Discussion 6: September 20 - 21 2021

Discussion 6: September 20 - 21 2021


I have a feeling we’re close.


A Utah couple told KSL on Sunday that they were camping in the Grand Tetons at Headwaters at Flagg Ranch around the same time Laundrie and Petito might have been in the area. "The night of the 24th, we both woke up to screaming," Tess Henry said, adding that the sound of screaming was "so loud and repetitive" that sounded like an animal. But, because the screaming continued, "it sounded more human to me," Henry said. [KSL Article](https://www.ksl.com/article/50244961/fbi-human-remains-resembling-gabby-petito-found-near-grand-teton-national-park) What do we make of this? This is horrific, but the 24th seems too early possibly for the timeline.


Gabby was seen checking out of her hotel in Salt Lake City on 24th. She was also in contact with her mother on the 25th via Facetime. I've also seen reports they spoke via phone call on the 26th. She was definitely alive on the 25th, at least.


Was autopsy done / cause of death identified?


Autopsy was done today


What was cause of death?


No Cause of Death yet , manner of Death- Homicide


Normally they wait for tox reports to come back as well, which can take up to 6 weeks. Say he drugged her before strangling her, then the cause of death will list the drugging as a contributing factor in her death with strangulation being the primary listed cause. Source: A good friend of mine was raped and murdered by strangulation when we were 15. She wasn't drugged but we had to wait for tox report to come back before death certificate was officially issued. Edit: Sorry! I meant this to be a reply under /u/monsterenergysupply


thank you so much for this! I am truly sorry about your friend, my cousin had a similar thing happen to her. I was just to young to know all of the ways these things worked. Thank you for clarifying for me!


I'm sorry about your cousin. I wish we lived in a better world were such realities never happened.


sorry if im just stupid, how could they know one and not the other?


I'll give you an example: Gannon Stauch (age 11) was allegedly murdered by his step-mother. He was found dead inside of a suitcase many states away from where he lived, wrapped in bloodied blankets. While he was extremely decomposed, there was enough evidence to rule it death by homicide. Because due to the circumstances, suicide, accidental and natural reasons could be ruled out immediately. Obviously. But when you look at the autopsy, he had been injured in multiple ways: stabbed, shot in the face and fractured skull from blunt force trauma. It would have taken longer to figure out which of those injuries were most likely the fatal blow. In the end, they settled on either the blow to the head or the GSW to the head being the one that finally killed him. So sometimes the injuries (and surrounding evidence) can make it pretty obvious that a homicide was likely involved, but more testing and deeper investigation might be needed to specify exactly which injuries contributed to the person's demise.


more evidence is needed, homicide means death by another human. Blunt force trauma, strangled, stabbed, shot etc.. Cause will be determined by evidence and used for charges. They are basically ruling out slip and fall, cardiac arrest or any drug overdose.


got it.. thank you!


Well one way (just as an example) is a person can’t bury himself or stab himself in the back or put an axe through the back of his own skull - so some of the obvious signs both in where/how she was located as well as injuries could quickly tell us. So it’s likely there were injuries and/or circumstances that were pretty clear


thats what I meant though, like how do they not know what happened exactly to cause her to die, yet know it was a homicide. there wouldnt been something like you said "axe in the back of the head" that would be cause of death. Idk, i might be still confused.


“Axe in the back of the head” would be cause of death yes, but the injuries resulting from that would be what tells them it’s not an accident or natural causes or suicide.


got it! thank you


Some injuries are incompatible with life, and some wouldn’t make any sense after someone is already dead - such as a gunshot to the back of the head. Someone falls and dies in an accident or kills himself and then you shoot him in the back of the head anyway? Unlikely. So it must be pretty obvious, like ((shudder)) evidence on the neck bones of decapitation or something else one cannot to do himself and is also incompatible with life. TO BE CLEAR: I have no idea if she was shot, strangled, axe in the head, or anything else. Only using those examples to explain how it can be clearly homicide (on the lowest level: dead because of someone else) Whether it’s “homicide” for the legal sense is for courts to decide - compared to self-defense for example. So this “homicide” from the autopsy only means another person killed her. She didn’t kill herself, it wasn’t natural, and it wasn’t an accident.


Legggoooo Desantis! Time to find melon boy.


Why is the sub still locked?


Because we would get to many post about random stuff


Then why have the sub that's what it's for if you don't want information why click on the subreddit to begin with.


