This is the same way I play lol. I never learned to build so I just sit around waiting for them to do their little edits then I shoot. Nine times out of ten when the person builds like crazy, their aim isn’t up to the same level so my okay aim wins every time haha


It’s not always that their aim isn’t at that level, they’re just moving their joystick/mouse a lot so it’s kinda hard to bring it back to your head in the middle of everything without also getting hit by someone who is hard scoping without buildings. Evenly matched players at a higher level deal damage while the opponent usually doesn’t have a gun out but since you always do, it makes for a problem in the play style they’ve gotten used to


God I wish I was in these lobbies. That would have been considered a first landing fight in my lobbies lol


I totally get it when so many type that "that was nothing" but this was literally some of the most impressive stuff I've seen in my games and I was pretty much preparing my will at the end when I got surrounded by blocks xD But I'm sure you wouldn't like to be in these lobbies since wouldn't it be dull and kind of pointless if the game didn't give you any challenge? And it kind of feels wrong to beat on newer players or that's how I feel. So far the only edits I've done are creating doors on walls, really... so all this "the staircase changes directions in the middle of a fight" blew my mind.


I totally feel you! Recently my lobbies have been getting way more difficult. It’s becoming very rare for me to win a match. I’ve definitely seen crazier than this (like, to the point where you almost don’t even believe it’s real and it *must* be some sort of hack), but I am AWFUL with build edits so this guy would’ve likely beat me. I think you did a great job!!


At this point I only play arena because it's easier than pubs, like the matchmaking is just outright better. I'm not super good at the game but in div 5 arena I play pretty well but in pubs I constantly get outplayed game after game.


I never play Arena, I should give it a shot and see how different it is! Next time I log on I’ll try out a few matches and see how I like it.


It's quite fun, I prefer it over pubs (aside from matchmaking improvements) mostly for the siphon, killing someone gives you 50 health (or shield if your health is full, and it carries over) and some materials, you gather mats faster and they're capped at 500 each. It's definitely a lot more competitive (Its entire point is to be a competitive gamemode) but in the lower divisions it's just better pubs.


Thanks for the tip! I wouldn’t have guessed that but it actually does make sense now that you mention it. I’ll definitely give it a go, it’ll give me something new to try out.


You're welcome! Enjoy arena!


Take your victory, enjoy it! I know the feeling of being surprised that I managed to survive a situation or even come out on top. People saying “get better” or “he’s not that good” … like dude, what do you think everyone is doing every time they play the game? They’re getting better. There are always going to be people at different levels and it’s totally fine to feel good about a win, no matter how bad or good anyone in the match was. I feel so ridiculous even trying to make this point lol. I really enjoy this game though, and it makes me feel bad when people try to take someone’s enjoyment. P.S. I’m 39 and really wish I had more ppl my age to play with! I’m a great squad mate and you won’t have to listen to my parents yelling at me over the mic in the background. Wanna be friends? DM me for my PSN! (And that’s the closest thing to a Valentine I’ll write this year lol)


Thanks! That really cheered me up. I was amazed how many people want to point out that I'm trash at the game. It's as if they thought I wouldn't be fully aware of that. Also got some new insight. Didn't know some think emoting after a kill is toxic (I hate the pre-lobby cacophonic noise so I mainly afk during it) and I bought it just to show it off (not to show off) to other people and there's rarely any possibility for that during a gunfight... I play on PC myself and haven't played for that long yet. I mainly play solo, really, but I'm thankful for the offer!


I mean, the general gist of emotes is using them to celebrate in-game. Sometimes it can get annoying (like when you’re killed after literally just landing and didn’t even have the chance to grab a weapon yet and they emote for 30 seconds as if it’s this massive victory for them), but honestly it’s just a game, and it’s just an animated dance. So emote away! I usually only use them if I’ve actually won the game, but if I have a sweat on me *persistently* targeting me and I somehow manage to eliminate them, I’m definitely gonna dance on them. And in my opinion the only “toxic” emotes that I see people purposefully using to make other people mad are Laugh it Up and Take the L. Specifically the latter one, because whenever I see it being used I’m automatically going to assume they’re 7 years old. Lol.


dude I'm 42 and can't stand the kids singing in the mics...ALL of them do this for some reason lol. Shauntasmic is my username fo you want to team up with another adult


Yoooo I need someone closer to my age, too! 🤣


I need Fortnite friends too, 36. Can I invite you? I am an okay player and I wouldn't mind getting online more often if there were older people to play with.


For sure, message me your name and I can add you later when I get off work!


