Posted in the Facebook group - gabby petito ~ vanished discussion group

Posted in the Facebook group - gabby petito ~ vanished discussion group


Isn’t this photo shopped though? It doesn’t look like a real person in the back


Unsurprisingly this sub is getting into conspiracy theory mode now. This picture is obviously shopped, also how would people not know that a literal dead body was behind them?? People who think this is real are idiots.


Her body apparently has been found: [https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/19/us/gabby-petito-body-brian-laudrie.html](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/19/us/gabby-petito-body-brian-laudrie.html)


Not her.


why does this photo look photo shopped?


It has been sharpened. So yes it was eddited but that is what all sharpened photos will look like if its done past a specific point for all photos.


I don't see a hoodie on the girl laying down...it actually looks like a girl laying down taking a picture of someone else laying at her feet.


Additional photos were found of this woman and she's brunette and unfortunately not Gabby 😭


Where can I view the picture of possibly Gabby sleeping on a rock?


Pants look darker than the laying down photo




This coincidence is so crazy and I was fascinated to find this wasn’t her, mostly because I had become nearly convinced. I learned something about myself in the process of delving into this piece of information.


Does anyone think BL is monitoring Reddit and even possible interfering?


Amazing job, I think it's possibly her for sure. I truly hope she's still alive. It all sounds so bleak, and I have my theories like everyone else..but at the end of the day all we want is for Gabby to be found safe. The whole situation is heartbreaking.


Here's a video from that spot in the Grand Tetons showing this person. It's looking like the person in the video isn't Gabby. [Video](https://www.tiktok.com/@emc3ily/video/7008738021872782597?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id6923270267205453318)


>Video That looks like gabby. The body does not show sign of breathing it looks dead. When the s


[https://www.tiktok.com/@robandhaley/video/7008883644693613830?sender\_device=pc&sender\_web\_id=7008260030826956293&is\_from\_webapp=v1&is\_copy\_url=0](https://www.tiktok.com/@robandhaley/video/7008883644693613830?sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=7008260030826956293&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0) Found that it wasnt her.


Cannot see the photo ???


I am new to this and likely someone else has noticed, but it appears her last insta post was from 2019 on a trip she took between Colorado and California. Hair color is the same in those, length is the same and the trip was in October... aka Halloween season


https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRC3QQN2/ confirmed it is not Gabby in the picture


Yea that looks like 2 different people. Clothes look different to me


The leggings are a different color and sun lighting seems to be same.


Not sure if this has been said before, but her text indicates that she was in Yosemite on August 30. Her boyfriend returned to his Florida home on September 1. That's 48 hours max in between when that message was sent and his return to Florida. Google says it takes 42 hours to drive from Yosemite to North Port (no stops). idk either she was alive when she sent the message and he had already left for florida or.....


I was convinced it was her in the background, but later on I realized that the pants are a completely different shade of green


Am I tho only one that doesn’t automatically go to blaming the bf? She was the aggressor during the Aug. 12th stop. She seem to spaz out over small things and it be the norm for her. She clearly had mental issues and has stated in the past she would harm herself. Who’s to say he didn’t just roll out and someone else came in contact with her. Idk I am just not connivence that the bf did anything. Everyone saying he is a pos yet he is the one with all the marks from her hitting him and she admitted to it to the police. She could barely contain herself in front of the police so I can only imagine her actions when there is no cop. This dude may have said fuck this I’m leaving this crazy b. 🤷🏻‍♀️


The police were there because someone called 911 and reported that Brian was hitting Gabby.


People close to the couple have come forward and made mention of him being abusive, controlling, and manipulative. I felt from the beginning those scratches where defensive wounds. Also he locked her out of HER van and wouldn't let her in and threatened to leave.


Gotcha. I had not read anything like that and I’m not on other social media’s to see stuff lol. He def looks guilty by taking off after arriving at his parents so we shall see. I wrote that comment before he even was “missing” (aka on the run) lol.


Everything he has done looks guilty. Also marks end up on someone when another is trying to defend themselves. Why run, why go into hiding, why lie. Nah he is suspicious as all hell plus statistically it's usually the partner. I'd say her actions in that video look more like a domestic abuse victim, coercive control looks wild when you've got the narcissist controlling the story which unfortunately I think is the case with him.


Where is the photo? I dont see it!thanks


Someone needs to look at video cam footage from the TAVERN the two girls who were murdered were there. I think gabby and Bl were seen at the same tavern.


Really? That's interesting. I hadn't heard that one. And I've been in this rabbit hole for days. I have to find that. But in any case FBI claims cases are not related. I dont buy that yet though.


Yea just a crazy coincidence .


