A Q149 score can mean that you do not fully understand the best ways (for you) to approach a problem. Remember, that you need to solve problems under timed conditions. To do this, you must be at the stage where you can quickly recall the methods that work for you. Targeted practicing can help you with this. There is no need to solve lots of problems. Just solve a small number of problems on specific topics and perfect your approach. On exam day, you should be able to quickly zero in on the method. Your willingness to give it another try based on your AWA score is a good sign. Being upbeat will help you, but you need to do targeted practice. Go with official questions. They are the best ones.


what did you follow for 5.5 AWA ?


Thanks for the tips! Where can i find official questions? And are there any specific sites/books you’d recommend for targeted practice and learning which methods work best for me?




Gregmat quant concept series


First check if you scored less because of time or unfamiliarity with concepts. If former, try timed mock tests otherwise GregMat like others said. Also don’t forget about deadlines and apply to back up universities as a safety net.


Magoosh quant is best source n gregmath verbal is best


Watch Gregmat quant concept series. If you still have any doubt in some topic, watch Khan Academy videos for that particular topic. Manhattan 5 lb and gre big book helped me a lot in practicing the concepts I learnt