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I have a list of like 15 names and one child. That’s why God created Sims!


I keep a list of names, too, but it's in case I ever get a raccoon.


We had a Raccoon show up in our yard last summer. We named her Myrna. She even brought her 4 babies, but we only saw them once. We also name most of the birds we see.


I had an uncle who had raccoons. Their mama was hit by a car, and he found the babies and bottle fed them. At that point they were too tame to be let go to live wild. He also had pet crows, and would save mice from the barn (if he found baby mice he would bring in dryer lint to build them a better nest). He was extremely kind, but the worst farmer I’ve ever met.


Okay I need to know more about these raccoons. Did they live in the house? Were they good pets? Did they have a compulsive need to wash things? Do you have pictures? I live in the suburbs of a mid size city and a raccoon gave birth in my attic when I just moved into the house. I thought the house was haunted but then animal control found a mama raccoon, midsize female (older daughter??) and the. Cutest. Baby. Raccoon. EVER. They were all euthanized and I felt extremely guilty :(


I don’t have photos unfortunately. I can’t begin to describe how this man was an animal whisperer, they were great pets for him. I don’t believe that they would be good pets for 99.9% of people. I don’t remember them washing things, but I was quite young at the time. I was more impressed by the crows for some reason, but the racoons reminded me a lot of cats. They were in the house because he was afraid of them being hit by cars or being taken out by predators. My uncle was from a different generation, where I don’t feel that men were encouraged to have as much affection for animals as he did. He struggled to be a farmer, because he truly loved his livestock. That being said he really inspired my generation. My cousins who still farm all have portions of their land for wildlife conservation, and have parts of their barns for wildlife rehabilitation (mostly birds at this point).


that's so cool.


That’s pretty incredible for your family. He really created a legacy


THATS awful.


I know, I thought they were just going to rehome them. Heaven knows there is sooooo much wooded land around, like SO much. But the animal control guy said by law they had to be euthanized. I cannot tell you how bad I felt. I can’t even cull a litter of baby guppies or anything. I’m a total softie.


One of my students became a pest control agent and would tell me some horrible shit. I’d rather have the pests!


>Did they have a compulsive need to wash things? We have a feral/stray cat insulated hut and heated food + water bowls with a security camera under our back deck. We get mostly cats, there is a racoon that comes by every once and a while. He LOVES to play in the water dish. Dips his paws in and out up to his elbows (even in -30C), loves to dunk the cat kibble in before he eats it. He's a hoot. It wasn't until your comment though, that I realised that this raccoon always looks like he's washing clothes in a sink while he plays lol.


Big Baby Pudding Snatcher!


Little King Trashmouth!!


And his husband Gary ❤️




A giant mostly white opossum shows up in my parents’ backyard every few weeks. We named him Big Thiccy.


I love possums, there's one that crosses a big road using the underside of the GO train trestle and I really hope we'll start seeing it soon !


Idk why because I adore all furry things, even with tails (I have three rats currently) but possums freak me the freakety freak out.


Didelphiphobic feelings are valid... due to some subway critter experiences I'm not a huge fan of rats ( I know the Norway Rats in the subway are a different species from the pet rats ) but I hope you will pay the rat tax with a photo of yours anyways :)


It is literally impossible to get pics of all three at the same time 😄😄 but here’s one of my faves of two of them, anyway https://imgur.com/a/k8cVjBj


Metrolinx should make it their mascot!


you’d better name it Lord Daniel I feel that’s the only acceptable choice


My friend has a raccoon named Debra.


That’s hilarious. That’s such a human name, that I can’t picture a raccoon named Debra.


One of my favorite things is encountering pets with the most mundane “people names”. I was at a dog beach in Florida one time, and in the crowd of Bellas and Milos, hearing someone call their dog David or Gerald just tickled me 😂


Mine are for dogs. My husband just mentioned over dinner that it's going to be puupy season and we're going to Louisiana AND if there's a Catahoula that I fall in love with....well... he "owes" me a 40th anniversary present(his words)


I name the wild crows in my backyard


My main pair are called Huginn and Muninn. There's a couple of singletons I haven't named.


