~~The badge doesn't seem to drop yet, though it certainly exists - https://steamdb.info/badge/60/~~ In [this video](https://twitter.com/Steam/status/1536394035866112000) they mention it levels up when playing 1, 5 and 10 demo's.


It seems you can't get more than 100 exp from the badge: https://steamcommunity.com/id/xPaw/badges/60


yes, but the description changes


You can easily download those that has 100mb up to 1gb , and just open it and close it , that how you'll get your fav desc , I got mine up to 89 from now.


Decided to go to 69


how did you play 1000 demos?


That dude's a coder. He made SteamDB and is always messing around with things like this. If I remember correctly he also wrote one of the main scripts people used for one of the past summer sale games. He probably wrote up some code real quick (or already had it) which just sends info to Steam saying he's playing all those games and Steam doesn't know the difference. It's the same commands your client sends when it's actually playing a game except with this there's no need to actually install the games or anything. It's the same way all those card idling programs work.


Idk, it's not my profile. But I suppose bots are doing the job.


Wait what???


look at his badge, his description says that he played 1018 demos


They auto played all games from the fest it look


He added all the demos to his account, then idled them for a few seconds, and that's it. Everyone can do this, if you know what you're doing :)


thanks for the confirmation, i was starting to afraid that i will have to go trough 1000 games for 10xp/game because im an idiot who cant stop... that would ruin the whole point of this event btw pick \~10 games that is already on my wishlist or looks good and play it until the end of demo


They finally implemented it. We don't care about trailers, we don't care about promotions and hype. Let us try the games you are developing and I will gladly give you my money. 95% of the indie games I bought this year were because I played their demos in some previous Next Fest. And now by giving badges you give an extra incentive to everyone.


You're gonna make the marketing department cry


It's alright, the pure joy radiating from the accounting department will keep it balanced.


if marketing knew that this is what people wanted they would do it... they would try to find a demo product that best sells ( and preferably describes the game experience and leaves you wanting for more)


Because of happiness? Happy that they finally did it.


Love Next Fest, got a great list of games last time out.


What do you get out of this for people who dont know?


My guess: Some Steam virtual thing (badge, lvl, exp) which can't be sold. Purpose: For bragging right only. Since u don't know, u probably won't care about this anyway.


The higher your steam level, the more perks are unlocked such as the ability to add more friends and have more customization options for your profile page, etc.


sounds really lame. i'd say that stuff doesn't really belong to this subreddit, but it seems like there's a LOT of people interested in it nevertheless


I would agree, except after getting my kids set up with steam I've been slightly annoyed by their inability to add friends unless they are a certain steam level... so they couldn't add each other as friends to play together. This could help with that.


If your kids' accounts are limited because they're new (level 0), the only way to remove that restriction is to add at least $5 to their wallet or to buy something through their account for at least $5. Buying something and gifting it to them will not be enough. You need to convince Steam that the account is owned by someone willing to spend money. https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/71D3-35C2-AD96-AA3A#:~:text=Limited%20accounts%20are%20restricted%20from,from%20your%20Steam%20Community%20profile.


I got each of the older two a $20 steam gift card (order from sam's club and they are $18 each) to get over that issue. The oldest started to peel the sticker off of her card, only to lose half the code. Much sadness at our house.


Steam support will help you, if you send a pic of the card with the peeled code.


Is there a separate page that lists demos only? The main page is just so bloated.




Railbound (have only 32,4mb) to Download.


Brotato is like 64mb so it's not bad


im still trying to figure out what part of brotato is a demo, it feels like a regular early access game


**CubeLoop** (65mb), **SokoChess** (83,5mb), **A Building Full of Cats** (58,9mb), **Nova: Cloudwalker's Tale** (61,7mb)


some heroes don't wear capes.


some heroes don't wear capes.


I've opened and played 3 separate demo's so far and no badge. Guess Steam is just being laggy rn


1,5,10 demos. I got all from [https://steamdb.info/search/?a=app&q=demo](https://steamdb.info/search/?a=app&q=demo) You NO need install the demos using ASF!!


> st use SAM or ASF, etc to open DEMOs for free, no need to download anyth You don't need to install anything, you can use programs to idle them but seems like 10 is all that you need for 100XP. But you can idle more for a bigger number on the badge.


not work for me . i test sam and idle master


Did you add the DEMOs to your Steam account and then get the correct Steam game ID and not the main one? DEMOs have a completely different ID to use.


I thought it was a shared ID. How do I find the demo ID?


In the game page u have try demo button. Click it and then cancel the installation and it will be linked to your account. Should be shown as *game name* demo i think.


> do I find the demo I If you have the SteamDB addon it will show on the store page, but you can look it up in SteamDB


hmm 100 id's x 10 rows to get to the 1000 demo's played might do it




Thank you very much, it works!


