Spent all my time looking at Grim Dawn's price and DLC and didn't realize there is a 26$ bundle for all of it aside from the loyalty packs. Play POE reguarly, might check it out.


Grim Dawn is great. Probably my favorite modern ARPG. It's nestled very nicely between hardcore skill building but also allows respecing so you don't feel like you've wasted ten hours if you discover you hate your build. Of note, to get to the hardest difficulties you need to beat the game multiple times and the game world is persistent with no map gen. The idea is there's hidden stuff all over the place to find, and there's some decisions that can change the playthrough some but it can get a little tedious when you're playing through Act 1 for the twentieth time.


Playing POE for years has made me immune to same act tedium lol. Fine with a persistent world if the length is decent.


The world is big, especially with the expansions added in. There are also random dungeons available, and the world re-populates with enemies when you load in each time, so it ends up being a bit more like Diablo 2 farming, but reputation plays a big role in it, too. As you kill certain factions of enemies, they'll hate you more and more, and start sending harder enemies at you until you get to fight their nemesis. They also make future characters less painful to level and grind reputation on with things you can buy on one character to pass along to another. I believe there's even one that unlocks waypoints and such for another character. All in all, it's a great game with a ton of depth and things to do, and one of the better and most feature-complete ARPGs on the market.


just an FYI: its a lot slower than POE


I used grim internals to speed up the game a bit. Easy download and easy to change.


We talking Torchlight and Torchlight II slow?


Pretty close. I haven't played in a while but it actually felt even slower to me than Torchlight II because bosses don't drop class/level specific gear for you and there are a lot of rep grinds. Maybe this is inaccurate now, but it was a pretty big letdown to me.


check out last epoch!


I picked it up during the winter sale and I'm having a blast as Beastmaster! Was a little confused at first, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I really like the crafting system!


I don't think you'll regret it. Grim Dawn is amazing. Not nearly as complex as Path of Exile though, if you're looking for lots of management stuff.


It's one of the best arpg imo. Very modable as well.


I've put in hundreds of hours into Slay the Spire. Looking for another casual time sink. How is the replayability of Inscryption?


Monster Train is probably what you're looking for. Stratches a similar itch as StS in a different way.


I couldn't get into Monster Train, but really like Fights in Tight Spaces.


which one do you think i should buy? slay the spire or monster train?


They play quite differently and both have their own pros. Would recommend looking at some videos to see the gameplay loop and see which attracts you more. I personally have 3x the amount of time I do in StS than Monster Train if that's any indication


I just checked mine, 1100 hours in Slay the Spire and 28 hours on Monster Train. For me it comes down to simplicity is best, it's like Monster Train tries to create a pizza with a lot of toppings and it is a complex pizza but when you eat this pizza it feels heavy. It's a good pizza for once in a blue moon but it's not a good comfort game. Slay the Spire is like a pepperoni pizza, simple, delicate, light and it's just a great comfort game to consume from time to time.


Slay the Spire. It's just phenomenally well designed, and every run is a unique puzzle as to how you'll build a deck that will be able to overcome the upcoming challenges. There are so many choices to make - card selection after every battle and card selection within every battle - that it's endlessly entertaining, and the four classes play completely differently. The difficulty curve is almost perfect, and gives you constant feedback as far as how your current deck is doing. I disagree with one of the comments here - there's a huge variety of decks that are viable even on the hardest (and totally optional) difficulties. Slay the Spire is not about building a combo or archetype deck but about building a deck that can address current and upcoming challenges, and the moment I started looking at my deck and card choices as a holistic whole, rather than an trying to build towards an archetype, is the moment I started having way more fun and winning a lot more. That's why I love it so much, reach run is a new puzzle and I'm constantly surprised by the winning decks I come up with. Monster Train is very good, but is in some ways quantity over quality. There's a ton of different clan and hero combinations for a lot of variety, and a ton of effective deck combos you can build. It will take a lot of time to try all the different combinations. But compared to Slay the Spire, that variety comes at a cost. The difficulty curve is a backwards rollercoaster - all the challenge is in fights 6/8 and 8/8. A 4-year-old can beat the first 5 fights in Monster Train, while not being able to beat the first elite of Slay the Spire, let alone make it to the first boss. As such the feedback you get from the game as to your progress is poor, where you can completely destroy the first 5 (or even 7) fights, and then get obliterated by fight 6 or 8. You have to learn what the bosses in fights 6 and 8 do (particularly 8) so that you can recognize it at the start of the map and build your deck towards their abilities. The art in Monster Train is at once great and visually confusing. The enemy designs all look too visually similar to me. Slay the Spire's art is simpler but much more visually distinct. After some runs through Slay the Spire I have learned the enemies and can tell at a glance what I'm fighting and thus know what their abilities are. I can't do that in Monster Train. The enemies look so similar that I still have to mouse over the enemies to figure out what their abilities are. And bosses have so much HP that you practically have to have combat set to ludicrous speed. The map is both simpler and more complicated - 8 choices of left or right, and you can view the whole map from the start with full knowledge of what each path has, but it's harder for me to parse at a glance and you have to plan out your choices at the start based on all the available options. It's a lot of info to take in and process, and remember, right at the start. I prefer Slay the Spire's map which is simpler and easier to parse, with 3-4 starting choices, but with mystery rooms and possible branching paths and risk/reward calculations in picking a path - do I take the high risk / high reward path with 3 elites but no way off, or the safer 2 elite path where I can avoid the second elite should one of the previous fights go poorly? I feel like Monster Train is a lot more combo/archetype based - you need to build towards an OP combo to beat fights 6 and 8. As such, card selection and picking cards to play in combat feel a lot less interesting. Slay the Spire has OP combos too, but is much more about individual challenges - Gremlin Nob in Act 1, Act 1 boss, Act 2 elites and hallway fights, Act 2 boss, etc, and playing the right cards during combat feels more challenging and interesting. You can beat Slay the Spire without a combo/archetype deck so long as you can address the individual challenges, which makes the game more interesting and makes success much less reliant on RNG (99% of runs are winnable on low difficulty, and the best players can win 90% of runs on the highest difficulty - I'm at 90%/30% myself). In Slay the Spire I feel constantly engaged, while Monster Train alternates between being engaged and being on auto-pilot. I'm not trying to hate on Monster Train - it's a very good game - just trying to explain why it didn't hook me the way Slay the Spire did. Slay the Spire's variety is in how you build your deck - despite only four classes/starting decks, I never know what my deck is going to look like by the end of a run, and it's always engaging in figuring how I'm going to overcome the challenges given the cards I'm offered. At the start of each run I don't know what cards I'll get, what elites I'll face, what bosses I'll get for subsequent acts - each run is full of surprises. I've had runs that I thought started out poorly, not getting the cards I wanted, that surprised me by resulting in really powerful decks. Monster Trains's variety is front loaded - 5 different clans, 2 different heroes for each clan, 10 different clan/deck combinations, thus 40 different starting decks, and 2 (of 3) hero upgrades offered to pick at the start. But once the clan and hero combination is decided and the run begins, I have a pretty good idea of how it will play out - I see the whole map, all the bosses before me, and I know what kind of combo I'm building towards. There's still the execution, but I don't feel the same sense of discovery and surprise that I do in Slay the Spire. But I can see someone who enjoys starting deck variety and building towards powerful combos/archetypes enjoying Monster Train more. It's a lot easier to build a powerful combo in Monster Train, and one particular combo can carry you through to beat the highest difficulty with a 90% success rate. Powerful combos are a lot harder to pull off in Slay the Spire, and a lot more RNG dependant because the card pool is so large - you might set out to build a Claw deck, but only ever get 1 Claw (and Claw honestly isn't very good). The people that complain that Slay the Spire is too RNG-based are the ones who try to build combo/archetype decks and get frustrated because getting the exact cards you need for a particular combo is RNG-based - but you don't need a combo/archetype deck to win, it's all about synergy. Sometimes you get an OP combo deck, and other times you just get a deck that is just strong enough.


