Alpha males only breed with other alpha males.


Ligma males.


*sigh* What's ligma?




*i hate myself*


You should rub frumunda cheese on that burn!


*clearly, nothing rimes with frumunda* Excuse me, Sir, what's frumunda?


Frumunda my BALLS!!!!


I feel like I recognise you from somewhere… aren’t you the guy from Saw Con?


Saw con? What the hell is saw con?




This is real friendship, You saw what needed to be done, and you stepped up. It's like when youre watching lord of the rings and the scene when aragorn kicks the helmet comes on and your friend says "Did you know that Viggo broke his toe doing this and thats why his pain looks so real"... and instead of saying "of course I know that..." You say "Oh wow? really? Thats neat thanks for sharing homie" because youre a friend and you want your friend to enjoy their silly little thing. Same goes for memes that someone shows you that you already saw... you dont say "I already saw that..." you say "haha" We need more people like you as friends.


What did you expect


Ligma Taint


A worthy sacrifice.


Well I like you. Thanks for throwing them the 'oop.


Thank you for your sacrificr




I read this as "ligma males" as rhyming with "tamales"


Smegma males


Sipma males


Where exactly on your males do you want the tongue?


Not Johny sins, he's sigma


Johnny sins is infertile 🙃


You do have to be a fuckin clown to listen to advice from a human trafficking rapist..


You do have to be a fuckin clown to listen to anybody on the internet at this point. There are thousands of more credible people on the internet who still spill their shit everywhere just with the hope of getting famous and wealthy from gullible auditors.


I always wonder how many insecure dudes in their 30s are reading comments with just trash perspectives and going "hmm, I mean if this is what my peers are thinking..." without considering that the comment was most likely from some 15 year old edgelord. Like how many grown-ass men are letting anonymous teenagers control their worldviews? The number can't be zero.


The thought is very cringy indeed


Internet changed nothing, when people stop thinking for themselves tragedies are inevitable. Hitler and Stalin didn't need social media influencers.


Didn't half of the United States vote for a rapist in the last two Presidential elections?


Not half but an embarrassingly high number I suppose :(


No. Nearly half of _eligible_ , registered voters. Which, because of the Just Us system, is far fewer than "half the population of adults over 18"


You also have to be a clown to get arrested for accidentally revealing your location to the authorities by a PIZZA BOX


What he sells is very appealing to young teen boys. Most teen boy wants to be rich, they want to have muscles, and they want to have woman want them. They see a guy who has all that. And so they take everything he says as gospel. And when men don't leave that mentality. You have the 20-30 year olds doing the same thing.


Why traffic when you can just masturbate saves quite a bit of time effort and money


I hate traffic. Would much rather be sitting at home masturbating.


I hate sitting at home. Would much rather be in traffic masturbating.


I hate masturbating at traffic. Would much rather be home standing


And my axe!


Which one is your axe? This silver one? No? How about this golden one? No too? This old rusted one?


Axe body spray


You have been honest. I shall give you all the axes. And I mean ALL!!


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Just the tip?




Wow thank god you guys get it


At least it's not the dead brother. Masturbating to their dead brother would be awkward. Not as awkward as masturbating the dead brother, I guess.


There’s a dead one that’s messed up


I would rather sit at masturbating. Instead of traffic home.


>Why traffic when you can just masturbate saves quite a bit of time effort and money Honestly, masturbation can solve a lot of problems. Infidelity, unhealthy kinks... Let's all learn the slogan: >*Your right hand is always your best friend...*






Imagine running a whole illegal racket and then being caught because you were too butt hurt by a 19 year old's reply to your useless fucking tweet at the first place.


tl;dr? I really don't want to watch a lore video on tate


Tate tried to troll Greta (climate change activist) and brag about how much emissions his cars make. Greta tweets a good comeback basically calling him a small dick insecure man. Tate gets mad that Greta got hundreds of thousands of people laughing at him because of Gretas comeback. He tries to do the "Im rubber, your glue" comeback and say that greta has a small dick. You can tell that Tates ego has been shattered and that he was bothered about Gretas comeback. He posts a picture of him eating pizza and tried to troll her again that he doesnt recycle his boxes (Gretas an advocate of recycling). The picture of the pizza box lets Romanian authorities know that Tate is in the country, as its a Romanian pizza box. He's been wanted for himan trafficking, but he's often not home. The Romanian pizza box indicated that he was currently home. tl;dr Tate got himself arrested because of his tiny ego and the need to make himself feel powerful by attacking others. Greta ended the exchange by saying that this is why you should recycle.


