As someone who works for starbucks, I'd say 90% of the people (for my store) that come through get something other than drip coffee (i.e. lattes, Frappuccino, etc). Most people don't have the necessary tools or ingredients to make what they like to get.


I’ve tried and tried to re-create the cold brew with sweet vanilla cream at home, And I can never quite get it. Sometimes I just want it. And if I want the pink drink? There’s no way I can make it at home! Sometimes I just wanna nice sweet, cold drink on a hot day lol


I’ve tried a few recipes and gotten satisfying DIY Pink Drinks. Not saying you need to but may be worth a search.




gotta cold brew it , soaking overnight. no heat


Starbucks is a coffee-adjacent treat store. It's basically like getting milk shakes.


This is really it. If I could easily make refreshers at home I would. Instead every once in a while, I get trentas no water no ice of my fav refresher and add the water at home to last for the week.


This. A decent espresso machine and grinder costs thousands of dollars and lots of practice




I prefer to let people do what they’d like without judgment. But I’m frugal with my thoughts and opinions.


Coffee is so subjective that unless someone is directly asking for help to reduce their spending around it - they’ve probably already done a cost vs reward analysis for themselves. I know people who buy store brand groceries, never eat out or get fast food, but going to Dunkin for an iced coffee twice a week brings them so much joy they can’t live without it.


Yep — I’m not a fan of starbucks, not because I care about them and their ‘status’, but because I think it tastes like dirt. If others enjoy it and/or want it for whatever reason, so be it. I also don’t eat out much because I’d rather save my money for other things BUT, when I want a really good cup of coffee or good meal, I spend the money on those things because life is too short.


The best way to tell if a cafes coffee is good is to order one without cream or sugar. If it tastes like dirt/cigarettes, it's very low quality coffee. Not worth a dollar. Starbucks coffee is like that. They start with crap and then load on sugar and fat. Edit: if you don't taste any bitterness in Starbucks plain espresso, you might be in the 25% of those who can't taste much bitterness: https://www.reddit.com/r/YouShouldKnow/comments/wjav9a/ysk_about_supertasters_nontasters_and_medium/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Exactly. My go-to drink (when i have coffee out which is mostly while traveling) is a redeye--that is, it's a cup of brew (black no sugar) with a shot of espresso. I used to try Starbucks every time I was in an airport or in another town and invariably (and I do mean invariably) it always tasted burnt. I guess not enough people want just a plain cup of coffee, black no sugar, so they keep the same pot on the warmer all day.


I always think it has a burnt taste with an afterbite


Exactly. Dunkin Donuts is my pay day treat. Let me enjoy it!


I feel similarly. I also don’t like the taste of Starbucks plain coffee - I generally only consume coffee at home. But every once in a while we go get one of their “basically a milkshake” drinks, maybe as often as once a week or maybe as seldom as once a month. I don’t feel bad about doing it as a treat. And if someone was super frugal everywhere else in life but just wanted a daily Starbucks, I mean the point of frugality is to save money for the things you really want right?


For sure. When I was working there though, most of the customers were daily people. Or multiple times a day and they were super specific, syrup gob drinks. God, we had one lady who came in twice a day for and iced matcha, latte with 12 scoops of matcha, no ice, not shaken. Just a bunch of soy milk, the powder piled on top, and two venti cups of ice. Lord help you if you didn't fill her cup all the way. She would intentionally order it regular and then ask for all this shit at the bar so she didn't have to pay full price. She wasn't alone. This is pretty normal. I know people don't consider caffeine and sugar addictions to be as bad but this woman and people like her spend like 4-5 thousand dollars every year on Starbucks. Those are the people that baffle me but to be fair, society views it as "aw she's addicted to Starbucks! Cute!"


Right? It's too easy to overlook the mini-vacation value of just sitting in a booth and, for a few minutes, having nothing to do and no one coming and asking you to do something else. Never worked for me at Starbucks. But at Caribou Coffee? I can't explain it, but it feels like I'm on vacation, a thousand miles away. Totally different vibe.


there is something so joyful and peaceful about the experience of going to a coffee shop; plus when my mental health is terrible (which is almost always) and everything else in my life feels so so hard, not having to make my own coffee (or food - i may single-handedly be keeping doordash in business) feels like a miracle. sometimes it’s the little things that quite literally keep us going.


Oh my gosh I feel this in my soul. I don’t stop for coffee as often as I used to but I know exactly what you mean.


You put it so well. Had coffee and food with friends last Saturday at the ugly mug, so nice to relax and talk in a good coffee shop.


My Starbucks walk was so good for me to get out of the house during covid. I lost my dog and lost my routine being stuck at home with minimal reasons to go outside. It’s also a nice treat once in a while even if you’re frugal. I always grab deals or use my rewards when I go more often.


>sometimes it’s the little things that quite literally keep us going. Same. When I'm at a low, my cat and I drive through Starbucks during a non busy time. I get a latte, she gets a pup cup (cats like them too!) and the barista's love to see her and shower her with compliments. Everyone involved has a bright spot in their day and I think that's worth a $5 latte.


I like this! I also only express my thoughts when directly asked. Recently someone asked me to go to Starbucks with them. I did already knowing I wasn't buying anything. I even brought my coffee that I made with me (not into Starbucks though). I was asked if I'm getting anything I declined. After we sat down I was asked and I explained that I like black coffee and there's no reason to buy it but I like hanging out, which is why I met them there.


