altogether it works really well.


Once you hit 75% of the game it's hard to finish the last 25%. It feels a little repetitive as by here you collect essentially all of the weapons and max put your upgrades. I think I know exactly how you feel. Tomb Raider reboot didn't get stale because you still didn't have enough to be over powered and still grinded to finish some weapon upgrades. Horizon zero Dawn was amazing in the beginning though. Just got repetitive and stale for my personal taste.


Not only generic but the world feels dead imo. Everyone seems like they're waiting for aloy to show up.


Aloy has come to see us! Jesus Christ be praised.


Look, it's Henry!!


It's just another open world game. It looks nice, except the cutscenes for dialogue, they look like they're out of mass effect 1.


The hair blowing inside caves is hilarious


It's under $10 on epic games store with the coupon. An absolute steal. I wasn't the biggest fan of the game personally when it came out but at that price I bought it again to see if my tastes have changed.


It's cheaper on Fanatical and they give Steam keys there so it's the same as buying on Steam, unless you care about the Steam points you get for buying things there.


I played halfway through on Xbox but definitely considering it on epic with the $10 off.




Bought the Red Dead Online on Epic, downloaded the game, launched and bought story. Worked perfectly. Not needed to do any file transfers. I think people are still writing about this file copying because apparently there was a problem when the deals started. But the problem was fixed when I bought the game couple days later. Game launches through Epic, can play story or online with no problems.


Can confirm. People were refunding to get the story for $5 so I think that's why lol


Are you talking about the $10 coupon that they gave people for signing up to the mailing list a month or two ago, or is there another $10 coupon I'm missing?


You get a coupon each time you buy a game that’s at least 14.99. You also get one by default, which basically results in all games that are at least 14.99 being $10 cheaper


Worth noting that the coupon system in Canada seems to be a bit different; I think it's $14 off games above $21 CAD. Sadly this excluded a lot of games that I was hoping to use the coupon on (Metro Exodus, Inscryption)


~~The winter sale ends on Jan 6th, the coupon expires on Jan 7th *wink wink*~~ ~~That's my plan to buy Inscription, after the sale the price will go back to normal and the coupon can apply again.~~ EDIT: I spoke with Epic support and they told me it expires when the sale ends so this will not work.


Hollow Knight, Hades, Slay the Spire, and the 2 Ori games. All are some of my favorite games and can be had for less than $10 each (Hades is $6 at Epic).


Hades is also available on Gamepass for PC and you can get a three month trial for $1!


As are the other 4 games :)


Dishonored for $3, or $5 with the dlc


Go Complete for Dishonored. You need the 2 DLC's for Dishonored 1, as that perfectly sets up the opening for Dishonored 2. Otherwise, w/out the Dishonored DLC's, you're lacking important information for the shocking opening.


Played through Dishonored 1 and 2 last year but without the DLC, are both DLCs highly recommended or only one?


Highly recommend both of those DLC's. More or less, Dishonored's DLC's are really DLC Part 1 (The Knife of Dunwall) and DLC Part 2 (Brigmore Witches) here. Heck, you could even consider them one game too. You should play and buy both. It can be argued that both The Knife of Dunwall DLC and Brigmore Witches DLC are actually on par with or better than the base-game's missions. Besides - both DLC's are important to Dishonored Lore; important stuff about Daud (and yes, you do play as him); and stuff about a certain character in Dishonored 2...>!Delilah Copperspoon, the main villain of Dishonored 2.!<


Penumbra Collector's pack is 69p and I'd say it's essential for horror fans. You get the first three games developed by Frictional Games, the Amnesia / SOMA devs. While the Penumbra games have aged, they still have a great atmosphere and a tone quite distinct from Frictional's other games. You can also see the physics-based environmental interactions that came to fruition in Amnesia: The Dark Descent starting to form in these original games. The FEAR Complete Pack is also £5.39. Fear and its expansions are exceptional horror shooters, must-plays whether you're a fan of horror or just love a good FPS. Fear 2 is less universally liked, but it's still a good time. Fear 3 shared the fate of Dead Space 3 (cramming co-op into a hitherto single player, atmosphere focused series) so your mileage may vary on that one.


what games u play? dark soul remastered was amazing for me, but it not for everyone


Perhaps something just a bit more chill. 80% of what I've played this past year was probably league and halo.


slay the spire is casual and rogue. I got 100 hundred hours in it. It's a card game, which I wasn't intially into it, but it's addicting as hell. I think you can prob listen to podcast while playing it.


dark souls is 100x more chill than league to me lol, funny how different people are.


