it's hard to control because it got 1601hp and it's winter


Kkkkkk basically all comments. Winter sucks and this boy is accelerating with his heaviest finger


Hello fellow Brazilian, just a tip, using kkkkk is not a very good way of laughing in non-portuguese subreddits.


Hello fellow Brazil enjoyer. Gotcha. How do ingenuinely laugh then?


I usually use "lol" to laugh


As an American, using more than two k’s is socially unacceptable. Or just looks weird


Yeah, some people might think that our "kkkkk" has some connection with white robes and hoods, but it's just the way we laught. K is pronounced "ka" in portuguese (like "ca" in car) so we use it as an onomatopoeia for laughing, since it's faster to write than "hahaha".


As an Australian I do not know of kkkkkkk as being laughing


It's hard to control because he's on a keyboard, not on a controller, he cannot control his throttle whatsoever.


Yeah, it's hard because youre flooring it and it's snowing lol


god this is why i love this game. i remember first starting and maxing all my favorite cars out. then i realized this game is all about the *finesse*. 95% of my tunes today are firmly planted in A class for different situations.


This is the way.


Wanna see your A class get this Croft speed trap. God I’m struggling.


Maybe race suspension not drift?? Maybe longer gears, throttle control to stop bouncing of the limiter like a mad man and Maybe wait for summer?


Have a look at Hoki Hoshi on YouTube he has a full tuning guide really helpful when your just getting started 👌


This. Best guide for tuning online.


Throttle control bro


Dude, it’s not an on-off switch, it’s an accelerator. It graduates


First of all, I felt compelled to go into photo mode, second, I would recommend making your gear ratio much longer.


Lower tire pressure. Drifting suspension may be last in menu, but isn't best for racing. Throttle control. AWD conversion for snow. etc etc Or just start with less than 1600hp if u are inexperienced driver.


Bro just chill on the accelerator. Also, nice car, brian supra from Fast and Furious


I could be wrong, but it looks like you've got the drift suspension, which maybe you're trying to drift, but if you're not try race suspension. Some tuning you could do if you're trying to race or even just get it under control is lower the tire pressure (make sure you have snow tires on cause winter sucks) for a bit more traction, a bit of toe in on the back (or front) can help with straight-line traction, make your final gear ratio longer and go easier on the throttle so you're not constantly redlining it. Also for general tuning info check out "HokiHoshi" on YT he's got several really great tuning videos.


Prop it up in 4th or 5th gear and be gentle with the throttle control. (If it's over roughly 800hp) Also, AWD conversion if you're actually trying to race in Winter. Edit: ALSO, a little lower tire pressure could help, but will delay steering response some.


U used drift suspension…


yeah I know but I used "drift" suspension to "drift" not to make the car slippy like it's on flat tires .


what’s your goal for the tune


I don't know I'm new to the Forza Horizon series , You tell me the best.


What im saying is you can drift it, you can drag race it, you can tune it for a track, etc. what did u want to do with the car?


Alright maybe track racing


Alright this is what you want to do (very basic). In the upgrade menu, change the suspension to race suspension, in the aero section make sure the forza adjustable front bumper is equipped, you already have the correct wing. Go to the wheel/tire section and put the smallest size wheels/rims you can. In the tire section as well make the tires as wide as possible. It appears you have race tires already which is good. Now In the tuning menu go to downforce and increase it to your liking (75% to the right or more). Lower the tire pressure from 30 to maybe about 25 or whatever you like. This all gives you more grip. In the gearing ratios, simply lengthen the final drive (slider to the right) a little bit to reduce wheel speed upon throttle. This won’t make it *easy* to control per say, but it will make it *easier*. This is a good start for a track supra, but there’s a lot more that goes into a really good tune. Mess around with tuning until you know what changing things does. This won’t come right away, but it’ll come over time. I have over 3000 hours in fh4 and I’m STILL not perfect at tuning, although I’d say I’m pretty competent. Good luck!