Also the black coffee at Starbucks is rank


yes, their beans are overroasted and so very bitter.




Get their blonde roast. It's... Tolerable


Nah, I'll go to my local independent coffee house which uses a local small batch roaster and whose coffee is wonderful.


Yes, around here we say "it tastes like burnt tires". So disappointing.


If rank means bad, it’s so very rank.


in this context rank means offensively smelly/funky, like an unwashed armpit or sweaty gym socks.


It does. Well disgusting would be more apt of a comparison.




Yeah Starbucks coffee tastes so acidic and burnt to me. Not a fan.


Yeah, I really don't like it.


Tastes like a combination of how burnt tires and ashtrays smell. Yuck.


This is how you do it. Live and let live. Nothing is more annoying than someone with differing views judging and looking down on you for not being like them.


Great take. Need more of this attitude on here.


Can't you still think something is wasteful without being judgemental? Honest question. I don't think people who buy coffees from expensive cafes are doing anything wrong whatsoever, but i do think they are wasting a decent amount of their money - which is fine, and doesn't affect me. I don't consider that to be a judgement.


You can choose not to participate in a thing personally because you view it as wasteful without being judgemental of others. We are all allowed, and choose our own, values. But you cannot blanket-decide it's wasteful for all others and then express that (usually unasked) without judgement coming in. And on some things (not a coffee, but, you know, dangerous and harmful things) sometimes there's nothing wrong with having a judgement in it. At other times, you're just imposing your will and choices on others with no real reason too (as with coffee, or a sports team, or whatever) It's actually a very broader look at the same subtle difference between 'I like big knockers/big muscles/built guys/bears/\*insert personal sexual/partner taste here\*' and being the person announcing this to the world as if your opinion matters to anyone but you. It's ok to have values, preferences, tastes, and even judgments. Even shallow ones! We are all human. It's not ok to decide that means people who feel/look/act/choose differently have to bow to your choice, especially (as with the 'attractive' argument) when it hurts others, and usually there's utterly no need to announce it to the world in any way unless asked directly in a discussion it's relevant to.


> Can't you still think something is wasteful without being judgemental? Honest question. Having opinions about others' activities (i.e. making a judgement on their actions) is the very definition of being judgemental. So, no you can't.


*"can't I just commit an action without having to take responsibility for that action?"* This is too many redditors mindset about life.


I think it is a judgement because you're the one (not you personally) that's deciding that it was a waste, and it's not clear cut like other cases of wastefulness. What if they treat themselves to a fancy coffee every day to help them get out of bed in the morning? Or they're celebrating something important? Or remembering a loved one that used to love this place? Imagine how they'd feel hearing that what they just did was a waste. It wouldn't make them feel good, it isn't true (to them), and you didn't have all the facts, therefore I consider it judging. You think what they did is bad without knowing anything about them = judgement in my book. Don't have any ill feelings towards you, just explaining my pov.


This is my thought — it’s their money and time, who am I to say they’re being wasteful with either? I know there are things I do and spend time doing that others wouldn’t approve of, but they make me happy so it isn’t really anyone else’s concern.


>it isn't true (to them) It isn't true to anybody because it's subjective (like you said of course). You can agree or disagree, but it isn't true.


I think the point is it's wasteful to you, but it's not up to you to decide what's wasteful to someone else..if it's their favourite thing then good for them.


Love this attitude. We all value things differently.


It’s a nice little treat. 90% of the time I make my own tea or coffee at home but every so often I don’t feel like it, or I want one drink of something that’s harder to make myself.


Same. I don’t have all of the fancy syrups and milks they do, so sometimes it’s a great weekend treat.


I like all their fruity teas, I’d have to buy so many little faffy bits of stuff to make it at home and it would be expensive! Plus expiry dates, I’d have to drink one every day at least which would just put me off them


As someone with a serious tea addiction who has, over time, accrued about 30 different tea blends and all the necessary accessories... *It would have been cheaper to just go out to a cafe every time I want something fancy*


I agree. I only go to Starbucks for things I can’t make at home. It’s cheaper to buy a shaken espresso than buy an espresso machine, beans, syrups, foamer, oat milk…


In hindsight, I very much found myself falling into the sunk cost fallacy with all my teas. Very quickly I went from 'I'll just try a nice loose leaf Earl grey and a strainer' to '£40 for 100g of Pu'er? That's reasonable!'. It's very much my money pit.


/r/tea would definitely agree with you! I didn't realize how many different teas I had until I moved & it was FOUR regular size boxes 🫣


Agreed. Every day- not frugal. A treat once a week, etc? That's just living and enjoying life. I enjoy the walk to the coffee shop, seeing what's new in the neighborhood, people watching etc. My local coffee shop has incredible French pastries that I could never dream of making. I've got to get my fix, unless I'm taking a French pastry chef class anytime soon.


Yes this! Some weekends I go out with my mom to run errands and she offers to buy me “el café que te gusta.” The Coffee that I like. I used to say no because I didn’t want her to spend but my family basically has a rule of “if I’m offering I can do it.” I say yes now and she gets excited and we go get a coffee. I pay for it myself and sometimes let her pay. I don’t think it’s really about the coffee but more of the fact that she feels like she’s doing something nice for me. I stay home with my kids all week so it’s nice to have a treat that I didn’t have to make and can enjoy while spending time with my mom.