I think Spire is 10x the game that Monster Train is. Monster Train is good, but Spire is amazing, it's the defining game of the genre.


Monster Train is a bit easier to get into. It both satisfies card building and tower defense genres with a very polished aesthetics and a very nice story. Slay the Spire on the other hand is a a masterpiece card builder with insane depth. Every fan of the genre or indie game lover should play it. It has its own style of aesthetics, nothing looks polished but the artwork is very dynamic, after hours of play some cards and enemies you recall in great detail. Original Dota icons used to be that way. Anyways both are great games. I also add Dicey Dungeons, though it has completely different gameplay. All three are top tier.


At high levels (as in you've beat the game many times over and keep raising the difficulty), Slay the Spire requires you to have *exceptionally* good memory, planning and even math skills. The number of builds that are viable in the "late game" is pretty small. It's a masterpiece, but gets really dang hard. Monster Train is very similar, but limits you far less (and is thus a lot easier) as you push into the hardest modes. If you just want to go with the flow and make fun builds, this is the better option. I find it a lot easier to just jump in and play, even at high difficulties. Also a masterpiece, imo.


Slay the spire. You won't regret it and the steam workshop is chock full of awesome mods for it.


Also check out Grift Lands. It's another deck building rougue-like, except it has some rpg story elements. I really enjoyed it, though it's not as good as slay the spire. Really, none of the deck building games are as good as slay the spire imo.


Great call out! I've put more time into Grift Lands than any other deck based rogue lites. It's got a great balance between variation of gameplay, story, outcome impacting decisions, and overall progress run to run. Definitely a recommend.


Inscryption is a fantastic game that you'll play for ~15 hours and then likely not come back to. The dev is working on a more Spire-like mode (Kaycee's Mod), but IMO it doesn't hold a candle to Spire or Monster Train in terms of replayability.


I agree with the lack of replayability of Inscryption, but would still strongly recommend the game! It's probably my favorite game I've played this year.


Agree with what the others said... Inscryption is really great... but it's great as a bit of a genre bend and has a start and finish... hopefully that Kaycee mod will help with that... it's an incredible game and I wouldn't dissuade anyone from getting it. However... if you want something more like Slay the Spire in that it has more or less infinite replayability, then Monster Train is what you want. Similar enough to recommend to anyone who likes STS but different enough that both should be in anyone's collection... it shares many qualities but could not be considered a clone in any way.


Consider Roguebook. It's basically more Spire but with a really interesting map system.


Maybe have a look at trials of fire? I haven't played more than the tutorial but it's a roguelike card battle but a top down 3D setting and you handle 3 characters on a quest.


Personally I really like Storybook Brawl.


I bought two "idle" roguelites to play while I have downtime with work. Slay the Spire and Into the Breach. Both have given me many hours. Although into the breach is not a deck builder, it's still a turn based strategic game that requires you plan out your moves and develop understandings of your loadout each run. I think it's worth checking out.


Inscryption is not replayable without a mod, and even then it's only the first section. Have you looked at Vault of the Void? Lots of positive comparisons to Slay the Spire in the reviews.


Looking for games with cute animals/creatures to suggest for a friend, any recommendations? Some of the things we have discussed (and played) include Later Alligator, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, Haven Park, Chicory, and Lil Gator game. He did not like Slime Rancher for some reason. And if I had to make a distinction, he likes birds more than dogs and cats, but I'll happily take suggestions with those too.


[Yoku's Island Express](https://store.steampowered.com/app/334940/Yokus_Island_Express/) You are a beetle who delivers mail to a variety of different animals via pinball machine arenas. If he digs metroidvanias, pinball, and/or great chill soundtracks, he'll probably dig it. $4.


As much as I love this game, my friend **HATES** this game (and I'm not entirely sure why myself), and it's so funny. Thank you for the recommendation nevertheless, this put a smile on my face even if it might not have been your original intention.


the only game with a bird that comes into my mind atm is death's door, where you play as a crow. but thats an action adventure game https://store.steampowered.com/app/894020/Deaths_Door/


Cozy Grove might be up your alley. Its basically Animal Crossing. Has a lot of cute little critters.


Have a look at Cozy Grove, it's like animal crossing but with cute Bears. The game also runs in real time so you only have 1 or 2 hours of stuff to do each day making the game last a good while!


One of my favorite shorter games of all time, A Short Hike, is filled with cute animals and you play as a bird :) Also how about super auto pets? It's free to play if too. Lastly Night in the Woods is filled with cute animals. Not much gameplay though, it's more of a story game.


