I wonder how one comes to know about 10 guys.


They post pictures of the gang bang?


That's one way...any others


All it takes is one vicious argument.


This guy relationships.




She sent him 19 letters, 10 breakup letters and 9 saying she wanted him back!


she has her own category on pornhub?


She might be on Onlyfans.


She might be on Onlyfans.




10 different kids


Where do they post those horrible, horrible images?




I'd hate to be the guy who fucked a PTSD veterans wife while he was away.


None of them knew. I went home with a girl once and started noticing dude things around. Went to the bathroom to “freshen up” found beard clippers under the sink and jumped out the window. I don’t want to be that guy


Bro u know u could have left through the door right, no need to jump out of windows as if the house gonna explode


Looking back that would have been a lot smarter but I was 19 and just freaked.


Maybe this “girl” just wasn’t a girl.. you made the right choice either way..


Be hot and announce that you’re DTF in any bar.


Doesn't even have to be hot...


While ten guys fucking a dumpster fire isn’t unheard of, I wouldn’t put money on it happening in every bar.


Fair enough, but if that bar is in or near a military base, then the chances are much higher. I've worked with too many guys who have little to no standards.


My friend is a Marine, can confirm


I was a Marine, can confirm.




Always remember. Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Men are the gatekeepers of relationships.


gay men are the gatekeepers of heaven. lesbians the gatekeepers of hell. trans people gatekeepers of the mortal realm, and without them all would be lost


This reads like the weird world building of a Chinese novel except they’re allowed to mention gay people


gay men slap arrogant young masters, lesbians cultivate yin energy, trans people follow the mortal dao, without them the path to immortality is lost


Heh thats pretty true


You just blew my mind. Fk




I'm almost 30 and I've never heard this obvious truth until today. What the fuck


It's time to ram those damn gates


Wow this is interesting and thought-provoking!!


I guess he was the secret cameraman if he knows it was 10 guys who gbanged his wife.


I knew a girl, she was kinda fat. Not that attractive. She had tinder gold and had like 3000+ likes on her account. If a girl really wanted to she could get a football team in a couple of weeks worth of guys lmao.


My friend said he didn’t know what to do with his life, so he joined the army. Three years later, he still doesn’t know what to do with his life The only difference is that he has tinnitus and a new truck.


At least he has access to education with the GI bill


Imagine thinking the risk of disability or death is worth it for a degree in communications or some BS


Doesn't have to be a BS. Could get a BA


Get out. Take this upvote and get out


Ha! I took my BS and got out!


Dammit take my updoot


You got a BS: Bullshit, an MS: More Shit, and a PhD: Piled Higher and Deeper.


That's some republican Facebook meme tier shit


Give him a break, I nostril exhaled




Eh, the security clearance can be worth it to some people. Everybody is different.


Yeah, the clearance makes a huge difference. Especially if you can get a GS postion


I just like all the saluting!!


-german soldier, trying to convince soldiers to not shoot him


most German soldiers wouldn't have to try to convince soldiers not to shoot them, the allies were more than happy to take prisoners from the wehrmacht, it's the ss who'd have to do that


Canadians would disagree.


You know you can join the army and never see anything close to combat right? Do you think there all just soldiers at war constantly lol


It’s sad. But more accurately, while enlisted, they will pay for an AAS, BS, MS, and a certificate if you want that. I have five degrees.


I still feel like you shouldn't have to go to an active war zone and get PTSD to get affordable education


You don’t. Community college and trade schools are very economical in a lot of places


20k for a degree is still ridiculous.


Isn't tinnitus like THE top (most frequent) disability? I know people who developed it because they were too close to explosions, self explanitory. Others got it from sitting in the elictrical hum of many computers all day, every day.


Server room white noise, being near running jet engines- even through the small foamies and headset ear protection, etc. during inspections and launch duty. It all adds up and I get that high pitched whine in my ears every once in awhile.


Yup. I don’t know any vet who doesn’t also have it. It’s a miserable thing to deal with sometimes.


I don’t have it. Spent four year on the flight line near F-15s and four years as a Line Medic shooting and hanging around when things went boom. Also, I have an old Bell System telephone at home. It rings sometimes but when I pick it up, no one is there. Friggin Verizon “claims” nothing is wrong. Bullshit.


It's not bad for me. Puts me to sleep right away. Feels like I'm camping with crickets. Granted, it's probably gonna get worse as I get older.


US Army: Come to war, someone will take care of your wife


These garden tools ain’t loyal……….


I need to use this from now on.


Faded than a rake


Cmon just because they’re a woman doesn’t mean they’re automatically a gardener. Oh… *hoes*…


Hahaha wish I could give you award but I am broke.


i gotchu


Stop right there!...this was brilliant.


Jhoedie’s in my shed again.




Cause these gardeners just wanna shovel shit.