Username checks out! I 100% agree with everything you said. Also I’m 24 and it’s very rare for me to find anyone over the age of 14 on here haha, so I will definitely take you up on that offer! You can DM me your user, or if you want to just add me I have mine listed in my bio!


man i was beginning to think i was going crazy or really that bad, the lobbies ive been in lately id be lucky to place top 50 honestly.. edit: i fucking choked 2nd place 2 hours after this comment. i shouldve never made it


Nah you’re fine. Just Epic’s bizarre algorithm for matchmaking acting up again lol. Hoping it gets resolved soon.


Fingers crossed. I always seem to get these kinds that hear a bullet and build a city to navigate through in the blink of an eye. (exaggeration ofc, but sometimes really not by much lol)


That's odd. I oftentimes get into the top10 and as you can see from the clip: I'm completely clueless, can't hit a barn wall (the point where I tried to shoot him when he exited the car, I missed all of my shots...) and don't really have the speed to build or edit during fights. I'm just guessing it has something to do with the matchmaking. Lots of people say it's very bad but as a new unexperienced player it seems to work pretty OK since I don't get a lot of these sorts of people I just faced but way easier ones.


Thanks! That means a lot :)


That is a good perspective, I enjoy playing against people who are a level above me sometimes.


What level are you and how long have you been playing? (Asking about relativity to the lobbies you'd be facing)


That's considered over building?


Fnbr classic, someone doing basic buildings and editing is bob the builder


Yeah, i was boutta say Nob the Builder I was gonna see like, Cranking 90s randomly, clipping edit coursing. but its always the classic r/FortniteBR classic, basically build a few walls, and peaks, not even peaks, just build walls and ramps. A sweat,


Nob the Builder


It's so hard to take people seriously when they think that is building A few clumsy edits and some really inefficient building. All that's missing is the OP calling that the "Taj Mahal"


I’m saying. They need to remove skill based match making cuz I haven’t had the opportunity to fight anyone who builds less than that since chapter 1.


That would make it worse...


If they removed sbmm it would be way better. The game would feel way more like a real and rewarding if we had a battle royale with 100 real players in 1 lobby. It just feels so diluted now.


Yeah there’s no perfect solution, I just wish they left sbmm out of casuals cuz it’s already in arena. And like I’m the type of player that’s like decent but not super good, but I get grouped with people that are trying way harder than me when I’m just tryna have a chill evening lol. I liked it better when there were terrible players mixed in with godly players, it was more interesting than everyone being close in skill level.


There is no SBMM for the higher level lobbies. It's really for noobs. This means the "SBMM" is actually there to make you play longer searching for a win you will not get. Removing the real SBMM would make the skill gap larger.


Just build? It's one of the main features the game, I don't know why people refuse to build and improve at the game and blame everyone else


Because you literally have to spend hours practicing, and some people don't want to spend unenjoyable hours "practicing" a video game.


No, you spread those out and you'll be better easily. 20 minutes in creative or just playing something like the PIT for a bit and practicing building.... before you jump in to the game. give it a month and you'll be better.


This is literally my lobbies all the time and if you complain about it in the slightest someone comes along telling you to get good or practice the building mechanics more I’m so sick of it


Well thats the base core of anything called "multiplayer game", get better by practicing or playing. Most of people playing now play for at least a chapter and 1-2 seasons more, so most of the game playerbase have years of playing, putting people in only bot lobbies would be far more "insulting" than putting them against people who just play a little better than them (Thats matchmaking, it's not only supposed to put you against player of the same level but some with the same level + some of a lever higher to make you improve). You can't really be pissed if you can't be better than player who play for not even a year, you have to get better. You think 'subtier' coutries complain when they get put in a "group of death" in football (soccer) for exemple ? Or do they try their best ? Even in national, there is a shitload of difference from clubs to clubs in the same division. Every online multiplayer will challenge your skill, if you can't handle this, you don't want online multiplayer, people always complain that they are put with god tier builders and editers, but they are "just very good players" most of the times, because god tier players don't even play MM, they prac arena every freakin day. It's hard, you get bombed like you are nothing sometime (I just got out of a streak of 6 games of dying after landing, and i'm not a bad player, but i'm really tilted right now x) ), but you HAVE to adapt, thats how you counter those players, not by complaining, but by adapting. I really don't understand that mindset of hopping in a multiplayer "competitive" (Every BR is competitive by definition)game, but complain that player a better than you, it's like you want the game to be easy, and as a 15 years player of Counter Strike, it's really something I don't understand. I hope you get better games in the future :).


