not only this is a gacha RP about mis gendering someone the RP maker even mis gendered their own trans OC

not only this is a gacha RP about mis gendering someone the RP maker even mis gendered their own trans OC


damn, a little grammatical mistake for a nearly harmless rp is transphobic how soft has glc gone? i'm a trans female and this bullshit doesn't make me go super woke mode


literally same energy as "her pronouns are they/them"


I think it was a grammar mistake since the rest is the right pronouns


I'd understand the start but the second you say the new pronouns use them tf


Can I ask something real quick- I understand what transgender is, but what is omnisexual?


Hi! I'm an omnisexual/omniromantic and if you haven't searched it up here is a quick definition. Omnisexual is basically pansexual but not genderblind meaning that we are attracted to all genders but we have a preference unlike pansexuals who don't have preferences. An analogy I like to use when explaining omnisexuality is the skittles analogy. Being omnisexual is like saying that I like all skittles but i prefer the red skittle or i prefer the yellow and green skittles. Hope this makes sense :]


Oooooo, okay then, that makes sense!




Ooooooo- okay! But that raises another question. How did the oc's creator misgender their own oc-? I'm confused :')


Where's the cringe? It's an RP, it can be about anything you want. If you're talking about the author "misgendering" someone, they probably just got confused by/didn't care about using the pronouns in the same sentence where they established them >!which shouldn't matter because Lexi isn't fucking real anyway!<. Stop karma farming and don't post anything here unless it's actually cringy. You can find something offensive in any video if you search for extra meaning in every word and pretend hard enough.


Lexi like from Emkay


how is this cringe? it's just a normal rp.


A transphobic rp if you read the text underlined they continue to misgender Alex


well they probably didn't mean to because the paragraph afterwards uses the new pronouns. damn, a little mistake is now considered cringe 😕


They did it after introducing the pronouns that's transphobic


yeah, ik that. they probably forgot to switch to the new pronouns in just the intro. the rest of the rp has their new pronouns in it. which means they didn't mean to misgender them.


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‘omnisexual’ just say biphobe