I don't know if I can put up the link to the Twitter interview on GMA this morning with John Walsh, but he is right on about this case. He's spent his lifetime catching fugitives, with the public's help. He puts out the information, and people see the perp and call the tipline. John Walsh is a great American. His son Adam was murdered by a pedophile in 1980, and he used his fame from that to help bust criminals. He is profiling Brian Laundrie on his show tomorrow night. People call the tip line anywhere if you see creep Brian.


I was 7 that year and spent a lot of time at Dadeland with my parents that summer and when he went missing it was all anyone talked about 24/7. They didn’t take me to a mall again until I was about 10. Even after they found part of his remains I would lie in bed scared out of my mind the killer was going to come through the window. Most kids in Miami were so scared of this child grabbing boogie man.


I loved how he put a fine point on the whole story. Also when he said “some people don’t want to talk to cops” so his hotline/tip line will def help.


John Walsh and the public have caught over 1400 fugitives! He has a proven track record.


In the body-cam video, from their domestic abuse call, when Brian went to give the Police Woman the phone, does it show him unlocking it with his finger? Can you register more than one person’s fingerprints on a phone? Wondering if anyone else noticed this and has any thoughts.


yes you can! i had both of my thumbs registered on my old phone so i could unlock it with either hand if i was eating or something lmao.


Oh that's so smart haha


Yes you can


Thanks, I wasn’t sure. I don’t know what it matters now, but I wonder if his was the only access fingerprint or if Gabby could use her phone “without” him….my husband has my password and can access my phone, but never thought to register his fingers…just another oddity in my opinion.


Yeah you can do multiple fingers and stuff. My ex had her face scanned in my phone so it would unlock


My wife has her thumb on my phone and I on hers


Praying for the safety of the searchers and search animals. Between the heat/humidity and wildlife, it can be quite dangerous out there.


News conference at 2:30. They Petito's parents are going to speak. JB.




I believe so, they didnt clarify that I heard


https://uk.flightaware.com/live/flight/N911VS looks like their back out there circlin’


They must be looking for a body at this point


looking for anything at this point i’m sure


They are leaving the area now based on that map.


they stayed in that general area though! & the weather is shit, im sure they did what they could before it gets too dark




Yes. That link is tracking a helicopter that's flying over the nature reserve in Florida Brian may have fled to.


this might be a dumb question, but do these choppers have a specific route they are directed to, or do they just kinda go anywhere in the area? most trackers i’ve seen lately have just had them going in random paths so i’m curious. i know they have a lot of ground to cover, but it also seems like they’re missing a lot of land?


i honestly can’t tell you a definitive answer, i doubt there is any specific track moreso places of interest… by water, where they’ve found others maybe, perhaps they’ve gotten some tips or are looking for other signs of his previously being there. it feels like they have an idea but can’t zero in on it yet. although this is all JMO, so don’t hate me 😂


no that makes sense! that’s kinda what i figured, they’re obviously in communication with others on the ground so i figure someone might be giving them tips. your guess is as good as mine 😅


tips or if they’re using heat cameras, they could just be circling looking for any movement. it’s all speculation, but i hope they know more than we do!


Curious that they banned news choppers


this is a police chopper tho!


makes sense, i guess. don’t need them cluttering shit up. they’ve been circling these areas al day.


am i the only person who feels like he *isn’t* in that reserve? idk. obviously i’m not LE and have only a glimpse but my gut feeling is that he isn’t there. if he’s in there, i can’t imagine he’s alive - as someone who’s lived in florida, he has to know what hiding out there entails. i feel like they need to be looking in the exact opposite direction of what the parents are saying lmao.


Of course he's not there. He has a 4 day head start on them. Maybe he's down in Costa Rica. The parents said the reserve because it's a huge area and it will take weeks to cover that area. But because they lost track of him, they have no choice but to keep searching there because that's all they have.


If he left the country, we would know by now, even if he somehow got a fake passport


How on earth would you know if he crossed with a fake passport? Or if he snuck into the country?


As a Floridian myself I cannot imagine spending a prolonged period of time out there. I’ve not been to that particular reserve but I’ve been to plenty of similar ones all across the state. It’s gator galore. Plus snakes, a problematic volume of mosquitos, hot/humid temps, possibly panthers or bobcats — it’s no picnic. It’s hard enough for people used to that environment to survive. I know he’s a camper, but as a native New Yorker, he would be in over his head out there. Even camping on the ground would be hard because of all the biting bugs. Not to mention sun exposure, heat exhaustion — I could go on. My guess is as good as anybody’s, and I’m not saying it’s impossible for him to be in there provided he has access to ample clean water. But damn, that would be a long time to be hiding out there. What would be his exit strategy? Hope they give up looking?