Hello friends! I took some time to write out all the demo IDs. However, some were without a green install button, I wrote them out separately. Hope I haven't missed anything. Perhaps this will help someone. Non-greenbutton: Hiboka, Lawgivers II, Cheaphaven, Mount Wingsuit 2, The Final Earth 2, Panic Porcupine, 东方华心传Touhou Blooming Soul, Anglerfish, Robotry!, The Backrooms: Found Footage, Beneath the Mountain, SCP: EVENT CLASSIFIED, Hush Hush - Only Your Love Can Save Them, Nanomon Virtual Pet, BROK the InvestiGator, Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor, GIGABUSTER, Space Mechanic Simulator, Just Go, 东方妖精武踏会 - Touhou Fairy Knockout \~ One fairy to rule them all, Resist the succubus—The end of the female Knight, Backrooms Exploration, Hyper Gunsport, Cheaphaven, Blood Souls, Kayak VR: Mirage, Spark the Electric Jester 3, Demonheart: The Ice Demon, Restaurant Renovator, EXP: War Trauma, Rogue Warlords, Absinthia, Burrow of the Fallen Bear: A Gay Furry Visual Novel, Halley's Dream, Space Cats Tactics, A.I.D. - Artificial Intelligence Defence, Tor Eternum, BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality, Adamstown, Space Within, Tales Of Aravorn: An Elven Marriage, 轻语谱, Alchemia: Creatio Ex Nihilo, Death Duel VR, 怪盗ミューのシークレットプリマ, Legacy of Sin blood oath, 龙魂:魔都异闻, Twilight's Final Judgement, Catastrophe, Unnatural Investigations, Chicken Fall, 我是黄油, Search and Rescue, Dirty Wars: September 11, Jack & Detectives, TPORT, Tilefinder, Japanese Romaji Adventure 3D, Mystery at Morgoth, Bombardier, Race me now, Euclidean Escape, Trials of Kokoro, Dunnigan's Trail, Grid Leaper, A Crown of Sorcery and Steel, Nuwe: First seeds, R is for Rachel, Super Gosu Cars, Astralojia: Season 1, Love Boot Camp, Belle Automata, GhostCast, Ghosts of Hollow Creek, Evolution Tag 2, Final Frame, Monsters Loot Swag, Paranormal Preparatory School, Battle Barn: Tactics, Desktop Hacker, STU, the First AI, Class Five Memorial GAME, Norgame. Город полярной ночи, 恋与你 Love with You, Escape From Russia, Heart of Battle, Vacuum Story, Nebular Crush, Mages Defense, Battle Waves: Card Tactics, BLANK SPACE, G-ZILLA: Return of the Aliens, Pursuit of Power® 2 : The Chaos Dimension, Roxy Raccoon's Bowling Bash, Quester, ElbmarKs, Quiver Quarrel, 星の子ヴェルタと空への道, His Journey, Datascape, Star Trapper FX, Space Captain McCallery - Episode 3: The Weaponmaster's Challenge, Microbrewery Tycoon, Divisadero, The Immortal, Nectar, Impossible Slasher! Hack and Slash, Aqua Populo, December 24th, Escape the Ether, 2pupp, Portal Walk, Mythos: Sudoku, Dark Hood, Ewephoria


No badge here, played a few demos so far.


I got the badge for playing one. But now the Fest page thinks the event hasn't started yet lol. Steam might be sagging a bit today


Apparently you can level up the badge by playing more than one; is this something asf can do?


Waiting for that command lol


`!addlicense asf 583361, 718797, 719478, 714470, 720428, 586749, 727010, 730682, 704024, 722834` `!play asf 1642370, 1990970, 1992900, 1979010, 1995770, 1650980, 2013570, 2023830, 1952410, 2001950` Also, I think the badge is capped at 100 XP, so no point adding a bunch of demos to your account.


Do you know if there is an ASF command to remove licenses from your account after you added them? I don't want all these demo licenses listed on my licenses page, and using the SteamDB add-on I can remove them one by one, but I was wondering if there was one ASF command I could use to remove them all at once like you can add them with the addlicense command...


Looks like this plugin might be able to do it. I haven't tried it myself so I don't know if it still works: https://github.com/ezhevita/GameRemover


what do i need to input then like the exact command with everthing in it


according to the github it should be deletegame [Bots] {AppID} but it doesnt work for me either, it just says unknown command




MVP, thank you!


Works. Thank you.


Thank you for the commands!


my hero


thank you so much


Hi does those codes works on Idle master extended? If it does what app id do i add in whitelist to idle? Is it the !play or !addlicense one? Sorry i don't really know asf thats why i use idle master


Thx i earned the badge with download the games. it doesn't work for me for some reason : "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier"


do you have a command with every demo for the highest possible badge?


Do you got the 1000 one too?


These did not work for me [https://steamdb.info/search/?a=app&q=demo](https://steamdb.info/search/?a=app&q=demo) anyone got the right link for me just made one with 100 but all were invalid because they are not in the event.


sorry, where can I use those commands?


In ArchiSteamFarm


use this command `play ` for example:- Metal: Hellsinger Demo has appid 1952410 and you have a bot with name say BOT1 `play BOT1 1952410` to go back to farming like normal use the command `reset` or `resume` Edit: Also I forgot to mention that you need to have the demo in your library otherwise the command will not work. To do so you need to press on install but don't start downloading the game


Thank you for the info. Before I try this, can you let me know if it's instantaneous or if I have to wait some amount of time for the demo to count towards the badge? I've never done anything like this before and I'll have to go somewhere with a PC to try and max out the badge as quick as I can so I can be in-and-out.


I tried it and it's instantaneous but you'll probably get rate limited as I got if you do it too fast. I did around 17 games and I couldnt access the website afterwards for about an hour


I see, thank you. Does your badge get upgraded beyond doing 10 demos exp wise? Also I'm not sure what you mean by not being able to access the website. Like the steam event page wouldn't let you pick more demos? I was just going to use the 10 the other user provided since I don't know how to pull IDs.


The badge get upgraded after 10 demos. I didn't know this before going in so I kept going. To pull the ID I was using the browser page because when you hover over the "Install Demo" button, you can see the ID.


> aying more than one; is this something asf can d You have the DEMO added to your account, you can do that with the !addlicense asf (game ID) command and the use the !play (game ID) command.


yo, is it?


10 xp for each demo played


Capped at 100xp tho.