Don't forget that every right winger and enlightened centrist out there came to Tate's defense before *and* after the arrest. Once again demonstrating when it comes to human garbage and a decent human being, they'll side with human garbage every time.


That's not fair to say! It depends on the color of the human garbage! They have some standards! /s 🫠


calling andrew taint human garbage is an insult to human garbage


What’s worse is Greta’s comeback honestly *wasn’t* good. It was an unoriginal, generic joke but Tate’s ego is so fragile it sent him over the edge.


Romanian police knew where he was cause he tweeted a video at someone which included a local pizza box


Greta Thunberg said Tate had small dick energy. Tate gets butthurt and posts a reply. There was a pizzabox in his post that people used to narrow down his location. Tate gets gets arrested by the Romanian government. tldr: Tate got doxed by a pizzabox and his own fragile ego


Doxed by Box sounds like an excellent band name or something xD


[TL;DR](https://imgur.com/a/Px8LjSw) The rest of his tweet: My Bugatti has a w16 8.0L quad turbo. My TWO Ferrari 812 competizione have 6.5L v12s. This is just the start. Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions.


I seriously don't understand incels. It takes no effort to be kind and respectful to a woman. This leads to many wonderful things including sex. This isn't rocket science. For all of you that boiled that comment down to kindness and respect in trade for sex, no mater from what side of the discussion you are coming from, please reevaluate your life.


That's not how a REAL man behaves tho /s


Then a "Real Man" can get used to staying single


fellas is it gay to not hate women


Obviously, if you like women, and they like men, that means you like men. That's like at least 61% gay, you might as well open up a bakery and settle down with Brandon, now. /s


Its gay if you only have 1 car


You just gave away the secrets to the universe. I’m quite sure however that incels don’t know how to read, so it all levels out.


Andrew Tate fans aren’t always incels, they’re just misogynists. Incels are men who are incapable of having sex regardless of how hard they try (incel = involuntary celibate), which is often just a result of physical ugliness as opposed to misogyny. Misogynists are defined by their bigoted, sexist views.


Honestly, for a lot of incels their misogyny is also a very big part for why they're still single. I mean, who in their right mind would start a relationship with someone who is actively spouting hate against their group?


I’ve read enough YouTube comments to know that misogyny is not the *cause* that makes an incel. Most of the time it’s a result of being an incel. That’s not something people like to admit


It's easier to believe that being an incel is some kind of karmic punishment for odious beliefs, but those of us in the dating pool know that's not true. There's tons of woke incels. Shit, just look at Reddit. And there's tons of misogynistic assholes who get laid all the time. It's not that hard to wear a mask for 3 dates (at most). You're talking about pretending not to be a misogynist for like 6 hours.


Society needs to stop conflating guys who can't find girls with misogynists. Misogynistic trash guys are 95% f\*boys who get loads of girls without trying. 5% maybe are incels - it appears much larger on the internet because f\*boys don't spend much of their time on the internet. Nearly every girl I've ever met has stories of being treated like sh\*t by good-looking charming guys who turned out not to be what they seemed. Not a single one has any story of being hurt in any way by an Incel, for obvious reasons. They might have stories of catcalling and harassment, sure. But you're crazy if you think Incels, who spend their lives in their parents' basement, have the confidence to harass girls in the street. 9 times out of 10, the guys who harassed my girlfriend were not shy Incel types, they were usually rich married guys in their 40s and 50s - bosses and senior colleagues. Most guys who can't find a girlfriend are not Incels: they don't hate women, they just hate themselves. Ironically, since they are increasingly labelled by society as Incels and blamed for misogyny generally, more are turning towards Incel culture as a refuge. Can you honestly say you haven't noticed a trend of people using 'incel' as a generic insult for guys who are sexually frustrated? How do you think that makes such people feel? I really feel for them and I hope people try to have empathy. They often suffered from years of bullying and depression, and feel incapable of having the social and love lives that most others take for granted. They need mental health support, not constant attacks. Society creates its own monsters.