Forgot to mention A Short Hike and Night in the Woods, A Short Hike is one of his favorite games and he really liked Night in the Woods as well! Not sure if Super Auto Pets is up his alley since I don't think auto battlers have really stood out to him, but I'll bring it up with him regardless. Thanks for the suggestions!


No problem! >A Short Hike is one of his favorite games I see he is a man of culture as well :)


Take a look at the game Webbed. Its pretty cool and you play as a cute spider (seriously).


Looks fantastic, I'll bring this up as a suggestion. Thanks!


I've been enjoying Super Auto Pets. It's an auto battler with unique abilities on each animal, goal is to try combining them to create interesting synergies and get 10 wins. There's a free animal pack and a paid one fore 5 bucks, but even the free one offers hours upon hours of fun times.


Wingspan is an awesome video game adaptation of the board game. You build habitats to attract birds and earn points. I found it easy to learn and had a bunch of friends play it with Steam remote play. The great thing about it is that it is a relaxing and soothing game, with great artwork of the birds and lots of interesting bird facts. You pick up on how to play the game pretty quickly and there is enough complexity and variety to make every game different. Honestly, it is a fun time with friends or AI and I had a great time playing it. I wish all board games were adapted this well. It sounds perfect for your friend.


Frog Detective games are very short, funny and well written games with kinda cute characters. It might be good for your friend.


That's a very good suggestion and something I overlooked, thanks!


[Spiritfarer](https://store.steampowered.com/app/972660/Spiritfarer_Farewell_Edition/) - for a game about death and coming to terms with it, it's a very heartwarming game.


Just noticed that Mirror's Edge Catalyst is only $1.99. Two fucking dollars, the original game is still selling for $4.99. This has to be one of the bests deal I've seen, it's a great game and very underrated and its ~10x the length of the original game which can be beaten in under 3 hours. Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut is also only $2.99. For $5 you can get 2 really fantastic games if you haven't played them yet.


I finished Catalyst a few months ago so I thought I'd chime in with my own view. Catalyst's core gameplay is superb, I love the movement options and the fluidity of traversing through the world and the levels. I especially love that the combat is very movement heavy, it feels so good vaulting off of walls or crates to bop peons. That said, I was not a huge fan of much of the open world accessories, particularly the enemies that show up in the open world. While fighting the enemies in levels is pretty fun, fighting enemies in the open world is discouraged because it causes an alarm to go off and you have to run to the nearest safe zone (which can be a bit off away depending on where you are) to deactivate the alert. The alarm also interrupts anything that you were doing, so if you were collectible hunting or trying to do side missions, you're out of luck til you can deactivate the alarm. Having to do this over and over again as I was exploring the open world for collectibles/side missions was really annoying, and I wish this wasn't a factor I had to deal with. TLDR: Catalyst's core gameplay and running through the levels is a ton of fun. Having to deal with the constant enemies/alarms in the open world is not.


The open world area is quite disappointing, repetitive, and seemingly doesn't fit the game. The linear sections are just as good as the first game though. Take out the open world bit, and it's a massive improvement over the first game.


who are the massive screens facing blank walls on rooftops advertising to


All good points, however - Catalyst has squeaky running noise on rooftop which sounds https://i.imgur.com/hLpCIKm.png


Could I start with Catalyst or should I play the OG game first?


The original is better. There's a lot to slog through in the sequel.


Catalyst is not a sequel. It's personal preference honestly. I love the original game a lot, and it's short and sweet it can be completed in a single session but it's really good. The mechanics are a little better in the second game but the first game is still reasonably polished and still holds up relatively well, until you play Catalyst at least and the movement in the first game feels dated. I'd start with the first one, if you enjoy it Catalyst is worth playing too but some people are critical of the "open world" aspect of it, but it's not really like any other "open world" game, it's more of a series of interconnected well designed open levels. Anyways, I'd encourage people to go into Catalyst with an open mind. For some reason, people are insanely biased against Catalyst and have hatred for it, while lopping endless praise on the first game which has just as many if not more flaws than Catalyst does. I adore both games, but people need to take off the nostalgia goggles sometimes in regards to Mirror's Edge. It was a game that was $60 at release and is basically a very short tech demo single-player only game. Catalyst is flawed for sure, and it feels like a lot of wasted potential, but it at least has some meat to it and feels like they were evolving the concept of the original game and refining the gameplay quite a bit and giving it a lot more depth.


I loved the original. Played it like 10 times. I couldn't finish Catalyst because the game itself was frustrating by design. It wasn't buttery smooth like the first one, with challenging strategy to your pathing. It was jarring, cluttery, and unintuitive. Really, I wouldn't bother with Catalyst regardless of the price.


Couldn't disagree more. The movement in Catalyst is like night and day compared to the first game. Going back and replaying the original game after beating Catalyst it became apparent just how janky the original game was. That made sense though, because Mirror's Edge was one of the first games to do Parkour movement and at the time it was very innovative. I love the original, but it hasn't aged as well as I remembered, while Catalyst is a game that I ignored for years and didn't play it until earlier this year and was shocked how smooth the gameplay was. The first game is completely linear, that served it well but Catalyst tried something different and it was really enjoyable to me. I don't see it as an open world game, I see it more like an immersive game with interconnected levels. Some levels are more linear than others, such as the harbor level, and others more open like the construction site and the residential areas at the start of the game. The pathing wasn't challenging at all in my experience, you can easily get around any section of the city and the game even has the same red highlighted objects the original game had to help you get to an objective if you really get lost. My main criticism of Catalyst is it feels like an unfinished game, and outside of the story and the time trials and collectibles there's nothing else really to do. All of the "side content" is really phoned in, just the same delivery missions with a timer which are essentially time trials in themselves. Still, the time trials were fun because with how much more open the map design is, you can be more creative in making a path to the finish line and there's multiple routes you can take for each trial, you just needed to find the most efficient. Also, I'd mention the fact that Catalyst has a fantastic soundtrack, over 5 hours of music composed by solar fields.