Awww hanging with my mom as an adult is better than hanging with my girlfriends!


My mom and I have this rule too, if we're offering that means we can afford it.


100% agree. I feel like this is the r/frugal battle cry: “MAKE YOUR COFFEE AT HOME AND DITCH STARBUCKS!!!” Um we do lol but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a fancy espresso drink every now and again!


This. Why eat out when you can cook at home? Why go to the movies when you can watch Netflix? Why buy popcorn when you can make your own? Life is about experiences and enjoying it with those around you. If making a mock Frappuccino at home with your kids makes you and your kids happy and more connected…awesome. You need to decide what lifestyle you have based on your financial situation and the life you want. For me I can still save my 20% each month, I have no debt, and the trip to get a latte a few days a week makes me happy and allows me to get some exercise.


I sometimes get into situation where, its a convenient treat for one day.... followed by 5 more days of convenient treats until I look at my bank statement and scoff at the fact I spent almost $30 in one week on coffee


This. I usually only buy instant coffee for around $4 a 100g jar, but yesterday I treated myself to a local artisan coffee shop that costs almost just as much, but damn it was well worth the price of admission considering the quality! Sometimes it’s ok to break habit and treat yourself. Getting a pumpkin spice latte 5x a week on the other hand is a bit frivolous.


Same here. I have instant coffee everyday. Maybe once a month I “treat myself” to a cappuccino that I can’t make at home. Plus this way I can go to different places and experience the taste of different beans/brews/whatever without buying a whole bag of every type, plus a machine to brew them. An extra £4 a month would hardly break the bank. Plus it’s an expensive “date” for my partner and I.


Yes but - hear me out - sometimes it can be a nice treat.


I have not been able to replicate my local shop’s cold brew- it comes out perfect the way they make it. But I have generally stopped going to chains like Starbucks unless I get a gift card or I’m traveling 🤷🏼‍♀️


This. I don’t have a $5000 espresso machine at home and I view the product as slightly different than my coffee at home. But it’s also an easy thing to cut so I keep it as a special treat.


Get the nice glass cold brew setup? Experiment with different beans and make sure you have a good bean grinder. Sometimes frugal just means buying fancy shit to do it right at home and save money but still have higher quality.


Oh, I do know that! Believe me. I also have a small apartment and making cold brew in the amount I drink it is difficult. I’m sure there are ways I could make it work with a lot of testing and adjustment but I support my local business a few times a week and use my French press the other days. I like to get out of the house in the mornings sometimes too as I work remotely.


I agree here. I cook every day, so I have good cookware that isn't a $1 special at the store. I make my own cold brew using a bowl, coarsely ground coffee and a cone filter. If I wasn't able to figure out how to do this, I'd probably spring for a nice cold brew setup. Although, after watching my son making regular hot coffee with a french press, I think I'd do it with that. It's virtually the same setup, except using a fine grind and using hot water instead of course grind and cold water.


I use coffee shops the same way I use restaurants. They are a nice treat if I'm in the mood. I'm not going because it's the most frugal option for sustenance. Pre-pandemic my knitting group used to meet at Starbucks. I had no problem spending $4 once a week to hang out with friends. We switched to meeting up at people's houses and now I spend more because we bring snacks or order a meal.


You both are "right". I don't think those long lines are full of people giving themselves random treats. I do think some of the people in the line are doing that and others get it habitually.


If I factor in Starbucks in my budget then what’s wrong with making it a habit?


Why do people in Paris buy pan au chocolate and cappuccino at a cafe when they could get the ingredients from a grocery store and make them at home? 1. It's a social ritual. 2. Interacting with the community is healthy. 3. Getting out of your home early in the morning for an enjoyable sensory experience sets a lovely tone for your day. 4. It's not usually something people do every day. 5. I don't like coffee, I like caffeinated chocolate milk, lol, and Starbucks makes that really well. That being said, I was just gifted an espresso maker and I've learned to make my Starbucks order (grande iced white mocha, three pumps instead of four, no whipped cream) at home. It takes as long as I would spend in line at Starbucks and it saves me money. (But it's not as fun an experience, our SB baristas are the shit.)


Agree, big time with the above list. I also think that between COVID shut downs and people remaining cautious, plus inflation, plus financial hardship in general (at least in the US due to stagnant wages over the decades), coffee is the remaining affordable version of those rituals and social/communal meals out that used to be a lot more common. Grabbing coffee and a walk in a park with a friend is the new social ritual that's replaced that occasional lunch here or there for a lot of people.


Also pain au chocolat are like €1.50 in France when they’re like $3-4 in the US. Depending on the food it’s cheaper to buy it from the store pre made.