Ever go on one of the incel sites and look at the pictures they post of themselves. 9/10 times they are completely normal looking. There is something else off about them that leads to them not getting attention from women early on and this snowballs into outright hatred and misogyny as they get deeper in incel rhetoric


Can't generalize, but for an incel, misogyny can be a way to feel "in control" of a situation they cannot change. Seen similar contradictions in very ugly women stating how "they would only date a man who is at least 6 feet tall, makes 7 figures, and has an 8-inch dlck".


you say it like incel is a good thing. Incel are people who believe society owes them the right to own women. they practice celibacy as if it were a hunger strike in protest of the "right" they are denied. They are a bunch of shit


You say this but you don't really get it. Incels ARE misogynists. The most important part of it is the incessant and obsessive quest to have sex. That in itself is misogynistic, viewing women as objects to attain and to fuck. They don't view women as full human beings but as an experience to obtain, a conquest, a body, getting rid of their own insecurities. To view sex in this way IS to be misogynistic. And we can only blame patriarchy and individualistic society for this. Don't downplay inceldom because that has dangerous consequences, we must not forget a common link between mass shooters is misogyny, and a misogyny that sounds a whole lot like this


This is an insult to clowns everywhere.


I’m sorry Steve-O. The GOAT clown


Literally, every dude I know either doesn't know who he is or thinks he's a prick. I think you'll find it's the media that is stirring it up because he says a load of bollocks that people like you then take a gospel truth as some kind of messiah for men. The guys a cunt. Simple as.


You're probably an adult. His target audience and the majority of his fanbase are children & teenagers. That's what makes grifters of his kind so creepy. Well that and the raping.


Completely wrong. Teenagers happen to be using social media more and post more so it seems like that’s his fan base. But teenager don’t have income to pay for his super cars. His core target fans and money makers are adult males who suffer from female rejection and failure in life. They go on a dead end 8-5 job, are single and lonely, need a place to dump the mental trash, a place to find comfort and rant society problems, a place that celebrates vengeance and anger. Andrew doesn’t give a sh!t about kids, he wants suckers to spam social media to reach more adult male losers to pay for his scam. The OP you reply to is a normal social guy, so he has no time on specific tates videos, only get pushed with some of tates worst clips on main stream media and planted the bad image.


I know a 15 year old boy who's obsessed with Andrew Tate. It's gotten to the point where he doesn't gaf about school, "grinds" instead of socialising at parties or meeting friends and has invested in stocks. He has ordered cheap things off AliExpress or somthign and is selling them on Amazon to make a profit. I think he has more money than me and I'm 22.


yea dropshiping is great and all, untill it isn't. At some point the cheap stuff you sell breaks, the customer requests a refund and you lost all the money you invested. For major brands this is fine because they control their own production and hence know the quality and make enough money to eat those costs, but i have seen enough teenagers who though they could outsmart the system end up in dept (or if they are not 18 yet their parents in debt) because they made promises they could not keep.


That's what I'd be worried about. If it was that easy, everyone would do it.


>I think he has more money than me and I'm 22. Well that's no huge boast, most 22 year olds are broke and have college debt. Plus it's definitely not worth spending all your time trying to "make money moves" instead of just like living your life, making friends, and hanging out with people and doing shit you love. Like what's his end goal, make enough money so he can go out on creepy vacations with desperate high school girls as a 50 year old man?


I totally agree. He doesn't need much money at 15. It's a huge waste of time, he should be having fun. Also, I am an EU citizen so no college debt for me. I'm lucky to be born where I was!




You know what's worse? The hypocrisy. Well... maybe not the worse... the worse is the raping and trafficking... but the hypocrisy is the second... a way distant second


He's a content cow for media cycles, nothing more to it.


