Have you guys been using the armored walls? What do you think about them

Have you guys been using the armored walls? What do you think about them


I pick em up then instantly forget i even have em.


This lol Been soooooooo long since ive had a second trap item


Lol, same.


They definitely stand with their name. 2K strength? Shit…


It’s going to be meta in the coming months. Mark my words. Here’s my quick defensive story from a game I had yesterday Defense: playing squads. My entire team goes down except myself. I have one teammate that is knocked the others have already been griefed. Thanks to those armored walls while I was being chased by the remaining three players on the other squad I was able to trap myself in a box with my teammate a revive him. We fully healed to 200hp each and the other team were just relentlessly axing the walls. By the time they opened up the first wall we were able to get out and kill all three of them. Without these armored walls I don’t revive that teammate and I probably lose that 3v1 as they were probably better players than me. These walls haven’t been used much. But the potential to be Fortnite meta is there. If added to arena I think pro players will find a way to use them even more effectively than my example.


Love them! they can be used in so many fun ways including: * Going through a portal potty and placing them on the other side to slow down the enemy * Using them in boxes * Skybases * Healing * Blocking enemies in storm * Meme strats * To prevent builds from falling * and so much more


They certainly have a ton of HP


It's a good way to heal without getting the wall destroyed every time...


Been using them.


They're awesome. Great for skybasing, box fights, and if you have a symbiote, and you kill someone else who has the symbiote, you can box it up with the armored wall to make it really difficult for anyone else to get it. If you're the only one with a symbiote in the final circle, it can really help your chances. Great item overall (the armored wall, not the symbiote), I hope it stays.


Nope cause i cannot build diddly squat lol


In some box fights they seem useful


As a competitive player I hate the fact that someone can just hold a box with 2500 hp and they can just sit on height in trios where if everyone has 20 they have 60 and just sit on height


I use them to kill doctor slone without getting beamed




They’re fucking shit and annoying just allows 3rd partying even more while the pussy hides in his box


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