To be fair , the way kids play now, they are genuine try Hards , it’s not even about showing off your skill, it’s become about drive and power , and players like me don’t want to get good , I just wanna enjoy the features the game has to offer without having to use all my mats in a single fight against some kid named Cameron who hasn’t been outside for 4 months.


Just get a grenade launcher, firefly jars, grenades, flare gun and blow them up. Reject the building Become a maniac


I respect your dedication to the anti Bob the builder effort


Dude. I only build in specific situations..I have found that having good shooting skills and always having a way to throw fire is my answer to the builders, and no joke I win 7-8 times out of 10 against people like this.


That is my strategy 👍


Again, as a 15 years CS player, it always been like that with competitive games x), it was the same with CoD MW for exemple to use something more recent, it also was the exactly same with Mario Kart DS with its « snaking problem », it’s though I know, and unforgiving, but you will have the exact same when you play Mario kart with your friends, or a game of actual football, people won’t go easy because someone is not as good as you, they will play as always. Believe me, it’s as bad for them than it is for you to have such unbalanced fights, it’s funny a few time but when you just stomp everyone you get tired of it pretty quick. This exist since online gaming exist, but more casual player experience dit because Fortnite appeal for whatever reason a broader audience than CS, LoL or rocket league, despite being a REAAAAAAALLLLYYY harder game to master and a highly rewarding game for mastering it, when you are good at it, you crush half the player base because the minimum level is sky high with fortnite... There is you problem, you chosen a game that have highly complex mechanics and give unmatched advantage when you master it x), you picked the strongest poison here :D. But asking for no building mode is like asking CSGO without AKs or M4s and only with pistol, football with no goalkeepers, it’s a total different thing, what’s Fortnite without building ? It’s PUBG with cartoon graphics, then why not playing PUBG instead of trying to force a game to be what’s it is not ? But I would agree to at least lower the mats count to the Arena one would be great tho... being able to make 300 structures is way too much for real.


And even then a Bad PUBG, like a lot of guns are going to be bad because of the rng of the bullets, they go everywhere.


Yeah, a normal TPS BR with bloom seems like the stupidest thing ever


Its about drive its about power


You know I find the best way to deal with those players or most in many cases is to star making a wall in front and a couple of stairs up, then back away quite a bit since they would be busy building higher and wouldn't notice you getting away, then you can easily pick them from afar or wait till they get low from another player


Thanks! That does sound neat! I think I'll try it out sometime.


It's a really good strategy, they are usually just too focus on building most of the time you can hang back and shoot the building of they are too high they would keep building up since they think you are shooting at them not at the structure


I'll also just stand under their starting build and wait until the jump down because they can't find me and kill them when they come looking


True that's also a really good option I do that mostly when we are at the final circle in the really small ones


Or just back out and flare gun that shit. Let it all burn.


Also that the flare gun is really good


the moment you lose sight of someone fully and aren't sure where they are gonna peek, back away so it stays at least 50/50 or even in your favor. People are so aggressive in this game and it's so easy to abuse


I'm watching Arcane right now and your skin was on my screen as I saw this haha


Oh no hes shooting at me and i have no cover, let me drink my shield


Hah :D Yea, I panicked and selected the wrong item. I did find it funny at that moment like "NO NO NO NO NOT THAT, NOT THAT" :D


Haha happens to me all the time


Once i was in a house searching a box of food, and 2 people rushed in and started shooting at me so I panic pressed 'E' then started eating the corn because I thought I was holding a gun. That was one of my dumbest games lol.


I chuckled in real life. That's actually a funny memory! :D I was thinking of throwing the fruit at them like "here, eat a banana to calm down!" :D


Well I have thrown cabbages at people before, but no bananas so far. I'm happy I made you laugh! :D


"Eat your veggies!" :D


It was at that one farm landmark near the pizza place. It had lots of cabbages and all I had were those and a medkit when someone started shooting at me. Somehow I was able to run into the barn and grab a gray weapon in there to kill the guy with after throwing the cabbages and being hit a couple times. I'm tempted to start a game and *only* pick up bananas to throw at people now. I wanna see how people would react lol :D


As a 49 year old, console player you just mirrored my gameplay. I basically stand around and watch builders build massive structures assuming that I’m doing the same. It’s fun to see how long it takes for them to realize where I actually am. Sometimes I get an elimination which is extremely satisfying. I have nothing against builders. It’s very impressive, especially for controller players. Unfortunately, I’m just just too old and too slow to do it.


