Hedgies r fukt. Just don't dance 🚀

Hedgies r fukt. Just don't dance 🚀


Comments locked and post removed. Tweets from the sitting president aren't inherently political but the comments are.


It means he's going to tax the crap out of us once we finally get to the top! Lololol


Yup. The government can lick my asshole if they think they can stick their hand out after letting these fuckers off on taxes for their fabricated money for decades. I’ll be fighting them for every penny


I'm disappearing after MOASS. I'm 10 years into the military and I get out in a year. I don't want to partake in a society that indiscriminately bombs children, or where Bill Gates can go on in an interview and when asked about his relationship to Epstein, laugh and say "Well he's dead so..", or where it's understood that campaign promises from politicians only last up until those lobbyists get a hold of them, or where the wealthy are literally allowed to steal from the people and cheat them out of their money by doing illegal things and never be meaningfully punished or stopped OR imprisoned. Need I continue? I'm out bro. Catch me on a Greek island raising a nice little family.


>where it's understood that campaign promises from politicians only last up until those lobbyists get a hold of them How long till the lobbyists shut down Biden's "tax the rich" campaign?


Tax the rich means tax the rich, not wealthy


I am wealthy, does this mean I don't have to pay tax?


Depends how good your tax lawyer is


What's a lawyer?


Apes must start a lobbying firm first to clean up the government and then to make lobbying is illegal.


Wait wtf. Gates said that.


Well said ape, well said!


Glad I'm not the only one who was thoroughly fucking creeped out by that response by Bill Gates.


The moment we pay taxes on our tendies, the balance of power shifts to us.


Not likely. They’ll probably use that money to bail their cronies out and reset the whole system with new and improved features to make sure apes never get this opportunity again. Best thing we can do is take advantage of all of their loopholes and then get our money and our hairless asses out of the country as quickly as possible.


Think bigger. We're going to need to find our backbones and flex them more than a little bit.


Some of us aren’t that young. I’ve fought my fights and this may be my last for awhile. Gonna take some time to make my family happy and enjoy life while I watch Rome burn to ashes like it has so many times before.


Question.. You intend on procreating, but are also going to simply sit on smaugs mountain while your childhood friends who you will never see again have their lives dismantled for lack of participation...... What world do you plan to leave for these kids of yours? My countryfolk, you need to wise the fuck up.




Hey bud! Long time no see! How you been?


Hanging in there. I don't recognize your username tho.


Only one I ever used, we had a good convo a long time back


Cool! Send me a pm and remind me what we talked about, please? I think I'm remembering who, but would appreciate confirmation.


I agree. When we pay our taxes, create jobs, and lobby for things like healthcare, we’ll be too powerful for them not to listen to us


Bingo!!! Once I emerge from seclusion, I'll have no problem putting people to task. I have jo interest in humoring their delusions of thinking they know what's best. No, they don't. They prove it repeatedly. It's time for people who know what's better to take action.


Why lobby for gov force and inefficiency when you could advocate for lessening it while removing impediments to efficiency in free market solutions? I guess it's easier when you can get gov to bonk people into compliance.


There’s economies of scale with government. In many cases it’s much more efficient than the free market. There’s not a single private health insurance that’s anywhere near as efficient as things like Medicare There’s some bloated inefficiencies I’m government that we need to reduce funding for like the military and the police, but when it comes to social policies the federal government is the most efficient method.


No there aren't. None. There was before the state got involved the introduction of HMO and PPO destroyed medicine and gave us the system we have now. Your downvote tells me you aren't aware of basic impediments to better care that are law. 1 you and I can't get together and negotiate a beneficial group rate like employers and unions can. It's against the law. 2 you can't purchase health insurance across state lines. The reason car insurance is so cheap is because you can. Those are just two examples. The state is not your friend. Everything it has is stolen and everything it says is a lie. Look. Around.


If you hate government, you’ll love Somalia. It’s a libertarian paradise


Ah the classic Somalia non argument. I'll bite. It's the way it is because of competing entities who wish to govern, not because of a lack of government. What's crazy is when you can sit down with someone and show them that the state is nothing more than a pointed gun sometimes it clicks. But even then most people are fine with forcing people that don't agree with them to comply by leveraging the states monopoly on violence. That's a good doc btw. 'Monopoly on violence' its on the YouTube if you like philosophy.