America being ridiculously expensive doesn't really explain how human nature should fundamental be different. Going to the grocery stores and getting a snack with a friend isn't remotely the same thing as meeting up as a cafe


Hi! Can you tell us what model of espresso maker you have? I am interested in buying one of my own and I enjoy my mochas as well. If your machine can make similar to the Starbucks mocha, I'm very interested to know what brand and model you have! Thank you :)


Oh, sure! There are better machines out there, and the pull isn't always consistent (although it doesn't fluctuate wildly), but I've been "hey, close enough!" pleased with this machine that I received as a gift: ChefWave Espresso Machine (Black) with Holder, Cups and Handheld Milk Frother I also bought these to go with it: Nespresso Capsules Refillable - Reusable Coffee Pods For Nespresso Cups - OriginalLine Compatible - Pack of 6 My DD's boyfriend works at SB and the recipe he's given me is: two shots espresso, two shots milk, and estimate 2 tbsp of white chocolate mocha sauce - or more if you like it (I just bought a $4 bottle of Torani sauce, as opposed to a $50 SB pump bottle).


That's my go to drink as well. Once you get used to less white mocha sauce then having a regular SB White Mocha tastes way too sweet. If I get a SB white mocha, now I get it with only 2 pumps of sauce. So much better.


No comment on the espresso maker...just here to admire your user name.


Counterpoint: there are a ton of people that go and sit in the Starbucks drive-thru everyday on their way to work, which is definitely not a social, healthy, enjoyable experience.


Maybe it is for them. Just because you don’t enjoy the ritual of a daily drive threw coffee, doesn’t mean everyone feels the same.


Ah, but my work friends and I will have a morning coffee outside on nice days on the patio (which has shade, comfy seats, and a lovely breeze). While there is free coffee at work, it is worse than Starbucks. I live too far to have coffee left in my travel mug to bring it from home.


I guess. When I go, my child is in the car and we have hilarious conversations with each other and the baristas are always super peppy and funny, and we appreciate them. Once we pulled up to a SB right after 12 p.m. and over the intercom came, "Good morning, welcome to Starbucks! IMeanGoodAfternoonUghIHateMyselfRightNow!" And we laughed for like 10 minutes and tipped the baristas $5 for brightening our day. Seemed pretty healthy to me. You can find positive social interactions anywhere if you try. Edit: Okay, downvoter. Go back to your trash can, Oscar.


Going to a nice cafe to sit on the balcony with a friend and catch up while having a possibly overpriced coffee and/or brunch is what I probably missed the most during COVID. But I'd literally rather chew up a spoonful of instant coffee than waste 20 minutes in a drive-thru lol.


Woah Woah Woah Come again with the home made white mocha?


Because they want to buy Starbucks? Life is more pleasant when you don’t count other people’s money.


Spot on.


I wish I could like this more than once.


Some people save in other areas because they choose to buy coffee at a coffee shop for different reasons. There is not only one way to be frugal.


Some people seem to think if you aren’t suffering then you aren’t frugal. Just let people live and enjoy things, we only get so many years on this earth.


100% this. Yes they sell $5 pillows and $15 shoes, but hell if your life isn’t better if you get the right pillow and shoes to make you comfortable, pretty must regardless of the price. I can be frugal and also not sleep on ply wood in a hot room.


This is always so fascinating to me. Like how different people would spend 10,000. I have a girl friend who loves designer clothes. Has a closet full of them. I never see her in the same thing twice. Always looks incredible. I can’t imagine what she spends on it. I’m in a t-shirt that’s probably 15 years old…. But I just did a massive pantry remodel and I guarantee that would be bewildered on what I spent - and I think it’s smart because I make 3 meals a day for my family and love and to be in the kitchen, and loving the space is important to me.. just like her looking fabulous is important to her.


I am frugal in other areas of my life so that I can happily enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and a croissant or chocolate chip cookie. A local coffee shop to me is a fun spot to socialize for an hour and brings some similar benefits to a bar, but without intoxication.


because anything other than a one room studio, and eating rice and beans, and reading free books from the library, is completely unnecessary. Everything else is a luxury and people choose how and where to spend.


this is such an “avocado toast” type post.


I mean, it does have a huge markup and from a frugal point of view it is absurd. However, why do people buy sandwiches out? They are usually £3.50-£4 in the uk but would cost perhaps £1 to make at home. It’s for the convenience. Maybe people aren’t able to make a coffee elsewhere, e.g. at hospitals. Maybe people didn’t foresee being out long enough to need a drink, e.g. hospitals or even in town (I know I’ve gone to town for 2 little things but it wasn’t ready so had to wait an hour) Maybe people don’t want to carry a coffee or drink in their bag. I might want a coffee in between trains, but not want a coffee that has been sitting in my bag for 3 hours (due to temperature, risk of spillage, weight) Maybe it’s not the coffee but the right to be in that space. There aren’t many free, public spaces any more, so meeting someone for coffee means you can be in a neutral public space with toilets. So yes, it’s absurd and bad for the planet and expensive for what it is, but I don’t think any one person can well define what is ‘necessary’. Perhaps a commuter should just carry round a heavy, filled thermos for two hours. Maybe someone going to hospital should pack extra drinks before they leave home. Perhaps people should meet in a park or library, and public toilets should be of better quality. Necessary is subjective.


>Maybe it’s not the coffee but the right to be in that space. There aren’t many free, public spaces any more, so meeting someone for coffee means you can be in a neutral public space with toilets. I've never done it, but I've often thought that you could get away with indefinite loitering almost anywhere by grabbing an empty cup from the garbage and just holding it.


There are also the re-usable starbucks thermos cups which look very similar to the disposable ones. If you really wanted to loiter you could simply pick up one of those.