Her body apparently has been found: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/19/us/gabby-petito-body-brian-laudrie.html


I'm my honest gut feeling opinion he pushed her they were arguing he shoved her and she fell a great distance he panicked and left she is either deceased or she is extremely injured. He won't say where she is or what happened because he doesn't want to get in trouble for killing or injuring her because he didn't mean it to be that bad that's my honest thoughts I only found out about this 30ish mins ago and the second I watched the first video explaining it this was my opinion


What an amazing eye you have!! You need to help TBI/FBI on the Summer Wells case!




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There was also a woman @bella_betheden who was at the lake on the same day wearing grey jumper and green leggings


https://youtu.be/tjaG1FfG5RI This video shows a young distressed woman walking into a diner in Lodi CA which is about 108 miles away from Yosemite.. looks similar to Gabby


This photo is 100% photoshopped but go ahead and make this the next Boston Marathon Bombing shitstorm….


How on earth does anyone believe this is a photo of Gabby?


IMO not her, Gabby's hair is very thin and light. not thick dirty blonde. pack pack is way off outfit only same colors maybe but totally different. excellent idea to check photos. wonderful catch if it is her, why the hoodie up? Gabby would want to seen. That hooded person seems off in photo.


https://www.reddit.com/r/GabbyPetito/comments/pps5u3/teton_picture_solved_is_this_gaby_or_not_gaby/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Another Redditor shared this post in the group. It appears to not be Gabby. The post offers additional photos of the individuals featured in the background family photo.


So you’ll then delete this post since it’s not Gabby?


Darn it's not her


Thank you. I’ve been getting this video sent to me as well and although it’s not her, I feel I couldn’t just not say anything after seeing that photo. Sadly Gaby is still missing but I hope my post & efforts encourage others to keep an eye out for backgrounds of pictures in the area.




I heard about this . This pos did it . No doubt .. finding a body there going to be tuff. Damn...


This is amazing! Please may that family come forward…




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I keep seeing posts saying the family who took the photo have posted saying it's photoshopped....any confirmation?




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These pics both show same nail color- could have been recycled from October 2019 trip to LA (Halloween time)


does anyone have the original fb account profile ? bc what if this is photoshopped. where’s the original photo and who is the original poster so we can see if this is real from their page.


Curious what time of day this was. Considering the difference in attire between her and the family I can't help but wonder if she had been there since the night before..




Good eye! There is a new post up that shows there is a second person who has a full head of hair. And that head on her feet matches the hair in the new post!


Can they not track her cellphone to get a location?


I wonder if the people in the picture thought to ask the girl in the distance if she was ok? She seemed close enough to where one might ask🤷🏼‍♀️ A simple “are you ok?” No response = reason to worry.


I'm just curious, how do they know 100% that Brian Laundrie is in the North Port, FL house? There are no pics of him coming or going and the media is not parked outside trying to get a picture????


I believe this is delta lake. Shoes could be off because she wanted to put her feet into the lake


Has the people who posted this said they talked to her if I saw someone laying on the floor like that I’d at least make sure they are ok


I hate it when there is no links to sources


This is outstanding work...has anyone tried to hunt down the OP of the photo...to find out exactly what date that photo was taken??


Not saying it isn't smart as fuck to look theough recent photos like this, but she's wearing entirely different clothing in the first picture vs the second. Are we saying her head is on the right in the group picture? If so, even her hair is a different colour. What am I missing here? Why is he first picture included if not to act as a comparison for the second?


Not sure why you're getting downvoted cos that was my first thought too. The insta pic is green leggings and a brown hoodie, the "family" pic appears to be a green hoodie and brown leggings with her head visible with different coloured hair. Glad it wasn't just me, not shitting on anyone's efforts of trying to help or noticing something suspicious etc but it does seem totally different and is reasonable to ask! Especially since the reference photo outfit colours are not at all the same 😂


Apparently in the group photo, her head is on the left and not the right. Therefore she's wearing the same colour hoodie, khaki leggings, and the brown isn't her hair, it's a bag I cant believe anyone made the connection between these to photos, given how even side-by-side they look completely different


I just can't see it that way, it really looks like a head to the right! Someone else said they see two people laying opposite ways next to each other but God knows. And right! Not at all saying it can't be her, simply stating the fact that the outfits that was "the same" as the insta pic absolutely was not the same at all haha




Ah I see now I've spoken to a friend irl about it: her head is on the left and not the right. I thought the khaki leggings were her hoodie and the brown bag was her hair Photo is low res as fuck, barely 10 pixels to go around


The original commenter meant the right hand side of the woman in the background lol (I only know bc I had the same initial thoughts)


Found this tool for filtering facebook posts and photos by keyword, date, etc. https://graph.tips/facebook.html


Woah dude. Good work!