I must know the names


I already feed one called Racc Racc. She comes up to me. Other names: Rowdy, Rascal, Bandito/a, and I can't find my list of the rest of them. Mostly R names.


I love it! I have a raccoon plushie my husband bought for my birthday that I named rockwell (after sam Rockwell) 😂


I feel so seen


👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 And Bitlife!


I made me and my husband in sims and he goes and plays guitar by the people playing chess and makes more money than I do being the mayor!! So when the pets make wishes to befriend said husband I deny the wish! Lol I also leave out all my dishes. I’m a jealous sim.


My female cats have all had two syllable girls names that end in a long e sound. My male cat had a single syllable boy first name. Needless to say, I have lists of names for potential future pets. It's an archive of sorts.I also wouldn't be overly rigid in sticking with the theme. If a full grown pet came to me named "Uncle Fester" that is their name. It sounds like Karissa views her list like a checklist.


Our list had probably 50 names, and then a month before she was born we ended up deciding on a name that wasn't even on our list lol.


You’re putting more thought into your Sims than my parents did with my name. They were potheads who named me after their favorite song.


This is such a Millennial problem. That's how my hippie parents chose my middle name, too.


That’s why I write. I have an ever increasing list of names to slap on various characters.


Been going through a wild list of names for my animals. Greek mythology keeps giving all too accurate of names 👀


We went Roman and named my cat Pluto... Big mistake, he truly is a hellcat lol


Aww I have a nephdog named Pluto. He’s a good boye even though his family feeds him from the table.


Seriously though! My last baby girl was Hippolyta; didn’t realize the name would be so prophetic when I picked her up from the shelter.


Haha I named one of mine many years ago Aeris and whoo she was a bundle of chaos indeed. I miss her energy


We named our cat Persephone, and promptly never called her that. She's Stinky McStinkleton + every imaginable permutation of that now.


I have a kitty named Orpheus! he is the love of my life.


She literally needs psychiatric help, yesterday. For her own sakes and her existing 10 children. This has been scary for a while.


I think her pregnancy addiction is related to a mental disorder, and I say this as someone with OCD and others. I’m saying this in an empathetic manner. She needs therapy.


I’m wondering if she’s also addicted the excitement and anticipation of being pregnant, plus the fanfare she gets online from her followers. Everyone online is waiting and watching for bump updates and labor announcements


Didn't she say she has MS? I've heard people with MS feel better during pregnancy since it "pauses" the symptoms. Or at least that was my understanding of how my neurologist explained it to me.


Oh my god your flair is incredible


And even the attention she gets from medical disasters in her family. Refusing the Rogham shot is just going to bring her more pregnancy complications.


Agreed. She genuinly scares me and I worry for those kids. Not even in a snarky way at this point. But in an OMG would somebody please put this woman into some kind of therapy program where she has to be away from her husband and kids and actually deal with her issues for real. Besides just hiding her hormones, PPD and other issues behind fake social media posts and claims of having more kids. It's a real mental illness at this point. She needs a serious therapy program. And all her birth fantasies about God told her to do it this way. She doesn't need medicine or hospitals God wants this. And a voice spoke to her telling her she needs to have more kids. Honey if voices are speaking to you like that often it's a sign of mental health. I do actually hope and pray she gets help someday because holy shit it's scary now.


0 snark those kids are in danger


Her and Beggy both terrify me with their recent mental health plunges. They're both screaming for help, and no one who can actually help them seems to be picking up on it. It's upsetting to watch these disasters unfold real time and not be able to do anything to help them.


Eh, I think Beggy's fine, just an asshole. Kelly is a bit more worrisome.


Therapy only works if the patient is an active participant. It would take a lot of work to get her to see outside her delusions.


i think its a good thing she is such a prolific sharer, lets people keep an eye on the situation. i am not advocating for poop touching! my personal view is that if i felt i had to intervene because i genuinely felt someone i observe online was in immediate danger i would make the report and never enter the realms of their snark ever again. tbh i feel the same about snark itself, be it seemingly mainly benign, or nuanced critical discussion, or unhinged poop-touching actual stalking - i think its good to not chase such communities off the internet. let them stay in accessible locations, dim little corners of the web where they aren't likely to be stumbled across accidentally but can still be monitored/moderated/snarked about.


