**If you own both:** * I already own both Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on my Microsoft Account. What does this change mean for me? You can keep playing both games as you wish – though it’s still a good idea for you to click “Get” on the MS Store PDP just to make sure you keep updates getting delivered as they come out. Also: We are planning something special for users who previously already owned both games on a single MSA. Stay tuned! * I already own both versions of Minecraft, but on different Microsoft Accounts. What should I do? You’ll be granted the other version of Minecraft on both accounts.


> We are planning something special for users who previously already owned both games on a single MSA. I wonder what this "special" surprise is. lol


Really hoping it's Minecraft Dungeons, but it'll probably be a cape lol.


Knowing Microsoft, I'll be like 100 free Minecoins or something silly like that.


I hope not cause I own all 3


I disagree, but you're welcome to your opinion. We shouldn't deprive others from getting nice things. Although I will wait to see what this 'surprise' will be before purchasing MC Dungeons.


First of all, getting "something special" because you already own both potential rewards just for it to be another thing you already own would be a massive kick in the balls. Secondly, it's on gamepass, check to see if you got the dollar deal up and if you got it go and snag it if you want to play it. No reason to buy the game as I highly doubt you'd ever play the thing longer than your subscription time.


Although I can sympathize with you as I've felt that way about other things, this *is* Minecraft we're talking about. They've given players (massive) content updates for over 10 years for free, the Bedrock version also for free, not to mention how friendly they are with the modding community, and now this too. Especially when other companies would've just said [this](https://i.imgur.com/EnSjtgK.gifv). And I know it's on Gamepass, but who's to say it'll always be on there. Plus I was also going to say I'd want to play it offline but according to a brief Google search you still need an Internet connection each time when launching the game, even though the it has an offline mode (has that changed?). But yeah I was looking to get the ultimate version which I'm almost sure isn't the version on GP. Plus you might not have enjoyed or like the game, but I believe I'll enjoy the game for a while longer than a month from what I've seen about it.


Fuck. I just bought Java a month ago.


[I'm sorry](https://i.imgur.com/X5tD7M5.png)


You can still get the windows edition


If i buy windows 10 store minecraft will i still receive the special suprise?


"Windows 10 Store Minecraft" Is bedrock, so you'll get Java free of charge


If you already have the Java edition and you get the Bedrock/Windows 10 edition I would say yes, but get it sooner rather than later. To be absolutely sure though, I would better recommend contacting [customer support](https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001225811).


I got the bedrock version for free a few years back when they were giving them out for java owner(back then it's named windows 10 edition I believe), would that mean I be counted as owning both and are entitled to the "surprise" ?


Yes, I believe as long as you migrated your Mojang account to a/your Microsoft account before and now both games are under the same Microsoft account.


Also worth noting that if you claimed Minecraft Bedrock for free a while back (like 2016-ish) on a Microsoft account, and migrated your mojang account to a different Microsoft account. You get java on your account that has bedrock too, tried it myself and it worked.


Damn, missed out on a free copy of Java I migrated Java to my bedrock Microsoft account lol


I have a question does this free thing work with picked edition?


Pocket edition? Nope.


Same. I think it was free when Windows 10 came out.


Just put Minecraft on Steam already.


Society if Minecraft was on Steam \[insert futuristic city image\]


Please no, I don't want my hours in Minecraft to be tracked


I don't think steam can save such big numbers.


You haven’t played Factorio, have you?




I don't think I've been this annoyed at something since I migrated my account last year. There's a million different microsoft account pages, that sort of use the same process, but not really? Like, I have different languages on some of them (including the minecraft site not even being one I can read). Then there's a ton of different Minecraft versions just for Windows. No idea what the difference is between all the bedrock versions. Well, I have the correct installation (which you seem to be able to install either through the windows store, outside of it or through the xbox app) and it won't let me login to my MS account due to what seems to be a well known bug where the login thing doesn't show up. So yeah, think I'll stick to the java version for now, at least I can login there with my MS account :/


Feels like going through a procedurally generated set of pages, each with some new invention to keep you guessing. Do I have the thing or not? Who knows. You claim one and then it refresh and it's a different offer. Microsoft why


It's like a game in and of itself. Is it fun?


Well, unless you want to play with someone on a phone/console or have a weak PC (bedrock is better optimized), java is just plain better in every other way. If you haven't played modded minecraft yet, I HIGHLY recommend it, especially if games like Factorio or Dyson Sphere Program interest you! It's a whole different game, only on java minecraft! P. S. If you do decide to give modded mc a proper try, please try a proper begginer pack like "FTB:Academy", and not an expert pack like "GT:NH" or a piece of garbage pack like "RLCraft" that's so bad it became a meme. Or just try installing a single mod for a vanilla+ experience - whatever you prefer!