Because people like to treat themselves and save time. With that logic, why not make your own clothes? You’ll also never need to meet with friends in a restaurant or in a bar because it’ll always be cheaper to eat and drink at home. Why even go grocery shopping? Let’s just dumpster dive for all of our food. Isn’t the point of money to make our lives easier and to save time?


Right? And why not grow our own wheat to mill our own flour to make our own bread? Why not build our own watermill to do the milling? Living in a monetary based society means I can pay other people to do things that I don't want to do, like growing wheat, milling flour, roasting coffee, etc. Or I could even pay people to design my diet plan and cook all my food, if I had the cash for it. I bet if I paid enough I could find someone to chew it for me. It's a personal decision where to draw that line between "reasonable" and "unreasonable," or "worth it" / "not worth it."


The post is a little judgy :/ your reaction is spot on, why stop at coffee? Ever buy a loaf of bread? That's luxurious, make your own.


A little? OP is full on Judgy McJudgerson.


I certainly don't purchase it daily, but if I'm spending the day running errands or driving to my mom's an hour outside the city, it's a little treat to myself.


I only ever buy Starbucks when I need a place to sit with good wifi on it for an undetermined amount of time and I'm far from home. I pay office space rent with that tiny Americano


They’re traveling and didn’t bring a French press to the airport. Someone gave them a gift card. They’re midway through a day and more exhausted than they expected. They ran out of beans at home and were in a rush. They just prefer that someone else do it and they pay the convenience fee. They want a sugary treat or dessert drink. You’re in the frugal subreddit saying you don’t understand why others aren’t frugal and suggesting one of the most obvious ways contemporary people could be frugal and save money. Is this a troll post, karma farming post, or do you literally lack the ability to conceptualize why some people don’t always make their own coffee at home?


"I would never buy a coffee at Starbucks, why should anyone else? Make the same decisions I do so I can be validated that my choices are correct, please!"




Look in the mirror. The person staring back at you is the only person who you can control. I try and make coffee at home before buying it out. I use tumblers and will make it to go. However, I travel extensively for work and that is not always possible. There are ways to save money while getting it out (such as bringing your own cup).


I can't get any close to tasting as good at home compared to sbux. I don't get drip coffee there, my go to order is an Americano Misto and I don't have an espresso machine at home. Might not be so frugal but the experience is nice too, the smell, the environment, etc.


Yeah, I was going to say the same. Espresso vs drip coffee is different, and as frugal as I am, sometimes I deserve a lil treat


To me, that's the whole point of being frugal. Understanding needs vs wants, but it's still okay to indulge once in a while and without worry of spending extra. Life's to short.


I do have a wonderful espresso machine and I still can't make an iced oatmilk macchiato exactly the same as Dunkin, so I treat myself. Or a cold brew with cold foam and caramel. Maybe a salted caramel cream cold brew from Starbucks. It's fun and I like it on occasion. OP is unnecessarily judgmental.


Just for coffee? No idea. But getting coffee with a friend is a social thing.


I love coffee out. I don’t compare it to coffee at home. Coffee at home is a grocery expense. Coffee out is entertainment.


They aren’t buying coffee as much as the experience. It’s a pleasant little break once in a while.


I have 2 coffee trees that I'm hoping will someday allow me to have coffee i can make myself. Until they do, it's no coffee for me. I hear the fruit around the actual coffee bean can also be made into a fruity, caffeinated tea


The dried coffee cherry tea is called cascara, and it's pretty delicious. Btw, unless you live in a high altitude area, or an area where it's constantly mild like California, it will take ages for the coffee tree to give fruit, and then it might not be terribly good.


I bought some that were already partly grown and have kept them indoors with decent temperatures and plenty of humidity. One of them keeps getting mealybugs but overall they seem to be doing pretty good. I've only had them a year, though, and no fruit yet. Maybe someday. Either way i like them because they're one of the few plants I've not managed to kill outright along with a cinnamon tree i have which is still really young. It'll be years before i actually get anything from that one but it smells nice. I also have peppermint that i don't think i could kill even if i tried, that also makes a nice tea


I feel like you may need a few more trees


The cost of a roaster buys a lot of store bought coffee


First is that many people are not getting a regular coffee at starbucks. I don't know if you have priced an espresso machine but a half decent one costs above 150+ dollars. The other thing is that it tends to be a pain in the ass. You need to brew the coffee and then put it in a thermos to take with you. Then you have the issue of the extra coffee because typically just making 2 cups doesn't work well unless your using something like a pod machine and if your using a pod machine the costs get a lot closer not to mention that even the subpar coffee from a starbucks is better than almost anything from a pod. I mean I drink using pour over or my aeropress most of the time but I like good coffee and that tastes way better than starbucks but it is also a decent amount of effort that most people don't want to put in and I understand that. There are also definitely times I want an espresso drink or a blended coffee drink. I actually do plan on buying an espresso machine when I do finish my kitchen but that will probably be another 6 months.


Plus all the other stuff that goes in it! Whipped cream, syrups, fancy milks. If I kept all that on hand for my once or twice a week super fancy coffee it would cost me a ton, a bunch of it would expire, and I’d have no room in my fridge for food/leftovers. I also don’t want to think about the calories I’d be investing to try to keep it worth it. All that is totally worth $4 to $6 once or twice a week to me.