>i think its a good thing she is such a prolific sharer Yep.. that's about all that's good here




Her uterus is going to move out and get its own apartment if she keeps this up.


Everybody pour one out for Karissa's uterus 🫗


Seriously, how hasn't it prolapsed yet?


She had a vision board? that mentioned god healing her prolapse I think


Oh wooooooow. She really does have a problem.


I had my twins when I was 31 and by the time I was 33 I knew something was wrong because I was still dealing with urine leakage. So my gyno did tests and said my uterus had prolapsed just enough to be irritating my bladder. I had a hysterectomy and bladder sling and felt so much better! Not dealing with periods anymore was awesome too!


Ooof! What a lot to go through! May I ask what the bladder irritation felt like? Because that symptom is interesting to me for... reasons....


So the twins were my 3rd and 4th babies and I knew from experience that I would deal with some urine leakage for awhile after giving birth. Like sneezing, laughing, coughing and jumping would cause a small pee flood😬. But when the twins were getting older it was still the same, leakage, feeling pressure all the time and getting up several times at night to pee. So my primary Dr sent me to a urologist who worked with my gyno to get tests done because he figured it was a prolapsed uterus. It's a common problem after childbirth. I had the surgeries done together and felt better after buy I'm always surprised these fundies that have SO many kids aren't having more severe issues. Idk bodies are weird.


I have twins too. My prolapse was also probably cause after them, had a 10 lb. 4 ounce baby, my last child. I always say my uterus was so stretched out from my twins, my last had tons of room to grow at will. Ha. And, agreed!! These fundies have got to have wrecked baby piping. Don't understand that at all.


My first baby was 8 1/2 lbs, second baby was 8 lbs and I bounced back quickly from them. The twins were 32 week preemies and together weighed what my oldest did, they were sooooo tiny.....but still enough to break my uterus 🤣. Your username is hilarious 😂


Thanks! It's what I imagine fundies do, just tape it up and keep churning them out. My fraternal boys were just at over 33 weeks and both were 5 lbs. 1 oz. My last son was 2 ounces bigger than them combined so exactly! Same same. 😄 ( my daughter was born first at an average 6 lbs.11 oz. )


Those were good sized preemies! Almost thankful you didn't go full term yiu might have had 15+ lbs of baby in there. My twins are identical girls and twin A weighed 4 lbs 10 oz, and twin B was 3 lbs 13 oz. They were really healthy though, lungs fully developed and were in the NICU for a month mainly to get their body temperature regulated and be able to take 8 bottles a day versus the feeding tube. But they seemed so tiny compared to what I was used to 🤣


Waiting for Karissa to drop it off at Target. Needs home furnishings for the new apartment.


She does seem to be asking for a God-honoring uterine prolapse


Aside from five more kids not being a good option for her mental health, I really don’t want four more of her badly spelled variation A names (or A words as names)


she deserves Anothyr blessing❤️


Arsehoyle Collins Antybellym Collins Anys Collins Aybnormyl Collins Aybsynt Mynded Collins Accydyntyl Collins Acyd Collins


Aynys would be delightful. The extra "y" just pleases my phoenetic inner child a little more.


Yes! And if she named one Acyd and the kid did drugs…that would be sweet irony.




Anotheighr blessing ❤️


Flair checking in! 😊


Still one of my favourite flairs of all time in this subreddit




I don’t understand how she wants to be pregnant again while she’s experiencing PPD/PPA. I had a debilitating depressive episode between babies 2 and 3, and so we put trying for another baby on hold until I was better. If I hadn’t gotten better, we would not have continued to have children. There is no way I could have a healthy pregnancy while also trying to get my mental health back on track


She did say in a recent Instagram post that she's actually a bit fearful to get pregnant again for the first time ever, and is worried about it. She claims this is God humbling her to be more empathetic, cuz she never ever understood women who say or feel such things. But rather than listen to her brain and body screaming for her to stop, she just sees it that she needs to more fully submit her troubles to God and get pregnant again, because she's more worried about the children God is using her to bring into the world than any of the things what's left of her brain are telling her to do and to stop having more kids.