What are you looking for in a chill game? Giving a genre or your favorite chill games might help here.


I found guardians of the galaxy super fun! With the epic coupon it's really cheap! Stellaris is my favorite 4X game, civ 6 is also fantastic if you like those kinds of games. Hollow knight if you're craving some metroidvania. Hades if you like roguelikes. I'm currently really into against the storm, currently only available on epic games, one of my favorites this year. Witcher 3 complete edition is a must if you haven't played it.


Inscription is incredible


it is, but it's also $6 on epic games


Inscryption - my god. I played it and did a combo where I had a flying bear do instant kills. Then another combo where my army of squirrels were undying. And then... 9+ hours after I beat the villain... *(in true Pony Island fashion)* # THIS IS ACT 1 of 3!


Part 2 is wierd as heck though.


Looking for something chill to play where I don't exactly have to think or stress. This is my list, help me pick 2 or so or throw in recommendations if you think I'll enjoy them. Farming Simulator 19 My Time at Portia Farm together Project hospital Planet Zoo


My Time at Portia is fun, though it gets pretty grindy midway through, but if you just want to turn your brain off and mine for components, that's not really that bad of an issue.


Here's a few games I like to chill out with... **Board Sports** - YouRiding (surfing) - The Snowboard Game - Session (skateboarding) **Movement** - Katamari Roll - Superflight (Wingsuit flying) - Mirrors edge - surf maps in CSGO - Cyberhook **Building** - Minecraft - Beseige **Puzzle** - Tetris Effect - Glass Masquerade (jigsaw) - Bejewelled / any match 3 game - Polybridge - Crayon Physics or any physics puzzle or sandbox **Racing** - Absolute Drift - Driving around in a sim with a wheel - Any Forza horizon - Beam ng (crashing cars) **Management** - Planet Zoo I find a lot of games relaxing when you aren't tied to the outcome. I even found practising for competitive titles relaxing when I had time for them, your mileage may vary there, but certainly puzzle games are relaxing when you don't feel the need to top leader boards etc. Also games where you regularly die but lose nothing other than score can be relaxing if you want them to be, particularly twin stick shooters, so long you don't get hung up on scores or deaths.


Slime rancher 100%


I'd consider PowerWash Simulator as well. It's really cathartic and relaxing.


What are your favourite VR games? I've played most of the popular ones but always looking for new ones. On another topic, was waiting for Spellforce 3's campaign remake. Played it and it's a really good game imo. Bought the complete pack during this sale. Really recommend it. It actually became one of my favourites. I thought the gameplay (RPG on top of an RTS without pause) was tiring but I got used to it and actually enjoy it. The story, world, characters, dialogue etc. are flawless. I'm really surprised about it.


Tetris Effect is really great if you haven't played it yet - it's also on Game Pass (which also supports VR), but it's a really immersive experience in VR and the additional framerate compared to most standard monitors is nice too. Apart from that, some lesser known games I'd really recommend are Gadgeteer and Rainbow Reactor - Gadgeteer's a physics based puzzle game where you place various objects to design your own Rube Goldberg-style machines, including a campaign with about 60 levels and a sandbox mode. Placing pieces in VR is rather relaxing, and VR really lets you experiment with verticality and make 3D machines. Also, Rainbow Reactor's a really simple action puzzle game, where you throw coloured balls onto a grid to make chains of the same colour, clearing the board as efficiently as possible. And what I really like about this game is it's an incredibly simple concept that anyone can understand very quickly, but VR adds more depth to the game in a very elegant way - for instance, since the game board has depth, throwing balls to further away spots is harder, but you can also roll the ball along already filled spots to make your throw easier. Moreover, the balls spawn in real time, but they physically roll down a rail with no stopper, so you have to pick them up before they fall on the floor - I've even had rounds where I've had to juggle the balls in VR! For less than 5 dollars, it's definitely worth a shot.