Does anyone have a list of all the games that are in the next fest 2022? with their ids edit: here's game ids !addlicense asf 717478, 727113, 730812, 726603, 729842, 725538, 708478, 527019, 706453, 588961 !play asf 1987090, 2013810, 2024180, 2012480, 2021450, 2009660, 1962280, 1494880, 1958480, 1657370 !addlicense asf 715070, 729471, 728054, 689274, 540991, 729609, 508505, 730604, 733268, 686957 !play asf 1980640, 2020300, 2016360, 1913650, 1532890, 2020740, 1445330, 2023570, 2052470, 1907530 !addlicense asf 726118, 731596, 713829, 495075, 729001, 601719, 729500, 688345, 691836, 702277 !play asf 2011390, 2026200, 1977080, 1410630, 2018970, 1689380, 2020390, 1911480, 1920590, 1947840 !addlicense asf 702249, 701294 !play asf 1947760, 1945830


Thank you! I'm waiting for a list of all 1029 games from you :)


how to use these commands?


did you manage to find a list of all app IDs?


not yet i found the ids in some forum


do i need to copy this on asf?


Yes, if you're using ASF you can press C after it says it has logged in and it'll switch to command mode.


alright. keep me updated once/if you find them all


how to use this command on asf? just copy paste?


Press C after ASF says it has logged into your account and it will let you enter in commands.


You need to play 10 Demos to get max level of the Badge


How much time for 1 game?


Just play for 1 min


As long as you start the game up, it counts. There is no time.


Great thanks


Got any good recommendations(low download size)? Just played railbound, it was good game


https://store.steampowered.com/sale/nextfest?facets37629=3%3A6 This is a list of 300-400mb games. But after the max lev, your badge will not increase, therefore not even the points that can be accumulated, it will only scroll the number of demos played under the badge.




you need to play in 1 game just a seconds or 1 min even 10-30 sec


`!addlicense asf a/1990970` `!play asf 1990970`


After your badge reaches the maximum lev (10 demo played) The badge will tell you to continue playing the demos to further improve the badge... but...the badge will not go up further, so neither will the points that can be accumulated, only the number of demos played will increase, in the badge info.


How to get it without downloading a demo: Download idlemaster extended, or old version of idlemaster will work[https://github.com/JonasNilson/idle\_master\_extended/releases](https://github.com/JonasNilson/idle_master_extended/releases) Add the said demo to account, either using steamdb, ASF free license, or javascript ​ Run the idler by cmd: cd to the folder steam-idle (demo app id) after the demo window pop up, close it. repeat it until you are done.


do i have to play a set amount of time in-game? or just open and closing it works?


Just open for a few seconds and it will register it and move to the next one, idle 10 game for a max of 100XP (can idle more for a bigger number on the badge if you care).


dp you know the limit of how many xp you can get from it by any chance?


Yes, it's 100XP for playing 10 DEMOs in the store section of the event. You can go higher if you want but no need to (there are those that have 1000 DEMOs played and they continue until the event ends).


I played for like 5 mins or so and got my badge


Do you have to play the demos whilst your profile is set to online, or will it still work for getting the badge when set to invisible or offline?


It does not matter if you are logged into Friends or not, that is only for chatting.


awesome, love that the have been intruducing new ways to earn badges instead of 3-4 times a year. Great way also to get all the game some spotlight and get an audience.


Play this Demos for 100XP: Terra Nil, Railbound, Dome Keeper, Goodbye World, Brotato, BloodHound, Madville+, Minicology, Loveland, Agent 64: Spies Never Die


Thanks played all the recommended demos, I loved Loveland, might buy it once it comes out


Just use SAM or ASF, etc to open DEMOs for free, no need to download anything.


Do you know if it works with idle daddy?


I don't know, you might, you need to add demos to your account like F2P games in order to idle them.


What are those?


Last version of SAM is from 2019. That one? Can you tell how to open demos through it?


Once you have it, just open it, let it load, go to the DEMO store pages, press the install button (don't install, they will be added to your account), go to the Steamdb page to get the DEMO game ID and add it in SAM and play it.


>Error while retrieving stats: generic error... I added a game and this is what I'm getting at the bottom of the achievements window. But the game shows as running in the steam client. So I suppose it's running? How long do i need to keep it running?


> se it's running? How long do i need to keep it runnin If you see it playing from your Steam it means it's running. You just need to run for a few seconds and they register and can move on to the next one until you play 10 for 100XP.


Right, thanks!


whats that im new


It says 2002 instead of 2022 if you look at the description of the badge lol


Is it fixed now? :D Says 2022 for me


I don't know, i still see 2002 "\[...\] Next Fest of Steam 2002"


Its working now. Got the badge.




> Play any demo from Next Fest to unlock a badge you can feature on your Steam Profile. Level up your badge as you try out more demos.


Got the badge thank you


I got me this one for 5 demos and its nice, anyone knows how the 10 demos badge looks like? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199101719981/badges/60


Here's how all the badges look: [Next Fest June 2022 Badges](https://www.steamcardexchange.net/index.php?gamepage-appid-2027450).


Terra Nil game is only 300mb if anyone wants the badge quickly Edit: only 192mb actually to download


Walk Hero 13 mb




Played Terra Nil for like 15 mins and didn't get the badge. Wonder if it takes a minute for it to show up in your inventory.


Dome Keeper. 200mb


>Dome Keeper 281 for me


>Dome Keeper Just played 26 minutes of this one, and loved it ! No badge yet though.


