I'm not sure how different size wize the 21 interior is from the 17, but I stopped at Walmart and bought an inflatable twin from the brand they have and it fit perfectly in there during my road trip.


I added a trifold 3” mattress in my 13 Explorer so my dogs could lay down comfortably lol


A camping sleeping pad might be in order. They’re usually 72 or 77 long. 22 wide is standard. 25 is wide. So you could put two 22’s side by wide.


I used to camp in my 15 Grand Cherokee, although it was a little cramped. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of the explorer when seats are flat? I have one on order and am curious. Also…if you have a sun roof and don’t have one already, a magnetic sunroof screen is a great inexpensive investment for proper ventilation while keeping bugs out. Cracked windows don’t usually get the job done since the interior roof is higher than the highest point of your windows.


Thanks for the magnetic sunroof screen idea. I'll look into it. :-)