They're not your tools.


You can't make a watering mechanism a housewife


More like garden stools


Can't put loyalty on a hoe


Its funny cause its true. I knew a guy who deployed and the week before he came back his wife cleaned out the bank account and gave him divorce papers. He probably suck started his rifle.


Happened to both my brothers during their first marriages. Not just their bank accounts but cleaned out the house and sold their cars they literally came back to nothing.


Fucking jody and dependas...


As an OEF vet, every time I come into these threads, it makes me value the relationship and trust that my wife and I have for each other more and more.


You would think that laws would be in place for this very specific set of circumstances. Military just doesn't give a single fuck anymore


The military is encouraging 19 year olds to get married in the first place.


Wrong. When I was in, everyone starting from boot camp told everyone time and time again what a dumb fucking idea it is to get married while you're in. There were entire seminars covering that. Yet, you will always have the one 18 year old who thinks he found the love of his life after knowing this girl for 2 weeks at MOS school. Everyone from his peers to his higher ups will tell him he's being a retard and he will still go through with it.


The military makes living in the barracks hell, then only lets junior enlisted move out if they get married. And if they do get married and move out of the barracks, they get a huge bump in pay. Yeah, everyone will tell him he should stay single, but incentivizing marriage this much also sends a message, and actions speak louder than words.


Barracks living isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Yeah, you got roomates and field day, but it was pretty fun having people to talk/hang out with as well as splitting up the work evenly. The bump in pay also only covers the cost of rent in the area unless you wanna live in a shithole apartment, in which case you're now paying for two people plus all the amenities you had for free on barracks. Anybody who gets married for the money is a flat out idiot. It just loads you up with a different set of struggles, instead of being a pay bump like they thought. Marriage is still an option for those who really want to do it, and the military provides enough to make it viable for those actually determined to see it through, but too many people look at it like it's free cash. In most cases people who got married did it because they thought with their nether regions.


> The bump in pay also only covers the cost of rent in the area unless you wanna live in a shithole apartment, in which case you’re now paying for two people plus all the amenities you had for free on barracks. I mean, assuming your spouse isn’t working *at all.* Meanwhile if they have even a minimum-wage job, now you’re comfortably living in a 2bd2ba with a little extra change in your pocket. Also you will never be woken up for a room inspection at 4am because top has a case of the ass. You will also *generally* not get grabbed for a detail after final formation Friday because sarn mage saw a single weed sprout somewhere in the battalion footprint. Literally nothing is “for free” in the barracks, and calling it that is part of the issue. An E-3 makes $2160 a month, which assuming a forty hour work week (ha!) puts him at something like $12 an hour. Which in my city…a city with like eight military bases…is below minimum wage. So no, barracks housing isn’t “free.” It is part of a soldiers total compensation, and is given *in lieu of additional monetary compensation.* Monetary compensation that would be required, in my state, to even get a soldier up to minimum wage. And an E-3 with dependents gets over $3,600 in BAH where I live. I think it’s still like $3K without dependents. That’s what he’s paying to live in the barracks. It’s very, very expensive.


Both my sister and one of my best friends ended up getting married (to others) because either they or their partner were being transferred to another base. Too soon for any of them to marry, but they wanted to stay in the relationship to see where it went. Might never see each other again otherwise. Not uncommon.


It’s crazy how much Redditors are full in on the conspiracy or false idea that the military is just out to completely fuck over everyone who enlists


Lmao have you mot considered a man who has been betrayed, humiliated in his hometown, has all their possessions taken away, WONT then join back up for another few terms.




Whats that line? "You can't turn garden tools into partners"?


how could someone do that is beyond me, damn. some real crazies out there.


Yup. All the ladies in Oceanside would try to gobble up me and all the other new Marines. You get married, get higher pay, live off base. Things are great right? Now we get back from our first time in the sandbox and try and buy a new Suzuki Hayabusa because you need to keep your adrenaline up or else you don't know what to do with yourself. Only to find your wife is gone, your house is cleaned out and your card gets declined at the motorcycle dealership cause your bank account was drained. Saw this happen to so many brothers when I was stationed at Camp Pendleton in 2003-2007.


What kind of traitorous snakes did they give wedding rings to?


How is this not illegal?


When I hear stories about people clearing out the bank account I feel like they don't know how divorce works. If you clean out the bank account you set yourself up for a law suite that you are not going to win. Show lawyer and judge bank statements and you will win back at least half the money.


If there’s any money left. Court order don’t mean shit to a crack ho




Drugs? Wtf y'all marrying? That's when you sue and their income is garnished.


That’s fucked up


He is fucked up, quite literally after what he's been through


Nah his wife’s been fucked up… and down the US


I feel like going to war and having a family don't mix. Time and time again I hear of the horror. The horror includes dying and leaving kids fatherless too.