Having a few ridiculous Starbucks (or wherever) lattes a year is more frugal than buying an espresso machine and all the various syrups. Now, why ppl buy the regular drip coffee out, that I have no idea.


I might be in that line if it’s a special treat, ended up with a gift card or freebie somehow, or if it’s a social outing. Other than those I brew my own cold brew and have coffee from home 90% of the time. Those people in lines might just be having a special outlier treat day, you never know other peoples’ business unless you ask!


Because I'm out of my home and need some caffeine. That's why I pay someone else to make me coffee.


Being frugal doesn't put you on a pedestal


Why do people buy cars, when we can just walk everywhere? Why do people pay for frozen burgers, when I can make my own and freeze them? Why do people buy ground beef, when I can buy a meat grinder and get bulk beef from a butcher and do it myself? Why do people go to a butcher when I can buy a calf, raise it, slaughter it myself and make my own cuts? Why do people slaughter their own animals and spend money on meat when beans and lentils will suffice? $2 on a coffee while you're out and about isn't crazy.


How about we stop shaming the working class about their small inconsequential pleasures and start asking the oligarchs why they need to own entire planets.


No. I honestly don’t care what other people do with their money. It’s not my place to judge how people spend their money, and you shouldn’t either. People should spend their money how they like and on whatever makes them happy and they value. Everyone has different income levels and budgets. If someone values getting coffee out and has the money to do so, who is anyone to judge for that? Are you ok? You sound extremely bitter and judgmental. By your logic spending money on anything is absurd. Why pay for anything hobby related when you engage in only free hobbies? Why ever eat out when you can cook for way less? Why ever buy lunch at work when you can bring it? Why buy anything when you can probably find it for free somewhere? Why buy groceries when you can dumpster dive? Why travel when you can just look at pics of places and read about them? Why buy gifts and cards when you can just make a cheap card? Why buy clothing that you like and looks good but is expensive when you can buy super cheap shit? Also, buying coffee out doesn’t mean someone isn’t frugal. It’s about the big picture not pinching all pennies and low hanging fruit.


who cares? their money not mine


I go into the office once a week these days and usually buy a coffee. I also bring a thermos of my own for the afternoon. Back when I was in the office 5 days a week and had significantly less time and energy, I’d buy a coffee every day just to get some time away from my desk and take a break with coworkers.


They like the product and it's their dollars to spend. Why should I label them absurd?


The people in line at Starbucks might have done that math themselves and STILL made the decision to go! Because reducing everything in life to the cheapest possible option isn’t how most people choose to find happiness.


Because frugality is not for everyone. And everyone lives a different live. You subscribe here on this sub because you are frugal and you see a lot of people living in the same echo chamber. Lots of people rather enjoy and not limit themselves. There is also a social aspect for people at work where they leave work and go for coffee to talk.


I splurge where it matters to me in life. Others to do the same. I buy coffee out as a treat once or twice a month but I like to go to local coffee shops, sit down and read a book. I'm partially there for the environment, to get out of my house, meet people etc. I don't think that's a waste.


In my experience, coffee that is $7/lb is not good coffee. Most independent (aka, not Starbucks) cafes will tend to have high quality coffee and high quality tools to brew a good cup. So if I'm interested in treating myself, I'm willing to spend $5 for a nice cuban, even though I can get a drip coffee for less than a dollar at home.


Because I’m not at home and I want more coffee. Suck it


*80* cups of coffee from 1 lb? That is some ***weak ass*** *coffee*. EDIT: Alright, curiosity got the better of me. [This](https://coffeeaffection.com/how-many-cups-of-coffee-in-a-pound/) came up when I searched. They even break it down by what *type* of coffee you are making. TLDR? One pound of coffee can make 19-34 cups of coffee, dependig on brew method. *Cup* in this case, meaning 8oz. One, I don't know *anyone* who thinks a pitiful 8oz counts as "a cup of coffee". Two, *it would still have to be super goddamn weak* to squeeze 80 cups out.


This is also how I feel about getting a beer during a meal dining out. The cost of one beer going out to eat is almost the price of buying a good 6 pack at the grocery store.


Why do people still think most people go to Starbucks just for regular coffee?


It can be a cheap date compared to the alternatives. That’s it.


Sometimes people want to leave the house. Sometimes people are traveling. Sometimes people are buying it for other people. Sometimes people are running late and get a break at work to caffeinate themselves. Sometimes people are living out of their cars. Sometimes it's someone's birthday or special day and they want to treat themselves. You don't know someone's reasoning. You'll be a lot happier when you stop worrying about what others are doing.


My wife and I usually use Starbucks or coffee out as a treat, or a way to get out of the house and do something. We both WFH so it's too easy to spend all day inside; it takes its toll mentally after a while, so coffee out can be a pressure relief valve. Yeah we should probably take up hiking or mountain climbing, but we have different interests and while I would rather go biking my wife would rather go shopping, so coffee can be a cheaper compromise. What do you do for entertainment out? I feel sad saying it but sometimes the only interesting thing I do lately is go to a coffee shop and hang out.


For many people getting a $6 coffee out, rather than brewing a pot at home, is because they're seeking a social setting and ambiance that comes with going out for coffee. Frankly, of all the social settings surrounding food and drink, getting a coffee for a few bucks is probably one of the more frugal ways to "go out."