He's not in the reserve they need to check to the west in blackwater river forest leads into Alabama thru sense forest.


YES! Speaking as a Florida transplant, as soon as I read they were not native Floridians I thought it was a ruse. BL is not even really a camper, he's more of a 'glamper' ...


I feel that the only way he is not there is if he arranged to have someone pick him up and take him away. He hasn't left on foot.


Or was never there to begin with.


FBI decided it was worthwhile to restart the search today. I have more confidence in them than the local keystone cops.


Parents probably drove him somewhere with him hidden in the car. And dropped the mustang at the reserve to make it seem like he went there.


Then why did the parents call in the missing person report? They would have kept their mouth shut.


They are trying to build their own alibi to show that they were not complicit with her homicide. “How can you accuse us of trying to protect a murder? We reported he was missing”.


right? there’s no way he could just… brave that and make it through lmao.


There HAS to be a reason why they went back out there. Remember they called off the search at that location totally. Why would they be going back now?


Weather may have been the reason for the called off search. Also, the FBI is taking over now, so they may have needed the day to review current evidence collected to reevaluate and reorganize their search efforts.


Maybe the fbi bugged the family’s home and got new information from that. Maybe he is there ?


The fbi van they were in for over an hour was most definitely bugged maybe they got info or were fed false info because there lawyer warned them it could be a possibility


see i had the same conflicting thought! i thought they called it off initially because of the weather, then they said they had no reason to believe he was there, and now they’re back. it’s just so weird to me.


I have a feeling he's not in there. It just doesn't seem right. His parents rub me the wrong way with the info they give.


right? and the whole thing with the mustang on top of it. it’s just bizarre (but i guess they are a bizarre family lol).


I can't find this info anywhere. Did anyone actually SEE Brian laundrie after he returned to Florida, or only his parents and attorney? He could have been running since September 1st after returning the van. Or his dad could have gone to Wyoming and picked up the van and Brian has been running since the day Gabby died. They already admitted to picking up his car from the reserve. Maybe they planted it there in the first place to make it seem that Brian went to the preserve. Why are they certain he was actually in Florida, and actually disappeared when his parents claim he did? How did all the throngs of media not capture him leaving his house in the Mustang? None of it adds up. Anyone have more information than I can find?


Yes. Plenty have seen this. There is a thread that is nothing but confirming or debunking questions. It's farily useful and this is mentioned several times.




Didn’t neighbors see him riding his bike with his mom and mowing the grass though?


I just can't find anywhere this is quoted or reported. Just from other people saying they heard that. Do you have a link to an interview or comment from a neighbor? I don't doubt it, I just can't find it anywhere


https://twitter.com/news12bk/status/1440129246580543493?s=21 here is the video! sorry, had to dig for a sec.


Thank you! The questions around the Mustang still don't add up. My guess is the parents had it driven there to provide "evidence" he was in the park, probably in a conspicuous place where people would notice it, then picked it up a few days later. I think he's been on the run much longer than last Tuesday. His parents are dirty enablers. I don't care what anyone says, they are enabling him, and probably have his whole life. IMO.


yeah, the mustang situation is still the BIGGEST thing i have questions about. genuinely makes no sense.


I saw it, it’s not here say but I don’t have time to find the link


Neighbors have said they saw him riding bikes with his mom and mowing the lawn. Neighbors interview was on video somewhere but I don’t have a link


Sounds like the family is purposely wanting witnesses of their "normal" activity. Neighbors saw them riding bikes together. Oh Brother!


Neighbor claims he saw him riding his bike, working in the garage with his dad, etc. His parents also said he was home. And there is a photo circulating of a guy that looks like him walking about 2 blocks from his house the day before he went to the reserve


I saw the photo that kind of looks like him, but no reports from neighbors. Doesn't mean it didn't happen, but I can't find those comments or reports anywhere. I'd love to see a link to those reports


LE confirmed they saw him in FL, but didn’t speak to him (bc he wouldn’t speak).


I've never seen a report that they actually saw him, just that the family refused to talk and handed the police the attorney's contact info. The attorney has never actually said he met with Brian in person either


there’s a video where LE say they have seen him and knew where he was, this is before he disappeared. also neighbors have claimed to see him doing chores and riding bikes around the neighborhood with his family.


If I were BL, I'd totally be following this subreddit. Hope we aren't assisting him!


