For $10 you only go to the movies, you don't get to see them.


Not with today's gas prices.


One way Uber from the far end of the parking lot.


I received a 3% raise this year, which at my pay makes up a good chunk of mine. That 3% is easily gone with current gas prices. I am currently spending close to $65 A week for my commute getting 30mpg. Just did the math $3380 a year on gas. Which is actually more than what my raise was… I think I got a pay decrease? At least it feels that way with inflation.


Last year my rent went up more than I was getting monthly from my 3% raise which felt awesome


You know you don’t have to use a car to get everyone. We have things called legs that can walk, ride bikes and all kind of neat things. Completely gas free. Edit: TIL: All of Reddit lives in bum fuck Egypt and is incapable of riding a bike to a movie theater and very offended I even suggested it.


That's absolutely going to depend on where you live. Not everyone has the luxury of living somewhere that public transport, bike routes, or walking paths are accessible. Not even "easily" accessible, just "accessible" period.


Alabama has 3 sidewalks they are all in montgomery and theres one bench that everyone in the state gets to take turns sitting on source: Born here also /s … theres a couple in birmingham


I've heard similar, I can believe it. Here, on one side of town these are options. And that's the side of the town where the theaters are lol. Just for kicks I googled walking and biking, walking would take a bit over 5 hours, biking about an hour... On a road where someone was hit on a 4-wheeler literally 2 days ago and there are constant accidents. It's important to realize that even when a route is listed on a map, that doesn't make it a good idea lol.


Someone in a wheelchair isn’t going to be happy with that comment…


They get to roll everywhere


Not everybody lives in a city, when I lived with my parents we had a 40 minute car ride to go shopping.


Lol in America you’re looking at a 2-3 hour bike ride for a lot of people 2 times a day. Not realistic in most states.


Yes let me get on my bike and traverse the 15 miles it takes me to get ANYWHERE in rural North Carolina. I wish I could reclaim the time I wasted reading your stupid comment.


As someone who lives an hour by car away from literally everything: Hahahahahaha


Why the fuck you are downvoted I know gas prices are rising in America but gas prices in Turkey have increased by about 250% in the last 6 months.


For some context, gas at the stations around my house went from $4.99/gal yesterday to $5.25/gal today. I've been driving since something like 2003, and I have never seen that big a jump overnight or ever even seen gas prices that high in my area.


In Croatia as well




It's enough to get you a small coke at the movies




Not in my town. $5 dollar Tuesday, here I come!


2022 amirite


Whre do you get a movie ticket for $10?


Is that cheap or expensive?


Cheap as hell


That’s a bargain! Haven’t seen ticket prices that low since the 90s!


in my home town, tickets have been 4€ since i can remember. 5€ for premieres


Hell, in Paris sometimes on unpopular days like Wednesdays you can catch a new film for 4 euros too


here, EVERY movie at most times is 4€. the prices are ususally 2.5€for schools, 3.5€ for afternoon shows (16:00), 4.5€ for evening shows and 5€ for premieres


£2.50 in my hometown, £3.50 on weekends


I went to see top gun yesterday for 4€


Saw it on an Imax screen. $17 for the ticket including tax. The best part was the small popcorn and bottle of water costing $17. It was my first movie after COVID 19 and I had no idea things had gotten so out of control.


AMC subscriptions are 22 a month for unlimited movies, regardless of format. I never pay more than my sub each month and I see everything new that looks halfway decent.


I saw that and was really tempted to go for one. But I have an insanely busy lifestyle (work/kids/chores) that I know for a fact that there’s no way I could use that to its full potential. I really does sound sad in that I can’t carve out 2 hours a week for a movie, but that’s the reality of my life right now. A few years down the road will be another story. For now, it’ll just be one off movies that I know I can’t miss in theaters for $17 a pop.


Get it for summers. That’s what I’m doing now. You only need to see 2 movies to break even and for me, I’m seeing 3-4 movies a month during the summer




£6.99 at cineworld in Aberdeen that's like $9


Where in the world do yu pay $10 for the movies?!


There's this little cinema in my home town. Only has 4 screen and it's tucked away in an alley. The most expensive ticket is $8. They've been around ever since I've been alive do they must be doing something right.


Money laundering.