"Sapiens" as well


brotato 106mb


I'll just fake playing it, but thanks.


how did you do that ? idle master not work for me


if you want to play demos using ASF, go to the game's page, click download (to promptthe demo download window), and then cancel the installation, then enter the command play followed by the demo id (which you can find on steamdb)


Nice, I got dozens of demos downloaded from the summer games event they had going on last weekend


It works now guys!!! Just play for few seconds ♥️♥️♥️




Only one badge, the max XP it gives is 100 for playing 10 games


Got my badge. Thanks!


I got the badge. It is pink flower. I played 4 demos..and i recived 40 xp


You can get 100xp if you play 10 demos. EDIT: fixed number




Just received the badge, thank you guys!


The badge's max. xp points you can get is 100. If you want, you can play more than 10 games only for the description. I recommend searching only for games that have under aproximately 700 MB since they take less time to download.


Can limited steam accounts get this badge


Yes, limited accounts can get badges.


so how does it count? do i have to finish the demos or just launching them does the trick?


Just launching them will work.


Could i somehow get the badge through my phone?


are you on android or ios ? if you on android you can use idle daddy in playstore search it or use this link [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.steevsapps.idledaddy](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.steevsapps.idledaddy) after installing the app, login, enter demo games id on the app to idle ​ ***note: this app are from 3rd party not from steam, any damage, ban or lost of access aren't my/anyone responsbility***


+rep it worked thank you.


The badge is so ugly!!!


I don't have access to my Pc. Any way to get the badge on my Android device?


Idle Daddy


can u plz elaborate


https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.steevsapps.idledaddy Add the demo ID's found in this thread into this app, idle the demos for a minute, you got yourself the badge.