I'm 33 year old but I too feel like it's way beyond me when I see people building in a way that the screen is just shaking and flashing all the time. It does look "cool" but I just can't pull that off for the life of me so I just pray I get lucky like in this clip. Either they pay too much attention to the building stuff or occationally some 3rd party saves me from the trouble. We can still enjoy the game even tho' we'd be bad at it :)


I have no idea how ppl build at that pace and still keep track of the other player.


Tracking the player is one of those things that comes with time played. A lot comes from audio and listening. A lot comes from knowing what direction your are facing and what direction you will end up facing after doing a particular build maneuver. Also part of it is just switching to performance mode + low meshes (mobile builds)…because they literally are almost see-through when they are placing


I'm 38 and I can build just fine, age has nothing to do with it.


For real man. I’m 30 and my lobbies are pretty stacked on PC. People just don’t want to put in the time to practice and learn. Thought that mindset changed as you get older but I guess not for some


I’m 24 and I do this. Like you, I have nothing against builders. I just find it hilarious when they build an entire house just to kill little old me XD


I'm 27 and I do this too.


Old dogs can learn new tricks! I’d recommend taking 15 minutes before you play pubs and just practice building. You’d be surprised how much you can improve. Don’t improve too much though, SBMM will punish the hell out of you


This system honestly sucks otherwise you get matched up against players who are way more skilled than you


I just always carry fireflies and light thier ass on fire. Sometimes I can smoke them out and get the kill but usually I get shotgunned and lose.


Sounds familiar!


Or Flare Guns


All someone has to do to counter this is press right click and switch to brick/metal


Doesn’t work on hard mats


I've played on Playstation since June 2018 (starting in season 4, my first battle pass was season 5) and I still struggle with building. I play for about 30-90 minutes a day in a mix of solos, squads, and team rumble & have played for 62 hours this season. I'm an adult with a FT job and family and that's the most I can commit. Besides editing doors and windows, I still basically can't edit pieces. I have tried practicing building modes, and even play squads with friends who are Bob's, and it still doesn't click. I'm assuming playing with KBM makes editing easier since most pros play with KBM. I encounter one or two Bob the Builders in my matches - I'll carry both the flare gun and fireflies since those take out wood builds and nearby trees. Otherwise I normally just stand there and let them kill me without a fight... enjoy your crappy kill. It makes it funnier when they do an actual toxic emote like Take the L or the Donkey Laugh (yours was not toxic). If you haven't already, you should edit your controller settings and turn on builder pro mode. It makes building faster. You can also set up auto-sort for your inventory to put consumables at the far right, so your shield would automatically go where the grenades are & grenades would move left. Epic sends out surveys about the game, and a lot of questions over the past year have been about build-free modes and builder SBMM. I'm not sure what the hold up is. Also don't take any of these comments personally! Sweats get mad about everything in the community - you should have seen it here when Fortnite added glider redeploy (which is honestly less annoying than web slingers - people have way more mobility there) or SBMM which people here raged because they could no longer stomp bad players, instead of just "getting good" as they like to say. There are a lot of casual players out there who make posts about building and SBMM and the upvotes on the posts don't lie though - clearly TONS of players agree whenever posts like these come up. I just keep playing the way I like to play (stealth) and even have 33 solo wins this season.


Thanks for the kind words! I've noticed a lot of people being very vocal about me being bad and not realizing I'm a new player who's clearly trying to point out that I'm not good at the game and I just found it funny how I should've died in that scenario but then a miracle happened. I also noticed that a lot of people think of "bob the builder" as something insulting and that my emote was "toxic". I've been replying to dozens of comments now and trying to tell that it was not my intention and I don't really use emotes during the pre-lobby (it's way too chaotic and cacophonic with too many sounds on top of eachother) and since I play alone, the main menu emote is pointless as well. The only way to show off any music that I find cool is to use it after a kill since otherwise you're just risking dying while doing it. I'm amazed how many people seem to think that unless there are actually really great players, the content shouldn't be posted at all. As if there weren't a huge amount of people who are also bad and can relate to any specific video clip and enjoy the content. My core audience here was the other new and/or bad players around here, not the players who have years of experience and can pull of amazing feats that I couldn't even dream of. I do hope there'll be a non-building option or some option that limits it so it's not about being speedy so the other player just can't keep up on what's happening on the screen. I do like the game a whole lot but the building during combat is beyond me. Some may say it's the whole point but to me, the whole point is the changing varied maps with NPCs and lots of fun stuff to do while also shooting from time to time. I also struggle with edits. I can really relate to your post! I don't have time to practice all the time or watch videos and study a whole lot. I just play Fortnite to relax after a stressful day and I enjoy all the goofy stuff the game offers (like a walking banana and whatnot or the cute new monster that eats everything around him/her). I play on the PC so it should be way easier than on a controller, but I'm still a horrible builder so I hardly even do it while in combat. It feels like then I don't have time to shoot at all since I'm so slow at building and I'm constantly selecting the wrong pieces etc. so it's just better for me to pretty much ignore it entirely.