I thought risk of rain 2 was gonna be overhyped, but it is really really fun so far. and that is despite getting my ass handed to me repeatedly


I wanted to like that game so much, but being dropped into a gigantic level with no indication of where the exit is REALLY sucks. At least in Risk of Rain 1, the stages weren't that massive so you could find the exit eventually. But 2's stages can be so big that you can just end up walking to the wrong side of the level and not find anything. I just gave up on that game. :(


apparently the secret to that is to just look for orange particles in the distance.


hmmm. I'll try to pay more attention then. Thanks for the tip!


I used to feel the same way, but I realized part of the fun is playing over and over again and learning the stages nooks and crannies. The portal has red particles that aren't too hard to spot from a distance once you know what to look for. I didn't know that at first and literally would walk right past it because I'm dealing with lesser wisps lol.


Risk of Rain 2 has near static levels, so with enough play time you'll be able to learn all the maps. With enough knowledge, you can find the exit in less than 30 seconds on any level. Newt Altars and red chests only spawn in specific locations as well.


I know this isn't a solution for everyone, but if you're on PC I believe there is a mod that will show you where the teleporter is. Plenty of other QoL mods as well


got valve complete pack, hollow knight and hades. pretty great deal for 20 bucks


Thinking about getting hades but I never played a rogue like before. Do you recommend?


Can anyone suggest a space game where you can explore the universe and see some crazy stuff? I have Elite Dangerous but haven't picked it up since my joystick showed signs of drift. Looking for a game like that to scratch that itch. Not interested in the trading aspect but am open to suggestions. Thank you!


Outer Wilds. It's just a solar system, not the universe, but a great exploration game. Subnautica is also a great exploration game, but underwater, not outer space.


You know what? I'm going to make an extremely unpopular opinion here and say I really didn't enjoy outerwilds. Everyone hyped space exploration which got me excited but it's not like that at all. There is no massive sense of awe that you get when discovering the emptiness and grandness of space. The game does an amazing job of hyping you up for your first space launch and you get to train how to be an astronaut and do a pre-flight check and then there is the epic launch.... and that's it. You are literally within 5 minutes of the entire rest of the game. I was led to believe there would be real space exploration but instead it's a tiny version of Mario Galaxy. You even have to train how to repair your ship in space, which also led me to think it would be far more time in space, but nope, you spend 30 seconds or so floating in between planets.


It's not sold on steam but have a look at Starsector. It's an indie game made by a small group of people and it'll release on steam once done. [here’s](https://youtu.be/acqpulP1hLo) a video about it from 2 years ago, they've added a lot since!


bought this about a month ago. so awesome


Void Destroyer 2 X4 Kerbal Space Programm for exploring one solar system. Endless Space as a Civ-like 4X, Halcyon 6, another 4X


If you haven't tried No Man's Sky yet, I highly recommend it. It's pretty different from Elite, but it's easy to learn. By far, the best part of the game is planet exploration.


I remember trying out Titanfall 2 when it was free to play for a couple days, and I had a blast. It's super cheap now. I see the DLCs are also on sale, but they look like they're all just...skin packs? Is that right? Is there any reason to buy them other than just new skins?


Titanfall 2 is worth the 5 bucks for the single player I'd say. Really short and sweet campaign that you can beat in a few hours. I played the multiplayer a few months ago and it's still active I think, and pretty fun for the 10 or so hours I played it.


Heads up that the Titanfall 2 servers are being decommissioned or already have been. Single player is still good, but there is no more multiplayer. edit - looks like there's a fan-made mod that has enabled custom servers so it is not dead after all!


Aww really? I remember playing some multiplayer and it was really fun! Might not bother with it in that case.


Actually it looks like there are custom servers now so all is not lost.


titan fall 1 servers have been decommissioned and unfortunately titanfall 2 are still being ddossed essentially, you can read up on that. it's cheap ggrab it for the single player it's amazing as well and if multiplayer ever gets fixed hopping in is still rad.


Join us at r/titanfall! Some miracle workers have created the Northstar server. Custom games are now available and the game lives on.


TF2 servers are just being aggressively ddosed, they're not actually shut down.


Do not get Aliens Fireteam. Just found out that there is a months old game breaking bug where it doesn't save your progress.


Yeah the Steam cloud sync is fucked up too. I made a huge amount of progress and then tried to play on my laptop and it overwrote about 20 hours worth of progress without any kind of prompts. Fun game that I will never play again.


It's also just a plain subpar game. I put a few hours into it via Game Pass and decided that was enough. The most "what the hell" aspect was when I realized that enemy waves always followed a set number of paths, so you could just keep your gun aimed at one location. So lame.


First I've heard of this. I haven't encountered it, put about 200 hours into it.


Bought Sekiro. Underestimated how difficult it was. Tried to return it. Was past the 2 hour mark and got denied. Currently in the process of "gitting gud". Fun game, just annoyingly difficult. I should've bought Life Is Strange 3.


Don’t give up! I put the game down for months after being pissed I bought at launch, finally the L1 deflects just clicked for me and it sort of became more of a rhythm game.


Just remember that it's a rhythm game more than anything else. Learn those attack timings and be patient.


There are some mods on [Nexus](https://www.nexusmods.com/sekiro/mods/top/) that can be used to make the game easier [Here's one](https://www.nexusmods.com/sekiro/mods/418)


If I find there's no other way, I'll check them out. I beat the first Dark Souls just for the experience, but I followed a guide the whole time. Trying to do without too much aid, but sometimes I gotta get help. Appreciate the link.


I was considering getting Witcher 3 with the DLC's, but I'm not sure if it's worth spending the money on it if I might not have the time to finish it for a good while. I'm now thinking of getting Cuphead instead of Witcher, it'd probably be a good game for me to play in evenings.


I willl say that I pretty much 100% Witcher 3 and DLC's a few years ago now. My playtime for 1 complete playthrough sits at 200 hours.


Yeah, that's what's keeping me from buying it. I've been wanting to get it for a long while, but then I look that I've only got 5 or so games that I've played for over 100 hours.


I just looked and I got to the ending with 70 hours played. I only really played what I thought was interesting. 100% includes a lot of fluff imo.


As someone who played both witcher 3 and red dead 2. Ill say that while witcher 3 is longer, it respects your time more. I hate games that drag too long and never felt that way with witcher 3 or dlcs. Red dead 2 is a 30-40 hour game padded into 60. Not like ubisoft padding with copy paste todo list, but with a snail pace that gets old after awhile. The blood and wine dlc is practically a sequel. A damn good one too.