Oh god... I hope that’s not her. If it is... the way the she postioned... she’s no longer with us. I’m hoping that’s not the case. But this is going to be a very big coincidence given the outfit and the stuff that seem to be surrounding her...


https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/news/cops_courts/local/missing-man-may-have-gone-camping/article_158cd045-c630-5c72-82d3-16d43b5b200f.html this man went missing in the same moab area on August 19th. Also in the body cam video they both seem terrified and when he asked her to step out she gets out and reaches for the back door of the van before catching herself and yanking her arm away from it and saying “sorry” what the hell is in the van. Why didn’t they search the van?


Wasn’t GB an BL confirmed in SLC Utah in hotel in aug 24 and Grand Teton Aug 25 by FaceTime with her mom. this man disappeared 6 days before their arrival? Also the video happened on Aug 12 in Moabs if that’s what you’re referring to in video?




She went to close the door that she just stepped out of, as did the cop, so she said sorry n pulled away.. I didnt see what you did at all regarding the van, he didnt seem terrified.. but everyone is a bit scared when they get pulled over for breaking the law.. Maybe he was a little gleeful, or maybe he was trying to act like what she did to him was no big deal.. if his attitude about it was different she mighta gone to Jail.


https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/news/cops_courts/local/missing-man-may-have-gone-camping/article_158cd045-c630-5c72-82d3-16d43b5b200f.html here’s another missing person from the same area! Missing since August 19th. Black hat.


Is that his hat by her head?


So let's say this is INDEED Gabby: 1. With the way her foot is positioned as if it's elevated, it could easily look that way if she were resting it on a portion of the bag near her feet (which I highly doubt is another female in a black bikini, this isn't the beach) 2. It's hard to make out what's going on with her head, but she could just have her hood on and be positioned on her left side laying down. 3. Where is Brian in this photo? You would think he would at least be nearby and in the photo too if they were still together at this point, but idk, maybe he wandered off to explore while she rested. 4. Let's say Brian ISN'T there with her anymore. I could understand her having multiple bags along with a backpack to have enough supplies/clothing/necessities on her to venture off alone. 5. Even if she wasn't alive in this picture, that would mean she would just be laying there for days upon days in a highly popular area. Although not everyone would approach someone like this, I would think at least ONE person would get close enough to inspect her and be able to determine if she was alive or not.


He certainly could have moved her after this. The sketchy tarp


To add to point 5 - - if she were dead like people are claiming, they would surely be able to smell her from how close they are to "her".


Would also have attracted animals








This is really interesting Actually and I never would have thought to do this. another Side note since contacting the family went nowhere (at least for us ameteur sleuths on Reddit) (uggh that would have been really interesting hear) (hopefully they relayed any details to polic) it would be interesting to see if this outfit was found in the van when they impounded it. Not a lead that any of us could take. But say this outfit was missing from the van and all her other clothes were still there it could be a good indication of her last day seen and thus a smaller area to base the search. i feel as though if you live in a van not even alone in a van she likely doesn’t have a very large wardrobe with her and they could easily narrow down her location based on what is found there. did brain throw out her clothes and or belongings in the 10 days after he returned or was the van left nearly untouched When they got it? Probably not enough to book him but could be a good indication that he was trying to hide something. we probably won’t get the released details of the van search until they have a solid case but to me this is really important and could potentially be lifesaving if we actually knew where to look should she still be out there somewhere. Did they find her phone, wallet? I mean all of these things are super important to the search most prominently and it’s frustrating they aren’t sharing that with the public.


Have you guys seen the video that was released of them being pulled over by the cops and Gabby crying?


So if the officers had taken him to someone to assist him, where did they take her? How did he get back the van? Did I miss something?


Those aren't bags near her feet. It's someone else laying there. The brown is the top of their head/their hair, the white is part of their shirt. Then you see the belt. And what looks like khaki bottoms. I'm not saying whether it is or isn't Gabby, but there are definitely two people laying next to each other there.


This is even more out of left field, but Bob Lowery had a black baseball cap and brown hair, for those thinking they see a cap at left and brown hair at her feet. Seems unlikely to me that it would also tie at all to Bob's disappearance, but between rare murders at Moab and missing persons in Teton, it's amazing how close BL presumably was to the events at the times in question. Edited: corrected spelling last name


Who’s this?


Robert (or Bob) unaccounted for since approximately August 19. https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/the_hole_scroll/sheriffs-office-searching-for-missing-person/article_2d1260cc-db47-540d-9ffa-4bd23246ef1e.html


Thanks! Very weird. Taking out witnesses on the way? Shew wee.