I think bots can use emotes which makes the lobbies really chaotic! There used to be a team mode (Disco Domination) where your team has to dance on a dance floor to win - that was a fun mode to use some of the emotes. Besides that, I think people use Party Royale to emote. The fun skins and goofy stuff is the best part of the game and really where Fortnite shines compared to other similar games. You'll improve quickly too! It was really hard for me to ramp or throw down any walls at first, but it's progressively gotten easier. As you improve though, so do the Bobs - you just learn to deal with them better. Shooting out the bottom pieces when they make a big tower so they die from fall damage is honestly my favorite! I got a W this am from doing that. Happy playing!


I love it when they come in all aggressive and confident and my sorry ass kill them with not a single build.


One of the reasons I left the game for a bit. Well this guy wasn’t one of them since he was more grounded like I like my fights but before I would shoot someone and they would just start building and building to the point where I found no need at all to fight him anymore. The majority of this player base now is just all build but no talk most of the time.


Yeah uh, dude wasn’t overbuilding. Most players he sees probably build unlike you, so he was building in preparation for when you were going to build. But because you didn’t it made it look like he was overbuilding when he wasn’t


I usually play with buddies. I don't really know how to handle myself, so I get spooked when I shoot someone and they start building and apartment block on my ass.


Good job. Didn't give up. GG's only


Major props to builders, I can't build for shit and because of that I always make sure I have fireflies and/or grenades Also nice work on surviving lol


Thanks! It was sheer luck. And same, I do admire the fast building skills some people have but I feel completely helpless against them. Luckily, even tho' lots of people complain about SBMM, it seems to work pretty fine on my end since most of the matches I get around \~4 kills and most of my opponents either don't build at all or build only a few pieces. So it's kind of eye opening to see all the comment saying "that's nothing!! That wasn't even 200 materials" and I'm like woahh... 200?! I've barely even seen \~30-50 used most of the times. So there's clearly a huge difference between skill brackets and lobbies and everyone should totally compare their own skills to their own tier. Most people seem to think that everyone has played for years upon years and practice daily etc. Truth is, there are a lot of new players or players that might squeeze a couple of matches in per month or might not be too familiar with fast-paced shooting games.


He was just trying not to be hit while getting some hits on you. He noticed that you aren’t building at all and are fairly confused with the mechanics of the game (which is totally normal) and so he knew that you were going to focus on shooting him whenever you can as opposed to building. Basically the players goal here was to sound you with his builds so that he can edit anything around you to deal damage when you can necessarily see him.


It sure looked fancy from my perspective! And I felt completely helpless. Luckily, I was aiming at the right spot at the right time. I wasn't tracking him, but I just happened to be pointing at the right way accidentally. The whole situation felt a bit silly since I wasn't expecting to survive that at all as someone who barely just started playing and doesn't have a grasp on building and editing.


Imma be honest with you, that’s nothing. He used no more than 250 mats in that fight. He was trying to play tactically and get peaks and angles on you, but he was just not good at doing them lmao. Guess he watched too many clips of people doing it and thought he could do it himself.


Or he's practicing to get better?


This. Man this sub has an elitism problem. If I watched clip of me in December versus now, I wouldn’t recognize myself. We’re all out here improving and practicing and most of us end up losing.


I seriously don’t get why people don’t embrace this mindset. Even my friends will try something once, fail, and be like “nah”. Like bro do you just only do the things your are amazing at first try? Try, fail, learn. So frustrating playing with my friends on PC who have been playing for years never place a fucking piece in a fight. Then be like “oh they’re sweats” as soon as the guy they are fighting places a single stair -_-


I feel like r/deadbydaylight would get along with this sub solely cuz of how everyone is over there And this is someone who has spent a lot of time in that sub


Yeah everyone has to start somewhere. No need to hate on someone for trying something new. Also someone learning to build will eventually be better than the players who refuse to attempt building because it’s “too hard”


Yeah my first though was.. If people call this "bob the builder" then they should see high mmr lobbies.


Yeah, the higher mmr/skilled lobbies are absolutely nuts. I’ve build battled to height limit more times than I can count. I’ve been killed several hundred times by people that hit faster edits with better accuracy and actually hit their shots, but you’ve just gotta be good at reading their next move. That’s what Creative is for, gets you some practice against really sweaty/good players.