>Then there's a ton of different Minecraft versions just for Windows. There's two. The Java one and non-Java one.


Yes, but they for some reason have a bunch of different bundles/versions out there, when there's really only Bedrock and Java. Minecraft Launcher Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC Minecraft for Windows Minecraft: Java Edition


Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC - the bundle of the below 3 items Minecraft Launcher - the launcher Minecraft for Windows - not java version Minecraft: Java Edition - java version TLDR, it's one bundle containing the 2 versions and the launcher.


I feel like Minecraft is cursed in some respects. I bought the Android version via Amazon long ago, and somehow for some reason they changed the Amazon version to only work on Amazon phones. If I want to play it on a non-Android phone it seems like the only option is to buy it again.


It's so bad. Linking your Mojang account with your Microsoft, then trying to play bedrock on PC and joining your kid that's playing on his switch? Holy shit that's frustrating. There's so much wrong with it right now


You think MS spent billions of dollars to *not* promote their own delivery service?


Please they are putting every single game they release on Steam now and putting Minecraft on Steam would boost the game's sales, I can see millions of people double dipping in the long run.




Minecraft will go to Steam once the Microsoft store shuts down lol


4 years ago I bought the bedrock edition for 1 dollar from a key site. I felt stupid for doing it after playing it because it didn't feel like real minecraft (grew up with cracked java). Never got myself to buying java. Now I finally got it. For free (and not cracked) :) I'm happy.


Basically same boat here with a sketchy bedrock key


same here


Somehow even though I always wanted java, now that I have it I think bedrock is better for some reason.


Bedrock performs better, and the cross play features are enough of a selling point that I’d rather play that.


The shielding in bedrock tho. Ew. Literally just played bedrock for the first time a few days ago cuz of this deal. Javer 4 loife


Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC Minecraft for Windows Minecraft: Java Edition & Minecraft Launcher All 4 for PC. So fucking confusing...


Totally agree might aswell add Minecraft Dungeons to the mix


Don't forget Minecraft Earth, the short-lived AR mobile game. Which is the entire reason the annual event got renamed twice in 4 years... and the game didn't catch up. ^(Minecon > Minecon Earth > Minecraft Earth > Minecraft Live)


Well they blamed the ol virus for that


If it was true, they could have rereleased the game later? Pokemon go was fine during the pandemic. But I'm a huge Minecraft fan, got some merch, and even I didn't want to try the AR game. The whole concept fell off (building is a complex task, complex tasks are usually easier in a calm environment... let's build outside)




Minecraft basically has only 2 versions: - Java edition (which is only on PC). Java can only play with Java. - Bedrock edition (literally everything that is not Java edition. So this includes Win10, consoles. mobile... etc). Bedrock on any device can play with Bedrock on any device.


Just to note, “Java is only for PC” in this case includes Linux and Mac as well.


I mean in it's literal meaning, mac and linux machines are PCs too


my head


> Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC > > Minecraft for Windows Those two have different entries on the Windows Store at least, no idea what the difference is between them however.


The first one is the bundle. You get Minecraft Java AND the Windows/Bedrock (which is the 2nd store option)


Win10 is Bedrock, they renamed it to just Minecraft dropping the win10 cause win11 exists


Their product listing is a mess Minecraft Java & Bedrock is the new bundle you'll buy for all new purchases, also granted for older users Minecraft for Windows is bedrock, the bundle above will grant you this, or you had it in the past Minecraft Java is there just for the purpose of granting you the item from the migration or from this event Launcher is the launcher you used to get from the site, having any of the games will let you download this Then there's also the Minecraft PC Bundle, which seems to be used for game pass only


Finally it started. I waited for that for weeks.




Yep it's now a bundle but for people who haven't migrated will need to follow the guide for them to claim


Great news and thanks so much for the PSA. I had Windows 10 Edition and was about to buy the Java but now I don't have to. Great move by Microsoft. What still is a bummer though is that Pocket Edition isn't included in this bundle. I had bought the Pocket Edition on Amazon Appstore and everything was going fine until Microsoft decided to add Amazon Appstore to Windows 11 and to prevent a conflict Amazon just sneakily changed Minecraft PE on Amazon Appstore from available for all devices to Amazon devices only and legit buyers received zero compensation, even upon raising a support ticket they only compensated me for my last in-app purchase. So they should've definitely included PE in this.


