A Forgotten Weapon in our time; The H9 had a meteoric rise in 2017 and subsequent crash on the firearms market in 2019. KE Arms was the OEM manufacturer of H9 slides, and we were stuck with a large number following Hudson's bankruptcy. We have no other parts, there is no way to build these into complete guns. We are selling them as curiosities and pieces of modern firearms history. Accordingly, these slides have been autographed by Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons OEM Style Slide for Hudson H9 Pistol. Made to OEM Hudson Specs with OEM Specced Materials. (Steel) No Internals Included. https://kearms.americommerce.com/oem-style-slide-for-hudson-h9-FW.aspx


Have y'all ever considered trying to restart manufacturing as a purely KE product?




If I remember correctly Daniel Defense purchased the rights to produce the H9. Im guessing there hasnt been anything moving about that since then either.


I'd put it on the wall, cause that silver sharpie will wipe off!


Such a shame they went under I thought it was one of the coolest new designs in a like a decade


Daniel Defense own the rights now? It’ll be back


I did not know that. Politics aside Daniel defence make good products I'll be interested to see how this plays out


Actually looks like a good way to sell them. I'm kinda interested. I also wonder if any r/fosscad folks would attempt to use them


Will Ian just sign that hoodie and sell it to me for $150?


can you just print the rest of the gun?


3D Printers can’t make Springs and Barrels and all the fire control group and slide internals.


Is there any weird patent limbo going on with the design in the aftermath of the bankruptcy?


No idea, we’re simply selling inventory we weren’t paid for


Do you guys have any full Hudson H9s? I’d love to get one


No, we only made the slide and the frame, not any of the rest of the parts


Didn't you make some of the other parts also? Got anything smaller with maybe Karl's initials for $50? ACRO cut for the slide and I'd be all over it. (I know it won't be $150)


I might have to get one of these because I love my H9. I think there might be a market if you decide to do a short run of some threaded barrels. It's too bad Hudson was run by people who should never have been in the firearms industry.


Hudson is a great example of why I never get excited about new “game changing” guns. I’m happy to watch people beta test stuff like this in case the company shits the bed or some problems with the design come up but I’d hate to drop money on a gun that I can’t shoot because I’ll never find new parts for it


I wish the Hudson H9 was successful. It was a genuinely cool design, tho admittedly a bit flawed. It needed a v2.


When they announced the V2 even before selling the v1, that’s when it ended, everyone just wanted to get the lighter v2 and was willing to wait


The [Osborne Effect](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osborne_effect) in action.


One of the first firearms that was discontinued right as I almost had the money for one


I just wish I had managed to snag one of the clearance ones for $500 in late 2019. Hell I think grabagun had some as late a April 2020 for $550ish.


Man I’d love to own one for historical value but knowing my luck I’d end up receiving an angry letter from customs and police at the door knowing my luck haha


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Still need to find a correct height front sight for mine but this is super cool


I would love to have one. Still waiting on Daniel defense to remaster them


Am i one of the few who purchased one of those?


People want that?


Wow what an interesting product I can buy! (Lol just kidding)