Could someone please confirm? Was the call Gabby made to her mother a FaceTime call or just a phone call? Did her mother see her when she said she was at that location? I’m concerned that someone could have placed the call that was not Gabby and pointed to a location she was not at…


Her mom confirmed it was a FaceTime call on the 25th and confirmed she made it to Grand Teton. Someone placed the link after the press conference referencing this above. I think in NY Times article.


There’s no possible way this isn’t her. I mean she has an incredibly fit body & you can tell by how those clothes fit her, that is exactly how it would look laying down; that may seem like a random statement to some, but as a female that works out and wears clothes like this, you can just tell thats how she would look laying down. Not to mention the BAG, is spot on. Her hood is up like it is in the picture of her standing up. Bare feet is a huge clue; maybe she didn’t physically hike barefoot but on her instagram she was saying how he inspires her to walk barefoot, to build her feet up. This is chilling.


But how did these people take a picture without noticing someone was laying there??? Where did this photo come from?


Someone napping on a rock is not at all a weird thing to see in a national park. There would have been too many people around that would have noticed a body.


have you ever been to a National Park? they’re always packed, everyone is trying to get the same pictures as you. It’s not uncommon for others to be in the backgrounds of pictures.


That certainly must be her!


oh wow! I do believe that is her! fantastic work!




Thank you for organizing this like this. Was looking for the original picture.




Can someone post a link to the original photo? There are ways to retrieve higher resolution images from sites like Instagram if you know how.


Why would someone go hiking with 3 different bags?


Maybe because she left him or he was trying to make it look that way?


This was my thought too. It would be like she took all of her stuff and traveled with it. If van is near by with possessions take 1 bag. Like in most her photos. Clearly it took 3 different pics to find all she’s carrying with her in one photo. So that struck me as odd also.


The fact that you discovered this is amazing. This is a careful eye to pick up something like that and police may not have even caught on. Kudos.


Be careful maybe it's the killer himelf


[https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1542344/?ref\_=nm\_flmg\_dr\_12](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1542344/?ref_=nm_flmg_dr_12) Just remembered this movie about Aron Ralston who had gone missing for 127 hours in Moab, Utah area.


This is def her . Did anyone send this to FBI? Edit I see it was sent out


Do all National Parks have ticketed entry or write down your license plate or have cameras take pictures of your vehicle upon entry? Ive been to several NP the past few years and I remember them checking our license plate at each one. They would know where to start looking if they verified they went to Grand Teton NP. It does look like her outfit in this picture. Hopefully now thst there is national press coverage, more people can help look for her.


When I went this summer to Yosemite you had to do a reservation for covid, and they scanned it. I’m hoping that will show if she ever made it to Yellowstone!


She’s wearing the outfit at the end of the TikTok posted 7/24 as well. [Link](https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRQw9Rqk/)




That could be the case. There’s really no way to know for sure.


several pics of dangerously close views over cliffs and heights


Has it been deleted? Nothing comes up with that link


I’m not sure. It works when I click on it. You can do a search for nomadicstatik on TikTok to find it. It’s the only video posted on 7/24.


Great eye!


Def looks like her


I want Gabby found as much as the rest of you but this is just a picture of a person laying down. Even if you want to say all the bags look like hers, this is easily 10+ feet away picture of someone who kind of looks like it could be her, but these people would've seen her laying there still for however long they're there and do literally anything about it.


She’s wearing this outfit in her tik tok vjdeo


Someone should reach out to Jon Walczak, (@jonwalczak) on Twitter. He does missing persons podcasts (missing on 9/11) and used AI technology to scour through thousands of pictures from 9/11 looking for someone who was missing. Maybe he could help with the idea of either GP or BL being in the background of peoples pictures.


There is a tik tok posted on her account with that same outfit on 7/24. Tik tok user is nomadicstatik




Yes I know all I stated was that there is a clip of her in the same outfit and the tik tok was posted on 7/24. Not trying to say anything other than that


Not there anymore


Good find!


Why is she lying down like that out in the open? Is she sleeping? People are saying she looks barefoot but I definitely see shoes on her and it looks like the white shoes she wore in the other picture.


She might be taking a picture of herself with the lake in the background. You would think if she had met with foul play she would have injuries that would lead to someone on the highly trafficked trail going over to her. So it's more likely she is taking a pic.