Why do people ever go to restaurants when they can just cook at home? Because they want to. You can get something you couldn’t (or don’t want to) create at home, and it’s a nice way to treat yourself. It can be a social activity. You just feel like it. There really doesn’t need to be an explanation for it.


It's called the "convenience tax." Everyone knows that 99% of the drinks you buy out can be made at home for cheaper, and generally healthier. But it's more convenient, and sometimes more enjoyable, to pay to have someone else make it instead. I guarantee that you have stuff in your life you pay a convenience tax for. Dial down the judgement.


It’s a treat. I make coffee every day at home (cheap Folgers but I like to add a little caramel or vanilla syrup for fun) but when I’m out running errands on the weekends I love to get a Starbs.


I think this all the time. Yet I still do it.


It is a treat for sure. That being said when I was more of a coffee drinker I would limit myself to once or twice a week and that was my spending money for the week. I didn’t think $10 a week with bad for spending money because I really didn’t buy anything else for myself they didn’t have to have


Occasionally, I meet people there. Two of us buying a coffee at Panera is cheaper than anywhere else to meet. I count most of the money as a short term table rental.


A coffee date is far more frugal than a dinner date. If I were being super frugal and dating someone new the difference of “hey, come to my house so I can make you drip Folgers” or “let’s meet at the local coffee house” is a world of difference. People also use coffee shops to study, read, write, etc.


It's not absurd if it's something people enjoy and can afford


Oh it's absolutely absurd. 100% agreement. But you can pry my carmel espresso frap from my cold dead hands. I'm at a point in my life where sometimes the thing motivating me to wake up the next day is a "treat" of some sort, and Starbucks is my favorite. That and a latte from a little coffee shop in the next town over. There's something about buying a coffee that feels so luxurious. I'm not sure if it's the syrups and fancy machines or the emotional attachment I have to a cup of coffee, but it makes my day. I get it about once or twice a week, which is a hefty $15, but I think it's worth the happiness it brings me. And that's coming from someone who used to spend $15-20/a week on food. I've been forced into strict frugality by circumstances in the past, and now I live a very comfortable lifestyle. It may cost me $60/month, but I'm going to enjoy my fun coffees as long as my salary is high & my bank account is fat.


Because I like starting my day with a McDonalds coffee and to me it’s worth the ~$1000 a year. I work hard for my money so I’m going to spend it on things I enjoy


Because they want to and it’s their money.


Who cares


Because sometimes people get joy from things you may not, and that's okay.


Some people like it. No issue for me. I drink homemade cold brew. Saves me money and it's delicious.


It’s become very commonplace. I grew up with my mom stopping at Dunkin every morning before HS (she had to drive me bc no bus). So when I got out of the house and my first job, I was tempted regularly to get Dunkin. But I didn’t have the money to, so I started going less and less. Now, I’ve figured out how to make cold brew smoothies and am working on various cold brew recipes you can get at the coffee shop- but for wayyy less the cost!


I only do it for little coffee dates. Otherwise, I make my own coffee


When I don't have time to make coffee at home, I used dunkin drive through. I used the app so I would get free drinks, once in awhile. This summer a local gas station chain is offering 99 cent drinks, including coffee. So I have been going there. Yes, it is cheaper to make my own. And because I have to have non-dairy, I have to make sure the place I get my coffee has alternatives. The gas station surprisingly has more to offer as creamers, both dairy and non-dairy than dunkin does. As for the more "treat" coffee beverages. I suck at making them at home. So Dunkin, Starbucks, or Tim Horton's it is. Unfortunately, there are no local coffee shops in my area.


There are a lot of ppl in the world, your city, that town, that have their own lives and own routines. Who's to say those ppl aren't like the ones you just mentioned are buying coffee "out" bc it's necessary?


They provide other things like wifi, tables, a third space, but I still prefer a library, and some of those have coffee shops I'm happy to support. Ironically though it's harder to get people to spend money at a library I think. Unless the coffee place is superb and the library is already busy.


I rarely buy coffee out, as I prefer the ease and convenience of my cold brew on tap. What really blows my mind is people who judge other people for doing what makes them happy. Live and let live. Stay in your own lane.


Also, Starbucks is NOT a good company. I wish the frugally minded also set out to prioritize resisting major (crap) corporations like SB. Plenty of great places to treat yourself. Since price isn't the saver, it must be dependability and variety. Not worth supporting Starbucks IMO.


Is it unnecessary? Yes. So is drinking my own urine but it’s sterile and I enjoy the taste


Because I can't get a pistachio oatmilk latte anywhere else??? And it tastes good when im in a funk and need a pick me up?


Because i want to? Yes i make coffee at home as well. But i wake up at 5 am to go to work. Im not going to add an extra 10 min to brew coffe and get all fancy with it. Easier to grab it on the way in. Plus its nice to see the same people each morning. We all sympathize with having to be up at ungodly hours.