Each name more of an Atrocyty than the last, I’m sure.


Don’t you mean Aytroycyty? /sar




She needs 5 more kids like I need a hole in the head 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️.


This comment makes me want to listen to the Sugababes "Hole in the Head"


The chicks too has a great song called hole in my head


🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I think that's 15. As in kids.


The next one should be Anonymous because that's what they all are -- another A Collins kid with no individual identity.


I hope she never gets to use any of those 5 names. I can't believe she's even thinking about more babies after Armor's birth.


This is one of the most unhinged things I’ve heard her say. 😑 Those aren’t “names” you’re giving birth to. They’re people!


May the Lord Close. Amen.


Blessed be the fruit you already have.


Praise be


Didn't God tell her two children back that her next pregnancy was twins? 🙄


Yeah and she picked out Arrow and Archer for them. 🙄


God picked out Arrow and Archer, you mean. Karissa is god's humble servant who doesn't make shit up. Strange that god would do that - promise things and then not deliver to his #1 super bestie, Karissa.


She can’t use those names, they are spelled correctly. Archer is my grandson so I hope she doesn’t use that


I think the boys get correctly spelled names. The girls get random Ys and clunky abominations.


Rchr 😂🤣


Archyr for sure!


Eww I hate this so much


I cackled.


Arryw and Archyr I’m calling it


So Arryow and Arycher or Archyr?




and what did she have to say when that didnt happen?


And she was going to give birth in Target?


“God is blessing you” No he is NOT 😂 God is like “oh my ME PLEASE USE A CONDOM”


God also wants Karissa to care for the kids she already has, not risk her physical or mental health, and seek therapy


Oh my me LOL


I have an entire list of baby names that I like in my phone, that doesn't mean anything


I'm so glad i'm not the only one. I have a list in my phone too even tho I have zero chance at having another baby.


Lol I have one child and no plans to have another but I love names so I keep a list anyway 😅


We had lists. We used them to choose names we both liked, not as a checklist with kids to be.


For me, it means I’m trying to name my background characters in stories. Names are hard in stories


They’re just collectibles for her at this point lol


Anthrax, Annurysm, Anabolic, Anthracite, Another


Solid choices but needs more random letters like Annthyraxx, Annyrrysm, Annabolyck, Anthyracyte :)


Asbestos 🤎 Aloevera 🤎 Arkansas 🤎 AdBlock 🤎 Asphalt 🤎


Addblockyr ☠


$20 says one of the names she’s saving is Aryan.


aryan beige


Wasn’t the Jersey Devil supposedly somebody’s 13th baby? At least that would spice up the photos. Maybe name it Atlntccity


The story I read about it (way back when the The X-Files had a first season episode called the Jersey Devil, and some magazine - maybe Fortean Times printed the "true story of the Jersey Devil"), was that a couple, both of whom had syphilis, who already had 12 living children, had a 13th who was stillborn, and badly deformed from congenital syphilis. The father threw the baby into the fire, which somehow caught the rest of the house on fire, burning it down. - This story was supposedly told by one of the children. The oldest of the 12 children however, insisted that a demon had come down the chimney and set the house on fire, and that was the start of the legend of the Jersey Devil.


Has someone ever told her that you dont need to use ALL the names you've ever liked, on kids?


I only had two names. My child decided that being a girl was lame and is now a boy in their teens and switched to the boy name we had picked out. Two for the price of one!


Avokadoe Chance Anjil Byrth (because she forgot she already has an Angel kid) Aname Camryn ("a name") Able Cartyr (not realizing that that's already a word and not just a creative spelling of "Abel") Anteek Bethel Any other guesses?


Anoint or anointed She's said arrow and archer (archer is actually not the worst name) Amiracle Throw in a few extra ys of course!


Damn this might be accurate


Anchoveigh Buurrp Antique Cistern Andorra Catalan Andrus Boothe or something uniquely terrible.


