I created this table using: [https://www.fiaformulae.com/en/teams](https://www.fiaformulae.com/en/teams) \- teams liveries Fonts: Formula E Title and FE Sans Midi Bold (Formula E Website)


Upvoted, but as a reminder you can confirm your numbers are correct by going to https://results.fiaformulae.com and checking the Notice Board PDFs when they post the final drivers and teams championship tally after each race in a similar format or the actual Wikipedia article.


Of course it is, even in the FIA ​​documents you can look for it. But I created it because I have seen people manually create such tables with a pen for F1 and writing every race result there.


Just curious what ordering scheme did you use for teams/drivers? Maybe the third line could be the team name? Also, maybe make the line between the teams a little thicker so it's easier to visually see which lines you're on later in the season?


Teams in order of classification from the previous season, drivers in each team in order from Formula E website. Third line is for replacement drivers (like Frijns/Van der Linde this week)


Can you post a filled chart after each race?