So he's a lolcow for major news networks?


my school is full of his fans


They love that video of him dancing in a corner


just means you arn’t friends with simps and incels. (this is a compliment)


The guy has influenced possibly millions of frustrated socially inept boys into social violence against women which we have already seen turn into real violence. It isn’t something to dismiss so easily. Women are not safe anywhere again because of the current wave of misogynists like him. You’re ignorant. Simple as.


Millions? Really? I've never heard of him outside of social medias calling him a cunt. Doesnt he only have a podcast? Boys dont even listen to podcasts Get off Twitter before you get scared of your own shadow


He is pretty popular with boys in schools and a real problem for safeguarding. /source - am a teacher.


I really hope this arrest woke up a lot of impressionable teens for their sake


Most of his fans believe it was a false arrest and the “elites” are taking him down for saying things against the narrative


Since when Greta is an elite lolololol


It's no more fanatical than the belief in a stolen election, fictions have become truths for those encouraged by others avoiding the consequences of their beliefs and actions


Not anything to do with Greta. They think the world governments are conspiring to take him down because he “empowers” young men. He’s made several statements like “if I get arrested it was fake and by the elites” or “i would never S-word so if I die the elites killed me”. The perfect confirmation bias for his unintelligent fan base


Are we censoring the word suicide now?


Sadly, pretty much


he somehow tricked 200k people into paying for his $50 monthly subscription. The amount of people who didnt pay id assume millions


$50 monthly subscriptions where he offers you dogshit advice to ensure you never actually grow and are thus left in a cycle where you continue paying him in hopes you will eventually succeed.


Who the hell is this Tate prick and why would we care?


He preys on and manipulates insecure men, telling them that the root of all their issues is not having enough money and too many emotions, then tells them he can solve those problems if they pay $50 a month to get in on his mlm. Oh and he was also busted for trafficking women and forcing them to make OF content and preaches weird misogynistic takes.


What's his mlm?


he has multiple but his biggest is hustlers university


Finally, someone who sees through his bullshit. I had to explain to my son that Tate is a scammer and makes his money off of insecure men. It was with a great amount of joy that I told him Tate got arrested for human trafficking.


Basically he’s a sexist bigot who thinks women should serve men and men should have all the say over women.


You know how the kardashians are basically famous for being vapid and famous? And their prime audiance is poor women? Andrew tate is basically the male version of the kardashians for men. Rich vapid and fawned upon by a legion of male/female followers. Its just stupid rich people being stupid rich people. And no you shouldn't care at all.


You cannot compare the Kardashians to Andrew Tate. He's a criminal who has raped and trafficked women. Kim Kardashian is now a lawyer who has set up a non-profit to help wrongly convicted people. The Kardashians are ridiculously Rich and maybe that's ethically questionable but they are not nearly as harmful as Tate.


She is not a lawyer in any form. She's never even attempted the California state BAR exam.


Kim is not a lawyer and she has still had a net negative effect on the world as a whole.


Poor naive girl, i feel sorry for u


I'm not trying to make a 1 to 1 comparison but isn't Kim K trying to get a convicted murderer out of jail?


Yea the kardashians are not harmfull, rofl


Finally a response I don't have to redirect to counseling.. lol **WINNER** GG and thanks for playing!


He's a sexist, misogynistic scumbag who has a disturbingly large internet following. He sold courses on how to become rich/an "alpha male"/etc. He's been kicked off of numerous social media platforms due to his behaviour. Additionally he's currently in trouble with the law in Romania for charges including rape and human trafficking. All around he is just a sad, hateful and all around vile person and the world would be a better place with him in prison.


The world would be better without him, period.


He's actually just a fake guru that runs a scheme that involves everyone sharing clips of him to increase his popularity. He lures people in by saying all kinds of crap. Some good, some bad, some sexist, some hateful. Basically you throw a wide net and catch anything that sticks. Now apparently he's arrested for sex trafficking. We'll see how that turns out.


Am I the only person who has never heard a word the guy has ever said? Seriously if he is that much of a dickhead then stop shining a light on him?


It’s a controversial topic that’ll get people clicks and views that’s why people love talking about him.