Andryw Bernyard


The nyard dog




>Ayeble Cartyr FTFY


I was just thinking today how wild it must be to watch your baby grow into a toddler, who grows into a vibrant child, who develops into a complex PERSON. Does she not realize that babies grow into people who have a conscience and become socially aware like she is?? Like how do she plan on supporting that with that many children, and how does she expect her kids to even have the space to grow into the idiosyncratic beings that they are.


I’m thinking Anvil, Ankle, Achoo, Anesthesia, and Anaerobic. But spelled in the family lore.


Annvyll, Aynkyl, Achooqh ( the q is silent ), Anystheezeeah, and Anayrrobyck We need a bot that does this lol


My God, imagine being a ‘Top Fan’ of Karissa. 😬


😂😂😂 it’s very cringe lol


Okay, and my list of baby names is like 50. I want 2.


Her body is not going to agree with that.


Breeding fetish & some good ol mental illness


This is the most selfish thing ever. I feel so horrible for those kids.


" We only had you because your mother had 5 names left on her list and she's a hardcore completionist "


1. Amyrycanah 2. Ayeolygh 3. Ayrhycsyn 4. Arrhythmia 5. Abylony (Americana, Aioli, Erickson, Arrhythmia*, Abalone) *I can’t take any credit for Arrhythmia, autocorrect came up with it 😂😂😂




I've been watching a lot of Dr. Phil (don't judge, I'm simply avoiding homework that's due tomorrow lol) and keep thinking that she needs to be tricked into going on the show to brag about having tons of kids and then Dr. Phil's research will expose the neglect and she'll get psychiatric help and the kids will get therapy and adopted by gma and everything will be fine. my avoiding-homework fantasy.


Unfortunately, “Dr.” Phil is a pretty big piece of shit and doesn’t actually help to often 😔


I've heard that, which is part of why I feel so guilty that I've been watching him :( It seems like some of the earlier seasons, he did at least try to get people to resources they needed. It got more and more sensational...but I don't know the behind the scenes details...and a lot that happens onscreen can be very different backstage...


He sucks. All those children he sent to unlicensed, fly by night "residential" programs in Utah were most likely subjected to unnecessary and inhumane treatment. The problem is 99% of the time with the family. Can't treat a family if the kids at Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah, where a teenage girl just died. Oh, also. His stupid show didn't pay for those residential programs. They would try to come after insurance for it. And insurance ain't gonna pay, because residential treatment for teens is dangerous and has a less than 9% success rate. The Res programs used his show as free advertising and he would send kids to certain places to plump up their bottom lines.


NOO!! That's terrible. Ok, I will never watch it again omg. I knew residential programs could be bad - I've been to a horrible one myself, and am in trauma therapy to deal with that lol...I guess I just thought they would pick good ones :( that he was like Daddy Warbucks how could I have been so deluded omg


It's not a bad thing that you try to think well of people 💕


I wouldn't blame yourself for believing the lie and story he sells. It works for a reason. And no, he doesn't pay for those programs and the programs are not vetted at all for quality or safety.


Yeah, I wish he didn’t suck because it *is* entertainment! It would be great if someone would step in, help those kids and help their mother with her mental healthcare.


I’m not mad because his show can be addicting to watch sometimes, but he’s a terrible psychiatrist who exploits kids (aka “troubled teens”) himself. Karissa needs to get off social media for real and get a good therapist because what she’s doing is dangerous for herself and the kids.


If by “therapy” you mean he’ll send the kids to “troubled teen” camps that are even more abusive than whatever the fuck is going on at home, yeah, he’ll be a great resource. Watch trash TV all you want, I’m not going to judge, but let’s not legitimize a single thing “Dr.” Phil does. He is just as abusive as Karissa if not more.


Yes!!!! His show has arrangements with those programs and they use him for advertising Also his show doesn't pay for those camps at all, they try to charge insurance for it. I had to do a case review for a girl that was sent to one of those shitty, dangerous, unlicensed places in Utah where *I shit you not* they tried to tell me that learning"horsemanship" was a treatment plan. Anywho that case did NOT get approved, and we made a call out to the parents who had already had their daughter ~~medically kidnapped~~ transported there, and told them to go pick her up and start family therapy.


why does everyone in this world have to be horrible????


oh no, I didn't know. :( I take it all back. Fantasy revoked.