Here numbers for asf: 1952410, 2013570, 2008340, 1960410, 2001950, 1992330, 2020580, 1642370, 1591770, 1992900, 1987090, 1993130, 1879930, 1326050, 2023830, 1960420, 1602790, 1724820, 1919890, 1325100, 1961470, 1650980, 1952610, 2011930, 2018590, 1961360, 1995770, 1210600, 2000330, 2020320, 1490520, 1868000, 1402040, 1402040, 2020890, 1313080, 1771080, 2019780, 1961350, 1960690, 1940810, 1926580, 2022870, 1985480, 1966350, 1983040, 1310220, 1658690, 1975870, 1999410, 2052470, 1985330, 1990970, 2000620, 1913910, 1967600, 2009590, 2010430, 2001550, 2019930, 1628320, 2018090, 1535020, 2004000, 1714870, 1588800, 2014290, 1798960, 1979010, 1478280, 1966250, 1931450, 2005620, 2017180, 2020240, 1974450, 1986260, 2021470, 2001820, 2054490, 1431000, 1998210, 1310960, 1990120, 2015970, 2012110, 1775280, 1986140, 1997180, 1875010, 2051430, 1960130, 1299640, 1765110, 2008690, 1661050, 1951270, 2024250, 2020940, 1414880, 1979870, 1658130, 1935700, 1977400, 1933200, 1642410, 2023470, 2011280, 1914930, 1999420, 1970810, 1891910, 1400500, 2004920, 1864920, 1982890, 1923740, 1445330, 2012150, 2052850, 2018970, 1660730, 2024180, 1971060, 2008660, 1997350, 2018400, 1728930, 1652820, 1658790, 2004560, 2023700, 2020370, 1971550, 1991740, 1402240, 2015350, 1704580, 1992690, 2052330, 1823240, 1418500, 1488520, 1980210, 1995020, 2027990, 1805630, 2022840, 1405680, 1982580, 2053420, 1985280, 1750730, 1982710, 1408270, 1768290, 1304570, 2001540, 1934170, 1532890, 2003890, 1689380, 1904110, 2055950, 1967720, 2014640, 2012980, 1968370, 2020060, 1938570, 1954120, 1964660, 1835900, 2017240, 1661660, 1402730, 1937760, 2013410, 1662780, 1933120, 1546700, 1963380, 1711660, 1999580, 2024060, 1746360, 1544800, 2051980, 1942800, 2001600, 1949830, 1913390, 1997100, 1402220, 1958450, 2022730, 1908910, 2014730, 1984780, 1995150, 1962250, 2012870, 1776770, 1866550, 1852270, 1538560, 1668370, 2051550, 2013840, 2005840, 2002490, 1982770, 1915640, 1657300, 1966320, 1993040, 2003780, 1427500, 1598420, 2017390, 1977020, 1410630, 1990640, 2006780, 1845990, 2006100, 1313440, 1514800, 2009060, 1972530, 1935270, 2020050, 2017280, 1277620, 1316320, 1935010, 1651040, 2016930, 2004150, 1960750, 2021420, 1772290, 1947770, 2023870, 1948610, 1983810, 1601490, 1429120, 1979250, 2015590, 1799540, 2003290, 1865190, 1454210, 1996400, 2018150, 1856960, 1609400, 2004470, 2006850, 2052930, 1999640, 1489260, 1732040, 2006240, 1953480, 1978310, 1983310, 1666060, 1982400, 1608030, 2022320, 1536450, 2023660, 2017250, 2019150, 1768750, 2012130, 2006880, 1909110, 1947590, 2027950, 2017310, 2018650, 1951770, 1205280, 1566760, 1999340, 1655240, 1587270, 2020600, 1976010, 1988180, 1988450, 2020900, 1995860, 2052980, 2023750, 2016870, 2021810, 1950260, 1066560, 1699150, 2018890, 2006980, 1960390, 1957470, 2053720, 1325440, 1993020, 1972430, 2013930, 1659660, 2052620, 1669540, 1952070, 2015290, 2008150, 1956080, 1963820, 1412920, 2026780, 1953290, 1989400, 2020720, 2019030, 2020230, 2051860, 1519460, 1544870, 1843210, 1606070, 1992910, 2008190, 1797920, 690230, 1979780, 1703590, 1988840, 1509490, 1501430, 2017710, 2027770, 1964910, 2021450, 1907530, 1976560, 2017070, 1794080, 1907840, 2019450, 1839720, 1574520, 1994150, 1973480, 1894180, 1943320, 1978770, 1663350, 1861790, 1989590, 1960940, 1732200, 2008970, 1995140, 1950740, 1306960, 1923260, 2050410, 1964730, 1992720, 1990150, 1961700, 1648710, 1965500, 2002910, 1961070, 2021490, 2007340, 1891200, 1986110, 2002960, 2019900, 1926150, 2001450, 1443140, 1941560, 1668900, 1924750, 1996110, 2026200, 1993250, 1960960, 1997760, 2009810, 1918910, 1976340, 1891730, 1915390, 1644470, 1819910, 1898230, 1969270, 1914860, 1955430, 2022430, 1987430, 1932930, 1980970, 2007090, 1217700, 1921410, 2019430, 1964160, 2006150, 1435490, 1326350, 2009710, 1962300, 1542940, 2026680, 1761410, 1623800, 1984280, 2012860, 1423850, 1954730, 1949530, 2020740, 2011050, 832440, 1525340, 1974140, 2025430, 2018290, 1897620, 1920350, 2010090, 2020760, 2003480, 1730200, 2018800, 2002750, 2018200, 2024020, 1888400, 2055520, 1996150, 1982570, 1935390, 1973340, 2013980, 1972700, 1591790, 1923980, 1079080, 1289930, 1660720, 2013960, 1907160, 1862510, 2025010, 1988220, 1964550, 1893610, 1723670, 1652590, 1952600, 2000080, 1849180, 2021920, 1952940, 1521350, 1955660, 1779140, 2025400, 1892480, 2012480, 1996170, 1958030, 2052800, 1535890, 2017650, 1978270, 1381540, 2016920, 1288880, 1779820, 1652470, 1991730, 1984700, 1316620, 2020440, 1566650, 2027980, 1975200, 2024200, 2018880, 1408750, 2021400, 2024000, 1619020, 1958840, 2022200, 1540750, 2055250, 1868690, 2018690, 2018470, 1954700, 2056140, 2022580, 2008140, 2014710, 1989550, 1984500, 1948320, 1956150, 1799640, 2051950, 2020970, 2020360, 1315790, 1792420, 1773610, 1962340, 2015870, 2021160, 1893160, 1578510, 1956010, 1670400, 2051260, 2050240, 1891050, 1866520, 1902000, 2013940, 1702520, 1193480, 1796730, 1969580, 2009680, 1789610, 2010230, 2020200, 1401770, 2056660, 2053430, 2004690, 2020250, 2013810, 1954140, 2013200, 1959590, 2020300, 1589960, 1814760, 1999440, 1568140, 2012060, 1943100, 1994250, 2056350, 670530, 1642240, 1965080, 1942090, 1997000, 1980370, 2053180, 1987850, 1325810, 1964390, 2006590, 1948710, 2008520, 1542830, 1775910, 2054550, 2026610, 2055080, 1966760, 2022240, 1849030, 1624650, 2026620, 2051610, 2027900, 2019500, 1978600, 1975880, 1665410, 2003720, 1996560, 1985890, 2015980, 1985730, 2026360, 1983440, 1842420, 1990170, 1794260, 1657370, 2013310, 1911480, 1440000, 1866940, 1981280, 1945830, 2018770, 1673170, 1835300, 1976790, 1988480, 2018390, 1479410, 1947840, 1968090, 2055340, 1978120, 1660650, 1996120, 1897390, 1597620, 1399330, 2015400, 1988160, 1631550, 1971860, 1975630, 1956970, 1963100, 1952660, 2000640, 1318330, 2011680, 1936910, 1913650, 1757070, 1967080, 2027080, 1979840, 1652790, 1935650, 1494880, 1948070, 2017690, 1164900, 2007330, 1999480, 1910940, 1887210, 1877740, 2027020, 1821470, 2055610, 1988230, 1977860, 1475720, 1871040, 2013470, 1997600, 1972620, 1857820, 2016360, 1994340, 1949070, 1987930, 1946920, 1654650, 1975130, 1298290, 1970990, 2055040, 2020140, 1795590, 1963650, 1659850, 1975250, 1976370, 1935260, 1444960, 1980640, 1790660, 2026110, 1996480, 1617250, 2055640, 1983030, 1975740, 1949450, 1977080, 1929920, 1986050, 2050880, 2011090, 1867220, 1952110, 1888250, 1643110, 1913340, 1966990, 2012400, 2053120, 1936340, 2053780, 1951360, 1904340, 2014190, 1878860, 2020280, 2053550, 2056950, 1966050, 2012640, 2009870, 1937870, 2023100, 2020350, 2011390, 1871320, 1647340, 1898510, 1990750, 1859440, 1920590, 2017320, 2002040, 2016630, 1977820, 1919660, 1969660, 2026320, 1925260, 1858800, 1936870, 1979750, 1977790, 984700, 1939030, 2023570, 2051930, 1946800, 1953260, 1917250, 2050610, 1993500, 2022660, 1979710, 1997820, 2023290, 1911210, 1977650, 1298810, 2016520, 2019120, 2014700, 1966790, 2009910, 2003850, 1956900, 2016150, 1943900, 1891180, 1984100, 2051800, 1900840, 1932620, 1956540, 2051070, 2024540, 2018620, 1980960, 1963700, 1954220, 1870820, 1970880, 2014450, 1903010, 1846110, 1516740, 2054960, 1996860, 1318900, 1957950, 1963770, 1947830, 1524600, 2054630, 2005200, 1728990, 2022340, 1958480, 1968900, 1956450, 1596960, 2020410, 1958110, 2003250, 1917690, 2052440, 2057480, 1542320, 1999690, 2018630, 1959320, 1981150, 1989830, 2020390, 1921800, 1964170, 1899860, 1807180, 1901080, 1998080, 1947760, 1972210, 1949430, 1644570, 1664330, 2021890, 2026600, 1539230, 1658380, 1987180, 2027500, 1657940, 1821240, 1995200, 1916030, 1988420


