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To my limited knowledge bananas release gases and when theyre bagged they ripen way faster, i wonder if this does anything or the handle holes are enough for that many. Can reddit do that thing and we just have a guy who knows a ton about bananas right show up and comment under me?


I'm not sure either. *waits for banana guy* 😆 I did remove the plastic right away and they lasted about a week. I ended up freezing 6 Bananas. I managed to use the rest up before they started going bad.


Ethylene is the plant hormone that promotes ripening. Bananas produce and respond to ethylene. I imagine the plastic was just a short term marketing packaging but it would increase the ethylene gas in the container while it was in place. Temperature also has an effect on ethylene production. My experience with lots of bananas is that I can peel and freeze 30 and eat one a day without too much lose of quality. In other words pre peeled bananas last 30 days in the freezer. You could also pull them from the freezer to cook over at least two weeks instead of doing everything in a weekend.


^ Here's the banana guy! Thanks banana guy. I find freezing Bananas and eating them makes them too sweet for me. Maybe I'm leaving them in the freezer for too long before I eat them and that's why they're so sweet?


I'm not the guy that knows a ton about bananas, but I want them to show up and teach us the science at work here.


Not a banana guy but know a little, they release ethylene gas. A lot of fruits release ethylene gas however the banana releases more than normal (the apple releases the most). The holes in the box will cause the gas to not build up but even in close proximity to other fruits it will cause faster ripening. But that can come in handy, throw a banana or apple in a paper bag with avocados that you want ready faster and violla. Refrigeration slows the release of the gas (or slows the effect of the gas I’m not sure).


When I get a good deal on bananas I always keep in mind that once they turn yellow, they ripen quickly and cause the other bananas to ripen faster until you have a ripening feedback loop of brown bananas. Especially if they’re in a closed space and touching each other. If you run out of ideas for them, dehydrate them for banana chips or freeze them and make banana bread later. I’ve never seen such a good deal on fruit as this!


And they did ripen quickly. I did mention in the description all the baked goods I made. And the 7 larges of banana chips I made after (thank you dehydrator). I was really glad I got this on a Thursday and had the weekend free so I baked/dehydrated all weekend. I was quite sick of working with Bananas after but I'm so glad I did!


Mmmm banana chips! Great idea!


Smoothies would also be good


Don't forget NICE cream!


Ohh, what's NICE cream?


It’s a “healthier” alternative to regular ice cream. If a pint of ice cream has 600 calories, then banana nice cream has half of that, so it’s a slightly better way to over-indulge on something sweet.


Frozen banana ice cream. My favorite is pumpkin NICE cream. Google it, so many recipes.


Awesome! I'll have to give it a try. Thanks!


Make banana bread and you got breakfast/snacks for weeks!


I have 3 loaves of banana bread in my freezer now. 😋 Banana chocolate chip muffins, banana cream pie, banana brownies and 7 large Mason jars of banana chips! (I recently found that dehydrators are amazing)




Interesting. I'd be curious to know as well.


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They should all do this, someone will buy it.


I was impressed. They had 3 boxes like this. I only grabbed one though and that was more than enough. I barely made it though the box by the time they went bad. 6 Bananas ended up in the freezer since they started going bad.




Yes! I've been sick with the flu the last few days and have munched on banana chips the whole time. For some reason the help my throat. I've gone through 1.5jars already 😆


Be careful with dehydrated fruits. they have most of their original calories and you'll be eating them a handful at a time. I remember in Korea, a bag full of banana chips was about 2500 calories :(


Wow. Thanks for letting me know! I might need to cut back.


You can freeze bananas!


nice find. WHan i find them ripe, I like to peel, ziploc, and freeze them here. Bananas feeze almost as well as icecream.


It sounds like several people peel Bananas before freezing. Any specific reason why? I've only ever frozen them in their peels.


Trial and error I would say freeze your first banana and you'll see why. But try peeling the frozen ones sometime :)


Chocolate dipped and frozen 👻


Sounds delicious!


That's a bunch of bananas!


Where did you get them?






Banana ice cream. Freeze bananas, slightly thaw, food processor, + lemon juice, add choc chips (optional). Super super goood and lasts a long time in freezer. Thaws beautifully smooth like typical ice cream.


Add mashed bananas to pancake mix, it’s great!


Great idea!


What happens if one overdoes it on bananas?


Hmm, I'm not sure but I can confirm eating too many banana chips causes constipation.


I need those!!! Great deal! I use the Mrs. Fields Banana - Nut Bread recipe… so tasty


If I found that I would literally eat nothing but bananas for however many days possible “But it doesn’t have the necessary nutrients🤓🤓” you ever heard of nutritional supplements? All I need is pills and bananas and I could probably survive a week straight without spending a single penny