Andrew Tate is nothing more than an absolutely idiotic cave man that understands nothing and only spouts shit from his mouth.


gay sex prevents abortion suck a cock for Jesus




Just in this post I can’t tell who is on whose side 💀💀💀


this whole bs bout alpha male n beta make is immature asf💀 stop tryin to compete and prove a point to get women. if u have to compete to get a female u clearly dont have self worth.


Dude’s will say they‘re sigmas and beat off to futa while wearing anime skirts lmao


bro this is the funniest thing i've read all week


Who is Andrew Tate lol


Never mind bro, You deserve to have the peaceful life you have.


Andrew taint needs to expand his horizons, and his asshole for that one dude named ‘tiny’ with a 12 inch cock in the prison showers.


Well if it weren’t for you guys obsessing over how much you hate him, I wouldn’t even know he existed. So there’s that.


I'm at a family gathering this weekend, it took all of 30 minutes for my uncle to start talking about how "Andrew Tate was set up"


Tate is a fukup from the first time i saw him


Andrew tate is still brong held in jail and is considered a flight risk For all of you claming he's free


Guys a scum bag


That’s hilarious. Many many woman get attracted to assholes who talk like Tate.. don’t be acting like they don’t. If Wife murderers can get love letters from woman… dudes who talk down to woman can love em. Let’s stop pretending women and men are will find love and attention from anywhere.


if the women were attracted to him why the trafficking charge?


From what I read he had them in a warehouse doing OF crap


It happens from manipulation and abuse. Women don't actually like men like that. You don't know many women who are open with you


That is so so far from true. I don't know a single woman who likes Andrew Tate. There's just anomalies that go viral on the internet and then men confirm it to other men. It's not common, you're an idiot.


Yet another difference between men and women. Woman hate him if they dont know him personally, those that do will be enticed by his money. I actually havent seen any woman who knows him through his online persona and actually like him. They probably exist, i guess, but i havent seen any yet But his male fans all love him despite not knowing him personally, they dont even take his money, they pay him instead.


Well this is just a fucking depressing paragraph. Lol if she likes men that treat her like shit then she ain’t worth the effort go for a woman that will actually appreciate you being a good human being. We need to stop acting like being a caveman is worth the pussy when it’s never worth it to devolve yourself.


if they do then they’re probably toxic women too. toxicity attracts toxicity. but i can’t think of a single sane woman in my life who would avidly seek out a sigma male who preaches male dominance and takes advantage of people below him.


"the barbra streisand effect" OP are you on Andrew Tate payroll? I don't want this guy to get attention so I will give him attention.


The problem is that video exists of that girl belittling him when he was younger, and confirms he's 100% a dorky incel. Now we're seeing how he really made his money. Allegedly. Assuming he really has any.


Lol 😂 so true


It's so funny when this "Alpha-Coaches" teach: You have to be a man, you have to treat women like shit, they like it, they want it, they have this desire for bad boys and real man. Yeah sure, that is for the 0,1% guys who looks good and have money... now here comes Larry, a 4/10 with 40k and lives the alpha-man lifestyle 🤣🤣


This is a recipe for those said men to get frustrated that they’re not getting results so they cling tighter to Tate. “Why don’t I have bitches?” Idk man maybe First realize they’re people and no one wants to be talked down to 😐


Ya but I just got back from the Red Lobster


I think clown face should be on very first text


Reddit tier meme.


Jake Paul is crying with all the money he lost not being able to box this guy 😂 But seriously idgaf how popular they are they need locked up if that shit is true.


Thankfully, I'd never heard of this guy until today. Hopefully I'll never hear about him again


You deserve your peaceful life bro, don't look him up or his vids


Ok so when I was younger this kid let's call him Kent well me and Kent have known eachother for a long time since kindergarten now Kent was a very let's say manipulative kid now I remember he would always think he's better and shush me as I go to talk ok whatever we were kids but then I leave the school and I don't see him till the 7th grade well when Kent realized I was there he was laughing me not recognizing him just felt odd but then I do recognize him now he decides he's going to make fun of me I didn't let this bother me but I remember that I was at the gym after school and I saw him there he wanted to play some basketball, idecided to join but when he starts making fun of me I had some comebacks anyways back and forth and then he decides to tell me I'm an alpha male (flexing his mucles) and getting real close and I just laugh so hard and just leave I will never forget that funny moment


You can use more than one sentence in a long text you know.