Wow thank you for the detailed reply. Both games look great. And they are actually in a bundle lol https://www.fanatical.com/en/pick-and-mix/build-your-own-elite-vr-bundle? I'm buying them instantly


You should check out the outer wilds and subnautica VR mods


Derail Valley, IL-2 Sturmovik - Great Battles Series


> What are your favourite VR games? Not my favorite technically, since I'm yet to buy it but check out Eye of the Temple. It uses roomscale play space to let you explore a temple with traps & puzzles. No artificial locomotion or anything. Looks pretty fun if you've got the room (and no fear of heights I guess :p).


If you love on the rails arcade shooting games, Horizon Vanguard is a great time. You might already own it if you bought one of the previous itch.io bundles, so check that first.


Skyrim and No Man's Sky


Walkabout mini golf is a very chill time. Just chat and putt putt. Discord is pretty active too with hourly matches set up so it's easy to find peeps to play with if you don't have friends playing. Played with some auzzies the other day in a cherry blossom zen course was lit Loco dojo seems like a fun minigame game I'm interested in trying out. Community doesn't seem as active but for a fiver could be worth a shot for the shenanigans with peeps and worst case refund. Love Mario party esk mini game jinx so a VR of that would be sweet Climbers a good time too for a physics game. 6 bucks got my moneys worth real quick, wears my arms out good and fun helping each other climb and try all the workshop maps with folks Finally Carly and the reaperman seems like a neat experience. Looking for a new two person coop now that I beat it takes two and that might hit the spot. The VR / non vr tandem combo seems neat


Synth Riders, Thumper, and Vertigo Remastered are some must play VR games.


Finally bought Disco Elysium, any early tips I should know? Thanks!


I'd say try to avoid save scumming. The game does a good job of making failing checks entertaining, and it feels better to just roll with them. More generally, it's a game that gets some of its fun from leaning into the roleplaying and deciding what kind of person your character is. Certain items you pick up are interactable from within your inventory - not just things you can equip (I don't think you're explicitly told that, at least for a while). One little thing I didn't realize for a while is that I could hold down the mouse for movement (making the main character follow it) instead of clicking repeatedly.


I'd just take it a little further and say while not save scumming (ie reloading a save to get a roll right) is a good idea, make 100% sure you are saving and saving often. The autosave is really sparse, and the game will sometimes end your life without much warning, forcing a lot of redoing conversations to get the dialogue you want. Also, sometimes it just straight crashes.


This, 100% I played for about an hour talking to everyone and poking and prodding at everything and then died and lost it all and it seriously killed my enthusiasm for the game for weeks >.<


Good point! I didn't have crashing, but I definitely died/reloaded quite a few times where compulsive saving helped. It's also worth noting that you can use the health/morale medicine even as your health is going down (from a failed check, etc.) to save yourself.


As someone who has never played any Metal Gear Solid games, is Metal Gear Solid V worth it? I've heard good things about it but not sure if I should pull the trigger and make the purchase.


It depends what specifically will you ask from the game. MGS V for me is the peak of the saga in gameplay. In a way its similar to Monster Hunter in terms have very specifical style choices, like very particular way to control the character and stuff. For the price I would say is totally worth to just to try it, the production values are crazy good. In terms of story, just don't eat your brains very much, just enjoy the ride lol


I haven't played any of MGS' before playing Phantom Pain and loved it. I put over 120 hours into it and had lots of fun during that time. The game is beautiful with 80's music and so many options do stuff. Plot has some holes and you can notice that it was not really concluded but it didn't bother me much. Buy it and play it!


