How are we sure Gabby didn’t return to Florida when Brian did ? I’m just curious how we assumed that she was left behind ?


Has he killed himself by any chance? I’ve been trying to keep up ( not American) I only realised now he’s not been seen either. Is this a possibility?


If he is really out there alone on Carlton reserve, which I sort of doubt, he will need to emerge to civilization sooner or later to find water and food. Hopefully someone could recognize him then since this case is so highly reported. It just seems incredibly stupid to go out into the woods like that with limited supplies if he's hoping on permanently evading the law. So it seems more likely that he has already offed himself somewhere remote, or his family is covering for him while he goes elsewhere/leaves the country... Sickening


Brian's parents could still be lying. If he came home on September 1st, got a lawyer, he could have dipped out even earlier like the 3rd or 5th of September, just to give an example. Finding him might be a challange too, considering he's a average height, white male, bald with some facial hair. When I was running errands today I saw like 15 guys that looked just like him.


Increíble that the police did not get a warrant and bring him in for questioning even with his attorney present. What a joke.


This POS would have killed himself instead of returning home. He pled the 5th when pulled over and asked for his lawyer. He knows what he is doing. Mom and dad are covering for him. Suspects return to the scene of the crime. Bet he returned to make sure there is no evidence of Gabby. They gave him money to run. He got PO and killed her. He will use the excuse Gabby had been physically hurting him and he lose his cool, if he is found.


So if they are searching for him does that mean there is evidence for his arrest?? He's already made it clear he won't talk.




No, they said that they would just take him home. He can't really be questioned unless there's evidence of a crime committed, since his lawyer is protecting him. That's how I understand it anyways


Brian goes “missing”. Family didn’t mention anything until recently... sounds like they gave Brian some time to go clean up something.


I wouldn't trust this family for any information as this point.


Drives me nuts that his leaving is taking resources from searching for Gabby- however I understand finding him *might* produce answers to find Gabby.


Here again, he and his family manipulate the situation


If his family says he went there, then it’s literally the only place in the world where we know he isn’t


His parents are accomplices.


she's not there, i bet he carry her body in the van way back home


Just as an aside; Any of you guys have a bloodhound? Are they pretty chill?


Everyone just let this guy casually walk away? Nobody saw him leave? If I'm a news reporter/journalist Im glued to this guy, if I'm a friend/fam of Gabby's I'm glued to this guy. If I'm a concerned neighbor and I see this guy leave I'm following him. Maybe he is going to see Gabby but who tf knows now..


If one more person says "he's going back to get Gabby" I'm gonna scream. He's not "going back to get Gabby". This isn't for a reality show or clicks/views on their stupid Instagram. People watch too much damn Netflix. This is real life and most likely a real life murder case unfolding. The FBI are involved and, before that, police were involved in a domestic violence stop that involved the steering wheel getting jerked, causing their car to swerve noticeably. This isn't a stunt and he's not a white knight going back to get Gabby out of her hidey hole. I find it offensive that people are giving this narcissistic creep that much damn credit and do not for one minute think they would be doing so if he wasn't a white male. Scratch that: we wouldn't even be talking about this case on its own sub all these days later if they weren't a pretty white couple.


If he's running, he knows it's all over. Police will find him (or his corpse) and shortly will know what became of her.


I can totally see Brian feeling pressed and fleeting regardless of guilt or innocence. Despite his lawyer telling him to lay low and remain silent- all the attention and protesters on his parents lawn- pressure from police and public-he feels responsible for making his family’s lives a wreck too. Feeling the pressure, he packs his backpack full of camping gear and absconds. He’s not an official suspect and so he’s not evading arrest, right?


Do we have more info on the car situation? He left, then the car came back, then at some point the family decided he was missing? WTF? From [Fox13 News](https://www.fox13news.com/news/gabby-petito-case-law-enforcement-searching-carlton-reserve-for-brian-laundrie): "The family told officers they believed he entered the reserve earlier this week and his car was driven from the reserve back to the Laundrie house at some point, but authorities did not elaborate on a definitive time frame."