Ours in a pretty big town only has 2 screens and like seats from the 80s. You need to go to the big cities to watch anything


Here in India, most of the 3D, IMAX tickets are below 10$ range, unless you go for 4DX or stuff


Our local Cinemark actually has really good prices. Whole theater has reclining seats. Cheapest price depending on size of screen in theater and time of day is $7.75, with the highest prices for the largest screen in the evening being $13.50. NE Ohio.


Thr bus to take you to them


I mean the transfer rate for my country means it would be like 3 bucks for me


My movie theater has a Tuesday special for 5$ in the mall near me


In Texas, at least, most movies are around that price. Of course you can spend more at different times or if you go to IMAX or something, but for the most part, that’s the cost.


Not where I live that's for sure


Not where I live that's for sure


Hey don't blame them. They haven't been able to afford going to the movies since the 90s so they're not up to date with current prices.


half price tuesdays


There is a cinema next to where I work with heated leather recliners. Like 10 screens. They have been running a promo since it opened 4 or 5 months ago. $6.25+tax for a "normal seat" or $10.25+tax for a box seat (middle section) with waiters to take food and drink orders. I think they make their money on their kitchen. I have not eaten there, but others say the food is really good.


Cinema near me charges £5 a ticket or £5.89 for online booking.


My local theater has $5 movies on Tuesdays. So I'd say there lol, but only on Tuesdays.


In medium-sized cities in Texas, ticket prices for general admission typically are below $10. I checked now and early bird admission prices are below $5. :O For larger cities in Texas, general admission ticket prices are a bit more expensive at around $12. The US is a huge place, and cost of living in the southwest are going to be relatively more inexpensive.


It’s £7 for a ticket in my local vue


South Africa, with half price Tuesday I could watch 3 movies at $3 each.


Literally any third world country


In Highland Park (L.A.), we have this funky, little theater...where the tickets are about $5 for the matinee show.


In Brazil the half ticket is about $5. You can get it by showing you're a student with your achool ID card


No popcorn for you


No movie ticket either.


No one pays off their student loans. It's just grounds for people to complain and not do anything.


What courses require 8.7 mil loans? Even if you get a very good job in Silicon Valley you won't be able to settle it in like 10yrs. PS: I am not an American so my perception might be wrong here.


Its the classic American exaggeration to make their first world lives seem so much worse than reality


It's so tiring. This whole site is addicted to trying to make America seem third world


Reddit acts like if you leave your house here you just get shot at all day. Meanwhile the US isn't even in the top 50 countries by rate of intentional homicide. In 2020 [less than 20k people](https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/homicide.htm) died due to firearm related homicide. To put that into perspective, that's about the same death toll as venomous snakes have globally. Reddit only seems to have 3 topics of conversation it just rotates through, though. Student loan forgiveness, free healthcare, and "a living wage". 4, if you count "republicans evil, bernie and AOC good." Swear to god, at this point the propaganda isn't even pretending to be anything else. It's the illusory truth effect, just repeat the same things over and over again until everyone around you believes them as absolute fact.


This is extremely exaggerated for apparently comedic effect. The average student loan debt in the US is $39,000.


Even 39k is exaggerated. The median amount is ~17,000


Average and median are just two different points in a data set. From what I found online 32k is the average 17k is the median. My interpretation of this would be that most people have under 20,000 in student loans, but due to medical students, PhDs, private schools, etc. There are enough people with extremely high student loan debt to make the average nearly double the median.


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I understand that, but in a situation with huge outliers average doesn't really represent the data very well.


The top 5 results on Google say 39k, 32k, nearly 30k, 29k and 37k. So I guess somewhere around there.


I'm indian and.. that's not that bad actually.. contrary to how much people talk about it..


You are joking. I had to pay that in restitution over 5 years. What the fuck are people complaining about?


It's hyperbole by several orders of magnitude. Due to overabundance of regulation and federally backed student loans colleges have little to no need to compete with their tuition prices. Not to mention college without debt is far from impossible so long as you don't mind working and taking a 5-6 years rather than 4.


The most I’ve seen is a million, and that’s someone that went to a private school for bachelor and masters and then went to medical school. And then had ~10yrs of interest compounding interest while they got forbearance or paid the absolute minimum.


It's just people complaining about having to pay back money they decided to ask for in the form of a loan.


The only way I can imagine someone having that much debt is if they piddled away their time at college, wasting time and money on failed or unneeded classes, and then proceeded to partially pay only the intrest. EDIT: I am from the US, it's bad, but it's not *that* bad.