I see. Still doesn't change the fact that I view him as the better player and way above what I'm capable of in terms of speed, but I got quite a lot of enjoyment out of the outcome (that I did not see coming). I just saw the screen flashing like crazy but had no idea what's happening and how did the staircase change directions and stuff. Oh well.


You happened to be aiming at the right spot at the right time. It was a bit lucky but credit for the kill nonetheless.


There are two things you can be skilled at in this game, shooting and building. You are good at shooting and they are good at neither.


Jeez, the dude is just practicing. What does this sub have against people trying to get better?


It wasn’t even overbuilding or sweaty lol.


that was nothing- what?


Why did you just start popping a big in the middle of a fight lol


bob the builder can't fix that


Looks like the guy is fairly new to the mechanics he's trying to use on you and his aim isn't very good. You should've been toasted when he flipped the stairs and shotgunned you from above. He had good position on you, and he immediately capped you in after he took the shot. For some reason, he opened up the entire top half of that back wall to take his next shot when he was standing high on a ramp, leaving himself completely exposed. He was slow to fire after that edit, and his aim was trash (he hit you, but again it wasn't a clean shot). You happened to be aiming right at him and got the dub. Props to you for keeping your calm. For all my Monday morning QB'ing, I'm closer to your level. I had to watch this several times and pause it at key moments to figure out WTF was happening. In real-time, I'd be just as lost as you say.


You should really consider practicing building, just having the high ground gives a serious advantage, and even just one wall could be the difference between dying or winning


Thank you! It's refreshing to see positive feedback here. I really do appreciate all the tips people give me. I'm pretty new to Fortnite (played for around one season now since I started very very late last season). I don't have much time to play so most of the time just goes to trying to get the quests done in a timely fashion. I really don't mind losing so even if I'd get my ass kicked most of the time without being able to defend myself, as long as the battlepass is advancing I'm very happy for all the extra goodies. But you're completely right that I should probably learn some slower and easier building techniques at least. People referring to this thing called the "nineties" and I watched some clips and that's wayyy beyond me. I really can't do that fast screen flicking stuff and it kind of makes me feel sick (I mean physically, it's not an epilepsy but just doesn't feel good, kind of like in a fast caroussel)


Ik what you mean, nineties have to be really quick, and I haven't played for a long time, only joined back this season, really its less complicated than people make it out to be, it's deceptive in a way It's really just about two things, getting high ground and taking cover, it doesn't take much to put down two ramps before a fight but it goes a long way, and if they panic they'll most likely box up and then it's a patience game, and one you start of like this it'll just get a whole lot easier than it originally seemed, then you can look into nineties or high ground retakes, but take it at your own pace, rushing will just make things worse After all that you can start that editing mumbo jumbo but I haven't a bulls notion on how to do it practically, half the time I'll end up boxing myself up by accident once I start trying to edit 😂. Anyway hopes that this helps


Thanks! I really do appreciate the constructive feedback and helpful tips! I should probably learn a few basics if there are some maneuvers that don't require a lot of screen shaking from left to right. Oftentimes I don't really find the benefit of the highground that clear. If someone builds a tower and runs upwards and I stay at the base of the tower, how does the one at the top have an advantage? One would think they'd be risking falling damage since the foundations of the tower can be destroyed.


I get paired with these kind of players all the time even though Epic should know damn well by now that I can't build like them, SBMM is very broken and needs to be fixed right now.


This sub blows bruh


People shit on SBMM a lot, but it’s clearly doing its job if this guy’s considered a “Bob the Builder”.


He made use of the game's mechanic whereas you didn't. Simple.


Fr tho. People act so surprised when people use a core game mechanic.


Not be rude but this isn’t overbuilding at all, he was protecting him self and trying to get some height. If you watch any competitive video, there will not be a single clip where someone is over building, unless there going for a build fight or a clip. They don’t overbuild so they can preserve more mats. But for pubs, this guy wasn’t at all overbuilding


But that's the thing. Most people aren't competitive pros. Most people are casual folks who have very little time to play after work and don't really practice. So I have no idea what competitive Fortnite looks like but he played incredibly well compared to most people in my matches. But I understand what you're saying :)


For clarity's sake: I'm not trying to dislike the player. I just can't build or edit fast in this game and I hardly even build at all during fights. I might throw in a panic wall in between but that's about it. All I know is I had no idea what's going on when all kinds of building blocks started popping up from every direction, but I think he focused too much on it... So for everyone who feels like the matches are filled with building ninjas, fear not: you can totally get past that even as rookies (I am a rookie with terrible aim and non-existing building skills).