Amazing game, but you'll understand almost nothing about what's going on story/character-wise. If you're dead set on skipping all the games, then I'd recommend looking up a recap online of the previous story


I didn't want to play MGS V until I played MGS 4, but it was on sale. I know exactly what I'm walking in with a MGS game. Long narrative, a bit of sneaking then 40-minutes of talking.... After a few years of sitting on it, I decided to just play it. MY GOD. MGS V went 180 degrees. It's action-packed. Narrative is short. You can balloon people. You can listen to the story via cassette tapes while you're running to another base. Even without any Metal Gear knowledge, it's just really freakin' good. The engine is from 5 years ago, but it's easily the most prettiest game I own. And it's so slick and fast-loading.


is tboi repentance worth it?


TBoI always has been worthit


Should me and my friends get Back 4 Blood or World War Z if we wanted to play another zombie shooter? (we already played a lot of Left 4 dead 2)


You should try B4B via gamepass first


The ranking is: L4D2 > Vermintide 2 > WWZ > B4B


Back 4 Blood - L4D clone with some new mechanics that don't add a whole lot to the replayability (IMO) and overall it lacks that layer of detail and polish in the gunplay, animations, visuals and sound design you get from Valve. It's fun but if I had to choose, I'd pick WWZ. WWZ - Reason I'd pick this is because even though it's similar to L4D and even though it also lacks the polish and detail of L4D it does bring it's own stuff to the table especially with things like horde sizes. It's a lot of fun mowing those giant hordes down and blowing stuff up. Both games are Games Pass PC by the way, if you have that. If you're willing to look past zombies, Deep Rock Galactic is really good if you haven't already played that.


WWZ. I found B4B to be a big disappointment.


I'm going against the grain. L4D2 > B4B But B4B has a lot of room to grow. WWZ does not at all scratch my L4D2 itch. Vermintide 2 is very L4D, but not with zombies. B4B was a solid experience for friends. I ended up bored after a while. But I can see it being very much like No Man Sky, and with a year or two, it can be great.


Pondering between Civilization VI Anthology (or Platinum, which has most of the content) or Xcom 2, which is 90% off. Anyone have any input on which if the games is probably a better deal?


I think civ 6 is the better deal, xcom 2 goes on sale pretty frequently. They both are good fun though.


If xcom hits 90% off, he has good chances to pay full price instead.


Either one is potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay. Do you want a game focused on grand strategy or knife-edge tactics? Note that you'll probably want to pick up the War of the Chosen expansion if you get XCOM, as it changes a ton of things and integrates into the campaign.


I am still lost on why people say to get anthology over platinum. Everywhere I look it's "It has ALL the content, plat doesn't" like.. that's not a good enough reason though. Because as far as I can see.. it just adds two more civs. Which isn't worth the extra cost.. even if it was only a $1 difference. It comes with plenty of civs to dink around with.


My understanding is that Anthology has everything, and Platinum has everything *except* for New Frontier Pass New Frontier Pass has 9 new civilizations, some new buildings, and a bunch of weird game modes (for example, zombie units). If you frame it as "Anthology is 2x the price of Platinum," it doesn't sound worth it. But for $15 extra, it's an okay deal provided that you like the game.


I picked up Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition this sale and I'm in love with it! Currently in Act II, can't wait to play more in the series now\~ Are there any other JRPG's or RPG's I should look at before the sale winds down? I'm open to everything :D


Yakuza Like a Dragon is a great JRPG. While it is the most recent in the Yakuza series, you don't need to play the rest of the series to enjoy it. The only thing that you'd be missing out on is understanding a handful of references/cameos.


I have played Yakuza Like a Dragon earlier this year actually, so +1 for a great recommendation! It's what led me to taking a peek at DQ11 haha. I've also done Yakuza 0, so the cameo's like you said felt so fulfilling with context!