Correct. It's a mix of it's trendy to complain about money you owe that you purposefully signed legal documents to assume, poor job prospects in a highly competitive job market (which is a bit outdated), and the possibility of the gubmint canceling some or all of your debt if you complain loud enough.


This “purposefully signed legal documents” argument is weak as hell. Most of the younger generations have been raised to believe that in our society you go to college to get a degree otherwise you get a low paying job and struggle in life forever. School hound this idea from elementary onward, parents and media reinforce this idea. And when its time to go to college, these KIDS whos brains arent even fully developed and arent even trusted to drink alcohol or rent cars are shown the insane amount of money college costs and given a pen and told “sign here to be able to afford to go or dont go and risk all the negative consequences society has taught you will come if you dont get a degree”. So you can fuck right off with the “purposefully signed legal documents” because for a lot of these KIDS they were told to sign a document without fully understanding the gravity and thinking that was their only way at a happy future


Same can be said for signing up for the military only to realize you get shipped off to a conflict zone and get shot at....so you can equally fuck off with your weak rebuttal about partially developed brains and life choices being made at 18. It's interesting how the kids that we used to joke about in Vo-Tech are doing just fine. I got the same brainwash bullshit growing up about amounting to nothing if you didn't go to college. There's plenty of us that chose a more reasonable and affordable route that make more than someone with a degree with absolutely no school debt. Now those that are in debt felt like they're owed a clean slate because society lied to them. Society didn't lie to them. They chose to only see one route to making something of yourself and never questioned it.


I dunno, I’ve paid off a few 40k loans in my life. Its not great when you are left with a beat up work truck but at least an education can be used for life. Plus, don’t people learn how to fuck in college? Gotta be worth an extra 10k in interest.


My ex was in college for 8 YEARS working on a history degree. By the time I broke up with her, no idea if she ever graduated. She wanted to just be in college for the rest of her life, according to her. And didn't wanna teach, so IDK what the hell a BS in History was gonna do for her. Guarantee she's on twitter now bitching about student loan forgiveness. Meanwhile I've picked up 2 degrees and paid off both loans. Like an adult does. This shit isn't that complicated, and somehow people like Briahna Joy Gray have managed to turn it into an issue where they'd rather see the country actually burn down if this doesn't happen. It's lunacy. I'm convinced it's part of some really clever foreign manipulation to convince left-leaning people to not vote.


These are getting more outlandish by the day. Harvard doesn’t cost a third of that.


What blows my mind is the cost of the school almost never equates to the quality of education. This post in general is a joke but in my area the university I went to is a state school with an accredited engineering program that costs about ~$10k/yr in tuition. There are a couple other private universities that supposedly have more “prestige” and have engineering programs but are not accredited but yet charge ~$30k/yr in tuition. It’s astonishing how some people pick the school they go too based on emotion and hype around the school and not a cost/benefit analysis on the education and what the career following would be smh.


Today is a good opportunity for you to learn about exaggeration and hyperbole as concepts.


8.7 million is very specific


People don’t have $10 movies? Man I paid like $8 for a ticket to see the newest doctor strange at the theater in my town


You can get a movie ticket for $10?


I went to see the new Top Gun: Maverick movie with a group of friends for $9 each, and I live in a medium-sized city in Texas.


Movie tickets are like 20 bucks depending on where you go, so you might want to rethink that movie


Wtf kind of dumbass gets themselves into 8,699,990 dollars worth of debt shit not even some of the expensive degrees cost that much


10$......you ain't going to the movies on that.


Who forced you to incur that much student debt tho?


this is the unpopular take that people don't like to address. there were lots of affordable options to educate yourself and learn skills that could get you a decent job. People took massive loans to go to college instead. many who opted for a debt-free route now have to sit and listen to a cancel-debt narrative that is only an issue because so many people played into the con to begin with. and this is why financial literacy is important


When you are 17-18 with a still developing brain nd everyone teaching at your school, your parents, the government, everyone tells you the best way to get a good future is to go to college and take those loans, what would you do? You sound like you lack empathy.