Thanks so much for the help , totally appreciate that !


What is the benefit of smaller wheel size? Is this a broad recommendation, or specific to street/track racing?


Smaller wheel size means bigger sidewall of tire. It helps with launch/acceleration grip on high horsepower cars. Watch a slow motion of a high horsepower drag car tire- it’s a good visual representation.


Ooohh ok yeah that makes sense. Thanks!!


If you want to drift with it, you need to lean throttle management, I have a similar supra, you need to be very gentle on the throttle if you want to control it, but don't expect grip with it, you need to do everything in drift, so you need to know how weight transfer works if you want to use it properly, if you don't know how to drift I suggest you to start with a less powerful car to learn the basics


Gear it differently so the wheels spin less, reduce the horsepower, or make it all wheel drive


What about some winter tyres? No?


I’m new to the series, I didn’t know there is


When its winter its best to use AWD and the Winter Tyres (but if you still wanna use RWD don't be so hard on the throtle)


Upgrade menu>Tyres They replace Rally/Dirt tyres in winter.




Remove the Forza wing


Isn’t the spoiler meant to be for the car handling and stability?


Yes, and also from tuning Windows you should be able to increase downforce to make handling even better


LOL “maxed” is meaningless if you have zero traction.




He's got a point though lol You're new to the series so don't be too hard on yourself. That being said, shoving everything you can into a basic 90s Japanese coupe will be very much uncontrollable in general. If you're intent on this, switch to an AWD drivetrain. That'll really help your traction issues, even in colder weather.




I updated my comment. Check it out.


Turn on Traction Control and try to drive it in a different season


You could make your toe on the rear out a little More since its rwd and that will help with turn in response and mabey soften your suspension a little more


Don’t bring a 1600hp Supra out in the winter for starters


Either your gear ratios are too short, or you're putting too much pressure on the gas pedal


First not auto shifting manual or if you can do w clutch then extend your gears out then youol have more speed but less boost as the rpms arent as high and try taking some oressure out of your tires but its winter so not much you can do about grip


First not auto shifting manual or if you can do w clutch then extend your gears out then youol have more speed but less boost as the rpms arent as high and try taking some oressure out of your tires but its winter so not much you can do about grip


Wrong tire compound for the surface of the road. You have tarmac racing tires and you’re driving on the snow


Best way to fix this issue is by *not* having 1600 hp and driving something that isn’t a shitbox in winter.


Step 1: Don’t constantly floor it like an asshat


Try waiting for it to not be winter.


Dude its fucking on snow wait for fucking autum or something it will show its power to the fuckers who show off


maybe don’t max it…


When u are tuning a supra, you don’t tune it for the grip. Just don’t.


Go into tuning on the upgrades and tuning page, and make your camber 0.0, for the best results.


Even fine throttle control probably won’t be able to stop the slip unless you go up a few gears. Simply said, cars like this are rarely built irl for a reason, they’re ridiculously hard to control. Only thing I can suggest is trying to stretch out the gears by a lot.


Given that you are using a keyboard, if you want to control your cars, you should get an Xbox Controller. You can't do any sort of throttle control or smooth driving on a keyboard.


Get a controller.


Tire: front 1,8; rear 2,2 Aero: max cornering Alignment: angle 7.0° Other: use what is good for you


Not winter tuned, that's it. Go to the tuning tab, search for tunes with winter in description, then pick whichever you fancy.


what's so awesome in that?


The car itself


Also you're driving automatic, and your first gear is stalling a lot and that makes you loose a lot of grip at least till the third gear so you loose a lot of control on the first gears


If you wanna rwd setup, I can share a code of my tuning, pretty easy to control while going sideways, and good acceleration from 4th gear without wheelspin. Max speed is 430kmph.


Get an GT86, put the 2JZ in it. Problem solved.


Just put some snow tyres on and you are good to go.