No, he didnt over build, he made a bad edit once you were boxed which more or less turned it into a 50/50, or even better for odds for you. Getting someone boxed is only the first step, the second and harder step in my opinion is figuring out what to do with them. How and where to edit to get a protected shot in which he did not do


As long as you shoot first and have good aim, they can do all the edits in the world and you can still beat them.


But if someone can do edits _and_ aim, they’ll beat you 90% of the time.


We dont talk about those people






*makes snide comment ab "bob the builder" *also dances after the kill Hmmm.


I love seeing people who edit 10 times in less than 10 seconds get shit on because it just proves all that stuff he just did does nothing


10 edits in less than 10 seconds is pretty slow... yall are just bad


Why is Jynx out of summoner rift?


after i win one game with 5 kills my lobby becomes straight kids who drink Gfule and haven't seen the sun in a while because they are un vitural school and currently failing cause they want to crankb90's on some who just started back on PC after 9 years of not playing fornite on one. after 20 or more consecutive losses thats when i'm put back with the bots


They were trying to piece control you but they were really bad at it. He got you boxed at one point and a good player would have edited from the side and shotgunned you through a pb&j edit or a window but that dude went for the half ramp edit without flipping it. That’s a bad edit because, as you intuitively figured out, one’s opponent can hide under it and right hand peak you as you drop down. Not only that but going into the box your opponent is in isn’t how you win when you know how to use builds because it’s no different than a spray down out in the open except you kinda have some privacy. Then he kinda abandoned that idea and went over and tried to half wall edit on you from a ramp behind you but you had so much time to chill in there you had tracked him and shot. That was that. That’s how I played when I was first trying to learn how to use builds in fights….I’d always forget what I had practiced. All the other stuff was just him blocking your shots. Edit: added that last bit and fixed a text replacement fail


That's about my level of building skill. Throw up whatever wall I can and hope I can hit something with my shots.


Mama miiiaaaa!


I can tell you exactly what he was doing. He boxed you up so you have nowhere to go, you can't edit you can't try an break free or he'll edit a window and shoot, however he did mess up quite badly, first of all he was very sloppy, second he can't aim for the life of him, and thirdly when he edited the wall into a short wall what he just don't is made the wrong edit he removed all his cover and gave you a free shot making a window edit and hugging the wall out of your line of fire would have made that fight go the other way but he couldn't protect himself. I noticed you didn't even touch your builds so either way he had the advantage and you should have been an easy kill he just needs to work on his aim and defending himself lol


I agree. I don't know what was happening, what mistakes were made or how I got him. But still felt like a funny situation (like how the eff did this end up that way; I should be dead)


Really tho,4 walls in half a second and 6 floors in 2 seconds is impressive


It seems to me that players are either good at shooting or good at building. This guy was lcealry not good at shooting, using a shotgun at that long of a range


Great job.


Love to see it, thankie sai


Average Jinx user > Average siren user


Lmao the dance at the end made me bust out in laughter


Have to admit I am so lazy when it comes to building i usually just wait for my squad mates to do it lol


He’s actually not that good. I can tell he was practicing new moves. But good stuff though


From his pov he just got killed by a toxic player Just because you cant build yet dosent mean you have to make a post calling him Bob the builder and such, if you try building you can get to his level and above relatively soon


Dude he damn near clapped you


Indeed. I don't know how I made it out of that alive lol


Fort nite is so fun tho lmao


This is why we want to see clips of "overbuilders". Has the average player on this subreddit really gotten so shit this is considered overbuilding?


Yes, it has. And that’s why I ask for clips lol.


The game caters to a very wide audience ranging from young kids to above middle age people. There is therefore a large skill gap between an energy drink crazed teenager and someone who takes a second to react to things :) Doesn't stop them from playing tho'. And it seems to be a pretty recurring theme since there are many posts like that so it's becoming more and more obvious that Fortnite isn't exactly only a game for youngsters but there are less mechanically skilled and slower people playing as well and quite a lot of them, really. So what some people consider "snail slow" might be "lightning fast" for another player :) Kind of like 300 APM (actions per minute) isn't "anything spectacular" for a young StarCraft pro, but some struggle to maintain 100-200 APM. Different game, but same principle: Try to make the opponent not be able to keep up with your speed.


Sure, but he tanked like 3 of your shots before spamming walls. And he was not great at editing either. So even though he built more than you, he was not good at the game. I believe if they're not good at the game, there's no reason to post this clip.