I've always found the argument that at 18 your brain is still developing to be a weak defense. At 18 in (I believe?) every state, you can legally drive a car and thus endanger both yourself and everyone around you. You can vote and make decisions that will affect the nation for generations. If you wish to argue that at 18 you are not responsible for your actions in signing off on loans, then you have to argue by extension that other responsibilities 18 year olds have are also undeserved.


At 18 they get to make adult decisions. Treat them like an adult. They don’t deserve empathy for making an educated decision about their future (and yes it’s an educated decision as they have as much schooling at that point as 91.1% of the US population), pity maybe, not empathy.


Sure, but I don't think it's right. Brains are still developing until 21 at least. I know I personally have only been able to really function like an adult after hitting 25. At 18 you are still basically a child. A child that is rapidly becoming an adult, but still not an adult.


If they’re allowed to make legal adult decisions at 18 we should treat them that way.


Paid cash for my first two years at community college by working full time. Got a better job and ended up having a loan for $17k to cover the last two years. This was about 10 years ago. It isn't that hard.


Awesome I'm glad you managed to get it done like that. Your situation doesn't apply to everyone.


Everyone has that option, you just need to spend the extra effort.


Umfortunately, we live in a period where people expect everything to be handed out to them while they do none of the work


As someone who has paid off a 30 year mortgage, your comment aligns with the way I see the issue. Now you will get downvoted because people don’t like what you said even though you are simply pointing out the real problem and have suggested one way to a solution to the problem. Financial literacy is the issue and should be taught through all four years of secondary school. Its hard for teenagers to see further than the near future. You think you will live forever when you are young.


It was a joke.


It's not to a lot of people. People *really* want the government to cancel out their poor financial decisions and blame anyone else but themselves.


Lol the joke gets repeated something like 50 times a day around here. After a certain point it's not a joke, it's people arguing through memes


Very true. If loans get forgiven, I want to be reimbursed for the thousands I paid.




Well...math sure isn't their strong suit


The most unrealistic part is a $10 movie


$10 movie is far more common than $8.7 million dollar tuition


Is it? I'm in Texas and ticket prices here for general admission hover below $10 during peak times for many theaters in medium-sized cities and slightly above $10 for many theaters in larger-sized cities.


Sorry but the ticket is 11.50 now


$13 now… inflation is moving fast.


[Pasting this link since a lot of people are saying the same thing.](https://old.reddit.com/r/FunnyandSad/comments/v4hqzz/pain_and_suffering/ib662t4/)


What? Joe isn't forgiving ya?




That’s the life Americans live? L


https://www.earnest.com/blog/college-costs-around-the-world/ Were actually not even the most expensive country for tuition / student loans despite having the most prestigious universities. Average student loan debt in US is like half of the UK but average salary in the US is like 40% higher


Well, at least you can go and watch morbius


How much does tuition usually cost & how big of a debt it leaves you in?


The national average is ~$39k. Mine was ~$35k when I graduated. I paid it off in ~6yrs, ended up paid ~$42k with interest. Did side hustles on the side for ~3yrs to get it done.


Pay rent for 3 months.


People from the nordic countries: Shaking their heads in disbelief


I would put the money away and parse it out to spend it all over my lifetime and get a house. Then I would do my best to live life learning and giving to others to the fullest.


*to buy one pack of junior mints at the movie theater


This is also r/suspiciouslyspecific


And be in debt to the theater for another 8,699,990 hard pass


Student loans, house, pay off dad's mortgage.


I would NEVER pay that debt. They can go fuck themselves, they'd never see a penny of my money. There would be no more wages to garnish. I'd pay double what I owe in student loans to accountants who's only job is to hide my money from being collected for those loans.


You’d either be committing tax fraud or another crime to make money or you’d be moving out of the country. ‘I promise to pay you back when I borrow your money’ ‘I’ll never actually pay you back’ You’re a terrible person.


Guessing they haven’t been to the movies in the last 20 years…


I'd use 4 million on hookers and 4 million on cocaine and just kind of blow the rest....


American moment


Invest, markets are low so it's a great time to buy. The 4% rule would give me around $360k/yr to live on.


Ah ha ha ha. Student loans expensive. LOLOLOL


No man start a business with just 999$ then be successful and make millions of dollars then pay your student loan, use youe brain dont be poor, poor is a mentality, kappa


Alternatively, don't take on 7 digit student loan debt and then work a minimum wage job?


Not even the movies, more like Taco Bell.