Theory; They hid him in the trunk and dropped him off. That was why the family decided to get the cops involved because it wasn't just; he left the house. He was in the woods.


Wild theory here. Maybe all the neighborhood sitings of him leaving his parents through the back door were true and his parents called the cops right away fearing Brian was going to off himself. They told the cops 72 hours since they last saw him because they didn’t want any delay in the search.




Possible he left a note saying where to find him?


I don’t believe a word his scum family says.




So what happens when they find him? Just take him back home? Take him to jail? But for what?


So they claim he left Tuesday and took a “hiking” backpack with him. I just have a feeling they will find his back pack in there but no Brian. Or something of his to suggest he has perished in there. Meanwhile Brian is now is a different location, laying low and living a new life.


I think BL’s parents sent the police in the entirely wrong direction.


Yeah, I wouldn’t do what his family says 😣 remember how they are not cooperating?


So I have a question as far as these searches go. Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, his parents have in fact given their son a head start on running….these search and rescues are obviously costly. Many people also volunteer their time to help LEO’s search. If they were to discover they were being lead astray, can they charge the parents? And or make them pay for the efforts? How does this work?


I wish they could arrest the family for obstructing the investigation. Assholes.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s hiding out there. There are many primitive camping sites at the Carlton. I live in North Port. The Carlton reserve is like 26,000 acres. It’s HUGE. And Is adjacent to a couple of other preserves as well as Myakka River State Park.


Np dropped the ball on the amber lee case as well but she was the seargents daughter and it all went down it broad day light too with multiplewitnesses, such a sad case... looks like there incompetence hasn't changed a bit


Right. I hope the FBI are strongly considering the possibility that they have been sent on a wild goose hunt


So did his parents know that is where he to what camp/hide out. I don’t know anything about what kind of place this is, a camping spot? A place he went to kill him self??? This is crazy!


My God, can you imagine how good it feels to have a general idea about your child’s last known whereabouts so an entire search team can be mobilized there? Can you imagine your child missing without even that? Oh… oh, sorry. Your lawyer says not to answer. That’s fine. Your legal rights matter, too. What’s a lost child, after all. You wouldn’t want to be able to look for them in the right area with an entire army of people, or anything. Not when your right to not incriminate is at stake.


What makes the family think that’s where he is/would go??


I live here, this is very dense shrub and swamp, connects to myakka state park. He could easily hide. I didn’t see any K-9’s but I was not allowed full access


I pray the find her but it’s been too long without any sort of contact.


Ok but where are the pictures like this for a search for GABBY?


Is he dead or alive?


Seriously? They ACTUALLY don’t know where he is?


This is infuriating. People literally get shot by police for being pulled over in a drug search but this man gets to go camping and live his life potentially as a murder suspect and nobody is keeping track of him?!? If this isn’t white privilege…


If they find BL in their search, are they able to bring him in for questioning- with lawyer?


Why are they even believing his parents on his whereabouts!?


Why are we believing his parents for anything? How do we know Brian made it home, only the van?


Just my opinion but I don’t think they will find him there. I think his family threw out Carlton Reserve as a red herring. Why would his family and attorney willingly let him go to such a large nature reserve without asking any questions? I feel he’s hiding out in a house somewhere and waiting for news on the case to calm down. Hiding in plain site in a way seems a lot more plausible than running off to hide in a swamp reserve.


Are there any cameras in this park? I wonder about the route from his parents place to here.


How do police lose track of this dude? -\_\_-


By never tracking him to begin with!


They all could've been out searching for Gabby if he would've just told them where he last saw her. This is infuriating to me.


Why would the North Port PD be involved in a search out of their jurisdiction? BL has all the info and if they are searching for him they likely intend on charging him so I get why they are searching for him.