Oups, Ids and licenses have different numbers, then I wasted my time :D


addlicense asf a/952410, a/2013570, a/2008340, a/1960410, a/2001950, a/1992330, a/2020580, a/1642370, a/1591770, a/1992900, a/1987090, a/1993130, a/1879930, a/1326050, a/2023830, a/1960420, a/1602790, a/1724820, a/1919890, a/1325100, a/1961470, a/1650980, a/1952610, a/2011930, a/2018590, a/1961360, a/1995770, a/1210600, a/2000330, a/2020320, a/1490520, a/1868000, a/1402040, a/1402040, a/2020890, a/1313080, a/1771080, a/2019780, a/1961350, a/1960690, a/1940810, a/1926580, a/2022870, a/1985480, a/1966350, a/1983040, a/1310220, a/1658690, a/1975870, a/1999410, a/2052470, a/1985330, a/1990970, a/2000620, a/1913910, a/1967600, a/2009590, a/2010430, a/2001550, a/2019930, a/1628320, a/2018090, a/1535020, a/2004000, a/1714870, a/1588800, a/2014290, a/1798960, a/1979010, a/1478280, a/1966250, a/1931450, a/2005620, a/2017180, a/2020240, a/1974450, a/1986260, a/2021470, a/2001820, a/2054490, a/1431000, a/1998210, a/1310960, a/1990120, a/2015970, a/2012110, a/1775280, a/1986140, a/1997180, a/1875010, a/2051430, a/1960130, a/1299640, a/1765110, a/2008690, a/1661050, a/1951270, a/2024250, a/2020940, a/1414880, a/1979870, a/1658130, a/1935700, a/1977400, a/1933200, a/1642410, a/2023470, a/2011280, a/1914930, a/1999420, a/1970810, a/1891910, a/1400500, a/2004920, a/1864920, a/1982890, a/1923740, a/1445330, a/2012150, a/2052850, a/2018970, a/1660730, a/2024180, a/1971060, a/2008660, a/1997350, a/2018400, a/1728930, a/1652820, a/1658790, a/2004560, a/2023700, a/2020370, a/1971550, a/1991740, a/1402240, a/2015350, a/1704580, a/1992690, a/2052330, a/1823240, a/1418500, a/1488520, a/1980210, a/1995020, a/2027990, a/1805630, a/2022840, a/1405680, a/1982580, a/2053420, a/1985280, a/1750730, a/1982710, a/1408270, a/1768290, a/1304570, a/2001540, a/1934170, a/1532890, a/2003890, a/1689380, a/1904110, a/2055950, a/1967720, a/2014640, a/2012980, a/1968370, a/2020060, a/1938570, a/1954120, a/1964660, a/1835900, a/2017240, a/1661660, a/1402730, a/1937760, a/2013410, a/1662780, a/1933120, a/1546700, a/1963380, a/1711660, a/1999580, a/2024060, a/1746360, a/1544800, a/2051980, a/1942800, a/2001600, a/1949830, a/1913390, a/1997100, a/1402220, a/1958450, a/2022730, a/1908910, a/2014730, a/1984780, a/1995150, a/1962250, a/2012870, a/1776770, a/1866550, a/1852270, a/1538560, a/1668370, a/2051550, a/2013840, a/2005840, a/2002490, a/1982770, a/1915640, a/1657300, a/1966320, a/1993040, a/2003780, a/1427500, a/1598420, a/2017390, a/1977020, a/1410630, a/1990640, a/2006780, a/1845990, a/2006100, a/1313440, a/1514800, a/2009060, a/1972530, a/1935270, a/2020050, a/2017280, a/1277620, a/1316320, a/1935010, a/1651040, a/2016930, a/2004150, a/1960750, a/2021420, a/1772290, a/1947770, a/2023870, a/1948610, a/1983810, a/1601490, a/1429120, a/1979250, a/2015590, a/1799540, a/2003290, a/1865190, a/1454210, a/1996400, a/2018150, a/1856960, a/1609400, a/2004470, a/2006850, a/2052930, a/1999640, a/1489260, a/1732040, a/2006240, a/1953480, a/1978310, a/1983310, a/1666060, a/1982400, a/1608030, a/2022320, a/1536450, a/2023660, a/2017250, a/2019150, a/1768750, a/2012130, a/2006880, a/1909110, a/1947590, a/2027950, a/2017310, a/2018650, a/1951770, a/1205280, a/1566760, a/1999340, a/1655240, a/1587270, a/2020600, a/1976010, a/1988180, a/1988450, a/2020900, a/1995860, a/2052980, a/2023750, a/2016870, a/2021810, a/1950260, a/1066560, a/1699150, a/2018890, a/2006980, a/1960390, a/1957470, a/2053720, a/1325440, a/1993020, a/1972430, a/2013930, a/1659660, a/2052620, a/1669540, a/1952070, a/2015290, a/2008150, a/1956080, a/1963820, a/1412920, a/2026780, a/1953290, a/1989400, a/2020720, a/2019030, a/2020230, a/2051860, a/1519460, a/1544870, a/1843210, a/1606070, a/1992910, a/2008190, a/1797920, a/690230, a/1979780, a/1703590, a/1988840, a/1509490, a/1501430, a/2017710, a/2027770, a/1964910, a/2021450, a/1907530, a/1976560, a/2017070, a/1794080, a/1907840, a/2019450, a/1839720, a/1574520, a/1994150, a/1973480, a/1894180, a/1943320, a/1978770, a/1663350, a/1861790, a/1989590, a/1960940, a/1732200, a/2008970, a/1995140, a/1950740, a/1306960, a/1923260, a/2050410, a/1964730, a/1992720, a/1990150, a/1961700, a/1648710, a/1965500, a/2002910, a/1961070, a/2021490, a/2007340, a/1891200, a/1986110, a/2002960, a/2019900, a/1926150, a/2001450, a/1443140, a/1941560, a/1668900, a/1924750, a/1996110, a/2026200, a/1993250, a/1960960, a/1997760, a/2009810, a/1918910, a/1976340, a/1891730, a/1915390, a/1644470, a/1819910, a/1898230, a/1969270, a/1914860, a/1955430, a/2022430, a/1987430, a/1932930, a/1980970, a/2007090, a/1217700, a/1921410, a/2019430, a/1964160, a/2006150, a/1435490, a/1326350, a/2009710, a/1962300, a/1542940, a/2026680, a/1761410, a/1623800, a/1984280, a/2012860, a/1423850, a/1954730, a/1949530, a/2020740, a/2011050, a/832440, a/1525340, a/1974140, a/2025430, a/2018290, a/1897620, a/1920350, a/2010090, a/2020760, a/2003480, a/1730200, a/2018800, a/2002750, a/2018200, a/2024020, a/1888400, a/2055520, a/1996150, a/1982570, a/1935390, a/1973340, a/2013980, a/1972700, a/1591790, a/1923980, a/1079080, a/1289930, a/1660720, a/2013960, a/1907160, a/1862510, a/2025010, a/1988220, a/1964550, a/1893610, a/1723670, a/1652590, a/1952600, a/2000080, a/1849180, a/2021920, a/1952940, a/1521350, a/1955660, a/1779140, a/2025400, a/1892480, a/2012480, a/1996170, a/1958030, a/2052800, a/1535890, a/2017650, a/1978270, a/1381540, a/2016920, a/1288880, a/1779820, a/1652470, a/1991730, a/1984700, a/1316620, a/2020440, a/1566650, a/2027980, a/1975200, a/2024200, a/2018880, a/1408750, a/2021400, a/2024000, a/1619020, a/1958840, a/2022200, a/1540750, a/2055250, a/1868690, a/2018690, a/2018470, a/1954700, a/2056140, a/2022580, a/2008140, a/2014710, a/1989550, a/1984500, a/1948320, a/1956150, a/1799640, a/2051950, a/2020970, a/2020360, a/1315790, a/1792420, a/1773610, a/1962340, a/2015870, a/2021160, a/1893160, a/1578510, a/1956010, a/1670400, a/2051260, a/2050240, a/1891050, a/1866520, a/1902000, a/2013940, a/1702520, a/1193480, a/1796730, a/1969580, a/2009680, a/1789610, a/2010230, a/2020200, a/1401770, a/2056660, a/2053430, a/2004690, a/2020250, a/2013810, a/1954140, a/2013200, a/1959590, a/2020300, a/1589960, a/1814760, a/1999440, a/1568140, a/2012060, a/1943100, a/1994250, a/2056350, a/670530, a/1642240, a/1965080, a/1942090, a/1997000, a/1980370, a/2053180, a/1987850, a/1325810, a/1964390, a/2006590, a/1948710, a/2008520, a/1542830, a/1775910, a/2054550, a/2026610, a/2055080, a/1966760, a/2022240, a/1849030, a/1624650, a/2026620, a/2051610, a/2027900, a/2019500, a/1978600, a/1975880, a/1665410, a/2003720, a/1996560, a/1985890, a/2015980, a/1985730, a/2026360, a/1983440, a/1842420, a/1990170, a/1794260, a/1657370, a/2013310, a/1911480, a/1440000, a/1866940, a/1981280, a/1945830, a/2018770, a/1673170, a/1835300, a/1976790, a/1988480, a/2018390, a/1479410, a/1947840, a/1968090, a/2055340, a/1978120, a/1660650, a/1996120, a/1897390, a/1597620, a/1399330, a/2015400, a/1988160, a/1631550, a/1971860, a/1975630, a/1956970, a/1963100, a/1952660, a/2000640, a/1318330, a/2011680, a/1936910, a/1913650, a/1757070, a/1967080, a/2027080, a/1979840, a/1652790, a/1935650, a/1494880, a/1948070, a/2017690, a/1164900, a/2007330, a/1999480, a/1910940, a/1887210, a/1877740, a/2027020, a/1821470, a/2055610, a/1988230, a/1977860, a/1475720, a/1871040, a/2013470, a/1997600, a/1972620, a/1857820, a/2016360, a/1994340, a/1949070, a/1987930, a/1946920, a/1654650, a/1975130, a/1298290, a/1970990, a/2055040, a/2020140, a/1795590, a/1963650, a/1659850, a/1975250, a/1976370, a/1935260, a/1444960, a/1980640, a/1790660, a/2026110, a/1996480, a/1617250, a/2055640, a/1983030, a/1975740, a/1949450, a/1977080, a/1929920, a/1986050, a/2050880, a/2011090, a/1867220, a/1952110, a/1888250, a/1643110, a/1913340, a/1966990, a/2012400, a/2053120, a/1936340, a/2053780, a/1951360, a/1904340, a/2014190, a/1878860, a/2020280, a/2053550, a/2056950, a/1966050, a/2012640, a/2009870, a/1937870, a/2023100, a/2020350, a/2011390, a/1871320, a/1647340, a/1898510, a/1990750, a/1859440, a/1920590, a/2017320, a/2002040, a/2016630, a/1977820, a/1919660, a/1969660, a/2026320, a/1925260, a/1858800, a/1936870, a/1979750, a/1977790, a/984700, a/1939030, a/2023570, a/2051930, a/1946800, a/1953260, a/1917250, a/2050610, a/1993500, a/2022660, a/1979710, a/1997820, a/2023290, a/1911210, a/1977650, a/1298810, a/2016520, a/2019120, a/2014700, a/1966790, a/2009910, a/2003850, a/1956900, a/2016150, a/1943900, a/1891180, a/1984100, a/2051800, a/1900840, a/1932620, a/1956540, a/2051070, a/2024540, a/2018620, a/1980960, a/1963700, a/1954220, a/1870820, a/1970880, a/2014450, a/1903010, a/1846110, a/1516740, a/2054960, a/1996860, a/1318900, a/1957950, a/1963770, a/1947830, a/1524600, a/2054630, a/2005200, a/1728990, a/2022340, a/1958480, a/1968900, a/1956450, a/1596960, a/2020410, a/1958110, a/2003250, a/1917690, a/2052440, a/2057480, a/1542320, a/1999690, a/2018630, a/1959320, a/1981150, a/1989830, a/2020390, a/1921800, a/1964170, a/1899860, a/1807180, a/1901080, a/1998080, a/1947760, a/1972210, a/1949430, a/1644570, a/1664330, a/2021890, a/2026600, a/1539230, a/1658380, a/1987180, a/2027500, a/1657940, a/1821240, a/1995200, a/1916030, a/1988420