Story of blood and wine was heaps and heaps better than main story in my personal opinion


Hell even Hearts of Stone was miles better imo. Even though it doesn't add nearly as much as Blood and Wine did, I thought the narrative was just as good in it's own way.


Personally, I loved Hearts of Stone more. The story was more engaging to me. ​ Plus, I hate pretentious Nilfgaard scum and that kingdom was as pretentious as you could be.


You dont really have to play it for 200 hours, a normal playthrough can under 50 hours.


Just focus on quests and contracts and it's not daunting at all. The rest is there if you want it but there's nothing forcing you to clear all map icons


For what it’s worth, the Witcher was really great about being able to pick it up and have a small play session personally- it briefs you on where you are in the main story when you boot it up, many of the side quests are nicely packaged and can hold their own in a session, and frankly you don’t even need to do the vast majority unless you want to. The whole vibe is very immersive, even the small stuff. Modding was pretty easy and mostly for me was just like, no fall damage, a bigger inventory/carry weight, and an auto-looter which saves a lot of time better spent enjoying the world. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t leave it to the side for months at a time sometimes though, dropping and picking it back up on whims.


My brother got Witcher 3 for me 4 years ago. Still haven't installed it. This type of games are so involved, I have to be in the right mood to get into. Like doing the sidequests, listening to everyone's long winded story, fetching stuff for NPCs etc.


I couldnt get into Witcher 3 because of the combat, which seems to be a pretty common complaint. It is very good looking, the characters are interesting and a lot of people love the story so it is probably good. But if youre more into the action than the story then it might not be for you.


Hot take: get both. It took me over half a year to beat Witcher 3 but I never got bored of playing it casually. It honestly felt like I was "watching" a movie/TV more than anything.


That'd be the ideal option, but I can only pick one or the other at the moment. Still not sure which one I'll go with tho


If you can't afford it I'd happily buy Witcher 3 for you, it's one of my all time favorites.


I appreciate the offer, but I feel like you should gift it to someone who might *"need"* it more. I'm still able to choose between what I want to get!


My personal pick would be Witcher 3 GOTY for $9.99 just because it is a lot of game for $10. Witcher is a GOAT game for me and will give you some serious bang for your buck. Also, Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone in particular are arguably one of the *best* DLC to ever be released. However steam history tells me that Witcher 3 hits the sale often where Cuphead is a little less consistent. Cuphead is also a bit easier to pick up and put down so that might be more fun for casual sessions. Plus, Cuphead is co-op I believe which could be a huge plus too. You really can't go wrong. But you definitely see TW3 at the Spring sale again.


The DLCs are insanely good. As good as the main game, if not better.


Anyone have any opinions on Banners of Ruins, Startraders Frontiers, Dragon Cliff or Kingdom of Amular Re-Reckoning? I own the original of Amular and always enjoyed it but peetered out every playthrough about halfway through.


I've played the first three: Banners of Ruin: Just picked this one up in the sale. So far it seems like a party based Slay the Spire with grid based combat. I'm not yet certain about replayability. It looks like characters' traits and skills are random, so I'm a little concerned that a run may be good or bad depending on the starting RNG. Star Traders: Frontiers: This game is great and I've easily put a hundred or more hours into it (I play mostly on Android). Tons of content, lots of things to do, and a good story to boot (which you can ignore if you want to). It's like they took the best aspects of all the other open world (open space?) space trading games, added lots more stuff to do, and then created a turn based combat system for both ship and crew combat. It's still being updated regularly, years after release. One of the more recent updates was mod and steam workshop support, so this game has legs. Highly recommend it! Dragon Cliff: Probably the best semi-idler I've played. Tons of items and lots of classes. I've got about 20 hours into it and I think I'm still somewhere near the early/mid game. I need to play this some more; it used to be my go-to before bed game as it doesn't require much brainpower. (My current before bed game is Home Behind 2, which also has some idler/clicker elements to it.) Anyway, it's good bang for your buck at $3.


Yeah, I also am debating grabbing Re-Reckoning, though I've never finished the original. Interested to see the replies.


Dragon Cliff is a very fun semi-idler. I got a good 25 hours of fun out of it and for $3 you can't go wrong.


Any opinions about: - Xenonauts - Shadow Empire - Rogue state revolution And could you suggest a game "hidden gem" similar to [Free Enterpri$e](https://www.mobygames.com/game/free-enterprise) made by Tsunami on mid '90 ? I own Factorio, Production Line, Little Big Workshop, Anno games. Thank you!!!


>Xenonauts Early game, chance to hit (even with aimed shot) is *very* low. As in, you're a few squares away from the enemy but still getting a <50% to hit. With an assault rifle.


Satisfactory is Factorio's first person second cousin Shadow Empires is a blind date you find unattractive and shy, but discover they've got an amazing personality Xenonauts has a sequel coming out. I wasn't able to get into the first game because it has no scaling (e.g., the text is microscopic). Wizards and Warlords is a title that may pique your interest. Not many people are talking about it, but if you like the genre, you can't go wrong.


Fucking loved Xenonauts, as it's basically all the complexity and brutality of the OG XCom with a nice, functional modern UI and just a few additions which don't get in the way.


If you had to choose one...Baldur's Gate, Dragon's Dogma, Gothic 1 or Planescape: Torment? What about if you had to choose 2?


Gothic 1 and Planescape Torment I my favorites. I tried Baldur's Gate last year but it didn't click with me. Maybe if I tried G1 and PS:T today I would feel the same. They are indeed old. But there are newer games that capture the original spirit: ELEX from the same makers as Gothic 1. Disco Elysium as a modern substitute for PS:T


I enjoyed Factorio but kind of looking for something else in that vein. I thought about Dyson Sphere Program, but it seems there aren't enemies or anything to deal with which I kind of enjoyed having to deal with that so not sure I'd enjoy DSP without enemies to deal with. Anyone recommend anything like that? Wouldn't mind a bit of Rimworld gameplay mixed in with that too. Where it's satisfying to start from nothing and end up with some bustling town that can defend itself sort of deal.


Have you looked at Riftbreaker? It's a bit more action-paced and simple than factorio, but you still explore maps, set up mining drills, turrets, walls and that stuff to defend against enemies. Though compared to factorio, its a bit more of a pc resource hog.