Wasn’t part of Pests criminal reveal because the Duggars booked Oprah?


Karissa, and many of these large families, feels like a hoarding case but with kids. Many have more than they can care for and do not get help. Instead they have more as if trying to fill some void. I've also felt this way about the Duggars especially with the first special when they were in the tiny house


I'm very fascinated by large families. Not sure why. Krarissa ( auto correct) is 39, at most she'll have three more. Even the most fertile women , fundie or otherwise seem to stop conceiving without medical assurance around 45 years old. Look at Duggars, Bates, Radford even the mom of 14 boys, one daughter in Michigan. ( can Google ) Krarissa does not seem super duper fertile, like it took her well over a year to get pregnant with Armoire. So say, she has another baby by 40, then 42, or so. After that? It would have to be 40, 41, 42, 43 , 44 to total 15. Very doubtful, not happening unless she has her fated twins. Plus, yeah, 15 kids is not good. Needs help. Not snarking.


If I had to have one baby for every name I like........................😬 It's an interesting(?) reason to have a baby.🤐


5 more names? Heaven help those kids.


Omg I bet the last kid will be named Amen.


In a few years, she’ll be like JillRod, obsessed with her daughters’ wombs as well…


My god she is such a wretched piece of shit. It’s all just a cute little game to her of being God’s special breeder with the most internet points. Except, it’s child abuse. Willfully, purposefully having a double digit number of kids is choosing a life of neglect for your kids. And that’s just, baseline reality for anyone. For these abusers in particular? The children are in real danger every day of their lives as it is. Exponentially more so with each new baby and with more time that passes that Karissa’s illness goes untreated. May your womb be barren as fuck for all the rest of your days, Karissa, you miserable hag.


When will she run out of A names? She’ll be forced to name one Afgjrscjy


if god is real he will make sure not one more child comes under her care and a competent CPS worker combs through her social media & visits their home


She's probably still holding out so that she can give birth in Target...


I don’t think her body has 5 more pregnancies in it, honestly. I think she will be extraordinarily lucky to have one more that doesn’t end in someone dying and even that is a bad idea


Any LEGIT guesses? I saw archer, arrow, and Amen. Could see those working.


I had names left over too Karissa. You don't have to hoard babies so you can give them all the made up names.


She’s too old to have five more kids. I also have a lot of names I love. So I have a bunny called Leo and a cat called Ezra. Not that I’m advocating they get anymore animals either.


They should get the kids pet rocks or moss balls. Moss balls are very low maintenance plants then name them the remaining names


Oh dear lord, what kind of Scrabble remnant abominations does she have tucked away?






I mean, by that logic I should have at least 4 more children…don’t worry folks, I will not be.


I have one and I think that's enough for me. I feel like I can barely do everything with one. Getting ready for school is challenging. Having her do homework. Cooking dinner for both of us. Bath time and doing her hair can be a nightmare. My daughter is a fresh 5 and she is my only experience with children, but I know now there is NO WAY these people are parenting these large family's, especially someone like Karissa with an out of control social media addiction. Not saying this is right, but when I gave birth to my daughter I was MIA from life for about two weeks. It was hard to walk and I had the baby blues. Karissa? She's right back to social media and posting all day. You absolutely cannot convince me these children are being taken care of properly. It's not possible and I don't care what anyone says.


I have a list of names reserved for cats.


Someone needs to introduce these people to writing fanfiction


How old is she? Can she even have 5 more kids before menopause?




If Michelle can do it, so can she.


Because god just hands them out like gifts so long as KidTrafiKarissa has a name and marketing plan ready to go?


Armageddon Armoire Amazinggrayce Akarissa Anotherone


I have a list of 25 names and have no desire for kids. I fully plan on convincing friends to use my names /s


Gotta love their Christian psychic voodoo…”3 more kids.” And of course Karissa says she has 5 more names. That’s insane to me.