https://pastebin.com/g0JGRGdp ^(32 IDs per command due to ASF not handling more than 32. May not completely work since above command causes rate limiting as there's max 50 activations per hour.)


it was a good job man. Unfortunately we need add ids and play ids


Can someone explain this to someone new to steam?


You need help?, Well to obtain the badge you need to play a demo and keep playing other demos to keep it "leveling" it's stuck in 100 , valve probably figured it out that it wouldn't be a good idea to keep it infinite, since well you see all the stuff people are doing rn in this thread to play a bunch of demos


So we play demo to get badges. But why? What are the badges for


1. for bragging rights 2. XP allows you to level up your steam profile which many people crave for 3. higher steam level grants some mostly useless perks in terms of being able to configure your profile page appearance 4. getting badges for particular games and levelling up (max level 5) allow to get profile backgrounds, discounts for other games, emojies, steam XP, etc. Overall: none of this is even remotely necessary if you play a single game a year and your friends aren't on steam.


You can get XP for increasing your steam account's level which is sometimes important for entering giveaways that have a minimum account level. Plus there's the stuff anestling mentioned.


Pardon my ignorance, but what's a badge?


It's something you earn after doing something you don't like at all to impress people in your profile who don't give a crap


Thanks for the hilarious answer :D


It's an icon displayed on the top-right of your steam profile page right under "level".




Any demo, or juts from the game fest this year?


Says on the page >Play any demo from Next Fest to unlock a badge you can feature on your Steam Profile. Level up your badge as you try out more demos.


Fixed for me.


Just got my badge. It seems it takes time and I played the game for like 5 mins or so


If someone can list all the app ids for the games i would appreciate it I will use asf commands


Check reply to stickied comment


Thanks. Got the badge.


javascript:AddFreeLicense([717478, 730812, 726603, 729842, 725538, 708478, 527019, 706453, 588961, 715070])


Thanks dude




What does the badge do? Is that a game? Does it give you a game?


Badge gives xp that only levels up your account level. 10 demo games played will give you max 100xp.


Then I suppose my question is why it is here?


This might be exception. It doesn't give any game, just steam profile xp. It's like 'Other' reward aside from game. Edited- It's Tagged 'PSA', it's like an information/announcement.


!remindme 6 hours


I will be messaging you in 6 hours on [**2022-06-14 00:43:28 UTC**](http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=2022-06-14%2000:43:28%20UTC%20To%20Local%20Time) to remind you of [**this link**](https://www.reddit.com/r/FreeGameFindings/comments/vbhniu/psasteam_next_fest_june_2022_badge_play_any_demo/ic8gb6e/?context=3) [**2 OTHERS CLICKED THIS LINK**](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Reminder&message=%5Bhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2FFreeGameFindings%2Fcomments%2Fvbhniu%2Fpsasteam_next_fest_june_2022_badge_play_any_demo%2Fic8gb6e%2F%5D%0A%0ARemindMe%21%202022-06-14%2000%3A43%3A28%20UTC) to send a PM to also be reminded and to reduce spam. ^(Parent commenter can ) [^(delete this message to hide from others.)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Delete%20Comment&message=Delete%21%20vbhniu) ***** |[^(Info)](https://www.reddit.com/r/RemindMeBot/comments/e1bko7/remindmebot_info_v21/)|[^(Custom)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Reminder&message=%5BLink%20or%20message%20inside%20square%20brackets%5D%0A%0ARemindMe%21%20Time%20period%20here)|[^(Your Reminders)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=List%20Of%20Reminders&message=MyReminders%21)|[^(Feedback)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=Watchful1&subject=RemindMeBot%20Feedback)| |-|-|-|-|


bruh i just played the re2 demo two days ago


Is it included in nextfest? Only the demos on the nextfest page will give you the badge.