Highly recommend getting Troubleshooter abandoned children https://store.steampowered.com/app/470310/TROUBLESHOOTER_Abandoned_Children/ Base price was already low and at 33% off a must buy imo Was recommended this a few days backed and the game is a blast, played 15 hrs already over the weekend (this feels like just 10% of the story completion tbh, easy 100+hrs of proper content). Its kinda like xcom but not as much micro management (what base/group present is very accessible and more like a crpg than strategy) and no perma death, very good combat variety with different builds and fairly good itemization as well. A cool thing here is that character building is more like crpg so you can actually start making strong combos like you had in divinity original sin 2 so it kinda has snowball effect if you can build properly. Game is still challenging but has lots of difficulty options so fairly accessible as well. Overall really good take on xcom+rpg style game.


I'm quite interested in this, considering it's one of the very few South Korean games that isn't an MMO/GAAS. The only problem is I've just started persona 5 and I think the overlap between the two is too great.


here gameplay is more xcom like and ive only played persona 4 golden but imo gameplay and progression here is significantly better. That said both are fairly long games so might be better to wait till you complete p5.


Kinda off topic. I own that game and haven’t played it yet. However I have never seen a game that needs updates as often as that game and I have a lot of games. I feel like the game needs and update every other day. Point being, the developers seem very dedicated to improving the game.


As someone that's beaten the game and seen how the updates have improved the experience significantly, I'd say the development team really wants this game to be good.


Thoughts on GTFO? Is it too punishing if I rely only on matchmaking?


My buddy shared that in a panic, he tried to run. He fell down the steps, took damage from falling, and then limped his way. But he still died. It's an abusive relationship. It doesn't scale to player count. It's a really long learning curve before you get good. I hate games like that so I'm not interested.


Any good JRPG recommendations? I’m a hardcore FF14 player and have also played a majority of the mainline FF games, persona 4,5 and Strikers, and Tales of Arise. Open to trying some older/remastered ones as well.


Yakuza Like a dragon is a must play


100% I will always say that while Yakuza 7 isn't the *best* JRPG, it is the *most* JRPG based on how many different features and mechanics it borrows from other popular series. Final Fantasy X style turn based combat? Yes. Super Mario RPG's timed battle inputs? Yes. Final Fantasy type summons? Yes. Tactical RPG class/job system? Yes. Persona-esque social links? Yes. Monster Hunter style equipment crafting? Yes. Earthbound's wacky human enemies? Yes. A whole lot of JRPG tropes reimagined in a modern setting? Yes.


Also, the entire Yakuza series is pretty good. Yakuza 0, particularly.


Good morning, Dr. Puerto Rico.


The legend of heroes is great. Start off with trails in the sky. If the outdated graphics turn you off too much, you can start with trails of cold steel, which is another entry point to the series


Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition, Tales of Symphonia, Ys Origin and Ys: The Oath in Felghana Edit: Also Octopath Traveler.


I second dragon quest 11. Great game and quite long


Playing it rn on switch!


Chrono Trigger should be an obvious one.


[Trails in the Sky 1](https://store.steampowered.com/app/251150/The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_in_the_Sky/) [Trails in the Sky 2](https://store.steampowered.com/app/251290/The_Legend_of_Heroes_Trails_in_the_Sky_SC/) Judging by what you've said you already enjoy, you'll probably like this series a lot. This series has a cult following for many reasons. It's a 9 game series with an interconnected story, but these first two games stand well enough on their own. Don't feel obligated to play all the following games. Just hop in now and decide whether to continue later.


seconding the recommendation to give Trails in the Sky (and all the subsequent games) a try. i binged all the localized games (plus Geofront fan patches of the Crossbell games) last year and I loved the hell out of it. kinda ff + persona gameplay except the vast majority of the NPCs have their own unique lives, backstories, character arcs, etc.


Scarlet Nexus, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Dragon Quest 11, Ni no Kuni 1 and 2.


Get Noita and experience the pain


That game didn't do it for me. Why not different weapons? It was just wand, wand, wand, wand, I get they all have different abilities but why not vary it a bit. Also not sure the goal. Like Rogue Legacy at least you had a skill tree you would advance each run.