Both my parents were in the army. As soon as one came back from deployment the other deployed. Basically had a one parent household my entire childhood except for one year where they both deployed and our grandma looked after us...... Didn't even notice it was weird as a kid since we lived in a military community but a lot of internal problems definitely stemmed from that.


I felt really loved living with Grammy when my dad was deployed. As a kid you don't really know what's going on, just that everyone treats you nice and putting a tiny yellow ribbon on the mailbox everyday with gramma is fun


Yeah I can imagine not really processing what's happening until you're a teen. Time with grandma sounds like good memories at least


I used to work for a company that was like 85% veterans, I'm not kidding when I say every. single. guy I met EXCEPT FOR ONE was divorced by 35 with a kid in another city


For many of them their actual father is still around


There are also horrors when he comes back. We do a piss-poor job of mental health in general, throw in PTSD, adjusting to civilian life, depending on how long he's gone he may as well be living with strangers, etc Edit to add: they should come back alive lol, but the war isn't over for them just because they're home


Cousin always says lost 3 friends and now scared of flashing lights and cod. Shits fucked really


Why is he scared of fish though?


Cod change color at different sea depths. If you can tolerate that you’re braver then me.


Fuck that's cool.


Call Of Duty


I mean if you want to speedrun getting cheated on, going overseas is def the single best way.


If you think your wife would cheat if you went oversees you should prob divorce anyways tbh


When I was in Iraq we all compared our "dear John" letters. None of us get with women or men that we think will cheat on us. We find out they have those characteristics afterwards. Also I won. Mine got pregnant, in the second email she told me it wasn't mine.


That's fucked up dude, fuck her (not literally) i hope you're doing ok now


Ya, it was in 2004. So doing ok on that front. But it happens to a lot of us. Thank you though, sincerely.


How to deal with people who had been cheated on was part of the training for Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants when I went through the USACHS schoolhouse in ‘08. The biggest problem at that time was social media. Too many dumb fuck spouses going to the club without their ring on, and then posting that shit to MySpace.


> and then posting that shit to MySpace. That's one way to post to social media without anyone finding out.


Myspace used to be the most popular social media website, younging.


"Do not cite the deep magic to me, witch. I was there when it was written." (I was just making a joke)


Just think, your ex’s kid is just about old enough to deploy to the Middle East!


What’s the significance of sending a dear John letter? Is it to rub it in and make it worse for the soldier as punishment for him leaving? Or is it more of a way for the cheater to try to absolve their guilt?


You dodged a nuclear missile buddy.


Yeah when you think about the age range of people being deployed it's pretty young. Young for getting married. I wouldn't think too hard about it. Young people tend to be more impulsive including running into a marriage too early because marrying a soldier seems mature and romantic or even cheating and not being able to be patient while deployed. A few months may not seem like a long time to someone older but to someone young a few months can feel like an eternity. Edit: I've also heard stories from friends who served of women getting married for the benefits being a military wife gets you. And vice versa. Men marrying women because of the benefits having a wife gets you in the military.


I have a friend who was stationed in Germany when we met playing an online game. He eventually transitioned back to the US and at the same time I was moving jobs and it happened we had t talked for like 12 months. When I caught up to him, I learned he’d managed to get divorced, remarried, and divorced again. Part of his explanation was you make more if married…


Hahah yeah and I believe better living conditions too if I'm not mistaken. Any military personnel are welcome to verify or correct me as well


Dorm living v living in a house/apartment like an adult.


You're pretty much treated as a child unless you are married


In most cases, you are a child.


You're also property of the U.S. Government lol.


You get “dependent pay” which is $200ish more a month in housing allowance. You are young enlisted you can must then move out of the dorms and get your own place (in the dorms you also don’t get a housing allowance). The spouse gets a military ID, access to on base shopping (tax free and also prices are just cheaper for a variety of reasons) AND FREE health insurance! (It’s not totally free but it’s way better than my civilian employers offer - tricare six but also all insurance is a nightmare). So if you remotely care about someone you are incentivized to marry them early, while also getting a better housing situation, make a little bit more money, reduce your combined cost due to grocery shopping and insurances. With pay being so abysmal (we’ll below inflation this year) why not just get married?


Yeah it seems like a no brainer. Are there any instances you can remember of people doing a green card marriage thing? Like people getting married to strangers just for the benefits, or are there rules that prevent that? I know I would try to pull that if I was single and wanted to not live in the dorms.


Yeah but marrying a foreigner can … disrupt your security clearance. My field was specialized so many did not want to impose limitations on advancement. Very few divorces during my tenure, but you get less of that From officers than enlisted.


Oh I just meant like marrying a stranger not marrying a foreigner Edit: If you were stationed at a base in the US for any period of time


Yeah I have a buddy who was in JBL and told me if you're single you have to live in the Barracks, married you can live off-base or on-base housing. He had an amazing on-base house with huge windows right on the lake there. Could literally walk out his backyard and fish, which we did quite often as well ass snorkeled for lures.