> I had Windows 10 Edition and was about to buy the Java but now I don't have to. Great move by Microsoft. Small reminder that when Bedrock launched, Java had a free copy of Bedrock. So Microsoft stopped a deal and waited everybody to purchase the other copy to restart their deal. Classy move.


Yeah I remember. Fact is shenanigans like these are a quite common nowadays, especially by tech giants. I'll bet you wouldn't be able to find anyone out there who hasn't done it some way or the other. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Activision, Blizzard, EA, Valve..you name it.


Yeah, but it is *worringly common* in Minecraft's history and AT LEAST the 3rd instance *in a decade* of revering changes simply to sell meaningless novelty. I'm old enough to remember the Mojang migration. Not the Microsoft one, Mojang. "For better security (Security questions), you need to migrate. You'll have a new feature : name change" Compare with : "For better security (2FA), you need to migrate. You'll have a new feature : a cape" But yeah, sure, let's treat that as a one-in-a-lifetime event. Also : 2011-2015 : Minecon, an IRL annual convention (with a cape) 2016 to 2018 : Minecon is renamed Minecon Earth to emphasis how it's no longer physicial, then Minecraft Earth to emphasis how it's no longer a convention, then Minecraft Live to avoid confusion with the mobile game 2019 to 2021 : multiple annual gatherings are announced, Minecraft festivals, they won't be those insane one-year events with a cape anymore. Events cancelled because of covid 2022 : One yearly Minecraft Festival is announced, with a cape (oh and Minecraft Earth game is stopped) So Microsoft took 6 years for what is basically a convention rename and adding an annual livestream. Congratulations, you just learned *checks notes* that what was pleasing users was actually what users wanted.


Well, at least they learn, *eventually*. There are some others like Blizzard, EA who never do and never will. Blizzard dragged the Diablo franchise down to perdition and then hit it with the Diablo Immortals' horrendous pay2win monetization as the final nail in the coffin. I doubt even Diablo 4 will be able to revive the franchise after this fiasco. Then we have good old Electronic fArts who literally destroyed almost every historic franchise they owned like Command & Conquer, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Mass Effect and the list goes on. The saddest part is this negative feedback loop they seem to be in coupled with their overinflated ego like Blizzard prevents them from realizing their mistakes and any form of reconciliation. And there are some others like Acivision whom I don't even care to talk about. So yeah, even thought it took Microsoft 6 years, I think in this case I'm happy that they eventually had the epiphany.


I got a refund for my Amazon PE edition. Get into a support chat and give them the order number for the app - it should be available in your account. Tell them that you don't have any Amazon devices and that you can no longer use the app. FWIW, I bought it in 2016.


Tried everything but they kept on rejecting saying they can't do anything about it. Finally they apologised and said they would like to reach a compromise by offering me a refund on my last in-app purchase. Told them the could take that refund and shove it. Good to know at least someone had a better experience with Amazon customer support.


This sure made me happy in an horrible day. Now I can finally play mods thanks to the Java version.


🤗There's always a good moment in a horrible day


It says I already own the game with no option of "Get". Also cant get it to install anyways. The app never installs and takes me to the store, store just sits there pending.


Same here


Now I got two accounts with Java and Bedrock. They used to give for free a key of Bedrock for the Microsoft Store if you owned Minecraft Java and I redeemed it in another account, so now I have two account with both versions, epic.


I don't own either. If I buy one version, will I still get the other?


Yes, it's now a bundle


Relevant per their FAQ: * I don’t own either Minecraft version, but I play both on Game Pass. Will I be affected? Game Pass players of either Minecraft edition will not be affected by this change. However, **if you ever choose to buy Minecraft down the line, you’ll receive entitlements to both versions with one purchase.** EDIT: bolded relevant part


I knew getting a $1 Microsoft Store key for this thing 5-6 years ago would pay off someday. I don't even like the game and bought it just because it was cheap.


Yeah keys were cheap during the days of the free Bedrock, i also grabbed one and it has paid off well


Will be my third free copy of Minecraft lol


how did u get the other two?


One was a trade (Win10 version for a Steam Key), other was an "oopsie" on Google Playstore a few weeks ago (was available for free for a couple hours).


Ahh I missed the android version. it only lasted 4 hours people says


Wait it was free for a while?


Yeah it was set to free in a few selected regions But only for a very short amount of time Not sure if it was intentional or by accident


Wow, where did you heard the news ? I can't believe I missed it.


