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Was there a trial that prohibited low effort google image question posts like "WHAT IS YOUR FAVORTITE (something) or WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT (something)?


Question style posts were already addressed with our Media Guidelines: > Questions (e.g., "What is your favorite skin?") containing stock media must be submitted as a text post This trial completely prohibits stock media on the subreddit, whether they are a question or not.


Thank you mod


You’re welcome!


Can the next Media Guideline trial prohibit the overused meme format of characters standing in a POI with a back and forth dialogue exchange?


We don't currently have another trial scheduled, but the information in the stickied comment may be of interest to you!


I'll tune into that and toss my hat in the ring, thanks.


I have a feeling that this is a bit too far. I mean, what if you want to make a meme about, say Klombo. He's vaulted, so people would have to probably use a stock photo of him as opposed to going as far as to build a full on model in creative or something like that. I think this rule is too far.


100% agreed




I'm kinda mixed on this. One hand it will help clear some posts up, but at the same time, making a post about something like different items and opinion and discussion posts are made harder to make since you have to take the images yourself, and the replay feature can be a bugger sometimes.


That's why we opted to run trials first, rather than make an immediate decision on a rule change. We will be taking the feedback from this trial, as well as the upcoming town hall, into consideration when deciding the next steps.


Uh… not sure how I feel about this one…


Why? Its gonna be helpful to clean it up from just the generic posts of stuff like: “Whats your favourite skin?” Or “ whats your favourite battle pass?” With that kind of title and a random fortnite image


To be clear, the "Question-style posts" were [already addressed with the original clause](https://www.reddit.com/r/FortNiteBR/comments/q0ss4n/updated_media_guidelines_questionopinion_style/), which was as follows: > Questions (e.g., "What is your favorite skin?") containing stock media must be submitted as a text post This trial is the more severe implementation of that clause, where its now applicable to *all* posts containing stock media (question or not), and it completely prohibits stock media on the subreddit.


What would be considered as stock media? For example, if someone made a meme where half of it was fully self made and the other half involved a stock image, would that count?


For the sake of this trial, the clause applies to posts that include stock media in any capacity So the example you provided would be subject to removal


this is so dumb, the rules r shit enough, now they make this


This isn’t permanent. It is just a trial for now. We want the communities feedback. First we ran the stock media in the form of a text post. Now we are running this trial.






bruh my locker bundle :(


This doesn't sound like a good idea


Ok, this feels a bit to restrictive