>as well ass snorkeled Lol ass snorkeling


LOL fucking mobile


Played on a hockey team with a guy who just got out of the army and divorced his wife who was cheating on him. By the end of the season he had already remarried, redivorced, and then missed all our playoff games because he decided to move to West Texas with someone he met on Tinder.


In the second email… ooof


Least she told you. Had a neighbor come back to a baby that was Blatantly not his... He wasn't tracking that til he got home and saw the kid.


Damn. At least she told you it wasn’t yours


People always think that terrible people wear all there bad traits on there sleeves , like nah they know it’s bad and they hide that shit and the second they think they can get away with it then they will try to get away with it


My ex was a marine but I was the one that got cheated on. You still win, but man finding out I had been played for a fool for 3 years… You only see the signs in hindsight. But had his other woman not called me, I never would’ve known.


None of you knew your partner had those characteristics because you were all 18-22 year old "adults" and so were your partners.


Should not even get married if you're going to be apart 99% of the time, it's moronic


If you're Partner is going over seas for 3 years you prolly shouldn't be together.


The rates are insane you feel me, weird how often it happens, I mean no shit "Finding a good loyal woman" is the solution but you say that like it isn't hard. Edit: Imma be honest with you I don't know if "hard" is the right word exactly but it does take more patience to find a monogamous relationship that turns no real issues like cheating


It definitely isn’t as hard as those 10 guys




It's not Wierd when you consider that most people join the military at 18-25 ,get married at the same age which is far too young ... Youth and impulse does not good decisions make.. . I'm surprised you're surprised.


Everyone in this thread wants to act like they’re the perfect spouse, but the majority will never have their partner leave for a year with limited contact. Also, speaking from experience, I knew only a handful of soldiers in my unit who weren’t cheating on their spouse. Usually with someone else in the unit too.


If your plan is to get married and then spend the next four years of your life entirely away from that person in a foreign land maybe you are not prioritizing your spouse. This is why people were historically reluctant to marry sailors.


Literally found out yesterday my wife cheated when I deployed. We got 2 kids. I’m fucked up frfr


These comments are sad 😕


Makes me rethink the term, “all gave some and some gave all”


Sure sounds like the wife gave a lot!


Thank you both for your service


Thank him for his service, thank her for her cervix


> Rest in Peace to all the soldiers that died in the service, I dived in her cervix 🫡


Is this funny? Just asking seriously


This is one of those tragedy plus time equals comedy type situations. I think it's funny because my GF got pregnant while I was in Iraq and I have a litany of VA covered disabilities. But that was 15+ years ago.


Sorry matey. Probably doesn't mean much coming from some rando on the internet, but you deserved better.


Man, you're really good at phone sex


Underrated joke


I am a disabled combat vet and it's not funny when the people making fun of it teenagers/reddit weirdos that like to shit on vets. But in a non malicious context it can be funny.


In context they were asking on Twitter and got hundred of things like this and it was also around the time they were getting trolled for their twitch account.


Hopefully he meant to say ex-wife


There's nothing funny about that.


It’s funny that the Army social media set themselves up like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the answers were similar. My brother got blown up driving a mine counter measure truck (twice) and has a neurological disorder from it. Plus PTSD and depression from the friends he lost, then the Army threw him under the bus when his wife made false charges against him. Also his wife cheated on him.


I can't find the twitter thread but this is exactly what happened, they got blasted with unfortunate anecdotes like this one


I laughed on how quickly that went from 1000 to 0


If that's actually true.... how do you look such a woman in the eye and still respect her?


You don’t


Tweeted by "KingOfIncels" seems legit


Ahh yes.. americans.. fighting meaningless wars for power and oil


I didn’t realize it was 2008 still.. We’re too low on the totem pole to make such decisions anyway. Fucking numb-nuts..


Ten guys that he knows of.


Fake UserID. Fake tweet. But been a meme for few years.


I am sorry to hear about what the wife did to you. What is her number?


That’s not funny, that’s horrifying


We trusting that KingOfIncels served?


Haha thanks funnymemes, you sure know how to make me smile.


Ngl, just date a foreigner less likely to happen depending on which country you end up in


Dogs of war. Is that a reference to how both dogs and soldiers shit themselves over fireworks?


Ah yes, a funny meme in the subreddit r/funnymemes, a subreddit known for containing many funny memes


More like r/funnyandsad


Lmao bruh as a combat veteran, this shit had me laughing at loud!


🎶 Eeehhhh Macarena! 🎶


In the army's defense his wife would have fucked 10 or more guys whether he was serving or not. The firecracker thing sucks though


Only 10... lucky guy


Same thing happened to me. This is the curse of the infantryman