I guess that's only the matchmaking doing its work since so far this has been some of the fastest opponents I've faced. A lot of the opponents I do face don't really build at all but might just build a wall in front of them if I shoot them or a staircase to get on top ofa building, but none of this "nineties" stuff I keep reading about. Been playing for 2 seasons now. And I know I play like crap. I've never been good at competitive games since I just don't have the reflexes, but I do enjoy playing them irregardless :) It's just small victories like this that lighten up the day when I clearly see the other guy plays way above my skill tier but I somehow manage to get lucky.


This sub is going to shit. Apparently overbuilding today is the same as overbuilding in chapter 1 season 2.


More like over building for like back in season 0


Wasn't even crazy building, and dancing after killing someone, cringe as hell.


That's litetally the point of emotes. The "waiting for the bus" part is just cacophony.


Whats the point of this post? Like for real your enemy built like 2 ramps ...


Seems like quite a lot of people understood the point when looking at the upvotes... The point is to give hope to those who struggle to stay alive versus hectic builders. I specifically mentioned that I was completely clueless what's happening on my screen so I'm not trying to brag: On the contrary. I'm trying to show that if someone feels they're just being completely outclasses by fast players, there's totally hope for them yet :) And before you react with "OMFG LUL THAT ISN'T FAST". Based on my experience in 2 seasons, that was totally way too fast for me.


its not hectic theyre actually in control


At least he didn’t build a stair case to heaven but still I wish there we’re less sweats


"Bob the builder". Dude didn't even spent like, 200 mats.


The emote was unnecessary, poor dude just trying to casually play the game


What are emotes for and in which situations should they be used? The phase before boarding the bus is just cacophonia, really. Aren't they basically used to show the music to others and not yourself? Correct me if I'm wrong...


That was just toxic… they played fair and you got lucky then you danced for a solid 10 seconds I know skill difference but come on. You have to admit dancing is just so unnecessary


Why u emote for so long it’s just one kill


Man y'all good players just have no idea what it's like to be the kind of player who does to ai


It's so satisfying when you're playing casually and you kill a person who thinks they're playing in the world cup


Is that supposed to be overbuilding? Fnbr players when someone uses a game mechanic: 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮


Jokes on you, he’s only doing it to make sure you don’t get any extra mats


Definitely deserved the dance.


those are "creative warriors" a kind that just builds, without thinking near to 0 game sense but only building and editing their greatest weakness is fall damage


i love that you did not build one anything the whole fight and still killed him hahah


I also call them Bob the builders lol


Dude trying to be a sweat and trying to peace control you. When in reality, he gets killed by a bot. (No offence)


No offense taken! I'm a very new player that has trouble getting the basics of the game :) I got lucky and that's exactly why I posted this. That other player should've won since I was just a monkey smashing all the butons at that point and hoping for the best.


There is no casual fortnite anymore


There is as long as there are bad players among the good ones. I'm just hoping for some limited building mode or better yet: a mode where you can't build at all. As crazy as it sounds, it's been rumored. Might try that since the building is the one that I just can't get a hang of. I'm not a good shooter either, but at least that seems way easier than the building/editing part with all the screen shaking going on.


That’s understandable, also can’t wait for the no-build ltm (even though it’s been in development for forever now) I could handle myself in a build fight decently tbh, when I need to I could whip out the crazy flicks and the spammy building but it’s kinda tiring… Every time I try to fight someone in solos and they run at me with the floor-wall-stair, floor-wall-stair and I have to do the same, I just go “bruh I’m really doing this again” Nobuild would be a really fun little switch-up! -u-


Agreed! Let's hope we get it soon. It's a win-win since those who don't like it can play the regular modes :)


The loading screens literally tell you to put walls up between opponents and to try to get high ground in fights lol.


How you bout to miss that many shots, and also start to use a shield pot mid fight, HOW ARE PLAYERS THIS BAD?!?!


...Bob the Builder?


Get good


No need :)


damn that guy is a crazy builder! He can build walls and ramps...


Bro it's just someone building and boxing you though. You can build too


Bro this isn’t overbuilding


Ur a fucking ai.


I'm not great at building myself, so when I see someone building the empire state building after me firing one shot I just toss a couple of walls down and leave. 😄




Sounds familiar 😄


u should NOT HAVE WON THAT u were SO MUCH worse than him!!!!!!


I love it when these thinks happens, it's so great to see a sweat trying so hard and then gets killed


that’s not a sweat that’s a dogshit player


Holy Crap if that is Bob the Builder then I'm the World Cup Champion.


He didn’t do anything impressive 💀 that guys pretty bad tbh