Look at the privatisation of British railways for an example of how things can get more expensive, less efficient, and more dangerous when not under government control.


That’s less about government control and more about people starting to use cars. There was a time when train ridership all over the western world was decreasing in favor of cars


Don’t agree with the downvotes. Hope and change was always a dream without the tendies to back it up. Insert *thegooniesthisisourtime.gif*


No worries. Many minds are much smaller than they like to think. I'm not wrong. They just can't see it yet.


I prefer not to put myself on a pedestal above others But, with that being said, the “hope and change” was, and always will be, on the grassroots level. The folks that criticize the 50k strong CCP (a debatable number as the “official” numbers currently report the CCP has ~96m registered) controlling a population of 1.4b, are the same to refuse to look within and see that it is also happening to them. I don’t have the answers but I question everyone’s intentions


Your are very wise. I wish more people were willing to look inward. Since people refuse to look inward, they were given mirrors. Yet, when faced with their own reflection coming back at them, they blamed the mirror and called it ugly names. See where I'm going here? Feeling prophetic tonight.


I’m do not think I am wise but do acknowledge that I am also feeling a bit prophetic. Lost power here a few hours ago so las tiendas de licores closed a bit earlier than I anticipated. Now I’m making due with an aged bottle of Tanqueray, whatever juice wasn’t expired, and no ice. Keep fighting the good fight but remember to always be kind and fail better. Salud amigo/a.


Comparatively, you are wise. Take the compliment.


Humbly rejected my friend. I know what I am and I what I am not. I, like most in this life, have a lot to learn and that’s one of the reasons I love the community I have found here that started with DFV and has morphed so many times to now being moderated by u/pinkcatsonacid and her (reluctantly) ever growing team.


Yup, new tax rules for the new wealthy middle class.


Haha jokes on the government, my shares are all tax free.




[*That'll show those poor!*](https://youtu.be/K_LvRPX0rGY)


Anytime I see a political post where an ape thinks a politician is going to help us I start to question how truly retarded some of us are.


MOASS is retard-proof freedom and stability.


Career politician for 47 years, achieving nothing but an increase in net worth, and making corrupt deals to suit an agenda along the way. Now all of a sudden you want to believe that bullshit?


He’s saying that since we the apes are bout to be at the top.


I feel it coming… Moon soon? 🚀


Monsoon? I mean if you insist


He's not talking about the market, apes or hedge funds. He's talking about income tax rates.


>Career politician for 47 years, achieving nothing but an increase in net worth, and making corrupt deals to suit an agenda along the way. I always find it amazing when people think that professional corporate politicians are going to take the side of the average person against corporations. They clearly haven't looked at the history of these politicians.


>achieving nothing Oh, I beg to differ. He achieved a lot! Like voting for the Iraq war for instance.


Congratulations you named one thing a career politician accomplished in 47 years. Name something this rat bastard did before VP and POTUS? Even during those terms it’s a stretch to come up with something. This is not a gateway for a political debate, so if you want to respond that’s fine, but for the sake of the sub let’s just leave it at that one response and then we can just agree to disagree.


U missed some nuances here and there.


More like strong armed other politicians with a fictitious narrative of WMDs!


It is convenient, isn’t it?


This isn't GME related. It's also political, we don't do that here.


Lol. Don't trust the system. This includes POTUS. My college loans start up again in January. Thought he was going to do something about that? Words don't mean shit if they aren't backed by action.


It's hilarious that people thought their student loans will be forgotten. Didn't we figured like few months ago that those fucker made CDO's out of them and trading them like any other derivative? If they did forgive them it will probably collapse the system.


Garbage post. Wake up OP. No ones taxing the rich. The tax is for income, your middle class and upper middle class.


Can we also stop with the "just don't dance" bullshit?


I'll be dancing all the way to the credit union. Won't feel bad either because I told everyone about this so the onus is on them.


well what else can I post across all the gme threads to karma whore?


"Polls aren't being kind to me. What can I take credit for that is about to happen?"


Taxes? All my shares are in a tax free account . Get fukt government, I ain’t paying a dime


This is him saying that the top bracket paying 37% will be paying 39% soon. Funny thing is, billionaires typically pay about 8%. Also, this is about tax on income, and billionaires tend to have very little income in the traditional sense. They're still hurting the wrong people.