But if he is… then his phone can be tracked.


You dont know if I may have purchased a new phone, or am using Reddit on another device.


Not with a new phone…


Yes it could


How they wouldn't know he had it?


Place your bets! * He's captured alive * He's found dead * The gators ate him and he's never found Cause just 2 miles north of where the search party is marshalling.. this exists: https://www.google.com/maps/@27.2147058,-82.3345929,3a,75y,323.33h,92.38t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipPBSPrF59-4jqeeeJOqrmbH6hblCINKqkr6wW1f!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipPBSPrF59-4jqeeeJOqrmbH6hblCINKqkr6wW1f%3Dw203-h100-k-no-pi-0-ya20.502527-ro-0-fo100!7i10240!8i5120


LOL. There are gators that walk up into people's yards in Florida. They're pretty much everywhere in that climate.


Alive. A narcissist doesn't kill himself. He spends every energy on either trying to concoct stories where he is the hero, or if he can't, he runs and escapes. He doesn't feel remorse. Just self preservation. I listened to an excerpt on Amazon from one of the books he raves about on Instagram called Rant. Very disturbing. He idolizes the perpetrators in those sick books. He's probably getting a high off creating his own disgusting murder mystery.


Alive, crying for mommy


I am never going to florida


I was thinking he made it through the swamp to the Gulf of Mexico where he was picked up by smugglers and skirted away to South America.


I was LITERALLY just on Google earth searching all of the ground to see what he would be going through. I found this picture and was just like there’s no way in hell…. In comparison this is a very tiny area of water in the vast search area and possibly upwards of 50 gators just right there…


If [this](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/crime/gabby-petito-note-brian-laundrie-b1923589.html%3famp) Independent article is to be believed, the Laundries invited the FBI to their home on the evening of the 17th. And some type of note was volunteered to the FBI. It’s increasingly more likely that the Laundries are cooperating. I don’t think they’re criminals. I think they waited three days to say Brian is missing because they’re a little dumb or naive.


Well this is new info with a twist that paints a clearer pic of what's (most likely) happening, thx!


I bet parents struck a deal with FBI


I was today years old when I learnt swamp buggies exist


What about an Air Boat?


same. they look pretty cool


Anyone got a live stream link?








I am not convinced he is enough of a survival expert to survive in that area for even a few days...


Lol nah. Unless he has water filtration and can make fires to cook small gators and snakes. The insects alone would drive me nuts and I used to camp all the time. It’s way different in the marsh. I think the media over exaggerated his outdoors experience, he’s not a survivalist guru.


Especially since he goes everywhere barefoot and will only drink from glass bottles.


He has to be dead


Im not so convinced now On 18/09 (this past Saturday) his instagram showed he followed 67 and now right now follows 46 (22/09 I'm aussie at nearly 3am)😅 I have sceenshots to back this... I reckon he's alive


Except those accounts can remove BL without any input from BL.


This is true. I reckon that says a lot about the other people know him then. They don't want to associate with him probably. That itself speaks volumes to me


This is hands down the most moronic piece of information that people keep grasping at. People can remove followers. People block/delete accounts. His following count going down, proves absolutely nothing in the slightest.


The actual number itself doesnt obviously. However, because he had already smaller following, I think its reasonable to assume, he knows/knew most of them at some personal level. Now, it's decreasing those people don't want to be linked with him. That to me speaks volumes about that people know him think. It's just food for thought. Never said it was anything significant, just find it interesting. Or it should even BL himself. Who knows. I just hope Gabbys family gets definitive answers soon


If he is in the reserve, then he is dead


If it turns out he is in that reserve that the parents said he was then they may not have helped him


He's probably in something in that reserve. Doesn't want his body found I'm betting.


I bet he offed himself, and that "something" he's in...is a gator's stomach.




Cmon bro


He knows what he did, only cares about himself & I pray they get him before he gets any more time to think he got away with this. He deserves to suffer & I hope he is alive.


Couldnt have said it any better


Honestly let’s give him more time to think he got away with this. Then when he’s found it will be an even worse feeling for him


Possible that they’re going back in the reserve because they found some spots he loved on files or something when they raided yesterday?


