It is a facepalm to %1 billionaires

It is a facepalm to %1 billionaires


Manufactured reasoning. It serves capital to divide the working class along as many lines as possible. Do everything but organize as one class against them


It's because immigrants don't have lobbyists and PR firms.


We’ve been taught for the last several decades that if we work hard we will be wealthy and happy, so much so that it’s become like scripture. And enshrining wealth leads to worshipping it, and it’s “prophets” who could only really be the holders of it. So if that’s what we believe in, then the opposite must also hold true. If the wealthy are holy, then the poor must be bad. And it doesn’t hurt that they encourage that thinking, knowing that if we keep hating the poor, we’re less likely to dust off the guillotines. Compound that with the natural tribalism and xenophobia that’s baked into the species, and it gives us another target—immigrants.