Been in government for like 50 years but now he wants to change stuff. Stop posting these fucking clowns.


I think he’s saying that the 1% have been stealing for ever!! BUT NOW THAT WE ARE THE 1% he can steal from us!!


He means us, the new top. Old money never dies.


Legend tells that when you take the last of old money's wealth they turn to dust.


Wait, I thought the POTUS was at the top..


Shhhh... don't tell him that.


Fuck off with politics, and he can go back to his basement for a fucking nap. This dirt bag is equally liable given he and the rest of the cronies been in the politics game for over 4 fucking decades!! And he ain’t changing shit! Can’t even hold a press conference without his handlers.


We're going to change that.... And give them rockets instead! /s


Don't get too excited. He's just going to eat ice cream and forget what day it is again, while sending the IRS to go through every one of your financial transactions with a fine tooth comb.


Less drivel, more swivel


This is the part of the political play where the finger pointing starts. Eyes up. And hands diamond


Talk is cheap. Watch US apes get hit with new tax laws rolled out literally the day the MOASS starts while the old billionaires cash flows out to their "ex"-wive's offshore accounts.


LoL like anything that comes out of his mouth is truth, maybe sleepy gibberish . Apes do not understand this level of retard


I’m supposed to believe senator credit card suddenly wants to screw over his cronies? Ok..


Tired with promises. Look at GG and his GameStop report ... Until I can see some real action, I wont believe in any Gov agent or departments or Policians, even POTUS.


What’s so civil about war?


I am not paying a dime if the squeeze is fucked with. I am not remotely retarded enough to fund the conglomerate that may rob me.


Reverse Byden like reverse crymer.


I don’t think this is his real account


I'll believe it when I see it. No, I won't, because I'll know they've just figured out other ways to cheat.


Awaiting obligatory pro-billionaire wage earners to air their indignant rage at this sentiment. **edit** - Annnnnd it's starting.


Laughing at people who indulge politicians that whether genuine or not, echo this sentiment.


Right on schedule.


Start a business and share profits with everyone. Start a business, take on some debt and give the business to the employees or offer to let them buy in. Start a co-op. *whispers I'm not a wage earner, I make good money because I provide value with the business I operate. *edit (jk) people who understand basic economics are going to clap back against my bullshit statement that preemptively places them in a victim class. Dafuq outta here.


Expecting 100+mil/billionaires pay effective taxes on whatever they earn at the same rate or, God forbid, even a little higher, than, you know, teachers, cops, nurses, prison guards, etc., makes one a victim? You are correct, someone in this exchange doesn't understand basic economics.


Never mind. Your profile reads like a left wing main stream news commentary feeds info into your NPC non-cpu.


Well if you must leave this conversation please be careful not to let facts & reality hit you on the ass on your way out of it.


There's zero evidence of you entertaining notions other than those ideas your married to on your comment history. I'm quite studied on the reality of facts in your worldview: they're whatever is convenient to be discarded at the first and thousandth moving of the goal posts.


Heyyyy, fellow ape! Welcome back!


No need for you to be an asshat. Ape no fight ape. Your trolling is not welcome, you can see yourself out.


Tell me you don't know who pays the majority of taxes without telling me you don't know who pays the majority of taxes. Tell me you don't understand the difference between income and net worth without telling me etc. Look, I'm sure we'll agree there are "bad" billionaires that abuse the system well there's millions more that aren't billionaires that abuse the system as well. Wut do? I have a question. What is the difference between rape and love making, what differentiates the two?




I'll believe it when I see it. Can't trust words from a politician (except maybe Sanders).


No WE!


That's cute.


He cheated medicare out of $500k. Are you really listening to him!?




this has nothing to do with GME


I believe the saying is “EAT THE RICH” this corrupted tax the rich BS has got to go. It’s AOC/dems pandering to their base.


Yeah yeah yeah. Im waiting to see some actions, so far its been only words


You believe this puppet? He has dementia and can only speak while reading a teleprompter. He ain’t gonna save us


Talk is cheap.... 😒 Let's see some action.


Govern = control Ment = mind


They learned this somewhere? Speaking without action


Hes gonna punish or success... but fuck it I'll pay my part


I get the reference. Brad Pitt