This looks to be her


I think a lot of ppl are thinking these PhotoShopped "references" are supposed to be showing her actual bag, etc, hence this getting so many upvotes. But they were added to show the supposed connection to the blurry objects in the original photo. To say that these items look like her bags, clothes, etc merely because they bear some color resemblance (white, black, and not a very good matching brown) isn't very convincing and seems like a big stretch imho. But agree it will get folks looking into other tagged photos for whatever that may be worth.


Sorry if this is obvious, but the original image is her laying there, right? The bags were photoshopped in?


Yeah I think so. But no proof that's her at all. It's not even clear what that image is showing tbh it could just be items that look a certain way, open to interpretation and some are arguing that it looks like a woman laying there with some nearby bags that resemble those in some photos of her.


The pants look lighter in the picture of her laying down and the sweatshirt looks darker


The pictures from her that people are referencing are also more than likely edited and the sun beating on something could make it appear different.


A young woman is going to have more than one pair of leggings. They often come in packs with several pairs, different shades of the same color. Also the pictures referenced are months apart.


Never bought a pack of leggings before.


Neither have I but I have a girlfriend.




I find it hard to believe that some random people would post a photo of a "dead body" to social media during a troubling time like this...




I found a post last night!? I am somewhat new to Reddit, can I post the 2 photos here?


I don’t think necessarily it is her deceased body. She could have been laying there and gotten up so they didn’t think anything. But it does help a bit more for a timeline.


Do you happen to have a link to the original photo and where it came from? Just curious about its origin.


Just sent the wrong thing... I only have the photo from the reddit post. The group on fb is private.


I just requested to be added to a few groups on FB. Hopefully I can find the right one.


Not like they would have meant to, my goodness.


Does someone have link for original photo?


I pulled these photos into photoshop on the original thread on FB and pulled the colors from the hoodie and pants and the hoodie was almost an identical match. Pants were in the same color family. But difference in lighting/filters can account for that. I’m mostly a Reddit lurker so I don’t know how to add images here but I posted on the OP last night on FB. If it is her it could be helpful in placing her at an exact location at an exact date and time. Edit: link to photo I made. https://imgur.com/a/tyhQPEd


Wow great job man


Do you know how many shades of green are between the two? Looks like the hiking image on her IG was taken when it was cloudy and the other on the rock in GT is sunny, with some wildfire smoke as well. The purple looks like a practically identical match. Could be her go to “long hike” outfit. Delta Lake is 8.4 miles.


Just Google how to add a photo to Reddit and sites will come up for you. It’s super easy just upload direct and share links here.


Thanks! Edited with the link.


This is insane. It does look like it could be her. I mean…just, wow.


This case gives me really bad vibes. I’m sorry to say I dont think she’s alive .


Same here.


Wow this is so legit, great work! Do you know when this photo was taken?


I dont know. Looks like different colors / outfit to me. I mean I see what you're getting at but, I think the similarity is superficial. That brown blur is the closest thing to something I've seen with her, in https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10219996303439734&set=a.1064550015803&type=3. And even that's a stretch in this low res photo. I think this is grasping at straws and flawed with the assumption that nobody else would be wearing anything remotely similar or have a brown bag laying on a rock in a heavily trafficked trail - which is unfortunately what a lot of folks are doing now, immediately claiming that this is a photo of her when there's basically nothing to actually suggest that. It's interesting, though, looking through posted photos for clues. I wonder what else you can find.


Wow this is solid. Upvoted and commenting to boost.


Interesting, definitely looks similar and similar body type as well. Its a stretch though, AT and GT are across the country from each other and a 5 month gap.


Yeah but they’re just saying it’s an outfit repeat from clothes gabby owns


Yeah and another post since pointed out the similar objects/bags. Definitely seems like a lead.


Gone girl


Her feet or shoes are dirty, but the position of her leg is the one of someone straining to take "the perfect shot". I have been in similar positions many a time. [**Here's a good view —>**](https://www.google.com/maps/@43.7325982,-110.7718312,3a,62.6y,168.22h,96.56t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipMSyHeC2AKjspK3gg0CL65-LUs3QC-7gVv-2Uqe!2e10!3e11!6shttps:%2F%2Flh5.googleusercontent.com%2Fp%2FAF1QipMSyHeC2AKjspK3gg0CL65-LUs3QC-7gVv-2Uqe%3Dw203-h100-k-no-pi-0-ya43.877-ro-0-fo100!7i12288!8i4454) of the rock she's laying on. Rotate the view (its a 180° picture) and you'll see the mountain tops shown in the back of first pic in this thread. You'll find that it would be impossible for a deceased person to lay there unnoticed, with people circling around and climbing the rock. The person on the rock, maybe Gabby, was very much alive.


i hate to be that person but the colour and position (and the moisture visible beneath her body) is also a position of rigor mortis.