I think I must have found this in my discovery queue one day and totally forgot about it, this is what made me think of what I was talking about! I saw a few complaining about the grind and some of the natural events being a bit punishing, have you played it yourself to offer feedback how true/adjustable that is? I know Rimworld you can adjust the storyteller and difficulty to mix things up, but know that's not a standard thing so not sure what options it gives you or modding capabilities. I play on the moderate difficulty setting, the more punishing ones I find kind of suck the fun out so looking for that level of difficulty.


Riftbreaker is very adjustable gameplay-wise, though the campaign can be a bit of a chore in certain parts because the dialogue between the main characters drags on, and you can unlock minor buffs or something in the research tree by scanning enemies, animals and plants. That individual scanning part is a real chore but outside of a few main story objectives requiring you to find 10 of something, i believe that part is optional. The game has a demo you can test out, which features most of the stuff available in the main game, except you're locked to the "survival" mode where you have to live through ever increasing waves over about an hour, if you want to test the game out for yourself without buying it. Also there's several mods out for the game allready, and the devs are supposedly working on adding coop to it. I enjoyed it a lot, so i hope you think its worth your time too! Edit: nice RE4 reference by the way!


[Mindustry](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1127400/Mindustry/) might be of interest - hybrid factory builder tower defence game. As balance to it not being on sale, you can [get the game for free](https://anuke.itch.io/mindustry) and only pay for it if you want to support the developer.


I think I did remember trying this years ago playing the free one, something in it did not click with me. I almost like the idea of a Factorio or something where you have people to protect or make a city for. Factorio obviously doesn't have that, but clicks with me more than Mindustry did but it definitely seems good for that more free form tower defense itch. Can't complain at all about the model though, others should totally check it out since you can play the whole game free.


> I almost like the idea of a Factorio or something where you have people to protect or make a city for. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a soviet-themed citybuilder with a heavy emphasis on building up complex industries, infrastructure and an economy in order to support a growing population. It has a demo. Infraspace is a space colony builder where you're setting up supply chains connected by increasingly complex road and rail networks to support a population in a similar fashion to Anno games. Kubifactorium and Factory Town are also factory builders with colony aspects, with more cutesy styles. The former also has a demo. Honourable mention: Captain of Industry is an upcoming factory builder with colony aspects, and looks really good - it's currently in beta for backers, and is due for release into early access in March. None of these have combat afaik, though it's mentioned as a vague possibility for the future in the Captain of Industry roadmap.


Dyson Sphere Program is still in EA and the devs talked about adding the enemy somewhere in the future. So maybe keep this under observation for coming sales.


Sure, it looks interesting. I didn't like the lack of blueprints though and then not having enemies seemed like I'd get bored so I'm holding off but still have it wishlisted and checking on it.


FYI they have blueprints now. I recently played through satisfactory, factorio and DSP and still enjoyed DSP a lot even though it doesn't have enemies. That being said they are working on adding some sort of enemy system but it will probably take a while.


That's good to hear, I tend to read negative reviews just to see what people have to say when most are saying good things and that was a common one I saw. I hope DSP ends up like Factorio, continuing to add features and interesting new content. It's close to being something I'd probably enjoy, that's probably the last thing I'd need as in sandbox kind of games I get bored a little too easy without some motivation to make me do something. Sort of like Rimworld on Peaceful, nothing against people who I'm sure do that but I don't enjoy that.


Take a look at satisfactory if you like factorio.


I have definitely thought about it, but it does seem more focused on building than dealing with enemies at least from the times I have seen it played. I might enjoy it, but I worry about getting bored without enemies to deal with since Factorio kind of spoiled me on the mix of building defensively. Or even some of the Minecraft modpacks where mobs can destroy your stuff and you can make machines, always did enjoy having to build something and make it defendable and self-sufficient.




If you like a real challenge and tough, but fair gameplay, Cuphead is what you want. It’s not too short and honestly most of your time will be played doing these levels over and over again until you get it right.


For Overcooked, if you own none of the game All You Can Eat is the best option. The reason for the poor reviews is that it adds little more for people that already owned 1 and 2, while also providing a lacklustre discount for them. It's all the content of 1 and 2, with DLC, graphics redone for 1, more characters, and accessibility/difficulty options.


ONI is basically constant iterative problem solving in light of changing circumstances - adapting to resource scarcity, dealing with waste products and pollution, coming up with new and reworked systems to maintain and expand your environment, while exploring more of the world to find new resources - or dying in the attempt. You won't be short of goals, but they're largely an emergent property of the physics simulation you're trying to exploit. Endless Space 2 is full of the distinctive character of all Endless games, though it didn't quite click with me as much as I might have liked I still got a decent amount of playtime out of it. I particularly like the hand-crafted races each of which have their own unique mechanics, art, and quest lines - somewhat reminiscent of Sword of the Stars, which I would strongly recommend if you're into space 4X.


The first Sword of the Stars is so good.


Cuphead is fairly short, but it is *fantastic*. The art and animation alone is worth the full retail price. But be warned, the game is really hard on regular mode. Simple mode is pretty easy, but you miss out on some phases of boss fights, and not as satisfying.


Simple mode also doesn’t actually let you beat the game either I don’t think


Final Fantasy IX is my favourite. Super fun game


Easily my favorite.


Especially with the Moguri mod.