I got the scoop from r/googleplaydeals People downvoted OP to oblivion cuz not all regions got the glitch lol


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there’s a free upgrade to the bedrock version on consoles that used to have the console version (switch, xbox one, PS4). there was also free bedrock for java players a while back, that’s where i got my copy


happy cake day so you now have 4 copies. if you activated it on different accounts? 😂 Edit: ahh you meant java,windows,android


Thanks :)) My first was W10, second Google Play, now Java, the Game Pass is yet another? Lol


From the Minecraft Blog post: > You don’t need to do anything to claim this, but please keep in mind that it might take 2 to 3 days for the game to show up as we roll it out to all eligible players.


My brother owns bedrock but it's not showing "Get" on the store page, just "Buy". Weird since it worked fine on my account where I own Java.


They can do this, but my kids can no longer play minecraft on their tablets because it was bought through Amazon


This is huge. The bedrock edition is way cheaper in my country since it has regional pricing, unlike the java that is almost 30 US dollars


Holy S. I was seriously getting Java yesterday, now I can have both and saved a few bucks


Bought minecraft back in 2014, had the account until a couple years ago when i tried to login after having my kid play on it the day before and it absolutely did not recognize my email i had with it. Tried password reset, etc and no email ever showed up. Called Microsoft/Mojang and nothing. Literally bought a copy to never have it again lol


I didn't claim Bedrock when they gave it away to Java players originally. Years later, a cross-platform group of my friends decided to all play on a Bedrock server together. I was still salty about missing out on getting it for free so I held off on buying it, but I eventually caved once I saw how much fun my friends were having. Now they're giving it away for free again. Cursed.


So If I buy a bedrock key right now I get java edition as well?




Does it also work if you buy one addition right now? Would you be able to get the other one or is it only if you already had the game?


yes, all new purchases will come with both


Awesome! Thanks for the reply :)


This is BIG!!! I am a dad whose kid really into minecraft.. but since im a moron, i bought the windows10 store version.. not knowing anything about java version


I actually own both and prefer bedrock because of cross plattforms and RTX


Step 2 looks like you were paid to phrase it that way lol


They throw MTX in your face with the Bedrock version. I haven't played Minecraft in half a decade but even if I do, I'll probably just play the Java version. Might as well "migrate" my account.


Seems like another step towards killing off the Java version completely, RIP Bedrock wouldn't be so bad if the farming worked more like Java & if it wasn't so heavily monetized with the MTX store & realms


I'm normally very pessimistic with these things, but I don't see what's so bad here. They're putting both versions on the same launcher, but they're still separate. I don't think mods or anything on Java will be affected by this.


Next update: "we found players were getting confused by the multiple options in the launcher, so we've hidden the Java version behind a toggle deep in the settings menu" Next next update: "we saw a significant decrease in the amount of players using the Java version after the last update, so it's been removed all together! Bringing our communities together under one banner is the best choice we have ever made & we hope you'll agree"


I hope Microsoft can see and know how important Java is (the modding community and a lot of OG players) and won't ever dare to kill it Even then, I hope the community will hold MS accountable if that ever happens and make it very clear they want Java and don't dare killing it


It'd be incredibly myopic (considering most users are surely are brought in by youtubers/streamers playing heavily modified Java) but I don't see that stopping them. Pros: More users exposed to the MTX-version, more profit! Modders forced to bring their work to our paid storefront, more control & profit! Less development costs developing & maintaining two seperate PC versions of the game Cons: A few grumps who've already given us their money, a week of backlash at most ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ I can see some MBA at Mojang pushing this


The backlash would be huge at such a boneheaded decision. People usually accept a ton of shit, but Java has a big fanbase that won't tolerate something like that




Now they need to fix "Minecraft for windows" with the Java launcher. since F\*CK the microsoft store, I do not want to login with my MS account on my PC. I love my local account, and do not need any online BS that comes with it


You can log in to the ms store in a local account, and turn off most of the online bullshit. That's how I do it (for Game Pass, mainly).




cant login to my mojang account


you will need to migrate first check the guide


That’s nice


What if i just have Android version, it counts as bedrock too?


What platforms does this apply to? This offer relates to PC platform only – including Mac, Linux, and Windows. Xbox, mobile, and other consoles are excluded.


I think it is time to buy PC version then. I didn't until this time because it was too expensive (there is no regional pricing on [minecraft.net](https://minecraft.net)) but now even Android version is 69 TRY so now MC Bedrock & Java Edition (85 TRY) is kinda cheap




Not for the pocket edition owners 😦


Will this work on PC game pass with family sharing?


I play both on Game Pass. Will I be affected? Game Pass players of either Minecraft edition will not be affected by this change.


This is the greatest post of all time i regretted so hard when i bought MC Bedrock 2 years ago


This is even better for certain dumb kid who don't understand shit and bought and enjoyed MC Bedrock last year, oh how I envy him.