[Pasting this link since a lot of people are saying the same thing.](https://old.reddit.com/r/FunnyandSad/comments/v4hqzz/pain_and_suffering/ib662t4/)


That's a cheap movie!


Normal movie ticket prices for me (for context, I'm in Texas).


“And go to the movies”… to do what? Can’t buy a ticket for $10


Why would you agree to a student loan that is that expensive/has an interest rate that high?? Sounds self inflicted.


Fat chance you’re going to the movies for $10


I went to see the new Top Gun: Maverick movie with a group of friends for $9 each (general admission prices for evening time), and I live in a medium-sized city in Texas.


Just went to a matinee in the Bay Area for 11.25


Oh this one hurts my feelings. And pockets.


Easy: Shopping spree, JDM heaven in a garage, new house, full transition, start a business, get married, invest in stocks, and leave some for a college fund for my future kid.


You could maybe buy a popcorn with that $10


Well, you’re in luck! Brandon is gonna buy your vote by taking care of those pesky student loans for you.


Pledge to pay all my debt go on mad holiday spending spree buy a house and car and then hire lawyers to argue that pledge means the same as pay so no one can yell at me.


how many colleges did she go to?


This is clearly fake! No way a movie ticket is less than $10.


The fact that people need help to pay off their student loans shows how worthless universities have become.


Buy a flat and use the remaining £4 to charge my car


Wow I didn't know movie tickets are that expensive in the US, here in southeast asia an imax ticket costs $4, and regular tickets are $3.


It's aallllll going to pay 9f debt. 10 won't even get you a movie ticket these days.


I'm lucky enough to not have any student loan debt. I worked to pay off my school out of pocket and using grants. However, because of this I never finished school. However, after bills, rent, and few other things, I have about $30 to spend. Shit.


Yeah this goes to show how terrible most people with student loans are with finances.


2 chicks at the same time


10 bucks is enough gas to get you halfway to the theater.


Is this a greys anatomy reference


CMH is literally everywhere




Receive half after taxes…


$10 wasn’t enough to see a movie in my town after about 2008.


[Pasting this link since a lot of people are saying the same thing.](https://old.reddit.com/r/FunnyandSad/comments/v4hqzz/pain_and_suffering/ib662t4/)


I thought they meant 8.7 miles and I was so confused


Afford a house


so I'm adopted right. and thanks to Obama I get free collage so long as I graduate with a GPA higher than 2.0


If I got 8 Mil right now I'd pay off all my debt, my car loan, and probably the rest of the mortgage on my grandparents' house.. Give a chunk (prolly like $500k) to my dad, partially as an "investment" in his business. I'd buy myself a place to live, or at least rent a place until in done with college and can move where I want to. I'd totally get myself a new pc, top specs and all, and probably give my current one to my friend do he'd have a decent system to game on. Get some surgery I need, and checked out otherwise by doctors and all. I'd probably have most of the money left at this point, some of which I'd throw into getting a new car (always wanted a Dodge Magnum, but it's always possible I get something else, likely electric if I can). My family has property on a mountain, and while it's off the grid and all, I'd definitely look into spending some of those millions on getting it to be self-sustaining - solar power, prolly look into that sattelite internet Elon Musk is doing (don't like the guy, but I can't deny that the sattelite internet is good for what I've seen), and maybe see if contractors could figure out a plumbing solution for where it is. I don't know if I'd even live up there myself, but if I have a good amount left over I might do something similar to what Linus is showing on LTT, though I'd have much less idea of specifics of what I'd be doing... Maybe I'd be able to contact them and get them to help lol, that'd be pretty cool


The movies cost way more than 10$ now


Buy house by a Lake buy a reliable car give a lil to a couple close ppl and some to a charity maybe for kids who are coping with family lose or neglect.


Then don’t take the loans?


How do you spend 8mil on college? My gf went to 8 years of school and has less than 50k in debt. Still a lot but I hear horror stories of 6/7 figures and it makes no sense to me how this happens.


😀😀😀😀 cuz we all know biden ain't doing shietttyytt


What movie you going see for $10?


Kass no.....


I guess you mean $8.7 million? I'd support the Palestinians, Yemenese...and Ukrainians...NATCH!!!


Don't be so pessimistic. Also buy yourself a sandwich and a pack of smokes.


Now, it’s funny if you just say, “and use the rest to go to the movies.” But not really funny at all.