My FF recommendations: 4,6,7,9 and 10. 4 is the first one where they started focusing on the story and characters, which does mean it got its fair share of issues but the story is still decent and the cast lovely nonetheless. You can currently buy either the Pixelmaster version or the 3D version, and the notable difference here is that the 3D version have 3DS like artstyle while Pixelmaster draws more from a style similar to the SNES version. That and the 3D version has voice acting (though not that much of it) and is more challenging with a slightly different gameplay system iirc. 6 has aged very well and is one of the SNES classics. It's an engaging story with a good cast, though the combat system does suffer a bit from the characters not really feeling that unique gameplay-wise. Still a fun game though. Do note that a pixelmaster version of 6 is coming out soon, while the current version on Steam is a mobile port, which is pretty obvious in the UI and the artstyle, but there is a mod (I think it's called World Reborn?) that gives you some options to have graphics closer to the SNES style. 7 is also a classic and one of my favourites. It hasn't aged that well graphically, but I think it's still amazing in every other aspects. The story is engaging, the main cast is likeable and well fleshed out and the themes it tackles still manages to be so relevant, even today. I have also heard of some pretty good mods that helps make it look much better than it currently does, which might be worth looking into. 9 is kinda like a "greatest hit" from the series. It takes everything people loved about across the previous entries and puts it into one big love letter for fans of previous FFs. It's a good entry with a good cast and great antagonists, while the gameplay is pretty fun overall. 10 is the first one with voice acting, and it does show (you probably know the notorious laughing scene). It has a great romance between the two leads, a really interesting world in Spira and such a great OST. It also has some of the my favourite worldbuilding in the series, with it having my favourite version of a summoner in the series. It is a lot more linear than the other ones as it doesn't have a worldmap, but there are things to do inbetween each linear moment to break up the monotony. And unlike the other 4 games I mentioned, this one is purely turn-based instead of ATB, with an order system you can even manipulate. I think some of the other games (like 5 and 12) also have their merits and are solid entries, but I think the above might be best for someone entirely new to the series personally.


There's a very simple mod for all of the pixel remaster games to get a more classic FF font. It's literally replacing a couple files per game.


That's good to know. I haven't gotten around to the Pixel remasters yet, but I'll definitely keep this in mind when I do.


Final Fantasy X is one of my favorite games ever made, and the bundle you get X and X-2. One thing to note is it is one of the earlier games to actually try and utilize voice acting, so at times its a little bad/campy (not terrible, just not good). However, still completely worth it with an amazing story and extremely good gameplay + fun puzzle segments.


I really liked Endless Space 1, but haven't been able to finish a game of endless space 2. I think the distinction, in my mind, is that ES1 is just a really solid 4x game where you can just zone out, build an empire, and take over the galaxy. ES2 is much more complicated where all of the playable factions/races are super unique, there's a narrative arc for each race, for a couple of unique planets and structures, and random arcs galore. The tech tree is a lot more complicated and there are a lot of "only the first empire to do X gets a benefit" spread out throughout. I think if you're looking for that kind of complexity, you'll probably dig it. The soundtrack is great, and the game seems pretty solid. It's just a bit exhausting/overwhelming if you're looking for something to pick up and play more reactively without spending the time to research things or play a bunch of games to learn by trial and error.


**No Man's Sky** does have some minor goals, but the main part of the game is "do whatever you want". ~~**Endless Space 2** is... a lot. It's a fun game but there's an immense amount of stuff going on to the point where it's overwhelming at times. This may just be the typical 4X format, but the overwhelming nature of it was actually a turn off for me. For reference, I like games like Starcraft, Civilization, or Company of Heroes... and Endless Space 2 was still quite a lot different.~~ Never mind, I was thinking about Stellaris. As far as **Final Fantasy** games go, you've gotten a lot of "here's my favorite" but people aren't really helping you to decide. The problem is that FFXIV, as an MMO, is going to be worlds apart from the gameplay of pretty much every other entry in the series. On top of that, the graphics of the earlier games may be hard to get past. For you, I'd say Final Fantasy XII is probably the most MMO like and probably the best middle ground between XIV and all the other games. If you just want to discover what the Final Fantasy games are about, then FFX is probably your best bet as it was the first "fully 3D" game and voice acted, which can help bridge the gap between the newer generation of games and the older. Really the only Final Fantasy I'd stay away from is FFXV. It was a pretty game, but the story telling was atrocious and I actually dropped the game about 80% of the way through out of pure annoyance. This is one of those decisions where watching some gameplay footage may help you decide because even if we tell ourselves "graphics don't matter", quite often that ends up being a lie.


I'd suggest Stellaris instead of endless space, Stellaris is in such a good place right now and probably the best it has ever been. It's a steal on Wingamestore right now, you can get the base game for $4.99, there are some DLC that are essential like Utopia (6.99), distant stars (3.49) and leviathans (3.49). It's a big game and one if not my absolute favorite 4x game.


It's a very different vibe. If you're looking for civ in space then I'd much sooner recommend es2 over stellaris. Es2 can already be overwhelming for players, and yet I'd say stellaris is inarguably way more intricate than es2.


I'd say I had a far easier time getting into Stellaris than ES2 but that may of course vary from person to person. But yes, ES2 is more akin to Civ than anything else. But I'll still stand by that I think Stellaris is the better game in terms of emerging gameplay, not that ES2 is bad in any way.


As someone who has hundreds of hours into Endless Space 2, it's a mixed bag. The last two DLCs are not great, but the core game, music and factions are worth it imho.


Cuphead might be short if you are very good at 2d run and gun style games. It took me quite a bit of time to beat though. It is worth it full price imo though. It is a tight and unique game that has good replayability


So is today the last day we can get a card in the queue, anyone know?


The sale runs 'til Jan 5. I don't think that would mean no more cards for queues but I can be surprised.


Any hidden gems or lesser known games under $5 that I should buy? Going to buy Inscryption, and I need something else to get over $20 to get two steam cards.


[Monolith](https://store.steampowered.com/app/603960/Monolith/) (2D action roguelike)


It's not everyone's cup of tea but I recommend Lofi Ping Pong. Its $2 for a chill rythm game with great art and a decent challenge.


If you are looking for something in a similar ballpark, Dicey Dungeons + One Deck Dungeon would put you at $20.72.


Here's a couple options on the cheap that I really enjoyed: Binary Domain - I'm not a huge cover shooter fan but the story was really good. Super House of the Dead Ninjas - 2D fast paced platformer roguelike. Each run's really short but the gameplay is a ton of fun. Aragami - More specifically the first one, the second feels rather repetitive doing missions in the same locations. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - It's older but the graphics are still great considering. The gameplay is awesome though and the story's really interesting. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway - WWII shooter that had a surprisingly great story. Yoku's Island Express - Metroidvania style pinball game. It sounds kind of weird but it's actually incredibly well done and a joy to play. Islanders - A very casual city builder but enjoyable and relaxing. Bulletstorm - Just an over the top shooter where you can mix magic powers and get bonus points for unique ways of killing enemies like launching them into spike walls. The Swapper - A really interesting puzzle game with a surprisingly great ending. Bang Bang Racing - Isometric racing game with solid mechanics for $1


[The End is Nigh](https://store.steampowered.com/app/583470/The_End_Is_Nigh/) is a fun, difficult 2D platformer in the same vein as super meat boy or Celeste.