If i own minecraft pocket edition does it also work or no




y e s


Honestly i don't really care.


I am so confused, I did Migrate my java account to my bedrock account on the day of they announce it & I click on the link to the microsoft store for Java & Bedrock edition they think I have it. I only have Java cause I brought it like a year or 2 ago. Need help!!


Check your launcher and see if it lets you install Bedrock Edition from there, you might already own it even if you didn't do anything about it. I migrated the Mojang Account months ago as well. Today I checked the launcher and I found out that for some reason according to the launcher I already owned the Bedrock/Windows 10 edition and it let me install it. I did not follow the instructions in the OP or redeemed the Bedrock version (which I never owned before today), I literally just found out I now own it without any further input from my part. When checking the Microsoft Store later, I saw that I also own that store item OP says to check too, which at this point makes sense. For whatever reason, Bedrock auto-redeemed itself on my account. Maybe something similar happened to you as well? So give a look at the Minecraft Launcher and see if you can already download the W10 version of the game from there.


Thanks, your way has work for me


Omg. I don't know why but this made me a little happy. Funny how games affect our lives.


Lfg! I've owned bedrock for quite a while now and I was wondering when this offer would go live.


I already followed all the steps, if I go to the store it says I own them both but on my launcher (even after updating it) I can't see the bedrock edition for some reason.. can anyone help? ​ Edit 1: Or is the bedrock edition = Minecraft for Windows?


Minecraft for Windows is bedrock


Ohh okok, thanks!


im so confused about my minecraft account i have no idea where or what it is. i got minecraft when it was in alpha. i tried logging in, it says "log in using microsoft path", now im logged in. theres a username here ive nvr seen before. and it had zero games.


wow thats ancient, did you ever migrate from username/pass to mojang? if you have a mojang account you should be able to migrate it forward, the username on the microsoft account can be changed later if all else, contact support with your payment transaction ids and stuff








will it remain free forever? i don’t have either currently but do want to get one in the future, will i get the other for free?


Yes. They answered this in the faq


Man, I wish I own either of those games now, lol. Thanks for the info.


Seems like I already own it, interesting. Thanks.


This is really epic. Like really epic. Finally I can play with everyone


Damn I could have got a second Java account but I just linked my Java account with Microsoft


i sadly do not own minecraft.


So is the bundle the same price as individual version before or is it more?


Wait, so if i have a pocket edition, will that count as bedrock?


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Thank you!


>Thank you! You're welcome!


How does the Win 10 version play into this?


Windows 10 version is Bedrock.


Sadly not available for Linux :/


And to think that bedrock was an early-bird bonus for java owners...


Surprised it wasn't like this from the start


Nice! My friends have been wanting to play Java with me due to the mods but I only have bedrock, I’ll be able to join them now


Windows 10 version is relatively cheap to buy on particular websites. I think it is just 4 dollars or even 1 to 2 dollars.


I have only seen it for 30


You can make a big discount if, you buy an Argentinian code for Minecraft windows 10. But, you need a VPN for Argentina to use it and it is very risky.


oops should've bought bedrock when it was cheap :C


I own minecraft pocket edition, can i get java edition?




Jokes on you I own minecraft Java and bedrock and minecraft dungeons deluxe edition or heroic edition or whatever it’s called… so I wonder what this special reward is


I was always a bit irritated since I bought Minecraft when it first was released for sale by Notch, and a guarantee that all future versions of Minecraft would be free, then they came out with a half dozen other Minecraft versions that were not free, and never bothered to acknowledge those of us who got shorted by ignoring the contract terms. I also fucking hate the fact we had to migrate to MS accounts, since doing so has been nothing but headaches for me and my kids. MS's account protection and management is a complete joke.


Just a question but I got a notification on pe that I got a free edition of Java. However I have no clue if that’s a error or there is another way to redeem it


so how do i claim my minecraft java edition i alrady bought minecraft bedrock edition from microsoft store it showed up a notification ''Pssst. Minecraft Java edition Is Yours Claim It Now' SO i really want to get it for free


Click on the website signed in and download


I have both the iOS and android versions of bedrock, but not Win10. Apparently I can't claim ajva then, feels bad. Made some bad choices years ago


Currently, I don't have any Minecraft. I can get Minecraft Bedrock at a very cheap price from some key sellers. Will I get the Java Edition free from Microsoft, if I buy only bedrock now.


Does this work if I only have the Google Play version?


No, it doesn't work.


Oh, bummer :(


Absolutely smashing


I’m unable to connect to my server on Java, I’m new to Java!!


Java clients can only connect to Java servers.


How does one become a Java client? I’m new to Java but not bedrock




no sadly