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I just can't get over how proud she was of that. But I guess when you're continuously unemployed, incredibly judgemental and bigoted-You might also consider a 2nd grade project that you never finished to be a great accomplishment.


Fuck dude. I think you murdered her 😂




Me, writing a 50+ page graduate thesis: “I will never feel like I finished that paper. I will always wish I had done more. Technically it’s complete but I wanted to do better.” Morgan: “I glue sticked a picture of a beach to some cardboard. I am ready to be a mom.”


I read Morgan’s part in Ralph Wiggum’s voice 😂


FUCK lmaooo that’s so good




I eated the purple berries!


It tastes like burning.. 🥺😵‍💫


"And now I'm out of glue.. I ated the rest 🥺"


my worm went in my mouth and then I ate it 😞😭😔


Glue sticked has killed me


We both know it was that purple shit.


My five year old informed me that’s the best kind!


It totally is! Goes on so smooooth


I feel like she probably wasn't thinking about the beach


She still hasn’t made it on her post-delivery beach vacation.


Yet Paul went on a vacation after the baby was born, leaving her alone with the baby. I wonder how she rationalizes that to herself.


Maybe she was just happy to get a break from him.




Yeah she pretty much shit that mood board out with all that castor oil.


Maybe she used her mood board as an absorbent pad? Only thing it was really good for...


It’s so common these days for people to make their birth primarily about aesthetic. I know not everyone feels the same as I do, but I saw birth as a means to an end to have a healthy baby and wasn’t really looking for a particular experience other than for nobody to end up dead or maimed.


Exactly! My goal was to follow what my OB said was the best course of action, and I took the epidural as soon as I could lol


Me too. I felt embarrassed that I didn’t have a “birth plan” but my obgyn assured me most people’s plans don’t happen they way they imagine anyway


I forgot that was a thing!


So did I. Until I was thinking about how she did no research on c-sections and had no idea you could get an infection during labor and then remembered that her major preparation was the mood board.


I was really shocked they didn’t understand about infection. One of the biggest improvements in mothers surviving childbirth was doctors realizing they need to wash their hands before going into the delivery room. I thought she had a “regular” childhood; was she actually homeschooled?


My teenage son is home educated and he sure as hell knows about infection risks in all their forms! Not all home education is the same. Some of us teach more than the schools do on many subjects.


Good, the men need to understand it too rather than just leaving it up to the women.


I've taught him more about the female reproductive system, menstruation and associated risks and dangers than many women know about. Plus everything about feminine hygiene products, contraception and the various stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Because when he's in a serious relationship with a female (he's Bi so there's a 50/50 chance) I'm making damn sure he's going to be supportive, useful and knowledgeable on all those things.




I assume she willingly ignored it, after she wrapped herself in this natural birth, motherly instinct, it’s all Gods intended purpose for women, womens bodies are made for this - kind of mindset. She choose to declare every warning as liberals/leftists/lgbtq+/atheists agenda and liked to see herself persecuted for „trusting“ in God. On some point it is a choice to follow knowledge or to follow an image about yourself being bold and special.


That sounds about right. It’s so frustrating.


But she spent 9 months on that!


Serious question: is this an actual thing? Is there really a trend to bring picture books to your delivery room like you’re having a little coffee table book showing time with friends? Active delivery is the last situation I’d imagine sitting chill and enjoying art... well, second to last. If we’re counting pain-med free amputation.


I'm not sure how popular that "trend" is but I can say from personal experience that looking at some B.S. board was the absolute LAST thing I gave a fuck about when those contractions hit me 2 mins apart!!!


No it did not help




I have no proof. But somehow I think it did not help her lol.


If you download her $6 PDF she explains how well it worked for her!