I knew someone was going to say it. I mean in general all police efforts could've been used to find Gabby if he would've just been honest. They still don't really have anything to charge him with unless they find something on his phone. There is no charge for going missing if you're only a person of interest so no, don't have too much hope in that.


Something tells me they know much more than we’ve been told about Gabby/the case. Why else would they be sending mobs of police to search for him?


Could be, or they just don't want him to end up dead because then they'll never find out what happened to her.


Can civilians search the forest right now?


We’re gonna feel stupid if this turns into a “Gone Girl” scenario




I'd be weak if they were never missing in the first place and they both made up this plan to go viral.


That’s my thought as well! It’s super far fetched but what if this is like Balloon Boy w/a Gone Girl remix


Why are they searching for him and not Gabby


They haven’t suspended searches for Gabby; they’re looking for her in Wyoming, I believe. Now they’re searching for Brian in Florida. Two separate searches in their respective possible locations.


Because he’s the key to finding Gabby. Also Search crews are looking for her in the Grand Tetons area already.


his parents sitting back going “he may be over there check there” WASTE OF RESOURCES, this is suspicious of stonewalling and just adding more time for him to get away.


„Sun’s out - Great time for a hike today!“


Do we have actual confirmation, other than from his family that he was A. Ever back in Florida, B. The person that drove the van back to Florida? C. Left Gabby anywhere?


I don't think so. This question has been asked dozens of times and I haven't seen anyone truly answer it. He could have driven the van to a bus station hours away, and his dad picked it up and drove it to the family house. It would be stupid for BL to return to that house. I don't think he ever did.




It's entirely possible BL went to the reserve to get some mental peace. Maybe that's his thing since he likes to hike and do outdoors things a lot. It's easy to assume he's running, hiding or trying to harm himself but there's too much we don't know.


I hike there a lot! Runs up to Sarasota area. It’s connected to other parks and preserves.


It is being reported that Brian's parents told the FBI last night that Brian took his backpack and told them he was driving to Carlton Reserve to go hiking. My only question is: why the huge search party unless his car has been found at Carlton Reserve? I have to believe you only start a grid search after confirming his car is there (without the car, there's no reason to believe he's hiking inside the Preserve). So, has anything been reported confirming they found his car?


Wasnt his car in the driveway?


Yea, we just learned the parents went to the Carlton Reserve and retrieved it. What I now don't understand is how they ask the FBI to search for their son last night - but wait until this morning to call and tell them WHERE to search ... oops, we forgot to tell you last night - we know where he went


The parents took the car? Why wouldn’t they leave it there if they were expecting him to return? They know what he’s up to for sure.


I was wondering if there was a report on how he got to this location. Someone who worked with BL at a grocery store stated, BL sold or traded in his car to get the van, so who’s/what car is he driving? It’s so strange they aren’t forthcoming with even the smallest details like how did he get into the park.


I honestly don’t see this turning out in any other way other than he k!lled himself and we’ll never know what happened to Gabby.




:( That would be the worst but it’s my fear as well. Hopefully he truly is a narcissist because they very rarely ever take their own lives.


So are the parents going to be charged with obstruction of justice???


How did they obstruct justice? They aren’t under any obligation to assist the government with their case. It’s a shitty thing to do on a human level but BL has not been charged with anything so he is free to come and go as he pleases. Again it’s a shitty thing to do but I don’t see any illegal behavior based upon the known facts


I know man. I’m just so mad that I want to throw the book at them and hope something sticks so they get some jail time 🤣


IF he did it, then I agree. But there is so much we don’t know. People are acting out of emotion and not thinking rationally.


BL is also clearly not thinking rationally by leaving GP, running from his troubles and asking his parents to cover him. 🤪😑


He had a three day head start and the police think that's as far as he got? The parents are sending them on a wild goose chase to give him more time. The police are foolish to believe anything the family tells them at this point. From the very beginning they've been helping him cover up whatever happened and help him evade police.