Did you frugal your understanding of convenience away? I very much get not wanting to buy Starbucks, but presenting it as you can't understand is pretty absurd. I mean why would you buy coffee at the grocery store anyways? Did you know a single bean can grow a coffee plant and you can wait years for it to grow and harvest it, gather wood in the forest to roast them, grind them using found stones, then laugh at the the chumps paying a crazy $10 for a sack at the store? * laughs in lvl99 frugality *


because I feel dead inside going to work every day and a nice big hot latte that someone else made for me makes it a little better


I cant make expresso like a coffee shop does. I dont make Indian food because I dont know how. I buy icecream for a treat. Same thing. ​ Seems like nearly everyone in the comments agree on this.


By your logic, since I can brew my own beer or ferment my own wine, I shouldn’t buy those when I’m outside my house either?


Because they're not looking for 'a coffee'. Hell, absolutely noone looking for quality coffee is doing it at SB, if we're honest! They're looking for an experience. In some places that might be 'brand swag'. For some people it may be a treat. For others a splurge. For others 5 minutes of calm in a line with adults around them. For still others, maybe the $3 spend that's keeping them able to keep going through whatever's going on in their lives. Still other's don't care about money and don't mind spending to have someone else make it. I know this post means well, and fundamentally you are correct. But it comes over very sneering, superior, and with little compassion. Buying, or not buying, something does not make you better than those you're judging. Just different, with different human things. Personally, I prefer uplifting posts that share and bolster the notion of frugality positively, rather than simply tearing into others who have different standards. It just feels like a cheap shot. Why is anyone doing anything other than sitting in a basement not spending and doing things as cheaply as possible? Life is about experiences, and we all chooses our own, stupidly or not. You, too, (and me, and everyone that reads) have peccadilloes others think are stupid to the core. Always worth keeping that in mind before we come at people for having different ones.


Because my irish cream cold brew and toasted vanilla oatmilk shaken espresso that I DIY at home do not compare AT ALL to the ones I get at Starbucks.


"Good" is on the tongue of the beholder. I roast my own coffee as a hobby. I prefer lighter roasts than what Charbucks(tm) supplies, but even though I have tried, I cannot reproduce at home on my little machine what my local roaster does to bring out the flavor of a truly excellent microlot Ethiopian dry-processed coffee. Those beans are $14/lb. I had a properly roasted Jamaican Blue Mountain once too, and it was unbelievable. Oftentimes you don't get what you don't pay for.




Wife and I get foo-foo drinks totaling about $14 every weekend after we take the kids to their gym class. It's just getting a nice sandwich. I don't stock fancy cheeses, lettuces, deli meats, etc at the house. So I don't mind paying every so often for a 'the works' sandwich with everything on it.


It’s also a social event. Many will go and sit by themselves so they do not feel alone. I grew up in the 70s and the only place to go to socialize was a bar.


Considering Starbucks is a union-busting menace, why indeed? There are plenty of good coffee shops out there though. If I'm out and about and want a coffee it's an excellent treat.


It is but sometimes you need coffee while out of your house. In that case I just get McDonald's. You can basically get any sized McDonald's caffeine drink for a buck when you use the app.


I am an alarm service technician and one of our customers is sbux. I have a very large territory and work long days. Sometimes I need a pick me up and the best thing about sbux to me is consistency. I can order my favorite drink from any location and I know what to expect.


Oh no I’ll never own a house because I spent all my money on avocado toast.


“I don’t value this one thing so no one else should. If you do you’re stupid, why are you still in line??” I think buying at Starbucks is dumb but who gives a fuck lol. I’m sure you spend money on something that they think is frivolous and they’d ask why you do that. Don’t be judgmental or elitist.


I live in a very small house, don’t travel much, don’t buy makeup, don’t buy clothes, my family has one car and we limit its use. I love coffee 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s the way I treat myself. Who knows why other people make the decisions they do. it’s their life.


You should be frugal for yourself not others


Over the past several months I have perfected homemade cold brew. My coffee maker has a over ice setting. I can make a cup for a couple cents and it taste amazing, or I can spend 6$ on a cup at Starbucks. And I honestly like my coffee better


you do realize that starbucks makes things than just a regular cup of coffee, yes? i don't go there myself but i can understand that the normal person probably doesn't have all the skills or stuff to make an upside down mocha cappuccino 4 pumps caramel with vegan milk and non dairy whip


i buy coffee usually on my walks through central park with my wife on the weekends. even then sometimes ill make some from home. but usually we'll transit to the park area and wanna see a shop or two, then do the park after so it's silly to hold a coffee from home trying to try on clothes and by the time im actually sittin on a bench in central park my coffee is room temperature i use YNAB to budget and we're quite efficient with our money. but we find times to buy a coffee and enjoy it and we don't regret it. it's just a lot more conscious of a decision


Least stingy /r/frugal user. Why do people spend money on stuff they enjoy?


I prefer my own anyway, anytime I buy coffee I regret it. It’s not often.


We have such little joy in life left Why judge me for my cold brew with foam??


Because I’m not home and want coffee.


I don't get why people are so upset about someone buying a coffee. Live your life.


A former housemate of mine claimed that he was paying Starbucks for storage. He liked the floofy drinks that are basically cake in coffee form\*, but he didn’t want to buy all the syrups and machines to make it at home, so he went to Starbucks a couple times a week for his fix. When you look at it that way, the price becomes a lot more reasonable. \*The calorie costs of those drinks is a whole different argument, but it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round.


I'm one of those people. Honestly, I it's just a little pick-me-up that helps make my day a bit better. Completely unnecessary, but one of those little nice things.