Asking the real question here!


They ain’t gay or nothin but they’ll take a shot in the mouth from trump or this clown😂😂


Alpha males ignore these posts. Fuck. Guess i am not Alpha :(


“What colour is your pepper spray can?”


Someone recently said alpha males remind them of alpha versions of software that are usually heavily flawed and unstable.


Well to be completely fair to him, Andrew Tate is a gigantic toolbag.


Just wishing good luck to all the dominate type women in their relationship search.😂👍 But hey, I think Ryan Seacrest might be single again.🤣🤷‍♂️


Sometime ago my uncle was ranting about he thanks god he ain't rich since he would get a bunch of bitches around him and prolly have to do this shit (trafficking women). I didn't think something like it would take place


Think he was trying to make money off those men


I met a tate fan in a LoL match today... Yikes...


The word is 'incels'


OP is the last aspect of this meme without tates influence.


Your caption has me laughing on the bus 😭


Lmao I’m glad - it was meant to be taken lightheartedly


Anything dragging that cretin's name through the mud is alright with me 😂


Women won't date hustler university students for one simple reason. If it happened, Tate would lose a customer. Keep them single by giving bad information


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOVJ3zaQnYo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOVJ3zaQnYo) Once Andrew Tate is forgotten about, maybe the weird, mysogenystic, incel simps that subscribe to his $40/monthly website can segue to having Dennis as an Idol. This video is pretty accurate though, tbh


Each time my boyfriend watches one of his shorts I think "hm maybe he's not so bad after all" and then all of them end with a misogynistic joke and it makes me wonder why anyone still watches his stuff with how predictable everything he says is.


So how did he make the majority of his money? Did he give off the impression that he had such a huge male fanbase that it afforded him the cars etc. in an attempt to launder dirty money from sex trafficking? And more young men started following him b/c they thought his money came from him being a popular social media influencer?


Idiot got what he deserved.


It's the caption for me lmao


Why own one 19 year old when owning multiple 19 year olds is what got the Romanian SWAT to detain you in the first place.


Andrew tate karma farm train, choo choo


I like how we have Epstein’s list and Maxwell was convicted of trafficking yet they can’t find the people who trafficked kids… but a pizza box gets this guy caught lol


this meme is ridiculous. like most idiots you watched/listened to edited clips rather than listening to what he said. yall the real clowns 🤡 probably preached you had to get a covid shot too that ended up being proven was worthless. 2022 the circus 🎪 continues!!! #FreeTopG


Man people on reddit literally letting this man live in their head rent free running their entire emotional state.


Unfair to clowns.


I wouldn't call this funny. It's just kinda creepy how accurate this is.


Isn’t it interesting that supporting Andrew Tate seems to alienate you from a large portion of society however people still choose to support him, and are called “sheep” for it. I would think life would be easier if you went around saying “I hate Tate” but clearly a decent sized group of people isn’t concerned what you think about them, but is more concerned about the information being out there.


Andrew Tate is Top G and women don’t take alphas because they’re out their league.


This should be read from bottom to top


He’s trafficking for money, not for pleasure. He’s a pos.


Try to date a sissy - we'll love you :)


Inside Andrew Tate there are two alpha wolves...because he's being double penetrated in a Romanian prison.


Soy boy threads


Some of the things Andrew tate says is true. In a sea of bullshit, randomness, and compensation. A very small percentage is true


Andrew tate has taught me to find a woman who knows her worth and is willing to contribute to the relationship both in economics and love. Im no alpha male but if you listen to his long format and not just tik tok shorts then you'd see he is actually saying alot of clever stuff. The rest is a act to get attention to draw focus on what he has to say long format. He is trying to get rich aswell as help others get rich. No successful entrepreneur does this in fear of losing their secret. He doesn't give a fuck and let's you take part of the wealth.