I've been trying to figure out, ever since this whole thing started, why this case as affected me in the way that it has. I have fallen deeper down a rabbit hole with this case than any other mystery I've ever looked into. Maybe it's because this is happening in real time, maybe it's another reason that I haven't uncovered yet, but I think there are two major factors for me. 1 — I have a deep love for our national parks. I've been visiting them fairly regularly since I was young. Everywhere from the Smoky Mountains to the Grand Canyon, to Glacier, to the Tetons, to Kenai Fjords. There's something so humbling about being in these places because they are so incredibly beautiful and yet you know they can also be extremely dangerous. You never expect that danger to be the people you're traveling with though. I think that's what upset me the most about this aspect of the case. Gabby wanted to travel the country and see these beautiful sites, but that was overshadowed (seemingly) by the man she was traveling with. I know this is far from the first time something horrible has taken place in a national park, but it's really upsetting to me in this instance for some reason. Again, probably the fact that it's happening in front of my eyes in real time. 2 — The second reason I think this has really gotten to me is because of a very simple fact. Gabby is my wife and my wife is Gabby. When it comes to how their anxiety presents itself, they're basically identical. Watching that body cam footage was like seeing my wife reacting to a traffic stop. Having a partner with anxiety can truly be frustrating at times, especially when you don't suffer from it yourself. Having been married for 8 years though, you learn that there are a myriad of ways to deal with it and work through it when it wells up. Seeing Gabby so upset and so anxious, knowing that she can't help it and that it isn't her fault, was, and still is, truly heartbreaking. I sincerely hope she is at peace now. Apologies that I'm not bringing any new information to the thread, but I just needed to get this out somehow somewhere. I'm also curious: why do you all feel like this case as affected you in the way that it has?


Same for me, though I haven't wasted too much time on this. It's not the murder mystery itself (I knew she was dead as soon as I read about his behavior). Anyway, I'm waiting to see if he turns up in a no-extradition country. His parents can buy him a villa in some cheap country and he can wait it out.


Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same so you're in a safe place to discuss this with anyone you wish. Look after yourself!


Set up a series of cameras along the perimeter, I know that’s a lot but space them as much as you can. The further in you go place more along a tighter perimeter and then go further and do it again.


Around the perimeter of the Reserve in Florida? It's a Florida swamp, that's currently flooded due to the rain yesterday. The foliage grows thick, year round, and is impassible in many cases. There snakes and alligators in the water. As well as being a massive area that butts up against even larger reserve land, so that would be a legit insane amount of cameras and manpower to accomplish.


Good idea.


I seriously haven't been able to work since this case broke out. I have bunch of meetings today but here I am on reddit obsessed. I hope they find him sooner than later so Gabby's family can get closure. I can't imagine what those poor people have been through these last few weeks.


Don't lose your job!!


Looks like the chopper just pulled off the area they had been circling for a while. One of two outcomes here... https://www.flightradar24.com/N7073T/293a9ab4


On the news stream they stated that they were refueling.


Probably needs fuel. That model has about a 2 hour flight time on a full tank


That helicopter is owned by a flight school, and tour business. It was most likely hired by some media types.


One of the news choppers left, One remains and the police remain


Is that a news chopper?


This is fascinating


Refueling possibly


So Brian E is moving coverage to the reserve, the FBI is now leading the search and both they and the NPPD are searching a different part of the reserve, and the lawyer randomly canceled his press conference today after speaking to the FBI. Where there has been smoke with this investigation there has usually been fire. I think they received evidence very recently, like maybe in the last day or 2, that makes them think they might know where he is dead or alive.


Yeah, there's definitely a reason they are back out there.


I think his sister said something when they randomly went to her house after searching the parents


That's an interesting angle. I hadn't considered what Cassie may have said.


Yea I was watching the live of her house she came out and let them in like she was expecting them


Oh, I didn't see that. Hmm. I know it's her family, but she would do well to keep herself out of the crap her parents have gotten themselves into. I mean, sounds like she has young kids, she needs to think about them. She really should distant herself from the most hated family reputation if she can.


If he is in the reserve, then he is dead




My feeling is that the parents are disconnecting from BL..they kicked him out of the house and told him to take a breather in the park with mutual understanding to not come back ever again, they removed all responsibilities from him after giving all the information (what they know) to the police/FBI.


This is purely speculation on your part.




ATLEAST he won’t have to worry about Apple watches


By ending Gabby's life, you took your own


do not drop your soap


I hope the Gabbys face haunts your every waking moment, I hope the guilt eats you alive




there’s no melons in prison


There are... Between them is Bubbas butthole


Nice try, Brian.


This sounds like something Brian Laundrie reading this sub would say.............................


What happened? I think that’s about all you need


What happened?


yeah, this. I really want him found alive.


Dude, put your shoes back on and walk into your cell.