Totally. He’s out of the country by now.


Does anyone else think the cops actually know waaaaay more than they’re telling us?? Maybe that’s just me trying to make sense of how unprofessionally they’ve handled this case. But idk, it just seems like maybe they have more info than we think they do.


yes. They haven't said a thing about what resulted in searching the van -- thats huge. They haven't said a thing about what they took from BL's home last night.


Yeah totally agree about the van too, and it was said that they took BL’s clothes for the K-9s.


Agree about the van, but supposedly last night the parents gave the cops BL’s clothes to give to the search dogs.


That makes sense as they were just using a brown bag. Not an evidence bag. The dogs will catch his ass if he is there but I don’t think he is. The family simply cannot be trusted at this point to cooperate with the investigation.


Absolutely. They have bullet proof vests and they’ve called in all of the big guns for a hunt for an adult “missing person.” It seems like they’re treating this like they expect he could be dangerous. Side note, it makes me wonder if a gun is missing from the house/car and that’s why they’re all protected.


I didn’t even think about that. I wonder if they’re just being cautious or if they have reason to think he’s armed? I feel like if they knew he were armed, they’d be taking a lot more precautions. But who knows with the way they’ve been treating him.


This could be true but it could also simply be that they need weapons in case they come face to face with an alligator or some deadly animal. Brian doesn’t seem like the type to own a gun or even know how to handle one. If he did have his concealed carry license and was missing they would have declared he is armed and dangerous I think.


But the bulletproof vests? Do those really protect against animals?


This being Florida, it's probably best to be prepared for anything. Including heavily armed alligators.


you present a solid point


Could protect against an alligator trying to bite you or a poisonous snake I suppose. Better than nothing I guess.


i think this is absolutely true - they aren’t obligated to share all of the details with the public


Absolutely! I know they’re not, and I know there are details we don’t know yet. I just hope they’re taking every detail/lead very seriously.


Carlton reserve. Good luck lasting a few days out there with minimal supplies equipment and experience. Wet and muddy. Snakes. Gators. Bugs. Hot as hell right now. Fresh water compromised by animals. It's a pseudo rain forest marshland. My two cents is this is a big distraction for BL to flee via other means or elsewhere. Parents in on it. Or he killed himself but will let his story go missing to further cast doubt on what happened to GP. Either way, if he is found alive, it's not going to be in this reserve


I had the same thought too. They are sending them on a while goose chase so he can disappear.


Lol I’m so over this


Traitor ! Lol


At this point, IF he’s still alive, I’m thinking it’s a stalling tactic to divert attention from the actual case, and speed up the process of any incriminating facts being erased or gone. My gut says he offed himself though. Perfect way to never face justice and always leave a cloud of doubt over the specifics.


I guess his family just fed police lies until their son could get away. 🤨


My brain is still swarming with all this info so forgive me if I’m forgetting key parts. Are we 100 percent certain he didn’t drive home to FL with Gabby in the back of the van covered somehow? I know they’re all looking for her up in the Midwest- but what if he stopped at the Carlton Reserve on his way home, dropped her there, and then went to his parents house? Now he’s been in the park since Tuesday making sure she doesn’t “pop up” or finding a better way to hide her. I know it’s very far fetched but what if his original plan was to say she left him up there and wants all the focus to be that she “stayed” there. Again, there could be a ton of footage that I don’t know about that guarantees he didn’t take her body across all those states.


The police have had the van a few days. If there was evidence of death they’d probably have taken him in for questioning by now I think.


I would hope that since the van was seized and processed by LE, we would have evidence of this.


Yeah you’re probably right. Just subconscious wishful thinking that they both get found at the same place at the same time 🥺. I just picture them cleaning that van from September 1-11 🙄.


i think there is a ton of evidence from the van and the police are not telling the public.