If I wanted to play Binding of Isaac, what should I pick up? There are some many options on Steam (Binding of Isaac, then Rebirth, Repentance, Afterbirth, Afterbirth +, etc) that I'm not sure what to go with.


Binding of Isaac is the original Flash version, Rebirth is a remake of that and then Afterbirth, Afterbirth+ and Repentance are all DLC addons for Rebirth, released in that order. It's absolutely not clear at all on the store page but you need to own the previous expansions, you can't just buy say Rebirth and Repentance. Each one adds a ton of new items, enemies, characters, rooms etc. and one of the really great things about Isaac is just seeing how all those things fit together, which items synergise with which other items and such. Personally it's one of my favourite games of all time and would recommend the complete bundle but there's so much content even in Rebirth that there'd be no harm in picking that up and seeing how you get on and grabbing the DLC later.


get the complete bundle with Repentance, it's the latest (and apparently final) DLC, it has a TON of content + very good QoL changes.


It's easy to say get them all, but at a minimum you want rebirth. I'd personally go for afterbirth+ because of mod support. I would wait on repentance until you have afterbirth+ down well because repentance is mostly for more advanced players.


Anyone have any opinions on Foundation or Settlement Survival? I very much enjoy Rimworld and I do own Going Medieval. Timberborn is one I wanted to get instead


can anyone sell me on Wildermyth? i’m really interested but worried about it not having enough content. reviews seemed mixed from its endless fun to gets boring within 5 hours.


I have 123 hrs into it already and will be booting it up once I am done with this response. There are 5ish campaigns and then several randomly generated campaigns where you pick the length which I have been running for the past 100 hours. For me its the tactical combat and the randomness of leveling up and transformations as well as trying to build a few characters up to heroes just by using them over and over in campaigns. I don't have high expectations of the game but it's exactly what I want when I don't want to think.


That's very interesting that you enjoy it for those aspects when I see the majority of people highlighting the storytelling, random events, and choices. Do those not stand out to you as much because they aren't on the same level as the combat/character building, or is that simply not what you really care about in games like this (or maybe it's good, just not the reason why you've sunk so many hours into it)?


That's a good question. Now that I think about it, it's how I play my rpgs even tabletop. For example back when it was safer to sit at a table and play D&D I was more drawn to combat heavy over actual roleplaying. Seems to be same for video games even outside of Wildermyth. I like choices and building my characters, gear, stats and traits but I couldn't tell half of what happened in Divinity Original Sin 2 and I absolutely adore that game for all of the elements I just listed. So to answer your question, I don't think I'm actually the right person to answer that question as I am finding out by talking through this what I actually like in a game and haven't paid attention to the storytelling, random events, and choices.


if you have an imagination the game does a good job of making it feel like you're on a never-ending journey with "real" characters


I enjoyed it for about 15 hours then really started seeing all the repetition, pretty fun overall and will likely play again some more. Don't feel like I wasted my money on it or anything


Just grabbed titanfall. Thanks!


Can anyone recommend some solid sim games? I have drug dealer sim and cooking sim


Thief Simulator, is pretty decent. House Flipper is a solid choice. People love Farming Simulator, I don't get it but they keep making it and people love it.


I spent a good amount of time with Gas Station Simulator this year.


Any well written, choice based games that aren't Fallout New Vegas, Bioware, isometric or David Cage made?


Visual Novels? There's plenty on steam, just depends on what you're into. I recommend Steins;Gate although it's setting is modern day, not like New Vegas being in a post-apocalyptic world.


Prey 2017 i think works pretty well there. You can help, rescue or kill a ton of the people you come across in the game, there are multiple endings, solutions to quests and consequences for your actions. and the world and level design is really good!


Disco Elysium and Planescape:Torment if you don’t mind VERY textheavy games. DE is voice acted though if that helps.


Guardians of the Galaxy has you making a lot of decisions. Few of them have any major effect on the story though.


Life is Strange series.




Yeah that's why I said games that AREN'T Cage lol




He often gets mentioned when I ask so I have to say no lol


Just got a Quest 2. Any VR games you recommend? Or mods?


Half life Alyx has been a lot of fun. Genius use if the controls. Blade and Sorcery is great to get aggression out on NPCS. Lots of fun and mods Thrill of the Fight is a great boxing game and workout. Walking Dead Saints and Sinners is probably the best WD game. Telltale being the only other and a storybook game.


Looking for some Resident Evil games with good split-screen co-op campaign. I don't want to get two copies for online co-op. Any suggestions?


You can play resident evil 5 split screen co-op with a mod. Or nucleus co-op. It runs two instances of the game on your PC and arranges the views together. You could then stream second player to a friends PC using Parsec as long as you both have solid connections.


Have a couple friends that just built PCs. On PS4 they mainly play Smite, Monster Hunter, rainbow 6 siege. Any good recommendations for online multiplayer & co-op for 4 players? And games that will help them appreciate PC gaming on their higher end systems?


Deep Rock Galactic is probably the most fun 4-player co-op right now, but is not graphically intense. Some other games: * World War Z (on Gamepass) * GTFO * Strange Brigade * Zombie Army 4 * Ready or Not just came out and is very hyped * Phasmosphobia * Borderlands 3 * Warhammer: Vermintide 2 * Gloomhaven if you're into Tabletop * L4D2 is a classic and is $2 * The Ascent * Outriders (Gamepass) * Risk of Rain 2 A big selling point for PC is also the higher refresh rates, as well as flexibility with Steam/GOG/Gamepass/Epic, and how sales on PC are usually cheaper than any other system. I'd definitely recommend checking out Gamepass since they can get 3 months for $1, and there are a ton of games on there, including all the Halo/Gears of War games. [Gamepass link here](https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-game-pass/pc-game-pass)


Vermintide 2 if you're wanting to scratch a melee itch.


I’ve been stuck playing Warzone for 2 years and really need a new game for the new year…thinking of holding out until Elden Ring comes out. Any games I should play to carry me over?