Decided I'd get some lesser known "hidden gems" as well as some games small developers advertised in the earlier Winter Sale threads. \- Goblin and Coins \- Project Pastorate \- Definitely Sneaky but Not Sneaky \- Mostly Intense Monster Defense \- Wandersong \- The Hex \- Detective Grimoire \- Fall Guys (which isn't really a hidden gem but I digress) Plus Demon Turf from the EGS. I'm not sure if I want to pick up the Binding of Isaac Collection yet - might wait until the next sale for that. Sadly a lot of the games I wanted on the EGS (Metro Exodus, Inscryption, etc) didn't meet the price threshold for the coupon, so I think I'll wait on picking those up, as well.


Yes Wandersong! You can run through the game in about 2 days of extended play (9 hours), enjoy it! It really helped me get through tough times in the pandemic and I hope you'll get something magical out of it too. And I love the Hex, it's such an interesting deconstruction of game design and genres while having the lingering background unsettling feeling you get from Daniel Mullin's games.


Hopefully you saw Detective Grimoire from my recommendations in the hidden gems thread lol. Great choice, I hope you love it! :D


Anyone have an opinions good or bad about mount and blade: warband?


Mount and Blade is a really weird game. It really doesn't seem like it should be fun, but I've gotten the itch and played multiple long campaigns over the years. I'd recommend trying the demo, getting a feel for the combat a bit, and if it seems like you're into it, pull the trigger on the full game. There's other parts to the game (building an army, managing cities and keeps, backing a ruler or a claimant, trade, tournaments, etc.) but it's all kind of secondary stuff and if you don't like the combat, you probably won't like the game.


Will do that, thanks! Have you played bannerlord by any chance? I'm not sure if its better or not, but could stretch my budget to get it if its a better game overall.


I haven't played it yet, and haven't really been following it to know if it's feature complete, or what kinds of things it does differently to the older games. The older games are pretty dated visually but you get used to it quickly enough.


Got it, will check out warband for the time being. Thanks again!


I have a hundred plus hours in both. I think that bannerlord is better in a lot of ways and is only improving. The only thing warband has better is more mods that are complete.


I feel like I play the game not as intended, but I really enjoy using cheats to level my character and building an army and buying the best gear for myself and companions. Then I go out and just wreck other nations/armies. The graphics aren't great, but the combat is a lot of fun due to the mechanics and amount of AI on a battlefield. There's a lot of free mods that are really well done. For instance, a game of thrones mod, or lord of the rings mod. Both have all the locations, skins for weapons and armor, and troops.


I just got an Oculus and have it linked with my steam to play VR games. Is there any on sale that I should try or you guys recommend?


Half Life Alyx is 50% off


I mean Alyx is a literal no brainer for any VR owners and light years away from any other titles.


If you like ping pong, Eleven Table Tennis feels super real and has been a lot of fun for me. I usually just play the AI, but there is multiplayer matching. Steam Lab is free and worth the download. The archery minigame is really well done. Space Pirate is an awesome arcade shooter for some mindless action. Also I second Alyx as I picked it up on sale. If you like the half life series, I think it's a must so far.


Any recommendations for games like Octopath Traveler or Fire Emblem: Three Houses?


Any shooters that can be played stealthily? Like far cry / fallout gunplay that allows for stealth?


Metal Gear 5 as already mentioned is excellent but Sniper Elite 4 is another good choice for "hiding in a bush with a sniper rifle" enthusiasts. The newer Deus Ex games can be played stealthy and the Metro series has a fair few stealth levels. Ghost Recon Wildlands seems like it fits but I haven't played enough of it to be certain. Sneaking and shooting worked fine for the 7 hours or so I've played.


mgs5 if you haven't picked it up yet.. imo best in genre.


Code Vein may not be featured, but it's on sale $15 for regular, $20 for deluxe edition right now. Totally worth it.