There has to be some holdback evidence. The cops aren’t going to show their hand this early in the investigation. That is my hope anyway.


>o his parents house? Now I heard he was pulled over in the van before he reached his parents home but I do not have the location of where that happened. Anyone?


Either way if they pulled him over or took the van from the driveway. He could have put her in the reserve before they were able to take the van from him or his family. That’s why those details would be nice to know. He came home the 1st, van was taken the 11th. Im assuming the police know more than they’re saying to seem this convinced she’s in the Midwest. I just think of him panicking and his parents panicking and saying to put her in the woods somewhere. Then him going back to the reserve on foot to make sure she’s properly hidden/disposed of. Again, this theory could be really far fetched. He just seems too comfortable driving that far uploading Spotify songs and possibly texting on her behalf. He’s comfortable because she’s technically “with” him at that moment and he in a weird way knows he’s safe until he has to separate and put her somewhere-and hope they don’t find her.


If it were my family I would be searching along the Snake River by the dam where he was last seen out West.


The parents can freaking say anything .. “we believe he’s in.. Toledo” they should get no say in where he could possibly be, they’re obviously trying to help him


They’re going to find two bodies at this point.


His parents not only didn’t speak to police but they gave their son a 3 day head start to get as far away from their town as possible.


Carlton Reserve covers about 25,000 acres. Gonna be quite a search.


Anyone else think this seems fishy? Wouldn’t be surprised if the parents are misleading the police by distracting them so he can make a run for it


At least LE can now have access to his cell phone records and social media accounts without a warrant.


I wonder if there are any cameras in Carlton reserve. Did the white van show up on any footage on Sept 1 prior to Brian arriving at his parents' house? Perhaps to dump something in the swampy area there?


Lol what a dunce


I'm sorry but his family are full on criminals


Thanks pos parents for waiting 3 days to notify le this is where he probably went


I bet money he killed himself.


Because he is so clearly distraught lol? What are you talking about?


I’ll take this bet. Why leave them? He could have done that at home and there’s no reason for his parents to keep that a secret if it happened.


His parents still have to live at the house. Maybe he doesn't want to ruin their carpet. idk


Fair point!


This is a real far our there theory but hear me out again it's fucking far out there. Brian talked about woofing( not sure how it's spelled). What are the chances that they actually found a place and decided to follow through,but they wanted to do it without their family knowing where they were doing it at. Are there some people that have had cult like experiences when it comes to woofing? Maybe they made a plan where he drives back drops off the car and then someone was going to come and pick him up and take him to the destination. Again it's a fucking far out there idea, but I like this theory because then it means Gabby's alive. They're adults they really aren't doing anything wrong if they do choose to stay away from their families right? Like if it turns out Gabby's living somewhere and a cop found her isn't she allowed to say that she doesn't want her family to know where she is? It sounds like her mom was the one who wanted her to call off the engagement. Maybe they both got paranoid about her family not wanting her with him so they decided hey this is our shot at being together with no negative input. Surely there could be someone who is involved in woofing that would say, " ay I know these ppl are being looked for by the fbi but they haven't done anything wrong. They're both alive and adults and this is their choice they can stay here and work for room and board." That van is very identifying it'd be smart of them to take it back home and leave it there. Again just One of those wild theories that's being put out there. Maybe they truly were running tight on money plus it sound like they were running out of options on where to live together. We really don't know how their families are and if they're controlling,like a " you can come back home but I don't want you to date Brian" kind of controlling. Again just a theory that is probably the least plausible one but Iike it because it means she alive 🥺


Woofing? What is that


Other people replied what is is, But Incase anyone is wondering where the info of him talking about wwoofing is from he brought it up to the officers in the body am video and asked them if they ever heard of it and how they wanted to do something like that basically you get a place to stay for working on a farm.


