institutions should be banned from single family housing. fucking criminal what they’re doing


smart money


Crash already so I can buy a house.


Jokes on you. By that point a mortgage will be about 17.3%


Not if he pays cash, he just waiting for a dip lol


The only ones with cash like that are the financial firms buying up all the houses and trust fund babies. The American Dream was just loaded into a body bag and unceremoniously dumped into the river.


Well, he probably hodling gme like we are


After this bitch prints the fuckin *last* thing I'll be reinvesting in is the US stock market.


I'm not following you. Dude wants to buy a house.


After GME moons, the fuckin *last* thing i’ll be reinvesting in is the Vietnamese Toad market


This is why I make it so far down these threads.


Im not following you. Dude wants to buy a Vietnamese Toad.


The america dream? Lmfao you still believe that?


For sure. It just needs to be fought for. People have been complacent for too long, taking the dream for granted as corruption slowly took hold, keeping the dream for itself. This is a true opportunity to reverse that. We do our part as individual investors by holding so RC and others have the numbers needed to implement the game stopping plan. The American dream in big part, relies on decent people to help each other to achieve it. Hep make your local community thrive. Instead of giving money to politicians to “fix” things, give to your neighbor so he can help himself/herself. Be the change you want to happen and spread that light and love into the world. There is certainly not enough of it right now.


Clearly not.


Who’s gonna need a mortgage here??


Just don't dance. This shit is going to ruin millions of lives.


It will until we get paid! You better believe I’m planning on spreading that wealth to my community


Fer sizzle. The last thing I'll be throwing my cash at is the US stock market tho.


Not if people start one with me!


Puts here, get ya puts here!


And since then the minimum wage has been increased in a lot of places. So it's probably worse now than 2008


I swear to fucking God, dude. If you're trying to blame this shit on the poors.......


I didn't read it that way. The graph in the screenshot is home price / median income being the highest since 2008. With minimum wage increases, it is reasonable to assume the median income is also higher, so home prices would have to be quite a bit higher for the numbers on the graph to be higher than 2008. It doesn't speak to blame at all. More than anything, it speaks to affordability, and housing prices are not reasonable, regardless of wage increases. The "why" is an entirely different matter.


This is what I meant, thank you.


My apologies. I read your comment In the wrong context and beg your pardon. I hope you can understand where I was coming from even though it was wrong in it's core.


U didn’t APElogize enough , now give him ur banana 🍌


Sorry bro. All my bananas are locked up in GME. I hear Melvin's got some on discount tho.




I'm not.


Yes. My apologies. My interpretation of your point was totally wrong.


No, its the people that think they are "helping" the poors. Its like daylight savings time, people think if you redistribute the stuff differently it will somehow change how the stuff works. If min wage is $8 and its not enough to survive, instead of increasing post-highschool education availability, trade schools, bringing manufacturing back home from china and encouraging people to do more than minimum work, lets just give them $15! Then *shock* **low income suddenly has more money so everything costs more**, how did that happen?


I'm a realtor . This is my third boom bust cycle. This one is gonna be way worse. 2008 was easy mortgage money and mortgage fraud. 2022 is easy mortgage money and an entire financial system built on fraud plus we have 70s style energy shortage. See you primates on the other side. No Lamborghini for me. I'm gonna become invisible. An old truck and a modest house at the edge of civilization. Display of wealth in hard times invites danger


They'll just change the way median income is calculated


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now government owned though after the bailout in 2008. Can't bankrupt a government that's always been bankrupt.


Compare home values and construction material prices over that same period. You'll find that they overlap currently, whereas in 2008 home prices were far greater than construction materials. So basically, home prices are going up because they cost more to build. A lot more to build. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/WPUSI012011#


Doesn't explain the cost of existing homes rising so sharply. A friends home in Denver cost $200k to buy in 2011, its currently valued at $600k. A cool dugout house down the street from work was $110k in 2005, its currently for sale for $350k. My parents home in Tulsa cost $62k in 1998, its currently worth $180k.


I’d like to see a chart based on payment. Rates were lower (until the last month)


This means nothing by itself


Is that adjusted for inflation?


Go look at inventory numbers of houses for sale in 2008 and compare them to now. Almost 4 million homes for sale across the US in 2008. Less than 1 million for sale now. There will not be a crash, a correction in pricing maybe but not a crash.