World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or Willing Workers on Organic Farms, is a loose network of national organizations that facilitate homestays on organic farms.


volunteering on organic farms


Best guess is he unalive himself. BL and GP probably got into an explosive argument while hiking and either he pushed her off a cliff or she fell off on accident. Either way it all comes back to him. No one will believe she fell on accident. He freaked out and left to home to Florida.


Same thought. We know she would slap/scratch him when they fought. We know he’s pushed her (he said so himself). She potentially went at him, he pushed her too hard, and ….


This has been my thought as well


"Most people who die in the woods die of shame." - Anthony Hopkins, 'The Edge'


I totally forgot about that movie, what a great one.


Damn 😞


My guess is as good as anyone's but I think there is a strong possibility that he isn't there and his family knows it.


because his parents says so..lmao




These people are actual scum.


Carlton Reserve: Spotty cell service at best. Wet, hot, frequent rain, flooded, gators, bugs. Pretty awful if you're not prepared. Also not that big. Not like hiding out the Tetons. Will be hard to hide from cops who know the area. Cornered narcissist with no more targets for his rage could easily turn anger inward.




For such a minimalist and anti-consumption warrior he sure is wasting a ton of resources.


A lot of the vocal climate change environmental types are biggest hypocrites around




Because he’s a complete asshole. He’s 100% guilty of that. There’s your proof.


YT is so full of these slimy self-proclaimed shaman garbage humans.


Some of the most self-righteous, completely out of touch, hypocrites I know are “warriors for a cause”. The cause is really themselves, and they employ spiritual egoism to feel better than everyone else.


Right on target with this.


Resourceful little shit 😂


You made me laugh and choke. But hey, ain't most of them warriors and such often found to be hypocrites?


Lol put this comment to the top!




this. this is the comment.


“Earlier this week” like Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday?


So much efforts for one f*ing asshole. Guilty or innocent he should pay from his pocket for this search.




I don’t think they are that well off. First off they would need to have cash in the house somewhere because pulling that much out from a bank would tip off the FBI most certainly. From what I’ve read his attorney is actually a conveyancer (fancy term for real estate lawyer) which makes me think perhaps it’s a family friend who yes is schooled in law but far from a criminal defense lawyer which you think they would have obtained if they had the funds. Leading me to believe… no they’re not wealthy.


So based on their house on Redfin it doesn’t APPEAR they’re well off. They’d listed it for sale a few years back so there’s pictures of it online. It definitely doesn’t scream like they’re living high on the hog. The house isn’t worth much and the interiors are pretty basic.


I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but have the cops asked his neighbors if they have security cameras? If any of them face the street or include BL’s property in the cameras view it could help figure out a time frame. They could see when he left, what he was wearing, whether he left in a car or not etc and what direction he was heading.


It’s confusing because neighbors spotted him walking around their neighborhood yesterday on the road directly behind his house after emerging from backyard area. So where is he


That’s not been confirmed as him.


He’s probably not if in that area. He is probably hiding at home basement waiting for this attention and going somewhere else. I bet he was already gone after they confiscated the van


Yeah, no basements in SW FL.


I would very much hope that they actually have someone 24 7 monitoring the house now... like I think they should have been since the beginning.


Maybe the family stated that area on purpose... so after soo long they can presume he's dead given the type of swap area it is, and he can start a new life elsewhere


This crossed my mind too.


Not too mention the mosquitos in that park after sundown, especially with all the rain we have had and the flooding in the park this week, I don't see him picking this place to go especially living in fl


Honestly if I was ever in this situation I hope my family would have my back like this. I know too many people who's parents would snitch them out for a $5 footlong at subway.


If I knew someone killed someone else I'd snitch them out and not even need the $5 footlong.


Perfect username


Yea, I be surprised if they find him alive.


If he went out there to off himself you probably will never find him. Too many things that would eat him within 24 hours.


both these kids were nuts - he’s gonna kill him self for sure


Just curious. Why do you say both? What do you think was going on with Gabby?